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  1. Athenayama

    Favorite TV Series

    I named it in my first post in this thread. I wouldn't put on top of my preferred but I definitely enjoyed watching it.
  2. Athenayama

    Video games

    +1 to Heroes of Might And Magic, Final Fantasy VII, Football Manager like games. I avoided MMORPGs for the only reason I was too much afraid to have no real life anymore...
  3. Athenayama

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Happy birthday ! I wish you many KKs in the future.
  4. Athenayama

    Video games

    I take your word on that. I wouldn't understand someone coming on a sumo forum and lying about that. The only reason I could find is maybe to counter balance the results in Bench ? Which character did you prefer to play in gauntlet?
  5. Athenayama

    Favorite TV Series

    Oh, I also forgot to mention one very good mini-series (7 episodes) named "John Adams". Very instructive for non Americans who are not so familiar with American history. Maybe also instructive for some Americans who don't know all the details? I highly recommend it to all. Ok, if you only like "Fast and furious" style you can skip that ....
  6. Athenayama

    Video games

    Mostly Role Playing games (RPG) as far as I'm concerned. Dungeon crawlers such as (to refer to recent games) Legend Of Grimrock I and II. I had a period with combat games (Tekken, Soul Calibour...) or First Person Shooters (James Bond ...) but it was fun when played in parties 4 to 6 people in the same room. Much more fun that playing online... Oh you know which was extremely fun also ? Mario Kart ! ! We had some hilarious sessions.
  7. Athenayama

    European football and basketball fantasy games

    Well, it seems that there is no big interest in these fantasy games. Now that the basho is over I give this a bump just to remind everyone who might have forgotten about it. I'll give it a chance for another couple of days and after that I'll just call it off. Maybe people could be interested but they just don't have time to play which I totally understand. Even though it's no so time consuming.
  8. Athenayama

    Class Dismissed Aki 2020

    Thank you Wakatake for the game. How come I have Tobizaru with a 7-8 in my record ? Is it just a typo or does it change anything in the results? Thanks.
  9. Athenayama

    East vs West (NEW GAME!!!) Aki 2020

    Congrats Wakatake for the win ! And thank you for running this game. I think it's more challenging than it looks but that's also part of what makes it interesting. Of course I'll be there for the next edition and I hope more players will join also cause it's easy to play. It can be played in different levels. As a "casual player" just trying to guess the side that will win or going thoroughly through all the bouts (that is time consuming) to find the winners. Between these two extremes lies the "truth" As it's still a new game I have to find the best strategy for better results. Challenging and interesting !
  10. Athenayama

    Happy Birthday, Asashosakari

    Happy birthday Asashosakari ! Unfortunately no celebration gif as I have an awful wifi where I am right now.
  11. Athenayama

    Happy Birthday, Kashunowaka!

    As I was travelling, late wish for a happy birthday Kashunowaka ! No gif as I have an awful wifi where I am right now.
  12. Athenayama

    Gaming Banter

    Leading in S4 and definitely in the points in Toto, I hope I won't mess up everything in the last 2 days. As I'll be travelling tomorrow, I won't be able to "study" the bouts at all and I might even not be able to make my entries. I hope I'll find a way but nothing sure. And I'm not even talking about the games on the Sumo forum. Of course this comment refers only to the daily games.
  13. Athenayama

    Happy Birthday Ganzohnesushi

    alles Gute zum Geburtstag ! (I hope I'm right, thanks google translate...)
  14. Athenayama

    East vs West (NEW GAME!!!) Aki 2020

    Damn, it slipped my mind yesterday ! !
  15. Athenayama

    JWS Aki 2020

    Hi @WAKATAKE , I'm afraid link for day 9 is from a previous basho.