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  2. Bench World Cup 2018

    The GD is right. You didn’t notice Jejima’s VAR of all scores after Round 1. He found out that I overscored your match with Maeden. After that I posted the updated Scoring and Standings Tables. Sorry for any inconveniences.
  3. Bench World Cup 2018

    Group G round 2 results and standings: Chijanofuji also managed an impressive GBL: 5W, 1D, 5L. Fujiko would have needed a GBL of her own to make a dent. This translates to a 3-0 win to Chijanofuji and he tops the group. Boltono's slim chances were dashed by Colombia's outclassing of Poland and he succumbed to a 2-1 defeat to Achiyama. Standings: 1. Chijanofuji 6 points (GD +6) [6F, 0A] 2. Achiyama 3 points (GD -2) [2F, 4A] 2. Fujiko 3 points (GD -2) [2F, 4A] 4. Boltono 0 points (GD -2) [2F, 4A] Chijanofuji has now qualified and is almost certain to finish in first place. Achiyama and Fujiko have identical records and so will fight it out for the remaining spot in round 3. A draw would leave us needing further tie-breakers. Boltono has been eliminated and will face Chijanofuji in a bout that is just for fun.
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  5. Bench World Cup 2018

    Pandaazuma should have a GD of +3. 2-0 win in the first match. 1-0 in this one.
  6. Perfect Team - Indefinite Hiatus

    Dear All, It is with regret that I write this, but with a lot of things going on in life, I am unable to continue doing the Perfect Team game at this time. Finding out all the eligible players for this game requires that I keep up with the Ozumo consecutive match tracker thread which I am not even done with for Haru 2018. Hopefully when things are on the right track in life for myself, I can get this game up and running again, but the preparation is simply too much for me right now. For those of you who were playing this game, I thank you for tagging along for the ride. I encourage you to try out my other game, Class Dismissed if you haven't played it yet. I do have another game idea which won't be as time consuming for me and I think will be quite a bit of an interesting idea for the rest of you, maybe it's been tried before, maybe not. We shall see. Until then, WAKATAKE
  7. Bench World Cup 2018

    Here is the scoring in Group "H" after the completion of all matches. Match #1 - Pandaazuma wins 1:0 over Fi Lik. Match #2 - Maeden's chain never got broken but he managed to score only 2 goals. He wins 2:0 over droning Suwihuto. MATCH #1 PANDAAZUMA FI LIK SQUAD Goals SQUAD Goals 1. Portugal 0 W 1. Russia 0 W 2. Uruguay ( C ) 1 W 2. Morocco L 3. Germany 0 W 3. Belgium W 4. Argentina 0 L 4. Panama L 5. Switzerland 0 W 5. Colombia W 6. Japan ( R ) 0 D 6. Senegal ( R ) D 7. Poland L 7. England W 8. Sweden L 8. France W 9. Egypt L 9. South Korea L 10. Iran L 10. Switzerland ( C ) W 11. Saudi Arabia L 9. Egypt L WINNER 1 LOSER 0 MATCH #2 SUWIHUTO MAEDEN SQUAD Goals SQUAD Goals 1. Belgium 0 W 1. Germany 0 W 2. Mexico 0 W 2. Nigeria ( C ) 0 W 3. Brazil 0 W 3. Mexico 0 W 4. England - 4. England - 5. Poland ( R ) L 5. Argentina 0 L 6. Uruguay W 6. Japan 0 D 7. Sweden L 7. Colombia ( R ) 2 W 8. Morocco L 8. Australia 0 D 9. Egypt ( C ) L 9. Saudi Arabia 0 L 10. Saudi Arabia L 10. Poland 0 L 11. South Korea L 8. Sweden 0 L LOSER 0 WINNER 2 Standings after Round 2 Standing Name GP W D L GS GA GD Points 1 PANDAAZUMA 2 2 0 0 2 0 2 6 2 MAEDEN 2 1 0 1 2 1 1 3 3 SUWIHUTO 2 1 0 1 1 2 -1 3 4 FI LIK 2 0 0 2 0 2 -2 0
  8. GTB - Nagoyim 2018 Basho - Deadline extended 24 hours

    54 for me. I think. I had Chiyotairyu M6 Takarafuji Daieisho M7 Endo I wasn't lenient enough with Endo's demotion and that cost me a fair amount of points.
  9. Bench World Cup 2018

    No. Although persistent drones (without good reason) may be black-listed for any future competitions.
  10. Bench World Cup 2018

    If only Argentina had managed to win their match, then Bae Dat would have won.... (I know.... 'ifs' and 'buts' don't matter). Looks like my whole family got beat in round 2! Must try harder for round 3.
  11. Bench World Cup 2018

    Group A final results for Round 2Nekonishiki (Russia): 1. Portugal, 2. Brazil, 3. Belgium, 4. Colombia, 5. Mexico, 6. Russia ®, 7. Serbia, 8. Saudi Arabia, 9. Peru ©, 10. Iran, 11. MoroccoComment: A 6-link chain is expected vs Crall (Egypt): 1. Spain, 2. Belgium, 3. Uruguay, 4. Portugal, 5. Switzerland, 6. Egypt ®, 7. Poland ©, 8. Panama, 9. Costa Rica, 10. Sweden, 11. Iran Jejima: If this were bench Sumo, I would say that both teams managers were impressive with their Ganbare line-ups! (Unbroken chain of winners, followed by all the losers), so there was nothing more that Crall could have done - his team was simply out-classed by Nekonishiki! Final score Nekonishiki 2-0 Crall (a direct result of the real match between their representative teams). Furanohana (Uruguay): 1 Portugal, 2 France, 3 Uruguay (R), 4 Japan (C), 5 Iceland, 6 Mexico, 7 Argentina, 8 Tunisia, 9 Russia, 10 Sweden, 11 Panama vs Atenzan (Saudi Arabia): 1. England, 2. Germany (C), 3. Russia, 4. Argentina, 5. Colombia, 6. Switzerland, 7. Nigeria, 8. Japan, 9. Serbia, 10. Australia, 11. Saudi Arabia (R) Comment: Costa Rica are going to beat Brazil 2-1. You heard it here first. Jejima: With Japan's draw (I think you can really blame Argentina's upset loss earlier, though), the win will go to Furanohana - but by how many goals? Furanohana scores a first goal in slot 3, and another goal with his (C) team Japan getting a draw in slot 4, as Atenzan's chain is broken. Furanohana's chain is broken in slot 5, so game over. Final score: Furanohana 2-0 Atenzan I am going to use Achiyama's excellent table (from Round 1) to update for after round 2.... Standings after Round 1 Standing Name GP W D L GS GA GD Points 1 FURANOHANA 2 2 0 0 5 0 5 6 2 NEKONISHIKI 2 2 0 0 3 0 3 6 3 ATENZAN 2 0 0 2 0 3 -3 0 4 CRALL 2 0 0 2 0 5 -5 0 Well, Furanohana and Nekonishiki have already booked their progress to the next round of the Bench World Cup. Atenzan and Crall have booked their places in the last 16 of the Bench World Saucer. Round 3 will be just about deciding seeding among these players for the round of 16 stages, as Furanohana will face Nekonishiki, and Atenzan will take on Crall (can either of these two get their first goal at this BWC?). I actually have round 3 line-ups from all three, but I am awaiting confirmation that the two line-ups sent in 3 weeks ago will not be modified, based on seeing form.
  12. Bench World Cup 2018

    Here is the scoring in Group "F" after the completion of all matches. Match #1 - Shatsume wins 2:0 over Chocshoporyu. Match #2 - Andonshiki wins 1:0 over droning Benihana. MATCH #1 CHOCSHOPORYU SHATSUME SQUAD Goals SQUAD Goals 1. Germany 0 W 1. England 0 W 2. England 0 W 2. Uruguay 0 W 3. Belgium ( C ) 0 W 3. Mexico ( R ) 1 W 4. Colombia 0 W 4. Spain 0 W 5. Egypt L 5. Belgium 1 W 6. Switzerland W 6. Poland L 7. Poland L 7. Australia D 8. Japan D 8. Nigeria W 9. South Korea ( R ) L 9. Sweden ( C ) L 10. Sweden L 10. Japan D 11. Saudi Arabia - 11. Saudi Arabia - LOSER 0 WINNER 2 MATCH #2 ANDONISHIKI BENIHANA SQUAD Goals SQUAD Goals 1. Portugal 1 W 1. Sweden ( R ) 0 L 2. Argentina L 2. Mexico ( C ) W 3. Germany ( R ) W 3. Germany W 4. Mexico W 4. Argentina L 5. Russia W 5. Portugal W 6. Iceland L 6. Uruguay W 7. Costa Rica L 7. Poland L 8. Senegal D 8. Iceland L 9. Australia D 9. Japan D 10. Croatia W 10. Australia D 11. Saudi Arabia ( C ) L 11. Panama L WINNER 1 LOSER 0 Standings after Round 2 Standing Name GP W D L GS GA GD Points 1 SHATSUME 2 2 0 0 4 0 4 6 2 BENIHANA 2 1 0 1 2 1 1 3 3 ANDONISHIKI 2 0 0 1 1 2 -1 3 4 CHOCSHOPORYU 2 0 0 2 0 4 -4 0
  13. GTB - Nagoyim 2018 Basho - Deadline extended 24 hours

    First attempt, a poor 42 points. Koteko's promotion was less than I'd thought. Onosho, 12-3 from J1w, gets M11. Kotoeko, 11-4 from J2e, gets (only) M14?!? Ryuden's demotion was worse than I'd thought. Chiyomaru, 5-10 from M7, gets M10 (which I got correct - yay me). Ryuden, 3-12 from M7, gets slammed down to M15?!? For the most part, most of my misses were off by only one rank, so there's that consolation.
  14. 21 Nagoya 18

    A A B B B B B A B A B B A A B A A A B A A
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  16. GTB - Nagoyim 2018 Basho - Deadline extended 24 hours

    Chiyonokuni behind Ikioi
  17. Banzuke for Nagoya 2018

    Eleven shikona changes in total, including shin-Juryo Churanoumi which the Kyokai announced rather haphazardly along with his promotion. He has also changed the given name - Kizaki Shinji > Churanoumi Yoshihisa. Two changes in Sadogatake-beya. Kotokumazoe is now Kotoozutsu, the second kanji there is rare but notable, being part of the 18th Yokozuna's shikona. Given name change as well - Kotokumazoe Ginjiro > Kotoozutsu Kunihiro. Elsewhere, it's taken a while but Kotokojima has also taken a proper shikona and a new given name too. Kotokojima Ken > Kotonoumi Kenta. Three changes in recently established Futagoyama-beya. Hayashi has switched to using his (real) given name as his shikona, and has therefore taken a different given name for his shikona. Hayashi Maikeru > Maikeru Shuki. Meanwhile, Soma is now Kotakiyama, and finally Yabuoka is now Raiga - the second kanji there is from the shisho. In Shikoroyama-beya, the older Nagaya brother gets his first proper shikona. Nagaya Kaito > Tetsujin Isao. Takanohana-beya's Hara gets the traditional first kanji from the shisho, while the third kanji is part of his (real) given name. The middle kanji is also used in his new given name, with a different reading. Interesting to me, although I have no idea how common that kind of thing is. Hara Hiroki > Takamasaki Shosuke. Miyagino-beya's Nakano is now Takemaru. Perhaps it will give the traditional change of luck as he seeks the first kachi-koshi of his short career. He has only ever been one win short, with five 3-4 records so far. Asahiyama-beya's Hironaka is the first not to get an Asahi- shikona, instead he is honoured with the second kanji from the shisho. Hironaka Ryu > Hayatonishiki Yuki. Finally, Kokonoe-beya's Kinoshita is now Chiyotaiyo as he joins the banzuke for the first time. I thought it might be helpful to actually include the given name changes on the list. J14w Kizaki Shinji > Churanoumi Yoshihisa (美ノ海 義久) Sd53w Hayashi Maikeru > Maikeru Shuki (舞蹴 修樹) Sd56w Kotokumazoe Ginjiro > Kotoozutsu Kunihiro (琴砲 国太) Sd89e Kotokojima Ken > Kotonoumi Kenta (琴ノ海 絢太) Jd29w Nagaya Kaito > Tetsujin Isao (錣迅 功) Jd87e Soma > Kotakiyama (小滝山) Jd97e Hara Hiroki > Takamasaki Shosuke (貴正樹 正輔) Jd104e Yabuoka > Raiga (雷雅) Jk8w Nakano > Takemaru (竹丸) Jk19e Hironaka Ryu > Hayatonishiki Yuki (勇錦 佑紀) Jk29e Kinoshita > Chiyotaiyo (千代太陽)
  18. Banzuke for Nagoya 2018

    Ura is now at Sandanme 30. The good news is that he should do extremely well at such a low level. The bad news is that he has a long, long way to come back to his highest rank of M4 and with his acrobatic style of sumo, it's quite possible he could get injured again.
  19. Banzuke for Nagoya 2018

    You always have to look at the greater context. You can't compare how tightly or loosely one area of the banzuke is packed versus another. Where Chiyomaru was there was a massive lack of rikishi to be put anywhere near there, which is part of the reason I assume Yutakayama was slotted in there. Which then raises the question: how did Yutakayama and Chiyomaru end up ahead of Nishikigi but behind Myogiryu? It's sorta the same thing as I mentioned above with Tochiozan, except there's at least an additional slot between the two; I can imagine that some thought they were bringing them both way too far up the banzuke, whereas others wanted to make sure Chiyomaru and Yutakayama got demoted enough. Did they actually take into account that they severely under-demoted Nishikigi last basho?
  20. Bench World Cup 2018

    In my post, I did write this.... With apologies to the Group H teams (Senegal, Japan, Poland and Colombia), Belgium (especially) and England (just about - not 100% sure about Colombia....), could probably expect to beat any of those four teams, and so might have their eyes on the quarter-finals., in my defence, I am not 100% sure about Colombia. Additionally, England has not been beaten in their last 12 matches (9 wins, 3 draws), so a bit of confidence around the team. Colombia's last 12 matches are 3 wins (including last night), 6 draws and 3 losses. So, maybe a draw in extra time, after which England will lose on penalties (as usual).
  21. Banzuke for Nagoya 2018

    I knew I was likely to be wrong putting Chiyotairyu ahead of Yoshikaze, but I'm systematic to a fault and that's what my system said. But Endo ahead of Chiyotairyu? When I looked at it just now I was like "did I forget to add the extra leniency for Komusubi demotions?" but they went a stage beyond even what I was expecting. Apparently the whole "coming back from injury and losing all your matches" is viewed extremely favorably, so as to negate any of the bias against those that sat out part of the tournament, and he also got an overly generous helping of Komusubi demotion leniency. But as I've said before, I'm fairly sure that they throw screwballs like that (and Yutakayama) around just to show us that they can do whatever they want and are accountable to no one, and that the very idea of trying to predict them is genuine folly.
  22. 21 Nagoya 18

    I spotted a tiny typo error in the Table above: M2e Chiyonokuni and M2e Ikioi? Chiyonokuni is M2w I believe.
  23. Banzuke for Nagoya 2018

    Terunofuji now officially the first former ozeki and first makuuchi yusho winner to have fallen all the way to Makushita.
  24. Banzuke for Nagoya 2018

    Yeah, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Chiyomaru drops 3 spots with 5 wins and Hokutofuji drops 7 with 4? Plus Hokutofuji ends up behind Ishiura? Do they just hate him now? Maybe that is normal., I don't know.
  25. I was gangbusters till I got to the bottom. I got around 50 I think. Just did it proper. I got a 48. Not bad considering. They seemed to be very generous to Yutakayama. Kinda harsh on Hokutofuji IMO too.
  26. Banzuke for Nagoya 2018

    I need to suppress the urge to shout "Worst banzuke ever!" Daieisho doesn't even get the benefit of a spot in front of Takarafuji even though that would be perfectly in line with many other historical decisions, yet Yutakayama gets to stay ahead of Chiyomaru?! (Never mind that Chiyomaru gets away very leniently here himself.) And all that seemingly just to not put a load of KK rikishi one or two spots higher... Pretty much the anti-banzuke compared to my philosophy - all available banzuke luck dumped on a couple of guys instead of being spread around to everyone.
  27. GTB - Nagoyim 2018 Basho - Deadline extended 24 hours

    I think I wrapped up around 44, had a case of the off by one's where rikishi were flip flopped at the W and next rank down E, which washes out to 0. Thems the breaks! And then Yutakayama only going down to 9 destroyed a lot of the middle to lower half of my banzuke.
  28. GTB - Nagoyim 2018 Basho - Deadline extended 24 hours

    Ditto. Higher than I thought before I totaled it. No points between M9w and M13e, but I expected that. Got all but two below that though to make up for it, points for which I was only slightly more sure about.
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