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    I spent some time trying to visualise the (modern) history of professional Sumo using machine learning and developed an algorithm (similar in idea to Elo etc.) that models it quite well in my opinion, although I am far from being an expert, especially for anything before the 1990s. I would welcome any feedback, so I can make further improvements in the future and perhaps use it to create predictions for tournaments, too. Anyway, the video:
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    A woman in her 30s jumped from a bridge in Adachi-ward in sight of Sakaigawa-beya, apparently a suicide attempt. A passer-by shouted for help and about 20 rikishi from the heya came to pull the woman out of the river. She was brought to a hospital and found uninjured. The police intends to give to the heya a certificate of gratitude. o o o TBS news with video: http://news.tbs.co.jp/newseye/tbs_newseye4001713.html ANN news
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    Both Oguruma-beya rikishi dropped to makushita due to injury and surgery, both thanks to the canceled basho got some extra time to heal, like all injured rikishi. Oguruma-oyakata spoke to the press today. About the situation of Tomokaze: "It has improved a lot.", "The doctor had said it's a miracle if he stands on the dohyo once more." "Surgery was successful" "The doctor who had operated was in tears when he saw him walk again." "Rehabilitation is in Kawasaki, so he stays at home. On Saturday he is in the heya and uses the training room." Yago had surgery on both knees as soon as it was announced that the basho is canceled. "The stuck meniscus (part) was removed on both legs. With this much time available he said 'Now or never'. His knees were blocked." It looks like he'll be in time for July: "He's doing rehabilitation. Now he's at the keiko ground and able to do shiko stamping." http://www.daily.co.jp/general/2020/06/22/0013445762.shtml
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    Both Nikkansports and Sponichi during the phantom Natsu basho have posted reminders of past Natsu basho 1969 Taiho gets his 30th yusho o 1971 day 5 Takanohana I wins against Taiho, who retires - shukunsho for Takanohana o 1984 day 13 Kitanoumi wins against Chiyonofuji for his last and 24th yusho - zensho (the next bout Takanosato lost) o 1986 day 8 Kitao ruins the knee of s Konishiki (on ozeki run) with a sabaori in a torinaoshi bout - kyujo. The dotai bout: Kitao: "I thought I lost" Konishiki: "I completely won that." o 1987 day 12 s Konishiki wins against Chiyonofuji - he finishes 12-3 and gets promoted to ozeki o 1991 day 1 - Taka wins against Chiyonofuji and gets his first kinboshi o o o o day 3 Chiyonofuji loses to Takatoriki and retires o 1992 day 11 s Akebono wins against rival Taka 5th time in a row - Akebono gets his first yusho and ozeki promotion o 1995 m4 Musoyama kantosho and shukunsho - kachi-koshi again after 3 makekoshi in a row o 1998 day 14 Waka wins against Akebono to become sole leader - he won the yusho and was promoted to yokozuna o 2001 The famous devil face of Taka at his last yusho, after a ketteisen o oo Koizumi said he was deeply moved by that endurance, when he handed him his cup o 2004 day 3 Takanonami intai - he had dropped to m13 and lost the first 3 o day 6 Hokutoriki stops Asashoryu's rensho at 35 o 2007 day 10: 9-0 (rensho 22) Asashoryu loses to Aminishiki, kicks the zabuton and shouts at a cameraman - kinboshi and first shukunsho for Aminishiki, bad press as usual for Asashoryu o oo day 14 Hakuho wins against Chiyotaikai to remain unbeaten, get the yusho and yokozuna promotion oo 2008 day 7 kadoban ozeki Kotooshu beats Kisenosato to remain unbeaten - he gets the yusho on day 14 o 2010 day 5 m2 Tochinoshin wins against Kaio and becomes the first ever maegashira to win against 4 ozeki in a row - he finishes 8-7, gets the kantosho and makes it to sanyaku o day 9 new ozeki Baruto gets kachi-koshi against Kaio oo 2015 day 12 s Terunofuji wins against Kisenosato and with 9-3 is 1 win behind Hakuho - he catches up, gets his first yusho and ozeki promotion o 2016 day 2 Hakuho beats Takarafuji for makuuchi win 880, 1 more than Kaio o and Ura gets his first win as sekitori, against Kagamio o 2017 day 10 Kisenosato vs. Kotoshogiku 4th loss and kyujo o day 12 Takayasu after a win against Takarafuji, double digits and ozeki promotion o 2018 day 6 Abi in his first meeting with Hakuho gets a kinboshi o 2019 day 4 Takakeisho wins against Mitakeumi by yorikiri and ruins his knee - kyujo for the new ozeki o day 9 Terutsuyoshi wins against Chiyomaru by okurigake - first time a sekitori wins by that o
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    It's official- the Natsu banzuke will be the July banzuke. Thank you.
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    Kokonoe-beya expands with four new recruits. The only one I can find background on so far is Kawaguchi, who had some prefectural competition experience during his time at Kureha Junior High School. 19-year-old Kaito Furusawa (古澤 圭) from Kariya, Aichi prefecture. 180cm, 147kg. 15-year-old Tensho Takarabe (財部 天照) from Ama, Aichi. 169cm, 101kg. 17-year-old Daichi Kawaguchi (川口 大地) from Nanto, Toyama. 168cm, 120kg. 15-year-old Taiju Nakago (中郷 泰樹) from Yaita, Tochigi. 173cm, 145kg. Furusawa, Takarabe: Kawaguchi, Nakago:
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    The main reason to wear a mask is not to protect oneself (although it does give some protection) but to protect others. I don't like wearing a mask either, but I have two vulnerable parents who I love dearly. There is a real risk that if either of my parents catch the virus, they would die. However, if everybody in the UK wore masks in public, the chances of my parents catching the virus would be greatly reduced. I therefore wear a mask when I go out in public, not really for my benefit, but because I hope that it will be become the norm. When I was growing up in Grimsby, smoking was allowed on buses, in the cinema etc. I remember people visiting my (non-smoker) parents and lighting up in the living room, without even checking to see if it was okay or not. When smoking was banned in various places, people thought it was infringing on their civil rights etc, rather than realising that it was keeping those around them safe from breathing in second-hand smoke. A few decades later, people can still smoke in Grimsby (and the rest of the UK), but they are much more mindful about where they do it. Despite being an ex-smoker myself, I get annoyed when anybody consciously smokes too close to my two young children (aged 3 and 4), as I feel that they are being put in needless danger - however small. In the same way, I currently feel annoyed when I see anyone walking too close to my parents without wearing a mask. I suppose having lived in Hong Kong for nearly 2 decades is part of the reason I feel that way. In Hong Kong people have always worn face masks at the slightest sniff. When I was first in Hong Kong, I found this annoying, but over a year or so, I adjusted to that way of life.
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    This wasn't the first lifesaving by a Sakaigawa-beya rikishi: During the Nagoya-basho July 2005, then sandanme Satsukiumi (danpatsushiki) came by the site of a fire and rescued a woman from the 2nd floor with a ladder. He left the location without telling his name, but later received a letter of gratitude from the Konan city fire department. http://hochi.news/articles/20200612-OHT1T50011.html
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    Takahanada, Makushita Yusho Natsu 1989
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    The 2020 yukata design of Kokonoe-beya o complete with masks - makes "Guess the rikishi" a bit more of a challenge
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    Kitadaichi is making masks in his spare time. He has produced about 30 so far, from the scraps that turn up when a yukata is made. He uses his own sewing machine, bought end of last year to repair a torn yukata himself, the instruction how to make a mask he got from the internet. If he has some more, he wants to distribute them to the family and local supporters. o o His heya is a front-runner in respect of donating masks
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    Naruto-beya asa-geiko will again be streamed live on Twitter tomorrow, June 13th from 9:00h JST on https://twitter.com/narutobeya
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    Onomatsu-beya's Ako has retired after a 12-year career. The son of former Maegashira Tachihikari (who also retired after 12 years), Ako began sumo in elementary school and took part in the kids sumo events held by Onomatsu-beya, which is located in his home prefecture Chiba. He joined the heya straight after graduating from junior high school. Danpatsu-shiki took place in the keikoba. Chiganoura-beya reported that Wakaseiun and Takamasaki have retired - the latter was the final deshi to be recruited by Takanohana. Minezaki-beya duo Gochozan and Houn are gone from the heya website so they're probably retired as well. 32-year-old Gochozan was a constant Makushita presence for the last seven years until injury struck earlier this year. Houn never managed a kachi-koshi in his 17-basho career, and was the one of the rare victims of Hattorizakura.
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    No change, just like with Ikioi: when she is in the news, the engagement is mentioned, but no wedding date for the near future. Both Takayasu and Konomi Mori are 30 at the moment, she has a new song released 杜このみ 郷愁おけさ, practices the songs of sempai okami-san Takada Mitsue (Nishonoseki), trains for homemaking, learns with a cooking book to prepare dinner for Takayasu. Less work due to Corona and "more days where we can meet", "we are proceeding with preparations to live together". http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/20200617/geo20061704000002-n1.html o With this Endo apparently has lost his bigger koenkai, Fuji no kai, around the Nichidai rijicho Tanaka and wife. The tabloid Weekly Flash reported during the Haru basho that this personal koenkai with branches in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya and at its peak up to 1000 members now is virtually dissolved - they had no meeting since the marriage. The Tanakas had introduced him to another woman, with the intention to have that be his fiancee. http://smart-flash.jp/sports/105230 Looks like a repeat of Akebono's story, the loss of his koenkai after marriage http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/5865-featured-heya-azumazeki-asahiyama/?tab=comments#comment-55139 - at least Endo owns a kabu already
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    Kimura Mitsunosuke did another dohyo-iri style introduction in 2019 when Kawasaki Frontale played Vegalta Sendai:
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    I believe that you are both correct. Wearing a mask does not stop me from getting the virus if I come in close contact with somebody that has it (although it might help a bit - it certainly won't harm) - but it is greatly reduces the likelihood that I will pass it on to others, should I have it. Countries where there is a lot of mask wearing means that people who have it, are NOT passing it on nearly as much as for countries where mask-wearing is not common practice. Let's compare to passive smoking.... As a non-smoker, I avoid going close to 'smoking corners'. My chances of avoiding cancer are therefore improved. There are many countries where smoking is banned in restaurants, transport, shops etc, and it is culturally rude if you smoke in someone else's place if they are a non-smoker (I am thinking of modern day UK). This is the equivalent of countries where people wear masks as a rule. I can live my life happily in the UK avoiding second-hand smoke at all times, and know that if I do get cancer, it was probably not from second-hand smoke. There are some countries (I am thinking of the Philippines, where my wife is from, and where we often visit), where smoking is the norm amongst the men. If a man goes round to somebody's home, he will probably light up (the ladies rarely smoke). The man may check to see if it is okay to smoke out of politeness, but it would be strange for the homeowner to stop him from smoking. That is the equivalent of countries where not wearing a mask is the norm. Out of the two types of countries, I am more likely to get cancer from secondhand smoke in the Philippines than in the UK. Covid is more likely to be spread in countries where mask-wearing is not normal. It needs a paradigm shift for mask-wearing to be considered normal in the UK. I hope it does happen, in the same way that within the past twenty years, the attitudes to smoking has changed. My parents are going stir-crazy after so many weeks of lockdown, and are venturing out more. They do wear masks - but as has been implied, this may actually give them a false illusion of safety, if the people that they are interacting with are not wearing masks. So, I urge everyone to seriously consider wearing masks when out in public - not for one's own benefit, but for the benefit of others. It will not be forever - just until a vaccine / cure has been found / herd immunity has taken root / the virus disappears on its own.
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    It might be quite dangerous enough if you can't swim.
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    The canceled Natsu basho may have cost Yoshii the chance to surpass Kisenosato for some more of the youngest ever records. He is 5th youngest to makushita, 3 months earlier than Kisenosato. Of the 4 above him, 3 made it to yokozuna, but Asahizakura, with 16y8m the youngest of those who entered after graduation, didn't make it to sekitori wiki/旭桜隆秀. Kitanoumi, who made it the youngest overall at age 15y 9m, along with graduation, had started age 13. Yoshii is only the 4th middle school yokozuna to enter right after middle school graduation. Now for the first time since middle school became compulsory in 1947, no Japanese born who started at 15 is among the sanyaku ranks, since for Haru Takayasu dropped to maegashira. Top is now Takanosho at m2. o o o
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    Takasaki has become the NSK spokesman, again it was he to be interviewed by the press on the phone, telling that the NSK has no results yet of the antibody testing. It is exactly 1 month till shonichi, the NSK project team for holding the no-audience event will genuinely start to work next week, headed by PR top Shibatayama. (an all PR project?) Today the government call for self restriction on movement has been lifted in all regions, but not that by the NSK: they still call for their members to stay in the heya. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202006190000545.html The NSK has published the 3rd compilation of 14 sekitori at home: Tamawashi, Chiyomaru, Chiyootori, Chiyonoumi, Chiyonoo, Chiyoshoma, Chiyotairyu, Churanoumi, Kizakiumi, Akiseyama, Hidenoumi, Shimanoumi, Tochiozan, Fujiazuma
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    Just an update on the SB site. Everything is now in order with the new server and there should be no problems going forward.
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    http://www.asahi.com/sp/ajw/articles/13424497 Wow! Another big change coming up for sumo?
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    Miomio has resurfaced under .us domain https://miomio.us/ I can report a better quality of the videos and an easier to navigate site.
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    I read over-cooked (!) salmon the first time. Sorry.