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    Apologies for the sporadic posting - I am rather busy with uni work but now have some time to do the digest, so here it is: Wakatakakage unfortunately was the victim of a Hakuho yobimodoshi today, as reported by @Kintamayama. The Yokozuna seemed to take the young Wakatakakage by surprised, as he looks a little flustered by Hakuho's attempt to establish a grip. He looked even more tired and resigned when the Yokozuna forced him out of the ring. However, he was not defeated in spirit and gave the Yokozuna his all in butsugari. In other news, Onosho locks up the arm of Kiribayama, in an attempt to subvert his belt game and push him forward. Kiribayama was brave and faced the king of keiko so far, Takayasu, whilst others watch on. No more Mr Nice Guy as Takayasu dispenses a harite at his aite. And in a twist of fate, Kiribayama locks up his opponent's arm - looks like Wakatakakage, but not sure. I'm sorry Sport Hochi, but this is not a smiling face. This is a smiling face. Of a positively buoyant Hakuho. Let's see if he holds up to stronger opposition... The following is a better example of a rikishi not smiling, especially after being beaten 30 times in a row.
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    One step at a time. He will have his guest appearance on Takatoriki's channel first.
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    Hakuhou tells the story of how he found out he had the virus. “I was training for Hatsu. I told myself I better increase the number of training bouts as the basho was nearing. I decided I wanted to do about twenty training bouts, but after ten I was totally out of breath. I found that strange. Then I heard Enhou complaining about the smell of the rice, which he didn’t like. I could smell nothing. That’s when it dawned on me that perhaps I was ill,” he said. He then went for a PCR test and was found positive. He was hospitalized for nine days. “I was totally surprised. I had the virus? Me?? ” he mused. He was put in a hidden room and spent most of the time reading. “I was going nuts in there and just wanted out,” he added. His condition gradually became better and he was finally released during Hatsu basho. He has resumed sumo training since last week. As for his body, he says it’s beginning to get better. “Being hospitalized and not being able to move my body invited the old wounds and pains back. My muscles have slackened and now need rebuilding. As for the Kyokai sessions, I really don’t know to what extent I will be able to take part. It’s all up to the recovery of my body and my feeling and if they come together I would like to train with the sekitori, but I will be taking a very cautious approach to things,” he explained. The March basho will be held in Tokyo. “That’s a first for me.. I will be celebrating my 36th birthday in Tokyo for the first time in ten years.. I like first times. I hope to show good results and prove that even now the Yokozunae are still capable of doing well.. That should encourage us to do our best and gambarize ” he summed.
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    So there are four kabu that are scheduled to become vacant after Haru and during the Natsu basho. This means there could be a string of retirements among active rikishi between the next two basho. - Dekiyama (ex Dewanohana) vacant 5/13/21 - Matsuchiyama (ex Banryuyama) vacant 5/4/21 - Chiganoura (ex Masudayama) vacant 4/10/21 - Kiriyama (ex Kurosegawa) vacant 5/13/21 There is currently only one vacant kabu available for borrowing which is Kimigahama owned by Okinoumi. And I don't think we've heard any news about ex Bushuyama vacating the Kasugayama kabu owned by Ikioi yet.
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    Bonus Video, video, we want video! Here are some of Hakuho's matches against Wakatakakage, posted on an Instagram page. A further gem in the feed is a picture of all of Hakuho's notebooks. Your Half Blood Prince moment is here, sirs/madams...
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    36 35 new entrants this time, 10 less than last year.
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    More flowers for ex-Arawashi, from the oyakata, after the proper hairdo o
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    Lucky Arawashi. I haven't been able to have a haircut in over a year.
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    I've been speculating for myself for a very long time about what will happen with all these shares. After the introduction of the consultant position, we have had kind of a kabu-drought for quite some time and certainly, a few riksihi would have had retired already, hadn't it been for that tricky situation. Let's take a look and guess (feel free to agree or disagree): Chiganoura: Very hard to tell tbh. The oyakata's stable had been moved from Dewanoumi-ichimon to Nishonoseki-ichimon with the takeover of his successor, but reports on the forum indicate, he still sees himself connected to the former. Tokiwayama-beya has eligible sekitori already (Takakeisho, Takanosho), so he could potentially equip one of the two with a share. In case he is willing to keep the share in the Dewanoumi-group (also because of political reasons), maybe one of the current loaners might benefit from it (regardless whether it is a loan or a purchase). The Bushuyama/Kasugayama dilemma (as pointed out before) could be solved with Chiganoura. I wouldn't be surprised at all, when we see Bushu switching in April with Ikioi retiring at the same time. Matsuchiyama: Don't nail me on that one, but I only see two scenarios here. 1.) The share goes to Satoyama, who is currently borrowing Sanoyama (so tricky), because: ex-Banryuyama has a direct connection with Onoe and Sanoyama (he trained both of them) and is willing to give his share to the latter the move would keep the former Mihogaseki-share in a Mihogaseki offspring stable 2.) One of the eligible sekitori from Kise-beya will get his hands on the kabu, because: the Mihogaseki-Kise-connection will play a role they simply have eligible active rikishi, who could pay for the share, unlike other powerhouses like Kasugano or Fujishima Dekiyama: This is more wishful thinking, but I really hope my guy Toyohibiki can swipe up this one and finally gives his body a rest. He has been in Makushita for almost three years now and at age 36 (with a decent sekitori portfolio), he hopefully can stay in the NSK as a trainer. Since Sakaigawa is a Dewanoumi offspring, this connection might help here, too. Kiriyama: I will go with themistyseas' prediction and give this one to Takarafuji. I'd be more than surprised to see it go somehere else. Takarafuji is from the same stable, he has been sekitori for more than ten years, he hopefully has saved some kabu-money and at age 34, it's definetely a good time to look around for a share. Even if he can continue his career for several more years (his sumo style might allow him to), he can still lend it to someone else. We have plenty of candidates. Now slaughter me!
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    Takayasu 13-1 against Asanoyama. “I called him out. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the content. I was pushed back but managed to properly stave him off and recover. The important thing is to move forward. I feel I’m still not at my best so I can’t let up but the content was good and I did not let my opponent get into his own sumo.. I wanted to bring myself to a favorable position while not letting my opponent achieve that. As for the remaining three days, I will be consulting with my body. I hope to be able to train with the Yokozunae as well,” he said. Asanoyama: “Today was different. He put a lot of pressure on me and was very quick. I have been able to do forward moving sumo these three days. I still have a lot of issues to address but I hope to correct my mistakes by day one of the next basho. I want to use these sessions as a springboard for a March yusho,” he said.
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    To be fair, it's his first in 17 years...
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    Arawashi had his danpatsu-shiki today in the kokugikan - about 330 had a cut, 140 of them NSK related. Minezaki-beya disappears after the Haru basho. Harumafuji o o Kakuryu o Minezaki-oyakata o a kiss from the wife o He plans to go on living in Japan, but future plans are still undecided.
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    Wakatakakage joined the gang today together with his brother. He faced Kiribayama, Ounoshou and others and went 5-6 (5-7, say other sources). He is recovering from the virus and sat out last basho together with his whole Arashio beya.. "I ran a fever of 40 degrees and lost my sense of smell for about two weeks. I still have difficulty breathing, but other than that, no after-effects. It's a really scary illness, I tell you. I just want to regain my stamina.." he added. He plans to come tomorrow too. "It's not that we have a lot of opportunities to face rikishi from other heyas.." he summed.
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    To be clear, "retirement recommendation" means that they're recommending the retirement to him, not to themselves. It's now technically a voluntary departure of his, he's not being expelled. He wouldn't be getting any severance package at all on a dismissal. (And I'm pretty sure he could litigate against the 30% cut, too, but he won't.)
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    The gomen-fuda for the Haru basho was erected today at the kokugikan - Osaka-man Fujigane did PR o
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    https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20210222/k10012880181000.html To no-one's surprise, the rijikai has decided on a recommendation of expelling Tokitsukaze, effective as of today. Ex-Tosayutaka will take on both the name and the stable.
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    Here are the results for today's special practice: Additional Note: Hokuseiho v. Makushita (12 - 9), Hokuseiho v. Hoshoryu (1 - 2). Total bouts for combination practice: 218. General Comments There might be some minor errors to this data as the stream quality drops out and I struggle to identify the rikishi. Hokuseiho performed adequately against the Makushita, but I think Jokoryu's record is staying and he'll have to wait a few more basho for sekitori promotion. Despite Hanakago's teaching, Hokuseiho's tachiai and centre of gravity in general is just way too high, even accounting for his height. Thus he struggles a lot, especially against pusher-thrusters. There was an excellent pusher-thruster that caught my eye too, but I don't recognise him. I suspect that he is attempting to use his long reach and grab his aite's mawashi before the impact, but it has given him moderate success. Hakuho has one of the best tachiai in the business, but even if Hokuseiho masters Kotooshu's technique, he'll do extremely well. Hokuseiho also has a penchant for wardrobe malfunctions. Wonder why is that? My special mentions amongst the sekitori were Meisei, who demonstrated great fighting spirit and thrusting ability, as well as mawashi tactics. He and Hoshoryu fought the most bouts today, but Meisei fought harder opponents and had a better winning percentage. Ichinojo leveraged his size, bulk and strength excellently today, managing to force or crush out most of his opponents. Takayasu looked immovable today, but might end up the next Goeido as he is often unable to translate this sucess in honbasho. Lastly, I would really like to commend Asanoyama. He is right in saying he struggles to get a grip - he did not seem to have a grip, or a firm one in many of the matches, but is showing greater diversity and skill in his bouts, and one can definitely see it in his winning percentage. Strugglers, as you can see, are Onosho, who seemed to lose his balance or run out of steam in his thusts. Worst performer today for me was Mitakeumi, but he is very well-known for not doing well in keiko, so we'll just have to see in Haru. Kakuryu didn't fight anyone by Mitakeumi yesterday, and he did so again today. I feel like he should definitely expand his choice of opponents, even though there are fewer palatable ones this round than the last. I don't really know what to make of his comment last degeiko. Perhaps he is just trying to regain his confidence before taking on higher ranked and skilled opponents, or perhaps even Hakuho on Day 4...
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    The rise of the Takatoriki-ichimon.
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    Hakuhou arrived for the session today and faced Wakatakakage for 30 bouts, winning them all. Used a lot of uwatenage and did his experimental yobimodoshi he sometimes uses on lower-ranked rikishi in training and even some tsuridashi. "I've got things I need to deal with It's also a good thing to change the atmosphere. I know this guy has power so I was curious to see what he's got (you mean other than the virus and its after-effects he's still dealing with?). I mounted the dohyo planning to do 20 bouts, but when I reached that number, I decided to maybe try ten more.. First step, defensive attack, keeping a distance, using some pushing thrusting- I tried to see how they all felt.. I'm aiming for back to back Haru yushos!" he explained.
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    The first sekitori to come out of the soon to be defunct Minezaki beya was Mongolian ex-Arawashi. He started off at Araiso beya, which folded in September 2008 as the oyakata retired, moved to Hanakago, which folded as well in May 2012, then moved to Matsugane who was the last to cut his hair today and is folding as we speak, by coincidence or not..
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    Asanoyama fundamentalized today and did not enter the ring. He does, however, intend to take part in the Kyokai's training sessions. Today was his last training session before said sessions, as tomorrow is check-up day at the KKan for the rikishi. Thus far he has done sumo against the Makushita and lowers at the heya. "I was planning on properly doing the fundamentals today," he said. He had a personal trainer from last June till November who worked with him on building up his muscles three times a week. "That ended in November when I was injured.. Nothing special happened, but I've been having some thoughts," he explained. He says he has established his own training regimen and is sticking to it. He has been receiving all kinds of support from celebrities. Actress Rie Shibata (from the same hometown of Toyama), actress Muroi Shigeru, and famous story teller Tatekawa Shiraku are all sending stuff (chicken meat) to the heya. Today, stuff arrived from Shibata. "It's really nice to be supported by people we see on TV. I think everybody at the heya is thrilled I get personal messages from people like Shibata san as well. She says I inspire her when she sees me do sumo," he explained. It's a year since he was promoted to Ozeki. "An Ozeki seeks to win. He's at the top of the banzuke, but still number two. If I don't get the yusho there will not be any Yokozuna talk. It's a difficult situation, but if I don't go with the feeling that I need to win, I can't go any higher. As for the Kyokai training sessions, I won't be counting the wins or losses - I'll be treating it as a rare opportunity to face other sekitori during the Corona virus times. I'd like to go about it doing proper keiko and avoiding injuries!" he summed.