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    Morning. Nishonoseki rengo keiko.Kirishima calls out Oonosato, then Tamawashi, then Ouhou. Finally, he faces new Ozeki Kotonowaka for 11 bouts, 8-3. “I haven’t been training much lately so my stamina is lacking..My body is moving well. lt was good keiko,” he explained. He was 15-4 overall. “I did lose but was able to attack as well. I will take that and prepare for the next basho ,”added Kotonowaka.
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    Kadoban Ozeki Takakeishou did not appear for the rengo-keiko. "His neck is getting better slowly but we're being on the safe side and letting him rest. It will be a discourtesy to do half-hearted sumo," said his Oyakata. He has been training with takanoshou, so it seems that he will show up for Haru. I still think he's done.
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    Oonosato took part in the Nishonoseki rengo keiko today at Shibatayama beya. Three bouts against Ichimon guest Ozeki Kirishima, showed some sharp sumo and won one of the three. He also faced Ouhou and others and was 5-4. "I got tired and that's regrettable but I was able to train well and that was good. I will be facing this coming basho with the feeling that it's my first Makuuchi basho. I intend to properly prepare for that," he said.
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    At the Tokyo Marathon:
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    Haru 2024: Y1e Terunofuji 29.11.1991 O1e Kirishima 24.04.1996 O1w Hoshoryu 22.05.1999 M2e Atamifuji 03.09.2002 J13w Hakuoho 22.08.2003 Ms7e Satorufuji 29.05.2004 Ms10e Wakaikari 22.02.2005 Ms28w Tanji 05.06.2006 Sd14e Rinko 04.07.2006 Sd64e Takaarashi 28.12.2006 Jd57e Yumenofuji 02.02.2008 Jd61e Daibasho 21.03.2008 Hakuoho passes Satorufuji and Tenshoho Tanji passes Anosho Kiyonoyama falls below Yumenofuji Daibasho passes Kotohanashiro
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    Nishikio was announced under his shikona at the shussehiro, unless I'm mistaken it's standard for that to be the starting point of a rikishi's shikona history. Other recent examples that I can think of right now include Wakaikari (Saito in maezumo, shikona announced at shussehiro) and Kirinohana (Nakajima in maezumo etc.) Anhibiki and Anryukai were announced under their real names at the shussehiro, and then changed to their shikona on the banzuke, which is why it's in their shikona history.
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    Newly married Juryo Kotoekou had 16 bouts today, 8 of them against Kotonowaka, losing them all. It's the first time he has done any training since last November, having a knee injury. He was 5-11 overall. "It was mostly for regaining my sumo sense. I feel my body is moving well," he explained. "Kotonowaka is strong and there is a difference in ability. It's been a while but it seems he has become stronger. I want to get good results so that my fans will be happy," he cliched.
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    The end of a series on NTV ntv.co.jp/minnanozoo/articles/ about Futagoyama and his cats - VOD for a while: https://tver.jp/episodes/ep80ywdl2e
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    oo o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjVwZqgwYxs (Emoji error --> can't be embedded) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BofazRhzfEY https://www.marathon.tokyo/2024/result/index.php 総合順位 Overall Place アスリートビブス Bib 氏名 Name 29714 81222 小柳 亮太/RYOTA OYANAGI 参加種目/Race Category マラソン男子/Marathon Men 参加種目別順位/Category Place:22771/26700 年齢/Age 30 年代別順位/Age Place (30~34):2051/2505 性別/Sex 男性/Men 性別別順位/Gender Place:21454/26700 国籍/Nationality 日本 国籍別順位/Nationality Place:16503/21872 居住都市(都道府県)/City of Residence 東京都/Tokyo 都道府県別順位:6890/9285 タイム(ネット)/Time (net) 05:31:53 タイム(グロス)/Time (gross) 05:38:26 通過点/Point 通過タイム/Intermediate time ラップタイム/Lap time 5km 00:28:59 - 00:28:36 10km 00:57:35 00:28:19 15km 01:25:54 00:28:07 20km 01:54:01 中間点/Halfway Point 02:01:19 - 25km 02:27:20 00:33:19 30km 03:11:42 00:44:22 35km 04:06:22 00:54:40 40km 05:06:19 00:59:57 フィニッシュ/Finish 05:31:53 00:25:34
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    Noticed something strange. According to the footage, Nishikio competed as Sato in Maezumo, however the kyokai website only shows him as Nishikio. This is in contrast to Anhibiki and Anryukai, who also changed their names when joining Jk but have their Mz names shown in their shikona history.
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    Shikona : Shi-Ko-Na 四股名 Four Thighs Name (The shiko leg exercise) Shiko-Na 醜名 Shameful Name (Pseudonym?) Go Find Em: The Sekitori (Updated) The Notes The Heya (Effective Haru 2024) Ajigawa Arashio Asahiyama Asakayama Dewanoumi Fujishima Futagoyama Hakkaku Hanaregoma Ikazuchi Isegahama Isenoumi Kasugano Kataonami Kise Kokonoe Michinoku Minato Miyagino Musashigawa Naruto Nishiiwa Nishikido Nishonoseki Oitekaze Onoe Onomatsu Oshima Oshiogawa Otake Otowayama Sadagotake Sakaigawa Shibatayama Shikihide Shikoroyama Taganoura Takadagawa Takasago Takekuma Tamanoi Tatsunami Tokitsukaze Tokiwayama Yamahibiki Legend (魁) - Heya Flag kanji from Shisho/Heya Name 新^- Kanji from Real/Given Name 馬* - Kanji from a placename (Translation) - Meaning of one of the above Kanji. Often omitted for Heya flags and real names. The Marus The Yobidashi
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    Rikishi older than everyone above them on the banzuke, Hatsu 2024: Y1e Terunofuji 29.11.1991 K1w Nishikigi 25.08.1990 M7w Tamawashi 16.11.1984 Sd24e Dairaido 17.04.1980 Sd70e Shoketsu 05.09.1976 Shoketsu shortens this list by surpassing Yoshiazuma. Tamawashi masks Takayasu, with Nishikigi stepping in for the 3rd time.
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    >180kg to 105 kg, according to this article from Encount
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    As I am a very busy and wealthy businessman with a full agenda and much gusto, I found the deadlines to be too close apart- we could easily have had two days to vote and reach the basho in time for the final result. I missed way too many days in this intriguing but intriguing game, as a result.. Now I'm really curious to see what the results will be next year. Thanks for running this, my not participating as much as I would have liked notwithstanding..
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    It took less then one basho for Kakaryu to get an Ozeki! Is he the GOAT Oyakata?
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    March 2nd Kotoeko 5-11 at the heya, 0-8 with Kotonowaka o Kotonowaka instructs the future o o Kitaharima was for degeiko at Nishonoseki-beya, first 11 with lower ranked, then training with Onosato. Nishonoseki thinks he can go on till 50. o First degeiko for ozeki Hoshoryu, at Oitekaze-beya 5-0 with also visitor Kirishima o also 8-1 with Daieisho, but otherwise 2-3
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    Ozeki Kirishima trained at the Tokitsukaze rengo-keiko which was held yesterday and was 16-1 against the likes of Daieishou. "I'll do what I can and the ultimate goal is the yusho," he said.
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    A fun fact I know about this, for Brazil's entering, the first brazilian sekitori Ryuko was as accompaning rikishi but he was not a sekitori anymore at the time, he was in Makushita, but he was there in formal kimono and using the oichomage. Cool stuff.
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    Takakeisho will surprise you. My crystal ball says he'll be 12-3.