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  1. Kintamayama

    Corona and sumo

    Michinoku beya's wakaimonogashira Fukunosato was found guilty of coronavirus and is quarantined at his home.
  2. Futagoyama beya is moving to the newly empty Azumazeki premises. It's going to happen this month, so a quick one. From Shozawa, Saitama to Shibamata, Katsushika. The original Azumazeki beya was established in Sumida, Tokyo, but moved in 2018 to Katsushika. The heya was one of the attractions in Katsushika, so Futagoyama moving there will keep it intact as a tourist attraction. The building has about 450 square meters and as it is only three years old, it is in relatively good shape. A two-storey building. "I was thinking of a three story building, but an injured rikishi won't use that too much, so I decided we'll have to make do with one story for the rikishis' living quarters," said the Oyakata. The first floor will consist of a kitchen, a keiko-ba, and a bathroom in addition to a large hall. The second floor will house a sekitori's private quarters and another room, about 30 square meters, so it's a good looking heya. It's also only a 30 minute drive to the Kokugikan. It was a one hour journey from the current Futagoyama premises (also established in 2018) involving a lot of hassle. Futagoyama, like Tatsunami, wanted the heya closer to where the action is, as the degeiko ban will not last forever. The oyakata nearly gave up on his search for a better heya, but this opportunity came along and he jumped on it. "The deceased ex-Ushiomaru (Azumazeki Oyakata) was a close friend of mine when we were active and i wanted to do what I can to help, " said Futagoyama (ex-Miyabiyama). The move is between Ichimons as well, from Dewanoumi to Takasago, which in itself does not happen often.
  3. Kintamayama

    Yoshikaze situation

    No it isn’t. That's not life. And what makes you think what she did was probably not as bad as presented on this forum? Have you read another version elsewhere? I'd be happy to see a link to a different version of what happened.
  4. Kintamayama

    Yoshikaze situation

    For the record, devils advocate or not, I totally disagree with every word you wrote. I am referring solely to the abuse, and not to their wife-husband relationship which is a totally different thing. Nothing, nothing justifies abusing a child. You are "not saying anything justifies child abuse" but then a a few words later you are saying exactly that with an excuse that "may" justify that. And if it's to "get back at Yoshikaze", well, really.. It has nothing to do with cultural background differences. Are you comparing spanking or slapping to this? This is far beyond that and we are indeed in the position to judge the wife - regarding this , of course, since it has been proven in a court of law and a sentence was issued. It has absolutely nothing to do with any bias towards the wife re her relationship with Yoshikaze. It has to do with a a woman who abuses her child, even if she were Florence Nightingale reincarnated and the pinnacle of Tokyo society. Dial back on the prejudging? Not in the abuse case. If anything, she got off nearly scot-free.
  5. Kintamayama

    Tatsunami beya moving

    Tatsunami beya will be moving to the old Tokiwayama beya premises (the heya moved out a couple of weeks ago) after May, I heard today. The three story building in the Taito ward is being used by Chiganoura Oyakata (ex-Maedayama) at the moment, who will be reaching the final retirement age of 70 on April 4th. He will be allowed to continue living there till November. The Tatsunami boys will occupy the first two floors and he will live on the third floor until he leaves. "I think the move will happen after May since the repair work won't be finished until then," said Tatsunami Oyakata. The move was first discussed at the end of last year and was finalized this year. It took about an hour by train from the old premises to the Kokugikan, but it's a 15 minute car drive from the new premises, and the proximity will allow for better de-geiko possibilities when and if. "I'm really sorry to leave our old neighborhood, but it's for the rikishis' sake. I have to think about them," said Tatsunami oyakata. "I built this place 21 years ago and I really wanted it to continue being a heya after I left, Ichimon affiliations notwithstanding. I'm happy it will live on!" said Chiganoura Oyakata.
  6. Kintamayama

    Yoshikaze situation

    What exactly is “other side” of the mother kicking her daughter and generally abusing her? This specifically is not a domestic dispute, not by a long shot. She was found guilty by a neutral third party that actually counts.
  7. Kintamayama

    Cryptic Sumo

    Had no way of knowing m and no way of knowing the codes. I do these a lot in Hebrew-different codes, bit I'm getting the hang of it so bring it on..
  8. Kintamayama

    Cryptic Sumo

    sleep around=nap boat=ship the maiden i didn't get, but it seemed to fall in place without it..
  9. Kintamayama

    Cryptic Sumo

  10. Kintamayama

    Cryptic Sumo

    It's even Endou..Excellent.
  11. Kintamayama

    Cryptic Sumo

  12. Kintamayama

    Cryptic Sumo

    Sounds like you're standing in line, Dimaggio. Stay at home. 5.
  13. Kintamayama

    YDC meeting after Haru 2021

    Rufakiyams the legendary.
  14. Kintamayama

    Cryptic Sumo

  15. Kintamayama

    Cryptic Sumo