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  1. Koorifuu

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    I did think that, but I'm remarkably inept at GTB so it means nothing.
  2. Koorifuu

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    Well, we got our answer. The juryo playoff didn't make a difference at all, Daiamami stayed just ahead of Nishikifuji. They did, however, avoid an awkward makuuchi-juryo split between them by ensuring that both were promoted, shafting suspension boys Ryuden and Hidenoumi in the process. They will clearly have to work harder than the others to make up for their past sins.
  3. Koorifuu

    New recruits Nagoya 2022

    Sendagawa / Toki was pretty hairy back in the day, even if we exclude the sideburns.
  4. Koorifuu

    Ajigawa beya?

    There's a lot of "what if" steps that need to fall a certain way for this to happen, but if Ajigawa does branch out, only for Isegahama to collapse and merge into its branch, and then moto-yokozuna shin-Isegahama branches out again... As yokozuna, Terunofuji should theoretically have it as easy as anyone to do that as swiftly as possible. One added factor into the equation: if Terunofuji dodges intai for long enough so that moto-Asahifuji turns 65 in the meantime, the latter could safely go into sanyo (provided there's an available slot). Even if Terunofuji retired the following month, his 5-year Terunofuji-oyakata toshiyori would always cover that entire period. This wouldn't of course apply if Terunofuji retires first, as it'd trigger his own 5-year lease earlier than Isegahama's so it'd also end earlier. Not sure how this affects
  5. Koorifuu

    New recruits Nagoya 2022

    So maezumo will consist of two lads bouncing against each other time and time again, and one of them is more than twice as heavy as the other. Neat.
  6. Koorifuu

    New recruits Nagoya 2022

    I wonder if his arrival at Miyagino is as part of a package, together with Kawazoe. Perhaps the latter's request to have a buddy there to help him settle or similar?
  7. So I guess this is a bit of a hint that courtesy is extended to all oyakata by default, unless those in charge decide there's something particularly aggrieving or upsetting about their presence that wouldn't otherwise justify a forced retirement.
  8. For whatever it's worth as a measure of "distinction", in the last 8 years, Tatsutayama has only been mentioned in this forum due to the following: - Speculation about his kabu's future. (Quite on topic here.) - Minimal pre-basho PR duties in Nagoya for three or four years. I'll just assume he's from there. - @Chojin getting his signature in Kyushu '18. Yep, undistinguished.
  9. Koorifuu

    Natsu Backstory

    Sure, I won't ever dispute that! But if he's going to get bollocked for failing to live up to a rank he didn't officially have, might as well have the perks.
  10. Koorifuu

    Asanoyama caught violating COVID restrictions

    I'd say recent sandanme tsukedashi Hatsuyama and Kayo are considerably more dangerous than Kototebakari.
  11. Koorifuu

    Natsu Backstory

    "The three ozeki once again failed to meet the high standards expected of their respected rank." Not true about Mitakeumi - his only previous ozeki basho was a deep yusho run with double digit wins. He'd never failed to meet the rank's high standards.
  12. Koorifuu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Mitakeumi's mullet was 100% string-free on his makuuchi debut in Kyushu 2015, around one and a half years after a debutant, mageless Ichinojo put Kakuryu's yokozuna face on the clay via henka. Still one of the most shocking moments I've seen in ozumo - ballsy doesn't begin to describe it. (Disclaimer: Kakuryu's face never actually got on the clay, but I'm a serial offender when it comes to dramatism and embellishment!)
  13. Koorifuu

    Retirements after Natsu 2022

    I'm surprised Amakaze isn't in the list. Surprising from Irodori - he's had some injuries lately, but he'd just punched his ticket back to makushita.
  14. Koorifuu

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    That leaves Nakamura to leave kaze as the suffix instead i.e. Tomokaze. We might have lots of windy shikona incoming, one way or the other.
  15. Koorifuu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    A bit offtopic but I'm sad that Shohozan's career (or at least sekitorihood) ended with a bowling ball impersonation, courtesy of a 28 year old with a career high of ms2, bringing a 2-5 record to the dohyo. That being said, Tsushimanada is no stranger to being 2-5 and yet brought on to juryo for an 8th bout on senshuraku, where he gets gifted a 3rd win via dumping an ailing, aging veteran saying goodbye to the paid divisions. He was Kyokutaisei's last nail in the coffin, last time out in Nagoya.