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    A rare treat in Sandanme, the first mitokorozeme for just over 8 years, courtesy of Kaishu.
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    The NSK published a video with a career overview of Kisenosato - from entry as Hagiwara to intai
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    Hello. As per usual, I am announcing my retirement from doing the videos. I will be fading out slowly, not at once. I've always said I will stop when there will be a viable replacement and there is in Natto's very excellent dynamic channel with tons of stats, so my time has come. This basho I'll do days 1-4, then 12-15, give or take, as I'll be in the far south on the Red Sea shores in the middle days making a living for a change.. As for Kyushu, I'll do my best as I'm on tour in Sardinia, Italy for a month, so maybe 5-6 days when I get back. Excellent opportunity to fade away while using work as an excuse. I will probably do some days in Japanese as well.. And perhaps some Juryo here and there. Lately my viewership has dropped sharply anyway, so there will not be a vacuum. In any case, I'll be around to pick up the slack when and if. Thank you and on with the ba-show!!
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    A confused and sad looking Takagenji at the training session today For obvious reasons Takanofuji was not training today but his twin Takagenji was and talked to the journalists after the session. Takagenji apparently was in tears when he heard what his brother had done and urged him to reflect on his actions. "I talked to him yesterday morning, yesterday evening and talked to him two days ago as well. Our first master (ex Takanohana) did his best to raise us and watch over us, what the hell are you doing ? I told him. I am very sad, frustrated and I feel terrible" confessed Takagenji. The article even reports a conversation that happened between the twins. Takagenji: "What the hell are you doing ?" Takanofuji:" until now I acted like you were the brat of the two but it turns out you were the more mature all along" Takagenji: "It's way to late to realize that" And the two brothers cried together. Takagenji is even more heartbroken because he remembers that their former master Takanohana was demoted to the lowest rank in the hierarchy in order to protect his brother the first time he messed up and thinks Takanofuji broke the faith his master had in him. "We are more than regular brothers ,we are twins. I know I'll probably be judged too, people will probably say 'his twin was violent so he'll probably be violent too' but I am different. [...] To me there's only sumo and I have faith, I want my brother to have that same faith. If somehow he is not expelled, I'll watch him closely. I want him to redeem himself. No matter what the reason violence is violence. I would like to start again from zero with him" https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201909040000296.html
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    Day 1- Japanese commentary and better sumo..
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    The Isegahama Ichimon rengo keiko was held today, as you can see in the video above. Enhou, Terutsuyoshi. Chiyotairyuu (not from the Ichimon), and Terunofuji were there, very lively session. Enhou took on Terunofuji (80 kilo, 20 centimeter difference) and lost all three bouts to him, getting thrown heartily as well. Enhou was 4-6 in all. "The training is fun but I totally feel my weakness. My body is not a Makuuchi body. I've got to compensate with speed, but.. My abilities do not match the great support that I have from the fans. The support is driving me forward, and I have to be able to live up to it.." he said. Terutsuyoshi the other height challenged rikishi was 7-5. "My condition is good. At my highest rank, the opposition will be getting tougher. I'll do my best not Toulose. to lose. I'll push from under and will do sumo that will irritate my opponents. My objective is 10 wins," he said.
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    Komusubi Endou, back in Sanyaku after 8 bashos, trained at home against Daieishou and 5 other sekitori and was 8-3. "Still time till day 1. I will be doing some serious sumo from here on," he templated. At the recent weigh-in, he tipped the scales at 149 kilos, dropping 9 kilos since the last weigh-in. "I was shocked," he said, shocked. Still, he figures there was something wrong during the weigh-in before that. Last time, he went for the rikishi photo shoot just after the weigh-in, so he was wearing a heavy kimono with lots of accessories.This time, he was wearing a regular yukata, he pointed out. At training his body looked the same as usual and there was no lightness seen at the tachiai. "Even if there actually was no change, I'd like to add a few kilos.. I'll eat a lot and regain the weight and hope to reach my peak on day 1," he summed. Facing Makuuchi newcomer Tsurugishou:
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    Some pictures from Dewahayate's danpatsu-shiki, which took place at the Kokugikan the other day.
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    *Hakuhou was at the Isegahama rengo keiko and took on Takarafuji the reckless neckless one ten times, winning all bouts. A walk in the park is essentially what the article says. Favorite right hand grip, etc. Yesterday, he took on thruster Abi. Takarafuji has a totally different style of sticking closely to you. "Today's theme was heaviness.. That was at the center of my mind as I went about my business," he nearly said. Takarafuji is 11 kilos heavier than Hakuhou, BTW. "Yesterday's Abi is light but has quick pushes so yesterday's theme was pushing him away and getting that feel," he explained. The only worry is his right hand pinkie, which seemed to be swollen. "When I grabbed the mawashi, you know.." he said. Still, it didn't show in his sumo or on his face. As he left the heya, he was drinking some black "5 o'clock" tea. "It's been a while since I had some sweet tea.. Really good," he said, draining the 500 milligram bottle. He was in a good mood all the way and was looking fit. *Probably my weirdest translation ever.
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    Isegahama ichimon training session, Enho vs Terunofuji
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    Hi everyone, I have lived in Japan from 2002 to 2010 and got interested in sumo when visited the Kokugikan for the first time in 2007. It was easy to buy tickets then... I went with my wife and we have filled out a questionnaire for a chance to win another ticket (the second prize was 3 kgs of potato). My wife got the ticket, which made her extremely happy, so we went again and kept on going after... We moved back to Hungary later and watching sumo is one of a few ways how we stay in touch with Japan. My wife runs a cooking school in Budapest where she teaches Japanese cooking and recently we have introduced a sumo event where I talk about sumo and she makes chanko for the guests. The goal is to build a community of local sumo enthusiasts this way. The content on the forum is amazing and I am looking forward to learning from you all!
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    Today again, fundamentals and tachiai with the lower rankers. "No worries about my knee any more. I'm aiming for the yusho. People around me may say that it's impossible, but if I don't aim high, I don''t think I can get those ten wins (needed to return to Ozeki).. " said Takakeishou. "I am much stronger than I was before.. I've done much more weights training than before. " he added. He showed no signs of favoring his right knee injury, and his Oyakata agreed that he is in better shape than he was before Nagoya. Before last basho, he did all he could to enter the basho but did not in the end. "For me, losing my rank without entering was difficult to swallow. I hope in 1-2 years time this decision (to go kyujo) would prove to be worth it. For that to happen, all I can do is go all out!" he declared. His Oyakata says there is a good chance he will do real sumo training starting tomorrow. "My condition changes day by day so I don't think I can declare that I will start training on this or that specific day. Still, my feeling is that I really want to do it!" summed Takakeishou. Personal view- Right up there with Terunofuji- No way is he even close to his old self. No way.
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    http://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/ Makuuchi Kakuryu Y Hakuho Takayasu O Goeido Tochinoshin O --- Mitakeumi S Takakeisho Abi K Endo Hokutofuji M1 Aoiyama Ichinojo M2 Asanoyama Daieisho M3 Tomokaze Tamawashi M4 Shodai Chiyotairyu M5 Ryuden Shimanoumi M6 Myogiryu Kotoshogiku M7 Kotoeko Okinoumi M8 Takarafuji Terutsuyoshi M9 Kotoyuki Sadanoumi M10 Meisei Onosho M11 Enho Shohozan M12 Daishoho Kagayaki M13 Nishikigi Tsurugisho M14 Toyonoshima Ishiura M15 Azumaryu Yutakayama M16 Tochiozan Takagenji M17 ---
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    Probably. "It's important that I heal. Even if my injury heals, my physical power has diminished and it takes time to get back in shape again," he said. Final decision, upon consultation with his Oyakata etc.. etc.. 100% out, but not official yet. "The pain is mostly gone, but I get anxious when I don't wear the supporter," he also said.
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    Seki-Toto (play): Things are getting a bit distressing at the top of the Toto banzuke: Still-fresh yokozuna Susanoo has posted his third makekoshi in five tournaments, this time with double-digit losses, and finds himself on the ejection seat now, as 4 MK in 6 basho is one of the guidelines for automatic retirement. Let's hope his fortunes will turn around for Aki basho. Senior yokozuna Norizo did significantly better and posted 11 wins as part of a six-player jun-yusho group. The ozeki rank is also staffed on both sides of the banzuke again after ScreechingOwl converted his repromotion opportunity, finishing with 10 wins on the nose - he was 5-5 at one point! That's already the second time (after Kyushu 2016) that he has managed an immediate return following demotion from ozeki. In fact, aside from these two blemishes he has been ozeki since Kyushu 2014 and thus completes five years at the second-highest rank in Aki basho. Well done! Pandaazuma, meanwhile, finished with a comfortable but unspectacular 9-6 record as the sole incumbent ozeki of the Nagoya tournament. No further promotions for this banzuke; three other sekiwake also posted kachikoshi records, but nobody came particularly close to his respective promotion target. Unlike most tournaments there weren't a lot of good results by upper maegashira-ranked players in July, which allowed for a ruthless cutback of the sanyaku ranks from 12 to just 10 spots. It's the first time since Hatsu 2014 (!) that we're down to 10 here in Toto. Consequently it looks like almost everybody in makuuchi has suffered bad banzuke luck, but it's really no worse than most Toto banzuke. Things did get a bit crunched towards the bottom of the division and went downright funky for the last 6 spots, whose inhabitants were only half a virtual rank apart from first to sixth. All in all no real problem areas though. Trivia note: Ulishimaru, the Nagoya basho champion, was the first Toto yusho winner from outside of makuuchi in 10 tournaments. Norizo (Yw 11-4) Y Susanoo (Ye 5-10) Pandaazuma (Oe 9-6) O ScreechingOwl (S3w 10-5) Konosato (S2e 11-4) S1 Fujisan (S1e 9-6) Kuroimori (K1w 11-3-1) S2 Andoreasu (S2w 9-6) Toonoryu (K1e 8-7) K Flohru (M3e 9-6) Taka (M2e 8-7) M1 Gurowake (S1w 6-9) Andonishiki (M5e 9-6) M2 Haidouzo (M9w 11-4) Mmikasazuma (M7w 10-5) M3 Ketsukai (K2w 7-8) Kitakachiyama (M1e kosho) M4 Herritarooo (M11w 11-4) Jakusotsu (S3e 5-9-1) M5 Sakura (M4w kosho) Umigame (M3w 7-8) M6 Asashosakari (M1w 6-9) Golynohana (M15e 11-4) M7 Kotononami (M9e 8-7) Chankoyama (M7e kosho) M8 Achiyama (M10e 8-7) DeRosa (M6e 7-7-1) M9 Unkonoyama (M4e 6-9) Kaiowaka (M12w 9-6) M10 Tenshinhan (M11e 8-7) Damimonay (M5w 6-9) M11 Kishikaisei (M14e 9-6) Sebunshu (M2w 4-11) M12 Ulishimaru (J5e 12-3 Y) Gansekiiwa (M13w 8-7) M13 Ganzohnesushi (M6w 5-10) Mariohana (J2e 9-6) M14 Kintamayama (M12e 7-7-1) GONZABUROW (M8e 5-10) M15 Athenayama (J4w 10-5) Kobashi (J2w 9-6) M16 Andrasoyamawaka (M10w 6-9) Gernobono (J5w 10-5) J1 Bill (M8w 4-11) Chijanofuji (J3e 8-7) J2 Fukurou (M13e 6-8-1) Hana-ichi (J1e kosho) J3 Profomisakari (J4e 8-7) Choshu-yuki (J6w 9-6) J4 Frinkanohana (M15w 6-9) Nantonoyama (J9e 9-6) J5 Gaijingai (J1w 6-9) Chishafuwaku (J10e 9-6) J6 Atenzan (M14w 4-9-2) Holleshoryu (J7e kosho) J7 Konizan (J12e 9-4-2) Onakaderu (J13w 9-6) J8 Ahokaina (J3w 5-10) Gaanaa (J6e 6-9) J9 Hakajusakari (J9w kosho) Sukubidubidu (J14w 9-5-1) J10 Kyoju (Ms1w 9-6) Takanorappa (Ms2w 9-6) J11 Getayukata (J11w kosho) Terarno (J10w 7-7-1) J12 Benihana (J8w 6-9) Anjoboshi (J7w 5-10) J13 Gawasukotto (J8e 4-10-1) Sutarokku (J14e kosho) J14 Metzinowaka (J11e 5-10) Sherlockiama (Ms4e 7-6-2) Ms1 Rowitoro (Ms1e 5-7-3) Neko (J12w 3-5-7) Ms2 Dan Koloff (J13e 3-4-8) Tatsuomi (Ms2e 2-9-4) Ms3 Tsuchinoninjin (Ms5e 3-4-8) Saruyama (Ms5w 3-9-3) Ms4 Takayumi (Ms10e 5-9-1) WAKATAKE (Ms3w 1-4-10) Ms5 Wolfgangho (Ms6w 2-11-2) Effinojo (Ms6e kosho) Ms6 Suwihuto (Ms3e 0-0-15) Luchakuma (Ms8w 1-4-10) Ms7 Jejima (Ms7w kosho) Iepii (Ms8e 0-0-15) Ms8 Takashidodo (Ms9e kosho) Slavikofuji (Ms9w kosho) Ms9 Lionojo (Ms10w kosho) Azumawashi (NR 0-1-14) Ms10 -
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    Chiyomaru grabs a snack after training.
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    Aaand we're finally up to date here again. News, well, "news": Kyushu 2018: Juryo debut for Tomokaze, the 6th collegiate sekitori for Oguruma-beya, and also putting Nippon Sports Science University at double-digit sekitori count now. In addition the tournament saw Satoyama's retirement. Hatsu 2019: Oguruma again, this time with Yago's makuuchi debut, the 4th for the stable and the 6th out of Chuo University. And another retirement with Takekaze (also Oguruma), who passed on his position as the longest-tenured active collegiate sekitori to stablemate Yoshikaze. Haru 2019: A collegiate sanyaku debut for the first time in nearly a year, courtesy of Hokutofuji (Hakkaku-beya 2nd, Nippon Sports Science 5th). And yet more Oguruma-beya with Tomokaze becoming the stable's 5th collegiate top division member (and NSSU's 7th). Lastly the basho also featured Tenkaiho's retirement which, together with Satoyama's four months before, has put the lid on Onoe-beya's brief but bright presence on these lists, with at one time 5 collegiate sekitori that were recruited in a span of just three years. (The other three were all ousted in the yaocho scandal in 2011.) Natsu 2019: It took him nearly three years from his juryo debut, but Shimanoumi became a new makuuchi rikishi (Kise-beya 7th, Kindai University 10th). He was joined by Enho, the first from his alma mater Kanazawa Gakuin and the 3rd for Miyagino-beya. Nagoya 2019: Back to juryo debuts for this basho, with Ichiyamamoto and Kizakiumi. The former is the 3rd sekitori for Nishonoseki-beya (but the first to debut under that name - it was still Matsugane-beya for the previous two) as well as the 9th for Chuo, while the latter marks sekitori #13 for Kise-beya, #52 for Nihon University, and the 4th to have debuted from the bottom of sandanme. Aki 2019: And two more promotions this month now. Tsurugisho finally made it to the top flight after nearly four consecutive years in juryo; he is #6 for Oitekaze-beya and the 37th for Nihon University, again a makuuchi debut for that powerhouse after just about two years (following Daiamami, also of Oitekaze). And one level below it's the juryo debut of Asagyokusei, the 4th for the Wakamatsu-beya-derived contemporary version of Takasago-beya and the 12th for Kindai. Additionally I've made the name change from Yamaguchi back to Daikiho in the tables, and after resisting for a long time I've also added the official English-language names of several universities where those differ significantly from [Japanese name minus daigaku] University. On a side note: We've reached 12 years since the last university-bred rikishi managed to attain the ozeki rank, and next basho will mark 20 (!) years since that rikishi (Kotomitsuki) made his sekitori debut. There have been 75 collegiate sekitori after him, 41 of whom are still active.
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    Takakeishou did some sumo today for the first time since his injury. He faced some Makushita rikishi (Takakento and veteran Hungarian Masutouou) for 12 bouts and won them all. Some fast forward moving and some defensive moves were witnessed. "It looked very good. His first step is good and his legs are moving forward well. It's been a while and he's looking like this.. I hope by tomorrow or the day after he will be facing the sekitori," said the Oyakata. We may see him facing Takagenji, Takanofuji and Takanoshou soon.
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    Eight more changes besides shin-Juryo Tamaki/Asagyokusei, which was announced along with his promotion. Three rikishi have gone back to their previous shikona after varying amounts of time. Fujita spent a year under his real name and now returns to Yamatoarashi. Veteran Ishida fought for a year and a half under his real name, now returning to Hamaeiko and changing his given name to Michinari. Meanwhile, former Maegashira Yamaguchi has finally returned to his old shikona of Daikiho after four and a half years. In Musashigawa-beya, Tokuda is now Tokunomusashi, a merger of family name, hometown and heya - Toku is from both his family name and hometown, the 'no' is from Tokunoshima, while musashi is obvious. Nishiiwa-beya seems to have taken on the old Kokonoe-beya tradition of bestowing a shikona upon promotion to Sandanme. The second rikishi from the heya to be thus rewarded is Wakanoguchi, who in fact makes an interesting change from Waka-family-name to Waka-given-name - he is now Wakaryusei, and adds the new given name of Kazuo. Over in Yamahibiki-beya, Yabugasaki is still called that, but makes a change to the middle character. Elsewhere, Asahiyama-beya's Hironaka is now Akinishiki - this Aki has made a number of appearances over the years with other Hiroshima natives. I'm only guessing, but maybe Hironaka was originally born in the town of Akitsu, which was merged into his shusshin of Higashihiroshima during an expansion of the city in 2005. Finally, Kokonoe-beya newcomer Hisasue is now Chiyotsurugi, a shikona seen once before towards the end of the Showa era. J14e Tamaki > Asagyokusei (朝玉勢) Mk48w Fujita > Yamatoarashi (大和嵐) Sd14e Tokuda > Tokunomusashi (徳之武藏) Sd56w Ishida Tetsuya > Hamaeiko Michinari (濱栄光 道也) Sd69e Wakanoguchi Ryusei > Wakaryusei Kazuo (若龍星 和雄) Sd89e Yamaguchi > Daikiho (大喜鵬) Jd38e Yabugasaki (藪ヶ崎 > 藪ケ崎) Jk14e Hironaka > Akinishiki (安芸錦) Jk33w Hisasue > Chiyotsurugi (千代剣)
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    We have the dream dohyo-iri at last - Enho tachi-mochi, Ishiura tsuyau-harai
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    Kakuryuu was at the Tokitsukaze rengo keiko as well where no less than 21 sekitori converged. He faced Endou (4 bouts), Hokutofuji (7 bouts) and Daieishou (7 bouts) for 18 bouts in total, losing two, one each to Hokutofuji and Daieishou. "I wanted to face oshizumo guys who hit hard. I'm happy I succeeded," he said. At the end he felt something in his left foot, but said he was OK. "I've got to be prepared. I'm able to win because I'm in good shape. What's important is how I can get the flow going from day 1. I'd like this kind of training to continue as the sekitori are into it. It's hot. The only problem is the heat..," he explained.
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    Takakeishou was there. He faced Mitakeumi, Aoiyama, Yutakayama,Myougiryuu and Endou and was 3-2 and looking good. He lost to both these guys when her got injured-he was injured in the Mitakeumi bout, and when he attempted to return to the basho he lost to Aoiyama, so full circle etc. There was no evidence whatsoever of the injury and his usual tsuki /oshi was seen. "I faced the guys that I got injured against. I haven't had a day go by when I wasn't thinking of those injuries. I guess I was trying to wipe the injury from my mind, but in the end, it's a battle against myself. Still, I really wanted to face them as soon as I could.." he said. "I'm happy to be able to feel the sand before the start of the basho. I was nervous, but at the same time happy to be able to do sumo after all this time," he added. He had both knees taped up again. "Today, the tapes were a bit looser. The best thing would be for them to be gone.." he explained. After the bouts he borrowed Hakuhou's chest and did not stop till it was over. "I'm really thankful to be able to have done sumo training. I planned on hitting as hard as I could. The Yokozuna's chest is regarded as the best one in the sumo world. 10 wins? I can only do what I can do. If I go out there with no regrets and still fail, so be it. I'll face it day by day as usual.. " summed Takakeishou. Regardless of the above, TV commentator and ex-Yokozuna Kitanofuji had a different take. "He is still very far off.. His body looked like it was going to burst when he made Ozeki but it doesn't look like that at all now. It looks loose. Well, I wish he had a bit more time to get ready, the way he looked today.. Still, during the basho if guys with his style of oshi sumo manage to find some momentum they can succeed. The first week is critical. Oshizumo rikishi, if the training is insufficient, can lose confidence, so.. " he said. In summary, he is far off, but if he can get in some serious training this coming week and will be able to get a run going in the first half of the basho, he could get those 10 wins. The bouts:
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    "Guys, it's the same. Can't you just use the picture from last basho?" "Or the 6 other basho I've been S1E?" "Alright, I'll pose. How's this?"