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    Day 3: Ex high school Yokozuna and new Juryo Kitanowaka is 3-0: "I was able to turn things around and go for the throw instinctively, but I just wanted to get close to him. I took things too easily and I regret that. Still, I think my rhythm has been good these three days. I just want to go forward and forwarder! I want to make my local people from Yamagata happy." Ouhou, 3-0 in his Makuuchi debut basho: "I was able to properly move forward so that was good. I'm in good shape. My legs and hands are moving well," he said. Today was the first time he got to sit on his special cushion while waiting for his bout, as he was the opener for the first two days. "It was totally soft!!" Ura came back from his concussion today for not one but two bouts and beat Takakeishou: "I went all out so I have no idea what happened. I don't remember what happened yesterday either,". Mitakeumi, beating his college junior Wakatakakage and getting his revenge for last basho's defeat, now 3-0: "I was expecting everything so I managed to properly counter his moves.. i did not want to lose to him!" Wakatakakage, 0-3, losing to Mitakeumi: "I was one step behind him all the way. I have to reflect upon that.." Terunofuji, beating Kiribayama soundly and now 3-0: "I just wanted to move forward and my body responded well." Ishiura, obliterated by Chiyomaru for his first loss: "I want to forget this and start anew tomorrow. I'm still under the impression of the loss but I'll go home and relax and face tomorrow." Chiyomaru, crushing Ishiura: "I was able to do my own tachiai and was able to attack swiftly without being stopped. My recently retired brother was on guard duty at the hanamichi in the first part of Makuuchi. I could see him during the dohyo-iri and it felt a bit strange. I felt I wanted to gambarize for him as well.." Shimanoumi, first win of the basho by beating Akua: "I was able to turn things around. I was able to fix what was broken in my sumo. I'm really happy. After marrying the late Izutsu oyakata's daughter, I feel I have a responsibility and a new sense of awareness and just wanted to do my sumo all the way." Shoudai, nothing good about his sumo and getting shoved out by Daieishou: "When I realized what was going on i was already at the edge of the dohyo.. My body did not respond to me.." Myougiryuu, beating Tobizaru, an opponent who could come up with anything: "Nothing to be careful about. It's nothing I can't handle.. He did try something at the end, but I managed to move forward. If I win, my body will be moving better.." Tokushouryuu, 35 year old veteran, 1000th consecutive appearance on the dohyo today. " I was aiming for that number.. Still, I have a lot of years left in me.." New Makuuchi Wakamotoharu, beating ex-Ozeki Tochinoshin: "He has a large body and I could feel the force. Honestly, I thought he was going to push me but I was able to move forward..' Ichiyamamoto, his shisho Araiso retiring in a few days: "He has always been telling me to move ever forward and attack.. I would like to show him good sumo from here on..'
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    Ura trained at home today and talked to the press. He is ranked now at Maegashira 2, his highest rank. "I have no idea where I will get my wins from, but I'll do my best.. I'm not looking at the banzuke..Where am I ranked? I've been sending out the banzukes but didn't have time to check it out yet. Going up the banzuke has a lot of luck involved, so I don't really think too seriously about it. It feels like I've slipped into a place of constant change. It seems I'm ranked too high for my abilities.. After the good year I had, I'm wondering if this new year will be a year of decline for me. A man can't keep going up forever. What goes up must come down. I will be 30 soon, but I don't have the need to look back to the past and compare. I believe there is still room for growth when you hit 30. I feel stronger now than I was when I was quickly coming up the ranks the first time. I used to try to live up to the expectations of people around me - now I am able to concentrate on what I have to do," he said. The end of the year is when a lot of house cleaning is done. (Remember him saying he's a minimalist and has 4 shirts ?) "I got it done in a jiffy. I cleaned and scrubbed and it was done. I know of people who need a whole day to clean, so in that sense I feel I'm taking advantage of the time I save," he summed. The blue ones, the blue ones.
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    Day 5: Ouhou, losing to Juryo Kagayaki: "I feel my final push isn't good enough. I've lost two straight but I think I've been doing good sumo. Win or lose, I like to obsess with the content.." Tsurugishou, getting his first win of the basho, beating Aoiyama: "It wasn't very good sumo, but a win does have meaning so that's good. I want to change the image in my mind from a minus to a plus.." Tochinoshin, beating Koto-echo-echo - echo by tsuridashi: "I can't seem to be able to move forward..It's a day at a time. I will be motivated and will gambarize. That is all I can do.." Kaisei, beating Kotonowaka: "He got a morozashi doble-inside grip and that was dangerous but I somehow managed to change grips and that was good. It's been a while since i was 3-2 in the first part of the basho so I'd like to continue in this fashion.." Yutakayama, losing to Ichiyamamoto : "I didn't follow through after initially getting the mawashi. I should have been decisive and gone forward without thinking when I could have won. What a waste.." Wakamotoharu, losing to Chiyomaru at the edge: " I think I had a good initial charge. I was slapped down by a skilled opponent but I think the content was good.." Sadanoumi, beating Terutsuyoshi: "I'm not in bad shape, so I'm leaving it up to my body to react well. If I could do sumo that I am satisfied with even once, it would be great.." Chiyotairyuu, first win on day five: "Finally a win and I am relieved. There is a difference between zero and one.. The content was not good but it's great to win.." Ishiura, beating Myougiryuu: "I tried not to be late at the tachiai (so you did a henka??). I was all over the place and don't remember much of the bout but my body is moving well. I want to continue the basho while properly caring for myself." Shimanoumi, beating Chiyonokuni: "I planned on attacking from under against an opponent who comes out slapping. My body moved as planned. Today is today and needs to be forgotten, and I intend to concentrate again from tomorrow.." Houshouryuu, beating Tobizaru: "I was calm and able to watch my opponent well. My body is moving well although there are bad parts and good parts..'" Takarafuji, handing Ounoshou his first loss: "I was able to show my own good points today. 800th dohyo appearance? Every time I reach a milestone I usually lose. I think this year will be good to me." Ounoshou, losing today for the first time: "It's my bad that I couldn't overcome him. Today is today, I intend to concentrate from tomorrow (Hey, Shimanoumi just said that..)." Abi, stays unbeaten by beating Hokutofuji who beat him last basho: "This morning my Oyakata told me to be careful of Hokutofuji's first step. In any case, I kept my distance from him, not too far, and took care not to lean too far out. He does great otsuke (clamps his arms down to avoid getting his belt grabbed, but in this case, getting shoved from under his arms) so I went about it taking care not to fall for the otsuke." Hokutofuji: "i wanted to get closer to him but I couldn't measure my opponent's distance correctly. He has a big wingspan.. I became too defensive.." Daieishou, bearing Okinoumi: " My tachiai was not that good. I was able to attack well. It was good that I was able to stretch my arms." Ura, losing to Meisei: "I just wanted to do some sumo. I don't feel it's time yet to look back and see how I did so far.. Only when it's all over. I will gambarize to not get injured!" Mitakeumi, beating Kiribayama: "Although he came at me with both hands, I'm ready for anything thrown at me. I could only do my own brand of sumo. My aim is for double-digit wins so I know what i have to do.." Tamawashi, beating Shoudai: "I was able to extend my arms at the end so that was good. I felt that every time I face him he manages to get my belt and that's not good, but I was still able to do my own sumo and that was good. 1100 straight bouts? All I'm conscious of is doing my own sumo, oshi- zumo." Shoudai: "I started off too defensively. I let him extend his arms and that was bad. The content was bad. I have been shoved back at the tachiai and am aware of that. As things are, my motivation is very low.." Terunofuji, throwing Ichinojou down, down to the ground, Hey Joe: " I think it was good, but we still have ten days to go. I want to continue to be focused and gambarize!"
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    Ex-Yoshikaze (Nakamura Oyakata, Oguruma beya) is moving to Nishonoseki beya, taking Tomokaze and others with him. He will be a coach at Kisenosato’s heya. Oguruma Oyakata is slated to retire in April and at first the heya was slated to close after March, but there are some lodging problems in Osaka so it has been decided that this will happen after this basho. Ex-Takekaze (Oshiogawa Oyakata) who also belongs to Oguruma beya is planning to branch out on his own. Oguruma himself had said in the past that Oshiogawa beya and Nakamura beya will be established after he retires. I guess Nakamura decided otherwise..
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    Someone should direct Isegahama to the Ridiculous Predictions thread.
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    A new edition of the song, the good singer oyakata version, like the original one, but with mainly newly retired oyakata and just 5 instead of 10, each has 2 numbers to sing: Kakuryu, Izutsu (Toyonoshima), Kasugayama (Ikioi - he sings again one Ikkioi for a hakkiyoi) - these 3 were in the sekitori version of the song, Kabutoyama (Oikari) and the oldest and only remaining from the original cast: Tokiwayama (Takamisugi)
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    Hi everyone! I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster from Barcelona by way of NY. I got into sumo in March 2020 right as we were entering Covid lockdown and have been hooked ever since. The thing that grabbed me and struck as me as so unique about sumo is how rikishi always appear stoic and measured in everything they do, but their aggression shines through in little flashes, like in the staredown during the pre-match rituals, or how they walk (or run) to their corner with a swagger. I love Asashoryu because his whole persona was so cool to watch, he projected dominance and intimidated his opponents with those little gestures. I look forward to being a member of the community and learning more about Sumo from the more veteran fans on the forum.
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    Another comment on the NSK protocols: perhaps the rikishi need to be trained as well to recognise signs of concussion in their fellow rikishi. Rewatching the excerpt that Natto put up, Shodai offered Ura a hand up and actually got him somewhat moving, then it looked like he was waved off and he left Ura to recover alone, and it took the shimpan Ura's odd remounting to notice that something was up. Considering that the other rikishi is often the closest person to the casualty when the injury happens, they ought to be trained to at least recognise signs of injury so they too can activate the emergency response.
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    Welcome to the Pokemon basho - every makuuchi bout had Pokemon kensho, many pics today show the winner with kensho. Apparently all gyoji have new Pokemon design outfit - in their usual color - also the red one from Konosuke? Maybe not all gyoji wear them every day ooo oo o o o o Kyokai go-aisatsu o o o o Y1e Terunofuji (1-0) hatakikomi K1w Daieisho (0-1) o o o *Terutsuyoshi*Terunofujio o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o best rikishi award, new set, yusho portrait from last basho o o o O1e Takakeisho (1-0) oshidashi M1e Wakatakakage (0-1) o o o o o o O1w Shodai (1-0) kotenage M1w Kiribayama (0-1) o o o o o S1e Mitakeumi (1-0) oshidashi M2e Ura (0-1) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o M2w Ichinojo (1-0) yorikiri S1w Takanosho (0-1) o o M3e Tamawashi (1-0) oshidashi K1e Meisei (0-1) o o M3w Endo (1-0) okuridashi M4e Okinoumi (0-1) o o M5e Onosho (1-0) hatakikomi M4w Hokutofuji (0-1) o o M6e Hoshoryu (1-0) sotogake M5w Chiyoshoma (0-1) o o mewcomer award o M6w Abi (1-0) oshidashi M7w Takarafuji (0-1) o o o o o M8w Tobizaru (1-0) yorikiri M9e Chiyonokuni (0-1) o o M10e Myogiryu (1-0) oshidashi M9w Shimanoumi (0-1) o o M11e Sadanoumi (1-0) yoritaoshi M10w Akua (0-1) o M13w Yutakayama (1-0) tsukidashi M12w Chiyotairyu (0-1) o o o M14e Kotonowaka (1-0) hikiotoshi M13e Chiyomaru (0-1) o o M15e Wakamotoharu (1-0) yorikiri M14w Ichiyamamoto (0-1) *Ohoo o o o o o o o o M15w Tochinoshin (1-0) yorikiri M16w Tsurugisho (0-1) o o M18e Oho (1-0) oshidashi M17w Kaisei (0-1) *Wakamotoharuo o o o o o o o o o o o now in makuuchi, all eyes of the media are on Oho - many old pics appear, and Taiho pics o o J11e Hakuyozan (1-0) tsukitaoshi J10w Enho (0-1) o o J12w Kitanowaka (1-0) yorikiri J11w Chiyonoo (0-1) o o o o o o J13e Kotoyusho (1-0) oshidashi J13w Chiyoarashi (0-1) o o o o o o Ms1w Atamifuji (1-0) yorikiri Ms2e Tamashoho (0-1) o o o o Ms12w Hokuseiho (1-0) uwatenage Ms11w Oshoryu (0-1) o
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    A quick but rough way for recent graduates is to split them into those who started with tsukedashi status and those who didn't. Under the previous winner take all system, with a measly 3 spots available, TD vs non-TD wasn't as strong an indicator of who the top prospects were and who the less promising rikishi were. Top amateurs like Shodai, Hokutofuji, Yoshikaze, Takarafuji had to start at the bottom in this system despite consistently impressive results, and so too would have Asanoyama and Wakatakakage if they'd been around at that time. Over the college season quality shines through, but who wins any particular tournament involves a lot of chance too - which is why even now I don't think Ms15TD vs Sd100TD is a good way to compare talent levels. Although the rare Ms10TD that Mitakeumi and Endo had requires winning 2 major tournaments in the same year, and thus is a better indicator of a very promising rikishi. The introduction of the sandanme tsukedashi and its expansion to the top 8 competitors at the 3 major collegiate tournaments means there are fewer elite talents who miss out these days. It still happens though, and the quality among tsukidashi starters varies plenty too. That's where familiarity with the rikishi comes in handy - how they placed in general rather than just at the major 3 tournaments, injury history, and the old fashion eye test. And that all has its limitations too. Yamaguchi won nearly 20 college tournaments and looked pretty good doing it, while Shodai only won 3. Mitoryu dominated Asanoyama in college and became student + amateur yokozuna, while Asanoyama didn't win any major tournaments. It can be next to impossible to predict cases like this where the lesser collegiate rikishi became vastly superior as a pro. I'm rambling on, but another thing I've noticed is that winning the East Japan Championship (the biggest regional tournament in college sumo; does not grant tsukedashi qualification though) is very predictive of future sekitori status for those who later go pro. Kinbozan won it 2 years ago (and Tohakuryu in 2018), so watch out for him...
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    Match of the day in Juryo had to be Shohozan’s seemingly out-of-nowhere sukuinage that beat Kagayaki’s kimedashi double arm lock. Even though Kagayaki didn’t really look like a man who had a plan, the win was still a brilliant display of sheer determination and brute strength from the 37-year-old veteran. Respect.
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    Mitakeumi zensho yusho? Best joke of the year so far.
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    I could, but I don't want to save some work. I'd rather go back over 100 years of bouts.
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    Hatsu 2022: Y1e Terunofuji 29.11.1991 O1e Takakeisho 05.08.1996 M6e Hoshoryu 22.05.1999 M18e Oho 14.02.2000 J12w Kitanowaka 12.11.2000 Ms1w Atamifuji 03.09.2002 Ms26e Otsuji 06.10.2003 Sd2w Daihisho 08.11.2003 Sd37w Hokutoiwa 28.11.2003 Sd57e Nishida 24.10.2004 Sd62e Shunrai 10.04.2005 Sd95w Takashoki 09.12.2005 Jd97w Kyokutaiga 28.02.2006 Movement: Takashoki passes Mizuno, Hokutoiwa passes Nishida, Atamifuji and Kitanowaka pass Hokuseiho, Oho moves back to above Kotoshoho - they've switched 3 basho in a row.
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    Former yobidashi Saburo 三郎_(呼出) has died yesterday at age 94, from old age infirmity. He was known for his beautiful voice and as a sumo jinku expert. He joined ozumo at age 28 and thus only made it to juryo class till his retirement at age 65 in 1992. First in Hankago-beya, after the Wajima closure in Hanakago-beya. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202112290000568.html
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    Banzuke topics Hatsu 2022 from the JSA: - Mitakeumi is ranked in sanyaku for the 10th consecutive basho - Takanosho is back at sekiwake and sanyaku for the first time since Natsu 2021 - Meisei is at komusubi for the first time since Nagoya 2021. Is ranked in sanyaku for the 4th consecutive basho - Daieisho returns to komusubi since Natsu 2021 - Wakamotoharu makes his long awaited debut in the makuuchi division. The first makuuchi debut for Arashio-beya since ex-Sokokurai took over the heya. First debut since brother Wakatakakage. 8th wrestler post-war from Fukushima Prefecture since brother Wakatakakage. 12 pair of brothers to make the top division and the first since Hidenoumi and Tobizaru - Oho makes his debut in the makuuchi division. First debut for Otake-beya since Osunaarashi in Kyushu 2011. 32nd wrestler post-war from Tokyo prefecture since Tobizaru - Ichiyamamoto returns to the makuuchi division since Aki 2021 - Tsurugisho returns to the makuuchi division since Aki 2021 - Shiden makes his debut in the juryo division, first from Kise-beya since Kizakiumi in Nagoya 2019. 51st wrestler post-war from Tokyo Prefecture since Oho and Tohakuryu in Hatsu 2021. 53rd wrestler from Nihon University since Kizakiumi. His rise took him 46 basho to reach the second division, this is the 3rd slowest rise for collegiate wrestlers - Kitanowaka makes his debut in the juryo division, the first from Hakkaku-beya since Daiki aka Hokutofuji in Nagoya 2016. 19th wrestler post-war from Yamagata prefecture since Hakuyozan in Natsu 2018 - Kotoyusho makes his debut in the juryo division, the first from Sadogatake-beya since Kotoshoho in Kyushu 2019. 5th wrestler post-war from Nara prefecture since Tokushoryu in Natsu 2011 - Chiyoarashi returns to the juryo division since Nagoya 2012, after a 50 basho absence. This is the new record for slowest return to juryo, breaking the previous record of 39 basho by Hamanishiki
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    This shikona project has taken an interesting twist. It started out as a simple effort to do character-for-character translations of the shikona. After the first go around, Seiyashi's and my backgrounds really kicked in. Seiyashi is a linguist who is interested in the meaning and origin of words. I am a retired cryptographer who is interested in patterns and frequency of usage of individual words. After publication, neither of us was satisfied with the original effort. We have had many PM exchanges based on our background interests. The tweaks generally reflect my interests from a pattern of usage standpoint. The original entry changes are/will reflect the combined revisions from both of our interests. They are much more complex, and they will require an extended period of time to be resolved.
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    Short list of shikona changes for the first banzuke of 2022, just five along with already-announced (and already troubled) shin-Juryo Shiden. Osuzuki is now Hoshuzan, having been honoured with the -shu kanji from Naruto-oyakata (former Ozeki Kotooshu), which so far he hadn't bestowed on any of his deshi. He also changes the first kanji of his given name, which is now Yoshiharu. Two rikishi in Sadogatake-beya change from Kotosurname to their first proper shikona. Kotosato is now Kotonofuji, although in fact the last kanji is the same as that of his surname. He has changed the kanji of his given name, but keeps the reading as Shinya. Meanwhile, Kotomaeda is now Kotokiho. There's a former rikishi called Kihoyama with the same surname and shusshin, perhaps father or uncle? Anyway, Kotokiho changes the second kanji of his given name, which is now Mizuto. Over in Oguruma-beya, Watanabe gets his first shikona as he continues his second comeback from injury - he is now Akekaze. Lastly to Tagonoura-beya, where Sekizukayama is now Ojiyama. There's an Oji junior high school, same kanji, in his hometown of Komaki, Aichi prefecture, my guess is that's his alma mater and the shikona was derived from it. He also changes the given name to Nobunaga, perhaps seeking to invoke some warrior spirit from Oda Nobunaga, who was based in Komaki Castle during the sengoku period. J12e Shiba > Shiden (紫雷, しでん) Ms41e Osuzuki Chiharu > Hoshuzan Yoshiharu (峰洲山 善晴, ほうしゅうざん よしはる) Sd41w Kotosato Shinya > Kotonofuji Shinya (琴ノ藤 心哉, ことのふじ しんや) Jd19e Watanabe > Akekaze (朱風, あけかぜ) Jd93w Kotomaeda Mizuki > Kotokiho Mizuto (琴紀峰 瑞人, こときほう みずと) Jd98w Sekizukayama Taichi > Ojiyama Nobunaga (応時山 信長, おうじやま のぶなが) Kinbozan's Sandanme yusho resulted in a given name being added to his Kyokai profile: Haruki (晴樹, はるき).
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    The gyoji outfit kesho mawashi some new kensho https://game.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1379156.html
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    Oguruma-beya closes after the Hatsu-basho, the riji-kai after the Hatsu basho is expected to acknowledge it officially. It was planned for after Haru, the oyakata reached retirement age in April, but the lodgings for Osaka can't be used and there are other reasons as well. In April Oshiogawa (Takekaze) plans to go independent, Nakamura (Yoshikaze) is preparing for that as well. https://hochi.news/articles/20211224-OHT1T51219.html No word about what happens exactly to the rikishi after Hatsu
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    Hatsu 2022 rankings: Atamifuji is at Makushita 1W, his highest career rank. Joukouryuu (ex-Komusubi) is at Makushita 3W. Ryuuden ( ex- Komusubi) is at Makushita 5E, came back from a three basho suspension last basho. Dewanoryuu, Mongolian, is Makushita 6E, highest career rank. Rouga, Russian, is at Makushita 7E. Kanno is at Makushita 9W, his highest career rank. Started off at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in March 2021. Oushouma, (Delgerbayar, Mongolian) is at Makushita 12E, his highest career rank. Joined sumo last basho at Makushita 15 tsukedashi. Hokuseihou, is at Makushita 12W, Mongolian giant, did a very shot stint in Juryo and was injured. Tomokaze, is at Makushita 15E. Ex- Maegashira 3 piano player, returned a few basho ago after a serious injury that sidelined him for 6 bashos. Oushouumi is at Makushita 21E. Ishizaki is at Makushita 23E. Entered at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in May 2021. Fujiazuma, veteran (18 years) ex-Makuuchi rikishi, is at Makushita 23W. Fujiseiun, is at Makushita 24E. Shishi, Ukranian, is at Makushita 25W. Shinohara is at Makushita 29E, highest career rank. Akiseyama, ex-Makuuchi, is at Makushita 30W. Hokutenkai, Mongolian, is at Makushita 31E. Nabatame is at Makushita 34W. Nishikawa is at Makushita 35E. Started off at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi (special rank for college achievers) in March 2021. Itadaki, Canadian father, eleven years in sumo, is at Makushita 37E. Nihonyanagi is at Makushita 43E. Mudouhou, Taihou's other grandson (youngest) is at Makushita 44E. Fujitoushi (Suguro), is at Makushita 45W, his highest career rank. Amakaze is at Makushita 49E - former Juryo stalwart with one basho in Makuuchi was injured in July 2018 and dropped all the way down to Jonidan 50. Naya, Taihou's third grandson (second eldest) is at Makushita 51W. There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler. Arauma, Mongolian, is at Makushita 55E, his highest rank. First ever foreigner at Isenoumi beya. Kinbouzan (Yersin) is at Makushita 59W, his highest rank. Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in November 2021 from Kazakhstan . Maikeru, half Filipino, is at Sandanme 2E. Hagiwara, half Turkish, is at Sandanme 6E and kyujo. Yoshii, 18 year old ex-Junior high Yokozuna boy wonder, is at Sandanme 21E. Osanai, is at Sandanme 19E. He will not push. Shimoyama is at Sandanme 31E and is kyujo. Suguro, is at Sandanme 39W, his highest career rank. Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in November 2021, brother of Fujitoushi. Kiryuukou, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 1, is at Sandanme 54W, highest career rank. Shunrai, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 2, is at Sandanme 62E, his highest career rank. Kairou - Mark Aaron Justin Toma- Brazilian-Filipino, is at Jonidan 13W. Satonofuji - the bow twirler is at Jonidan 43W. Furanshisu from the Philippines, is at Jonidan 48W. Hanakaze is at Jonidan 89W. The oldest guy in sumo, 51 years old, 35 years on the dohyo. Kagamiou (yes, he's still active..) Mongolian ex-Maegashira with injuries, has been out more or less since day 5 of July 2020, banzuke-gai