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  2. Does the face look more like a fairly young Kotoshogiku than Kisenosato? Perhaps it was designed a while back and the artist was hedging his bets.
  3. The first Kise item in another design - nishiki-e style
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  5. New ozeki and yokozuna "always" get the lowest available rank.
  6. Have you all forgotten Takekaze? 170cm.
  7. Papers once reported Hakuho is hesitant to naturalize as long as his father is still alive.
  8. Don't forget the top results in tournaments that doesn't matter for ozumo qualifications and win with the team there And he is trained by Hakuho = success guaranteed - and trains with Ishiura and Yamaguchi - I have no doubt that he'll get to sekitori, if he remains uninjured
  9. 167 cm? I'm sorry but this kid is going nowhere no matter how much weight he puts on. Think of how far Mainoumi went, too.
  10. Sagatsukasa is 166cm and he spent almost 30 basho as a sekitori. His height will be a disadvantage, but it alone wont prevent him from having a good career.
  11. In any case, immaturity is not the sole province of those under 18...
  12. A term we have to get used to: su(mo)-jo-(shi) = sumo-girls: the ones who are said to be the main promoters of the present sumo boom. Isn't there a song "Hey sumo girl"? Maybe Kintamayama can record it - becomes a hit in Japan, maybe. With a video of all the things sujo love, handsome rikishi, cute rikishi, cute goods of popular rikishi
  13. What a shame it has to end this way.
  14. Back to civilization, but missed the new and improved GTB by a day . Count me in the next one.
  15. Hakuho Y Kakuryu Harumafuji Y Kisenosato Goeido O Terunofuji Tamawashi S Kotoshogiku Takayasu S Mitakeumi K Shodai Takekaze M1 Sokokurai Ikioi M2 Takanoiwa Shohozan M3 Yoshikaze Takarafuji M4 Hokutofuji Chiyonokuni M5 Aoiyama Endo M6 Arawashi Ichinojo M7 Kaisei Chiyoshoma M8 Okinoumi Kagayaki M9 Kotoyuki Tochinoshin M10 Tochiozan Ishiura M11 Sadanoumi Daieisho M12 Myogiryu Takakeisho M13 Daishomaru Ura M14 Nishikigi Kyokushuho M15 Chiyoo Tokushoryu M16 chishafuwaku
  16. Hakuho(11-4 Ye) Y Kakuryu(5-6 Ye) Harumafuji(4-3 Yw) Y Kisenosato(14-1 Oe) Goeido(8-5 Ow) O Terunofuji(4-11 Oe) Tamawashi(9-6 Se) S Takayasu(11-4 Ke) Kotoshogiku(5-10 Ow) S Mitakeumi(11-4 M1w) K Shodai(7-8 Sw) Takekaze(10-5 M5e) M1 Sokokurai(12-3 M10w) Takanoiwa(11-4 M10e) M2 Ikioi(8-7 M3w) Shohozan(7-8 M2e) M3 Takarafuji(6-9 M1e) Yoshikaze(8-7 M5w) M4 Hokutofuji(9-6 M8e) Arawashi(6-9 M2w) M5 Chiyonokuni(9-6 M8w) Endo(7-8 M4w) M6 Ichinojo(11-4 M13w) Aoiyama(8-7 M7w) M7 Chiyoshoma(7-8 M6e) Kaisei(8-7 M9e) M8 Kotoyuki(6-9 M6w) Okinoumi(4-11 M3e) M9 Kagayaki(8-7 M11e) Daieisho(12-3 J2w) M10 Tochinoshin(0-6 Kw) Ishiura(6-9 M9w) M11 Tochiozan(3-12 M4e) Ura(11-4 J3e) M12 Takakeisho(7-8 M12e) Daishomaru(7-8 M12w) M13 Myogiryu(4-11 M7e) Sadanoumi(8-7 M15w) M14 Nishikigi(5-10 M11w) Chiyoo(7-8 M15e) M15 Tokushoryu(11-4 J8e) Kyokushuho(8-7 J2e) M16
  17. The same as the Unstable Team game. So if you want to win more prizes ... , then you will be on and maybe (I know needs update) on otherwise chishafuwaku
  18. Consider all the differences between the results obtained by rikishi (without the factors) from top to bottom. If it is positive, you earn one point. Your team: Ichinojo 343 Sokokurai 409 -66 Takarafuji 301 42 108 Kaisei 361 -18 48 -60 Tochinoshin 315 28 94 -14 46 Terunofuji 333 10 76 -32 28 -18 Okinoumi 318 25 91 -17 43 -3 15 Shodai 317 26 92 -16 44 -2 16 1 Daishomaru 245 98 164 56 116 70 88 73 72 So in fact you gain this award !!! Sorry for the mistake (Row and column exchanged in two excel cells) Maximum possible will be obtained in case your team's order is perfect (your best rikishi in position x15, the second in position x13 and so on ...) This would be possible if your choice were Sokokurai 409 Kaisei 361 Ichinojo 343 Terunofuji 333 Okinoumi 318 Shodai 317 Tochinoshin 315 Takarafuji 301 Daishomaru 245 Gino Max= 8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1=36 Of course you can try to win this prize more easily by putting rikishis anti-endurance in the bottom of your team, style Takekaze, Ishiura, Gagamaru or Daishomaru , that will guarantee you more points, but I do not think anyone will do it because they will be, in principle, minimizing the chances of winning the game. chishafuwaku
  19. Yesterday
  20. I could be wrong, but I do think it's still the same three-year time limit. As for which ex-Kasugayama this time limit now applies to, if any... I think the most likely outcome is simply that the Kyokai quietly pays off ex-Kasugafuji for the certificate (they could just make a new one, but you don't want the other one still floating around), while ex-Hamanishiki's "ownership" of the myoseki just gets revoked because he's no longer a Kyokai member now and can't actually prove his claim to the share. I have little doubt that that is still going on, but technically it's forbidden now. Of course, it's anybody's guess whether the Kyokai will actually hand out punishments as promised when (not if) they catch an offender... I imagine everybody's hoping that Ishiura can make a sanyaku appearance within the next year and a half so that they can just shuffle off the share to him, regardless of who would actually be paying for it (probably Hakuho). Absent Mongolians naturalizing, Isegahama-ichimon is very short on credible oyakata candidates at the moment...basically just Takarafuji. Some other guys such as Homarefuji and Asahisho do have the basho numbers as well, but might well be too inconsequential to fit into the ichimon's kabu plans.
  21. Seems unnecessary to me. I imagine that the vast majority of people who join the forum are at least 18 anyway, and in the two years I've been here I've yet to notice any significant problems caused by the immaturity of posters under that age.
  22. My attempt: Hakuho (Y2e 11-4) Y1 Kakuryu (Y1e 5-6-4) Harumafuji (Y1w 4-3-8) Y2 Kisenosato (O1e 14-1 Y) Goeido (O1w 8-5-2) O Terunofuji (O2e 4-11) Tamawashi (Se 9-6) S1 Takayasu (Ke 11-4) Kotoshogiku (O2w 5-10) S2 --- Mitakeumi (M1w 11-4) K Shodai (Sw 7-8) Takekaze (M5e 10-5) M1 Ikioi (M3w 8-7) Sokokurai (M10w 12-3) M2 Takanoiwa (M10e 11-4) Shohozan (M2e 7-8) M3 Takarafuji (M1e 6-9) Yoshikaze (M5w 8-7) M4 Hokutofuji (M8e 9-6) Chiyonokuni (M8w 9-6) M5 Arawashi (M2w 6-9) Endo (M4w 7-8) M6 Aoiyama (M7w 8-7) Ichinojo (M13w 11-4) M7 Chiyoshoma (M6e 7-8) Kaisei (M9e 8-7) M8 Okinoumi (M3e 4-11) Kotoyuki (M6w 6-9) M9 Kagayaki (M11e 8-7) Tochiozan (M4e 3-12) M10 Tochinoshin (Kw 0-6-9) Ishiura (M9w 6-9) M11 Daieisho (J2w 12-3 Y) Sadanoumi (M15w 8-7) M12 Myogiryu (M7e 4-11) Takakeisho (M12e 7-8) M13 Daishomaru (M12w 7-8) Ura (J3e 11-4) M14 Nishikigi (M11w 5-10) Kyokushuho (J2e 8-7) M15 Chiyoo (M15e 7-8) Chiyootori (M14e 6-9) M16 --- My first draft still looked quite a bit different in the lower half: Kaisei (M9e 8-7) M8 Kagayaki (M11e 8-7) Okinoumi (M3e 4-11) M9 Kotoyuki (M6w 6-9) Daieisho (J2w 12-3 Y) M10 Tochinoshin (Kw 0-6-9) Tochiozan (M4e 3-12) M11 Sadanoumi (M15w 8-7) Ishiura (M9w 6-9) M12 Ura (J3e 11-4) Takakeisho (M12e 7-8) M13 Daishomaru (M12w 7-8) Myogiryu (M7e 4-11) M14 Kyokushuho (J2e 8-7) Nishikigi (M11w 5-10) M15 Chiyoo (M15e 7-8) Chiyootori (M14e 6-9) M16 --- My actual submission ended up with lots more banzuke luck for the makekoshi rikishi, because that's how they've mostly done it the last few times, but I'm not at all convinced I've made the right choices here.
  23. Damn, my ignorance is showing again! Sujo?
  24. Surprising, he's worn the green for a long time.
  25. Sad trombone.
  26. Fujishima-oyakata was for PR in Hitachinomiya, Ibaraki: the first jungyo event in the prefecture with Kisenosato as yokozuna from there - as yokozuna on the new poster now - and no Kotoshogiku behind. o o
  27. Not just soccer kids, also baseball kids visit heya: Azumazeki-beya opened the heya for a team. The oyakata has baseball experience and a friend made this visit possible - and he saw one (some) who could also do sumo. more: Ikioi and 9 others from Isenoumi-beya on the 18th were at a primary school in Wakasa town, Fukui.
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