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  1. Ryoshishokunin

    New recruits Aki 2022

    Yes, though only Iceland still does so. (The big clue is that you see "Svensdotir" in Icelandic names for women.)
  2. Ryoshishokunin

    New recruits Aki 2022

    Remember that Mongolians don't have surnames per se: they have patronymics, i.e. their father's name is their second name. Unless they're brothers, the shared name is a coincidence.
  3. Ryoshishokunin

    Foreign amateurs aiming for ozumo

    They've been getting tighter and worse over the last while: foreigners now need to sit out more basho before starting than they used to even a few years ago, for instance.
  4. Ryoshishokunin

    Sumo Reference Updates

    @Doitsuyama Is there any chance that the Japanese-language shikona could appear on the Rikishi / Kabu pages? It's the one thing on the Japanese SR site that I find myself flipping into the Japanese version to look up not-infrequently.
  5. Ryoshishokunin

    Corona and sumo

    I'm aware of some japanese grad students who have been stuck in Oxford for three-four weeks waiting for a negative PCR test. No test, no travel.
  6. Ryoshishokunin

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - July 2022 edition

    14. Daieisho
  7. Ryoshishokunin

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - July 2022 edition

    12. Ura
  8. Ryoshishokunin

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - July 2022 edition

    3. nishikigi
  9. Ryoshishokunin

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    Pattern: someone always picks more K or S. At least a few people don't operate the E/W situation correctly when odd numbers are involved.
  10. Ryoshishokunin

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    Can I say that editing the head post is *much* worse than posting a new summary each day? It erases the historical record, it means you can't catch up on this thread, and it also doesn't work with the forum's "go to most recent unread post" option, instead having to go back to page one which is otherwise not of interest.
  11. Ryoshishokunin

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - May 2022 edition

    The leaderboard. As we get to the end of the tournament, that matters more. 10. takakeisho. (To avoid going BG. I'm still hopeful that I'll have time during the July basho to play.)
  12. Ryoshishokunin

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - May 2022 edition

    That would be wakatakakage and wakatakafuji :) (or maybe wakatafufuji...)
  13. Ryoshishokunin

    Sumo Ranfurly Shield History

    Just checked 2021, looks right. For my own amusement: 2022 Hatsu Y Terunofuji → M3 Tamawashi (6) → S Mitakeumi (7) → M4 Hokutofuji (10) → Present Day GKA's hero is also Ranfurly champion :)
  14. Ryoshishokunin

    Sumo Ranfurly Shield History

    2020 Hatsu M5 Enho → M4 Shodai (2) → O Goeido (7) → K Abi (8) → S Takayasu (10) → O Goeido (11) → S Asanoyama (12) → End (Goeido only won 5 bouts this tournament!) Haru S Asanoyama → M3 Mitakeumi (6) → Y Hakuho (7) → M5 Onosho (10) → K Endo (11) → YO Kakuryu (12) → Y Hakuho (15) COVID Cancels May basho, relocates Nagoya July Y Hakuho → K Daieisho (11) → End Aki S2 Daieisho → M2 Tamawashi (1) → S Shodai (2) → `M1 Terunofuji (4) →M1 Takanoshi (10) →M14 Tobizaru (13) →O Takakeisho (14) →End November (not in Kyushu) O Takakeisho → M4 Tobizaru (9) →K Terunofuji (10) → End (Loss in playoff to Takakeisho doesn't count, right?)
  15. Ryoshishokunin

    Sumo Ranfurly Shield History

    2019 Hatsu Y Hakuho → K Mitakeumi (11) → O Takayasu (14) → End Haru O Takayasu → M2 Daieisho (3) → Y Hakuho (4) → End Natsu Hakuho Absent Nagoya Y Hakuho → M4 Ichinojo (9) → Y Kakuryu (10) → M7 Tomokaze (13) → M16 Terutsuyoshi (15) Aki M9 Terutsuyoshi → M8 Okinoumi (2) → M5 Ryuden (9) → O Goeido (12) → S Mitakeumi (14) → End Kyushu S Mitakeumi → K2 Hokutofuji (2) → K2 Asanoyama (5) → K Endo (6) → M1 Okinoumi (9) → M2 Myogiryu (12) → M1 Daieisho (13) → M6 Enho (15) And now the plague years begin.