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  2. Someone connected to sumo has told me I can have up to 18 Day Seven tickets. Isu (chair) A four rows from the front. Cost per ticket is 23,000 and it comes with an authentic tegata and photo of a former star as well as some other original sumo goods. I make nothing on this offer. I'm just passing it along because I think some people are still looking for tickets. I bought two myself and am still deciding what to do with them. Probably will use them as a competition prize on our site.
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  4. The crop on the profile photo makes it seem like I'm going full Tony Montana open shirt. I don't speak Hawaiian but yeah, reaction seems to be universally positive.
  5. Quote: "Various yokozuna on the regional tour called out the 25 year-old Kumamoto (Shodai) native for extra training, which is a good indicator that they see him as someone with a bright future." I think the Yokozuna were just doing Moti a favour here, supporting him in his belief that Shodai will be the next Ozeki But maybe it helps, he sure got a lot of potential but IMO he just looks like he´s not fully motivated / genki enough in some bouts.
  6. Column inches cost money. Space is limited in a newspaper. No room for big names. Anything over nine letters has no hope of getting in.
  7. A really nice read! And the ausence of some big names in your column are very significant
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  9. My attempt: Yokozuna E: Kisenosato Y2w (13-2) Yokozuna W: Kakuryu Y1w (10-5) Yokozuna E2: Harumafuji Y2e (10-5) Yokozuna W2: Hakuho Y1e (2-3-10) Ozeki E: Terunofuji O1w (13-2) Ozeki W: Goeido O1e (1-5-9) Ozeki E2: None Ozeki W2: None Ozeki E3: None Ozeki W3: None Sekiwake E: Takayasu S1w (12-3) Sekiwake W: Kotoshogiku S2e (9-6) Sekiwake E2: Tamawashi S1e (8-7) Sekiwake W2: None Komusubi E: Mitakeumi K1e (9-6) Komusubi W: Yoshikaze M4e (8-7) Komusubi E2: None Komusubi W2: None Maegashira E: Chiyonokuni M6e (9-6) Maegashira W: Okinoumi M8w (10-5) Maegashira E2: Endo M5e (8-7) Maegashira W2: Chiyoshoma M7w (9-6) Maegashira E3: Daieisho M11e (11-4) Maegashira W3: Takarafuji M3w (7-8) Maegashira E4: Takanoiwa M2w (6-9) Maegashira W4: Aoiyama M6w (8-7) Maegashira E5: Tochiozan M10w (10-5) Maegashira W5: Shodai K1w (4-11) Maegashira E6: Takekaze M1e (5-10) Maegashira W6: Ikioi M1w (5-10) Maegashira E7: Takakeisho M13e (11-4) Maegashira W7: Hokutofuji M5w (7-8) Maegashira E8: Shohozan M3e (5-10) Maegashira W8: Sokokurai M2e (4-11) Maegashira E9: Ichinojo M7e (6-9) Maegashira W9: Kagayaki M9e (7-8) Maegashira E10: Tochinoshin M10e (7-8) Maegashira W10: Ura M12w (8-7) Maegashira E11: Arawashi M4w (3-10-2) Maegashira W11: Ishiura M11w (7-8) Maegashira E12: Toyohibiki J3w (10-5) Maegashira W12: Onosho J2w (9-6) Maegashira E13: Tokushoryu M15w (8-7) Maegashira W13: Daishomaru M13w (7-8) Maegashira E14: Chiyotairyu J1w (8-7) Maegashira W14: Kotoyuki M9w (5-10) Maegashira E15: Oyanagi J4w (9-6) Maegashira W15: Kaisei M8e (3-7-5) Maegashira E16: Myogiryu M14e (6-9) And a few weeks after making it I am actually still quite happy with it, although maybe didn't demote Shodai enough and was a bit harsh on Takakeisho.
  10. I bet @John Gunning has been there.
  11. "Takayasu’s outstanding 12-3 record in March, on the heels of an 11-4 mark in January, means that in theory he only needs 10 wins next time out to make it to sumo’s second-highest rank. He’s managed that in four of the past five tournaments and seems energized by his stablemate Kisenosato’s recent upturn."
  12. Hmmm.. Someone who actually knows what he's talking about and has info from the inside? Got to be fake news. And not a word about Takayasu? Can't be you, Nishinoshima.
  13. I thought I might be misinterpreting how the ranks would work in Sekiwake, and so it turns out. Otherwise, a lottery in many ways. Kisenosato Y Kakuryu Harumafuji Y Hakuho Terunofuji O Goeido Tamawashi S Takayasu Kotoshogiku S Mitakeumi K Yoshikaze Chiyonokuni M1 Okinoumi Chiyoshoma M2 Endo Daieisho M3 Aoiyama Tochiozan M4 Takarafuji Takanoiwa M5 Takakeisho Takekaze M6 Ikioi Hokutofuji M7 Shodai Shohozan M8 Sokokurai Ichinojo M9 Kagayaki Ura M10 Toyohibiki Tochinoshin M11 Tokushoryu Ishiura M12 Kotoyuki Arawashi M13 Onosho Chiyotairyu M14 Oyanagi Daishomaru M15 Kaisei Osunaarashi M16
  14. Isn't it the current one?
  15. Also for a yokozuna set there are some with characters designed by manga artists though, but not for manga and anime More famous is this one from Yanase My post about the kinnikuman kesho mawashi apparently is one of the many that have been slaughtered by the forum update Local mascot characters from the rikishi's place of origin are also quite common recently Sadanoumi has Kumamon, Tokushoryu got one with Nara's Sento-kun I'll post more about the manga ones later
  16. Pure coincidence, but that's the name of one of my high school classmates!
  17. Congrats Aoiyama and Chiyonokuni! Both definitely Kinboshis!
  18. Joining Oguruma-beya is 22-year-old Yuta Minami, who graduated in March from Nippon Sports Science University, same as his senior stablemate Yoshikaze. The press report him as 180cm, 165kg currently. Third from right with the sky blue tie. Also, the two new gyoji made their first appearance during the Haru jungyo, here they are courtesy of the Kyokai.
  19. More about Chiyonofuji: this figurine will be on display at the Wonder Festival 2017 in Chiba's Makuhari messe on July 30th (the day before his death anniversary) and later son sale. more pics on the maker's blog: The family and the koenkai had given their OK.
  20. I put him at 12 and promoted. He can do it if he wants it bad enough. The time is good with possibly five beat-up yokozuna and ozeki by the end of the basho, and the tear he's been on this year makes him a handful for the guys down the banzuke. It's up to him.
  21. That's a rom-com movie waiting to happen.
  22. Great work, John! I'm looking forward to reading your ongoing column!
  23. Fake news? / Searingly insightful column? You decide. Hint: It's the latter Link.
  24. I love the commentary! But realise that it is time-consuming.
  25. Ishiura will have his model debut: for a men's FASHION magazine - Warp magazine. 4 pages in the July edition, on sale May 24th (I guess I'll have to get it, but maybe I'll wait till it's 1yen 2nd hand next year) He'll likely will post some pics about it on this profile: hopefully that won't be the next fashion for men
  26. New Sumo ABC about the public May soken.
  27. Not another uchi-deshi for Hakuho: Toki Oota 大田斗葵 (19, 174cm, 127kg) from Kotoura-town, Tottori, simply enters Miyagino-beya. He graduated in March from Tottori high and wanted to join the same heya as sempai Ishiura: "I want to get to makuuchi quickly." Team yusho at the high school selection tournament in Feb. 2016, but he injured his knee in June that year and was sidelined for other tournaments his club mates won - the frustration about this became an impetus to go on and join the pros. His shikona is planned to be Toki, but rather not with the same kanji as his first name - undecided yet which to use. The press conference to announce it was on the 24th at the school, with Miyagino-oyakata and headmaster and head sumo coach Ishiura (the father): "I want him to go for training which makes him avoid injuries. "The shin-deshi kensa is on May 1st. He will be the 13th active rikishi from Tottori high origin. His amateur results in more detail here: The 2nd time I hear Toki these days - also the name of the middle brother on Kise's Hokuto-no-ken mawashi set.
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