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  2. Goeido is publishing a book(?)

    Will it be available in English?
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  4. Ex-Yokozuna Taihou's grandson arriving

    The Kokutai national tournament is in October, which he is probably going to compete in. That is the last tournament in which third year high schoolers are able to compete. He probably wants to get underway immediately after that.
  5. Prebasho podcast

    Don had me and Mike from ST again, this time my mic seems fine.. Pre Aki talk, if you have the time.
  6. Latest kabu-babu changes

    I just noticed that ex-Terao getting replaced as shimpan for Nagoya apparently wasn't a short-notice thing. They actually removed him from the shimpan department listing on the Kyokai site, and what's more, they already made that change two weeks before announcing it that he wouldn't be judging in Nagoya. (It was a stealth change - no update of the date counter on the page. And I guess also no press release to the media, or they would have reported on it earlier.) Actually, I totally confused myself today trying to backtrack through the shimpan changes since the latest big movements (April 2016). Did we ever mention that Nakagawa ended up joining the group, for instance? Near as I can tell he replaced Kasugayama, but the originally announced replacement for him was Kiriyama... I sense the need for a new summary thread, I think, if only to get myself unstuck here.
  7. New weight record

    Oh, goodie! Any pictures of Aminishiki antics?
  8. Goeido is publishing a book(?)

    Hmmm... not a lot of content information at this point, except the obvious.
  9. Here is the link on for pre-order for a September 22 release.相撲
  10. Ex-Yokozuna Taihou's grandson arriving

    Thank you. Why would Naya not join right away, in September? Or, why not wait until January or March?
  11. Ex-Yokozuna Taihou's grandson arriving

    The most common time for prominent high schoolers to join is January.
  12. New recruits for Aki (?) 2017

    The date issue for this thread wasn't about Naya.
  13. Ex-Yokozuna Taihou's grandson arriving

    I wonder why he is waiting until November to enter? School, perhaps?
  14. Kokonoe-beya Website

    Whatever it is, it works
  15. Ozumo Consecutive Match Tracker

    I overlooked Kitataikai. He must have gone past Yoshiazuma in this last tournament then. Not that he had much to celebrate after falling to makushita for the first time in a decade. He may not stick around much longer.
  16. Sumo for kids

    The traditional opening of sumo-beya recently took place: kids could train at heya Otake oo Nakagawa o o Kasugano o o Dewanoumi o o Tokitsukaze o o Takasago o o Michinoku o o Izutsu o o o Shikihide o o o o o o o o
  17. Kokonoe-beya Website

    Your koenkai membership also works for several Mongolian sekitori. (and Sanyaku too)
  18. New weight record

    Fuji TV Live Goody! about Orora: NSK twitter of the check ups o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o anticipated pain may be more severe than real one - measuring the blood pressure before drawing blood o
  19. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Asahikawa o o o o o o o o o o o o o o papers: Asahikawa local Kyokutaisei as mage making model o KITTE basho location event o o o Today the Odaiba Fuji TV basho started, much was already on Fuji TV, today they had a bit on every news show, but so far I only found Viking: Fortunately, Inhashi has posted it all Viking: Minna no news: Live Goody!: first time at the jungyo 4 yokozuna
  20. New recruits for Aki (?) 2017

    Since this thread: and this article: confirm that Naya Kounosuke will be entering Otake beya and will make his debut in Kyushu 2017, you can most likely change the title of thread now.
  21. Ozumo Consecutive Match Tracker

    That is the current top 3 and so far the only three over 1000, I don't think I'm going to find anybody in the lower two divisions with 1000 or more. Next up, the jonidan division!
  22. Ex-Yokozuna Taihou's grandson arriving

    Yes that reading is correct. So he's joining Kotokamatani in the grandsons of yokozuna club.
  23. New weight record

    He barely does sonkyo during shikiri. Gotta wonder how his knees are doing holding all that weight. He apparently wasn't "trying" to break the record. He takes walks around the heya, and has changed his eating habits. Before he used to eat 50 orders worth of yakiniku from the local BBQ place, plus four orders of ramen-don and six orders of regular ramen. "I eat at lunchtime but don't really eat a lot in the evening." When asked what his former shisho Kitanoumi-oyakata (who passed away in 2015) might think of his new record, he responded, "He'd probably say 'BAKAYARO'" Reflecting on some memories with Kitanoumi: "He used to take me to the sauna and we would walk together. I probably don't have much longer as an active rikishi, but I will ganbaru."
  24. New weight record

    The top 10 - Non is the no-spectator basho, active basho top 1 288.4 kg Orora 17Aki ms43 2 285.0 kg Konishiki 96Haru o 3 277.2 kg Yamamotoyama 11Non m9 4 245.5 kg Kenho 14Haru ms59 5 241.5 kg Tominohana 91Aki jd31 6 240.0 kg Susanoumi 98Natsu j2 7 237.4 kg Musashimaru 02Aki y 8 237.0 kg Kainowaka 12Aki ms14 9 236.0 kg Akebono 00Aki y 10 233.0 kg Tokushinho 16Aki j6 oo o o o o o
  25. Ex-Dai-Dai-Yokozuna Taihou's grandson and ex-Sekiwake Takatouriki's son Naya Kounosuke (help me here..) has announced he will be joining Ootake beya (the extension of Taihou beya) and debuting in November. 17 years old, 190/160. He participated in the Odaiba jungyo today and faced some Makushita and lower rikishi. "I was told by grandpa to do my best. I am looking forward to this. I'd like to reach Makuuchi as soon as possible," he said. No flag pose:
  26. Rikishi or heya support events

    Yago was at home in Memuro town at the launching event of the Yago Takanori Memuru koenkai. About 200 members so far, 120 were at the party. with middle school classmates
  27. Ozumo Consecutive Match Tracker

    Current consecutive match streak: (1) Kitataikai-1068. (2) Yoshiazuma-1064. (3) Tamawashi-1018. Is this correct?
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