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  1. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the masses- November 2020

    Last day of the Kyokai kamp- Shoudai was absent, as was Takakeishou. Hakuhou, Takayasu, Kiribayama, Aoiyama, Ichinojou. Juryo Ikioi and Nishikigi plus the Makushita lads were present. Hakuhou only did the fundamentals. Hakuhou ose kavod lachevre: (If anyone can identify them, that would be very nice..)
  2. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the masses- November 2020

    Kiribayama had 10 bouts today, the last day of the Kyokai Kamp. He was seen picking up 169 kilo Juryo Nishikigi but unable to deposit him outside of the ring, reminding some of his shisho Ex-Kirishima. "I've always wanted to do that, but I never get the chance during a basho to get in that position.. If I do get the chance, I'd like to do it." he said. He faced Takayasu for six bouts today and lost them all. He may be facing him during the coming basho. "Today, I wanted to face Takayasu more than anyone else. After all, he is an ex-Ozeki .. If I don't hit hard it doesn't become my sumo. It was a good lesson. Now, I'd like to train with Kakuryuu at the heya," he summed.
  3. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    Shoudai was called upon by Hakuhou today at the Kyokai training camp, resulting in a 1-19 thrashing. "I feel I am not hitting well.." he said later, somewhat an understatement, regarding his tachiai. Before the bouts he warmed up going 3-2 against various opponents. Grand total of the day? 4-21. "It's totally different from a basho, the keiko-ba. I'm just glad I got through it without injury.. Two weeks left till the basho starts, so hopefully I will be ready by then. " The more bouts between them, the more Hakuhou was dominant. Whatever Shoudai tried, Hakuhou countered. "I did it! It was good keiko! " said Hakuhou later. No signs of his right knee injury that led to surgery. "It's still a bit stiff, but I thought if that's the extent of it, I can work with it," he added. He said he was joining the camp to find his spirit. How spirited was Shoudai? "I'll leave that to your imagination.." he summed. That's 43 bouts in two days for Hakuhou. "I started remembering all kinds of things from the past, so I guess that may account for the large number of bouts," he said cryptically. Takakeishou was absent again.
  4. Kintamayama

    Sumo’s newest Ozeki — Shodai Naoya

    I think the 4th room is the large one where all the plebs sleep together, farts, snoring and sleep talking and all.
  5. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    It always is, even when it isn't..
  6. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    Yeah, he's back..
  7. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the masses- November 2020

    Kotoshougiku will be demoted to Juryo for next basho.. "If I retire, I can get away from all the pressure and effort and the burden on my body, but I'm not there yet. If I can win I can come back up. Deep inside I know I have a chance, so I'm doing this. I don't want to leave things hanging - I want to end this with a result I can agree to. When I'm in dire straits my true nature emerges, and facing my problems is part of my true nature. " he said. "I have been speaking to a lot of people lately who have asked me to gambarize and continue and pursue my goal. I think if I simply do that - pursue my goal, things will turn out all right. As long as I focus on that, I'll be fine," he added. Today he trained, doing the fundamentals and lending his chest to Kotoshouhou for butsugari. His injured left calf is 90% healed, he explained, and he is planning on doing sumo training later on this week. "He told me he didn't want to retire like this, injury and all. Looking at his face, you see he has a strong resolve to overcome this. He still has the power, so the best for him would be to give it his all till the end," explained Sadogatake Oyakata. With Kotoshouhou:
  8. Kintamayama

    Sumo’s newest Ozeki — Shodai Naoya

    Shoudai is still living at the heya, three weeks after his Ozeki promotion. He has been looking to rent a place within walking distance of the heya. "If I move out, it will be a bother for my tsukebito.. It's good to move out, but I feel sorrow when thinking about it.. If the heya will have another sekitori I will be forced to move out, as there are no more rooms left at the heya.." There are only 4 rooms at the heya, and he and Yutakayama are in two of those. One room is now an "emergency isolation room", in case anyone gets infected by the virus. There are some up and coming Makushita rikishi at the heya like Tokisakae (7 east). "I hope he drives me out soon.. " There is a chance Hakuhou may call him out in the next two days of the Kyokai training camp. "Yup.. I feel I've got to get back in good shape quickly, I guess" he summed.
  9. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    You are welcome- please keep doing these-you're doing a great job.
  10. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    More Kakuryuu: Regarding his back pains: "The fatigue is there lately. I've been taking care the best I can but the pain exists." Why is he not at the Kyokai training camp? He has been a vocal advocate of allowing degeiko again lately. "I thought it would be held a bit later, but as it started earlier, I could not go." He knows the situation is grave as his Oyakata already said when he enters it will be a do or die situation. "I just can't get into gear, I can't do it well.." The death of his former shisho seems to be weighing on him as well. "I will not forget him till the day I die," he said.
  11. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the masses- November 2020

    Mitakeumi was overwhelmed by Hakuhou today: 1-22. "I tried to do my own sumo but it became the Yokozuna's pace. I just could not win.. I've been watching Shoudai and thinking 'that is awesome''.. I congratulated him when we met but he said getting congratulated by me was difficult for him and that has been an incentive for me to aim upwards quickly. I want to grab the chance as soon as I can. When I see Shoudai-zeki, that thought comes to me again.."
  12. Kintamayama

    Corona and sumo

    The number of spectators allowed this coming November basho will be raised to 5000 (was 2500 last basho), it was decided today. Two allowed in each masu-seki (usually for four). Normal chairs-one empty chair in all directions between the spectators. The tamari-zeki (the ones around the dohyo) will be open as well (were closed), but limited to rows five and seven and to officials and staff only. Masks at all times when not on the dohyo (masks will be distributed to those that forgot) or around it, temperature checks, etc. Food stalls will be re- installed (last basho no sale of food was allowed) and sale of merchandise will resume. "I'm glad we can get more people to watch. We will be very vigilant in protecting their safety and will be extra careful to take temperatures. We will deploy serious counter-measures!" declared Shibatayama PR man.
  13. Kintamayama

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Who's back in Juryo? It's Ura back in Juryo! Let's see how he does..
  14. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the masses- November 2020

    Kiribayama was called out by Hakuhou to train today. "If I don't go all out, it's a discourtesy to the Yokozuna.. I gave it my all! I'm still not able to exert my usual power (injured left shoulder last basho, kyujo, but returning and getting his kachikoshi). I came here, my pain is subsiding, and I'm feeling good. I'm just thinking of strengthening my own sumo," he said.
  15. Kintamayama

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    Takakeishou and Shoudai were at it for the third day running. 13 bouts, 8-5 in Takakeishou's favor. He was seen winning most of the time by winning the tachiai battle."There are things I have slowly gotten used to. I think I am gradually getting faster. We are from different Ichimons and he won the yusho last basho, so I came here to train because I felt it would be good keiko. Now that I'm here, I want the training to mean something. "He has started sumo in training at an earlier stage than usual. "That's my strong point, I like the challenge. I'm glad that it's earlier than usual. We never have a chance to battle it out Ozeki on Ozeki on a daily basis so I want to take advantage of that the best I can." "My body aches all over, so I find it hard to concentrate. But still, I think my body has been moving.. I hope to continue at this pace. What's going to happen? Well, I want to do the best I can," said Shoudai after the 5-8 against Takakeishou, the old negativity briefly reappearing.. Tomorrow is a day off from the keiko and it will resume on Tuesday.