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    ... which he promptly puts on, joins the keiko session to hide from the irate husband, discovers he’s rather good at sumo and a star is born. The greatest opening to a slapstick Japanese sumo-themed comedy movie never made.
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    Tourist: "Eeew, you mean they wear the same disgusting cloth thingy every day, and clean it with a garage broom?" Tour guide: "Ma'am, maybe you'd better sit down while I tell you the story of the 'fossil bunny mawashi'."
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    Takasago beya, day 2 of the July basho. Makushita Terasawa hangs his keiko mawashi (which is also the mawashi he wears when he fights..) to dry on the heya's rear entrance wall. At 2 PM, a truck arrives in the alley, the driver swipes the mawashi and takes off. "He was a 40-50 year old man," said an eyewitness neighbor. The perpetrator has not been found yet. Terasawa did not have a bout that day, but as Asanoyama's tsukebito, was at the venue with him and was notified of this in the shitakubeya. He then went out and with the help of a gyoji, bought a new one for 8000 yen (75 bucks). Later , the okamisan took it upon herself to pay for it. Terasawa was scheduled to fight on day 3, but due to the urgency of the matter, was switched to day 4. And that is not all. Inside the mawashi, in one of the folds, he had the remains of his beloved 7 year old male pet rabbit Lalky, who had passed away. He has had the remains concealed there since he was an amateur wrestler and he was in deep shock from all this. Maybe the mental aspect of this shock contributed to his going makekoshi (3-4) in July. The police were called and inspected the footage from the CCTV cameras at the heya. Since everything happened very quickly, the cameras did not show the perpetrator's face clearly. There were 4-5 mawashis hanging out there at the time, but Terasawa's was in the middle and was the one taken. "I have been in the sumo world for 40 years and I've never heard of anything like this happening," said my friend ex-Ichinoya, the manager of the heya, and the guy I'm talking to in my avatar, since nobody ever asked.. Keiko-mawashi: Made of cotton and black for those under Juryo. It used to be that a keiko-mawashi was washed only upon the Oyakata's death, but lately this has changed and is cleaned using a *deck-brush, among other things. A black mawashi costs about 1000 yen ($9) per meter. The sekitori use a silk mawashi (shimekomi) during basho and jungyos, while the nonsalaried wear the same black cotton mawashi they usually train in during bashos as well, as I stated before. I'm pretty sure this is the most bizarre article I have ever translated. *Deck brush:
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    I like to imagine it was some guy caught with his pants off by the husband of his mistress, so he fled, grabbing something from the nearest available washing line to cover his modesty. Then only when he started to unravel it did he realize he’d grabbed nowt but a loincloth ...
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    Orchestrating this heist was a brilliant - albeit complicated - way to create a natural segue to discuss your avatar. I salute you and your purloined bunny bits.
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    Wth... This is the first thing I read in the morning and I know already that it's going to be my read of the day! Underwear theft doesn't seem to be uncommon in Japan (once happened at the place where I lived, girl undies), but mawashi........... Poor guy and his bunny.
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    Hiro Morita reviews the past basho. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/backstories/1252/
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    As uncomfortable as I was about doing it , I sold one to an American for $100 and I don't think they did sumo. It was all done impersonally via our Sumo Federation email so I'm not sure if they would get excited or not to know that it had been worn by a large sweaty Samoan , Tongan or Maori for a TV commercial. I have heard of some prolific undie thieves in Japan but I thought they were just isolated incidents. I made the mistake of looking it up and it's way too common. Just recently an upskirt photographer got arrested with 2700 pairs. Ewww. Do you think we could cheer up Terasawa by getting him a new rabbit? A mawashi is a very personal item for a rikishi. New ones are very uncomfortable and take a very long time to soften up . The first few times really take the skin off but at least the black ones are a little softer due to the dyeing process.
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    I thought the used mawashi trade was just a myth...
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    The whole time I was reading this I thought it was his KESHO-mawashi that was stolen!! lol I kept wondering why it was hanging up on the wall to dry! And which fold he would he put his little rabbit's remains in. And what was this about wearing it to fight??! I didn't recall any rikishi wearing kesho-mawashi that were black and made out of cotton!! FINALLY, when I read that they were cleaned with a deck brush, I realized I really needed to start over reading this post!!! Seriously, this is very sad for so many reasons. What a blow to this young rikishi. It probably did cause him to go makekoshi. I doubt if he'll ever get it back...... it's heartbreaking.
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    I would guess it has a lot to do with who does up their mage on the day of the measurement.
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    15 sumo club members of 2 Nagano prefectural high schools, Kiso Seiho high and Sarashina agricultural high had a joint training competition meeting on the 9th, as a substitute event for the 3rd years. oo o
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    13 - Ikeda Ryo (池田 亮), Ishikawa Type of Wrestler Tall, big Major Achievements Wanpaku Yokozuna (Grade 4) Personal Stories Hailing from the same part of Japan as Kagayaki, Ikeda Ryo and his older brother Ikeda Shun are both talented sumo wrestlers. Although Ikeda Ryo isn't quite as good as his sibling Shun, he did accomplish something which his brother could never quite manage, and that is to win a national championship. Ikeda Ryo starts off his bouts with a push and thrust attack, and then he tries to find an opportunity to grab his opponent's belt and go from there. This worked well for him during Grade 4, when he won the Wanpaku Tournament. Here's a video of his Top 16 match against Murayama Go that day. Ikeda Ryo is on the right.
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    12 - Sakamoto Hirokazu (坂本 博一), Tokyo Type of Wrestler Strong, well-rounded Major Achievements Hakuho Cup Winner (Grade 4) Middle School Championships quarter-final (third year middle school) National Club Championships winner (third year middle school, team captain) Personal Stories Being the son of an Ozumo oyakata (Tokitsukazu-oyakata in this case), Sakamoto Hirokazu was always going to have his time in the spotlight sooner or later. Hirokazu made known to the sumo world when he and his younger brother (Shoma) both won the Hakuho Cup back in 2013. Here's a photo of father and son inside the Kokugikan. Hirokazu rode this wave of momentum to achieve second place at the Wanpaku Tournament half a year later, losing only to Hanaoka Masaki in the final, who was statistically the best rikishi in his year group. Hirokazu (on the right) took quite a bit of punishment during his semi-final, but he persevered and came out on top. Four years later, Sakamoto Hirokazu would captain his team (Kashiwa Junior Sumo Club) to victory in the 14th National Club Championships, with Hirokazu himself playing a major role in his team's success. With the score tied at 2-2 in their semi0final match against Mitaka Sumo Club, Hirokazu (on the left) stepped up to face the talented Hanafusa Kai. The pressure of the situation was immense, but he remained calm and collected. As of 2020, Hirokazu is currently in his final year at Sanbongi Agricultural High School in Aomori Prefecture, and a member of their competitive sumo club. Will he follow in the footsteps of his Kashiwa senpai (like Takanosho, Kotonowaka and Kotoshoho) and join Ozumo in the near future? We'll wait and see.
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    Outstanding article on the Mongolian wrestlers!! Make sure to read it! https://thediplomat.com/2020/08/mongolias-sumo-champions/
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    The next Chiyonofuji t-shirt collaboration is with Billionaire Boys Club, including a video tribute by GR8 gr8.jp/ http://jp.hypebeast.com/?post=418311 http://billionaireboysclub-store.jp/shopdetail/000000003410/
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    Nishikifuji by @John Gunning https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2020/08/12/sumo/nishikifuji-juryo-promotion/
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    Nine (of 19) Shikihide beya rikishi ran way from the heya today, citing the okamisan's strict behavior. They sent a message notifying the Kyokai, and the Kyokai will call in the sides to hear their story today and try to reach some sort of settlement. They took refuge at a Karaoke place near the heya. "Moral harassment" is what they are claiming. The Oyakata himself (Ex-Kitazakura) has been ill since the beginning of the year and was out of the last basho so he could not oversee the training or give any guidance. Instead, the Okamisan was training them (???) but the rikishi lost their patience and ran away from the heya. The rikishi were complaining that the okamisan joined the heya's chat group and was reading everything and giving out instructions and when someone was slow to respond he was reprimanded. Using of electrical appliances was allowed only by her. When rikishi ordered stuff online and the stuff arrived or when stuff arrived from their parents, she opened all the parcels and took photos of them, then posted them in the group chat. "It's an invasion of privacy!" they cried out. She used to periodically hold surprise checks of the contents of their lockers as well. When anyone attempted to challenge her deeds she threatened to throw them out of the heya or report them to the Kyokai. After the basho was over she demanded the rikishi write her a "letter of reflection." It seems the okamisan was trying in her own way to be in charge, but was not accepted by the rikishi and eventually it led to a mass walkout instead. The rikishi were training in earnest and longing for the Oyakata, but he is still ill, and could not control her, some say.
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    I was sort of imagining TAFKA Tochiozan kicking in the heya door and doing a Gunnery Sergeant Hartman routine: "Do you think I'm cute Private Hattorizakura? Do you think I'm funny?" They would then run back into the arms of the okamisan and all would be as well as it will ever be at Shikihide beya. See also the Red Dwarf episode "Queeg".
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    He didn’t want to leave but the others carried him out and he offered no resistance.
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    Before passing judgement on the Shikihide Okamisan, I recommend watching this video. It gives an excellent look into the running of this stable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=sSE5wQsVrBo
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    'General Corona Banter'... I hope the banter bit is true!