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This is interesting. But I'd argue it's not as astounding as it seems that only 1 in 26 has done it. As you've shown only 60 out of 450 rikishi have won their first bout with a Yokozuna. So that's a little over 13% or about 1 in 8.  Given the 26 which occurred in a Sanyaku debut we'd only expect there to be 3 to begin with at 1 in 8. Given the pressure associated with a Sanyaku debut I'm not surprised there isn't 3. Yes, there is pressure in any first Yokozuna bout but nobody expects a Maegashira to win. If they lose it's expected. The pressure is much less. They are less nervous and are much more freewheeling in their Yokozuna bout. True nobody expects a new Sanyaku to win either, but that new Sanyaku does. No matter what they may say they publicly they have to wonder "i may really be meant to be here. I'm 3 basho away from Ozeki!" The pressure they must put on themselves is immense. K and S are great but they are like being named an All Star or All Pro. But Ozeki is different. That is like the Hall of Fame. Beating a Yokozuna on your 1st try is like hitting a home run in your debut major league at bat. Which occurs, but not often. Beating a Yokozuna when your 1st bout with him is in your sanyaku debut  is like hitting that 1st home run in a playoff game against the star pitcher you've never faced before.  It rarely if ever happens because their are so few chances of it even happening.

In fact I'm actually surprised there is even 1. Which would make me think even that 1 is a total fluke. You could even argue Wakashoyo didn't really do it. During the 6 basho Wakashoyo spent as a Maegashira there was no one with the title Yokozuna actually there for him to meet. During those 6 basho their was a total of 10 bouts which had a Yokozuna in it and no more than 4 of those occurred in any 1 of those basho. Had their been Wakashoyo would of met one prior to his debut. There was no Yokozuna at all during his sanyaku run. Now if you define the Yokozuna as not just the person with that title but the biggest dog on the banzuke, the guy winning the yushos, then Wakashoyo did face him in each of the 2 basho prior to his Sanyaku debut and lost both times. That guy being Akebono. In his career Wakashoyo faced Akebono 9 times and lost every time except that once. Luckily for him that once was in Akebono's Yokozuna debut.  Wakashoyo's debut was against a brand new Yokozuna with whom he had experience recently facing. And everyone knows a Yokozuna rarely does well in their debut and they are the one with nerves for a change.

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It continues:

This basho is tied for first place for how many Juryo rikishi are 4-4 after 8 days (16)

There are only 7 heisei era basho in the top 23 and the next heisei basho had 13 rikishi.

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