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    And with that, he retires with three more wins in Ozumo than most of the folks on this forum have.
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    This time, I took a minor dive into the 1960s era of sumo, headlined with the two words "GREAT PHEONIX" in all capital letters. First, several photos of the great duo together in all yokozuna glory: "Yes, young one. I am the man they call Taiho." Now for some Kashiwado pictures: Bowing out at his danpatsushiki in 1970 The great one doing what he did best "Wow, that was one fine ketaguri, I surely have the yusho now!" Now for some of the more overshadowed rikishi: Tochinoumi's dohyo-iri "No Tochinoumi, it's this way. If you keep on doing it like that you'll miss the clap altogether!" With the coveted Emperor's cup Sadanoyama pictures! First dohyo-iri at the shrine The former Tochinishiki instructing him \ That's all for now! I hope you all enjoy and I will be back with more next week.
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    I’m not surprised. It seemed inevitable after he was overlooked for a role in the Olympics opening ceremony.
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    Two new tsukedashi qualifiers were announced today. Mongolian Dergerbayar (Naruto-beya) will start off at Makushita 15 tsukedashi, while Kazakhstani Yelshin Ersin Batalgul ( Kise beya) will start at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi. The first guy was college Yokozuna (Nittaidai) in 2020. The other one (Nichidai) was a top four finalist in the same tournament. The question is when they will make their debut. Are they counted as foreigners? Japanese? Both heya have no foreigners, so I'm guessing foreigners. Visa? Or as ex-college they are exempt from the cooling off period? Dergerbayar:
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    I can see the rikishi drawing straws to see who has to go lick door handles to get the yokozuna an extra two months' recovery time.
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    I'm fine with being outvoted, but the discussion of vaccine efficacy seems off-topic in this specific thread. Can we stick to the theme of COVID-19 in sumo? I get that there is a tangible link given the rikishi are vaccinated, but all (I for one) care about here is who has been infected, and what ramifications are to the rikishi, basho and NSK. Again, if the majority disagree I'll shut my mouth.
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    Meisei is saying he is aiming for Ozeki and that he is happy to have passed his Oyakata's highest rank of Komusubi. "I'm aiming for double -digit wins next basho. (call me Horace if he wins 6). I'll be training as usual and aiming upwards," he said. Terunofuji received a mitsu-zoroi (the matching kesho-mawashi you wear with your attendants during the dohyo-iri) from foodstuff powerhouse Nagatanien. Only four previous Yokozuna have won the yusho in their first basho as Yokozuna. "I'd like to beat Hakuhou this time and return the favor. I've already worn the tsuna so I wasn't that surprised to see my name as a Yokozuna on the new banzuke. I want to become a Yokozuna that is respected on and off the dohyo by everyone," he said.
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    Even in his own retirement thread, the guy is easily overpowered.
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    Was wondering what happened to Yersin - glad to see he got a spot. Both these guys are good and should reach sekitorihood. Delgerbayar is the more accomplished of the pair, but Yersin improved tremendously over his college career (he was a bumbling buffoon when he started - I think he came to college without any sumo background), and at his peak in 2020 was arguably the best collegiate competitor. Yersin, about 192cm/175kg He is powerful and primarily a thruster, but capable moving forward on the belt as well. Most of his college opponents were blasted out before they could even get started. His weaknesses are that he's a bit slow and prone to losing his footing when he misses with a thrust - although he usually manages to stay on his feet rather than going full Toyohibiki. A promising sign is that he won the East Japan championship, and as this post suggests, winners of that tournament have typically done very well as pros. A typical Yersin power display, in the semifinals of the 2019 All Japan Championship Delgerbayar, about 186cm/155kg Delgerbayar has amateur wins over the likes of Kizakiumi, Oshoryu, Terasawa, Fukai, Tokisakae, and Yersin too. Before starting sumo he was a national champion (in Japan) in freestyle wrestling. His style is to bend low and look for pulldowns and ways of unbalancing opponents rather than to find a good grip. He does a lot of those head to head, grab each other's hands stand offs. I find his sumo rather ugly and unconventional, but it works for him. One thing that is noticeable, is that his stance is often much more turned to the side than usual, almost like a boxer's, and this can lead to a lack of stability against hard chargers. The low stance also makes him vulnerable to being pulled down himself This match is fairly representative, minus the weird bit at the start. As for the apprenticeship - no idea about Yersin's timeline, but Delgerbayar has been doing it for a while and should be in action this year.
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    So, how about that Hakuho? Did he really watch judo during the Olympics??
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    Hakuyozan has received a new kesho-mawashi from his hometown of Shirataka, Yamagata prefecture. Costing around 3 million yen, it features symbols of the town and prefecture - a white hawk (shiroi taka) and the official flower of the prefecture, a safflower. The flower was dyed with locally-produced dyes made from safflowers, which are widely grown in Yamagata. It was unveiled at the town hall on August 26th and will be on display there until September 5th, when it will be sent to Hakuyozan for (hopefully) use in the Aki basho. Since he couldn't attend in person, his mother stepped in alongside the Mayor, Seishichi Sato. Meanwhile, shin-Juryo Hokuseiho's first kesho-mawashi was revealed at his alma mater, Tottori Johoku high school. It features the emblem of the school on a kirin jishi mai mask, used in the lion dances performed largely in the Eastern areas of Tottori prefecture. School Principal Ishiura was on hand to present it to the press.
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    Yes, it's true. 104 consecutive losses, 3-238 career Jonokuchi Shounanzakura has retired. He will be missed. He asked to be dismissed after last basho. "The limit of my endurance", "I want to retire" is what he reportedly said to his shisho Shikihide. "I wanted him to continue and gambarize, but he was adamant," explained Shiks. "Lose or lose, he kept on keeping on and that is something good and I think that was fantastic. Although he has that losing streak, he was always the first to appear in the morning at the keiko-ba and immersed himself in training. He did the sweeping and chanko duties well and was courteous and gambarized in his own way., " added the Oyakata. Shounanzakura is at his parents house at present and is looking forward to his second life. "He's still young-he should rest at his parents house and take things easy and gambarize," summed Shikihide oyakata.
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    Takayasu no longer has ex-Kisenosato to train with as the latter has branched out on his own. "I did the fundamentals. Since the joint Kyokai sessions, I have been properly doing the fundamentals and sweating profusely and lending my chest to the lower rankers. I've been doing all sorts of stuff and working hard," he said. That being said, he has put himself in disadvantageous positions against the lower rankers and trying out ways to get out of them. "I've been training in all sorts of ways and my body is in great shape and the quality of my sumo is good as well. I'm in good shape. At this point I'm working hard and gambarizing, " he reiterated. After Ichinojou was found positive, Takayasu was confined to his house for a few days and had to improvise some training at home. "I did some abdominal muscle and back muscle training so my body did not weaken," he added. He injured his back before last basho, joining the basho on day three and getting a makekoshi, after training aggressively against ex- Kisenosato. "I was ready 140% at the time. Looking back, I may have overdone it and injured my back like a rookie," he reminisced. "This time, I feel I have properly been listening to my body and taking things slower. I want to go through the 15 days without pain and it's best to be in the best condition (he said that in English..). I want to remain in the yusho race till senshuraku. and add excitement to the basho. We are living in difficult times and as a rikishi I would like to show some spirited and positive sumo," he summed.
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    If Hakuho is so great, why hasn't he been able to improve on his career high rank in fourteen years?
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    As an aside, I would have expected Takagenji to join the Kyokai joint training sessions.
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    I suppose if one is sensitive enough, most anything is political. I would interpret the guideline as meaning political in the context of national politics, Japanese or of any nation. I might be making assumptions, though, I confess. "Politics" certainly has a range of meanings. How is the topic the OP has introduced different from discussing women in sumo, or aspects of racism in sumo, which have been discussed in sumo forum in many threads? And, if you're going to quote me, it would be nice if you did not change my meaning by adding bold and underlined words. It's really no longer a quote at that point, IMO.
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    Miyagino beya will sit out Aki basho 2021, it was announced today. Another Miyagino rikishi was tested positive today. "First Hokuseihou, then this guy- we have to consider everything. However we look at it, this leads into the basho. We have decided the heya will be kyujo. Too bad, but that's that," said Shibatayama PR man. So no, Hakuhou, no Enhou, no Ishiura. Same thing happened last January with Miyagino beya, because Hakuhou was infected back then. As for Minato beya (Ichinojou infected) and Oguruma beya (Sewanin infected), they are both in. Late edit- final decision on Minato-beya will be made in the coming days. "At this point there is no problem with Ichinojou entering but we'll see what happens after he takes another test in the coming days," explained Shibatayama. More edits: Miyagino personnel Takashima Oyakata, Makuuchi gyoji Shikimori Kandayuu and Makuuchi yobidashi Ryuuji will be entering, as they did not come in contact with the heya rikishi.
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    Shoudai has been training recently. "I faced Yutakayama for about 10-15 bouts today," said the ever-bewildered Shoudai. "I guess my left elbow (injured on day 1 of the joint keiko sessions) is healed now since I am able to do sumo with no problems," he said. Last week, he went on to lift weights after doing sumo, but today he didn't, probably conscious of the fact that there is less than a week left till Aki starts. He won the yusho last Aki basho, but since then went kadoban twice and only managed double-digit wins once more. "I know deep inside I did not do well this past year. I suffered from injuries, but I somehow barely managed to keep my Ozeki rank. I'd like to not only try and keep my rank, but to move forward and attack as well from here on.. I lost too may bouts too easily. My hips are too high? If I keep thinking about that I can't concentrate on my own sumo.. I need to be able to do my one sumo, hopefully. I don't want to get into situations where I get pushed to the edge.." he added. He was reprimanded by Kasugano Oyakata for slacking and talking too much at the joint keiko sessions. "Because of the virus, there is no chance to speak to rikishi from other heyas so I kind of let loose and my training was a bit loose as well. He saw right through me. He was just looking out for me as a fellow ex-college rikishi," he added. "It's my last basho in my twenties (soon to become 30 years old) so i want to do my best and get my kachikoshi calmly. I have hardly been able to get a kachikoshi lately, so I'll start from there. " he summed. The negative Shoudai reemerging?
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    Related to that, a very informative post about age of sanyaku debut and future ozekihood. While the overall rate may be around 30 percent, it's only 13.8 percent for rikishi who made their sanyaku debut at 25 (like Meisei and Wakatakakage; and Takanosho turned 25 the same month he debuted as sekiwake). Two of the successful 25 year olds are Shodai and Asanoyama, who are collegiate rikishi and due to their late start were hard pressed to make sanyaku any earlier than they did. Also interesting: everyone who reached sanyaku as a teenager became yokozuna, and 12/14 who reached it at 20 became ozeki (6 of them later became yoks).
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    Personally, I got interested the way (I suspect) many English-speaking fans do nowadays: through the Makuuchi highlights on NHK, featuring Murray, John, Hiro, etc. I didn't find much help on the internet until I ran across tachiai.org. It was there that I heard about Sumo Forum. Like a couple of others have mentioned, I get irritated by most reddit-type sites: too much bloviating without much apparent knowledge (this is the average; there are lots of diamonds in that rough). Also, I've never been able to give a block of time over to a podcast (video or not); just my preference, but it's too much like listening to a Let's Play of watching sumo. Sumo Forum was intimidating at first, but it has allowed me to interact with a variety of nice people, most of whom know much more than I do.
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    Ten shikona changes apart from already-announced shin-Juryo Murata, who is now Asashiyu. He also adds a character to the given name to make it Ryoga. Former Juryo Daiseido is now Daiseiryu, perhaps hoping for a change in luck as he seeks to avoid being demoted to Sandanme for the first time in his career. Tagonoura-beya's Kochikara reverses a reading change that he made earlier in his career, once again becoming Kojikara. Two rikishi from Musashigawa-beya have received their first proper shikona. Tabara is now Chikunokura, while Numano becomes Naniwamusashi. Naniwa is quite appropriate for the shikona of an Osaka native, Naniwa ward being the location of the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, home of the Haru basho. I think Shiraishizakura was the longest Romaji name on the banzuke at 15 letters, but that distinction will have to be shared with others now - his first proper shikona is Agazumazakura with 13 letters. I'd like to think that the inspiration is the character of Agatsuma Zenitsu from the popular manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, but I have no way of knowing if that's right. Two rikishi give up their shikona and switch to their family names, Hozan becoming Naya and Asahio becoming Sugawara. Meanwhile, Kisenoumi changes the 'no' in his shikona from katakana to hiragana. J13w Murata Ryo > Asashiyu Ryoga (朝志雄 亮賀) Ms57e Daiseido > Daiseiryu (大成龍) Sd24e Hozan > Naya (納谷) Sd66e Kochikara > Kojikara (こちから > こぢから) Jd4e Matsui > Hogasho (豊雅将) Jd15w Tabara Yuta > Chikunokura Kyuzo (筑乃蔵 久三) Jd21e Kisenoumi (木瀬ノ海 > 木瀬の海) Jd29w Asahio Yusei > Sugawara Sho (菅原 聖) Jd85e Aki Yoshinobu > Shunkaku Akito (瞬鶴 晄士) Jd101e Numano > Naniwamusashi (浪速武蔵) Jk7e Shiraishizakura > Agazumazakura (我妻桜) And finally, the first name change out of the new Araiso-beya is not for a rikishi, but instead for Makushita gyoji Kimura Takanosuke, now Kimura Ennosuke. The first kanji of the given name is the "monkey" also seen in Tobizaru, Umizaru and Byakuen. Unusual to see the 'no' change to katakana though. 木村 隆之助 > 木村 猿ノ助 (きむら えんのすけ)
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    Honestly I believe that Chris' opinion went south a lot sooner than this, namely the Asanoyama vs Tochinoshin mono-ii debacle. I truly believe that in his mind, that match was fixed so that a Japanese rikishi was going to win the yusho of that basho. And unfortunately with a lot of his rhetoric, his channel fans that have no idea of sumo or Japanese culture outside of what they are getting from Chris are led to believe that the NSK is an evil money grabbing organization that does not care about their wrestlers at all and corrupt 100%. Chris provides interesting commentary when he sticks to talking about the matches and wrestlers' progress themselves, but when it comes to his criticism of the JSA, they are really cringe.
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    While I do think that your intention in creating this thread comes from benevolent curiosity about othr people's views, I personally quite disapprove of it. For me this is nothing else than the "strongly discouraged" subjects politics and religion.