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    If they skip five meetings in a row, will they be recommended to retire?
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    Kitanofuji-san TV commentator on Chiyotairyuu: "He doesn't look healthy. Looking closer, without the sideburns, he's become cute.. He doesn't look threatening.." On no Yokozunae: "BOOOORING!! Nothing we can do about it.. Looks like Terunofuji will be pulling everyone after him.." On Shoudai, before his bout, which he lost: "He should be very careful today. His tachiai is very high this basho and can be easily pushed around. " He was right. "See?? I don't want to boast but he does look nervous.." On Hokutofuji and the blood: "He's used to getting cut.." On the NHK broadcast twitter: "Man, I'm tired! I was sleeping while listening to rakugo on the radio and when I awoke it was three thirty.. I kept listening to programs and sleeping and then I woke up at 6 am. I got up earlier than the roosters.." A character he is, this guy. Hakkaku rijicho on Terunofuji: "The quality of his sumo is not good but he is concentrated and manages to get out of a bad situation. The knees seem to be OK. The flow (of wins) is good. " On Asanoyama: "His tachiai failed. He should work harder and harder on his sumo, otherwise his future doesn't look good.." Takakeishou, winning: "I will be concentrating tomorrow as well. Every day, I face a different opponent. Today is another day, is what I'm thinking." Asanoyama: "My sumo is not good. I need to reflect upon this. Today, I planned on slapping my opponent and stopping him in his tracks, but it didn't happen. I was able to turn things around at the dohyo edge. A win is more important than a loss. When I overthink things my body becomes stiff. I need to face each bout a day and if I can do my own sumo I'll be alright." Takayasu: "I was patient. The quality is not bad and I'm in good condition physically. I want to stay in the yusho race till the final day by doing quality sumo!" Midorifuji, fighting through pain, losing to Aoiyama and only started training a week before the basho due to a herniated back: "I aimed for the katasukashi but failed. I shouldn't be aiming for that.. I'm in pain, but everyone is in pain so it's fine.." Shoudai, losing today: "My opponent got the first step on me, as I was a bit impatient and was stopped..The flow is not good. i need to change that at some point. '
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    Kakuryu has really taken to working from home this past year, eh.
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    Of the 12 basho that Takayasu was 7-1 or better by nakabi, here's some interesting stats: Nagoya '11, M11w (7-1): Takayasu's shinnyumaku tournament. Y1e Hakuho was 8-0 together with O1w Harumafuji (eventual winner). Takayasu shared 7-1 with O1e Baruto, S1e Kotoshogiku, and maegashira Homasho and Fujiazuma. However, Takayasu went on to lose 5 of his next 7 to fellow maegashira, ending with a 9-6. Aki '12, M9w (8-0): Shared the lead with Y1e Hakuho, the ozeki pair Harumafuji (eventual winner) and Kisenosato, and maegashira Kyokutenho. Again, dropped 5 of his next 7, mostly to maegashira (although losing on day 10 to Harumafuji), ending 10-5. Nagoya '14, M11w (8-0): Shared the lead with Y1e Hakuho (eventual winner) and ozeki Kotoshogiku. Lost 4 of the remaining 7: 3 to maegashira and 1 to Kotoshogiku, to end with 11-4 and the Kantosho. Kyushu '15, M12w (7-1): 1 behind Y1w Hakuho, together with Y2w Harumafuji (eventual winner), the ozeki pair Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku, and maegashira Shohozan. Lost 5 of the next 7 (again), all to maegashira (again), ending with 9-6. Hatsu '16, M8w (7-1): 1 behind Y1w Hakuho and ozeki Kotoshogiku (eventual winner), together with Y1e Harumafuji and maegashira Okinoumi. Lost 3 more, all to fellow maegashira, to end 11-4. Nagoya '16, K1w (7-1, including 1 fusen against Kotoshogiku): Was co-leading with Hakuho, Harumafuji (eventual winner), and ozeki Kisenosato. Lost 3 to Harumafuji and maegashira Yoshikaze and Aoiyama to end with 11-4 and the Ginosho. Haru '17, S1w (8-0): Shared lead with Y2W Kisenosato (eventual winner). Dropped 2 to yokozunae Kakuryu and Harumafuji, and one more to maegashira Yoshikaze to end with 12-3 and the Shukun-sho. If he hadn't lost to Yoshikaze, he would be 13-2 and in the playoff that basho, although somewhat spoiling that basho's showdown storyline. Natsu '17, S1w (7-1): Sole chaser behind both Hakuho (eventual winner) and Harumafuji with 8-0s. Beat Harumafuji but lost to Hakuho, maegashira Shodai, and ozeki Terunofuji to finish on 11-4 and the Ginosho again. Nagoya '17, O2e (7-1): Opening day loss to Hokutofuji has him one behind Hakuho (eventual winner), together with Aoiyama. However, lost 5 of the next 7 to komusubi Yoshikaze, sekiwake Tamawashi, maegashira Tochiozan, and the yokozuna pair of Hakuho and Harumafuji to end 9-6. Aki '18, O1w (7-1): Lost on Nakabi to maegashira Shodai. Lost 3 more over the second week to yokozuna Hakuho (zensho winner), sekiwake Mitakeumi, and fellow ozeki Tochinoshin, ending 11-4. Nagoya '19, O1w (7-1): Was 1 behind the yokozuna pair of Kakuryu (eventual winner) and Hakuho. However, injured himself in the tournament and withdrew by day 11, ending 8-3-4. And now Haru '21, K1e (7-1): ??????? It's interesting that in all the basho he was jun-yusho for, he had 2 or more losses by nakabi. In fact, of all his 13 notable tournaments (JY or sansho), he was only 7-1 or better by nakabi for 4 of them: Nagoya '14, Nagoya '16, Haru '17, and Natsu '17, all with the sansho and never the jun-yusho. The pattern above also shows his greatest weakness is dropping random matches to maegashira, some of which are still active (Aoiyama and Shodai). On the flip side, the good news for him is as follows. He's never been on sole lead by nakabi either. Most of the opponents whom he's lost to in the above spiel are out of the picture. Of the ones who remain, Aoiyama is too far down the banzuke to realistically meet him, and Shodai is not having too good of a tournament. That said, having already disposed of Mitakeumi, Asanoyama, and Terunofuji, and assuming that he has to go through the rest of the sanyaku, his remaining fight card is likely to be Myogiryu (9-13, but 3-2 in last 5), Endo (11-8, 4-1 in last 5), Wakatakakage (1-2), Hokutofuji (9-7 but 2-3 in last 5), Takanosho (1-2), Takakeisho (6-6, but 1-4 in last 5), and Shodai (8-11, 0-5!) in some order. He's fighting some of the best sumo in his life, but only Endo alone is realistically unlikely to trouble him. All the remainder can and probably will give him a serious run for his money this basho. So as much as I'd like Takayasu to win the basho for the first time, it's not all easy going from here. He has several tough bouts ahead, and he needs to avoid dropping any of them to stay at the top. I'd say he'll have done very well if he drops just one more to meet Terunofuji in a playoff, to beat his personal best of 12-3 in a basho.
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    There was a man who was an avid fan of many sports. Luckily for him, he found a woman who shared his passion for sports, and so he married her. Then, a few years into their marriage, the man started to rekindle his passion for a sport he had been following on and off for years: sumo. The wife, who had never before experienced the sport, joined him as he watched the recaps on NHK world. And it didn't take long for her to become enthralled by sumo as well. Unfortunately for the man though, the inquisitive nature of his wife led to her asking him a gazillion question in a very short span of time. Unfortunately for the wife though, the husband did not have all the answers to her questions, nor the patience to discuss matters of the banzuke, the absent yokozuna, etc for the umpteenth time. And so she decided to search the realms of the world wide web for fellow sumo fans from whom she could learn a lot and discuss all matters sumo, despite her lack of the Japanese language. So she landed here, a newbie sumo fan, accompanied by her trusty side-kick: a cat who has a serious tv addiction when it comes to sport. (It's the grunting and the slapping noises that she likes. Same reason she likes to watch wrestling as well) And thus, a SumoKitten was born. Long story short: Greetings! I'm happy to be here and hope to learn a lot! Hope everyone is having a great haru basho so far!
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    Day 7: A rare offering of some non run - of - the - mill quips today.. Ura, 5th win: " I think I should have lost today. I'm still injured, so I can't say this is an ideal situation. I think i was just lucky.. We've still got a long way to go (for a kachikoshi). I will be aiming for a kachikoshi and gambarizing to that end!" Enhou, first loss after six wins: "I was OK till halfway through the bout, but he got my mawashi first and that was not good. I couldn't move as a result of that. I felt I was screwed. I was overthinking it.. The winning streak got inside my head a bit. I'm actually calmer now. I want to continue from here more focused." Abi, back in action after the three basho suspension, a straight kachikoshi: "I'm happy. My sumo sense has returned for the most part. There are people who allowed me to return to the dohyo again. I'm happy to hear the crowd clapping for me. I'm still growing. I want to concentrate so that I can do good sumo!" Hidenoumi, third loss, to Terutsuyoshi.: "I was sure I had him but he sure can throw, and he threw me.. My brother doing better this basho? I want to be noticed more and will gambarize to that end!" Chiyotairyuu faced Tsurugishou today. He is from Arakawa, Tokyo. Tsurugishou is from Katsushika. They went to the same sumo dojo as kids. Their past Makuuchi head to heads was 1-1. This time, the elder showed more stubbornness. The distance from Kokonoe beya to Tsurugishou's house is 10 seconds. "Yesterday, while I was walking outside near the heya, about 10 people shouted at me 'Hey, you're facing Tsurugishou tomorrow!!' I didn't want to know that.." said Chiyotairyuu. Akiseyama, losing to Chiyonokuni today: "I thought I got my grip and was on the way to a win.. Every time, every time, I seem to be losing to these kotenages and their likes, so if I remember to stop that next time, it may be a different story. I don't want anything to disrupt the rhythm of my life. I will eat well, sleep well, relax, wash my hands and gargle properly - this is what I'm feeling.." (Geeeeeez..) At 6:09 PM, a strong earthquake was felt in the Tohoku region. The Kokugikan shook as well. The Makuuchi bouts were over and some rikishi were still hanging around the shitakubeya. After the shaking died down, Meisei was doing online interviews with the press. "The whole shitakubeya was shaking. I thought everyone was moving at once.. I was startled," he said. Terunofuji still on track for everything after winning today: "Yes, it went as I had imagined. I was able to grab his mawashi so it was good. I have been working very hard on perfecting that, so I'm able to do sumo as I planned. If I get a right hand grip it's good, but even if I don't, I think it would work out fine if I went with all my power." Kadoban Takakeishou lost for the third time today: "All I can do is turn things around tomorrow. My sumo is off? No, it isn't. Tomorrow is another day of sumo, so all I can do is face that and do my best." Daieishou gets his second win of the basho: "I think it was good today. I think was able to execute good sumo. I have had a lot of bouts where I couldn't move forward. Do I feel a bit different than last basho? Inside, I intend to feel the same, but it doesn't show in my sumo. That is me being weak. From here on i would like to properly go about it till the end!" Kiribayama, beating an Ozeki for the first time, 0-3 against Asanoyama till today: "I was happy to beat him for the first time. My body moved first. Kakuryuu gave me advice today - he told me to go with all I have."
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    I just realized that Kotoyuki has more sekitori tournaments than Ikioi. That doesn't match my mental image of their respective careers at all.
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    Day 1, erratic somewhat, but it is what it probably is..
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    Deep sumo poetry from Takakeisho: I will be concentrating tomorrow as well. Today is another day, is what I'm thinking. I want to face tomorrow and deal with it again. Today was today and I was able to concentrate. If I concentrate on tomorrow it will continue into the next day.
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    It took a while, but now it's there... View the newest and latest edition of the Superbanzuke in all its glory. I hope I didn't make too many errors when compiling it. Did chishafuwaku and Asashosakari really have such a lousy Hatsu basho that they dropped from lofty sanyaku to lowly Maegashira? Or did I just entered their scores into the rows for an adjacent player (when entering data I sort them by shikona)? While I was at it, I also updated the entry page with all the links to standings and game banzuke. It pleases me also to announce that Doitsuyama has kindly updated several game pages, so everything seems to be in place now. Let the basho begin continue!
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    The press is quite fed up with Kakuryuu. "There is no place for extenuating circumstances on this, his fifth straight kyujo. He seems to have injured his foot just before the basho, but it seems getting injured at this stage means he wouldn't have done well even if he had entered. His body is totally worn out, for sure. Sumo is about shingitai (spirit, technique, physique) but the physique isn't there..He's out of Haru and one wonders how much willpower he has left to carry on. Even if he still has the technique, it seems he is not listening to his body. These repeated last-minute kyujos are meaningless. It's unsightly. Declaring 'I'm entering, I'm entering' and giving hope to see both Yokozunae participating after a long time has probably caused many fans to but tickets in anticipation of this. A last minute kyujo is a betrayal of trust and is immoral! Where is his shisho? Granted, Michinoku did not raise him but his leadership abilities raises questions. Even if a Yokozuna decides on his own how to proceed, it always ends with a discussion with the Shisho and he has the final word. During difficult times, it's the shisho's duty to talk things out with the Yokozuna, even if it means talking about painful things. The Kyokai, the shisho, the fans- they were all shafted by Kakuryuu," wrote one reporter today from Sankei Sports.
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    3000 within Japan were targeted, usable answers were 2231, 47% male, 53% female; 57% over 50y old. On the yokozuna banzuke status, 50% want a system with yokozuna demotions, 39% think the present system is good. o Greatest discontent in sumo at present: many kyujo by injured rikishi 46%, only the great efforts by foreign born rikishi stand out 42%, many scandals 33% - at a survey in 2003 55% named injury kyujo at this question o the thrill in sumo: small rikishi win against big ones 46%, low ranked rikishi win against high ranked ones 33%, well trained bodies collide 23% - 6% name the design of kesho mawashi o interest in sumo - above age 60 more than 50 have that (green: much, then somewhat), till age 39, 42% have none at all o favorite rikishi: 1. Chiyonofuji 407 votes, 2. Takanohana 191, 3 Taiho 127, 4 Mainoumi 101, 5 Waka 72, 6 Endo 51, 7 Hakuho 48, 10 Asanoyama and Terao 41, 12 Kisenosato 38 o
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    Matta are a regular feature of Sumo and successful wrestlers have to be able to cope with them despite their inconsistent application. I'm not exactly sympathetic if someone struggles to reset after, especially when he's a regular offender anyway, it's part of the sport.
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    Enhou, leading Juryo unbeaten and starting the basho off with five consecutive wins for the first time in his career: "My tsukebito called my attention to that yesterday and I had it in my head.. I think it's about accumulating wins day by day. I just came from under patiently. I feel I have been doing good up to this point. I've been moving forward well so my lateral moves and the general flow are good. I am able to do my own sumo and I'd like to gambarize and continue doing my own sumo for the remaining days!" Kadoban Ozeki Takakeishou suffered his second loss today: "I have to win, otherwise there is no point. I want to face tomorrow and deal with it again. It's a bout a day so I'd like to continue without thinking about what happened so far and treating it as if it was day one.." Myougiryuu, unbeaten and the sole leader in Makuuchi: " I feel my sumo has its own flow, so that is good, right? I don't know why I'm doing so well, but I'll trudge on and gambarize!" Shoudai, three losses already: "My end game at the dohyo's edge was poor. I did not handle it well. I have to reflect upon that. I'm slow at the tachiai and am having problems generating power. I have to make some changes. I've got to turn things around at some point. I feel I lack fighting spirit so it would be good if I can improve that." Asanoyama, winning today: "I watched from dohyo-side as the two other Ozekis lost, but as soon as my name was called, I could only concentrate on myself. I was finally able to do my own brand of forward-moving sumo." Hokutofuji, defeating another Ozeki today: "I patiently did my best not to get blasted out at once and went from under and under.. Injury? Nothing special. I'm fine. I won't go kyujo for this.. Bleeding is part of this contact sport so it is what it is. My body has been moving well this basho. I'll be facing each day and gambarizing to avoid injury." Reigning champion Daieishou got his first win of the basho today: "I was only thinking about moving forward. I still can't feel relieved yet, but I got that first win so I will gambarize and try to ride that wave.." The Brothers Tobizarov (Hidenoumi and Tobizaru) finally both won on the same day today. "It seems that this 'brothers' thing interests the press mostly.. The 'other' people don't really take note of that. I don't discuss this on a regular basis, but as the older brother, I'd like to be ranked higher than him.." said Hidenoumi. "Oh, really (we both won for the first time today?) Yes.. I'm not especially aware of that.." added Tobizaru. Brotherly love is nice. Chiyotairyuu suffered his third loss today, getting crushed by Aoiyama: "I'm sorry for showing unsightly sumo. I am in great shape. When I'm not totally beaten, I'm doing well," he said. After his interview was over, it was Akiseyama's turn to be interviewed. Instead of leaving, he lingered in the background. Akiseyama was a bit flustered by this, smiling wryly, as Chiyotairyuu remained there for a good ten minutes. Akiseyama lost to Chiyoshouma today. "I'm a bit tired.. I want to gambarize for the remaining days," he summed. Takayasu is 4-1: "I went at it by moving forward with the flow. I'm happy to have won by going forward. This is a basic juncture. I have been able to properly build a body (after his injuries) that will not suffer injuries. I have trained well with ex-Kisenosato before the basho. I have not seen my newborn daughter yet, but I intend to do so after the basho. That will be my impetus to do well. I want to be involved in the yusho race till the end and I want to concentrate and do good sumo like I did today." Kaisei beat Daiamami today: "I didn't have a chance to train against heavy opponents so it took me time. If I would have had a real hold on the mawashi I would have been able to yori with ease. It's been a while since I started off so well so I'm happy. " He is an avid gamer and plays "Call of Duty" and was totally immersed in it when he was quarantined with his heya last basho. During the basho he plays till 10 PM and goes to sleep. "In any case, I go to sleep early. I have to cut down on my gaming time so I can sleep well - that is the most important thing.. Games are for relaxation.." Concise my ass.
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    Not for long. Vacuums always fill themselves. What's happening lately is a farce and a cheapening of the rank.
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    Actually we know who to blame for this. Some guy who was on Abema with a Hakuho prediction
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    Tomokaze had surgery 4 times, at one a hole was drilled into his right knee: "Actually, only one inner ligament remained. In case the blood vessel also had been ruptured, I was told a recovery would have been impossible." First he was brought by ambulance to a hospital in Fukuoaka with surgery to get the joint set, then brought to another hospital in Fukuoka and later to one in Osaka. To Yoshikaze he spoke about his wish to go intai, who told him "No need to be impatient. Let's cure it thoroughly." "They told me that usually it takes 2 years, in my case recovery seemed to have been quick." Last year in March he returned to Tokyo and began with rehabilitation, in December he started training at the heya: "The knee is still shaking and I can't move the (right) ankle the way I want. Still I did keiko with the aim of 10 bouts a day with Yago, Amakaze and Sakaekaze." He lost weight, all muscles, from 180kg to 150kg, but in consultation with a trainer he got back to 170kg with a medical diet etc. "The goal was a return to the dohyo. After that the return to makuuchi, but I don't intend to be impatient. At my own pace I want to climb the steps." Tomokaze has a record of 100-49-70 - with win 101 his 2nd sumo life will get into gear. http://hochi.news/articles/20210313-OHT1T50074.html
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    Hello everyone my name is Alex I am 25 years old I am a naturalist photographer, I love to watch birds and I've been interested in sumo since 2014.I hope to find friends here.