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  2. Bench Sumo Quiz - Part 1 (of 5)

    Question 2: The seven players listed, along with Doitsuyama, round out the top 8 for career wins in Bench Sumo. In reverse order, (career wins in brackets), they are as follows:- [Three others included for interest, to make it a top 10...] [=10 Leonishiki and Jakusotsu (679)] [9. Flohru (687)] 8. Sherlockiama (699) - Yes the Big Red Sumo Motor needs just one more win in November to join the 700+ club. 7. Takanorappa (742) 6. Gaijingai (794) - Easily the most popular pick! The foreign ruler of the dohyo will be hoping to join the 800+ club in November. 5. Oshirokita (800) - Nice round number! 4. Kintamayama (802) 3. Jejima (803) - and I only got one vote Which means the joint number 1 with Doitsuyama is.... =1. Chijanofuji (805) He was correctly guessed by.... Chijanofuji(insider knowledge?!?), Gaijingai, Marushiki, furanohana and Leonishiki. I imagine that by the end of the November basho, it will be a battle between Chijanofuji, Jejima, Kintamayama and possibly Oshirokita to be the new number one in career wins! Hoshitori Chijanofuji (1-1) Flohru (1-1) furanohana (1-1) Gaijingai (1-1) Ganzohnesushi (1-1) kuroimori (1-1) Leonishiki (1-1) Marushiki (1-1) Nekonishiki (1-1) Oshirokita (1-1) Andonishiki (0-2) chishafuwaku (0-2) Gernobono (0-2) Getayukata (0-2) Gurowake (0-2) Jakusotsu (0-0-2) Kaiomitsuki (0-2) Kintamayama (0-2) Kotononami (0-2) Pitinosato (0-2) Randomitsuki (0-2) Rubensan (0-2) Ruziklao (0-2) Unkonoyama (0-2)
  3. Bench Sumo Quiz - Part 1 (of 5)

    Here are the answers and results of the Bench Sumo Quiz. Due to the nature of the quiz, I would say that anybody who gets 3 or more correct overall, has done well.... I have not checked ahead to see who is the winner, but will go through the answers one-by-one.... Apart from Question 1, the data was all taken from Takanorappa's excellent Bench Sumi Ichimon Website. Part 1: Question 1 Although Gaijingai (the most popular choice for this question), Marushiki and Nekonishiki all appeared on the very first banzuke (and competed in the very first official Bench basho), none of them took part in the trial '7 day basho'. On day 1, in the fourth bout of the day, Chijanofuji got the first ever perfect score, when he thrashed Jejima 14-6. That means the victor in the very first bout of Bench Sumo was Maeden, winning 12-7 against Kintamayama. Flohru, Ganzohnesushi, Nekonishiki, Oshirokita and kuroimori all got this correct. Hoshitori Flohru (1-0) Ganzohnesushi (1-0) kuroimori (1-0) Nekonishiki (1-0) Oshirokita (1-0) Andonishiki (0-1) Chijanofuji (0-1) chishafuwaku (0-1) furanohana (0-1) Gaijingai (0-1) Gernobono (0-1) Getayukata (0-1) Gurowake (0-1) Jakusotsu (0-0-1) Leonishiki (0-1) Kaiomitsuki (0-1) Kintamayama (0-1) Kotononami (0-1) Marushiki (0-1) Pitinosato (0-1) Randomitsuki (0-1) Rubensan (0-1) Ruziklao (0-1) Unkonoyama (0-1)
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  5. Aki jungyo 2017

    It is good to see terunofuji join the jungyo but how is he going to perform in the Kyushu Basho? Can he really get 10 wins to keep his Ozeki rank? He really needs to heal but as he said, whether he competes or rests it's not going to improve his current injuries. Would love to see him get his 10 wins but I think it might be too much for him.
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  7. Ex-Wakashimazu grave injury

    Probably an epidural hemorrhage (bleeding in the space between skull and the dura mater. If properly treated with surgery to remove the blood, he should make a full recovery.
  8. A short documentary from 2014 on French German ARTE TV about Japanese food in São Paulo has from 14-18min a bar that also serves chanko nabe and then a nice dohyo where local amateurs train. The link is at first the French dubbed original, you can switch to German and French with French subtitles: VOD till Oct. 28th
  9. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    The ex-sekitori conspirators plotting some malevolent schemes for the upcoming Kyushu Basho.
  10. Aki jungyo 2017

    Kashiba (19th) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o papers Terunofuji joined the jungyo in Kashiba ooo oo o o o o Harumafuji with Chiyonokuni o o oo final bout as usual Hakuho-Kisenosato o Tsu o Goeido with Shodai o more Ichinomiya videos Kisenosato-Kakuryu Kisenosato doyho-iri PR for and in Okayama on the 24th by Tanigawa o and for Yabu on the 25th by Sendagawa o
  11. Ex-Wakashimazu grave injury

    Nishonoseki had no apparent outward injuries and also the bicycle wasn't damaged. He was seen covered in mud on his bike and on a nearby field there were the signs of someone having fallen down multiple times - most likely it was him. It was mentioned that already in the sauna he was in bad shape. He obviously hasn't really regained consciousness, news only mention that he reacts and has started to move his hand. Many news and some wide show videos from today ANN Tokudane NNN NHK pics jiji DB with plenty of old ones ooo o o o o o the okamisan and the daughter and many NSK officials went to the hospital - the heya's Minatogawa is the one talking to the press o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
  12. Ex-Wakashimazu grave injury

    Here's hoping he makes a full recovery. Swami
  13. I changed my prediction system and don't keep track of anything that can be used to assess someone's peak rating. While I have the ability to run the ratings as of any date, I don't keep track of them and I don't have a need for old ratings after new results come about. I don't even really look at the rating numbers, but just the outputs after all the calculations regarding who to pick for which game, which take into account probable scheduling and head-to-head results as well as raw rating (and are influenced somewhat by each game's rules).
  14. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Hey whatcha got in there!
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  16. Rikishi and oyakata CM activities

    Today in the 3hour special by MinoMonta and Downtown (one is the main character in the QTTA CMs) , Kokonoe-oyakata was guest and the subject was Chiyomaru: the most popular rikishi in the heya now - just 2min:
  17. Ex-Wakashimazu grave injury

    Minatogawa-oyakata assured the public in an interview from the hospital that surgery was successful - the doctors declared that there is no life threatening situation now. Nishonoseki was on the way home to the heya from a sauna and hit the ground with his head when he fell down with his bicycle - cause for that unknown. He was conscious when he was found and is partially conscious now - but he sleeps in the ICU after 4 hours of surgery.
  18. @Randomitsuki, @Gurowake. care to update us on Kisenosato’s peak ELO by the end of 2017?
  19. NSFW GTB - Kyushu 2017

    Not at all confident about these, but here we go:
  20. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Guess who farted.
  21. Ex-Wakashimazu grave injury

    pics from the location in Funabashi o o o o o o o o o o oo o o old pics appearing as well in the papers are not really an encouraging sign o o o
  22. 6 polyps removed from ex-Kyokutenho's colon

    Reading the thread headlines this morning, it said 6 polyps removed from ex-Kyokutenho's colon by Katooshu and I thought "wow ... you the man! On a more informative note, some people naturally develop benign polyps; I have them removed every five years during my colonoscopy.
  23. Ex-Wakashimazu grave injury
  24. Ex-Wakashimazu grave injury

    Top shimpan Nishonoseki (Wakashimazu) was found fallen down with his bicycle by pedestrians in Funabashi, Chiba. He was brought to a hospital with cerebral contusion where he got emergency surgery - he is still unconscious and in a critical state.
  25. Aki jungyo 2017

    I'm expecting big things from Asanoyama this next basho. I was really cheering him on in the last basho. With the last basho and some very good training experience this jungyo I look forward to seeing him in Kyushu. I have tickets for day 8 & 9. Just hope all the Yokozuna are in good shape and I will be a very pleased sumo fan.
  26. Aki jungyo 2017

    Ozeki Goueidou (I'm a choker, I'm a poker, I'm a kadoban every other basho-er, even if it doesn't rhyme) faced Shoudai yesterday for five bouts and won them all. This was the first time this jungyo he actually had real bouts, doing only butsugari until now. the reason for only five bouts was that the dohyo was busy and Kakuryuu was eager to face Asanoyama as well. "It was OK that it was short, since he could show a lot of enthusiasm.." said Takanohana, head of the jungyo department. "I wanted to do more, but it was so-so, and my body is gradually getting better and I'm feeling good so it starts from now.." retorted Goueidou. It's not written anywhere, but it seems like Goueidou was injured in some way at some point. Sekiwake bound Terunofuji has joined the jungyo today. "I'm not really thinking about my demotion. If I don't have self-confidence I can't do sumo. I'll be building up that confidence," he said. He did some shiko, suriashi and push-ups. "I would be lying if I said there is no pain. It won't heal even if I rest. I have no choice but to go out there hand in hand with the pain.." he said.
  27. 6 polyps removed from ex-Kyokutenho's colon

    It is very common for people who are nearing or recently turned 40 to get a full physical exam called a ningen dokku. Most companies and organizations encourage staff to have them done.
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