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  1. Athenayama

    Music abroad

    Ok this is not really the kind of music displayed here so far and I apologize for being "off topic" in an "off topic" thread but this voice .... My God this voice... She's definitely not known enough in my opinion, hence this post.
  2. Athenayama

    Music abroad

    Siblings of 5, aged from 12 to 20? Worth a glimpse... This one has a nice energy on stage:
  3. Athenayama

    Premier Fantasy Football

    No problem, will do that. It will be a pleasure. And after a second thought I'll definitely join the Premier League fantasy next season. I'm not joining now cause there is really no use. I'm well aware of how football fantasy work in general as a long time player in French championship, Champions League, Euros, World Cups... So be aware that you'll have a fierce opponent next season even though, as I already said, I don't follow the Premier League daily.
  4. Athenayama

    Music abroad

    Thank you Sir, Actually I just found the reason. Damn vpn again....
  5. Athenayama

    Premier Fantasy Football

    I might join you guys for next season even though I don't follow the Premier League daily. Sad no one wanted to join (after my invitation sent at the Bench Sumo group) to the Champions League fantasy. Same it is free and rather easy to play. Furthermore there are no games every week so it really doesn't take much time. I'll just insert the link here and if anyone is interested to join my private league for next season (currently we are 10) please let me know. And if we are enough maybe we could just create a "Sumo Forum" private league? Then click on "Fantasy football". It's on hold now as matches are postponed but I believe all will be unblocked as soon as a final decision will been taken about the outcome of the current season.
  6. Athenayama

    Music abroad

    A neighbour of yours.
  7. Athenayama

    What’s For Dinner Tonight?

    Carrots ....
  8. Athenayama

    Happy Birthday Jakusotsu!

    Happy birthday !
  9. Athenayama

    Sumo game on discord

    Oh and, well, there's also the thread created exactly for that game here in July 2019 . "The Road to Yokozuna" by SoRiche (creator of the game?)
  10. Athenayama

    Sumo game on discord

    Hi Sir, Some guy advertised it I can't recall exactly in which thread it was here. Probably somewhere in the Sumo games section. I haven"t tried it so far. Have you? If yes, your impressions? I found it but I don't know how to insert it here, sorry I'm still not experienced enough. It's in the thread "How to code a sumo game? I have an idea.." SoRiche Mae-zumo Regular Members 0 2 posts Report post Posted November 20, 2019 You might want to try joining us at Road to Yokozuna. To my knowledge, we are the only game in which you can create and wrestle as your own rikishi. We are currently between basho so there's no better time to join us:
  11. Athenayama

    Virtual Bench Euros 2020?

    Ok I'll wait 2021 to "destroy" all of you....
  12. Athenayama

    Virtual Bench Euros 2020?

    Count me in ! As a player for a start.
  13. Athenayama

    General Corona Banter

    A glimpse of how they handled things in Greece. I'm even prouder to present this one as my niece is one of the doctors working there (with the red cap).
  14. Athenayama

    Coronavirus in China

    @Eikokurai I hope your situation will have a positive end. I wish you the best.
  15. Athenayama

    Kensho Haru 2020

    Someone should create a sumo game based on kensho predictions (prebasho? daily?) .....