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  1. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Thanks All. Hooray me for winning the coinflip on the penalty shootout. Thanks especially to Jejima for running this thing. And of course: Congrats to JOPUTOSU and team Georgia
  2. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Yeah, but he's not entitled to do so per se. Dumfries is both allowed to occupy space and to make an attempt at the ball. (And that's setting aside the potential Handball by Saka in the run-up, which by current rulings seems to be a foul?)
  3. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Agree. It's bad training on the part of the refs: feels like they don't watch enough video, to me. Even standards of officiating are necessary. To me, the big issue is that card #1 has basically no consequences, and card #2 is very close to "your team can't score". I think a sin-bin system like rugby, ice hockey and assorted other sports use for the first yellow would improve matters substantially. Make defenders think twice about spending their one yellow card on a professional foul.
  4. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Indeed. Which is why he added a bunch of time to stoppage time and didn't card the guy. It also would cause a longer stoppage than just letting him waste time (new shirt, gloves, the whole bit). But that's the corner you put yourself in as a ref!
  5. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Was a classic refereeing mistake: pulling the trigger fast on people's first yellows, and then not following through when they do more of the same. Happens a lot, unfortunately, and leads to bad blood. (Another example from this game: Simon, the spanish goalie, got carded for timewasting. Later in the game, he managed to take about 70s to take a goal kick. What do?)
  6. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    I am impressed that the chants in the France - Portugal game have been basically continuous for two full hours.
  7. Ryoshishokunin

    Guess Ura's Aite - July 2024 edition

    kosho plz. Travelling.
  8. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Same in dutch: the "ste"/"stel" distinction in (high) german fuses together (into "ste"), which evolves into english "th"; the largest unique fraction is still "kwartaal". I think some of the aversion to "eighthfinals" is that long consonant cluster, so Ro16.
  9. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Not that anyone uses. Even in the NCAA tournament they use "first round" instead of the binary, or "round of 64"...
  10. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Something that I hadn't realised until now: the dutch actually use 'achtste finale'. In english it's always 'round of sixteen' on official media.
  11. Ryoshishokunin

    GTB invite- July (Nagoya) 2024 - Results!!! - 204 entries

    FYI: Typo in the URL for the results.
  12. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Sumo news

    It'd be pretty easy to set up a burner gmail or hotmail account (or whatever) just to run bench. I have a few for random purposes like that, and setting up forwarding or switching between gmail accounts is surpringly easy.
  13. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Who do I send my chain to for the RO16? (Esp. considering that Jejima is my opponent...)
  14. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    I agree with the tiebreak in group F, assuming the results are correct. A round-robin of 2-0 games leaves no way to separate without going to the tiebreaks that include other teams.
  15. Ryoshishokunin

    Bench Men's Euros 2024

    Me neither. The replays looked like several handballs by the turks, frankly.