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  1. Athenayama

    What we do in our off-time

    You never miss a chance, don't you?
  2. Athenayama

    Heya Based Game?

    Almost any game interests me so you have your answer as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Athenayama

    A belated happy birthday Sumojoann....

    I'm even more late than the latest so I have nothing more to add that has been said (I mean the happy birthday!), except....
  4. Athenayama

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Impossible to find a better photo than Jakusotsu's (hahaha) so I'll just wish you a happy birthday with best health !
  5. Athenayama

    Metasumo 2021

    I can't see how @Oortael could lose this one.
  6. Athenayama

    Happy Birthday, Asashosakari!

  7. Athenayama

    Hakuho retires

    Called it 2 months ago after the zensho bout against Terunofuji in the "Nagoya basho 2021" thread, page 41 (I don't know how to insert it here!). I hoped to be wrong.
  8. Athenayama

    East vs West Aki 2021

    Statistically, at least once it had to happen. Congrats anyway !
  9. Athenayama

    East vs West Aki 2021

    As you said @WAKATAKE I tried my best. Yusho in July, jun-yusho in September, I think we're on a good way. Congrats to @Jejima san for the yusho and thanks WAKATAKE for the game!
  10. Athenayama

    Games Talk Aki 2021

    I achieved a perfect "0" at DST on the last day while I still had hopes for the final win. It's a miracle I lost only two ranks. What a disappointment though. Overall a bad basho for me...
  11. Athenayama

    JWS Aki 2021

    YAY first win on JWS. Thanks @WAKATAKE ! I was playing "defense" these last few days as I was pretty sure that my opponents would pick Abi. I changed it today as I really didn't believe in a another Kaisho loss furthermore against a weak opponent this basho. I feared also the Nishikigi momentum and the almost sure yusho for Abi. Well both won so all went fine. Now, let's try to keep this streak going on till next basho!
  12. Athenayama

    East vs West Aki 2021

    This is exciting !
  13. Athenayama

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Well, that is definitely the biggest spoiler of all.
  14. Athenayama

    Happy Birthday, Ganzohnesushi

    Happy birthday !
  15. Athenayama

    Sanyaku Carousel Aki 2021

    Day 12 : 3 point match - Tamawashi 6 point match - Terunofuji 9 point match - Ichinojo 12 point match - Takakeisho 15 point match - Mitakeumi