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  1. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Yokozuna Hakuhou and Yokozuna Kakuryuu will join the jungyo tomorrow.
  2. Yokozuna Kakuryuu was seen in public today for the first time since he withdrew from the Nagoya basho., coming to the Kokugikan for his physicals today. He started some training at the beginning of august and at the moment is doing some suriashi and practicing his first step, but no real actual sumo. "I can finally walk normally now.. I'm not 100%," he stated. He still has pain and has some swelling. As for Aki, Izutsu Oyakata is saying that "we'll see how it goes" thing, which usually means we shall see.. "It's impossible to say anything definite yet. I'm doing my best to get cured.." summed Kakuryuu. Still, rumor has it that he will join the Jungyo tomorrow at Odaiba, Tokyo. Whether he will actually enter the dohyo remains to be seen. Not optimistic after seeing this photo..
  3. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Mitakeumi did some "mountain training" (keiko in the outdoors) with the "young guys", as the report says. There is an airfield close by where light aircraft and helicopters were buzzing around. Mitakeumi enjoyed that, so much so that he decided to "handle" one.
  4. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Yes it is-as taken by Shouhouzan.
  5. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Can you recognize this guy?
  6. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Takanoiwa pitched to Yoshikaze, Takayasu catching. First ball, way high. Then a few excellent pitches with some sliders thrown in. "Some of my classmates at Tottori High were on the baseball team, so.." he said. ""Wow, that ball curved.." exclaimed Takayasu. Takanoiwa bends them:
  7. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Ozeki Takayasu seemed to be kind of jealous of Ozeki Goueidou's baseball outing the day before, so he played some catch with Takanoiwa, showing some cool pitching (mean sliders and all) and excellent catching to boot. "I perspired, " he said. He played some baseball in junior high, apparently. The glove he used? He made it himself 9 years ago. "Look!! Not worried!!"
  8. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Nishikigi was called out by Ozeki Takayasu for some sanban keiko training today for the first time ever. 16 bouts. No results given but it appears he did not flinch when Takayasu came at him with that kachiage elbow- to- the- face tachiai and he even beat him a few times. "That was good keiko. It was a wonderful reward.." said a grateful Nishikigi. It is said that he has been bitten by the "keiko (training) bug" and since the Summer Jungyo in April, he has not missed a single jungyo training session.
  9. Article Son of him? If not, who then?
  10. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    The jungyo is in Hokkaido for these three days, so Ozeki Goueidou was asked to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Sapporo dome for the Nippon Ham- Seibu Lions baseball game today. He hoped to throw the ball all the way but he threw a wild ball. "I wanted to throw it within the strike zone. I'm glad I didn't hit the batter.." he said somewhat later. "The stadium was beautiful and wide. The outfield fence was really high," he summed.
  11. Endou ankle surgery

    Endou left last basho midway due to an ankle injury. It appears he had endoscopic surgery at the end of July to remove loose cartilage from his left ankle and was hospitalized for two weeks as a result. He intends to train while putting emphasis on the upper part of his body, aiming to join the Aki basho. "It would be great if he could start training on banzuke announcement day, the 28th of August. I want him to gambarize towards entering Aki basho while getting treatment," said Oitekaze Oyakata.
  12. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Up and comer Ounoshou (21) is a serious kid. Before last basho he threw himself at the mercy of Kisenosato and had some wild training sessions with him. Result- 10-5 at M6W, and probably a great boost on the new banzuke which will be announced on the 28th. This time around, amid the dwindling number of rikishi at the jungyo, he is taking on Ozeki Takayasu. Today he shone brightly, winning all seven bouts against Takayasu, overwhelming him at the tachiai. Later he borrowed Aomori's local hero Aminishiki's chest for some butsugari, and then did some training with kids. "I was really happy about my bouts with Takayasu. My legs were moving fast. It was great.." he said. Two Makuuchi bashos - both 10-5 and a kanto-sho. "I've still got a lot to learn. But I'll keep that to myself.. I'll take each day at a time at the Aki Basho as well.." he summed. Newsflash- Takarafuji is still neckless.
  13. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

  14. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Yokozuna Kisenosato did some real training at the jungyo today, for the first time since he withdrew from the Nagoya basho, lending his chest to some Makushita rikishi. He did not participate in the actual bouts later, but did some serious foot stompin'. "It was extremely good. I did good keiko. I'm tired," he said. He entered the dohyo iri holding ex-Wakanosato's six month old daughter and the crowd reacted wildly.
  15. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    The Dohyo -iri of Pain: