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  1. Takayasu special interview:
  2. Right toe and ankle. Iced it up in the shitakubeya later and used a supporter later to support it.. "My opponent (Tamawashi) is very spirited so i was wondering if I should cushion his attack or blow him away.. I caused my own injury. How heavy is he anyway?? (172 kilos, sir...) " he said later. "It's like getting a finger jammed and it's happened to me lots of times, but a toe is very important. Still, I'm fine.." he added.
  3. Kotoyuuki back tomorrow. Knee. "He can't bend it but he wishes to return tomorrow.." said Sadogatake Oyakata. I wonder what that kyujo was really about. He was in the building, for sure.
  4. Day 9, full:
  5. Day 8: Endou, beating Goueidou: "From start to finish, it was good. My body was good. Everything was good!!"
  6. Day 8- Nakabi: Fixed, hopefully..
  7. I have lodged a formal complaint with Nikkan. Not only does the headline say it was his first salt throw, but the article even specifically said he didn't throw salt in his first three outings.. Another funny thing-in his first bout against Aqua, Aqua was the one who went to the no-salt side, saw there was no salt, and went back to where the salt was.
  8. Wakaichirou (2-1) 4th bout:
  9. Mitoryuu - Turbold's fourth bout (2-1). Because there was enough time, the guys were allowed to throw some salt, a first for him today and something that baffled him. "While i was thinking of the right movements to throw the salt, I felt I had lost my concentration. I'm still not used to it," he explained.
  10. No, but Hakuhou had this to say: "I never pass up on a chance to grab the mawashi but my tachiai was good so I went with the flow.vigorously."
  11. Day 4: Hakuhou, winning after two Yokozunae lost right before him: " 'Close it up', I heard people from the crowd calling to me, I just did what the crowd asked me to do.." Day 5: Shouhouzan, first win after 4 losses: "Well, it's because I had a stone sauna.yesterday. I was able to take it easy and my body was nice and warm. I sweated well and am totally refreshed.." Day 6: Chiyonokuni, losing to Ozeki Terunofuji: "It's good to get inside, but I thought it would not be good if he got a hold on me. I wanted to attack from the inside, but OTOH I didn't want him to get that hold.." Day7: Takayasu, rebounding from a loss on day 6 and winning today: "What comes after a loss is the important thing . I can't afford to lose any more before I face the unbeaten Yokozunae. I will be doing my best to keep up with them.."
  12. Day 7: PROPER and a semblance of a not bad quality video. Audio is all over the place but otherwise what will we complain about??
  13. Ends on day 6 . Winner is Terarno who picked Makushita Abi today.. The other five contenders lost. Congratulations!!
  14. Day 6- Quality sheet but at least it's all there..
  15. Day 5 final- really late but finally got it up (oh my, that doesn't sound right..). I promise you there is not a single other video anywhere out there with ALL off today's bouts in one clip. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. (Truth is, if someone proves me wrong that will mean I will have a new source..). Today was extra - challenging but in the end..Quality-terrible, but it's all there.