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  1. Videos -Wacky Aki 2017- Promo and Days 1-15

    For the non-Japanese-speakers in the crowd, the announcer on NHK was announcing the gyoji names at the start of their shifts today--it wasn't just gyoji day on Kintamayama-san's channel. My Japanese is just good enough to notice that sort of thing :). If you want to hear how the names are said out loud, you can play back the video to hear it---it's right at the beginning of each clip. ("Gyoji wa .....") @Kintamayama-san: I notice that the live commentator's announcement of the kimarite is often incorrect. Do you check against the official listings before making the video?
  2. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (K1W Tochiozan) - September 2017

    15. Agree with Jakusotsu
  3. Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Aki 2017

    It feels odd to cheer for the "obvious" things to occur in all cases. "Go, expected results, go!" ??
  4. TORCHBEARER 2017: periodic updates, torch match notices, results

    Hey, that's my duder! Go Mitoryu!
  5. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (K1W Tochiozan) - September 2017

    Third time's the charm -- 8. Kotoshogiku
  6. The Tongan names should absolutely include the fakauʻa, which isn't actually an apostrophe. It's an odd unicode code point (0x02BB) for the polynesian languages. (I assume that the DB can handle unicode, otherwise open quote can be substituted. Apostrophes often turn up because they're easy to type, but are technically wrong.) It's considered a letter in the various polynesian languages, so leaving it out is not great. (Ditto for the Hawaiʻian names in the US thread.) ___ For the Sri Lankan rikishi, likely only the last part (de Perera) is the surname. Sri Lankans tote up large numbers of middle names--there's a cricketer with six or seven on the scorecard.
  7. It's probably worth having the cyrillic names in the DB somewhere. A data line 'name in native language', for instance, that displays their name the same no matter if you're on the japanese or english side of the DB for all rikishi. (That looks like an old Haru basho, if I remember my Cyrillic. No?)
  8. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (K1W Tochiozan) - September 2017

    There are not a lot of intra-sanyaku bouts (left). This basho is weird. 5. Yoshikaze