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    Tokushinho started as staff member Shiratsuka at Asahi university on July 1st, still with mage. He's responsible for livelihood support of the students and also works as sumo coach. o
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    The Okamisan used to ration the *rice, and make chanko from old rice, which tasted foul, and that was one of the reasons for the mutiny. Three other worried Oyakata did swing around in January to see what was happening there, so it was no secret I guess. Since the Oyakata fell ill at the beginning of the year, there was not much keiko going on at the heya. Since the Okamisan was appointed as an "acting Oyakata", things started to go downhill. The situation was problematic as there is a lock-down and everyone is on edge anyway.. She started sending endless long posts on the heya chat group. Then she decided to ban the wearing of socks at the heya in April "for health reasons". It became so that the lads were asking family members to send them socks. She forced all of them to wear socks. Why? Because a famous actor Junichi Ishida who was also famous for not wearing socks with shoes came down with the virus, and she immediately told everyone to wear socks at all times.. As the rikishi don't have socks, they asked their families to send them some. Also for 'health reasons", the use of the shower and the keiko-ba was by sign-up. During the July basho, only one rikishi was allowed on the keikoba per day. It seems no malice was intended by the Okamisan -she just seemed to have gone too far with her leadership, which weighed heavy on the rikishis' mental state. Still, she was the power and the authority, and even her way of making rice irked the boys. The fresh rice donated by the heya support group was used by the Okamisan for herself and for visiting acquaintances. The rikishi were fed extremely old rice from up to four years ago. "It was so foul it was inedible," said some rikishi. The Oyakata, being ill and entrusting his wife with the shopping and cooking, had no idea what was going on. In January, some oyakata voiced their worries, after not being able to reach the Oyakata on his mobile. They only received return calls from his wife. Three Oyakatas who felt something was wrong, went to visit the heya at the end of January. "There was a rumour that he was not well. When we met him at the heya, he said he had blood pressure problems and that everything would be fine, " said one of the visiting Oyakata. The rikishi have been filing into the KKan to tell the "compliance committee" their stories yesterday and today. At present, the Oyakata seems to be recovering and has announced his return, but the investigation will continue. The rikishi would like to return to an environment where they can concentrate on sumo again. .* Rice is an important part of the rikishi's diet. "Eating rice is also a job!" say the Kyokai people. About 18 litres of rice (10升, correct me if I'm wrong since I have no idea..) are consumed a day on average at a heya with a lot of rikishi. Heyas are usually fully stocked with rice, sometimes visible in large sacks at the entrance. Some heya even have special refrigerators for rice only. There is no use-by deadline, and although the retention period varies, for tasty rice it is 1-2 months.
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    Former top division rikishi Zaonishiki has passed away at the age of 67. He retired as an Oyakata in September of last year. He was active between 1970 and 1983, and spent 46 basho as a sekitori, reaching M1 and getting one kinboshi against Kitanoumi at Aki 1981. He also won a Juryo yusho under the shikona Adachi. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?shikona=蔵玉錦&heya=-1&shusshin=-1&b=-1&high=-1&hd=-1&entry=-1&intai=-1&sort=1 https://www.nikkansports.com/m/battle/sumo/news/202008090001030_m.html?mode=all (I couldn’t remember if there is a general thread for announcements of this nature. If so, please merge where necessary.)
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    I was sort of imagining TAFKA Tochiozan kicking in the heya door and doing a Gunnery Sergeant Hartman routine: "Do you think I'm cute Private Hattorizakura? Do you think I'm funny?" They would then run back into the arms of the okamisan and all would be as well as it will ever be at Shikihide beya. See also the Red Dwarf episode "Queeg".
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    Ossu, I'm curious as to how often rikishi have run away from their stables. I recall that 6 Tongans ran away from their Heya in 1976 after a dispute with the stablemaster who took over after the death of the oyakata that recruited them. I'll have to ask our resident ex-rikishi Minaminoshima for details as I think his dad was involved too. In about 1991 Kyokutenhō, Kyokushuzan and three others ran away and sought refuge in the Mongolian embassy however Kyokutenzan persuaded them to return. In January 1932 there was the Shunjuen Incident where dozens of rikishi walked out and only 11 remained in the top division. I know a lot of individuals have run away so it's not a rare occurrence. Saito from Tokitsukaze eventually ended up having his life brutally taken away from him after he was persuaded to come back several times. One of the kids in a documentary about a decade ago did a runner and there are countless tales of rikishi wanting to chuck in the towel. A rikishi once told me that a former university sekitori was forced to quietly resign for getting frisky with his tsukibito in the hot tub. It was alleged that the victims ran away after they were made to bob for plums (if you catch my drift) I know that it used to be very common for rikishi to sneak out for some fun at night until the stablemasters got better CCTV. The Musashigawa beya boys found a blind spot next to the dohyo so they would dive out of the window. Are there any other notable incidents that our sumo history buffs recall?
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    Abi and Shikihide in a nutshell..
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    And they will tell you that there is no rule requiring a Yokozuna to retire. I'm just gonna rip off the Wikipedia section for this: Retiring As opposed to all other sumo ranks, a yokozuna cannot be demoted. However, during tournaments, expectations are very high for yokozuna. A yokozuna is expected to win or at least be a serious contender for championships on a regular basis. A yokozuna is expected to retire if he can no longer compete at the peak of the sport or in some cases such as Futahaguro or Harumafuji is deemed to have not upheld the dignity of the rank. Expectations are so high that, even in the course of one tournament, a yokozuna who early on appears to be headed for a losing tournament will feel the pressure to retire; there are many cases of yokozuna dropping out mid-tournament with a real or imagined injury to avoid a make-koshi (a losing record) and the expectation to retire. One of the recent example is the retirement of the 72nd Yokozuna, Kisenosato, who was unable to win majority of the bouts due to an injury in his left arm. These expectations are a large part of the reason that the promotion criteria for yokozuna are so strict in the first place. Key points: Expectations are set very high Win or at lease be a serious contender for championships on a regular basis in 3/6 most recent tournaments, Hak is Y or J. in 2/6 most recent tournaments, Kak is Y or J. EXPECTED to retire if they can no longer compete at the peak of the sport, or uphold the dignity of the rank clearly they can both compete, given the number of recent Y/J Hey look, a whole section on how Yokozuna can pull out to avoid losing records/the expectation to retire. Almost as if it's an expected thing from them that they have earned the right to do. I get it, it sucks that we don't have young, healthy yokozuna. But I put that on the younger guys who aren't getting the job done (Takayasu, Mitakeumi etc.) rather than the two ageing Yokozuna who can just show up when they want and still win cups. In that same 6-tournament period, the only rikishi to get multiple Y/J was Asanoyama with two jun-yusho. Without established competition capable of picking apart these yokozuna, why should they go anywhere? I all but guarantee that if Asanoyama or another young star should rise to the rank soon, both Kakuryu and likely Hakuho will step away.
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    This is one of my favourite things about sumo - it is incredibly hard to reach these top ranks. The bar is set really high and most rikishi don't get remotely close to making it. The rank of Yokozuna is one of the most exclusive clubs in all of world sport. I think many Western fans expect an orderly progression towards these ranks based on set rules (eg 33 in 3 for Ozeki, two consecutive yushos for Yokozuna) and get surprised when it doesn't always work that way, because the way this stuff is done in sumo is culturally different to what we expect. I think this situation is the same - Hakuho will get to do whatever he wants until he stops winning when he does compete, because he is Hakuho the GOAT. If he wants to attend only one basho per year he can so long as he posts 12 wins in that basho. If he stops winning in the bashos he does attend then it will be all over.
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    Well, considering the alternative was "Abiseeinya".
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    Ex-Ichinoya,Takasago-beya manager till the end of this year (when he reaches kanreki), did a lecture today with JACSHA composer Nomura at the Sumidagawa Sumi-yume art project symposium on Tanabata - https://sumiyume.jp/event/tanabata2020/, part of events to celebrate the birth of Hokusai 260 years ago - this part for sumo having its routs in Tanabata: the first bout of Nomino-Sukune with the tenno watching, in the Heian period, sumo events were held on Tanabata at the Imperial court: sumahi no sechie 相撲節会. Ichinoya talks about the first Takasago Uragoro (Takamiyama), who created the present Takasago-beya and reorganized the sumo organization close to the present form. Nomura talked about the creation of a new sumo-mono 30min. shamisen folk-ballad about the 1st Takasago - the performance of the work by the Hokusai band will be posted later on YT. Then it was time for Hokusai, Ichinoya presented the Hokusai manga related to sumo and did his specialty, explanations of sumo basic stances and movements. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_YnRkz9cP4&t=4m50s Ichinoya will go freelance next year.
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    [Please skip if you find facetious remarks offensive] Will being kyujo for three basho interrupt his ozeki run?
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    We don't do common sense in sumo.
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    Too true, and it's exacerbated by the anti-social media mob. No offence, but you are not 'public pressure'; you're just one guy whining about something you don't like on a discussion forum where the majority appears to disagree with you.
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    He ran away 7 times but all I know is that his father persuaded him to go back each time. He was probably after some of his mum's Filipino cooking .
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    Considering that it's not an essential requirement to beat a yokozuna to be promoted to ozeki or yokozuna yourself (two back to back junyusho-doten losses to a yokozuna, for example), I don't follow the argument that Hakuho and Kakuryu (even though he's been a bit of a kinboshi pinata recently) are gatekeeping the younger generation hard. In fact, the current frontrunners for ozeki promotion were well capable of beating Hakuho from time to time. It was their own reliability issues that stopped them from climbing, and the fact that we've been really unlucky with recent ozeki. Bar Asanoyama, the last 5 ozeki after Kisenosato made the rank - Goeido, Terunofuji, Tochinoshin, Takakeisho, Takayasu - all failed to consistently deliver championship-level sumo mostly because of injury. Counting all rikishi who've been promoted to either ozeki or yokozuna since 1942 (Chiyonoyama's hatsu-dohyo; I chose him because he was the first "modern" yokozuna"), we have 32 yokozuna and 37 ozeki. That means statistically, we expect 70 yokozuna/ozeki in about 80 years, and almost 1 in 2 ozeki will make yokozuna. Counting in the past 8 years, we've had 6 ozeki promotions - the aforementioned 5 + Asanoyama - and only 2 yokozuna promotions - Kakuryu and Kisenosato. So statistically, the previous batch of ozeki were underperforming, having no promotions to their credit (thus far), one yusho each either as ozeki or leading up to their promotion (sans Takayasu - the last yusholess ozeki was Miyabiyama), and with 3 of them being promoted and subsequently succumbing to serious injury that is wrecking their sumo (Terunofuji, Tochinoshin, Takakeisho). Their record looks a bit better if you consider that Terunofuji was the best prospect for yokozuna promotion, filling the hole for a new, young, and strong yokozuna, had he not succumbed to multiple illnesses and injuries. We're a bit overdue for a new yokozuna, but that's mainly because the prior ozeki promotees have had really bad injury luck, and the up-and-comers have taken longer than they should to get into the groove of their sumo. Other than the statistical angle, there's also a lot of other factors feeding into this. Modern sports science can extend careers and save previously-thought dead careers - Chiyonokuni, Ura, Terunofuji are all good examples of career necromancy, and Aminishiki, Hakuho, and probably Kotoshogiku are good examples of career Philosopher's Stones. Kids are entering sumo later because more and more are opting for a university education; the fact that tsukedashi status is only granted to the best collegiate competitors only partially offsets this delay. Hakuho himself is a massive statistical anomaly and nothing he does can be comfortably compared against previous yokozuna. And Kakuryu last July still won a 6th yusho against Hakuho and another jun-yusho in March; his style of sumo is not flashy or great compared to his yokozuna contemporaries but his 6 championships are at least average if not better than average compared to modern yokozunas. Apologies if the last few paragraphs came off as a bit of a rant also. But I feel that some of the whole angst about Hakuho and Kakuryu stems from not having a strong steady presence as yokozuna, which is not exactly their fault and involves a lot more systemic and luck-based factors than meets the eye.
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    Drring drring..(Phones don't do dring dring anymore. Get with it, man..) Hakuhou : "Yeth?" Kakuryuu: "Hello boss. So, what do you have to say?" H: "Listen, we're not young anymore, but we're still wily. Did you see how I avoided facing Teru? I lost, limped emphatically, made my way SLOWLY around the dohyo to the other side, taking care not to take the short-cut through the dohyo like everyone else ever, grimaced a lot, and limped out noticeably. I made it so that even Stevie Wonder would notice my injury.." K: "So you faked it?" H: "Hush, man, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Of course I am injured. I just wanted it to be obvious so when I announce my kyujo people wouldn't start speculating.." K: "But didn't you just point out how wily you are and used the word avoid?" H: "Me? Avoid? Never! " K: "Scroll up a bit maybe??" H: "OK, OK, what are you calling me about during my mah-jong session?" K: "I'm thinking of hanging it up. I'm having difficulties getting used to Michinoku beya and the Kiribayama kid won't let me be.. I'm too old for drastic changes!" H "And I'm supposed to do what with that information?" K: "Maybe you have some wily idea?" H: "How about you hang it up? It's time. You should move to soccer, but maybe not, seeing as you kicked a 160 kilo guy standing right next to you and missed him totally.." K: "Hey, that's not fair - he moved!" H: "Let us summarize and say we are a wily pair. We both got some extra rest, I guess.." K: "Speaking of guess, are you doing the GTB this basho?" H: "I think rikishi cannot go out at night and play GTB because of the virus and the need for social distancing.." K: "Oh, then Abi has probably entered already.. HAHAHAHAHA!!" H: "HAHAHAHA!! Good thing we're not rikishi, as we can play GTB as usual! GTB. Please play. Rules: Guess the Banzuke. Simple. You get two points for a bulls-eye and one point for just getting the rank right. You get no points for getting drunk in a bar and "not remembering anything" the next day, after your picture hits the tabloids. Tiebreakers - Most total guesses, then we check the banzuke backwards - getting the lower half right will be important. The most correct guesses in the last ten places will win the tiebreaker. If still tied, we go up a ranking at a time like a penalty shootout. It's up to you to check if you are on the list of entries. It's going to be your fault if you don't notice that your entry went missing in the Internet void. No late entries will be expected or accepted. For rules, standings and surgical masks: http://www.dichne.com/Guess.htm For the nifty entry form: http://sumodb.sumoga...b/GTBEntry.aspx For the "new" archives: http://sumodb.sumoga...gtbarchive.aspx See if you are on the entry list: http://sumodb.sumogames.de/gtb/GTBEntryList.aspx Free online live sumo for foreign sumo fans as well!! http://inyourdreams-suckers.tv Special helper (hopefully) for your banzuke-making, courtesy of Tsuchinoninjin: http://sumoninjin.droppages.com/sumoHBcustom.html Deadline- Monday August 24th, 2020 at 18:00 GMT ("Got Martini, Tagonoura!!") - PLEASE NOTE-THIS IS ONE WEEK BEFORE THE OFFICIAL BANZUKE ANNOUNCEMENT !! Special thanks to Andoreasu who runs it, Doitsuyama who automates and maintains it and to life, because who knows where all this is leading us..
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    Nagoya 2021 will take place one week earlier than was on schedule, start July 4th., to have no overlapping with the Tokyo Olympics. 2022 schedule Hatsu Jan. 9.-23. Haru Mar. 13.-27. Edion Arena Osaka Natsu May 8.-22. Nagoya July 10.-24. Aichi Dolphins Arena Aki Sep. 11.-25. Kyushu Nov. 13.-27. Fukuoka kokusai center http://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2020080601114&g=spo
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    Just a quick follow up to wrap up this thread.... I was able to reach my goal of completing all of the Modern BBM Sumo Card sets just this past week with the help of my good friend Paul Fogarty who moderates the BBM Sumo card collectors Facebook page. If anyone would like a look, here is the link to my Sumo collection again: https://imageevent.com/supplex55/supplex55bbmsumocardcollection1997
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    I know this might look too much like common sense to be considered in sumo, but here goes... When an oyakata is temporarily unable to run his heya because of health problems then a coach from the same ichimon should be assigned to come over and take the reins. It would ensure that the wrestlers are trained by someone who knows the ropes (or bales) and would provide excellent experience for a man who hopes to run his own stable one day. Kasugano currently has six coaches and one consultant coach; I'm sure they could have spared one...
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    This was from last month, looking at 50 year-old Hanakaze, also features Ichinoya: http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/13523950
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    Lol yeah, SumoForum is not “public pressure” ... we’re not even speaking Japanese!
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    Yokozuna have plenty of duties apart from the bouts at a honbasho, if there are no yokozuna, people long for them - even the economy slumps (because a new yokozuna leads to a boom, especially if he's Japanese). The 2 remaining now are showing us the natural way a yokozuna career ends: Kisenosato: did not finish 10 of his last 11 basho, one 10-5 Musashimaru: did not finish his last 7 basho, in 2 he made it till day 5, his last till day 7 Takanohana: full kyujo in 8 of his last 10 basho, one jun-yusho Wakanohana: did not finish 6 of his last 7 basho and went makekoshi the other Asahifuji: one 8-7 and then 3 unfinished basho Hokutoumi: did not finish 6 of his last 7 basho and went 9-6 the other Chiyonofuji: did not finish 4 of his last 5 basho, the other yusho Onokuni: did not finish 10 of his last 15 basho, one 7-8, one 8-7, 2 10-5 and one jun-yusho Kitanoumi: did not finish 12 of his last 20 basho, one 8-7, 2 10-5, 2 yusho, 2 jun-yusho Takanosato: did not finish 7 of his last 8 basho, one 10-5 Mienoumi: did not finish 4 of his last 5 basho, one 10-5 Of the recent yokozuna only Akebono went out quickly after his last yusho, like those who were forced out