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  1. Hypocrites. They were lenient with Abi and Asanoyama (who literally put people's lives at risk just to go to a whorehouse) but they were draconian with the gaijins. Bando de xenófobos essa turma do Hakkako.
  2. Jabbamaru

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Cool bashô! What can i say? You have to love the Kaiju
  3. Jabbamaru

    Nagoya 2023 discussion (results)

    Omedetou, Ozeki Hoshōryu!
  4. Jabbamaru

    Chiyonokuni Intai

  5. Jabbamaru

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Omedetou, Kaiju! Monster Power! Omedetou, Ozeki Kiribayama! Ps* Ura/Ktnwk... Worst call EVER!
  6. Jabbamaru

    Cough, coffee numbers 1 - 15

    Arigato gosaimass...
  7. Jabbamaru

    Tochinoshin intai

    Tochi's lifting was a thing of beauty...
  8. Jabbamaru

    Tochinoshin intai

    Ichi and Tochi on the same month os too much for my heart... So weird... After his last fight i actually said in loud Voice (i was Alone)... "É isso já era Tochi"... "Thats It, Tochi is done"
  9. Jabbamaru

    Ichinojo intai

    Omg im a sumo orphan now... Bummer. Cant believe my baby is gone.
  10. Jabbamaru

    Ichinojo intai

  11. Jabbamaru

    Making a comprehensive list of sumo terminology

    Gachinko, kanroko, tsukebito, kintamayama...
  12. Jabbamaru

    Haru 2023 discussion (results)

    I think the most important thing is not having a dominant yokozuna or a competitive basho... The most important thing is the quality of the sumo itself. Unfortunately the quality lately is... Meh... Luv Hosho's nirameai. Badass niramiai=Fun.
  13. Jabbamaru

    Haru 2023 discussion (results)

    Kiriba is smeling like a ozeki! So happy for him and Kakuryu. Omedetou Ichinoujou! My favorite boy. And now that i discover that he is a drunk ass i like him even more! Gambereee, baby! Ps* Whats wrong with Hokuseiho's tachiai... So lame... The Guy basicaly Just stand UP. Myagino, teach the kid!
  14. Jabbamaru

    Haru 2023 discussion (results)

    The torikumi really helped Daieishō.
  15. Jabbamaru

    Next salt-thrower

    Miyagi is the Man!