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  2. Akinomaki

    72nd All Japan sumo championships 2023

    183cm/140kg 6th grade primary school yokozuna Okayama from the Goshogawara sumo club yesterday at the 1st Wakansato cup won the yusho in the 5th/6th grade category, in the final against 5th grade girls national wampaku-zumo yusho winner Kokoro Niida o
  3. Akinomaki

    Sumo for kids

    with his first daughter Hana, who won the yusho in the inexperienced 1st years category (9 boys and 3 girls) - of course from team Wakanosato (which consisted of her alone) o o o 5th/6th grade final won by 6th grade primary school yokozuna Okayama (183cm/140kg) - against a girl: 5th grade girls national wampaku-zumo yusho winner Kokoro Niida o middle school final o
  4. Akinomaki

    Rikishi year end tasks

    Nishonoseki-beya yesterday did fan and sponsor service in Anjo, Aichi, the location of their Nagoya lodgings, provided by heya (main) sponsor AI komuten Mochi-tsuki taikai - mochi-pounding convention at the AI park Aichi, one Nishonoseki address with chanko served to the locals o and photo shoot opportunities o
  5. Akinomaki

    Training pics&news overview Hatsu 2024

    Wakakatakage today did training bouts - no details, only pics, the article is about his comments on baseball's Otani o o o
  6. Looks similar - not just till the To, also noshi - and here side by side the topics are even easier to mix-up. Tochi for his entrepreneur activities needs a separate thread. His business Royal Georgia is an incorporated public company registered Oct 2021 The homepage shows it is run by one Emi Dodo 百々英美 (or Momo, or ???) - the woman he has a child with? Twitter The business is for marketing his wine GEORGIAN - produced by organic farming, not among the wines of a shop specializing in Georgian wine (so he created a special, simple brand for Japan) and the company is not on the list of importers of Georgian wine of the National Wine Agency of Georgia Hochi shimbun has his wine as a present for 2 readers this month, among other presents - a Kisi 2019 white wine Tochi as guest at the Hotel Continental Fuchu in June with 2 of his wines, a Kisi and a red one, a Saperavi
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  8. Naganoyama

    Sumo related mascots

    They look like little vacuum cleaners, especially the 'hose bearer'. Hey I would have a very clean floor if my vacuum looked like that.
  9. Akinomaki

    Sumo Art

    After a while real art again: Nagano pref. artist Fukusuke Yonezu (born 1937) is obsessed with Raiden, who was born in Oishi village, now part of Tomi, where his wife was born. o museum talk end of October at the Ueda city Santomyuze(myuze=museum), his Raiden motif works on display there shown - in November the museum had a Raiden exhibition of those of his paintings and drawings they have in the collection one is Raiden and Coronayama (2020) some of his Raiden art Raiden, destruction of Coronayama (2021) Raiden shokkiri (2018) Raiden (2022) about 20 more in this list of his works Raiden (2017) Happy Raiden (2016) 2014 Raiden Raiden (2013) Raijin (thunder god) Raiden (2006) Fuujin (wind god) Raiden (2005) Raidenryoku 雷電力 (2007) - Raiden means thunder and lightning, Raidenryoku is the power of Raiden, denryoku is electric power Raiden as a boy - 250 years birth anniversary (2017)
  10. RabidJohn

    Toyonoshima activities

    According to this: Ex-Toyonoshima: "My bank balance nearly went to zero." ( Moto-Toyonoshima blew his stash partying with the boys. No wonder he couldn't afford a kabu...
  11. Athenayama

    Tochinoshin intai

    Or just delete your post here and copy it where it belongs?
  12. RabidJohn

    Tochinoshin intai

    Aye, it is. Apparently I can't read beyond 'To'... Would a mod move it, maybe?
  13. Asashosakari

    Tochinoshin intai

    Wrong thread?
  14. RabidJohn

    Tochinoshin intai

  15. Yamanashi

    Bout-Length Kyushu 2023

    Thanks again to the Stopwatch Team! I scan over each entry, and your efforts are appreciated.
  16. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Kyushu 2023

    The final bout between Kirishima and Takakeisho seems like karma to me. In September, Takakeisho denied Atamifuji a real challenge in the playoff for the championship, executing a hatakikomi slap down in just over a second after the tachiai. Few fans (at least, not me) felt good about how things transpired. One tournament later, Kirishima denied Takakeisho a double-digit win record with a tsukiotoshi thrust down in just over one second. Takakeisho had a taste of his own medicine!
  17. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Kyushu 2023

    Day 15 07.5s M16w Nishikifuji (6-9) yorikiri J3e Kagayaki (5-10) 04.6s M11w Hiradoumi (9-6) hikiotoshi M17e Kitanowaka (5-10) 06.0s M10e Ryuden (10-5) yorikiri M13w Tsurugisho (9-6) 06.1s M12e Oho (8-7) oshidashi M9w Mitakeumi (8-7) 06.8s M9e Myogiryu (6-9) oshidashi M14e Tomokaze (7-8) 10.2s M16e Roga (5-10) kotenage M8e Endo (5-10) 02.5s M14w Ichiyamamoto (11-4) hatakikomi M7w Kinbozan (8-7) 21.9s M15w Churanoumi (9-6) oshidashi M5w Midorifuji (9-6) 04.6s M4e Gonoyama (8-7) oshidashi M6e Shonannoumi 97-8) 12.5s M11e Sadanoumi (8-7) yorikiri M3w Tobizaru (7-8) 04.4s M3e Takayasu (10-5) tsukiotoshi M12w Tamawashi (9-6) 03.2s M2w Meisei (4-11) oshidashi M15e Tohakuryu (5-10) 10.6s M2e Shodai (6-9) oshidashi M13e Takarafuji (6-9 22.3s M1w Ura (8-7) oshitaoshi M7e Hokuseiho (7-8) 02.8s M4w Nishikigi (7-8) hatakikomi K1w Hokutofuji (5-10) 05.0s M1e Asanoyama (4-4-7) tsukiotoshi K1e Abi (6-9) 03.6s S1w Wakamotoharu (6-9) yorikiri M5e Onosho (3-12) 02.1s S2e Kotonowaka (11-4) hikiotoshi M8w Atamifuji (11-4) 02.8s O2w Hoshoryu (10-5) yorikiri S1e Daieisho (9-6) 01.8s O1w Kirishima (13-2) tsukiotoshi O1e Takakeisho (9-6)
  18. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Kyushu 2023

    Day 14 06.0s J4e Daiamami (8-6) okuridashi M15e Tohakuryu (5-9) 13.3s M12e Oho (7-7) kimedashi M15w Churanoumi (8-6) 02.4s M11e Sadanoumi (7-7) tsukiotoshi M16e Roga (4-10) 03.2s M16w Nishikifuji (5-9) tsukiotoshi M11w Hiradoumi (8-6) 06.7s M14w Ichiyamamoto (10-4) hatakikomi M10e Ryuden (9-5) 04.0s M9e Myogiryu (5-9) oshidashi M17e Kitanowaka (5-9) 06.9s M13w Tsurugisho (9-5) yorikiri M9w Mitakeumi (8-6) 10.0s M13e Takarafuji (6-8) uwatedashinage M8e Endo (5-9) 05.4s M7e Hokuseiho (7-7) yorikiri M14e Tomokaze (7-7) 04.0s M3e Takayasu (9-5) yorikiri M7w Kinbozan (8-6) 02.8s M12w Tamawashi (9-5) oshidashi M2w Meisei (3-11) 04.5s M1e Asanoyama (3-4-7) yorikiri M2e Shodai (5-9) 11.1s M1w Ura (7-7) yorikiri M4e Gonoyama (7-7) 02.2s M3w Tobizaru (7-7) oshidashi K1e Abi (6-8) 04.1s K1w Hokutofuji (5-9) katasukashi M5e Onosho (3-11) 08.6s S2e Kotonowaka (10-4) tsukiotoshi M6e Shonannoumi (7-7) 26.5s S1w Wakamotoharu (5-9) yorikiri M4w Nishikigi (6-8) 03.1s S1e Daieisho (9-5) tsukidashi O1e Takakeisho (9-5) 08.4s O2w Hoshoryu (9-5) uwatenage M5w Midorifuji (9-5) 13.8s O1w Kirishima (12-2) yorikiri M8w Atamifuji (11-3)
  19. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Kyushu 2023

    Day 13 16.0s M17e Kitanowaka (5-8) hikiotoshi J3w Oshoma (4-9) 07.2s M15e Tohauryu (5-8) tsukidashi M12e Oho (6-7) 06.0s M14e Tomokaze (7-8) oshidashi M11w Hiradoumi (8-5) 11.1s M15w Churanoumi (8-5) sukuinage M11e Sadanoumi (6-7) 17.5s M9w Mitakeumi (8-5) oshidashi M12w Tamawashi (8-5) 03.7s M16e Roga (4-9) tsukiotoshi M9e Myogiryu (4-9) 08.5s M8e Endo (5-8) oshidashi M16w Nishikifuji (4-9) 01.1s M5w Midorifuji (9-4) hikiotoshi M14w Ichiyamamoto (9-4) 49.5s M13w Tsurugisho (8-5) utchari M4w Nishikigi (6-7) 04.0s M3w Tobizaru (6-7) okuridashi M7e Hokuseiho (6-7) 21.4s M8w Atamifuji (11-2) oshidashi M3e Takayasu (8-5) 23.2s M13e Takarafuji (5-8) yorikiri M2w Meisei (3-10) 04.0s M7w Kinbozan (8-5) oshidashi M2e Shodai (5-8) 02.3 M1w Ura (6-7) oshidashi M5e Onosho (3-10) 02.5s M4e Gonoyama (7-6) tsukiotoshi K1w Hokutofuji (4-9) 01.0s K1e Abi (6-7) hikiotoshi M6e Shonannoumi (7-6) 26.3s M10e Ryuden (9-4) yorikiri S2e Kotonowaka (9-4) 06.9s M1e Asanoyama (2-4-7) yorikiri S1w Wakamotoharu (4-9) 03.8s O1w Kirishima (11-2) hatakikomi S1e Daieisho (8-5) 02.9s O1e Takakeisho (9-4) tsukiotoshi O2w Hoshoryu (8-5)
  20. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Kyushu 2023

    Day 12 06.1s M15e Tohakuryu (4-8) oshidashi J2w Shimazuumi (7-5) 09.3s M12w Tamawashi (8-4) tsukidashi M12e Oho (6-6) 08.1s M13w Tsurugisho (7-5) yorikiri M11e Sadanoumi (6-6) 02.0s M11w Hiradoumi (8-4) oshidashi M15w Churanoumi (7-5) 04.2s M13e Takarafuji (4-8) yorikiri M9e Myogiryu (4-8) 10.0s M8e Endo (4-8) yorikiri M17e Kitanowaka (4-8) 98.4s M7e Hokuseiho (6-6) yorikiri M16e Roga (3-9) 05.1s M7w Kinbozan (7-5) oshidashi M9w Mitakeumi (7-5) 10.5s M6e Shonannoumi (7-5) yorikiri M14e Tomokaze (6-6) 02.1s M5e Onosho (3-9) yorikiri M16w Nishikifuji (4-8) 05.0s M14w Ichiyamamoto (9-3) yorikiri M4w Nishikigi (6-6) 14.8s M3e Takayasu (8-4) katasukashi M10e Ryuden (8-4) 04.2s M4e Gonoyama (6-6) oshidashi M3w Tobizaru (5-7) 02.6s M1w Ura (5-7) tottari M2e Shodai (5-7) 06.6s K1e Abi (5-7) tsukiotoshi M2w Meisei (3-9) 09.1s K1w Hokutofuji (4-8) oshidashi M1e Asanoyama (1-4-7) 02.7s S1e Daieisho (8-4) tsukitaoshi M5w Midorifuji (8-4) 32.3s O1w Kirishima (10-2) yorikiri S2e Kotonowaka (9-3) 06.3s O1e Takakeisho (8-4) oshidashi S1w Wakamotoharu (4-8) 03.5s M8w Atamifuji (10-2) tsukiotoshi O2w Hoshoryu (8-4)
  21. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Kyushu 2023

    Day 11 02.4s M16w Nishikifuji (4-7) oshidashi M14e Tomokaze (6-5) 30.5s M13w Tsurugisho (6-5) yoritaoshi M13e Takarafuji (3-8) 15.6s M11e Sadanoumi (6-5) yoritaoshi M17e Kitanowaka (4-7) 03.8s M9w Mitakeumi (7-4) yorikiri M16e Roga (3-8) 03.0s M8w Atamifuji (9-2) oshidashi M15w Churanoumi (7-4) 10.4s M8e Endo (3-8) oshidashi M15e Tohakuryu (3-8) 02.4s M12w Tamawashi (7-4) okuridashi M7w Kinbozan (6-5) 11.0s M7e Hokuseiho (5-6) kotenage M12e Oho (6-5) 09.4s M5w Midorifuji (8-3) oshidashi M11w Hiradoumi (7-4) 04.7s M9e Myogiryu (4-7) hikiotoshi M5e Onosho (2-9) 20.0s M10e Ryuden (8-3) yorikiri M4w Nishikigi (6-5) ------ M4e Gonoyama (5-6) fusensho M6w Takanosho (5-6) 11.4s M3e Takayasu (7-4) yorikiri M6e Shonannoumi (6-5) 14.4s M3w Tobizaru (5-6) oshitaoshi M1w Ura (4-7) 09.7s K1w Hokutofuji (3-8) yorikiri M2w Meisei (3-8) 02.0s K1e Abi (4-7) oshidashi M2e Shodai (5-6) 02.3s S1e Daieisho (7-4) hikiotoshi M14w Ichiyamamoto (8-3) 03.9s S2e Kotonowaka (9-2) okuridashi O1e Takakeisho (7-4) 07.5s O2w Hoshoryu (8-3) shitatenage M1e Asanoyama (1-3-7) 08.5s O1w Kirishima (9-2) yorikiri S1w Wakamotoharu (4-7)
  22. old thread: topic/31993-rikishi-based-mascots/ The sumo variety of Tsuiho-kun - Eviction pal, mascot of the Saitama pref. boryoku(dan)-tsuiho - violence (groups) (= yakuza) eviction / drug abuse prevention centre - like the NSK a public interest corporation, and like the NSK always concerned with yakuza eviction, but as their sole purpose. The mascot was created 30 years ago and so far used as illustration, now a former policeman created figures.
  23. Akinomaki

    Sumo for kids

    PR the other day o The pairings for the tournament were announced yesterday The tournament was not only for kids: categories for adults (actually high school and above) - experienced/masters and inexperienced, seniors - for men and women - about 280 participants from 3 to 71 years of age the news focus on the kids - only NHK also shows a bit from the adults vid vid vid Nishiiwa plans to have the tournament continue the next years
  24. Wakakatakage on the 6th (his 29th birthday) did only the basics and lent his chest to Yoshii, who came for degeiko o o He had restarted keiko after the basho on the 4th, keiko bouts are on schedule for a later day. A year ago he had most wins of the year and was the top prospect for ozeki ...
  25. Akinomaki

    Sumo for kids

    Videos from the Naruto-beya training camp in Wake town in October still get posted - no.3 training of high school students with the rikishi
  26. Akinomaki

    Natsu jungyo 2023

    With a four months delay, the official YT channel of the Z-arena today posted a video of the preparations - dohyo making and -matsuri. The jungyo took place there to commemorate 25 year since the opening of the arena
  27. Akinomaki

    Miyagino/Hakuho extra activities

    Unfortunately these videos often get switched to private after a while, I download them on the day and only watch that video, I avoid watching on YT directly whenever possible - and only notice that it can't be accessed any-more when I post if the video is gone. Not being embeddable happens all the time and is no clear sign. Looks like I have to post these things quicker.
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