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    This seems like extremely aggressive updating—when things like this are done e.g. for batting averages in baseball, the number of average at-bats included as part of regressing an early-season estimate to the mean is in the hundreds. That might not be appropriate here, but using (say) 20 bouts as the 50:50 baseline, so that a single win/loss moves rikishi to 0.55 and 0.45, respectively, would probably make this more stable.
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    For sekitori: 3x six 8-7, 2x five 9-6, 2x five 10-5, 3x four 11-4, 7x three 12-3, 6x three 13-2, 1x four 14-1, 1x four 15-0
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    I miss Enhō in makuuchi more than Asanoyama, to be honest. Hopefully with the trio of promising lower rankers coming up in Miyagino, he'll be able to refine his sumō and make it back into makuuchi.
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    One was just posted in the db thread. Kotokanyu v Kyokushuzan (once each in Sandanme, Makushita & Juryo)
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    What this is excellent for though is measuring the performance of all holders of a particular rank against each other, especially if you introduce the added refinement of confining the computations to their tenure at the rank. Leaving aside the win probability computations, the yokozuna table looks particularly good as it gives a basis for computing dominance.
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    Asashoryu spoke a little English as seen in a CNN documentary from 2011.
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    The Tongans from the 70s.
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    Also Okinawa, because of the presence of the base [depends on where they grew up].
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    I'm sorry to say its quite a manual affair. It works quite different than all the other OG sumo games - I didn't have a server space where things can happen in the back end, so everything has to work in browser. Everything is done in JQuery, a javascript library. I tried a bit in HTML5 but almost immediately there were problems between different browsers. I think these days nobody really likes JQuery, and React is more preferred. Looking at this demo https://codepen.io/mgmarlow/pen/YwJGRe it seems a lot more sane than the JQuery implementation. It might be better to rewrite the whole thing in React honestly, and I'm no where near a professional coder as well. I tried hard to save people's picks using cookies, and had a version that did so - but I could never get it to repopulate the rikishi cards directly into the slots. They'd all be offset and weren't attached properly to the slots. It'd be a lot better if the code was functionalized just to rebuild the HTML from arbitrary data but it isn't. The files are here: https://filetransfer.io/data-package/jYozOWEw#link These need to be placed on a server somewhere that people can access. I used something called droppages, which abuses a file sharing service DropBox. <html lang="en"><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <title>Guess the Banzuke Helper</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="sumostyle.css?v=1.1"> <script type="text/javascript" src="./js/jquery.min.js.download"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="./js/jquery-ui.min.js.download"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> This part of the code begins the HTML file and loads in the JQuery library $( init ); function init() { var sane = [ "Hakuho 10-3-2" ,"Takakeisho 8-4-3" ,"Shodai 11-4 K" ,'nashi']; var sanw = [ "Kakuryu 0-2-13" ,"Asanoyama 12-3 J" ,"Mitakeumi 11-4 S" ,"Okinoumi 9-6"]; var mage = [ "Endo 8-7" ,"Takanosho 8-7" ,"Takarafuji 5-10" ,"Kagayaki 5-10" ,"Abi 3-4-8" ,"Enho 5-10" ,"Terutsuyoshi 8-7" ,"Ishiura 4-11" ,"Tamawashi 10-5" ,"Kaisei 6-9" ,"Shimanoumi 5-10" ,"Sadanoumi 8-7" ,"Takayasu 10-5" ,"Kotoshogiku 8-7" ,"Kotoshoho 8-7" ,"Nishikigi 6-9" ,"Terunofuji 13-2 YGS"]; var magw = [ "Yutakayama 5-10" ,"Onosho 2-13" ,"Kiribayama 6-9" ,"Aoiyama 5-10" ,"Hokutofuji 9-6" ,"Ryuden 7-8" ,"Tokushoryu 7-8" ,"Chiyotairyu 6-9" ,"Ikioi 3-12" ,"Myogiryu 10-5" ,"Tochinoshin 10-5" ,"Shohozan 5-10" ,"Kotonowaka 4-6-5" ,"Wakatakakage 10-5" ,"Chiyomaru 4-11" ,"Kotoeko 10-5" ,"Kotoyuki 6-8-1"]; var jure = [ "Meisei 10-5 Y" ,"Tobizaru 9-6" ,"Azumaryu 5-10" ,"Daiamami 7-8" ,"Kyokutaisei 10-5 D" ,"Hoshoryu 10-5 D" ,"Daishomaru 8-7" ,"Wakamotoharu 9-6" ,"Akiseyama 7-8" ,"Daishoho 6-9" ,"Fujiazuma 6-9" ,"Midorifuji 8-7" ,"Takagenji 6-9" ,"Chiyonoumi 6-9"]; var jurw = [ "Chiyoshoma 6-9" ,"Tochiozan 0-0" ,"Kyokushuho 6-9" ,"Hidenoumi 5-10" ,"Ichinojo 9-6" ,"Hakuyozan 5-10" ,"Tsurugisho 7-8" ,"Chiyootori 7-8" ,"Churanoumi 8-7" ,"Asabenkei 3-12" ,"Kizakiumi 7-8" ,"Chiyonoo 10-5 D" ,"Akua 10-5 D" ,"Mitoryu 10-5 D"]; Then we initialize the code portion and first up is declaring some arrays with rikishi data. They are split into east and west columns, and also sanyaku, maegashira, and juryo. I did this because I was under the influence when writing the code. This needs to be updated with the new data, it is not too bad to copy the columns from sumodb into google doc sheets then into here. The east and west arrays must be the same length. To pad out array size you can put 'nashi' instead. If east and west arrays are not the same size, the website will silently fail to build. var html = ''; //Create old banzuke from data //Yokozuna for ( var i = 1; i <= 1 ; i++) { html = createFullRow(sane[i-1],sanw[i-1],"Y",i); $('#banzuke.old').append(html); } //Ozeki for ( var i = 1; i <= 1 ; i++) { html = createFullRow(sane[i],sanw[i],"O",i); $('#banzuke.old').append(html); } //Sanyaku html = createFullRow(sane[2],sanw[2],"S",1); $('#banzuke.old').append(html); html = createFullRow(sane[3],sanw[3],"K",1); $('#banzuke.old').append(html); //html = createFullRow(sane[5],sanw[5],"K",2); //$('#banzuke.old').append(html); //Maegashira for ( var i = 1; i <= 17 ; i++) { html = createFullRow(mage[i-1],magw[i-1],"M",i); $('#banzuke.old').append(html); } //Juryo for ( var i = 1; i <= 14 ; i++) { html = createFullRow(jure[i-1],jurw[i-1],"J",i); $('#banzuke.old').append(html); } This populates the old, existing banzuke with all the rikishi slots and cards using the function createFullRow(). I used a for loop for everything except sekiwake and komusubi. If there are more than one row of Yokozuna or Ozeki, the i <= 1 needs to be increased to however many rows. Then the sane[2] becomes sane[Y rows + O rows ]. If there are two S or K rows they need to be explicitly called out like the commented out 2nd K row. Maegashira i < = 17 needs to be changed if there are a different amount of M rows. If any of the amount of rows mismatch with the input data then the website will silently fail to build. I'm so so sorry. //Create Empty Banzuke //Yokozuna for ( var i = 1; i <= 2 ; i++) { html = createEmptyRow("Y",i); $('#banzuke.new').append(html); } for ( var i = 1; i <= 3; i++) { html = createEmptyRow("O",i); $('#banzuke.new').append(html); } for ( var i = 1; i <= 2 ; i++) { html = createEmptyRow("S",i); $('#banzuke.new').append(html); } for ( var i = 1; i <= 2 ; i++) { html = createEmptyRow("K",i); $('#banzuke.new').append(html); } for ( var i = 1; i <= 18 ; i++) { html = createEmptyRow("M",i); $('#banzuke.new').append(html); } This just builds out the new, empty banzuke to move rikishi cards into. It matches the same number of slots as GTB entry form. var rS = [ "Y", "O", "K", "S", "M", "J"]; //Make draggable and droppable for( var k = 0; k<=5 ; k++) { for( var i = 1; i<=17 ; i++) { $('.rikishi_card#'+rS[k]+i+'e').draggable( { cursor: 'move', revert: 'invalid', stack: '.rikishi_card', start: handleDragStart } ); $('.rikishi_card#'+rS[k]+i+'w').draggable( { cursor: 'move', revert: 'invalid', stack: '.rikishi_card', start: handleDragStart } ); $('.rikishi_slot#'+rS[k]+i+'w').droppable( { accept: '.rikishi_card', hoverClass: 'slot_hover', drop: handleRikishiDrop } ); $('.rikishi_slot#'+rS[k]+i+'e').droppable( { accept: '.rikishi_card', hoverClass: 'slot_hover', drop: handleRikishiDrop } ); }} } This part is how you make classes draggable and droppable in JQuery. The first half is for the old banzuke and the second half is for the new banzuke. //Creates all html for rows with draggable rikishi function createFullRow(rikEast,rikWest,division,rank) { var html2 = ''; html2 += '<div id = "row">\r'; html2 += '<div class = "rikishi_slot" id = "'+division+rank+'e">'+division+rank+'e '+rikEast+'<div class = "rikishi_card" id = "'+division+rank+'e">'+division+rank+'e '+rikEast+'</div></div>\r'; html2 += '<div id = "rank">'+division+rank+'</div>\r'; html2 += '<div class = "rikishi_slot" id = "'+division+rank+'w">'+division+rank+'w '+rikWest+'<div class = "rikishi_card" id = "'+division+rank+'w">'+division+rank+'w '+rikWest+'</div></div>\r'; html2 += '</div>\r'; return html2; } function createEmptyRow(division,rank) { var html2 = ''; html2 += '<div id = "row">\r'; html2 += '<div class = "rikishi_slot" id = "'+division+rank+'e">&nbsp;</div>\r'; html2 += '<div id = "rank">'+division+rank+'</div>\r'; html2 += '<div class = "rikishi_slot" id = "'+division+rank+'w">&nbsp;</div>\r'; html2 += '</div>\r'; return html2; } These are the functions that are called earlier to make the HTML for each rikishi card and droppable spot. var lastPlace; function handleRikishiDrop( event, ui ) { var dropped = ui.draggable; var droppedOn = this; if ($(droppedOn).children().length > 0) { $(droppedOn).children().detach().prependTo($(lastPlace)); } $(dropped).detach().css({ top: '-1px', left: '-1px' }).prependTo($(droppedOn)); //ui.draggable.position( { of: $(this), my: 'left top', at: 'left top' } ); } function handleDragStart( event, ui) { lastPlace = $(this).parent(); } </script> </head> This final part controls what happens when we drag a card and then drop it. When dragging starts the cards original position is saved into lastPlace. This is used to swap cards if we drop a card onto an existing card. Then at the very end we exit the scripting language and start with the HTML. <body> <div class="centercont"> <div class="wideBox"> <h1>Guess the Banzuke Helper Page</h1> <p style="color:white">Drag and drop rikishi from the old banzuke into the new banzuke <br> Rikishi dropped onto another rikishi will switch places</p> </div> <div id="banzuke" class="old"> <header>June?? 2020 Banzuke</header> </div> <div id="banzuke" class="new"> <header>My Best Guess for September 2020</header> </div> <div class="endbit"> <p>Helper page for Guess the Banzuke <br> Guess the Banzuke Entry Form can <a href="http://sumodb.sumogames.de/gtb/GTBEntry.aspx" target="_blank">be found here</a><br> Version 1.03 <br> Updated Jul 24 2017<br> Tsuchinoninjin <br></p> </div> </div> </body></html> This is what the HTML is before all the banzuke stuff is generated by the JQuery code. You need to change the headers and things to update the month/year. The whole thing barely holds itself together. I've seen people shaming the site's code in other corners of the internet. Since they seemed to know enough it was bad, I asked them for help, but each time they'd just disappear into the aether. One way is to just find somebody on fiverr to get something that is more reasonable. I just might do that instead of burdening you with this and we could get cool features like adding a +/- number next to the rikishi when you move them to make it easy to reference how much promotion/demotion he has been given.
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    Personally, I didn't think Asanoyama would actually sit out the whole suspension. I was sure he'd quit. Coming in at Sandanme lets him shake off some rust without presenting overly much opposition, and my hunch is he'll be back to sanyaku in one years time. Terunofuji won't last another year and Asanoyama can already wrestle with the likes of Takakeisho and Mitakeumi and Shodai. And so, yeah, Asanoyama will be getting on 30 when he hits O2EKI (trademark pending) but I don't think he's going to have credible opposition on his way there. Given that he was the most consistently good Ozeki before his suspension (and, uh, maybe still since?) I'm more curious whether someone else can make it to Yokozuna before he does.
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    Ishiura and Osunaarashi. Maybe some of the half-Filipino rikishi?
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    Kakuryū isn't exactly projecting the sort of "cross me and you die" aura compared to Hakuhō or Terunofuji though, and Asanoyama still made it super fine against him. I'll have to agree that Asanoyama needs a bit more of an alpha mentality to take his game to the next level.
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    Hopefully we'll have some. The shindeshi kensa is on June 14th in the kokugikan. http://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXZQOKC26BMW0W2A520C2000000/
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    Irodori and Gokushindo at their best times, Natsu 2019 and Kyushu 2018 oo o o Ariake with Kasugayama (Ikioi) after his last bout o o
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    The autobiography of Toyonoshima goes on sale on June 4th, nanakorobi, yaoki 七転び八起き - fall down 7 times, get up 8 times, a standard saying for never giving up, always rise again. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202205250000985.html I guess he will have some advance copies at his intai-zumo tomorrow
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    2 of Harumafuji's Nagoya basho yusho portraits are on display at the Hirasawa Mitake shrine (御嶽, same kanji, Mitakeumi is named after Mt. Ontake though) in Hadano, Kanagawa: just removed from the kokugikan wall, for the 2016 yusho as yokozuna and the one for the 2012 zensho yusho as ozeki. The chief priest of this shrine and the Izumo-taisha Sagami branch shrine in Hadano has a strong connection to Isegahama-beya and also is the one to produce the shikona Harumafuji, he received the portraits from HF. http://www.townnews.co.jp/0610/2022/05/13/624955.html
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    Local TV posted a video more o o o o o o o o
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    "The current situation allows us to review this. ban. It's important to return things to the way they were before this, but we have to do this a step at a time and act accordingly while discussing this with relevant doctors and amongst ourselves, " said Shibatayama PR manager.
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    Takanosho (in the middle) in wampaku sumo while in primary school o o
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    Oshouma with Naruto-oyakata: "I want to aim for ozeki" ooo oo Gonoyama/Nishikawa with Takekuma-oyakata o o oo oo The Japanese have news clips from local NHK: vid Chiyosakae with Kokonoe-oyakata vid o oo oo o o o o
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    Terunofuji John Gunning Column https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2022/05/25/sumo/terunofuji-legacy/
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    Morning after online press conference oo o o o o YDC with the new female members on the corners, NSK on the right o o o YDC head Koumura at the press conference o oo
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    End of the season We know who are the champions Let us have a break!