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  1. Athenayama

    JWS Hatsu 2021

    Didn't Oho lose?
  2. Well, I'm still not first but, if I'm not mistaken, I'm the only one who have scored points on all days so far. I hope it won't bring me bad luck just mentioning it !
  3. Athenayama

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2021

    Damn, how could I miss my entry yesterday?? I'm getting old.
  4. Athenayama

    Invitation for Makushita Game Hatsu 2021

    I'd rather they weren't, considering my rank...
  5. Athenayama

    Invitation for Makushita Game Hatsu 2021

    Haha ok, and I've seen that one ! But it was so long ago.... Thanks.
  6. Athenayama

    Invitation for Makushita Game Hatsu 2021

    Damn, I didn't get the reference. I hope someone can explain it to me. Movie reference maybe?
  7. Athenayama

    Invitation for Makushita Game Hatsu 2021

    It's ok we can wait. I was just wondering if everything was ok. Thanks for the update sir Rando.
  8. Athenayama

    Gaijingai Intai In Several Games

    That's true. Banzuke is merciless. Couldn't you find the time to play maybe every other basho instead of retiring completely? Hence the fall would be if not blocked (with koshos) at least lessened. And you could split the games every other basho also. I don't know, just saying. That being said, I'm looking forward to having a (friendly) fight with you the soonest in Makuuchi at Bench Sumo. Yes, I'm coming !
  9. Athenayama

    Gaijingai Intai In Several Games

    I just noticed that post. Sorry to hear that. In addition, if you're retiring only because of lack of time and not because of lack of interest I can't imagine how you must feel. Historic player leaving, huh? It makes me somewhat sad, even if I'm just a new player and don't know you. I hope you'll find time to come back soon enough though. You never know.
  10. Athenayama

    Invitation for Makushita Game Hatsu 2021

    @Randomitsuki Hi, something wrong? No standings displayed yet?
  11. Athenayama

    Music abroad

    @Terao Not really my cup of tea but interesting.
  12. Athenayama

    JWS Hatsu 2021

    Thanks @WAKATAKE all is fine, really. Yes I submitted on time for day 1 but I didn't see your latest post here before the morning. Just for history my pick was Churanoumi on day 1. To be really honest I don't want you to give me the win, I won't feel good about it. Let's forget all about that incident. And don't worry, at no point there was an issue whether I would keep on playing or not. You won't get rid of me so easily. All that being cleared, does this mean that from now on we must submit our picks here? Cause I already submitted my pick for day 2 through the Survey Monkey.
  13. Athenayama

    JWS Hatsu 2021

    Thanks @Flohru but it's ok. Let's not turn that into a Greek tragedy. Rules are the same for everyone, sometimes it can give the advantage to some, the next day to some others. I'm fine and I'm motivated for the rest of the basho. Let's move on and forget about this.
  14. Athenayama

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Hatsu 2021

    My first basho as an Ozeki was tough. Maybe too much pressure? I'll try very hard to do much better in the future.
  15. Athenayama

    JWS Hatsu 2021

    Really? Just woke up. Anyway I'll blame my time zone then.... And I had a winner on day 1 but there's no point arguing.