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  1. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-9

    OK, this deserves a new post. Day 9, probably the best quality I ever put out there. Late, but worth it.. but don't get used to it-it takes a whole lot of time. Special thanks to the new guy (I don't want to implicate him..) who does an excellent job of streaming..
  2. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-9

    Day 9: Placeholder-it is day 9 but more like a draft... better one a few posts down.
  3. Harumafuji scandal

    Nothing concrete-just plans. No official announcement. "We will deal with everything and everyone after the basho," said the rijicho himself.
  4. Harumafuji scandal

    No bottle. Remote control of the Karaoke machine. Harumafuji questioned for two hours yesterday by the crisis committee.He admitted to the assault, but not to the beer bottle. Remote.Takanoiwa was checking his mail. "Who is that? " asked Harumafuji. "My girl friend.." answered Takanoiwa. The rest is history. And it was not a Mongolian get-together. It was a night out with local Tottori sumo people.
  5. Harumafuji scandal

    Takanohana and Tamanoi, head and deputy of the jungyo office, will be suspended from the winter jungyo, sources are saying. Yamahibiki will replace Takanohana and Yamashina will replace Tamanoi, say the sources. "He can't be trusted with the rikishi. " "He doesn't understand the importance of taking care of the rikishi," is what some oyakatas are saying, after it appears he blatantly lied about Takanoiwa, saying he "fell" and then changing his story. Failing to report the whole story under his watch to the Kyokai is not good, they are saying.As for Tamanoi, he said he knew nothing of it and didn't see anything wrong with Takanoiwa, who trained as usual the next morning.. "Yes, Harumafuji did wrong, but as Jungyo heads, they have a responsibility to keep an eye out for trouble. Saying you didn't know anything while being in charge (Tamanoi) just doesn't cut it!!" said one Oyakata. And so it begins?
  6. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-9

    Day 8-Nakabi
  7. Harumafuji scandal

    The fight did not start on October 25th, it has been reported by people close to the inquiry. After Aki, Takanoiwa went drinking with some young Mongolian rikishi at a Tokyo bar, where he proceeded to get drunk and started shouting very loudly "I'm better than Hakuhou! It's our generation's turn!!" Some retired ex-Makuuchi and ex-Juryo Mongolians were there as well, and attempted to calm him down, saying he was making a ruckus and people around were getting scared. He did not heed them and continued his rant. One of the guests there was a close friend of Hakuhou's. He of course told Hakuhou about what happened the next day. Fast forward to October 25-26th. Hakuhou reprimands Takanoiwa at the get-together and tells him he is disrespectful. Takanoiwa plays with his cellphone under the table. Harumafuji flies into a rage. "You!! What are you doing while the Dai-Yokozuna is talking to you??" he shouted. From there, everything went south and Harumafuji lost it. As for the participants on that fateful night, they were the 3 Yokozunae, Terunofuji, Takanoiwa, Ishiura and some local bigwigs.
  8. Harumafuji scandal

    I'm pretty sure that how far the Kyokai will pursue this issue = public pressure/government intervention/family anger. If this peters out and time will pass, nothing will happen, perhaps a suspension for Harumafuji and a demotion/reprimand for Takanohana and Isegahama for the lies. In any case, nothing will happen till the basho ends.
  9. Harumafuji scandal

    Takanohana said he "is considering taking legal measures" against Harumafuji, during the Kyokai's investigations.
  10. Chaingang Kyushu 2017

    The game has come to an abrupt ending on day 7, as all 4 leaders lost today. Yusho goes to Terarno, who consistently picked lower ranked rikishi. Thanks for playing.
  11. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-9

    Day 7:
  12. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Wow, they are running VERY late today. First half should be running very, very quickly with two salties max. Still hasn't started and we are at the Hakuhou dohyo iri, which means they will be running 10 minutes late, which is nuts.
  13. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I never said anything about Ounoshou, only about his performance this basho. If he goes back to being serious, the sky is the limit..
  14. Is a knee in the Kintamayamas legal?

    If you have a mountain of balls, you wouldn't care less if it was illegal or not.