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  2. Not saying its likely, but surely he is in a perfectly promotable position? 10-5 with results around him going his way, or more wins/yusho and it's perfectly possible? Osunaarishi went up with 9 wins from J6 recently and with the relative parity in Juryo at the moment anything is possible?
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  5. Aminishiki is not in a promotable position, unless a mass Makuuchi demotion occurs on the next banzuke. I don't see that happening. Perhaps he'll get a shot at it in September if he gets a good record now.
  6. The new shikona is derived from the shisho (former Komusubi Takamisugi), Taichi being his adopted oyakata given name (Chiganoura Taichi).
  7. Seki-Toto (play): If a Choshu-yuki yusho wasn't enough evidence already, the wacky Natsu basho was also borne out in the divisional results, where juryo outscored the top division by more than half a win. Oddly enough (or perhaps not), things mirrored the Quad results with good scores in the top half of makuuchi and the bottom half of juryo and below, and not so great results in between. That forced me to deviate from my already rather permissive banzuke-making style by being even more generous to a few kachikoshi from juryo, as the standard approach led to an M10-15 area that was just too much at odds with the rest of the banzuke (especially in the two 7-8's down there, who would have moved up rather than down). That section turned into quite the puzzle job, but I think the pieces now fit as well as they ever will. Anyway... Yokozuna Norizo had another average basho, scoring his 3rd 8-7 record in the last 12 months (the other scores were 11, 5 and 9). I'd raise an eyebrow at the mediocrity of it all, but it's not like we have a host of players who are more consistent than that right now. Ozeki Gurowake had a basho to remember - unfortunately, it'll be remembered for all the wrong reasons as he went 2-13. Already kadoban following a 6-9 in January and kosho in March, he now finds himself downed to sekiwake. Best of luck in the repromotion opportunity! Shin-ozeki Susanoo did much better and scored 10 wins, while ScreechingOwl posted his 3rd straight KK since re-ascending to the ozeki rank, albeit only an 8-7 this time. Randomitsuki was up for repromotion in May, but his 7-8 fell well short of the 10-win target. (For those scoring at home, yes, that does mean we've entirely turned over the ozeki squad in the last 5 tournaments, and only ScreechingOwl's immediate return last November has saved us from not even having two ozeki right now.) Outside of Randomitsuki only Profomisakari was reasonably close to an ozeki promotion before Natsu, having entered the basho with 20 wins, but he went just 8-7 giving him 19 in the latest two tournaments now, so his chances of making it have decreased. Pandaazuma takes over the sekiwake top spot for Nagoya following 10 wins, which also leaves him at 19 and with the same fighting chance for promotion. (Truth be told, if I had known what a mess the ozeki rank was going to turn into, I might have promoted him 12 months ago after his just-short 10/10/11 run...always annoying when one of the most consistent players remains at sekiwake because the stars just haven't quite aligned. Gimme 12 this time to seal the deal, will ya?) Enough babbling, here's the new banzuke. Norizo (Ye 8-7) Y - Susanoo (O2w 10-4-1) O ScreechingOwl (O1e 8-7) Pandaazuma (S1e 10-5) S1 Profomisakari (S3e 8-7) Gurowake (O1w 2-13) S2 Konosato (S1w kosho) Andoreasu (K1e 8-7) K1 Kitakachiyama (K2w 8-7) Choshu-yuki (M6e 12-3) K2 DeRosa (M2w 9-6) - K3 Randomitsuki (S2w 7-8) Taka (M4e 9-5-1) M1 Flohru (M2e 8-6-1) Kaiomitsuki (M4w 9-6) M2 Fujisan (M3e 8-7) Tainosen (M1e kosho) M3 Jakusotsu (M12w 12-3) Sebunshu (M9e 10-5) M4 Andonishiki (S2e 5-9-1) Toonoryu (M7w 9-6) M5 Bill (M7e 8-7) Mmikasazuma (K1w 5-9-1) M6 Unkonoyama (M9w 9-6) Kaiowaka (M8w 8-7) M7 Ganzohnesushi (M11e 9-6) Gaijingai (M3w 6-9) M8 Asashosakari (M1w 5-10) Kintamayama (M8e 7-8) M9 Kuroimori (J1w 10-5) Chishafuwaku (J2w 9-6) M10 Kotononami (M5e 4-11) Damimonay (J2e 8-7) M11 Haidouzo (M6w 4-11) Metzinowaka (M10w 6-9) M12 Terarno (J5e 9-6) Hakajusakari (M10e 5-8-2) M13 Herritarooo (M12e 6-9) Iepii (M13w 7-8) M14 Umigame (J8w 10-5) Anjoboshi (J9e 10-5) M15 Gernobono (J9w 10-5) Tenshinhan (J7e 9-6) J1 Rowitoro (M15w 7-6-2) GONZABUROW (J5w 8-7) J2 Andrasoyamawaka (J8e 9-6) Saruyama (M14e 6-6-3) J3 Fukurou (Ms1e 12-3) Takanorappa (M13e 5-10) J4 Frinkanohana (M14w 5-10) Benihana (M15e 5-10) J5 Sokkenaiyama (M5w 0-0-15) Gawasukotto (J3w 6-9) J6 Nantonoyama (J6w kosho) Sukubidubidu (J6e 7-8) J7 Hana-ichi (J4e 6-9) Onakaderu (J10w 8-6-1) J8 Takayumi (J4w 6-7-2) Chankoyama (J13e 9-6) J9 Ahokaina (J11w 8-6-1) Chisaiyama (J7w 7-8) J10 Kitsune (Ms4e 11-4) Neko (J3e 4-7-4) J11 Smoczayama (M11w 0-0-15) Getayukata (J11e kosho) J12 Ketsukai (J14e 8-7) Gaanaa (J10e 7-8) J13 Holleshoryu (J14w 8-7) Feginowaka (J1e 2-1-12) J14 Mariohana (J13w 7-8) Dan Koloff (J12e 6-9) Ms1 Achiyama (J12w 6-7-2) Suwihuto (Ms3e 7-5-3) Ms2 Ulishimaru (Ms3w 7-7-1) Tsuchinoninjin (Ms6e 7-8) Ms3 Sakura (NR 8-7) Konizan (Ms1w 4-10-1) Ms4 Gansekiiwa (Ms5w 5-10) Sherlockiama (Ms2w 3-12) Ms5 Takashidodo (Ms9w 6-4-5) Mukanibaru (Ms5e 3-7-5) Ms6 Takanokaze (Ms6w kosho) Kumojin (NR 5-10) Ms7 Bunijiman (Ms2e 0-0-15) Aome (Ms4w 0-0-15) Ms8 Jejima (Ms10e 2-12-1) Kitanoumi II (Ms8w 0-0-15) Ms9 Wolfgangho (Ms9e 0-0-15)
  8. Two changes to the top ten ranks here. Pitinosato (with a second consecutive kyujo) and Kitakachiyama are the players dropping out, to be replaced by a victorious returnee and a fast-rising newcomer. Yusho winner Taxinohana returns to the green ranks for the first time in almost four years, his previous appearance coming in 2013 Aki. Meanwhile, Nantonoyama is the 100th player to make his Top Ten debut since the ranking system began in late 2002. Pandaazuma is the 18th player to claim the coveted #1 rank, while Tamanaogijima is the 4th player to have participated in 100 GTB basho. Congrats! I believe Tiger Tanaka is the 7th player to record 29 or more Bullseye scores on GTB debut, and the first since Wakahanada in 2016 Nagoya. The record of 31 was jointly set in 2003 Kyushu by Bafa and Susanoo.
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  10. The lineups for Nagoya 2017: Tier 1 (Q) - Can Kotokamatani achieve back-to-back KKs in makushita for the first time? Tier 2 (Q) - Last basho's star performer Kiribayama received a smaller than expected promotion, but he does compete at a new career-high rank this time as he tries to advance further towards juryo. His fellow 6-1's Nakazono, Gokushindo and Hamayutaka did make sizable jumps and it'll be interesting to see how they cope. Tier 3 (Q) - Hakuyozan and Masunosho have reached the promotion zone, the latter for the first time. Meanwhile, last basho's makushita tsukedashi pair Yago and Mitoryu will have their sophomore efforts following their rather divergent debut results, while the recent sandanme starters Murata and Wakatakakage have moved up to makushita. Tier 4 (Q) - After two and a half years, Daiseido has exactly equalled his previous high rank of Ms3e. Will this push up the rankings be more successful for the former top prospect?
  11. There have been some recent posts about ex-Hokutoriki's arm wrestling pursuits, which reminds me of multi-sporter Alexey Voevoda. He won multiple world championships in arm wrestling and defeated John Brzenk, who is regarded by many to be the greatest arm wrestler of all-time. He then quit the sport and won a world championship and two Olympic gold medals in bobsleigh.
  12. *if Aminishiki makes it back to makuuchi, he will be the oldest returnee/promotee to makuuchi in the new era. I calculated from birthday to shonichi after promotion. Aminishiki (14222) would beat Tosanoumi (14087) by 135 days.
  13. Growing up in Queens being a Mets and Jets fan...hating the Patriots.. Brady is a great quarterback and nice to see him get some sumo appreciation.
  14. 1. Takakeisho 2. Endo 3. Tamawashi
  15. Well, North Korea is still worrisome for Takayasu... Understandable
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  17. Jaroslav Drobny. I never heard of him until now. He must have been a great athlete and a great man.
  18. I think even more remarkable is this guy. Not only was he world class in both his sports, but the sports themselves were quite different (much more so than tennis and ping-pong)
  19. This has turned into an interesting thread! It used to be that professional sportsmen weren't very well paid, so they either had to have 'independent means' or they turned to another sport in the off season. There used to be lots of British footballers who turned into cricketers in the summer, and vice versa. It's a thing of the past now, though. The last one I can remember was Ian Botham playing cricket for England and football for Scunthorpe United back in the early 80s, and it wasn't a matter of necessity by then. Nowadays just about everyone has figured out that you have to start young, live healthily and concentrate on your speciality if you are ever going to be world class. That's how team GB has done so disproportionately well at the Olympics over the last decade. National Lottery funding for the training of coaches and the building of sports facilities began in the mid-90s and it's really paying off now, even though we're pretty late adopters compared to the former Soviet Bloc and China. Formula 1 used to be a playboy's game. Even those with lowly roots soon picked up the lifestyle. James Hunt was a party animal who drank hard, womanised wantonly, and usually smoked a spliff before he got into the car, which he then drove hard. He won the championship in 1976. After that he won the 'Superstars' TV tournament, which pitted just-past-their-best sportsmen against each other in a variety of disciplines - and he was up against actual sportsmen, which I think shows the overall standard at the time. In F1 that sort of lifestyle carried on into the mid-90s, until Schumacher turned up. His massive edge was his unbelievable fitness; he trained hard to improve his stamina, so he could drive the last lap as well as the first. None of that drinking and smoking for him! No one could deny how effective it was and nowadays everyone emulates him. Even playboy rookie Jensen Button turned into an ultra-fit world champion who did ironman triathlons on the side! Bringing it back to sumo, I believe the late great Chiyonofuji was a good example of this change of attitude. For years he was a real lightweight who slingshotted up and down the banzuke. Then he packed in smoking (in the belief it would help him gain weight, which it did) and he started weight training (to strengthen his dislocating shoulders), so he was almost inadvertantly living a healthier life and increasing his stamina... Anyway, my point is that back in the day I think it was a lot easier to be outstanding in more than one sport, provided you had the will and the means to devote yourself to practise/training, simply because the competition wasn't all that fierce - unless you were unlucky enough to come up against a rare fellow devotee.
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  21. John, as you can see, Washuyama did. I mentioned Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson in my previous posts. They both were outstanding, but I centered my thinking about contemporary athletes. I completely forgot about Jim Thorpe. Having such enormous skills and using modern training methods, if he was active at the same time as Sanders and Jackson, I have no doubts that he would have been at least their equals and probably would have even surpassed their feats.
  22. Yay, he's remembered how to look happy! Seriously, I want to seeing Takayasu enjoying his achievements - he's earned it! I just don't get the misery guts pose with the banzuke.
  23. I would have thought the odds too great against him to KK this time, but if all those who say Ura will get an easier, almost sanyaku-free slate are correct then those odds are very much shortened. From his current position a simple 8-7 could see him catapulted straight to komusubi for Aki, because at least 6 of the 7 immediately above him could easily MK, some of them quite badly. Anyway, back to reality! I'm a fan too, but I'm not actually hoping for anything better than a 6-9, and I'll be pleasantly surprised if just one from Ura, Takakeisho or Hokutofuji can KK this time.
  24. A discussion on the greatest multi-sport athletes and no one has mentioned Jim Thorpe? For shame.
  25. My boy's not going 0-11. :) Well, predicting the future is such a dicey business, but how many of the folks here had him at 11-4 last basho? I'm a fan and I was just hoping for a second kachi. Now, I'm pulling for three in a row, never mind the odds.
  26. Endo Tamawashi takakeisho
  27. That's the reason mentioned as new recruit, again in some articles on promotion. more pics and vids TV news pages with videos: more news videos: NHK news11: morning news: Mitakeumi o o o o o o o $o o o celebrations in Agematsu-town o ooo last Nagano sekiwake Takanobori, later as Oyama-oyakata: ozeki promotion of his deshi Matsunobori o o o - the last ozeki from Nagano was - RAIDEN ! return makuuchi Nishikigi o Asanoyama o Takayasu o o o o o o o o o o $o $o $o oo
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