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    Information about the degeiko held at 8am today at the Kokugikan has surfaced. Degeiko will continue now till the 22nd. Here is the information I collated from the Nikkan Sports and Sports Hochi, apologies in advance if I interpret it wrongly - I am trying to decipher and amalgamate the puzzles Google Translate has provided me: Sources: https://hochi.news/articles/20201016-OHT1T50074.html https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202010160000355.html https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202010160000359.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=nikkansports_ogp https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202010160000370.html Attendees: Hakuho, Shodai, Takakeisho, Mitakeumi, Kiribayama, Aoiyama, Ichinojo, Nishikigi (and Ikioi, who is clearly pictured here, yet not mentioned in the articles). Hakuho did not fight any bouts and stuck to regular training as well as lent his chest to the shin-Ozeki Shodai for about 5 minutes. While doing so, he jokingly commented that there was only 30 minutes left of degeiko, implying he didn't want to leave. He seemed to be in good spirits and was very talkative (all following comments are not pinpoint precision translation, just the gist): [About degeiko]: "It's been a long time. I'm glad I was able to come back from surgery and do degeiko for the first time in two and a half months. It was comfortable and I am grateful. I was a little swollen and was afraid and impatient to get back to training. However, after consulting my body, I decided to go at the last minute. [Shodai] is starting to gain momentum and it's time I started to gain momentum too. I'm also a representative for the sumo world so it is my duty to show up and increase the standard of the training." [About the YDC's remarks]: "I've been here a long time. Over 30, the amount of injuries inevitably increase. Old injuries get worse, and new ones crop up. However, I would like to respond to that by saying that whenever I heal and return from injury, I post good results. I want you to understand this a little more." Shodai was also positive about the experience: [About degeiko] "I was able to practice well. I haven't been able to do much since I started training so I am hope to progress gradually from here and prepare properly as an Ozeki. The feeling of degeiko is not something you can experience in your own heya, so it is good stimuli. I am not participating in it just because I am a shin-Ozeki, but because I have this kind of opportunity. I still have more time to prepare, and would like to prepare well. I felt things were normal just for a day." Takakeisho made good practice, winning 6 out of 10 bouts with Shodai (though I am not super sure about this, Japanese proficient people please confirm): [About degeiko] "It's a very valuable experience, so I want to make it my own. I want to improve my sumo. I want to consult my body, decide on a plan and execute it well." Epilogue Here is some spicy news from the Nikkan Gendai: https://www.nikkan-gendai.com/articles/view/sports/280065 If you don't want to add to the readership figures of Japanese Daily Mail, it basically accuses Hakuho of entering in the last minute to affirm that Shodai was going to show up, thus allowing him to beat Shodai into a mush and intimidate him. Obviously, the predictions did not come true, as usual.
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    It’d be hilarious if there was no way to force a Yokozuna out. We could end up with 65 year olds who haven’t finished a basho in thirty years turning up occasionally to aggravate an old injury on purpose so they can go kyujo for six more months. ”Yokozuna Hakuho has withdrawn from Aki 2050 on day two, his 124th kyujo in a row, citing the flare up of arthritis in his hips, gout in his toes, a swollen prostate, high blood pressure, cataracts, diabetes and a mild stroke. The YDC expressed their disappointment and urged the long-reigning champion* to please please please show some self-respect and stop stealing a salary from the now nearly bankrupt Kyokai.” *Last championship thirty years ago.
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    Some more stuff Shoudai said today: Regarding his session with Takakeishou (4-6): "In no way am I even close to being in good shape yet, so I wanted to see where I'm lacking. I feel I'm lacking in everything.. " Asked if he had done any sumo in training prior to today: "Yesterday I started doing sumo with some Makushita guys and was getting pushed back so I was wondering what to do, but I heard the other sekitori were not doing any real sumo either, so I thought what the heck and gave it a try. l still got a long way to go, though.." Did the Yokozuna say anything to you? "He congratulated me and that made me very happy.." Are your muscles aching as you start real training?: "Yes.. I have to be careful with that as well. I just want to come here this whole week without getting injured.."
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    Takakeishou, OTOH, has yet to do any sumo- today he lent his chest for butsugari and concentrated on the fundamentals. Asked if he will be joining the Kyokaikeiko: "Now. it all comes down to the bouts themselves. I'll be checking my physical condition and going about it, trying to match it with my own plans and giving it my all. I've got to become stronger so I would like to do what I can do. After all, we haven't had a lot of opportunities to do this (degeiko) lately. I would like to proceed without taking any unnecessary chances." The November basho will be held in Tokyo and not in Kyushu as per usual. "I have very fond memories from Kyushu bashos. In 2014, I had my first yusho in my debut basho. 2016- Juryo yusho. 2018, Makuuchi yusho.. These are the times at present so it is what it is. If I will be able to show good form on TV.." he summed.
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    How many times would you be allowed to pick Hattorizakura???
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    Degeiko day 2 Shodai-Takakeisho ooooo oo o Mitakeumi with Ichinojo oo o Ichi with Aoiyama o Hakuho with Ikioi o o o o Kiribayama, Ryusei, Roga, Tochikamiyama o o o o conclusion vid Asanoyama only at the heya o o
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    Takakeishou today: 12 bouts against Shoudai, winning the first four of five and looking good, no pulling and even winning by a left shitatenage at some point... "I'm surprised I'm able to fight well so quickly as I have not trained this well for a while. Shoudai and I are both straightforward attackers so this should make us stronger. We have the same goal so if we both go at it seriously, it will be good." He has been mainly doing the fundamentals for a while now during training. "I feel I can always do the fundamentals, but this opportunity has been given to me so when it arises, I'm glad to be a part of it," he said. He does have guys like Takanoshou and Takagenji to train with at his heya, but he understands the importance of this chance to face the other guys.
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    Today, Hakuhou again called on Ikioi to train his tachiai and his various grips. He was seen being pushed back but recovering and winning. The temperature was lower than yesterday. "We've had some cold days lately but I'm somehow coping with it. I get a bit stiff when it's cold," he explained. "I'm thinking if I could do real sumo in the second half of the training sessions, it will be good.." he summed. Shoudai took on Takakeishou again today, 12 bouts, 6-6. "I'm still not there.. My stamina has weakened. I need a bit more softness. These sessions are a breath of fresh air. The YDC Soken is different- we're more conscious of what's going on. This is a bit different. We're not that conscious, so the atmosphere is good," he said
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    Asanoyama is the only one who specifically said he will not be joining the bubble. I think there will be a rush tomorrow to join. Everyone was waiting to see who will join as nobody really committed 100% to coming till this morning. Yutakayama and Tochinoshin, if they were healthy, would have been the first ones banging on the door early in the morning. Aoiyama, Nishikigi, Ikioi and Mitakeumi (although he famously sucks at keiko) are known for their keiko seriousness. I'm pretty sure we'll see some Juryo guy joining and perhaps Takayasu. I don't think the guys from multi-sekitori heya (Isegahama, Sadogatake, Oitekaze and Kokonoe) will be joining for fear of catching something.
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    Yago was there as well, among other Makushita guys. Hanakago Oyakata, in charge of the keiko: "It was good. The content was so-so since the guys have all just started training. It's not 100% from the start. We have only a week but this will carry us on till banzuke announcement day. I'm glad we have advanced to this. They haven't been able to face anyone outside their heya for more than half a year, so this is good. Facing guys from other heya makes for a different atmosphere. Just being a part of it strengthens your body.. These days, the keiko methods have changed. After the banzuke announcement, they will have to make do with serious training at the heya only. That is new. Truth be told, the old system was better, but.."
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    And Asanoyama? He did some muscle training and fundamentals at the heya today. "I am me and will be training at the heya and doing the best I can," he said. He intends to start doing sumo on Monday. "The cold weather? I'm from Toyama so I'm used to that. It's still pretty cool so no problem for me.." he said. He is being sent rice and water from his hometown. "Reminds me of home.. It's not only myself-the whole heya is enjoying it," he summed. Butsugari:
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    Mitakeumi faced Kiribayama, Aoiyama. Ichinojou and Nishikigi for 13 bouts at the Kyokai's training session today.. "Since we haven't been able to do this lately, it's a great opportunity. This happens mostly during jungyos and doing it (facing other sekitori) or not doing it is a world of difference.." He saw Shoudai and Takakeishou going at it fiercely. "It's a great stimulus to see that. I'm beginning to feel that I want to be a part of that. I don't want to be left behind, and since I'm in great shape, I'm aiming for that. I know what I need to do next basho so I'll diligently be doing my own sumo, aiming for double-digit wins while re-examining my own sumo," he said.
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    One of the hardest things for me, was their lifestyle, and I have to thank Kaiketsu, for setting me straight on it, if you want it bad enough you just do it. I could go along with most of it, but there were times I just couldn't, and I guess the American just came out of me, however the lower ranks just loved it. Had I been a typical Japanese, I would have been kicked out way early, but Oyakata, I think lived his rebellious side through me. He knew then Sumo needed a change, all the good athletes were going to soccer, baseball, and pro wrestling. Why? Money, you get no sign up bonus when you decide you want to play in this world, in fact you give up what you may have already had. I cod not believe how young some of the new recruits were, some come from orphanages as young as 12 years old, they may spend 5-7 years in those lower ranks. Their lifestyle was a great motivator through. I have had one guy who was writing a book,( Dave Chodack), but he passed away, so I am trying to put together a lot of my thoughts, and someday maybe get it into book form. I never thought of myself as the "Pioneer" that paved the way for other foreigner's, but I guess I was, I had never even heard the word Sumo till I got off the plane for the first time in Tokyo. This forum is great, wish I had known about it sooner, and yes Sumojoann is a real enthusiast. Got to love her. Cal
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    i think he means covid with all the no degeiko stuff, as he is speaking on this subject.
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    Shodai in action o o o o o o Takakeisho oo
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    I think this was very well put, but you have to have Heart, you have to have a drive, and passion, not where you give 100%, but150%. Way back when I did it, i never thought that lifestyle could exist.
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    The Godfather of Thailand Sumo - Kurasawa Sumio This short documentary tells the story of Shizuoka-born Kurasawa Sumio (倉沢 澄夫), about how he went from a bank worker in Japan to the founding father of the Thailand Sumo Federation. Kurasawa has certainly experienced his fair share of highs and lows, but whenever there seemed to be no future, Yokozuna Taiho's words would ring in his ears - "So stubborn, this one is", and he would gain the strength to fight on. A truly inspirational story.
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    I have added a new view based on the same data. It shows a list of all the rikishi who have won makuuchi yusho and when you click on a name you see only the yusho won by that rikishi. Choose "Special Categories" from the top menu and then "Makuuchi yusho by rikishi" from the left menu.
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    Mr. Shoudai has started sumo training today, finally. He faced 5 rikishi Makushita and under for 9 bouts and won them all. "My body was a bit stiff. My body and what I had in mind did not meet.. It's pretty much as usual after a layoff.. If I go to the Kyokai's keiko sessions, I'd like to face all of the rikishi energetically- moshi-ai will be good (as opposed to sanban geiko, where you do a few consecutive bouts with the same opponent). I wonder what the atmosphere would be like.. I just don't want to get injured. I'm listening to my body as I train. It seems time is somewhat running out.. If I'm tired it might not result in good things.." he said.
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    Asanoyama has started training for November. Shiko and suriashi fundamentals. "I rested well this last week, everything was as usual. My shisho is retiring after November, so I would very much like to get the yusho for him. Not only me, but all heya rikishi should try to get good results for his sake. I would like to remember what he has taught me and show the results in November.." Regarding Shoudai's ascension: "It brings a lot of excitement to the sumo world and it is a stimulus to me in a good way. The feeling that I don't want to lose emerges.. My last meeting with him (day 14, got thrown down like a rag doll) led to a disappointing result. I haven't lost that badly in a while. It's annoying that Shoudai-zeki became Ozeki," he said.
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    Go to the Public Feedback tab in Non-Sumo-Related topics, under "Sanyaku Promotion", for a recent discussion. It was news to me, too!
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    Put me in mind of this (which I hadn't heard for 30 years): I find your reminiscences fascinating, and I'd love to read more of them on this forum. I'd also buy the book if you ever decide to write it. I won't ask any questions, though, as Sumojoann has enough for everyone!
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    Shodai today o oo(40kg) Takanosho o o
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    Right after the basho his new nephew was born . He has 5 siblings. "My brother had a new son and that was the center of excitement in my family My 10 wins were met with an 'Oh, Ok' response.. I totally lost topic-wise. All was taken away from me, " he joked.