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    Things are smoothing out for me, so I have decided to rescind my intai. I will remain active on the forum, but it will probably be at a reduced level.
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    http://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/index.php/ Makuuchi Hakuho Y Kakuryu Takakeisho O Goeido Asanoyama S Takayasu Abi K Daieisho Endo M1 Myogiryu Hokutofuji M2 Mitakeumi Tamawashi M3 Kotoyuki Okinoumi M4 Shodai Meisei M5 Enho Takarafuji M6 Tochinoshin Shohozan M7 Onosho Aoiyama M8 Ryuden Takanosho M9 Yutakayama Sadanoumi M10 Ishiura Chiyotairyu M11 Kagayaki Tsurugisho M12 Chiyomaru Kotoshogiku M13 Kotoeko Terutsuyoshi M14 Shimanoumi Azumaryu M15 Ikioi Tochiozan M16 Kaisei Kiribayama M17 Tokushoryu
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    I’m in the UK right now. You know you’ve been thinking about banzuke too long when you see signs for the M4 and J12 and think Maegashira 4 and Juryo 12, instead of Motorway 4 and Junction 12.
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    Drops to Juryo after 32 consecutive Makuuchi bashos - Ichinojou trained today at home against Sandanme and lower rikishi. 47 bouts, winning 46. He is coming off two injuries-first the right shoulder, then the back. He has lost 24 kilos and it can be seen easily as he is looking rather slender, although everything is relative. He has cut 30 centimeters off his training mawashi, they say. "I've lost weight but I've lost muscle as well. I still don't feel confident when I lift my right hand ," he said. He was seen seriously doing repetitive fundamentals, but the atmosphere of anxiety is there. "He's a bit wary so his keiko quality has changed for sure. His feelings are moving his body," said Minato Oyakata. He still hasn't done any sumo against sekitori since his back went out at the end of September, but intends to go for degeiko in the coming days.
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    Stop the press! Asanoyama went for degeiko to Tagonoura beya for the first time, and who do you think he faced? No, not him. Not him either. Araiso Oyakata. Ex-Kisenosato. Result? 1-16. Yup. "It was the first time the Yokozuna trained with me since he retired. This will be connected to my sumo life from here on!" he said. He was totally helpless against the ex-Yokozuna. Araiso was looking very happy with himself after the keiko, as Asanoyama was totally out of breath. "I do lose a lot when I get a right-hand grip , but losing without that (getting his grip broken time and again ) is rare for me.. It's regrettable.. During the bouts it felt like I was being told that 'this wasn't easy'. I still have a lot of weak points I need to work on." he said.
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    Juryo Terunofuji, sekitori again after 10 bashos, went for degeiko to Tokitsukaze beya. During suriashi when he dug in deep and put pressure on his knee he was seen grimacing. "For now I'm doing everything I am able to do," he said. He did some light shiko being very careful, and then joined the lads. He faced Shoudai and Yutakayama and beat them both twice, showing that at least when he went chest to chest, he could win. Then he faced new Juryo Mongolian Kiribayama and Nishikigi as well. 9 bouts in all, 6-3. "I feel I'm getting better every day," he added. After the bouts he treated Kiribayama to some butsugari keiko. Now back again as a sekitori, he donned that white training mawashi again. "I've been breaking it in lately.. I don't want to go back to that black mawashi ever again so I threw it away.." he said. Before last basho's zensho yusho, he visited Tokitsukaze beya many times for training, and he intends to do so this time around as well. The problem is that they are going on a break from tomorrow. "I'll have to decide if I will continue the training at home or go elsewhere, " he added. Still, there are 17 days left to day 1 of Hatsu so he has enough time to listen to his body and be ready.
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    The highly symmetrical picture banzuke for the Reiwa 2 Hatsu basho o
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    A short list of shikona changes for this banzuke. Nishikido-beya's Honda suffered his first kyujo after eight years on the dohyo last basho, so perhaps his new shikona will bring some luck with it. Wagurayama drops the middle kanji and returns to his family name of Wayama, and changing back to his real given name as well. Tagonofuji honours his hometown of Akashi, Hyogo prefecture and is now Akashifuji, returning the city to the banzuke following the retirement of his stablemate Akashiryu in September. He also makes a given name change. Finally, Kise-beya's Goryu makes an interesting change to Bankoku, along with a given name change. His new kanji had a short stint on the banzuke just over 20 years ago with Yorozukuni - hopefully Bankoku will have more luck and time with them. Mk53e Honda > Wakanoumi (若ノ湖) Sd1e Wagurayama Isamu > Wayama Yuji (和山 勇次) Sd24e Tagonofuji Daisuke > Akashifuji Koijiro (明石富士 恋次郎) Sd37e Goryu Kazunori > Bankoku Hajime (萬國 一) Roga has changed his shusshin from Mongolia to Russia, I seem to recall Akinomaki reporting earlier this year that he wanted to make that change. The urakata promotions listed here take effect with this banzuke. One other note, Takanofuji's intai has now been backdated to October 11th (the date when he eventually threw in the towel), so I suppose his Kyushu result should be displayed as 0-0 in the database instead of a kyujo 0-0-7?
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    Howdy! I got into sumo watching Hawaiian giant Akebono when I was a little kid. I took a long break but i'm so happy to be back. I'm completely fed up with US sports and the culture and advertising that go with them. I've been closely following sumo for about a year and a half now and my favorite rikishi are Shodai and Takakeisho.
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    The YDC soken was held today at the Kkan training institute, closed to the public. Takakeishou called Asanoyama out and had 10 bouts against him. "It was good keiko. i was able to confirm my tachiai. I picked Asanoyama because he is becoming a figure and he has a strong, big body. His body is soft so even when pushed his arms are long enough to grab the mawashi. He has his unique style and therein lies his strength," he said later. Terunofuji was also looking good. He faced Juryo Kotonowaka and Houshouryuu for 5 bouts, winning 4. "The number of bouts was low but i think I was getting better bout by bout. I feel I'm getting better with every basho that passes. I'd like to make it back to Makuuchi this year. I'll be listening to my body and doing what I can. I want to see how far I can go," he said. Hakuhou was in charge today. He faced Daieishou ( the only guy that beat him last basho..) for 12 bouts, winning them all. Kakuryuu faced Daieishou, Mitakeumi and others for 12 bouts as well, winning them all as well. Goueidou had 9 bouts against Abi (3-0), Endou (3-0) and Shoudai (1-2) and was so-so, 7-2. "I wanted to face all kinds of types and I did better than I expected. I'd say I'm 50-50, " he said. Not bad for a guy who other than facing Sadanoumi at home these last two days, has not faced any sekitori for two months. Hakuhou-Daieishou Asanoyama: More Hakuhou: Kakuryuu:
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    Hey all. I've been following sumo on and off for the past several years but have been seriously watching the Bashos for the past year now. I could never find a quality place to watch the streams up until recently when I discovered that people on youtube/twitch have been streaming them and making videos. Anyways, I first remember seeing sumo on tv in the 90s when they used to broadcast the tournaments on ESPN. I was always intrigued by sumo because its so culturally rich and the spectacle of these large men clashing in a small ring was really cool to me. I didn't know people that size could be that athletic! Been a fan ever since. I joined Sumo Forum today because I need a place to get my sumo fix between Bashos and people to chop it up with about this great sport. All time favorite rikishi: Chiyonofuji Current favorite: Enho (The Honeybadger) Others I root for: Ura, Abi, Ikioi, Wakaichiro Clearly I'm a fan of technicians or unorthodox weirdo style sumo. Haha.
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    Hakuhou is done training this year. He trained at home with Enhou and Ishiura and is feeling good. "I'm in good shape and have a good feeling. If the basho started tomorrow, I wouldn't have any problems.." he said. Visiting delegates of a gyuudon chain presented him with a free meal ticket to the chain. "An early New Year's gift.. This will help me gambarize for the Olympics!" he chortled. Gyuudon, in case gyou don know what it is..
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    Juryo Tomokaze J1 Chiyoshoma Kotonowaka J2 Hidenoumi Daishomaru J3 Kizakiumi Nishikigi J4 Mitoryu Wakatakakage J5 Daishoho Daiamami J6 Tobizaru Ichinojo J7 Yago Kyokutaisei J8 Kotoshoho Kyokushuho J9 Akua Sokokurai J10 Takagenji Toyonoshima J11 Irodori Asagyokusei J12 Churanoumi Chiyootori J13 Terunofuji Hoshoryu J14 Sakigake
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    Azumazeki -beya will be attached to Hakkaku beya temporarily, at least for Hatsu. During the bouts, the attached rikishi will still be announced as being from Azumazeki beya and the Azumazeki name will still be used as a title. As for the future, it is still undecided but whatever happens, it ill remain within the Ichimon. Training will be held at Azumazeki beya under the watchful eyes of Furiwake Oyakata and presumably 67 years old Ooyama Oyakata the consultant..
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    Takayasu was at Tokitsukaze as well and was looking good. He faced Asanoyama and others for 18 bouts, winning 14. "It was really good..I was able to move a move at a time exactly as i had planned," he said. His power has mostly returned. He's still a bit rusty, but if he gets over that he's worth double digit wins," said Mainoumi, the TV commentator. As we know, he needs 10 wins to return to Ozeki. "I just want to be part of the yusho race," summed Takayasu.
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    He is called the 2nd coming of Tochigiyama as strongest oyakata ever, with a possible repeat of winning the Aki rikishi championships 1 day tournament - Tochigiyama did that 6 years after retirement, specially permitted, at age 40, beating active yokozuna Tamanishiki and others http://www.sanspo.com/etc/news/20200107/amk20010705000001-n1.html
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    It seemed as if Hakuhou was making a point- he used a LOT of kachiage, right in the YDC's face. "Wasn't that a strong tachiai??" asked a journalist later. "Was it?" Hakuhou asked back. "Yeah, he did that, but it seemed fair and square. I would like to be looking closely at this from now on," said YDC chairman Sano. Happy days.
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    Maegashira 6 Tochinoshin trained today at the Dewanoumi rengo keiko but dd not do any sumo. "I haven't done any sumo since I went kyujo (day 5 of the last basho). I should probably start against some Makushitans tomorrow.. My spirit has fallen, I guess.. I'd like to make each day count this year," he added.
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    College Rikishi of the Year I feel like Akinomaki and Katooshu will kill me if this award didn't go to Nakamura Daiki, this year's Student Yokozuna plus Kokutai Yokozuna. One look at his results from the past year shows you why: All Japan College Sumo Uwajima Tournament: Quarter-Finals All Japan College Sumo Usa Tournament: Semi-Finals All Japan College & Corporate Sumo Wakayama Tournament: Winner All Japan College Sumo Kanazawa Tournament: Semi-Finals All Japan College Sumo Towada Tournament: Semi-Finals National Student Weight Classes Championships (Heavyweight Division): Winner Kokutai (Senior Division): Winner National Student Championships: Winner And if these results by themselves aren't impressive enough, please consider the fact that Nakamura Daiki is only a first-year at Nippon Sport Science University. For a freshman to tear up the college sumo scene like this is just simply amazing, and to become the first freshman Student Yokozuna in 29 years? That's just the icing on the cake. The 193 cm (6 feet 4) and 165 kg (25 st 14 lb) Daiki, who wears the signature blue mawashi of Nittaidai, has a very powerful thrusting attack. Many of his bouts end up like this: If you are somehow able to get to his belt before his thrusting attack can take into effect, then he's able to do this to you: And if you think you've figured him out and able to counter against anything he can throw at you? Seven years ago, a second-year Nakamura Daiki became Student Yokozuna. Six years ago, he added the Kokutai Yokozuna to his collection. Five years ago, he graduated Nippon Sport Science University with 13 national titles to his name. And now, he has returned to college sumo to finish what he started.
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    The full "yokozuna as an actual rank" era (1890 onward) list of such banzuke: 1921.05, 1923.05, 1940.01, 1975.03, 1975.05, 1975.07, 1976.03, 1992.01, 2020.01 1921.05 had two East yokozuna, none on the West side.
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    He usually follows the routine of banzuke announcement > train at home for a week with the boys > go for degeiko the second week, usually seeking out the guys that beat him in the prior tournament (looking at you., Daieishou..), or hosting rikishi who are brave enough to come for degeiko until three days before the basho, do a wind-down at home, rest the last two days and go. Throw in the occasional YDC soken/rengo keiko as well. So far he's pretty much sticking to his agenda. He will probably go for degeiko from around January 3rd -4th.
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    Ozeki Goueidou is training hard to get back into shape on his 9th kadoban basho. He left last basho in the middle due to a left ankle injury and has not done any sumo since, only fundamentals. "The ankle bears the brunt of one's weight, so I have to prepare really carefully," he explained. It seems he is coming along fine and will be ready for Hatsu, I gather. Yesterday he trained at home, doing some butsugari and checking out his tachiai. The YDC soken is on January 6th. "I'll face the sekitori. I am training towards that goal," he announced. It's been three straight bashos where an Ozeki drops to Sekiwake, a first since the Showa era. "I feel the importance of my banzuke rank and would like to take the responsibility, is what i'm thinking.." he said. He has already been the first rikishi ever to get a zensho-yusho after returning from kadoban, so anything is possible.
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    Thanks for the good wishes. During the last two months, I have had several instances where my ticker has been going tock-tock instead of tick-tock. My increasingly bionic body has now been been fitted with an implanted defibrillator, and I am taking a truck load of meds. My body is slowly adjusting to the meds, and I am now doing most of the things that I was doing before. I am just doing them a little slower and more deliberately. Next year, I think I am going to go for an imbedded USB or Wifi charging connector.