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    Day 1: https://rumble.com/v4unq23-day-1-natsu-basho-2024.html
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    Kiryuko took his first step towards superstardom.
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    Day 2: https://rumble.com/v4utw1r-day-2-natsu-basho-2024.html
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    Atamifuji is definitely out - Waka picked him as yusho prediction
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    "It says here on the internet that this Kotozakura guy's been dead for nearly 20 years, mate."
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    This is the first time ever that four Ozeki lost on opening day. It's only the third time five Ozeki/Yokozuna lost on opening day, but this is the first time it's happened when there were only five Y/O fighting. Second time seven (!!!) Y/O/S lost on opening day, and again, first time when only seven were participating.
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    I've no doubt hinkaku will be drummed into him by Nishonoseki-san, but for a shin-sanyaku in his 1st match with a mage I'm all for allowing a modicum of exuberance at beating a yokozuna.
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    An enormous loss of face for Hakkaku and the banzuke-producers. I had the feeling watching Hoshoryu's expression that when he saw what was brewing he went along and lost for the effect.
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    All but one member of Sanyaku loses on day 1. Sorry, not ridiculous enough. (H/T @Akinomaki)
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    His belly has to grow to accommodate the fire inside it.
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    A day 2 summary that goes in the time capsule! Informative commentary, good puns, bad puns, Ou puns, Batman transition, Whatthehellwasthat transition, bow twirler clip, Aoiyama in the "Blast from the Past" ... this video will be studied for years.
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    After nearly 4 years in Makuuchi, I'd like to see Hoshoryu do something more than lock up, get pushed back, and go for the retreating throw. It's his blueprint against bigger guys and he makes it work against the lower-ranked wrestlers but Kotozakura has his number and Atamifuji handled him easily today. Presumably, he's faster than all of these guys, I don't understand why he doesn't use lateral movement to get better positions where it's not a straight-up power battle against guys that outweigh him by 30 kg. He should really take a page from Harumafuji's playbook.
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    For 7, never if the top 7 appearing are all Y and O. And never before today if the top 7 active rikishi are all Y-S. The other result includes a Y beating a K.
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    NSK data: SHIKONA KANJI NAME HEYA HEIGHT WEIGHT DOB BIRTHPLACE Baatar バータル Munkh Od Baatar Takekuma 184 143 30 - July - 2005 Mongolia Endo 遠藤 Endo Yukihiro Hanaregoma 188 104 31 - March - 2006 Tokyo Igarashi 五十嵐 Igarashi Daiki Sakaigawa 190 133 28 - March - 2005 Yamagata Kikuchi 菊池 Kikuchi Raki Futagoyama 175 105 03 - February - 2009 Kyoto Kusano 草野 Kusano Naoya Isegahama 184 150 25 - June - 2001 Kumamoto Matsumoto 松本 Matsumoto Rion Isegahama 173 140 28 - July - 2005 Shizuoka Miyazaki 宮崎 Miyazaki Kosei Sakaigawa 175 128 24 - May - 2001 Kochi Motomura 元村 Motomura Kosei Sadogatake 160 68 14 - August - 2008 Saga Okaryu 大花竜 Yamazaki Kazuma Tatsunami 175 160 09 - October - 2001 Aomori Yamada 山田 Yamada Toa Nishonoseki 173 75 02 - June - 2004 Aomori
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    I wonder what the odds are to get a full Y/O sweep today - Atamifuji is the only weak spot there
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    Nikkan reports a pair of kyujo in Juryo on the opening day, J5w Kitanowaka and J7w Shimazuumi, although only the latter is on the Kyokai site at the time of writing. Opponents Kagayaki and Shishi will get the easiest start to a basho with default wins.
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    Yesterday at his dohyo debut, Okaryu 大花竜 was announced as Daikaryu by both the hall announcer gyoji and 2 times by the gyoji of the bout, at yobiage and kachinanori. He wants to have a large flower bloom 大花, get the sd yusho and rise high like a dragon 竜 Sd90TD Okaryu (1-0) yorikiri Sd90w Tokazan (0-1) o
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    The reason why Asanowaka is the bow twirler: Asashoryu himself enters on day 5, wins the yusho and says in his victory speech: Really. Everyone is weak! / 本当に皆弱い!
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    We have the first basho under the new top shimpan Takadagawa, one of the best they had in a while - will that reflect on the shimpan decisions? Yesterday in the Wakatakakage-Shirokuma bout the gyoji call was reversed, Wakatakakage won because the foot of Shirokuma had turned to the wrong side down while he pushed Wakatakakage out. It has been a while since they cared for that - is that special service for Wakatakakage and a penalty for Nishonoseki for causing a slight scandal or a sign of a more proper handling of the rules? New deputy Kokonoe headed the shimpan at that bout.
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    Newcomers Oshouma and Tokihayate, asked what their goals were for this basho: "Hurry up and make it to the joi so we can feast on those creampuff Ozeki."
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    Embracing the madness, excellent gamble by Asapedroryu in Odd.
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    Terunofuji losing is no surprise to me but what a disaster today at the top of the banzuke. The only good thing is the sanyaku will start winning.... when they start facing each other....