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  2. I guess most of the other heyas are either in Nagoya or taking it easy before the mass migration. Kisenosato wanted to get in shape gradually but thoroughly and found a good sparring partner in Ounoshou. And maybe the heyas are physically close.
  3. Yokozuna Kisenosato went back to Ounomatsu beya today to face 20 year old Ounoshou again after a two-day rest. This time he was 5-6. "I've been able to do excellent, intense sumo. Ounoshou has really become strong. He has added much power. I myself was able to do some serious training , " he said, smiling. "I think this is it for me with training in Tokyo (before moving to Nagoya). Resting for too long has made me tired but I have been able to prepare my body well.. I'll be taking it easy for now," he added.
  4. No, I meant interviews for the press, not the TV stuff when something is celebrated..
  5. Every single low ranker that gets a bit higher in the ranks for the first time and trains well for the basho but then gets obliterated, always says this in his shame interview for the press: "There is a big difference between hon-basho and keiko.." as a weak excuse. So you are probably right. See Ichinojou and Chiyonokuni last basho.
  6. Deadline -just over 24 hours.
  7. Sumo ABC part 53
  8. Nishiiwa Oyakata (ex-Wakanosato) appeared on a TV show and talked frankly about Takayasu and Kisenosato , who he kind of brought up as their elder at Naruto and then Tagonoura beya and about coaching young rikishi in general. Q: What type of rikishi has a chance to become strong? A: The type with the most motivation. It doesn't matter how well built they are, they are going to be disappointed without motivation. Q: Who was the most hesitant and unstable rikishi? A: Takayasu. He and Kisenosato both entered and had great reflexes and large bodies, and I was sure they both had the makings of champions, but it turned out there was a big difference between them..Kisenosato was brimming with motivation. Takayasu had no motivation and ran off 5-6 times. I was sure Kisenosato would become Yokozuna one day. I never thought Takayasu would make it to Ozeki. Still, the lack of motivation from Takayasu was at the early stages of his career. Once he got used to the sumo life, the motivation came and he began to train properly, and we are seeing the results now. Q: What are you teaching your deshi? A: I teach them how to fall and how to lose without getting injured. This is as important as winning. Q: Who do you see as future Yokozuna/Ozeki? A; Takanohana beya's 20 year old twin brothers Takayoshitoshi and Takagenji. He also admitted that during his last bout of his career on the final day of Nagoya 2015 against Tenkaihou, as he took the towel from the ringside yobidashi during the last shikiri (he was famous for NEVER taking the towel, just like Ura these days..), he cried into it. Q: How are Kisenosato and Takayasu? A: We still have plenty of time till the basho starts. I think we will be seeing a strong Kisenosato like we saw when he got the yusho, waging war for all 15 days..I am not worried at all about his performance in Nagoya. As for Takayasu, he is generally in good shape. He just needs to continue training as usual..
  9. Well, Yokozuna Kisenosato was back at Ounomatsu beya today, facing Ounoshou again. This time they had 27 bouts and it was 22-5. Reporter says he is doing good, upping the pace daily. This is his third straight day facing Makuuchi rikishi. The last two days he was using his left more than usual to see what's what. Today, a bit less. "I guess during the second half of the session I used it in about 10 bouts, being able to push and do otsuke with my left (where he doesn't let his opponent get a hold, closing the way by clamping shut his left arm so there is no place to get a hold in). My condition is good.." he explained. "I don't need any taping at this point. The pain is mostly gone. I'm getting stronger day by day," he added. His heya has concluded their home training yesterday. He will be going out for training until everyone moves to Nagoya.
  10. Heyamates Yokozuna Kisenosato and Ozeki Takayasu faced each other in training yesterday for the first time in 3 months. 8-5 to Kisenosato. He lost 4 straight, but came back to win seven straight at some point. No taping on the injured arm.
  11. Yokozuna Kisenosato went for degeiko yesterday for the first time since he left last basho midway with his left arm injury, visiting Ounomatsu beya and facing Ounoshou for 15 bouts. No taping at all on his arm. Everybody is optimistic.
  12. Kakuryuu is a father to his second child, a boy. He went kyujo in the middle of last basho due to a left ankle injury, and was seen doing shiko and suriashi at training. ""I'm mostly over it. I can't be depressed.. I can't be kyujo with this new kid.. I hope to face Nagoya in perfect shape!" he declared.
  13. You sink so?
  14. Yokozuna Kisenosato has declared that he is entering Nagoya. "I am aiming for a full return and will gambarize towards that goal. I will be fulfilling my responsibilities as a Yokozuna and will participate in all 15 days, and will do my best to be able to report favorably to everyone.." he said.
  15. My take(kaze) is that he will become an Aminishiki/Takekaze clone, wily-ing his way mostly in the joi ranks, making the occasional foray into sanyaku. I don't think he will be a cellar dweller and will surely get his 8-10 under M4 and his 6-8 and occasional 9 higher up. As for the guys "learning to deal with him", again, I point you to Aminishiki and Takekaze in their prime -not a real beauty to behold mostly but did the work, and nobody ever really learned "to deal with them". It would be even better if he becomes a Kotonishiki/Akinoshima clone . At this point I'm not sure if has that, but it would be fun to watch if he did. Or a Terao- he sure has the popularity although he is much heavier..