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  2. robnplunder

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    It sure was entertaining. I was surprised Ura gave Terunofuji a run for the money. I assumed it would be a walk-over by Terunofuji. No other bouts stood out.
  3. Kaninoyama

    Who Is This Woman?

    I'm wondering why she's not there everyday, as her seat never seems to be taken while she's not there. It's not like she has to work a 7-Eleven shift during sumo hours. As for her outfits, her closet must be bigger than most Japanese homes.
  4. Jakusotsu

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2021

    I hear you! Day 12 - Myogiryu
  5. Amamaniac

    Who Is This Woman?

    I was trying to determine whether or not she has worn that dress on a previous occasion, and whether she had used that handbag on a previous occasion. There is a certain amount of pressure on certain women of that class not to be seen wearing the same outfit more than once. Perhaps that is why her attendance record has dropped...
  6. Susanoo

    Norizo Cup 2021.9

    Day10 NC Yusho reader is Flohru-san. Special Q Kaisei got 4th win with Oshidashi against Ichiyamamoto. 4 wins include 2 yorikiri until today. This Q settle tommorow against Endo. Ruziklao, Eeve, ogawa and I will wish only Endo's win in all matches tommorow. FYI, 6 players have chosen "5 wins- 2 yorikiri" and 17 players have chosen "5 wins- 3 yorikiri" as the most popular. Realize or not 2) There will be at least 6 days when both Ozeki win. 2大関揃って勝つ日が6日以上 Shodai  ●○○○○●○●○○ Takakeisho ●●●○○●○○○○.......5 days so far Shodai vs Daieisho, 「逃げるが勝ち」 Shodai hasn't willing to catch Daieisho's Tsuki from beginning to end and kept running away and won. I had a good impression only what he didn't perform Henka at Tachiai 7) In a comparison of the number of the kinds of kimarite in the wins of each rikishi among the banzuke M5-8, the top 2 rikishi with it will be Ura and Tobizaru.(*2) 前頭5~8枚目で、勝ち星中の決まり手の種類が多い上位2力士は宇良と翔猿(注2) Chiyoshoma has 2 kinds of it(上投、送出) Terutsuyoshi- 2(叩込、寄切) Onosho-3(押出、押倒、送出) Shimanoumi- 3(引落、上出、押出) Ura-3(押出、送吊、引落) Tobizaru- 4 (寄切、下投、上投、寄倒) Okinoumi- 4(寄切、押出、寄倒、押倒) Takarafuji-5(押出、突落、引落、寄切、下投) 8) In the rikishi among M9-12, Hidenoumi or Chiyotairyu will have the most number of consecutive losses and Endo will have the most number of consecutive wins.(*2) 前頭9~12枚目の中で、今場所最大の連勝をするのは遠藤で最大の連敗は英乃海か千代大龍(注2) Endo has 4 consecutive wins [the most in them]. Tochinoshin & Kotoeko on a 2 consecutive wins. Kotoeko has 4 consecutive losses and both Hide and Tairyu won today. Today's key point is the best match today, Ura vs Teru,! The most suprising thing was that Ura endured from Uwatenage. After Uwatenage, Ura already lost winning opportunity but he was not lost yet. Thaks to the Ozumo I have never seen 2 days in a low!
  7. Kaninoyama

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    A little less wide open after today Didn't realize they were going to weed out the challengers by pitting the two-loss rikish against each other that quickly
  8. Eikokurai

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    What was Ura doing? Of all the times to abandon your usual submarine tachi-ai, against the kime master isn’t it. He went upright almost immediately, though he did well to wriggle out of it, only to go right back. It was a valiant effort but not tactically well thought through.
  9. Eikokurai

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Well, Takakeisho may yet escape the noose. He’s winning the bouts he absolutely can’t afford to drop before he faces Terunofuji and Shodai. Just two wins needed now from the last five.
  10. Eikokurai

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Powerful stuff from Mitakeumi. Wakatakakage has struggled against the sanyaku this basho. Hopefully he can get back to winning ways against the hiramaku the rest of the week.
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  12. Eikokurai

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Lame from Kiribayama. He should be docked his day’s wages for denying us a proper belt battle with his Mongolian peer, and not for the first time I think.
  13. Seiyashi

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    See, basho wide open my foot.
  14. Kaninoyama

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Followed by Okinoumi, while Myogiryu remains in the hunt.
  15. Kaninoyama

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Down goes Chiyonokuni.
  16. Eikokurai

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Specifically, I’d say it’s the combination of moving forward while keeping/having a low centre of gravity. Terunofuji struggles only against aite who keep him at arms length with their waist bent so he can’t reach their belts. That’s how Daieisho beat him. He spent most of the bout at 90°.
  17. Jakusotsu

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2021 (12th Wave)

    Standings after day 10: Only one Juryo surfer on the final stretch. Rank Shikona Surfs Position Standing 1. Andoreasu*** Kotoshoho J8w 7-3 2. Ganzohnesushi* Asashiyu J13w 1-9 3. chishafuwaku* Shishi Ms8e 1-4 4. Achiyama Hatooka Ms15e 2-3 5. Mmikasazuma* DNP(1st) Ms11w N/A 6. Hironoumi*** Asagyokusei Ms12w 3-2 7. Sakura* Tochikamiyama Ms15w 2-3 8. Terarno Ishizaki Ms25e 5-0 9. Jejima Kanno Ms34e 4-1 10. Jakusotsu*** Yuma Ms46w 2-3 11. WAKATAKE** Takeoka Ms49w 1-4 12. Wamahada* Osanai Sd52e 5-0
  18. Jakusotsu

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2021 (13th Wave)

    Standings after day 10: Mission accomplished by Nishikifuji. Winner Last Surfer Position Banzuke 1. Sakura Takayasu Kw November 2020 Rank Shikona Surfs Position Standing 2. Ganzohnesushi** Nishikifuji J9e 8-2 3. Andoreasu*** Daishoho J14w 7-3 4. Wamahada Chiyootori Ms3e 1-4 5. Hironoumi*** Asagyokusei Ms12w 3-2 6. Jejima Ishizaki Ms25e 5-0 7. WAKATAKE*** Kanno Ms34e 4-1 8. Jakusotsu*** Kanno Ms34e 4-1 9. chishafuwaku** Yuma Ms46w 2-3 10. Yubinhaad*** Ryusei Ms53e 3-2 11. Achiyama** Mishima Ms56e 2-3 12. Terarno Fukushima Sd5e 3-2 13. Mmikasazuma** DNP(1st) Sd6w N/A
  19. Jakusotsu

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2021 (14th Wave)

    Standings after day 10: Terarno looks Makuuchi-bound. Rank Shikona Surfs Position Standing 1. Terarno Abi J5e 8-2 2. chishafuwaku* Bushozan J5w 6-4 3. Andoreasu*** Daishoho J14w 7-3 4. Holleshoryu Chiyoarashi Ms1w 3-3 5. Jakusotsu*** Tokisakae Ms10e 0-4 6. Jejima* Kitanowaka Ms11e 5-0 7. Sakura* Tochikamiyama Ms15w 2-3 8. Ganzohnesushi** Mineyaiba Ms20e 2-3 9. WAKATAKE*** Fujikawa Ms27w 2-3 10. Wamahada* Kanno Ms34e 4-1 11. Hironoumi*** Mudoho Ms36w 3-2 12. Achiyama** Chiyonoumi Ms43w 3-2 13. Mmikasazuma* DNP(1st) Sd5e N/A
  20. Here is the link with the Entry Form for Day 11:
  21. Jakusotsu

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2021 (15th Wave)

    Standings after day 10: Excellent pick by Andoreasu. Rank Shikona Surfs Position Standing 1. WAKATAKE* Kyokushuho/Takakento J12e/J13e 3-7/3-7 2. Wamahada* Kotoyusho Ms4w 3-2 3. Jakusotsu** Tsukahara Ms8w 2-3 4. Jejima Dewanoryu Ms11w 1-4 5. chishafuwaku* Wakatakamoto Ms12e 1-4 6. Oortael* Tochikamiyama Ms15w 2-3 7. Andoreasu*** Ishizaki Ms25e 5-0 8. Ganzohnesushi** Kanno Ms34e 4-1 9. Achiyama** Kanno Ms34e 4-1 10. Mmikasazuma** DNP(1st) Ms36e N/A 11. Hironoumi*** Mudoho Ms36w 3-2 12. Terarno Chiyonoumi Ms43w 3-2 13. Sakura* Osanai Sd52e 5-0
  22. Jakusotsu

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2021 (16th Wave)

    Standings after day 10: One more win for the Juryoites to stay. Rank Shikona Surfs Position Standing 1. Oortael** Daishoho/Terasawa J14w/Ms1e 7-3/4-1 2. chishafuwaku** Daishoho J14w 7-3 3. Ganzohnesushi** Hiradoumi Ms2e 3-2 4. Sakura*** Roga Ms6w 2-3 5. Hironoumi*** Hokutenkai Ms28w 3-2 6. Terarno Kanno/Nishikawa Ms34e/Ms36e 4-1/4-1 7. Achiyama*** Nishikawa Ms36e 4-1 8. Jakusotsu*** Nogami Ms52w 0-5 9. WAKATAKE*** Mishima Ms56e 2-3 10. Mmikasazuma*** DNP(1st) Sd5e N/A 11. Andoreasu*** Fujiseiun Sd21e 5-0 12. Wamahada** Fujiseiun Sd21e 5-0 13. Jejima** Kyoda Sd41e 1-4 14. Houmanumi*** DNP(2nd) Sd55w N/A 15. Holleshoryu** Tsunekawa Sd65w 3-2 16. Athenayama*** Kainowaka Jd48w 1-4
  23. Here is the TUG Torikumi for Day 11: The link with the Entry Form for Day 11 will be posted on the next thread.  Those of you, who elected to receive their daily Entry Forms in an e-mail, fill the form from there, if you wish. 11 -- Meisei(vs. Shodai) 17 -- Takayasu(vs. Terunofuji) 6 -- Wakatakakage(vs. Kiribayama) 24 -- Daieisho(vs. Mitakeumi) 20 -- Takarafuji(vs. Ichinojo) 12 -- Ura(vs. Tamawashi) 28 -- Onosho(vs. Takakeisho) 13 -- Terutsuyoshi(vs. Chiyoshoma) 17 -- Kotoeko(vs. Shimanoumi) 15 -- Kagayaki(vs. Hidenoumi) 12 -- Tsurugisho(vs. Chiyotairyu) 14 -- Kaisei(vs. Endo) 23 -- Yutakayama(vs. Okinoumi) 17 -- Ichiyamamoto(vs. Myogiryu) 23 -- Chiyonoo(vs. Aoiyama) 16 -- Tokushoryu(vs. Tochinoshin) 27 -- Chiyonokuni(vs. Tobizaru) 15 -- Wakamotoharu(vs. Chiyomaru) 6 -- Takanosho (vs. Hoshoryu)
  24. Jakusotsu

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2021 (17th Wave)

    Standings after day 10: It's still Ganzohnesushi's game. Rank Shikona Surfs Position Standing 1. Oortael*** Marusho Sd6w 3-2 2. Athenayama* Mukaida/Araoyama Sd13e/Sd13w 3-2/1-4 3. Wamahada** Arauma Sd29e 2-3 4. Jejima* Kaorufuji Sd41w 2-3 5. Ganzohnesushi** Osanai Sd52e 5-0 6. Mmikasazuma*** DNP(1st) Sd52e N/A 7. Andoreasu*** Yanagida Sd52w 2-3 8. Holleshoryu** Murayama Sd60e 2-3 9. Jakusotsu*** Murayama Sd60e 2-3 10. Sakura* Murayama/Narutaki Sd60e/Sd73w 2-3/5-0 11. Achiyama*** Kamitani Sd60w 2-3 12. Houmanumi*** DNP(2nd) Sd63e N/A 13. Hironoumi*** Hokutokawa Sd66w 3-2 14. Terarno** Hokutoryu Sd75w 3-2 15. Yubinhaad*** Tochigidake Jd6e 3-2 16. chishafuwaku*** Daijo Jd22e 1-4 17. Gernobono*** Kiryuko Jd49e 5-0 18. Tenshinhan*** DNP(1st) Jd63e N/A 19. WAKATAKE*** Nobehara Jd64w 4-1 20. Churaumi*** DNP(1st) Jk10w N/A 21. themistyseas*** Ito Jk21e 4-1
  25. The Makuuchi bouts will start soon. I have received picks from 27 to play Gamers. Day 10 # Gamer Main pick Back-up pick 1 Achiyama Chiyonokuni Daieisho 2 Jakusotsu Chiyonokuni Daieisho 3 Jejima Ura Daieisho 4 Sakura Kotonowaka Wakatakakage 5 Ziggyama Chiyonokuni Wakatakakage 6 Karasukurai Chiyonokuni Tokushoryu 7 Flohru Chiyonokuni Daieisho 8 RaeucherLax Chiyonokuni Kiribayama 9 Wamahada Chiyonokuni Daieisho 10 Athenayama Chiyonokuni Daieisho 11 Pitinosato Chiyonokuni Daieisho 12 Andrasoyama Chiyonokuni Tokushoryu 13 Akogyokuseki Kotonowaka Chiyonokuni 14 Atenzan Chiyonokuni Kotonowaka 15 Hakushin Chiyonokuni Endo 16 Joaoiyama Chiyonokuni Daieisho 17 Kyoju Endo Ichiyamamoto 18 Holleshoryu Chiyonokuni Endo 19 Benihana Chiyonokuni Ura 20 Kishikaisei Daieisho Chiyonokuni 21 Chishafuwaku Chiyonokuni Tokushoryu 22 Fujisan Chiyonokuni Endo 23 Wakatake Chiyonokuni Endo 24 Oshirokita Chiyonokuni Wakatakakage 25 ScrechingOwl Chiyonokuni Daieisho 26 Gaijingai Kiribayama Wakatakakage 27 Gansekiiwa Chiyonokuni Endo 28 Philioyamfuji 29 Sawamura
  26. Athenayama

    Sanyaku Carousel Aki 2021

    I saw my name that's why I was puzzled. It's ok. Anyway maybe try to think about a way to have a confrmation when we make an entry? Cause I'm really sure I entered every single day this basho. Thanks. I always make an entry for your 3 games (JWS, East/West and Carousel), together one after the other in order not to forget !
  27. Benihana

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    In that particular case i think it was only GOATIX's bathtub
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