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    The regular weigh-in and check ups were held today at the KKan. Sandanme Jonidan 12 Aurora (OK, Oorora, before someone gets all nitpicky) has broken all records and now tips the scales at 292.6 kilos. "I woke up at 2:30 in the morning and ate 2 nigiris, and then remembered we had the check-ups today.. That's all I ate.." he lamented. "As for the size of the nigiri, well, try to imagine.." he added. "I'm exercising and watching my weight.. Reaching 300 kilos is cool, " he said, as if talking about someone else. And then he told us an interesting story. "When I entered sumo (at 193 kilos at the age of 16..) my Oyakata the late Kitanoumi told me to try and become heavier than Konishiki and aim to be number 1 at something.. I thought it would be impossible back then, but I guess I just did that," he said. What now? "It's fun. The Yokozunae and Ozeki make their name by winning, but I want my name to be remembered as well. What I did has never been done before, so I'd like my name to live on for eternity!" he summed. Now, let the tsk tsking begin.. The weight screen says "Please get on one by one!" in Japanese. Giant Gagamaru looks like a dwarf next to Aurora..
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    Not reported. Tamawashi came up behind me (and Hiro Morita) sitting in the back row and spent 20 minutes talking to us about various desserts, puddings, ice creams etc. Japanese, Mongolian, Estonian. He knows them all and how to make them all. Sumo school was like a sauna and his description of watermelon drinks had me dying.
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    Funny you should mention it.. Tochinoshin, getting six stitches yesterday on his cut eyebrow, losing to Mitakeumi quickly: "He managed to get inside.. My upper body was too high. Still, I can see normally.. I shall gambarize from tomorrow again!"
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    Has he tried gambarizing? I think he should gambarize. Gambarizing is the best and will cure what ails him.
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    The smaller versions are already in the database, but here are the larger versions of Kakuryu's back-to-back yusho portraits for those interested. 2018 Haru: 2018 Natsu:
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    Hakuhou also came to Tokitsukaze beya for degeiko, joining Goueidou, Takayasu, Ichinojou, Asanoyama, Shoudai, Yutakayama and Takanoshou. He faced Shoudai and Yutakayama five times each and new Makuuchi Takanoshou for 4 bouts, making it a grand total of 14 bouts, and won all of them. Swift, fierce attacks leaving his opponents helpless . Yet, again, the opponents.. Well.. Then, he proceeded to butsugari the life out of poor newcomer Takanoshou for a full eight minutes. "It was a present for his promotion (insert demonic laugh). He has to understand that there is a world of difference between Juryo and Makuuchi.." said Hakuhou later. "Man, the Yokozuna just wouldn't budge when I pushed him. It felt as if just standing next to him made me retreat.. He has a presence.." added Takanoshou. Mid-butsugari, Hakuhou shouted at him. "Here's your sansho!!" alluding to an interview Takanoshou gave, saying his goal is to get a kachikoshi and of course, a sansho.. "I guess the Yokozuna knew about that. I am thankful. It has boosted my confidence," summed the newcomer. Sansho? SANSHO??
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    Let that be a lesson to us all. Toss salt like there's no tomorrow and you'll end up senile at 56. Meanwhile, Mitakeumi has an excellent start to his Ozeki run: 4 wins in 3 days.
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    Is there anyone who doesn't like Hokutofuji? The man is just sincerity and respect right down to his toes!
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    Chiyotairyuu, asked who he was facing (Kisenosato) tomorrow: "I have no idea. It's not like I'm going to face a Polar Bear, so whoever it is, it's OK.." Asanoyama, his "rival" Yutakayama out with an elbow injury: "The day that guy goes kyujo with an elbow injury, for some reason, I went and hurt my elbow as well. I'm in pain too.." Okinoumi, getting his 500th career win in a close match: "I was totally overwhelmed but I managed to win in the end, so is that good, or should I be reflecting on what happened? I have no idea so all I can do is go out and drink some sake.."
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    Fresh off the press: the Aki Superbanzuke Ranking! Pandaazuma stays safely on top while Flohru moved to Y1w, his first appearance in the top rank since Hatsu 2017. Konosato returns to Ozeki (and even to O1e) after toiling three basho in lower sanyaku. Susanoo, Taka, and ScreechingOwl round out the Ozeki ranks. Ganzohnesushi, Gurowake, Norizo, and Kitakachiyama assemble the lower sanyaku. Andonishiki has developed into a really formidable sumo gamer over the last two years. Following up on a career-high M2 in Nagoya, he advances to M1 for the first time ever. He also improved his points record by almost 500 points, crossing 3500 with ease. Metzinowaka continues his 16-year quest for reaching the upper echelons. After achieving a career-high M3 in Nagoya he moved up to M2 this time, eclipsing 3500 points in the process. Bill moves up into a career-high M3, a rank he held twice before (Haru 2016, and Aki 2017). Achiyama had an excellent showing in Nagoya, and this shows on the Superbanzuke. He improved his highest career rank from M9 to M6. After straddling 2000 points in Nagoya, he now mastered 2500 points. Sebunshu improved his highest career rank from M12 to M10, jumping over 2000 points for the first time ever. Tenshinhan and Torafujii returned to Makuuchi, while Oshirokita and Kotononami dropped to Juryo. Speaking of Juryo, we had new career highs for Gawasukotto (J3), Andrasoyamawaka (J5), and Sengyoumi (J8).
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    Great first day of action. Yoshikaze with a truly remarkable maneuver, Mitakeumi with a steady effort to begin his quest for Ozeki, Hakuho & Kakuryu looking very genki, an upset in the Y/O ranks with Kaisei defeating Goeido (after a 4-14 career record against him, losing his last 5), and most importantly Kisenosato looking confident and showing a solid effort to hopefully help calm the nerves with all eyes on him. And I got to enjoy it all while making Chanko in front of my TV. Cheers sumo fans, it looks like we're in for a great basho!
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    Greetings. After lurking the forum for months, I decided to join the community. I look forward to participate and learn more about ozumo. A little bit about me: I come from Spain and I've been following sumo since the early 00s, mostly through Eurosport. After Eurosport decided to stop offering sumo, I struggled to find good quality information until I found the now classical YouTube channels (@Kintamayama, Grand Sumo Awesome and Jason All-Sumo). My all-time favourite rishiki is Kotooshu (The first part of my forum shikona is chosen because of him). From the active rishiki I am partial to Chiyonokuni, Ikioi, Endo, Kiokutaisei and Tochinoshin (in no particular order). I am married and I have two-year old twins. I hope to visit Japan one day, when the kids grow. That's all for the moment. I look forward tho see September basho together with you.
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    We saw him in May while visiting training of Azumaseki Beya. Here is a link to a little video: https://www.facebook.com/martina.lunau.1/videos/vb.100000412083343/1907597209263997/?type=3 and some pics Very nice young man. I talked with Chiyoshoma about him and we agreed that he will have a great career.
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    Kisenosato done gone to degeiko this morning to Oonomatsu beya, where he faced Oonoshou. It was his first degeiko since the banzuke was announced and he seemed to be in top gear. He faced Ounoshou's fierce attacks and nodowas easily and used some tsuki/oshi himself quite successfully. He did win the last bout on the belt by yorikiri, but the session was a wild free for all as the two of them went fiercely at it, no holds barred. Kisenosato was swearing as usual (ahh, kuso!!). In the end, 13 bouts, with Kisenosato winning 10. Oonoshou is not one that holds back in training and does not lose out of respect, so this is good news for all Kisenosato fans. Kisenosato was even seen smiling here and there, a rare phenomenon. The last time he trained at Oonomatsu was back in June 2017. "There are not many rikishi who go all out during training, but this guy does so he's a good opponent. He is genki. He has added power. It was good!" I'm optimistic.
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    That warm feeling when a long-ago decision to put certain posters on ignore proves itself as entirely warranted once again...
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    Takayasu is in big trouble. He came to the Nishonoseki rengo keiko but did not do any sumo. "I was going to train, but my lower back is killing me, so I'm going home," he apologized to Nishonoseki Oyakata, was excused, and left by car. "I'm OK," he told the reporters as he left the building. "There is still a little time till the basho so I didn't want him to do anything unnecessary, "said Tagonoura oyakata. He has suffered from these pains for quite a while, I am told. Good to see Nishonoseki healthy again after the stroke:
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    Mitakeumi came under heavy fire from Hakkaku rijicho today after his miserable 1-13 performance at the soken. 1-2 against some hiramaku, then 0-3 against Hakuhou, and then losing to Kisenosato, Tochinoshin and Kakuryuu. But did that bring him down? No way. "It is what it is.. Everything is as usual. I'll be going for degeiko at Kasugano beya to build up my self-confidence!" he said. Hakkaku was not impressed, to say the least. "No drive. He hasn't fully understood that he is on an Ozeki run. He needs to burn with desire! He has to show good sumo in training as well. Unsatisfactory!!" he roared. "Unsatisfactory!!"