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    Day 2 pics overview Kyushu 2018

    Day 2 was a full house, but no longer a sell-out o o o o dohyo-iri makuuchi o o o o yokozuna o o M1e Myogiryu (1-1) yoritaoshi Y2e Kisenosato (0-2) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o --- Myogiryu --- o o --- Kisenosato --- o o o o o o o O1w Takayasu (2-0) hatakikomi M1w Hokutofuji (0-2) o o o o o o O2w Tochinoshin (1-1) yorikiri M3e Nishikigi (0-2) o o o o o K1e Takakeisho (2-0) tsukiotoshi O1e Goeido (1-1) o o o o o o spot the difference: last basho - this basho o o o o o o o M2e Tochiozan (2-0) hikiotoshi S1w Ichinojo (1-1) o o S1e Mitakeumi (1-1) oshidashi M2w Tamawashi (1-1) o o o o o o M3w Ryuden (1-1) oshidashi M4w Yoshikaze (1-1) o M5e Chiyotairyu (1-1) oshidashi M4e Shodai (1-1) o M5w Asanoyama (2-0) uwatenage M6w Kagayaki (1-1) o o o o M7e Abi (1-1) oshidashi M6e Takanoiwa (0-2) o o o o o M7w Shohozan (2-0) oshidashi M8w Takarafuji (0-2) M9e Kotoshogiku (2-0) yorikiri M8e Ikioi (0-2) o M9w Daieisho (1-1) tsukiotoshi M10w Yutakayama (0-2) o o o M12w Endo (1-1) oshidashi M11w Okinoumi (1-1) o o o M13e Onosho (2-0) oshidashi M12e Aoiyama (0-2) o o M14e Chiyoshoma (2-0) kekaeshi M15e Daiamami (1-1) --- Chiyoshoma --- o J10w Enho (2-0) makiotoshi J9w Chiyonoo (0-2) o --- Enho --- o J13e Toyonoshima (2-0) yorikiri J12e Mitoryu (0-2) o o o o o (Ms1w Daiseido (2-0) yorikiri) J13w Gokushindo (0-2) o J14w Tomokaze (2-0) hatakikomi J14e Shimanoumi (1-1) o o --- Tomokaze --- o Ms49e Hoshoryu (1-0) hatakikomi Ms49w Ikeru (0-1) oooooo leaving o o afterwards to the kitchen cars o oo Hanakago, Nishonoseki, Michinoku o oyakata with presents and on photo shoot duty - all for those with the proper tickets o o o o calendars distributed o o 2nd wasou day o oo o o o photo frames o o o kitchen cars o o
  2. Akinomaki

    Basho attendance

    The streak of sell-out days at the basho ended at 88 - today about 400 tickets were left unsold: 6600 attended, hall capacity is 6986. At least the 2 year streak of full house days is likely to continue the whole basho. http://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/20181112/sum18111221230012-n1.html
  3. Akinomaki

    Basho attendance

    Sanspo publishes that in each early morning article for the day before, for NEARLY all days. I'll update this post for all 15 days and plan to add only one post like it for each further basho and perhaps one for all local basho of a whole jungyo with data available. I will also post news about the subject in this thread. Osaka 2014 Day 1: full house with 6700 spectators (80% - with 8300 as 100%) no data for day 2 - maybe so few they were ashamed to report it ? Day 3: 5000 spectators Day 4: 5900 spectators Day 5: 5900 spectators Day 6: 5200 spectators Day 7: full house with 7378 spectators (89%) Day 8: full house with 7378 spectators again - exactly that same odd number ? Day 9: full house with 6500 spectators (78% - borderline is maybe 75%) Day 10: full house with 6600 spectators (79%) Day 11: full house with 6550 spectators (79%) Day 12: full house with 6800 spectators (82%) Day 13: full house with 7378 spectators again? - do they use this as the sell-out number? Day 14: full house with 7378 spectators - obviously that's the NSK sell-out number Day 15: full house with 7378 spectators
  4. Akinomaki

    Kensho Kyushu 2018

    Myogiryu got much less than Takakeisho, who had a real good day 1 bonus: a standard Goeido pack with only 5 kensho indicates that Takakeisho has no individual sponsor, while Myogiryu has one. An Ikioi win got Kotoshogiku much less than a Takarafuji one - and there was the day 1 bonus. Takayasu in the last ozeki bout got as much as Goeido yesterday against the same opponent: the day 1 bonus equals their difference in popularity. Day 2 38: Takakeisho 21: Takayasu 21: Myogiryu 19: Kotoshogiku 12: Goeido 10: Tochiozan 9: Onosho 8: Tamawashi 7: Endo 5: Chiyotairyu 5: Kagayaki 5: Mitakeumi
  5. Akinomaki

    Kensho Kyushu 2018

    The NSK announced that 1469 kensho have been applied for, already at the application stage over 250 less than last year, which had 1731. About 150 have been canceled for the kyujo of Hakuho and Kakuryu. Top in fixed kensho is Kisenosato with 129, followed by local Kotoshogiku and then Takayasu. Mitakeumi has 78 o http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201811090000469.html 2 new sponsors, the local tutoring school Eishinkan https://www.eishinkan.net/ o and Naigai clothing https://www.naigai.co.jp/en/companyprofileen/index.html https://www.naigai.co.jp/news/index04310000.html
  6. Akinomaki

    Spirited rikishi Kyushu 2018

    Day 2 Makuuchi 1. Takakeisho 2. Myogiryu 3. Endo Juryo 1. Enho 2. Toyonoshima 3. Terutsuyoshi
  7. Akinomaki

    Spirited rikishi Kyushu 2018

    The results from the daily NSK poll among spectators and paying app customers about which rikishi showed the most fighting spirit Day 1 Makuuchi 1. Takakeisho 2. Tamawashi 3. Yoshikaze 3. Onosho Juryo 1. Aminishiki 1. Enho 3. Toyonoshima
  8. Akinomaki

    Day 1 pics overview Kyushu 2018

    updated bouts K1e Takakeisho (1-0) hatakikomi Y2e Kisenosato (0-1) oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo --- Takakeisho --- o oo --- Chiganoura-beya open training ground --- o ---shutters closed at Tagonoura-beya --- oo o o o oooo o O1e Goeido (1-0) oshidashi M1w Hokutofuji (0-1) o o o o o o o o O1w Takayasu (1-0) yorikiri M1e Myogiryu (0-1) o o o o o M2w Tamawashi (1-0) oshidashi O2w Tochinoshin (0-1) o o o o o o o o o M2e Tochiozan (1-0) tsukiotoshi S1e Mitakeumi (0-1) o o o o o o o o o o o S1w Ichinojo (1-0) yorikiri M3e Nishikigi (0-1) o M4e Shodai (1-0) shitatenage M3w Ryuden (0-1) o M4w Yoshikaze (1-0) sukuinage M5e Chiyotairyu (0-1) o o M5w Asanoyama (1-0) uwatenage M6e Takanoiwa (0-1) o o o o M6w Kagayaki (1-0) oshidashi M7e Abi (0-1) o M7w Shohozan (1-0) tottari M8e Ikioi (0-1) o o M9e Kotoshogiku (1-0) yorikiri M8w Takarafuji (0-1) o o M10e Sadanoumi (1-0) okurihikiotoshi M9w Daieisho (0-1) o o M13e Onosho (1-0) oshidashi M12w Endo (0-1) o o o o o M14e Chiyoshoma (1-0) hikiotoshi M13w Takanosho (0-1) o M15w Meisei (1-0) yorikiri M14w Daishomaru (0-1) o J1e Yago (1-0) tsukiotoshi M16w Chiyomaru (0-1) o o J2e Daishoho (1-0) hatakikomi J1w Kotoeko (0-1) J2w Aminishiki (1-0) yorikiri J3e Kotoyuki (0-1) o o o o J13e Toyonoshima (1-0) oshitaoshi J12w Jokoryu (0-1) oo o o o o o o o (J14e Shimanoumi (1-0) oshidashi) J13w Gokushindo (0-1) o J14w Tomokaze (1-0) hatakikomi Ms1e Gagamaru (0-1) o o Ms1w Daiseido (1-0) hatakikomi Ms2e Toyohibiki (0-1) o Sd11w Naya (1-0) oshidashi Sd11e Kaizen (0-1) o o o o o Sd33e Ura (1-0) oshidashi Sd33w Sakaekaze (0-1) o o o o Sd51e Yoshiazuma (1-0) ()) - Yoshiazuma trains for his 23rd home basho o
  9. Akinomaki

    Day 1 pics overview Kyushu 2018

    Day 1 was a sell-out o o o o o kyokai go-aisatsu o o o o makuuchi dohyo-iri - Kotoshogiku, Chiyomaru, Abi oo o o at the basho day 1 is wasou day oo oo Chiyomaru kept in makuuchi is still popular vid other frames, items, photo shoot o oooo other photo options o o best option: get a popular rikishi to pose - Ura o event and shop plan, goods o o o oyakata sell NSK official goods ooo o 6 kitchen cars outside o o o o ovid o o o o o o o o o
  10. The link for shonichi (day 1) has been published - I don't like the comment which implies that it is not meant for delayed viewing - hopefully a link for that will appear elsewhere. https://abema.tv/channels/world-sports/slots/8W8CNEEd69AjxT Watching outside of Japan is only possible by setting your browser to a Japanese proxy or with a VPN for that purpose. The discussion so far was in the Kyushu stream thread, starting with this:
  11. Akinomaki

    Abema TV sumo 2018 all basho live

    It looks like Abema won't continue next year: except for the makuuchi broadcast they had the pure unblemished hall sound (to my delight) and no commentators anymore. We'll see how it develops over the next days - and what they will tell on the last day about their plans.
  12. Akinomaki

    Baruto activities

    former Baruto now is Yamagata sightseeing Tsuyahime(rice)-ambassador. with the governor of Yamagata: http://yamagata-np.jp/news/201402/24/kj_2014022400517.php http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/national/news/20140224-OYT1T00027.htm
  13. Akinomaki

    Kensho Kyushu 2018

    First time that Kise has all big banner bunch basho days as the sole yokozuna and every day in the last bout (untiless he pulls out) - but will he be able to get enough packs to finish top? Kotoshogiku being 2nd most popular immediately shows (and Takarafuji is a good opponent). Tochiozan with the same amount as Takayasu implies that Mitakeumi is 4th most popular and close behind Takayasu. Goeido had the last ozeki bout and apparently a quite popular opponent to have him that high, but obviously has about the same amount of fixed kensho as well. Onosho with the Endo bunch and Tamawashi with Tochinoshin's has it look like a pretty even distribution in the top 7 sponsor favorites. Kagayaki profited from Abi's popularity - only Yago is a surprise, and that no other bout had 3 kensho: esp. Ikioi, and also Yutakayama and Chiyonokuni seem to have lost sponsors by losing that big last basho. Day 1 33: Takakeisho 12: Goeido 12: Kotoshogiku 9: Takayasu 9: Tochiozan 8: Onosho 8: Tamawashi 5: Kagayaki 4: Yago 3: Shodai
  14. Akinomaki

    New recruits for Kyushu 2018

    I post recruit news in the upcoming threads if I don't know the exact basho: Isegahama-beya has regular events in Goshogawara, and from the sumo club of the local commercial high school, 3rd year Hiromasa Denpoya 伝法谷 洋匡 (he looks twice 18) has decided to enter the heya. "Even if it takes some time, I want to become sekitori." http://www.toonippo.co.jp/articles/-/96398 with the oyakata today at the school Hard to embed pic in the club, one other member and the coach, with a yusho portrait of the oyakata on the wall: http://www.shimoyamagakuen.ed.jp/highschool/post-4.html
  15. Akinomaki

    PR for Kyushu 2018

    Each basho they seem to start earlier with basho PR - this one for Kyushu in connection with the start of ticket reservations for groups and companies - ticket sales start Oct. 6th Kyushu local Kotoeko did the PR - with a poster that doesn't really look interesting o
  16. Akinomaki

    Courtesy calls by rikishi and oyakata

    A visit to the governor of Saga by 3 Saga pref. local mid makushita rikishi and a sekitori from Hokkaido was on the 7th. From Karatsu Karatsuumi and Ichiki, both Tamanoi-beya , Koba from Kise-beya, and juryo Kyokutaisei, whose grandfather lives in Saga prefecture. They told the governor about their ambitions for the Kyushu basho. Kyokutaisei enters recovered, his knee is healed. http://www.saga-s.co.jp/articles/-/299747 Karatsuumi, Koba, Ichiki
  17. That needs a topic of it's own, being so common. Abi on the 3rd visited the mayor of his hometown Koshigaya-city, Saitama, who is a great sumo fan, to report his first kachi-koshi as a sekitori. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/local/saitama/news/20150605-OYTNT50387.html
  18. Akinomaki

    PR for Kyushu 2018

    oo o Today was the dohyo-matsuri sanyaku attend oo o o oooo o o o o NSK top and the shimpan o o oo oo top gyoji consecrate the dohyo o o o oo oo o o o the yobidashi parade starts ooo in groups on the way around the town to announce day 1 makuuchi torikumi oo leaving o afterwards fan and media service o o o dohyo-iri experience corner o o o basho countdown vid
  19. Akinomaki

    Training pics overview Kyushu 2018

    a few more from yesterday also Hakuho laughs again - he continues to do light training for rehabilitation o Kise earnest oo o
  20. this will maybe the only type of training for Hakuho this time o o o o o o Kise did the same yesterday o o but a bit more today o today 2 members of the girl group HKT48 were guests at keiko - they'll be at the zenyasai for the basho, aired on Kuyshu local NHK on the 10th oo o o oo oo o o Mitakeumi at the heya o Tochinoshin with Tochiozan
  21. Akinomaki

    Preparations of the masses-Kyusho 2018

    Mitakeumi aims for 10 wins. Shimpan chief Onomatsu gives no numbers for ozeki promotion, first the results, and he wants high class wins. http://mainichi.jp/articles/20181110/k00/00m/050/059000c
  22. Akinomaki

    Rikishi and oyakata CM activities

    Furiwake's advice for daily life with Nagatanien
  23. This might be on the rise, so I split it from the other activities. Especially because this one is no extra activity by Kotoshogiku - Softbank Mobile simply was allowed to (ab)use real scenes - that's why I don't put it in the off-topic CM thread. Kotoshogiku being asked about his weight and the odd voice of the Giga-chan CM character answers "200 Giga", the Koto-Bauer turns into the Giga-Bauer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKFu9QTbihA the information about the CM: http://www.softbank.jp/mobile/tvcm_media/cm/detail/?id=kotoshogiga_30&caption=0 Especially since Softbank has a new service to show the (whole) basho, I'm closely looking at everything that comes from them.
  24. Akinomaki

    Training pics overview Kyushu 2018

    Kise tried out his aubergine blue shimekomi ooo o oo o he is laughing a lot recently o o o Mitakeumi now laughs as well and only watched how the young ones train o on the 7th with Tochinoshin o on the 4th o Hakuho is kyujo but instructs the young ones o keiko on the 2nd - Nishonoseki rengo geiko the 1st - Nishonoseki rengo geiko the 31st - Tochinoshin at the heya the 30th - Takakeisho, Takanoiwa at the heya
  25. Akinomaki

    PR for Kyushu 2018

    More from the zenya-sai - unlikely that anybody will post the local NHK Fukuoka broadcast to the net http://www.nhk.or.jp/fukuoka/sports/index.html o o o NSK oo dohyo-iri of the Kyushu locals o o o these zenya-sai hanazumo events at the local basho are a mixture of jungyo and NHK charity ozumo - song part: Of course with Ikioi - Toyonoshima, Onosho o o o Basho countdown vid the NSK has not only started a new YT channel, but also one on TikTok - the number one platform for the young sujo the new rhythm of dohyo creation: vid