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    Greetings from Georgia! Let me express my big respect to all sumo fans! I saw the new topic opened at your forum concerning my activity and I want to tell you in a few words about our channel MISELETJ My wife and I have been watching sumo for a long time. In the beginning it was broadcasted on Euro sport channel. Later we began regular searches for Live Stream in the Internet. We knew that there were many others who loved sumo as much as we do. So we decided to open a YouTube channel to make sumo available to everyone. The MISELET channel was opened in 2016 and we posted full versions of sumo tournaments for all divisions. We were motivated by our love for sumo and a desire to popularize this beautiful sport. Believe me we have no financial interest, as we have not activated monetization option! Channel MISELET was multidisciplinary. In addition to sumo there were videos of other types of sports. But we received warnings for several RUGBY videos on violation of copyrights and as a result the channel was blocked out. Then we decided to open the channel MISELET Plus, where the main accent was on sumo. Everything went well. But in early October, after the end of Aki 2018, when all the videos were already published, we received the first warning from YouTube on the complaint of "A-PAB". The company claimed copyright for "Aki 2018, Makuuchi - Day 9". And on October 18, we received two warnings at the same time – Makuuchi - Days 13 and 14 and the channel MISELET Plus was blocked. We wrote a letter to "A-PAB" to withdraw the complaint as we do not pursue commercial purposes and we have no financial interest, but there was no answer and probably will not be. Finally, few words about our plans. We will continue streaming sumo tournaments and will definitely open the channel MISELET Sumo! We will upload both, old and new videos as long as we have strength and capabilities!!! P.S. Our goal is to show the full version of the tournament to those who can't see it in LIVE. Time will show how it will turn out. With respect, MISELET
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    Wajima-Yutakayama (Nagahama) as students student yokozuna for the 2nd year in a row 1969.11.29 Hanakago-oyakata at the celebrations, 69.12.16 first keiko as shindeshi, 69.12.22 - 11-11 against Takanohana on degeiko, who is about to get re-promoted to makuuchi makushita yusho at the debut basho - Hatsu 1970 Haru basho - again 7-0 yusho and juryo promotion with hair perm at the Natsu-basho Aki 70 day 1 oshitaoshi Daimonji d6 yorikiri Nagahama - the first meeting as pros - the famous bout with kensho in juryo new makuuchi Hatsu 71 71 Natsu day 15 ● Takamiyama yorikiri 72 Hatsu - the only basho as komusubi d2● Takanohana yoritaoshi 72 Natsu d14 uwatedashinage Takamiyama - for the 1st yusho 1st yusho 12-3 parade with Takanohana and Kaiketsu ozeki promotion together with Takanohana after Aki 72 a bout with Takanohana 1973 Natsu 73 at the tsunatori basho, heading for the basho in one of his 2 Lincoln Continental preparing for the dohyo-iri in his 4th and last basho as ozeki properly shaved on day 1 and the winning beard grows the whole basho day 4 yorikiri Kitanoumi Day 9 shitatenage Mienoumi day 11 Kirinji day 12 tsuridashi Takanohana day 13 yorikiri Kotozakura Day 14 in the morning, a walk with his dog and a 13 day beard shitatenage Kitanofuji for the yusho and the promotion Day 15 yorikiri Kiyokuni - he shaved for the ceremonies 2nd yusho 15-0 yokozuna promotion ensured - parade with ozeki Takanohana yokozuna promotion on the 30th dohyo-iri training on the 1st first yokozuna dohyo-iri at the Meiji shrine - tachi-mochi Kaiketsu, not a set, looks like 3 of his kesho mawashi Nagoya 73.7.9. Aki 73 3rd yusho in the first basho as yokozuna - 15-0 - parade with Kaiketsu parades the other way round Takanohana's 2nd yusho 75.9 Kaiketsu's 2nd yusho 76.9 1974 Hatsu Tenno visit on nakabi d12 yorikiri Takamiyama Natsu 74 d15 yorikiri Kitanoumi Nagoya d15 shitatenage Kitanoumi (ketteisen) Aki day 8 shitatenage Takamiyama 1975 Hatsu 75d15 yorikiri Kitanoumi 1976 Hatsu d15, for the yusho, both at 12-2 - ●Kitanoumi yorikiri, 8th jun-yusho Haru 8th yusho Natsu d7 Masuiyama d10 oshidashi Wakajishi Aki Kyushu 1977 Hatsu d2 d15 abisetaoshi Kitanoumi for the 10th yusho parade with Kaiketsu before Haru - keiko with Takanohana before Natsu - keiko with Kitanoumi Tenno visit Natsu day 8 Nagoya d15 sukuinage Kitanoumi - 15-0, 11th yusho Aki 77 d4 yorikiri Kurama d5 tsuridashi Kirinji year end keiko 1978 Hatsu d1 d3 yorikiri Kurama d10 ● Yutakayama sukuinage Natsu d10 uwatenage Ogata 22.6 1979 Hatsu d5 tsuridashi Chiyonofuji d8 tsuridashi Masuiyama for win 500 d11 yorikiri Asahikuni Natsu 79 13th yusho Nagoya 79 parade - Kaiketsu was makekoshi and about to drop to juryo, with Wakajishi Aki 79 d3 abisetaoshi Tochikikari d8 ● Takanohana yorikiri d12 uwatedashinage Zaonishiki d15 ● Kitanoumi tsuridashi Haru 80 d2 uwatenage Tochiakagi d3 uwatedashinage Asashio d7 uwatenage Takanohana d8 yoritaoshi Kotokaze Natsu 80 d2 uwatenage Chiyonofuji d5 yorikiri Kurohimeyma d6 ● Ozutsu shitatenage d8 yoritaoshi Tamanofuji d9 yorikiri Washuyama d10 oshidashi Masuiyama d11 yorikiri Takanohana Aki 80 d5 oshidashi Tochiakagi d11● Masuiyama uchigake d12 yoritaoshi Zaonishiki d14 ● Kitanoumi yorikiri Sep. 1980 announcement of the engagement to the daughter of Hanakago-oyakata 14th & last yusho Kyushu 80 81.1 marriage reception Jan. 29th 1981, after the last basho he finished last bout Haru 81 d2 ● Kotokaze yorikiri intai day 3, the 10th - with Hanakago-oyakata, who leaves the NSK 10 days before mandatory retirement and Wajima inherits Hanakago at portrait presentations with Kitanaoumi for the 8th before 76.5 for the 9th 76.9 for the 10th 77.5 74.8 various dohyo-iri Yasukuni shrine Apr. 78 Atsuta shrine Nagoya 80 extra activities parties with Asashio, Hatsu 79 party Mienoumi ozeki promotion party, Hatsu 1976 Wajima & Takanohana - a pic in the posession of Waka mochi pounding 17.12.1972 and setsubun bean throwing 28.01.1973 with Takanohana baseball Rikishi charity softball tournament 1978 10 with Nagashima 1973.6 with Matsui and Nagashima 2000.7 with enka singer Itsuki Hiroshi, Ishikawa pref. local distant relative, boxer Wajima -73.8 75.1.26 danpatsu-shiki 1981.10.4. ex-Taka / Fujishima cuts ex-Waka I makes the final cut instead of the late shisho, former Hanakago, who had died Sep. 20th the scandal - Hanakago-oyakata has to leave the NSK - 1985.12.21 Hanaregoma (Kaiketsu) and Futagoyama 2 years in pro-wrestling - announcement in April 1986 with Giant Baba in Hawaii at his monument in his hometown 1986.11 an acquaintance with a last pic debut fight in his hometown Nanao 1986.11.1 result: both disqualified 86.12.12 87.1. 1987. 4 87.12 with Tenryu amefuto 1987.3 later his own X-league team 2000.5 yokozuna-kai 2004.4 with Waka close to the Hanadas - he introduced her to Taka I - and the 3 were together at dates 2008.7 with Taka with Demon at NHK Hatsu basho 2008 day 6 2010.10.25 after he lost his voice 2016.2 Toyohibiki wedding reception interview with written answer his trademark golden mawashi is what the fans mentioned in the interviews - here a Kototsurugi design Hakuho used the golden mawashi as he tied Wajima's number of yusho - 2010.5 2006.7.23 2006.10 Kagayaki (a distant relative) uses gold now, and the kanji 大士 of Wajima's first name Hiroshi as shikona first name Taishi with Kagayaki 2014.9 a 10 count silence for Wajima by Nihon pro wrestling The memorial corner for Wajima at the Kanazawa jungyo Kagayaki the wake Shibatayama attends Waka arrives Kyokushuzan Mienoumi boxer Wajima Kagayaki arrives after the jungyo day the funeral Oct. 15th Hakkaku attends Kitanofuji ex-NHK Sugiyama with the main memorial address Demon had another - and a song the coffin son, daughter, widow the 673 golden balloons - one for each of his wins
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    A year after the Harumafuji affair, Hakkaku has announced measures to be taken against violence in Sumo, after receiving a report from an outside committee that had looked into this. Hakkaku rijicho, "We are working towards the eradication of violence." Preparations for implementation will begin at the end of this year and will run till February next year. <1> No violence in sumo will be tolerated even if it is part of the guidance process. <2> The Oyakatas will take the initiative to eradicate all violence in the heya. <3> The Kyokai will continue to conduct intensive training for all association members to heighten their awareness. <4> The Kyokai clarifies the definition of violence and the obligation to report whenever violence occurs, what the punishments in the event of negligence are, and the procedure of dealing with a suspect. <5> When violence occurs, public relations is to be notified promptly. <6> Top-level relationships and guidance between seniors and juniors belonging to different heyas will not be allowed. (Hakuhou can't tell Takanoiwa how to behave..) <7> All measures to prevent recurrence of violence will be taken in full cooperation and in an open manner with external experts.
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    I'm sure I speak for all sumo fans when I say thank you for all you have done and will do in the future for sumo fans worldwide. Respect.
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    I think this deserves to have its own thread now. Hakuhou has left the jungyo due to a right knee injury and will undergo endoscopic surgery on the 18th and will obviously not be returning to the Jungyo . It is unclear if he will be ready for Kyushu and I will venture to say he won't. His knee situation deteriorated these last few days until he could hardly put any pressure on it. After some checkups, it was revealed he had bone fragments in his tendon tendon and ligament, causing him great pain and some inflammation. "I had pains all through last basho. The yusho feels like a miracle. The dohyo iri at the jungyo was heartbreakingly difficult .." he explained. There is a limit to what the pills can do, so he has decided on surgery and thinks he may be able to begin stepping on the foot at the end of October. "I can only do what I can do," he summed.
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    Nishikigi is marrying a woman seven years his elder and quite tall- 1.70 meters. They registered on September 25th. They have been going out for six and a half years. She came to a heya party and caught his eye. They dated, visiting amusement parks and the aquarium thingy. "I would like us to gambarize together from here on. I will aim for Yokozuna, just like every other rikishi.." he said. He proposed to her this year on Valentine's Day. He held the press conference alone and did not bring a picture of her. "She is adamant to be left out of the limelight.." he explainerd. After being badgered by the press for a photo, he decided to consult with her. After 30 minutes of emails, she still did not allow it. She calls him "Mr. Bear" and "Grandpa" and cooks well. "Everything she makes is tasty. I decided to marry her since she has been very supportive and since I met her I have reached sekitorihood. I was able to gambarize with her around," he added. He is in a position to face the Yokozunae this coming basho. "I'm aiming for a kinboshi. I'd like to surprise the joi rikishi with my efforts and show them that I have become stronger.." he added more. When he proposed, he gave her a necklace instead of a ring. "I didn't know her ring size.. It wasn't a terribly expensive one" he muttered, but did buy her a ring in the end. She is not pregnant. "We are not planning on kids at the moment but I'd like to have them eventually. When that happens I'd like him to play baseball. Sumo is a scary sport with major injuries," he added even further. This was one of the strangest rikishi marriage press conferences ever.. With a portrait of Momoko-san:
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    http://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/ Makuuchi Hakuho Y Kakuryu Kisenosato Y --- Goeido O Takayasu --- O Tochinoshin Mitakeumi S Ichinojo Takakeisho K Kaisei Myogiryu M1 Hokutofuji Tochiozan M2 Tamawashi Nishikigi M3 Ryuden Shodai M4 Yoshikaze Chiyotairyu M5 Asanoyama Takanoiwa M6 Kagayaki Abi M7 Shohozan Ikioi M8 Takarafuji Kotoshogiku M9 Daieisho Sadanoumi M10 Yutakayama Chiyonokuni M11 Okinoumi Aoiyama M12 Endo Onosho M13 Takanosho Chiyoshoma M14 Daishomaru Daiamami M15 Meisei Arawashi M16 Chiyomaru
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    Kakuryuu has pain in his right ankle, the one he injured in Nagoya. "When I do some bouts it swells.." he explained, hinting that he has been having a hard time training. "I want to spend the next three days treating it," he summed. So what, only one yokozuna participating next basho?
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    Harumafuji’s lawyer replies to Takanoiwa’s press conference: "It has come to our attention that the lawsuit was withdrawn today. The fact that a press conference was held concerning this was quite surprising. From the start, we have been reaching out to Takanoiwa to apologize and settle out of court but we never got an answer. We have agreed to apologize and settle out of court when this new latest claim was brought before us as well. All we asked was how he reached the sum of 30,000,000 yen that he was demanding - we asked for a breakdown but never received an answer. Regarding Takanoiwa's "bashing" in Mongolia, we cannot understand how the Mongolian people are accusing Takanoiwa who is the victim here, and more than that, are targeting his family. If this is true, it is highly regrettable and it is not what Harumafuji set out to achieve. We are seriously considering how we can help Takanoiwa," said the lawyer. I think there will be a quiet, behind the scenes agreement to pay for at least part of Takanoiwa's medical bills.
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    As I foresaw, we have a first time winner. It went down the wire (18 innings..) with two contenders totally tied, but the last ten places (18-16) awarded Unkonoyama (his shikona means pile of feces, in case anyone was wondering..) with his first GTB championship, leaving Yubinhaad wanting. We had 6 players at the top with 62-63 points, so it was a close shave. Again, the top guys on the Funzuke did extremely well. Me? I'm just a lawnmower. 3 new players. 82 in all. Milestones: Feginowaka - 110th(!!!) basho and to celebrate, he's at the top of the Funzuke!! Gonzaburow- 70th basho Mariohana-70th basho Torafujii- 70th basho Pandaazuma- 50th basho Muhomatsu- 30th basho (back after nearly four years) Thanks for playing and see you next time. Here are everybody's results. And now, on with the ba-show!!
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    a 10 count silence for Wajima by Nihon pro wrestling ooo o o ex-prime minister Mori (also from Ishikawa pref.) after a condolence call o The memorial corner for Wajima at the Kanazawa jungyo o o o Kagayaki oo the wake oooo o o o Shibatayama attends oooo Waka arrives oo o ooo Kyokushuzan Mienoumi boxer Wajima Kagayaki arrives later o others the funeral o o o o oo o o Hakkaku attends oooo Kitanofuji ooo ex-NHK Sugiyama with the main memorial address oo Demon had another - and a song ooo o oo others o o the coffin o o o o o oo ooo the family ooo o the ballons oo oo ooo oo
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    I agree wholly with the sentiments you have expressed regarding the responsibility to hand in lost items, but i feel this statement is excessively harsh considering the transgression, and the person in question. He kept some notes he found on the floor, (assuming he hasn't just made the story up to amuse people), not expensive camera equipment, not someone's wallet, and he hasn't mugged anyone nor gone out with the intention of stealing, and judging from his previous posts (no offence Fujisan), he seems like he's in a situation in life where every extra bit of income no matter how small, makes a massive difference. It's also possible for a lawful action to be morally wrong, a case in point being the way corporations are allowed to return their impoverished workers taxes back to them, as a top-up to their very low wages. Perfectly legal, morally bankrupt, and those behind it don't have to wear the 'criminal' tag around their necks. I feel it's important to keep things in perspective, there are a lot of people doing the wrong thing in this life to varying degrees, and often legally.
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    On the picture that talento Kuniko Yamada published on her blog on the 23rd after a visit, Akebono looks a bit better than on those with Waka http://abematimes.com/posts/5067826
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    Should I change the subject to Hakuhou injured- coleslaw crisis averted due to non-dairiness? Old man crisis averted as he is dead? Humor crisis looms? I would rank this thread as an all-time number one for the wit, clarity, diversity and general mischief.
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    Sumo: Grand champion Hakuho undergoes successful surgery on right knee
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    Kyoto today. Kisenosato calls out Mitakeumi king of training for some sanbangeiko- 11 bouts, 9-2. "I keep getting asked why I choose Mitakeumi to train with, but I can't really say.. It was good keiko. I sweated a good sweat (horses sweat, humans perspire, I know, I KNOW..). It's not good keiko unless both parties mutually exert power.." he said. Kisenosato has entered all days of the last jungyo and the basho. Entering the second half of this jungyo, things are a bit different this time. ":The basho is actually sandwiched between the jungyos.. I'm able to reach this stage in good shape. I had some difficult times during the last basho . It's obvious that I've been doing my best till now, but there is nothing obvious about the Aki jungyo.. I feel refreshed- I'm in good shape!!" he said. His rise to Ozeki was decided in Kyushu 2011, his 12-3 in Kyushu 2016 started his Yokozuna run as well. "Kyushu has always been been good to me. Last year though, I withdrew on day 10.. OK, other than that one.." he summed.
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    Day 11 Toyota, Aichi Chiganoura-beya always posts much more pics on Twitter than the NSK - and now they have many more members to show - I reduced the pics a bit: Takakeisho and Takanosho o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo o o oo oo o o o o Taichiyama o o o oo Takataisho o o o o sewanin Tochinoyama o Birthday boy Tochinoshin was 14-0 with Kaisei, Asanoyama and Kagayaki o a local onsen hotel posted yokozuna dohyo-iri from Higashiizu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2AYqwMCvZ0&t=35s dohyo making in Kanazawa o
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    Not rikishi, but still- KONISHIKI and Musashimaru:
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    Sumo boasts rich history of multiculturalism BY JOHN GUNNING OCT 24, 2018
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    What is this? This is so off-topic. This is the burger/coleslaw/is Kintamayama old? thread. Mods, please delete this sumo-related post.
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    Ichinojou had 9 bouts today against the likes of Aoiyama and Chiyotairyuu and was 5-4. Yesterday he had 10 bouts and seems to be training vigorously using the new group system. "I think it works well. When everyone is crowding the training dohyo you can maybe get in 4 bouts. With only 4-5 guys there at a time you can do more bouts so that's good," he explained. He is now on a 4 basho kachikoshi run at Sekiwake. While his Sekiwake counterpart Mitakeumi had a yusho in Nagoya, he has only managed three consecutive 8-7 records. "I guess it's in the feeling.. I will be aiming for double digit wins and will gradually try to take the next step. That's all I need to do," he added. Cameltoe:
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