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    From the Press conference: He asked to retire after September but Kokonoe convinced him to continue. "If you train hard enough, you'll succeed," said the Oyakata then. "I have no regrets. I know deep inside I gave 100 percent. My day 7 bout against Aoiyama and the feeling that I could not generate any power and got blasted out caused me to decide finally. I did not want to continue showing shameful sumo. I'd like to thank my support group and the okamisan who, whatever happened, up or down, never ceased to support me. I'd like to somehow return the favor now. I hope to open a yakiniku restaurant because I like meat... Diet first, though.." he said.
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    I suggest a chill. Nothing happened. The rikishi get drunk all the time. So do the Oyakata. Remember the Oyakata who was so drunk he fell asleep on the highway in his car? Remember a certain rijicho getting hammered and making indecent proposals to a waitress? Happens all the time, mostly away from the limelight. Ichinojou didn't attack the okamisan- she went with some other guys to try to bring her boy home safely and quietly without causing any more problems in a bar. In the scuffle that ensued (he probably wanted to stay a bit longer) the tiny guy must have pushed her by mistake. There was no intentional attack, like in the Futahaguro case so the comparison is not correct. A dead drunk Asashouryuu once broke the glass at the entrance of his heya. Everyone tsk tsked and went on their way. On what grounds is Ichinojou to be suspended? On being a heavy drinker? If that's the case, the whole upper echelons of sumo should be suspended, leaving Hiro Morita talking to himself for a while. The Kyokai, as flummoxed as it is, usually does bring out the heavy stuff when needed. If this is all, then this is all. Now, if there are other things involved, including financial misconduct, well then that's a wholly different bag of nuts..
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    Atamifuji just turned 20 and is already in makuuchi. He's the youngest sekitori and made it to juryo without a MK. All that despite not having a particularly notable high school sumo career (never made it to the top 8 in a national event). Takarafuji was a good but not great collegiate rikishi (playing 2nd fiddle to Tokushoryu) who reached sekiwake and has now spent 65 basho in makuuchi - a very fine career but now at a point where significant decline is to be expected. Tiny Terutsuyoshi's best result in amasumo was top 16 at a national tournament but he has been a top division regular for a while now. I never expected more than juryo for him and he started out slowly, but he kept getting better and better. Nishikifuji had 0 notable results in college (wasn't even a starter on his team) and was hardly celebrated coming up the rankings, but is now closing in on sanyaku with his third straight double-digit win basho since entering makuuchi. Similar story for Midorifuji. Terunofuji did a year or two of amasumo, then wanted to quit after a year in his first stable, but switched to Isegahama and was brought to life. Of course, he could've been more accomplished without injury, but he's still reached sumo's highest rank, just like the previous foreigner to enter Isegahama. The Isegahama sekitori, of which there are many, have done far better than most who enter with comparable credentials. Of course, every heya will have some off tournaments as well.
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    "I will explain this discussion. The gyoji's gumbai was in favor of Nishikigi, but it looked like Nishikigi's falling and Takarafuji's flying out happened at the same time, so a monoii was called and after a discussion, Takarafuji's body was out first, so it's gyoji gumbaidori and a win for Nishikigi.." The top of Nishikigi's foot was out years before Takarafuji started flying.The thing is, it seems they never call that anymore, as if the top part of the foot touching is now OK for some reason. You can see it very clearly in the photo below. Top of the foot touches first.
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    More details. The heya is not asking to get rid of Ichinojou. On the contrary, the oyakata is seeking ways for reconciliation. The drinking started around 2017, after which the Oyakata forbade him to go out socially for a year. But two - three weeks after the ban was lifted , he started drinking again and returning home in the early morning hours and missing training. "I can't control myself, so please continue treating me strictly," he is said to have said back then. He went out with friends, causing some problems, at which point the okamisan started accompanying him to keep an eye on him. There were times he didn't drink, but when he started, he couldn't stop. When drunk, he used to hit the okamisan and squeeze her hands so tightly bruises could be seen. He threw things at her once as well. When he didn't go out, he would down a whole case of beer, and drink 1-2 bottles of whiskey at the heya. The okamisan was pushed to the floor at times, it is being said. He seems to acknowledge he has a drinking problem but would not cooperate with the Oyakata in seeking help from the Kyokai or seeking any sort of medical treatment. But what brought on the drinking? "I was not allowed to live by myself till now and that is the main reason.. If I can live alone, I won't drink," he explained back then. So last December, Minato Oyakata let him live alone, on condition he stopped drinking. Ichinojou agreed, but soon went back on his promise and started drinking again. One day this February, he didn't show up for keiko. When asked why, he answered that he was so plastered he couldn't wake up. The next day the Oyakata got ready to have a talk with him, but Ichinojou sent him a note saying he will talk to him only through a lawyer. That's when Minato Oyakata gave up and went to the Kyokai for help. He then turned to Ichinojou's friends and discussed with them ways to mend this in case the addiction got worse, and is carefully considering how to deal with this in the future. "He has been talking to the Kyokai for more than half a year. We don't want to judge Ichinojou. We want him to use this as an opportunity to take a good look at himself," said people close to the heya.
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    Hey guys. I doubt you noticed or cared, but I’ve not been around so far this basho. I’ve been watching the vids on YT, but been crazy busy at work this past week and had some stuff going on in my personal life too, so not really had the mood for sumo. Anyway, deadlines have now passed and things are a bit quieter today, so I’m slacking off and finally watching sumo live. I don’t have much else to say right now, just wanted to say hi. Kind of hoping Oho can defy his usual form and stay strong in week 2 to stay in the yusho race though. Would be good to see him and Hoshoryu in a face-off for the trophy, a sort of Sumo Pedigree Playoff.
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    Good point. However, I believe that the actual cut-out should be 31+ (which would even work better for your narrative). The 1980s boys in particular are on their way to retirement with just a couple exceptions. However, people 30 or younger are all looking good actually. Here my analysis of the present Maakuchi banzuke rikishi by age (the asterisk shows that they are going to turn of age very soon):
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    And the exhaustive version... From makushita to makuuchi with very low juryo W-L records (consecutive tournaments, but not necessarily the rikishi's only juryo tournaments before reaching makuuchi), actual negative differentials but also near-misses (±0, +1, +2) for context. Does not include rikishi who had a 0-0-15 that didn't result in demotion, either old kosho or more recently due to Covid, unless the remaining W-L without the 15 absences still fits the parameters. Other absences are treated as losses, same as they were on the banzuke. 2 juryo basho: Tamaasuka - juryo 2011.05-2011.07, 16-14 (+2) record with 2 KK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 3 juryo basho: Yoshiazuma - juryo 2011.01-2011.07, 23-22 (+1) record with 2 KK and 1 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 4 juryo basho: nobody 31-29 (+2) or lower 5 juryo basho: Tsurugidake - juryo 2010.11-2011.09, 38-37 (+1) record with 2 KK and 3 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 6 juryo basho: Sadanofuji - juryo 2010.09-2011.09, 41-49 (-8) record with 3 KK and 3 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal Hochiyama - juryo 2010.07-2011.07, 43-47 (-4) record with 2 KK and 4 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 7 juryo basho: Akiseyama - juryo 2015.01-2016.01, 53-52 (+1) record with 5 KK and 2 MK 8 juryo basho: nobody 61-59 (+2) or lower 9 juryo basho: nobody 68-67 (+1) or lower 10 juryo basho: Sotairyu - juryo 2011.05-2012.11, 73-70-7 (-4) record with 5 KK and 5 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal (outsized promotion from Ms to J) 11 juryo basho: nobody 83-82 (+1) or lower 12 juryo basho: Seiro - juryo 2013.07-2015.05, 87-93 (-6) record with 7 KK and 5 MK Kitanokuni - juryo 1962.05-1964.03, 90-90 (±0) record with 8 KK and 4 MK 13 juryo basho: nobody 98-97 (+1) or lower 14 juryo basho: Daihi - juryo 1979.07-1981.09, 104-104-2 (-2) record with 8 KK and 6 MK 15 juryo basho: Kyokunankai - juryo 2008.03-2010.07, 111-112-2 (-4) record with 8 KK and 7 MK, beneficiary of gambling scandal (outsized promotion from J to M) 16 juryo basho: Hoshiiwato - juryo 1986.11-1989.05, 119-121 (-2) record with 10 KK and 6 MK 17 juryo basho: nobody 128-127 (+1) or lower 18 juryo basho: Daimonji - juryo 1963.11-1966.09, 135-131-4 (±0) record with 10 KK and 8 MK Harunoyama - juryo 2001.03-2004.01 (one kosho), 128-123-4 (+1) record with 9 KK and 8 MK 19 juryo basho: nobody 143-142 (+1) or lower 20 juryo basho: Chiyoo - juryo 2013.09-2016.11, 147-146-7 (-6) record with 11 KK and 9 MK ... 23 juryo basho: Azumaryu - juryo 2015.11-2019.07, 171-174 (-3) record with 12 KK and 11 MK 27 juryo basho: Mitoryu - juryo 2018.01-2022.07 (one Covid), 196-185-9 (+2) record with 15 KK and 11 MK Should be complete.
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    Asojima and I went through this a while ago (the unfortunately abandoned results for want of time can still be seen in the Sumo Information Pond), but basically I would be very surprised if the kakkai thought about shikona in such directly translated terms. More likely than not shikona exist in their own half-world where the literal meaning of their components mean less than what they symbolise/evoke, making it a bit of a conlang created from an actual language, and as long as it sounds good and isn't a pain for the yobidashi to pronounce it flies. For that reason I pivoted to detailing why the shikona was given rather than what it meant, because as outsiders, translations into our language are inevitably going to lose meaning. (EDIT: Of course, as outsiders, there's only so much we can be certain of, but as Tsuchinoninjin points out, the list off r/sumo that Sumostew used looks exceedingly mechanical and ludicrous to the point of being almost certainly wrong.) As for the symbolism of Nishikigi and Nishikfuji, the kanji nishiki literally translates to brocade, but derives from a saying "nishiki o kazaru" - to return brocaded; i.e. to return in glory because historically, brocade was really expensive. Nishikifuji's shikona can be explained directly as a combination of the kanji nishiki (with the aforementioned symbolism) and the -fuji suffix common to Isegahama. While it literally means "brocaded Mt Fuji", that construction makes as much sense as translating "cooking with gas" into "用煤气煮饭" in Chinese; the semantic meaning has been wholly lost in the literal translation. Nishikigi's shikona meanwhile is a direct homage to an ōzeki who fought out of Isenoumi (and later became the first Nishonoseki oyakata) - Nishikigi Gun'emon, who was, like Nishikigi, from Iwate prefecture. Why that Nishikigi had the name that he had is, for now, lost to history.
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    Takakeisho basically catching Midorifuji in mid-air mid-henka and just shoving him out was beautiful to watch. And Hoshoryu looks switched on.
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    Takayasu co-leading the pack after 6 days, looking pretty decent and is clearly the most promising rikishi for the jun-yusho.
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    Seki-Toto (play): Recently underperforming yokozuna Pandaazuma's flirt with disaster found a happy ending in Aki basho after all. Having already survived one do-or-die basho in July, he cleared the second hurdle with ease and not only posted the required kachikoshi, but even finished doten runner-up at 12-3. His previous bad results are now sufficiently far in the past that he's safe for at least the next two tournaments, and I trust that it will stay that way. Fellow yokozuna Norizo missed double digits for the second straight tournament, suffering a hard luck fall from 9-2 to 9-6 in the closing days of the tournament. That was still a lot better than the ozeki trio managed to put up, however. After all of them scored at least 10 wins last time out - including Ganzohnesushi doing enough to be put on tsunatori watch and Joaoiyama earning promotion to ozeki in the first place - Aki basho saw makekoshi all around for an upcoming triple kadoban in Kyushu. We will nevertheless have one ozeki who isn't kadoban thanks to another promotion. This one's of a non-standard kind: 2022.03 M4w 11-4 J 2022.05 K2w kosho 2022.07 M2w 11-4 2022.09 K2w 11-4 I try to not hold kosho tournaments against prospective ozeki runs, and obviously if the Nagoya banzuke hadn't been hurting for space and required that big kosho drop to M2 to make it work, the player's Aki ranking would have been sekiwake rather than komusubi and this would be a no-doubter. Consequently I decided to pull the trigger anyway - we've had ozeki promotions from komusubi before, although I don't remember off-hand if there was a three-basho run in there or just exceptional two-basho performances (e.g. yusho+yusho and the like). Be that as it may, congrats to...Golynohana! The new banzuke is another one where lack of sanyaku space impacted multiple players, and this time even the yusho winner. Kaito finished 12-3 all the way up at M1w, immediately followed by runner-up M2e Athenayama, but both only moved up to komusubi. Things continued in rather ugly fashion despite a decent enough count of 7 makekoshi among the top 20 players (who scored 8.75 wins on average) - it didn't help that three of them were the aforementioned ozeki MK, which didn't clear any space. This session's special apologies go to Andoreasu, who really should have gone to sanyaku but didn't, and Jakusotsu, stuck behind an 8-7 I couldn't find the heart to demote since the other joi 8-7's also didn't have to drop. Pandaazuma (Ye 12-3 D) Y Norizo (Yw 9-6) ScreechingOwl (O1w 7-8) O1 Joaoiyama (O2e 7-8) Ganzohnesushi (O1e 5-10) O2 Golynohana (K2w 11-4) Oskahanada (S1e 9-6) S1 Konosato (S1w 9-6) Kintamayama (S2w 9-6) S2 Unkonoyama (K1e 11-3-1) Kaito (M1w 12-3 Y) K Athenayama (M2e 12-3 D) Andoreasu (M4w 11-4) M1 Toonoryu (M3w 9-6) Metzinowaka (M2w 8-7) M2 Kotononami (M3e 8-7) Susanoo (K1w 7-8) M3 Oortael (S2e 6-9) Kajiyanosho (M6e 9-6) M4 Flohru (M6w 9-6) DeRosa (M5e 8-7) M5 Jakusotsu (M8w 10-5) Asapedroryu (M9e 9-6) M6 Terarno (M1e 6-9) Bill (M11w 10-5) M7 Gaanaa (M4e 7-8) Herritarooo (M11e 9-6) M8 Umigame (M13w 10-5) Chishafuwaku (M5w 7-8) M9 Fujisan (M14e 9-6) Sakura (M12w 8-6-1) M10 Achiyama (M13e 8-7) Taka (M10w kosho) M11 Gawasukotto (M15w 9-6) Hana-ichi (M9w 7-8) M12 Onakaderu (J2e 9-6) Hidenotora (M8e 5-10) M13 Chelseayama (M7e 4-10-1) Chijanofuji (M7w 4-11) M14 Chankoyama (M10e 5-10) Tomisakae (J3w 8-6-1) M15 Kitakachiyama (J6e 9-6) Takanorappa (J1e 7-8) J1 Asashosakari (J1w kosho) Frinkanohana (M15e 6-9) J2 Gernobono (M14w 5-10) Kishikaisei (M12e 3-11-1) J3 Saruyama (J11w 9-6) Gansekiiwa (J4e 7-8) J4 Ahokaina (J4w 7-8) GONZABUROW (J5e 7-8) J5 Kobashi (J5w 7-7-1) Kuroimori (J2w 5-10) J6 Mmikasazuma (J6w kosho) Andonishiki (J3e 5-8-2) J7 Balon (J7w 7-8) Holleshoryu (Ms1e 9-6) J8 Oshirokita (J13w 8-7) Akishiki (J7e 6-9) J9 Mariohana (J9w kosho) Benihana (J8e 6-8-1) J10 Choshu-yuki (J8w 6-9) Chudorj (Ms4e 9-6) J11 Anjoboshi (Ms2e 8-7) Kashunowaka (Ms2w 8-7) J12 Getayukata (J12w kosho) Kyoju (J13e 7-8) J13 Effinojo (J11e 6-5-4) Kaiowaka (J14e 7-8) J14 Ketsukai (J9e 5-9-1) Rowitoro (J12e 6-9) Ms1 Ulishimaru (Ms1w 7-8) Profomisakari (J10e 5-10) Ms2 Netsuzakura (J10w 5-9-1) Neko (J14w 6-5-4) Ms3 Nantonoyama (Ms3w kosho) HaraKiri (NR 8-7) Ms4 Oyama (Ms4w 6-9) Dan Koloff (Ms5e 6-9) Ms5 Unagiyutaka2 (Ms6w 6-5-4) WAKATAKE (Ms7w 5-10) Ms6 Gusoyama (Ms8e 5-10) Aderechelseamaru (Ms7e kosho) Ms7 Koorifuu (NR 5-8-2) BariiHachiBenson (Ms5w 3-5-7) Ms8 Sherlockiama (Ms3e 0-3-12) Iruka (NR 1-1-13) Ms9 Sutarokku (Ms9e 0-0-15)
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    Kiribayama underwent surgery in both nostrils to remove some puss at the end of September, it was divulged today. It won't stop him from entering Kyushu. "I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose.. My sumo consists of hitting with my head, so I hope to overcome the fear.." he said. He had 21 bouts against Makushita and under rikishi from his heya today. "There really is no way of knowing who will win the yusho. I think I have a chance.." he summed.
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    Terunofuji talks of his plans for the next basho. "I just started moving my body recently. The way I am at present, wouldn't it be unreasonable to enter? I still haven't decided but i will be consulting with my Oyakata and will come to a decision," he said. He has only recently lost his crutches and started walking on his own. Health? "All I have been told is that the surgery was successful." He came down to the keikoba, and was seen giving advice to Atamifuji. "I'm doing what I'm able to do," he said, hitting the teppole and working on his upper body. " I'll be doing my best to get back in shape, just like I did when I dropped to Jonidan. As long as I have a mage, I have a responsibility. The YDC said I could take time to heal, so I feel a lot of pressure has been lifted from my shoulders. If that's how it is, I think I have another chance to gambarize, " he summed.
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    New Makuuchi Atamifuji trained at home today- 64 bouts.. "Even though I'm a sekitori now, I am trying to do the number of training bouts I did while I was ranked in the lower divisions. 60 is about usual ," he said calmly. Isegahama Oyakata was telling him to go for the left upper arm hold, but he failed to do so, causing the Oyakata to become very angry. "I looked shameful today. I just couldn't get it done, although I was told what to do.. It's inexcusable.." he said. His famous smile returned after the session though. "I love sumo and I have been doing sumo while laughing since I was in Senior High school.. I'll be up in Makuuchi next basho and I wonder if I will be able to show some coolness.." he summed. Was in my favorites list, and that just cemented that..
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    I don't remember drinking alcohol that day Should I be worried?
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    A lot of problems and cobbling today as the first half was not to be broadcast in English- I somehow managed it, but it was like the old days today. Please be patient before cursing. Then, you may curse loudly and proudly. Day 7 :
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    If the next Ozeki is just Takayasu again, I'm fine with that.
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