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    Some more stuff about how Nakamura intends to run his heya, courtesy of a long form Daily Sports article. While a lot of his training and nutrition approach (previously detailed in the thread) hews close to what Nishonoseki-beya is doing, Nakamura will also be taking social cues from how his old stomping grounds Oguruma-beya were being run by ex-Kotokaze, with some modernizing touches added by himself. Oguruma, Nakamura says, was always supportive even when he made mistakes or went a little out of line, which in turn inspired him and the other rikishi to remain mindful of their overall duties. That atmosphere of mutual respect between shisho and deshi is what he wants to recreate at Nakamura-beya. The new stable's ground rules of behaviour have not been determined by Nakamura in top-down fashion, but rather in cooperation with all heya members; he also wants to keep the lines open for everyone to continue expressing their opinions. In particular, only underage members will be subject to an evening curfew time. All adults - not just sekitori - will be allowed to spend their time as they wish, including overnight, as long as they notify the heya personnel of their whereabouts and their social outings do not interfere with their duties such as training, chores and other scheduled activities. "We will build bonds not based on the threat of discipline, but on trust and confidence", Nakamura explains. Speaking of chores, Nakamura wants these to be a shared responsibility of everyone including himself and any sekitori, not just the least senior wrestlers. "I'm going to lead by example. Not just tell them what to do, but show them how to do it, and do my part. I'll help clean, even do the dishes. I want this heya to be a place where the tsukebito aren't tasked with doing as much [as elsewhere]."
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    https://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/ Makuuchi Terunofuji (Y1e 0-2-13) Y - Kotozakura (O1w 11-4 J) O Hoshoryu (O1e 10-5) - O Takakeisho (O2e 0-2-13) Abi (S1w 10-5) S Onosato (K1w 12-3 Y) Kirishima (O2w 1-6-8) S - Daieisho (M1w 11-4 J) K Hiradoumi (M2e 9-6) Meisei (M5w 10-5) M1 Atamifuji (M1e 7-8) Wakamotoharu (S1e 4-8-3) M2 Mitakeumi (M7w 8-7) Takayasu (M3e 7-3-5) M3 Gonoyama (M2w 6-9) Tobizaru (M3w 6-9) M4 Ura (M4w 7-8) Onosho (M5e 7-8) M5 Shonannoumi (M10e 9-6) Takanosho (M8e 8-7) M6 Oho (M4e 6-9) Kotoshoho (M8w 8-7) M7 Sadanoumi (M11e 9-6) Ryuden (M14e 10-5) M8 Kinbozan (M10w 8-7) Oshoma (M14w 10-5) M9 Tamawashi (M9e 7-8) Shodai (M9w 7-8) M10 Midorifuji (M6w 5-10) Ichiyamamoto (M12e 8-7) M11 Nishikigi (M7e 5-10) Asanoyama (K1e 0-0-15) M12 Churanoumi (M13w 8-7) Hokutofuji (M11w 7-8) M13 Takarafuji (M16w 9-6) Wakatakakage (J6w 14-1 Y) M14 Endo (J3e 12-3) Chiyoshoma (J3w 12-3) M15 Roga (M15w 7-8) Kagayaki (J5e 11-4) M16 Bushozan (J2e 9-6) Nishikifuji (M12w 5-10) M17 - Simple style full banzuke:
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    Looks like rather than Waseda's Nishonoseki with new methods of heya management, Sports Science man Nakamura with new methods of training has the most advanced heya in the world. He of course also made a side comment about wasting time in trains. Not only 2 times training, also the core part of sumo training, eating is different from other heya. Standard practice is hard training in the morning with empty stomach, then eating and sleeping to gain mass. The afternoon used to be for free use. Mienoumi at Musashigawa-beya had introduced regular afternoon training in a training room. o (sanspo claims that there are 45, not 44 heya heya now - the NSK still only has 44 though https://www.sumo.or.jp/ResultRikishiData/sumo_beya/) Yoshikaze for his 30 sekitori project now has the deshi eat and then train, and has 3 meals, the sumo standard is only 2 times a day, to get fat quicker o o generally the deshi train without tachiai, starting in yotsu position like in sumo of other countries - no butsukari-geiko. o o On the 2nd day asageiko started at 9:30h - at heya on empty stomach they start at 7h, afternoon training at 14h in the training room. The rikishi have 2 days off each weeks, keiko with sumo bouts is limited to 3 times a week, in exchange muscle training 2 times a week is added. The machines for that are those Yoshikaze used while active plus new equipment for over 1 million yen.
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    June 16th 1988 - Rambo meets the Wolf http://www.47news.jp/news/11065694.html Sylvester Stallone on Rambo III PR tour in Japan came to watch Chiyonofuji at Kokonoe-beya asageiko - the media loved it - but as Rocky meets the Wolf
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    I completely forgot that the danpatsushiki was planned for today - the usual about 300 cutters in the kokugikan. MyJetSetLife playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLfjKhBMdi67pHpDB-CBqDBJDqfErVyg8-&v=Al_NcqbXNYQ Sumo Channel Miyagino, Takerufuji, Takarafuji oo o o Terunofuji ooo oo o o final cut by Isegahama ooooo oo haircut oo oo oo o o oo o o with mother and sister o oooo He wants to start a business going back and forth from home on Awaji island and Tokyo: "I'll do something unheard of"
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    I think the focused training on grip fighting/pummeling, positioning, and finishing mechanics can make a lot of sense, assuming there is both dedicated tachiai practice as well as full match practice elsewhere. This approach is also likely to limit some keiko wear and tear. This is effectively what's called situational drilling or sparring in wrestling or BJJ and allows one to drill specific techniques against full resistance in a deliberate fashion. That is, it's all well and good that you learned an uwatenage, but if you are just doing full match sparring from tachiai all the time you won't be able to get in enough repetitions of the technique to make it effective. So, drill the finishing technique, then zoom out and drill a gripping sequence to the finishing technique, and then zoom out again to tachiai to gripping to technique. As a pedagogical system, it produces very high level grapplers, so long as all parts are worked on appropriately. Time will tell, but for the moment I doubt the rikishi are getting zero tachiai practice, and if that becomes a hole in their game it can then become the focus of drilling as they go.
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    Terunofuji faced 8 guys from makushita today. He did not respond to the press. He started off with the fundamentals and broke a nice sweatling. He had supporters on both knees and both elbows, checking out his tachiai and his edge of the ring sense. He was seen speaking a lot to his Oyakata. Seeing as he is noticeably favoring his elbows and knees, it will be interesting to see how he deals with this.
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    On my visit to the Hatsu basho this past January, I spotted this illustrated tenugui by the late Kototsurugi in one of the souvenir shops: 巡業風景絵図 (jungyō fūkei ezu) Scenes from Jungyo. I love his comic sumo compositions. So much amusing detail. (I previously posted a couple of other tenugui in the Obituaries thread soon after the artist's passing. Both of those were also on sale.)
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    Takakeishou being his usual snarky self. "9th kadoban? What has that got to do with anything? I can only concentrate on myself.." he said. His neck injury has not gone away. He has yet to do any sumo training. Shiko, teppole, and suriashi are all he can manage for now. "He still needs to really be careful about hitting with the head, " said his Master. He will become 28 in a month or so. "I've been in full control of myself. My condition isn't that bad," he insisted. He is planning on going for degeiko. We shall see if his Ozeki stubbornness will help him somehow turn things around, says the reporter.
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    If you had a bad result, take comfort in the fact that there was at least one moron who not only forgot to demote Kirishima, but even promoted him past Takakeisho. Kind regards, .
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    Nagoya 2024 : Today's results Kiryuukou, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 1, is at Makushita 1W, highest career rank. Daiseizan is at Makushita 2E, his highest career rank. Inner Mongolian. Akua, throws a lot of salt, down from Juryo, colorful fellow. is at Makushita 5E. Wakaikari, oldest son of ex-Ooikari is at Makushita 5W. Sandanme yusho in the past, highest career rank. Chiyomaru, everyone's favorite round person, is at Makushita 6E. Satorufuji is at Makushita 6W. Jonidan yusho in May 2023, Makushita yusho in Kyushu 2023. Asahakuryuu is at Makushita 7E. Jonokuchi yusho in his debut basho. Mongolian. Highest career rank. Kototebakari is at Makushita 8W. Kotoshouhou's younger brother. Jonokuchi yusho, Jonidan yusho. Kotokenryuu, 20 years old Mongolian, is at Makushita 11E. Yago, ex-Makuuchi, is at Makushita 16E. Aonishiki, new Ukrainian from ex-Aminishiki's heya is at Makushita 17W. Highest career rank. Jonidan yusho, 26-2 career. Kazenoumi is at Makushita 18E. Jonokuchi yusho in the past. Mongolian. Shiroma is at Makushita 18W. 29-6 career, Jonokuchi yusho, Jonidan playoff loss. Career high rank. Kyokutaisei, ex-Makuuchi, dropped all the way to Jonokuchi after missing four bashos, is at Makushita 19E. He starred in a French documentary about life in a heya a few years back. Miyagi is at Makushita 23W. Enhou clone, ex-Kisenosato recruit. Mudouhou, ex-Taihou's other grandson (youngest) is at Makushita 24W. Wakatakamoto is at Makushita 25E. Eldest brother of Wakatakakage and Wakamotoharu. Kusano, started last basho at Makushita 60 tsukedashi and is at Makushita 29W, Miyagino/Isegahama beya, highest career rank. Matsui, entered sumo at Makushita 60 tsukedashi in March 2024, is at Makushita 31W. Miyagino/Isegahama beya. Highest career rank. Anooshou is at Makushita 39E. Jonokuchi and Jonidan yusho lately. Ex-Aminishiki's recruit. Shunrai, ex-Tokitsukaze's 19 years old son number 2, is at Makushita 40E. Jonokuchi yusho in the past. Naya, ex- Taihou's third grandson (second eldest) is at Makushita 53W. There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler. Kurohimeyama, ex-Kurohimeyama's grandson, is at Makushita 54E. Kanazawa, father half-Japanese, half-Paraguayan, mother half-Italian, half-Paraguayan is at Makushita 57E, highest career rank. Tokitenran, started at Sandanme 90 tsukedashi, is at Sandanme 6W, his highest career rank. Suyama, small first ever student/graduate from Tokyo University, is at Sandanme 23W. Quite a media celeb. Highest career rank. Ikazuchidou - Half Nigerian, is at Sandanme 39E. Kuwae, half Philipino Justine France Pasquale is at Sandanme 42W. Agoura, ex- Brazilian, Lucas Kazuo Iima, is at Sandanme 84W. Anzakura - ex-Aminishiki's first recruit (18 years old and nephew) at his newly founded Ajigawa beya is at Jonidan 1W. Highest career rank. Shoutaimu- Showtime! Gets on the list just for that clever shikona- is at Jonidan 5E. Furanshisu from the Philippines is at Jonidan 9E. Shouketsu, the oldest guy in sumo (47), is at Jonidan 16E. Kawazoe (Kihou) is at Jonidan 23W. Injuries dropped him from Juryo. Kaitoma - Mark Aaron Justin Toma- Brazilian-Filipino, is at Jonidan 39E. Enhou, battered and all the way down here now, is at Jonokuchi 13W. 
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    Four shikona changes on the new banzuke, two from the new Nakamura-beya and two from Sakaigawa-beya. Ryuo's new shikona Kanpuzan is taken from a mountain located on the Oga Peninsula in Akita prefecture, close to his hometown of Igawa. Sponichi adds that it was also used as the shikona of a rikishi in an early-90s NHK drama called Hirari which was set in a sumo beya. Also, he has changed a kanji in the given name so it now matches his real given name. Stablemate Wakenosato simply exchanges the last kanji of his shikona to reflect his change of shisho. Sakaigawa-beya's two newest recruits take hometown-based shikona for their banzuke debut. Miyazaki is now Shimizuumi, following the example of older brother Tosashimizu. And Igarashi is now Yonezawaryu. Sd1w Ryuo Ryota > Kanpuzan Ryota (寒風山 涼太, かんぷうざん りょうた) Sd35w Wakenosato > Wakenokaze (和気乃風, わけのかぜ) Jk14e Igarashi > Yonezawaryu (米沢龍, よねざわりゅう) Jk14w Miyazaki > Shimizuumi (清水海, しみずうみ) Three rikishi change the given names to their shikona: J7e Tomokaze Yuta > Sodai (想大, そうだい) Sd6w Tokitenran Sora > Nobuo (信男, のぶお) Jd19w Yurikisho Ikki > Taishi (太志, たいし) Nikkan also reports a rare change of name for a tokoyama as well, although it's not actually updated on the Kyokai site which seems to be struggling to load at the moment. Tokokasumi > Tokoake (床朱, とこあけ)
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    Not the most difficult game of 'guess who wasn't a rikishi'
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    I thought I had posted this a couple of months ago, but apparently not and I just came across my notes again, so here we go. Sekitori ranked in adjacent spots on one banzuke and the other way around in the same spots on the next one. Not including cases where both rikishi were in sanyaku, because that's just boring. 1958.01->.03 M14w Oikawa 7-8 -> M15e M15e Hirosegawa 8-7 -> M14w 1959.09->.11 M19e Kiyonomori 7-8 -> J1e J1e Wakanokuni 8-7 -> M17e (M19e / M17e were both the last spot in makuuchi) 1960.07->.09 J2e Hoshikabuto 8-7 -> J2w J2w Tsunenishiki 9-6 -> J2e 1965.11->1966.01 M3e Tochioyama 7-8 -> M3w M3w Fujinishiki 8-7 -> M3e 1970.09->.11 J2e Masuiyama 8-7 -> J2w J2w Tochifuji 9-6 -> J2e 1998.09->.11 M1e Kaio 7-8 -> M1w M1w Tochiazuma 8-7 -> M1e 2004.07->.09 M1w Iwakiyama 7-8 -> M2e M2e Kokkai 8-7 -> M1w 2006.01->.03 K1w Tamanoshima 7-8 -> M1e M1e Miyabiyama 8-7 -> K1w 2020.01->.03 K1w Daieisho 7-8 -> M1e M1e Endo 9-6 -> K1w 2022.03->.05 J7w Tokushoryu 7-8 -> J8e J8e Yago 8-7 -> J7w The inspiration for researching that was this part of my Natsu GTB entry, which didn't quite come to pass: Sadanoumi (M11w 8-7) M11 Ichiyamamoto (M11e 7-8) Ichiyamamoto got dropped to M12e instead; an opportunity missed.
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    Standings after Round of 16 : Round of 16 brought us several changes. First of all we have a new leader. Joputosu performs the best score of the round (an impressive one) and is now on top of the standings with a 9 points gap from the new second Bunbukuchagama. Our previous leader, Pitinosato, completes the top 3. 10 players achieved their personal best score in this round. A competitive one ! It won't be easy for the players who are not in the 200 points yet to be able to catch up but you never know. Next round will probably be decisive for that. PLAYER Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round of 16 TOTAL 1 Joputosu 65 60 48 92 265 2 Bunbukuchagama 33 84 53 86 256 3 Pitinosato 53 83 48 70 254 4 Asapedroryu 51 79 42 81 253 5 Athenayama 65 72 38 77 252 6 Lordshamrockyama 54 70 23 89 236 7 Chelseayama 41 94 26 74 235 8 Pandaazuma 57 68 46 59 230 9 chishafuwaku 47 53 51 74 225 10 Spytoneryu 65 64 50 43 222 11 Kimyama 58 41 35 86 220 11 Tibozuka 54 61 35 67 217 13 Jejima 60 43 44 48 195 14 Jarayama 40 53 36 61 190 15 Djodjoyoshi 42 30 31 73 176 16 Achiyama 47 44 36 46 173 Bunbukuchagama has the best progression (+5) with Lordshamrockyama (+5). Spytoneryu lost a lot of ground (-8). Everyone saw their position change upwards or downwards except chishafuwaku. +/- Joputosu +3 Bunbukuchagama +5 Pitinosato -2 Asapedroryu +1 Athenayama -2 Lordshamrockyama +5 Chelseayama +1 Pandaazuma -2 chishafuwaku = Spytoneryu -8 Kimyama +2 Tibozuka -2 Jejima -2 Jarayama +1 Djodjoyoshi +1 Achiyama -1 3 rounds left and as the (real) teams get fewer the choices of players will also be reduced. In my opinion, the quarterfinals will be crucial to increase or reduce the gaps between the players. Choose wisely ! Good luck to all.
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    It's generally the case that priority for promotion doesn't have to be the same as priority for ranking after the promotion is decided. See also: 2003.11: M1e Tochinonada 8-7 -> K1e M2e Toki 9-6 -> M1e 2006.01: M1e Miyabiyama 8-7 -> K1w M2e Roho 9-6 -> K1e 2022.03: M1e Daieisho 8-7 -> K1w M2e Ichinojo 9-6 -> M1w 2023.09: M1e Hokutofuji 8-7 -> K1w M2e Abi 9-6 -> K1e
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    I'm even more annoyed by Kazekeno being in front of Kiryuko. In general they were exceedingly lenient to the Ms top 5 makekoshi again. Check out Daishomaru and Tokunomusashi relative to Tenshoho. For the first time in a while I had tried to predict where they would put the Jd/Jk cutoff, and I got it wrong. I thought they'd keep Okuniyama and Asasakurai in jonidan...they're much closer to the guys that stayed in than to those who didn't, and it would have made it an even 100 ranks. Oh well. Also, prime evidence for the "don't expect any banzuke-making consistency in the low ranks" point of view: Kyonosato (Jd86e 1-6) Jk2 Moriurara (Jd98e 2-5) Ujiie (Jk7w 3-4) Jk3 Hakuryu (Jk8e 3-4) Ono (Jk13e 3-4) Jk4 Tenkoyama (Jd98w 2-5) I doubt anyone would have expected six ranks worth of 3-4 records to end up between Moriurara and Tenkoyama.
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    Part 3 of Nikkan premium Sayonara Ozumo is on Teraoumi. Usually the danpatsushiki for lower ranked are the senshuraku party, his was one week later, with about 130 cutters - maybe because he hasn't officially retired directly after the basho. o final bout on day 14, ending with a win, but makekoshi o o as tsukebito of Kakuryu o with Terao, the original shisho o at the funeral of Terao o o oo danpatsushiki ooo o Seems like he'll be helping in the Hiroshima style okonomiyaki restaurant of his mother and aunt, Shimai 姉妹 (sisters), at the Okonomi Republic Hiroshima-mura venue in the city https://www.広島お好み焼き.com/shoplist/shimai/ - the article part for that is behind the paywall his aunt with Daishoho, Abi and Tsurugisho on a visit to the restaurant oo an intai commemorative towel from the restaurant
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    The 2nd: Baraki o the scene that made him famous - and another: the world's smallest sandanme, only 1 cm stretched to 161cm ooo o debut wins in maezumo: Onosho, Baraki, Ishiura o oo shinjo shusse with a kesho mawashi of Kitanoumi o the smallest with the lightest - heya mate Oshio (now Urutora) o with Akua after shokkiri o Nagoya 2020, Aki 2023 oo o final bout on day 14 for kachikoshi vs. Asashorei ooo ooooo o danpatsushiki: with mother Lorena, final cut oo o He's now back with his parents in Tokorozawa, he turned 30 in May and thought this was the time. He unreasonably tried to gain weight to cover for the height deficit, which led to diabetes as he turned 20. Like Matsuda some connection with Enho - the part "Learning from Enho" is behind the paywall
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    Welcome to Game 21 for the Natsu 2023 Basho. Please join us for some bout prediction fun! I am launching the game again today, while Profomisakari will be back for the day to day comments. HOW TO PLAY GAME 21 Shortly after the Banzuke is published, 21 potential bouts are selected by the admins. You just have to decide which bouts will or will not take place and, if they will, who you think will be the winners. The deadline to play is always the Friday before the basho starts. Usually at 11 AM (JST) / 2 AM (UTC), but may be hours earlier if I discover the torikumi has already been revealed. Each correct pick will earn you one point. If a Rikishi is listed in one of the potential bouts but never has a match scheduled in the Basho, the bout will not count for the allocation of points. If two or more entrants end up with the same number of correct picks, the two following tiebreaker rules will apply: TB1: entrants will earn TB points for their ability to spot winning outsiders (i.e. the fewer players to correctly pick a winner, the more TB points you score) and the entrant with most TB points will win the tiebreaker. TB2: if the first tiebreaker does not break the tie, the entrant with the earliest submission time will be declared the winner. Your submission time updates if you edit. If you want to play, simply click the link below. it will take you to a multiple-choice form that will offer you three choices for each bout: A if you think the first Rikishi will win B if you think the second Rikishi will win X if you think the bout will not take place In addition to your picks and your shikona, the form will ask for a valid email address. The reason for this request is (a) to allow the system to send you a copy of your picks and (b) to allow you to update your choices until the deadline by clicking the “Edit Response'' button that is in the email.  If you want to play for the upcoming Basho, HERE IS THE LINK.  The deadline to play is Friday 12th of July at 11 AM (JST), 2 AM (UTC)  To help you prepare your picks, here are the bouts for the upcoming Basho: Nr A History B 1 Terunofuji 1-0 Hiradoumi 2 Hoshoryu 2-2 Atamifuji 3 Shonannoumi 2-5 Kinbozan 4 Takakeisho 11-10 Takayasu 5 Midorifuji - Asanoyama 6 Abi 11-12 Daieisho 7 Bushozan - Hokutofuji 8 Kotozakura 2-1 Onosato 9 Wakamotoharu 10-7 Tobizaru 10 Mitakeumi 13-6 Onosho 11 Ryuden 5-4 Tamawashi 12 Kirishima 7-3 Ura 13 Takarafuji 1-1 Roga 14 Oho - Oshoma 15 Chiyoshoma 7-9 Endo 16 Churanoumi 2-0 Kagayaki 17 Meisei 1-1 Gonoyama 18 Ichiyamamoto - Wakatakakage 19 Nishikifuji 4-5 Nishikigi 20 Kotoshoho 5-6 Sadanoumi 21 Takanosho 8-8 Shodai All 42 makuuchi rikishi have been included in the hope they will participate - remember that if any fail to appear on any day's torikumi, their bout will not count for our game. I encourage you to sign up for our game - some unexpected first-time meetings are the bouts I'm anticipating the most!
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    England wins the Euros.
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    Found it! It had been deemed a 'short', and so was stored elsewhere.... Kaba (Felix) sat down. Baku (Peter) not sitting down...
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    Makushita Kazekeno (J14w 7-8) Ms1 Kiryuko (Ms3e 5-2) Daiseizan (Ms3w 4-3) Ms2 Kitaharima (Ms4e 4-3) Kotokuzan (Ms4w 4-3) Ms3 Oshoumi (J13e 5-10) Otsuji (Ms7e 5-2) Ms4 Yoshii (Ms7w 5-2) Akua (Ms1e 3-4) Ms5 Wakaikari (Ms6w 4-3) Chiyomaru (J13w 4-11) Ms6 Satorufuji (Ms14e 6-1) Asahakuryu (Ms10w 4-3) Ms7 Wakanosho (Ms20e 6-1) Daishomaru (Ms5e 3-4) Ms8 Kototebakari (Ms2e 2-5) Dewanoryu (Ms18w 5-2) Ms9 Kaisho (Ms14w 4-3) Mineyaiba (Ms15e 4-3) Ms10 Obara (Ms15w 4-3) Kotokenryu (Ms16e 4-3) Ms11 Tenshoho (Ms6e 3-3-1) Tokunomusashi (Ms5w 2-5) Ms12 Nihonyanagi (Ms32w 6-1) Fukai (Ms23e 5-2) Ms13 Fujitoshi (Ms24e 5-2) Kitadaichi (Ms8w 3-4) Ms14 Kamito (Ms36e 6-1) Asanowaka (Ms20w 4-3) Ms15 Kotoyusho (Ms26e 5-2)
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    Hi all, Here is the new banzuke for July 2024. It was put together by Sakura, Flohru and Jejima. pandaazuma (Y1E, 10-5) Y1 O1 Joaoiyama (O1W, 7-8) Chocshoporyu (S1E, 9-6) S1 Kintamayama (K1E, 9-6) Pitinosato (M3W, 11-4) S2 ScreechingOwl (K1W, 8-7) K1 Norizo (M1W, 9-6) Gansekiiwa (M4W, 10-5) K2 Yamashade (M1E, 8-7) Hogashi (M5E, 10-5) M1 Susanoo (M7W, 10-5) Unkonoyama (S1W, 6-9) M2 Kitakachiyama (M2W, KOSHO) Kaito (S2W, 6-9) M3 KonyaGaYamada (M9W, 10-5) Sakura (M3E, 7-8) M4 Itachi (M6W, 8-7) Konosato (M4E, 7-8) M5 Frinkanohana (M8E, 8-7) Balon (M5W, 7-8) M6 tokugawa (M6E, 7-8) iwakoko (M10E, 8-7) M7 Rubensan (S2E, 3-12) Achiyama (M13W, 9-6) M8 Oyama (M14W, 9-6) chishafuwaku (M15E, 9-6) M9 Bill (M13E, 8-7) Kotononami (M15W, 9-6) M10 Bunbukuchagama (J6E, 12-3) Athenayama (M17W, 8-7) M11 Terarno (M9E, 6-9) Gaijingai (M12E, KOSHO) M12 Flohru (M11W, 7-8) Jakusotsu (M12W, 7-8) M13 Andoreasu (M10W, 6-9) Kaiowaka (M8W, 5-10) M14 Oskanohana (M11E, 6-9) toonoryu (M7E, 4-11) M15 kuroimori (M14E, 7-8) andonishiki (J2E, 9-6) M16 hofudaryu (J5E, 10-5) Kashunowaka (J1E, 8-7) M17 Andrasoyama (J3E, 9-6) J1 Holleshoryu (J1W, KOSHO) Ruziklao (J4E, 9-6) J2 Yangnomazuma (M17E, 7-8) Fujisan (J5W, 8-7) J3 Metzinowaka (M16E, 5-10) Oshirokita (M16W, 5-10) J4 Saruyama (J8E, 8-7) Netsuzakura (J14E, 10-5) J5 GONZABUROW (J12E, 9-6) Hana-ichi (J3W, 6-9) J6 Nantonoyama (J6W, KOSHO) Beeftank (J4W, 6-9) J7 Mariohana (J2W, 5-10) Kirinoumi (J7E, 7-8) J8 tainosen (J7W, 7-8) KamiBaka (J10E, 8-7) J9 Kasamatsuri (J10W, 8-7) Roundeye (J8W, 7-8) J10 Homuburyuwa (J11W, 8-7) Aminoumi (J13E, 8-7) J11 Getayukata (J13W, 8-7) Akishiki (J9E, 6-9) J12 Warusaru (ms10W, 12-3) Chijanofuji (ms5W, 10-5) J13 Chelseayama (ms1W, 8-7) Hokuyutaka (J9W, 5-10) J14 TochiYESshin (ms5E, 9-6) Kishikaisei (ms2W, 8-7) ms1 Joputosu (J14W, 7-8) Boltbanana (ms2E, KOSHO) ms2 Anjoboshi (ms6W, 9-6) Watashi (ms11W, 10-5) ms3 Kyodaitimu (J11E, 4-11) Gawasukotto (ms1E, 6-9) ms4 Vincentohana (ms3W, 7-8) Rikishimiezi (ms4E, 7-8) ms5 Wamahada (ms4W, 7-8) Gusoyama (ms14E, 10-5) ms6 Heiyu (ms9E, 8-7) Marushiki (ms7E, KOSHO) ms7 Oortael (J12W, 3-12) Furanohana (ms8E, KOSHO) ms8 Ketsukai (ms14W, 10-5) Takanorappa (ms3E, 5-10) ms9 Danjinoumi (ms9W, KOSHO) Kajiyanosho (ms7W, 7-8) ms10 BlackPinkMawas (ms8W, 7-8) Kofujinokami (ms13E, 8-7) ms11 Clemoshoryu (ms13W, 8-7) Tsunamiko (ms12E, KOSHO) ms12 Kitahotaru (ms10E, 7-8) aoyume (ms17W, 9-6) ms13 Jejima (ms12W, 7-8) Unagiyutaka (ms15E, 8-7) ms14 Hironoumi (ms11E, 6-9) Rowitoro (ms19E, 9-6) ms15 Tochiyatsu (ms15W, KOSHO) Kuramarujo (ms18W, 8-7) ms16 Nekonishiki (ms20W, 8-7) Sherlockiama (ms17E, KOSHO) ms17 Fujiko (ms16E, 7-8) Kaba (ms21W, 8-7) ms18 Kitanoyama (ms22E, 8-7) Basoyama (ms18E, 7-8) ms19 shimodahito (ms6E, 1-14) Baku (ms16W, 5-10) ms20 Akokoneko (ms20E, 6-9) Bunijiman (ms19W, 5-10) ms21 Kintsubasa (ms21E, 5-10) Intai Golynohana (M2E, 5-10)
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    From the NSK PR top Sadogatake was there, the caucus wants that the NSK to name the conditions for the end of the punishment. Chairman Hirasawa: "It is a problem that it is unclear what will become of it from now on." o