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    Kotomitsuki at the Azrieli Mall- 2006
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    Day 2: Kotooushuu -2006. Mifgash Hasteak restaurant.
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    Anyone who rises to ozeki after being demoted to the mid-makushita ranks should be applauded, not ridiculed. Because he no longer seems to produce ozeki-like sumo, that's no reason to belittle what he has done in the past. I think the word "fraud" describing his present status is an extremely poor, totally unnecessary description. If it seems that if he was on PEDs, I would like to see absolute proof that he was.
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    Tochinoshin injured his left shoulder in training yesterday. "Yesterday, you know, when I was doing some sumo.." he said. Today he was careful and had only three bouts against Aoiyama and Tochiouzan. He will be taking painkillers and and will be careful. It's a bit of a shock to him after regaining his Ozeki status last basho. "Nothing good will come from looking down, so I'm going to be looking up," he said, paraphrasing the lyrics of the 1965 hit by Sakamoto Kyu "Sukiyaki", its original Japanese title being "Ue Wo Muite Arukou", covered by some balding guy a few years back.
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    Eight shikona changes on this banzuke. Kotokamatani's change to Kotonowaka - the shikona of his father and shisho - was announced with his Juryo promotion. There's also a nod to his grandfather, the 53rd Yokozuna Kotozakura, by changing his given name to Masahiro - the first kanji is taken from Kotozakura's given name Masakatsu. (Rather confusingly, Kotokamatani's given name was already Masakatsu but with two different kanji) Takemasa must be feeling very genki these days, although that's not quite what his new shikona means. This particular Genki is also an imperial era name from the 16th century, the third of four which span the reign of Emperor Ogimachi. Yoshikasuga's new shikona has three distinct parts - the first kanji is another reading of that from the shisho's old shikona Asahisato, the second kanji means bravery or courage, while the third is another reading of Saiwai, his home ward in Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture. After seven indifferent basho, Miyakomotoharu has returned to his original shikona of Miyakojima, also reversing the given name change made at the same time. Another previous shikona is claimed back in Futagoyama-beya, where Yabuoka has convinced the shisho that he is again worthy of the shikona Raiga, which was taken away from him last year. Kise-beya's Higonoso only had two basho with that shikona, now changing to Yashiroumi, an homage (with a slightly different reading) to the Yatsushiro Sea, which his hometown Yatsushiro looks over from Kumamoto prefecture on mainland Kyushu. Newcomer Maruyama makes his banzuke debut with the shikona Marusho. This was actually visible on the keikoba ranking board in some of the pictures from Naruto-beya's formal opening recently, but I couldn't quite make out the second kanji at the time. Finally, Terunohana makes a fresh start after returning from a drop off the banzuke, changing his shikona to Taiga. The second kanji there is the same as that used in Futagoyama-beya, most likely ex-Miyabiyama was asked for his blessing for it to be used in this case. J14w Kotokamatani Masakatsu > Kotonowaka Masahiro (琴ノ若 傑太) Mk14e Takemasa > Genki (元亀) Sd26e Yoshikasuga > Kyokuyuko (旭勇幸) Jd31e Miyakomotoharu Tsuchida > Miyakojima Motoharu (都島 元晴) Jd96w Yabuoka > Raiga (雷雅) Jd102w Higonoso > Yashiroumi (八代海) Jk27e Maruyama > Marusho (丸勝) Jk33w Terunohana > Taiga (大雅) One other note courtesy of Nikkan, a shusshin change for Kawabuchi. Previously Ishikawa-ken, Kanazawa-shi > now Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Minato-ku (大阪府大阪市港区).
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    http://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/ Makuuchi Kakuryu Y Hakuho Goeido O Takayasu Takakeisho O Tochinoshin Mitakeumi S Tamawashi Abi K Ryuden Asanoyama M1 Hokutofuji Aoiyama M2 Endo Shodai M3 Daieisho Meisei M4 Ichinojo Kotoshogiku M5 Takarafuji Chiyotairyu M6 Shimanoumi Myogiryu M7 Tomokaze Onosho M8 Okinoumi Shohozan M9 Daishoho Kotoeko M10 Takagenji Yoshikaze M11 Nishikigi Tochiozan M12 Kagayaki Chiyomaru M13 Sadanoumi Toyonoshima M14 Enho Yago M15 Kaisei Kotoyuki M16 Terutsuyoshi
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    With just a few days to go until Nagoya I'm here again with some news. The IPTV source I've been using for recent Bashos has gone. For a while it looked like I'd have to go back to Japanese commentary but I worked my way around it so we won't be left without Murray and company :) Hopefully everything will be ok on Twitch as well. See you on Sunday and don't forget to join us on Discord. When you do, make sure to check out our own Sumo game there :)
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    The National Film Archive of Japan has opened a new site, The Meiji Period on Film, and has published there a few short films. One is Ryogoku ozumo recorded 1900 - of course b/w and silent. https://meiji.filmarchives.jp/works/03.html the 13min. film is here: https://meiji.filmarchives.jp/works/03_play.html - so far I only managed to record it directly with the OBS software The shikona of the 2 rikishi of the torikumi are shown (likely staged for the film, hardly from a basho), the winner gets marked with a slash. In the middle there is also a yokozuna dohyo-iri of Konishiki One weird bout, compared to which Ura looks like a conventional rikishi - a Komidori 小緑 apparently not in the DB wins vs. Osaki Inagawa is shown rejoicing very un-present-sumo-like after his win over Kunimiyama and the hilite is yokozuna Konishiki vs still ozeki Ozutsu shikona list 逆鉾、海山、太刀山、駒ヶ嶽、錦山、緑島、大崎、大砲、小錦、小緑、稲川、国見山、朝汐、梅ヶ谷、荒岩、常陸山
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    I assume their recommendation for two broken legs would be a week off and a nice cup of tea.
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    Again a yobidashi with plenty of not only female fans, like topic/yobidashi-keisuke/- also musicians on the forum like the young (21) and shy Hiromasa from Yamahibiki-beya. In his 7th year as yobidashi, still the 5th from the bottom in the hierarchy - sumo fans are thrilled by his voice - regular HQ video provider Shide Kou has a Hiromasa collection search?q=呼び出し+大将. His mother had told the story that at age 3 or 4, he sat in seiza gazing at the sumo broadcast. When his favorite Dejima lost, he banged weeping on the TV like smashing it. As a present for his 5th birthday, his mother took him to watch Dejima at asageiko in (the old) Musashigawa-beya. Hiromasa read out loud and smoothly the shikona of the rikishi from the wooden tags on the wall, to the surprise of the sekitori group. It was during the Aki basho and they also went to the kokugikan. Hiromasa couldn't take his eyes off a yobidashi preparing at the hanamichi: "Cool!" - he got called to his room and when he returned smiling to his nervous mother with a manju he'd got from the yobidashi, he had it in his grip like a treasure. Before entering primary school he declared: "I'll become a yobidashi." With middle school graduation he entered Kitanoumi-beya on the spot. His mother, a nurse who had raised him alone, died in his 3rd year as yobidashi, summer 2015. In autumn the shisho Kitanoumi died - he had times where his heart was in turmoil. He always sleeps with a mask to protect his throat. "I want to call out so that it can be heard in the last row of the 2nd floor. To cheer up the spirits of the rikishi, so they can give 120%" His dream is to call out a yusho deciding bout - and at as his home Kyushu basho it would be the best (he's from Omuta town, Fukuoka). http://www.nishinippon.co.jp/item/n/509580/
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    On my trip to Japan a month ago, I visited the Kataonami stable as part of my venture into Sumo culture! Alongside me and my fiancé is Tamakongo , the only other rikishi representing rikishi at the stable and the only one living at the stable. We had the privilege to watch them practice and I’ll show all the photos I was allowed to take to show some rare insight into sumo practice! Stay tuned! P.S: new here so if this is in the wrong place, please redirect it if possible
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    Takakeishou has finally started doing sumo today after 44 days of not doing any. 5 bouts against Sandanme and Makushita rikishi from his heya, winning them all. "Deep inside I know it was really good. If I'm in this shape, I see no problem," he said. "I intend to enter. There is still time so I'm not making any declarations, but if I intended to not enter I wouldn't be in Nagoya, " he said also. He showed a lot of densha-michi (quick forward moving sumo) sumo. "At first i was a bit high since it's been a while and I was attacking at an awkward angle. From the second bout on I had no problems getting close.. Even when my right leg was behind me and I dug in, there was no fear. My style is going all out powerfully together with the feeling, the sensation. it's not that I was bedridden or anything. I managed to maintain the muscles that give me that power. The rest is all in the feeling, I reckon" he added. Next? "I'll see how I feel tomorrow."
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    Takayasu was at the Nishonoseki Rengo Keiko held at Oguruma beya today. He took on Ryuuden and was 8-2. "He's one of the rikishi that is 'riding the wave' at the moment. I thought it would be a good training session," he explained. Ryuuden himself had 11 bouts earlier against the other new Komusubi Abi and others and was very quick. "I tried out all sorts of stuff. My condition will get better as I keep at it in the same serious way," he said, quietly sneaking into a thread he does not belong in.
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    Aminishiki is still receiving new kesho-mawashi in the autumn of his career, this one was presented at Isegahama-beya's pre-basho encouragement party. Paying homage to his home prefecture of Aomori is an apple and a warrior figure which is paraded through Aomori during the Nebuta Matsuri, an annual summer festival. Also, his family's fishing background is represented by the rough sea, a squid and a salmon. The embroidery of the design was done by artist Moko Kobayashi.
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    What's your obsession with hairpulls these days? Envy?
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    Day 3: Kool Kotoshougiku 2006-I caught him trying on some shades at the Azrieli Mall..
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    The yusho has never really been about settling the question of who is best in the division. That’s impossible until everyone fights an identical schedule and gives us a fair test (or as fair is possible to get). What the yusho tells us is who is best among their peers at any given moment. In other words, Asanoyama was better than the guys around him on the banzuke than Kakuryu was against the guys around him on the banzuke. That’s one reason why a sanyaku yusho is so much more valued – a winning K/S/O/Y has proven himself stronger than the strongest, not merely stronger than his peers, which is what a mid-ranking hiramaku yusho winner has done. At least, this is how I’ve always explained and justified it to people who question the whole point of it when they don’t fight everyone in the division.
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    If only there was some sort of objective way of measuring if someone should be promoted to Ozeki.
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    This nikkan article says that the possibility of Takakeisho entering later was not completely rulled out although unlikely. He is expected to lose his rank and aim for 10 wins in september. "When I thought about my future, I realized the right thing to do was to recover completely. I'm aiming for the one step higher on the banzuke so in order to do that I have to heal" said the 22 years old. According to his oyakata, Takakeisho was the one who told him he'd be kyujo in the end. "I zoned out for a second and had a nice big breath of relief" he confessed. "If he entered and hurt himself a second the damage would be quite serious, I'm glad he decided on his own". Takakeisho will now go back to Tokyo to continue his treatment and rehabilitation with specialists. His participation to the tour in August is not decided yet. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201907040000727.html (picture from the article)
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    "I'm in!" declares Kakuryuu, although he was injured a few days ago while training with Ryuuden. He rested these last two days and went for medical attention this morning. "I'm in better condition today than I was a few days ago. There is still time till the start of the basho. I'll rest till then.." he added.
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    And now, a driver's license. Araiso is taking driving lessons together with kids from high school. This is the first time he's studying for anything since he went to the sumo institute when he was 17. He took a lecture, and when he turned the steering wheel later using one hand, he was told to "get both yer hands on the wheel!!", not by Kounosuke. He climbed to the highest rank in sumo, but as a driver, he's a shindeshi. When he was a kid he had a dream-to drive a sports car, and is very serious about getting the license, just like he is about everything sumo..
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    Well, an interesting one for sure. The winner is a first time GTB winner in his 33rd basho, Muhomatsu! Congratulations!! Two new players, 83 in all, excellent turnout. Milestones: Jejima-110th basho!!! Kasamatsuri-90th basho Manatsumai-90th basho Ganzohnesushi-80th basho Chiyonosawa- 60th basho and at the top of the banzuke Wamahada- 60th basho Kintamayama-30th basho, and right under the kachikoshi line.. Renato Krug-30th basho Unkonoyama-20th basho If you want to see how you did, go here Special thanks to Doitsuyama and Andoreasu for maintaining and hosting the nifty entry form. Thank you all (83 entries) for playing, and now, on with the Ba-show!!
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    Aminishiki definitely is no fool. He already is a legend and has nothing to prove. His Ajigawa-kabu is free, waiting for him to become an oyakata. The only incentive for him showing up again would be the possibility to climb one or two ranks in the top ten of all time wins. If he's out this basho, he will drop to makushita. I hope he calls it a career then. He'll be a good oyakata and future shisho.
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    Takayasu trained with Araiso Oyakata today and was 6-7. He showed good stuff at times, winning 4 in a row, but lost the last 2. "I have trained with the oyakata in Tokyo as well, so I arrived in Nagoya in good shape. I intend to forge my body well and do some self confident keiko," he said. he will be joining the Nishonoseki Rengo Keiko between June 27-29th and intends to make a mark there. The Tagonoura beya keikoba in Nagoya is situated outdoors. "I hate the heat. I will be using the experience I accumulated with the years. It's not the same as when I was starting. Today's keiko is much more physical and forces you to exert more power. Sometimes it takes a long time to build up strength but sometimes you can concentrate and go all out, and that can be good keiko too," explained Takayasu. Compared to that 1-20 session a few months ago, Takayasu was looking much better. "His strength in fighting back is different, it's strong. I did my best not to get blown away," said Araiso Oyakata. "Sumo is all about small adjustments that can change everything. A minimal shift in the angle of the tachiai or the change of the timing by a few milliseconds can make a difference. This can bring about a quick improvement but the failure is quick as well. Doing 30-40 bouts to achieve that is not necessary. It's all in the concentration!!" added Araiso.