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    Interesting banzuke indeed-excellent results at the top. The yusho winner did it for the third time. 73 points. It's Itachiyama!! Congratulations and jubilations. Not one single player got Daieishou right. No less than 17 new players, five kachikoshi, two in the top ten, one of them in third place!! Cheesofuji, what a first basho.. 124 players in all made the effort. Incredible. And at the top of the banzuke now sits Reonito. Milestones, and what milestones indeed!!: Ullishimaru- 120th basho!! (20 years more or less..) Yubinhaad- 120th basho!! Takanorappa- 120th basho!! Jakusotsu - 100th basho!! Pitinosato- 90th basho!! Korinokoishi- 30th basho To see how you did, go here. Thank you all for playing, and thank you Andoreasu for running it and Doitsuyama for maintaining it. And now- on with the Ba-show!!
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    It's because he's a foreigner.
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    I can't for the life of me think of another scenario that doesn't border on the insane (as if this doesn't already) where a M2w can go 23-7 and not make sekiwake.
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    http://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/ Makuuchi Hakuho Y Kakuryu Shodai O Asanoyama Takakeisho O --- Terunofuji S Takanosho Takayasu K Mitakeumi --- K Daieisho Takarafuji M1 Onosho Hokutofuji M2 Wakatakakage Meisei M3 Shimanoumi Kiribayama M4 Myogiryu Endo M5 Okinoumi Tamawashi M6 Ichinojo Tochinoshin M7 Kagayaki Kotonowaka M8 Tobizaru Chiyonokuni M9 Hoshoryu Midorifuji M10 Ryuden Chiyotairyu M11 Kotoshoho Akiseyama M12 Aoiyama Terutsuyoshi M13 Chiyoshoma Kotoeko M14 Tsurugisho Yutakayama M15 Hidenoumi Kaisei M16 Daiamami Outrage in 5...4...3...
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    Short list of shikona changes this time. Highest ranked is Ito who is now Mineyaiba. I don't know if there's a particular idea behind that but Shikoroyama-beya is no stranger to left-field shikona. He also changes the given name to Jonosuke. Two changes from Shikihide-beya. Reon in fact just makes an addition to his existing shikona and is now Reonmaru. Meanwhile, Satozakura is now Nihonmatsu, the name of his home city in Fukushima prefecture. Musashigawa-beya's Hanashi is the recipient of another hometown-inspired shikona - he is now Mihonoumi, honouring Miho town in Ibaraki prefecture. Finally, Tagonoura-beya youngster Taniguchi is now Takanoryu. Ms28e Ito Chikashi > Mineyaiba Jonosuke (嶺刃 常乃助) Jd49w Reon > Reonmaru (黎大丸) Jd72w Satozakura > Nihonmatsu (二本松) Jd98e Hanashi > Mihonoumi (美浦ノ湖) Jd103e Taniguchi > Takanoryu (隆の龍) Two rikishi make changes to their shikona given name only. Daiseido can't seem to make his mind up - after changing to Masaru last summer and then to Daishi just last basho, he has now reverted back to his real given name, Yoshitomo. Elsewhere, veteran Asatenmai has changed the first kanji of his given name but keeps the reading as Seita. Ms51w Daiseido Daishi > Yoshitomo (喜悌) Sd56w Asatenmai Seita (晴多 > 精多)
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    - Akiseyama at his career-high rank at age 35
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    Adding on here: - Hakuho ranked for basho number 100 in makuuchi, becoming the second wrestler after Kaio. First wrestler to have 100 consecutive basho in makuuchi from shin-nyumaku - Takakeisho kadoban for the 3rd time - Terunofuji in sanyaku for the 3rd consecutive basho - Takanosho 3rd consecutive basho in sanyaku and at sekiwake - Takayasu 3rd consecutive basho in sanyaku and at komusubi - Mitakeumi 5th consecutive basho in sanyaku and 2nd consecutive at komusubi - Daieisho at komusubi for the first time since July 2020, first return to sanyaku since Aki 2020 - Last basho with 3 or more komusubi was Kyushu 2019 (Abi, Endo, Hokutofuji, Asanoyama) - Tsurugisho returns to makuuchi since Haru 2020 - Takakento first new juryo from Tokiwayama beya since the current stablemaster took over - Bushozan first new juryo from Fujishima beya after Tsurugidake in Kyushu 2011 since the current stablemaster took over - Nishikifuji returns to juryo since November 2020
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    Complete list: Rikishi Highest Rank Yusho Juryo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tokushoryu Maegashira 2 2020.01 2021.03 (5 basho to drop) Wakanami Komusubi 1968.03 1969.07 (7) Takatoriki Sekiwake 2000.03 2001.07 (7) Kotonishiki Sekiwake 1998.11* 2000.05 (8) Baruto Ozeki 2012.01 2013.09 (9), retired without competing Terunofuji Ozeki 2015.05* 2018.03 (16) Kotofuji Sekiwake 1991.07 1994.11 (19) Tagaryu Sekiwake 1984.09 1988.07 (22) Bishuyama Sekiwake 1945.06 1955.01 (26) Kotoshogiku Ozeki 2016.01 2020.11 (27) Tokitsuyama Sekiwake 1953.05 1961.03 (37), retired without competing Mitoizumi Sekiwake 1992.07 1999.05 (40) Wakamisugi Sekiwake 1960.05 1967.05 (41), retired without competing Takamiyama Sekiwake 1972.07 1984.03 (69) * It was Kotonishiki's second yusho of two and Terunofuji's first of two, respectively; all others were one-time winners.
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    Topics: Tokushouryuu broke the record for least number of bashos to fall to Juryo after a yusho - 5. The record was 7 held by Wakanami. He's the 14th rikishi to fall to Juryo with yusho experience. Hidenoumi back in Makuuchi after 17 bashos and joins his brother Tobizaru there. 9th time we have brothers in Makuuchi, and first time since March 2014 with Chiyomaru and Chiyoootori. Ichiyamamoto back in Juryo after 7 bashos. Nishikifuji after 2 bashos. Sadogatake beya has the most rikishi - 30, though they are three less than last basho, followed by Kise with 28. 652 rikishi from 44 heya in all, 13 less than last basho. Tokyo shusshin rikishi are in 1st place - 55. then Osaka with 36 and Aichi with 35. 21 Mongolians - 11 sekitori.(8 Makuuchi, 3 Juryo). The rest of the foreigners are one each from Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Georgia, Bulgaria and the Philippines..
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    made a little banzuke reveal video (with a demo of a beat I'm working on)
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    The SumoDB is not a commercial site. Nobody pays for this valuable information, and it is maintained for many years by a devoted sumo fan at zero personal benefit. Against this background, I find it somewhat irritating if people demand that this person should do this or that. As for the photos: these were all personally taken by another incredibly dedicated sumo fan who unfortunately doesn‘t provide this service any longer. And unless Doitsuyama doesn‘t want to run into copyright issues by using photos from existing Websites, no easy solution is at hand.
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    The other new juryo Oki left high school in his 2nd year, but got a kesho mawashi from Niigata pref. Kaiyo (ocean) high school, with the school emblem and of course marine blue http://www.niigata-nippo.co.jp/sumo/news/20200913567735.html Edit: he is the first sekitori from Kaiyo high
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    New juryo Nishikifuji just in time for the basho got a kesho mawashi from Aomori pref. Sanbongi agricultural high school, with the school emblem. https://www.daily-tohoku.news/archives/43308
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    Other high schools - the kesho mawashi are mostly donated rather by the school alumni associations than the schools For Wakatakakage from Gakuho Fukushima high school, designed after the school flag http://www.gakufuku-h.ed.jp/13kouyuukai/B13-06.htm For Midorifuji from Hiryu high, the 3rd after Sagatsukasa and Tochihiryu o o o For Ura from Kyoto prefectural Toba high school, the first from that school: school flag and color as the design o Chiyonoumi from Kochi prefectural Sukumo High School http://www.kochinet.ed.jp/sukumo-h/dousou.html For Daiamami end of 2016 from Kagoshima commercial high school - Satoyama had the same o Chiyotairyu May 2012 from Metropolitan Adachi Shinden high - motto taken from a line in the school song: to bloom determined - shitataka ni saku o Okinoumi July 2011, from Shimane prefectural Oki fisheries high school edit: the fc2 blog blocks the display of the pic, unless the page is opened first: http://pkrmajic.blog137.fc2.com/blog-entry-48.html so rather this pic: o same year, same heya, same fishery: for Kanbayashi, later Oiwato from the Yamagata prefectural Kamo fisheries high school o From fish to agriculture: Takekaze from the Akita prefectural Kanaashi agricultural high school o Takarafuji from Goshogawara commercial high school - with the Takarabune o Asasekiryu from Meitoki Gijuku high o From Aomori prefectural Hirosaki vocational high school for Iwakiyama, Takamisakari had one, too