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  2. Tokyo 150 sumo

    The 2 older articles of from the Asahi Tokyo 150 series already appeared on the Withnews site - they have some select articles with extras: esp. more and better pics - I added the site to the pics overview, the real big pics are linked The 2nd article is about women banned from stepping onto the (kokugikan) dohyo Also at a danpatsu-shiki: either the rikishi moves below or some ramp extension is put next to the doyho, on which the female members of the family etc. stand to make their cut. Asashoryu and daughter: we had a discussion on this also at sumo classes organized by a heya, the girls have to do the shiko stamping on the podium In the Edo period, women were only allowed to watch on senshuraku, the last day. Now that is the most popular day, but then all interesting bouts were over, only makushita and below took part. Shortly after Edo became Tokyo, in 1872 women were allowed to watch all days - sumo was in a slump then and the sujo of old helped to get it popular again. But women are still banned from the kokugikan dohyo - even girls who have won the preliminary wampaku tournaments, can't attend the final one in the kokugikan. Asahi article on this from 1991.07.03 as this happened: - the national wampaku tournament is held by the NSK, the identical national primary school tournaments by the amateur sumo association - female YDC member Uchidate at a YDC keiko soken in 2000 - she isn't in favor or simply scrapping the tradition There was some pressure from politicians to abandon the strict tradition - the NSK refused both times: - Hatsu 1990 the first female chief cabinet secretary wanted to hand over the prime minister's cup - as she became Osaka governor in 2000, Fusae Ota thought of not awarding the Osaka governor award for Haru, if she wouldn't be allowed to hand it over herself Now Tokyo has a female governor ... Some old forum discussions on this dohyo &search_in=titles
  3. Haru 2018

    Which has actual information, rather than just a spam link to another website (albeit a website I and am sure many SF readers follow already).
  4. Haru 2018

    We already have a thread for this stuff, you know.
  5. Natsu jungyo 2018

    Several locations were in the news already, esp. Ryugasaki as support for Kisenosato: On Aug. 21st, the jungyo tour after 2 years is again in Akita-city. Jungyo man Edagawa was at the local Akita Sakigake shimbun office to seal the performance contract - the paper and Akita Broadcast are the promoters.
  6. Food Prizes

    and Tochinoshin got another ton of rice rice yesterday
  7. New scandal-Kasugano Oyakata neglects to report ..

    It only took 7 minutes, just exchange of documents. The oyakata side claims that the reason for Yahagi's intai wasn't this incident, but his diabetes. The presiding judge wants to see evidence of the severity of his condition.
  8. PR ambassadors from sumo

    Takekaze was at the city hall of Kita-Akita for this - the city introduced the city furusato ambassador system already last July and now they have the first. His job is to do PR for the city's nature, culture, tourism and local products - and he won't get kensho banners for this, likely also not should he return to makuuchi - kensho from municipalities are rare. o o oo oo
  9. Harumafuji / Joel Barish

    He should have also gone to Shikihide-beya to meet Ezuka, the hearing impaired rikishi.
  10. Urban animals

    Would you believe I have seen 3 foxes in two days now? 2 Last night and one tonight,it is possible it was the same fox tonight but definately two different foxes last night I tried to get it to come to me but no success...... I also saw a Raven on the beach last night,must have thought it was a seagull and it was kicking up an awful row(Looking for a mate?)
  11. GTB- the game that plays you..

    Did I do that? Normally I wouldn't,so something went wrong there..... That and the Ozeki mistake are the difference from a good result and a bad one...... Can I do worse than 3rd from last at Kyushu 2017? Lets see.....
  12. Yokozuna no-nos-short history summary

    Would love to see footage of Kitanofuji surfing.
  13. Harumafuji / Joel Barish

    That was great, thanks. Its really hard not to love Harumafuji. I see that Chiyonokuni goes hell bent for leather every time, even in training.
  14. Harumafuji / Joel Barish

    Thank you.
  15. Harumafuji / Joel Barish

    I don’t know if many people here are aware of the fact that Harumafuji has a brother who is deaf. Joel Barish a well-known personality travelled to Tokyo and met Harumafuji and talked to his brother (via the yokozuna’s phone). The explanations given for some things aren’t the most accurate but that’s par for the course with these kind of “glimpse inside the world of sumo” videos. It’s a lot better than most.
  16. Haru 2018

    I believe Hakuho's big toe ligaments are damaged, although it's hard to know for sure from everything I've read on this board. Pulling too hard can cause a ligament to pull off a chip of bone, weakening the connection point. If so, ligaments don't have much blood supply so are notoriously slow to heal, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he missed this basho.
  17. Yesterday
  18. GTB- the game that plays you..

    Or they don't drop Takakaze and both stay in Juryo. Although the way the press have been asking about Takakaze retiring I think it's a given he's headed to Juryo. You never know with Tamawashi, although I think he needed that 7 wins to stay up. I wouldn't be hugely surprised if he goes to Komusubi though. Who can say? The only one I would flat out say is bad is Nishikigi only going from M15w to M15e with a KK.
  19. Last Movie Seen: Ghost in the Shell [2017 version] (7/10)

  20. Last Movie Seen: The Girl with All the Gifts (5/10)

  21. 8th Hakuho Cup (2018-2-12)

    It was a joke since Hakuho weighed like 60kg when he first arrived in Japan and was tiny. Thanks anyway
  22. 8th Hakuho Cup (2018-2-12)

    That's Mahato, Hakuho's son

    Year Basho Yusho Jun-Yusho Kanto-Sho Gino-Sho Shukun-Sho Achiyama-Sho Kaizen-Sho Koujou-Sho Kouritsu-Sho Kiken-Sho Benifuun-Sho Winner Runner-up Fighting Technique Outstanding Maverick Improvement Consistency Efficiency Peril Bad Luck Spirit Performance 2015 Hatsu Tenshinhan Jejima Tenshinhan Tenshinhan Tenshinhan - - - - - - Haru Achiyama Itachi Itachi Itachi - - - - - - Profomisakari Itachi Jakusotsu jakusotsu Gurowake Profomisakari Flohru Natsu Shokikogi ScreechingOwl Shokikogi Gernobono Shokikogi - - - - - Gernobono Wamahada Wamahada Chishafuwaku Jejima Nagoya Gurowake ScreechingOwl Kuroimori Achiyama Kuroimori Kuroimori - - - - - Aki Pandaazuma Gaijingai Reijinguoshan Reijinguoshan Pandaazuma Tenshinhan Gaijingai - - - - Reijinguoshan Kyushu Andonishiki Kuroimori Itachi Profomisakari Itachi Pitinosato Itachi - - - - Tenshinhan Chishafuwaku 2016 Hatsu Gernobono Gaijingai McBugger Suwihuto McBugger Suwihuto Gaijingai Gaijingai Senkoho - - Haru Flohru ScreechingOwl Achiyama Suwihuto Flohru Flohru Flohru Flohru Gurowake - - Gaijingai ScreechingOwl Natsu Kotoshikona Jejima Jejima Kotoshikona Jejima Kotoshikona Tenshinhan Kotoshikona Jakusotsu - - Pitinosato Nagoya Pandaazuma Gurowake Gurowake Gurowake Gurowake Reijinguoshan Kuroimori Reijinguoshan Gurowake - - Aki Senkoho Profomisakari Profomisakari KikoCookie Profomisakari Gaijingai Shimodahito Senkoho Haidouzo - - Shimodahito Gaijingai Kyushu Oshirokita Gernobono San'enshohou San'enshohou San'enshohou San'enshohou Gernobono Flohru San'enshohou 2017 Hatsu Benihana Sakura Fujisan Fujisan Benihana Chishafuwaku Sakura Sakura Katunazuma - - Haru Oshirokita Shokikogi Oshirokita Oshirokita Oshirokita Suwihuto - Shokikogi Jejima - - Flohru Natsu Holleshoryu Katunazuma Pandaazuma Tenshinhan Tenshinhan Tsubame Shimodahito Holleshoryu Tenshinhan - - Kishikaisei Nagoya Andonishiki Jakusotsu Jakusotsu Jakusotsu Jakusotsu Reijinguoshan Andonishiki Reijinguoshan Oshirokita Oshirokita - Aki Haidouzo Jakusotsu Haidouzo Shokikogi Haidouzo Kishikaisei Profomisakari Gaijingai Oshirokita Oshirokita Wamahada Kyushu Shokikogi Tenshinhan Wamahada Shokikogi Shokikogi Wamahada Senkoho Shokikogi Oshirokita Oshirokita Kumanoyama Tenshinhan Benihana Sakura Pandaazuma Oshirokita 2018 Hatsu Joaoiyama Wamahada Suwihuto Jejima Suwihuto Wamahada Joaoiyama Joaoiyama Jejima Jejima RaeucherLax Sakura ScreechingOwl Wakatake Haru Natsu Nagoya Aki Kyushu
  24. HATSU 2018 TUG HALL OF FAME AWARD WINNER Yusho Joaoiyama (1st) Jun-Yusho Wamahada (1st) Shukun-sho Suwihuto (1st) Kanto-sho Suwihuto (1st) Gino-sho Jejima (1st) Achiyama-sho Wamahada (3rd) Kaizen-sho Joaoiyama (1st) Koujuo-sho Joaoiyama (1st) Kouritsu-sho Jejima (2nd) Kiken-sho Jejima (1st) Benifuun-sho RaeucherLax (1st) Sakura(1st) ScreechingOwl (1st) Wakatake (1st)
  25. GTB- the game that plays you..

    Badly wrong with the Ozekis but based on the entrries posted here I made the right decision with the Juryo promotions.. Myogiryu,Hidenoumi and Aoiyama.......... Of course we could all be wrong and Kyokutaisei could be in and Aoiyama out...- Normally I dont post mine but thats usually because I cant find it...... Have a laugh on me..... My entry... Kakuryu Y1 Hakuho Kisenosato Y2 Goeido Oz Takayasu Mitakeumi s Tochinoshin Ichinojo K Tamawashi (Another where I disagree with everyone else) Chiyotairyu M1 Endo Arawashi M2 Takarafuji Kotoshogiku M3 Takakeisho Shohozan M4 Chiyomaru Shodai M5 Onosho Hokutofuji M6 Kaisei Yoshikaze M7 Kagayaki Abi M8 Okinoumii Daiesho M9 Chiyoshoma Chiyonokui M10 Tochiozan Yutakayama M11 Ryuden Kotoyuki M12 Daishomaru Ikioi M13 Ishiura Sokokurai M14 Asanoyama Nishikigi M15 Myogiryu Daiamami M16 Hidenoumi Aoiyama M17 Please tell me where I go wrong and I may get better.....
  26. THE UNDERDOG GAME (TUG) 2018 HATSU WINNERS & SANSHO YUSHO: Joaoiyama 263 points JUN YUSHO: Tenshinhan 222 points 3rd PLACE: McBugger 223 points KANTO-SHO: Suwihuto 38 points [(8 (d2) + 10 (d3) + 10 (d4) + 10 (d5)] GINO-SHO: Jeiima 92 points [(28 (d4) + 34 (d12) + 30 (d13)] SHUKUN-SHO: Suwihuto 71 points ACHIYAMA-SHO: Wamahada 20 points (4 days with Golden Bonus points, d2, d3, d9 and d13) KAIZEN-SHO Joaoiyama 263 points improvement KOUJOU-SHO Soaoiyama 12 scoring days KOURITSU-SHO Jejima 29.0 average points/day (145 points/5 days) KIKEN-SHO Jejima 5 scoring days BENIFUUN-SHO RaeucherLax 2 days with missed opportunities for Golden Bonus points (d2 and d8) Sakura 2 days with missed opportunities for Golden Bonus points (d7 and d13) ScreechingOwl 2 days with missed opportunities for Golden Bonus points (d1 and d7) Wakatake 2 days with missed opportunities for Golden Bonus points (d4 and d15) There will be introduced Tiebreaking rules next basho! Congratulations to the 2018 Hatsu Yusho and Sansho winners !!! Thanks to all Gamers for your support of TUG and continuous participation. Hope to see you all in March at 2018 Haru Basho! I leave the same GOAL for 2018 Hatsu Basho - 45+ Participants !!! Hope we finally can achieve the Goal during the second basho of 2018! I'll need your help recruiting NEW Gamers! Best Regards, Achiyama, TUG Rijicho
  27. Haru jungyo 2018

    But Yoshikaze and Tomokaze then also did PR at the Kawasaki city hall for the jungyo on Apr. 13th PR for the Kashiwa jungyo by Tomozuna and Nishikijima o
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