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  1. Athenayama

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Haru 2020

    Congratulations to the winner Tenshinhan for a great record and thanks to Asashosakari for running this game ! This is a rather easy to play game (as most are, actually) so I'd really love to see more players participate in the future. I don't see any reason why there are only 20ish players while other games on this forum have 10 to 20 more. I'm sure they could also participate to this one. It's a pre-basho game so if you study for the other games you probably have done more than half the work to also play this one. We'll be waiting for you to try !
  2. Athenayama

    French documentary about women in Sumo

    Anyone who had the opportunity to watch it is welcome to leave a comment here, of course. Actually I'd be glad to read other opinions.
  3. Athenayama

    French documentary about women in Sumo

    Yeah, well the title is a little.... how to say it, "controversy"? But apart the final comments which actually take place after the documentary between the reporter and a French female boxer (Olympic champion), a little too harsh in my opinion, the documentary itself is quite interesting. As for some cartoon scenes included, I'll not comment them.
  4. Athenayama

    Basho attendance

    Maybe also people didn't want to watch sumo without a crowd? We must agree that atmosphere is completely different with or without crowd. As far as I'm concerned I like it almost the same, other parameters (hearing everything that happens, something different, new...) compensating the lack of crowd (cheers, screams, laughs...). There can be a percentage of people though who might not like to watch sumo in an empty arena thus explaining lower ratings? Just a thought.
  5. Athenayama

    French documentary about women in Sumo

    Yeah, maybe it is blocked for a view from other countries? I don't know if others have the same problem. I tried again just one minute ago and I have still access to it. If you use a vpn maybe you could try to use a server based in France?
  6. Athenayama

    French documentary about women in Sumo

    Aaaand I think I have the explanation. Video could be blocked if you use a vpn.... At least that could be the reason why sometimes I can have access to watch it and sometimes not. Just for information.
  7. Athenayama

    Sumo games summary

    I was ready to make a similar reply when I noticed that there are no icons for the rules in the very precious "Sumo Games Deadlines" pinned post for the games of this forum. And this is probably due to the fact that, for most of them, the rules are reminded in the invitations to play before each basho starts. Hence my tedious post here above, trying to help our friend Katsunorifuji.
  8. Athenayama

    Sumo games summary

    I think I gathered, here below, the sumo games you can find in this section of the forum. I hope game administrators won't mind if I'm intruding, if they do I'll accept any punishment. In my opinion, all these games are interesting and worth playing, so up to you! With these links you should have access to the rules. I apologize for this post to be too messy, I tried as I could. I hope I didn't forget anyone! By alphabetical order, here we go. - 21 : - Banzuke Surfing : - Break The Curse : - Class Dismissed : - FAWL : - Guess Hokutofuji's Aite : - Gurowake's Long-Term Prediction Game: - JWS : - Long Kachikoshi Streaks : - PTYW (Pick The Yusho Winner) : - Sandanme Game : - TUG (The Underdog Game) : Here below are games which need entry before the start of the first basho of the year : - METASUMO : - TOARCHBEARER : Note : Few days before the start of the basho, each game administrator posts a thread with an invitation to play his/her game. So, beginning of May keep your eyes open. If we have a basho in May that is.
  9. Athenayama

    French documentary about women in Sumo

    It seems to be visible again. I suggest anyone interested to watch it today !
  10. Athenayama

    Drop Sumo Games Haru 2020

    May 2020, without crowd. Probability ? 99% according to the stars.
  11. Athenayama

    French documentary about women in Sumo

    Oops, sorry Ladies and Gentlemen, It seems that video has been blocked. It was visible without problem yesterday. Maybe it had a time limit. Sorry for that. I'll check if I can find it again otherwise I guess I'll just delete this thread.
  12. I hope it has not already been posted here. Mostly for those who speak French though, even if they speak Japanese in the documentary but often covered by French commentaries.
  13. Athenayama

    21 Har Har 20

    Congratulations to Flohru, the winner (he wins almost everywhere, anyway) ! See you all in May cause I want to win it again! Many thanks guys for running it.
  14. Athenayama

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    My overall performance on pre-basho games (Oracle, UDH, Salary Cup ...) was based on an early kyujo of both Yokozuna. As that did not happen (all the opposite, actually, hahaha) the disaster was inevitable. KK in SG and BS, slowly keeping on climbing those ladders. Few disastrous days in Toto which cost me a much better position. Early defeat in Chain (Chosing Takanosho one of the few days he lost .... yeah that's me!). KK in ISP but who didn't? so nothing to be proud of there. Disastrous TTT. Several big bets lost for only one bout in Odd for a nice score of zero in the end. I can't be proud of Haru 2020. I'm still learning though and I hope these lessons will help me to do better in May. Because I have news, people. YES, we'll have Sumo in May ! Without crowd but there will be a basho. That's my feeling anyway. GG everyone and be extra careful till this crisis ends !
  15. Athenayama

    Games Talk Haru 2020

    Thanks for giving me some explanations. I have actually never picked "X" since I started playing Toto. I have that as "my own rule". Anyway I'll just trust the game administrator for the final standings and if any master points won so I'll stop my silly questions here.