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  2. Only Terunofuji and Takakeisho will remain in the top two ranks in January. rokudenashi, Qwerry, Morty, Unagiyutaka and Oortael all got Question 1 completely correct. Terunofuji will be the sole Yokozuna on the January 2023 banzuke. Out of the above, rokudenashi, Unagiyutaka and Oortael were correct here. Out of the above three, Oortael did the best, with only one (Mitakeumi - so very close!) prediction wrong. The others had more. So, the yusho goes to @Oortael .
  3. I believe (please correct me if I am wrong), that Oho (born on St Valentine's Day, 2000) was the very first rikishi born after January 1st, 2000 to become a sekitori. After a fairly decent 2022, he will begin 2023 in the upper half of the Makunouchi banzuke. How will he do in 2023? Previous poll 2022
  4. Jejima

    Oho - the Millennial Valentine

    Oho ended the year with a fine 10-5 at M13W. According to the Sumo DB, normally he could expect to be ranked around M2 to M6. I have a feeling that on the new banzuke it will be at the lower end of that.... So, let's go with the M5-M6 rank for now, which was guessed by I am the Yokozuna, hakutorizakura and Reonito. The highest rank that Oho defeated in 2022 was Sekiwake Hoshoryu on day 12 of the November basho. Gaijingai and Kintamayama both predicted this. As Gaijingai went with M3-M4 for Q1, I think that puts him ahead of Kintamayama. Oho won 48 bouts in 2022. This means that he won more bouts than Meisei (40) Endo (38) Ura (40) Abi (47) Akua (39) Bushozan (41) Ichiyamamoto (40) Enho (46) Kotokuzan (42) and fewer bouts than... Wakatakakage (57) Easily the best was Pitinosato getting 9 out of 10 correct, followed by Rubensan with 8. Gaijingai and Kintamayama both got less than half correct. I am the Yokozuna, hakutoriki and Reonito all got 6 out of 10 correct.... Very tricky to award a yusho (and this may need VAR once the actual January banzuke is known). Let's see how close I am the Yokozuna, hakutoriki and Reonito were for question 2.... I am the Yokozuna (komusubi) and hakutorikizakura (ozeki) were both one rank off.... Let's check the comments.... Looks like I am the Yokozuna might have been an entry after the deadline (but before any matches took place)... but he did make a comment, and so by the rules of the polls, that is a tie-breaker. So (controversially perhaps, and it might need re-examining when the new banzuke comes out), I'll award the yusho to @I am the Yokozuna , and the jun-yusho to @hakutorizakura.
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  6. Wakawakawaka

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Not to beat a dead horse, or bull, or sika deer, but in regards to Abi's henka, I've had a revelation that really narrows down his possible motives. Two motives mentioned so far... 1) he wanted to be fresh for the next bout, 2) he just happens to henka once in a while as he is concerned about his long-term health Both of those motives are patently false. How do I know this you might ask? Because in both of those cases he would not be 'taking it one bout at a time' and thus due to the laws of sumo, would have lost.
  7. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Hatsu 2023

    Faith No Jo
  8. Kamitsuumi

    Ajigawa beya born

    There's also Kasugayama > Nakagawa-beya
  9. Jejima

    Mitakeumi - see-sawing away....

    In 2022, Mitakeumi was promoted to Ozeki - but only stayed at that rank for four bashos. He will start 2023 in the joi-jin (the ranks just outside of the sanyaku). Will he return to the sanyaku in the coming year? Will he tread water? Or will he drop like a stone? Please comment below, in case a tie-breaker is required to decide the yusho. (Any comment is automatically better than none.) Previous polls: 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
  10. Jejima

    Mitakeumi - version 20.22

    Mitakeumi's lowest rank will be on the January 2023 banzuke. Looking at the history, the most common rank (after 6-9 at S) would be M1, which nobody predicted, followed by M2, as predicted by Totorofuji, Hakuryuho and Kintamayama. However, looking at the current banzuke, I'd say that even M3 (Kaito, WAKATAKE and Yarimotsu) is definitely a possibility, and even M4 (just_some_guy and Churaumi) is also a serious possibility. So, I will consider all of those predictions as being 'good' for the purposes of deciding this poll. (But might need to revisit when the real banzuke comes out). The lowest rank that Mitakeumi lost to was M7E Takayasu on day 12, back in March 2022. Kashunowaka, Hakuryuho and Benihana were all spot on. Mitakeumi's highest rank on the banzuke was (of course!) Ozeki. Seven people got this correct, including just_some_guy and Benihana. Benihana was way out with Question 1 - and just_some_guy was a little out with Question 2. I would suggest that just_some_guy's prediction that Mitakeumi would reach Ozeki AND then get demoted out of the joi-jin was pretty impressive. Therefore, I am going to award the yusho to @just_some_guy , but give a close-run jun-yusho to @Benihana .
  11. Seiyashi

    Fuyu jungyo 2022

    Well, at least that implies you can blame injury for some of Isegahama's poor performance.
  12. Kintamayama

    Ichinojo Concerns

    The kyokai usually deals with stuff quite quickly.. Or at least goes public with early investigations.
  13. Jejima

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Group H (Refioji Achiyama) - Round 3, after three days.... Chishafuwaku: 1. Portugal (R), 2. Germany, 3. Brazil, 4. Croatia, 5. Switzerland, 6. Iran, 7. Ghana, 8. Poland, 9. Wales, 10. Japan (C), 11. Tunisia Comment: Kuma Koma:1. Netherlands (C), 2. France, 3. Germany, 4. Switzerland, 5. Denmark, 6. South Korea (R), 7. Canada, 8. Australia, 9. Iran, 10. Wales, 11. Poland Comment: ------------------------------------- This game will be decided by the Portugal vs South Korea match - and there will be an outright winner. If Portugal wins, chishafuwaku will win the match by at least 2-0. If South Korea manages to beat or draw with Portugal, then Kuma Koma will win 1-0 exactly. Looking back at the table after round 2, to see what this means, I am rather pleased to see that my youngest son, Kaba, has already qualified for the Cup knockout stages, and that Djodjoyoshi has already 'qualified' for the Saucer knockout stages. So, if Portugal wins today, chishafuwaku will be in the Cup and Kuma Koma in the Saucer. If Portugal fails to win, it'll be the other way around. Kaba: 1. France, 2. Portugal, 3. England, 4. USA, 5. Japan, 6. Poland, 7. Australia, 8. Morocco (C), 9. Uruguay (R), 10. Iran, 11. Wales Comment: Go on Portugal! Djodjoyoshi: 1. Spain, 2.Argentina, 3. Denmark (C), 4. Mexico, 5. Ghana (R), 6. Costa Rica, 7. Cameroon, 8. Wales, 9. Serbia, 10. Australia, 11. Belgium Comment: Good Luck! ------------------------------------- So, if Portugal wins, my son Kaba will win at least 1-0, and will top the group - and Djodjoyoshi will come last. If Portugal loses, Djodjoyoshi will win exactly 1-0 - and will finish bottom of the group, and Kaba will top the group. So not much jeopardy there.... If Portugal and South Korea draw, then Kaba will win by at least 2-1, and top the group etc - but would mar his Golden Gloves standing. So, to be honest, not much to say about this, except that any outcome will still end up with Kaba topping the group, and Djodjoyoshi will come fourth. I'd switch the channel and watch chishafuwaku and Kuma Koma play, where there is still something to fight for!
  14. Jejima

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Refioji Achiyama is having Internet problems, so I will step in for a short while. Group B (Refioji Achiyama) - Round 3 after three days.... Jejima: 1. Netherlands, 2. Brazil, 3. England (R), 4. Denmark, 5. Mexico, 6. Switzerland, 7. Ghana, 8. Tunisia (C), 9. Costa Rica, 10. Wales, 11. Qatar, Comment: I am bit unsure about the England vs Wales match .... Derbies are always a little unpredictable. Fujiko:1. Portugal, 2. England, 3. Morocco, 4. France, 5. Uruguay, 6. Mexico, 7. Senegal (C), 8. Iran, 9. Australia, 10. Wales (R), 11. South Korea Comment: Go! Go! Go! ------------------------------------- It is much too early to say who will win between my wife and I.... Tibozuka: 1. Germany, 2. Argentina (C), 3. Belgium, 4. Switzerland, 5. Ghana, 6. Ecuador, 7. Iran (R), 8. Poland, 9. Tunisia, 10. Uruguay, 11. Cameroon Comment Akishiki: Looks like Akishiki is droning again, which will cause him Red cards!1. USA (R) 2. Poland (C) , 3. Brazil,. 4. Germany, 5. Belgium, 6. Croatia, 7. Wales, 8. Canada, 9. Japan 10. Australia 11. Iran ------------------------------------- The score is currently 1-1. Akishiki can't score any more goals, as his chain is broken after the second slot. Tibozuka will have two chances to score the winning goal(s)! If both of these games end in draws, my wife and I will progress to the next round, based on goal difference....
  15. Jejima

    Bench World Cup 2022

    The top fives goal lines have yet to be crossed. Incredibly my youngest son, Kaba, shares the lead with Oshirokita! Biggest jump by Krisachiyama. Biggest tumble by Nantonoyama. Golden Glove Standings after round 2 =1. (+6) Kaba 0 (+4) =1. (+6) Oshirokita 0 (+4) =3. (+6) Fingall 0 (+3) =3. (+9) Krisachiyama 0 (+3) 5. (+8) Lordshamrockyama 0 (+2) 6. (-5) Kimyama 1 (+8) 7. (-3) Ganzohnesushi 1 (+6) =8. (+1) chishafuwaku 1 (+1) =8. (+1) Fujiko 1 (+1) =10. (+6) Kotononami 1 (0) =11. (-10) Jejima 2 (+3) =11. (+5) Kurosaki 2 (+3) =13. (-9) andonishiki 2 (+2) =13. (-12) Chijanofuji 2 (+2) 15. (+4) Yarimotsu 2 (+1) 16. (+4) Akishiki 2 (0) 17. (-5) jomojo 2 (-1) 18. (-2) Baku 2 (-2) 19. (+4) Jarayama 3 (+1) 20. (-5) Androsayama 3 (0) 21. (+4) Spytoneryu 3 (-1) 22. (+3) Kuma Koma 3 (-2) 23. (-3) Djodjoyoshi 3 (-3) 24. (=) Nekonishiki 4 (-3) 25. (+2) Achiyama 4 (-4) 26. (-22) Nantonoyama 5 (0) =27. (-7) Jakusotsu 5 (-4) =27. (+3) Tibozuka 5 (-4) =28. (-1) Asapedroyu 5 (-5) =28. (-1) Oyama 5 (-5) =31. (-1) Athenayama 6 (-5) =31. (-1) Pitinosato 6 (-5)
  16. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Hatsu 2023

    Name our band
  17. Jejima

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Kimyama has an impressive 9 goals after two group games to easily head the standings. Ganzohnesushio is within catching distance, just two goals behind. Biggest jump by Kurosaki entering at number 5. Biggest drop by jomojo, dropping six slots. Golden Boot Standings after round 2 1. (=) Kimyama 9 (+8) 2. (+2) Ganzohnesushi 7 (+6) 3. (-2) Chijanofuji 6 (+2) 4. (=) Nantonoyama 5 (0) =5. (-4) Jejima 5 (+3) =5. (NE) Kurosaki 5 (+3) =7. (=) Kaba 4 (+4) =7. (=) Oshirokita 4 (+4) 9. (-5) andonishiki 4 (+2) 10. (+4) Jarayama 4 (+1) =11. (=) Fingall 3 (+3) =11. (+4) Krisachiyama 3 (+3) 13. (-3) Yarimotsu 3 (+1) 14. (-5) Androsayama 3 (0) 15. (=) Lordshamrockyama 2 (+2) =16. (-5) chishafuwaku 2 (+1) =16. (-5) Fujiko 2 (+1) 18. (NE) Akishiki 2 (0) 19. (NE) Spytoneryu 2 (-1) 20. (NE) Kotononami 1 (0) 21. (-6) jomojo 1 (-1) 22. (NE) Kuma Koma 1 (-2) 23. (-5) Nekonishiki 1 (-3) =24. (NE) Tibozuka 1 (-4) =24. (NE) Jakusotsu 1 (-4) =26. (NE) Athenayama 1 (-5) =26. (NE) Pitinosato 1 (-5) _______________________________________________ Not yet listed... (UR) Baku 0 (-2) (UR) Djodjoyoshi 0 (-3) (UR) Achiyama 0 (-4) (UR) Oyama 0 (-5) (UR) Asapedroyu 0 (-5)
  18. Jejima

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Golden Glove Standings after Round 1 found here.
  19. Akinomaki

    Fuyu jungyo 2022

    Kyujo at the jungyo: Terunofuji Terutsuyoshi Takarafuji Midorifuji Takayasu Kotoeko Hokutofuji Ichiyamamoto Edit: I'm always amazed about the crap the automatic spell correction on my mobile produces - never heard of something called kyuto
  20. Seiyashi

    Ichinojo Concerns

    Or it's complicated enough that the NSK can't handle it quickly. That would gel with what we heard; after all, alcoholism alone isn't a sackable offence.
  21. Tigerboy1966

    Promotion/Demotion and Yūshō Discussion Kyūshū 2022

    He hasn't retired yet so he will be on the banzuke even if he changes his mind and hangs up his mawashi.
  22. Akinomaki

    Miyagino/Hakuho extra activities

    Video from the project channel - Takasago is on the final photo蒙古山之碑-復興プロジェクト-竣工式
  23. Akinomaki

    Rikishi and oyakata as police chiefs

    A slightly different, nicer police chief for the day is Kakuryu - on the 29th in Fukuoka's Minami ward: oshidashi to incidents and accidents! o o o
  24. Akinomaki

    Ichinojo Concerns

    So far they dealt with him by using him as the PR character for the new sekitori photo shoot attached tickets at the Hatsu basho
  25. Kintamayama

    Ichinojo Concerns

    So, we were promised he would be dealt with after the basho. Nothing so far. Is it possible the Kyokai want this to quietly go away by burying it in time?
  26. Akinomaki

    New recruits Hatsu 2023

    with sempai Ishiura and team mates Hokuseiho and Mukainakano o o o o The complete tournament pairings are already made, posted 2 weeks before If he'll compete is a different matter. He only has the ms15TD now, so the NSK could only acknowledge that, and they had to at the rijikai to have him compete as tsukedashi next basho. Since he has joined the heya now, it is unlikely that he'll still take part in an amateur tournament, especially since it wasn't mentioned at all in the press conference. The city hall of his hometown Kurayoshi has hoisted a banner to celebrate that Ochiai joins Miyagino-beya The oyakata told he'll want to raise him into the next Kotozakura, the city's famous yokozuna: Ochiai as 4th grade started with sumo, with the Sakura-zumo local tournament for kids. Sadogatake failed to secure him for their heya, which would have been the natural choice, the oyakata and rikishi from the heya always are at the tournament - or were in ordinary times.
  27. Sue

    Retired after Kyusho 2022

    Is a judo therapist someone who conducts their psychoanalysis sessions on the tatami mat during randori?
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