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  2. Premier Fantasy Football

    Still not working. I can't see what's wrong here.
  3. For the 2018 48th National middle school sumo championships on Aug. 18 and 19th in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, the (dohyo matsuri) Shinto ritual to pray for the safety on the dohyo took place on the 16th, performed by a real chief priest. I wonder if they had some ritual at the world championships in Taiwan The pairings for the 3preliminary rounds of the individuals Results will appear here (with estimated time):
  4. Training camp news and pics

    Musashigawa-beya today has started their 5th summer training camp in Ebino-city, Miyazaki, till the 21st - with 15 rikishi, including new member this year, Miyazaki local Tanahashi. Local TV Yahoo news page with video -> youtube-dl
  5. Sumo for kids

    On the way to the next training camp in Oguni town, Yamagata, on the 18th and 19th, Furiwake with Kaonishiki and Wada today had an event in Yamagata city for about 70 local kids of primary school age and younger. Furiwake explained that children are possibilities, can become anything, depending on the path they chose, and he hopes to make some chose the path to become a rikishi. NHK local news page with video Wada with the kids Kaonishiki
  6. Natsu jungyo 2018

    Today the jungyo has the 2nd break Dohyo preparations for Obihiro on the 18th started on the 16th: same size as in the kokugikan, a 6.7m square, with 10 tons of soil put on a foundation. o Iwatomo at the Mishima police office on the 14th made the pledge to eliminate yakuza and the like from the jungyo there on the 23rd Kise in Hachinohe o o o local Onosho o Yutakayama did choose watermelon, Asanoyama in return picked muskmelon - with this, food leads now by 4-3 against the sea o
  7. Premier Fantasy Football

    Try this code again: 222478-602430
  8. Premier Fantasy Football

    I've just browsed through the rules and will give it a try as well. I have never played a fantasy game before, so hopefully I won't screw up completely. EDIT: Invalid code. I can't join the private league. Is there anything like a deadline?
  9. Premier Fantasy Football

    Just saw this. I'm joining :)
  10. Yesterday
  11. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    You certainly won't see this happening at a Honbasho
  12. Slapping Championship

    This is one of sports you are highly recommended not to train with your wife/girlfriend.
  13. Natsu jungyo 2018

    Day 17 Hachinohe A digest from the local paper, focus on the bouts of the local boys, esp. in juryo, Kise wins the yokozuna bout - and Kasugaryu back at the bow: Aminishiki with Homarefuji (who could be his tsukebito next week) o o o o o NSK locals and real locals: the Sasayama brothers are from Hachinohe o o o o o o o o o o o o o o from the KITTE channel a RI-KISHI-BOY spot explaining the rules of sumo (English subs): a stroll around the KITTE sumo exhibition event Also Rikuzen-Takata is given in the papers as with 2800-3000 spectators oo o Oshu Nikkan calls Daishomaru a proper artist o what is it, a dream of food or of the sea?
  14. Trivia bits

    As an aside: Besides Jumonji, the only other rikishi to get 28+ makuuchi tournaments and not reach at least M3 were Izuminada (28 / M6), Kaminishiki (32 / M5), and Otsukasa (30 / M4). Not that that will come as a surprise to any trivia- or history-minded fan, but it's a nice demonstration of how "difficult" it is to avoid trips to the joi-jin completely and finish with a career-high rank in the middle of the division if your makuuchi career has any sort of length. The usual mid-maegashira topper is more somebody like Kimurayama with under 20 tournaments.
  15. Bench Sumo news

    Stats updates to my Bench Stats page are complete for the Nagoya 18 results. Just go to , then click on Misc. Bench Stats to enjoy the numbers. You can also get you Bench salary at the As is usual, lately, I've added a couple of new stats (which now number over 50 different stat categories): Yusho & Jun-Yusho List: This one goes beyond totals. You now see the basho and score for all the Ys & J-Ys. Filterable by Basho, Shikona, Y/J-Y and active (note: still working the "unhide" part of those filters, but it is workable) BSer GBLs Won/Lost: Delving deeper into GBLs, you can see how many times you've won or lost with a GBL of a certain type. Did the torikumi-makers conspire against you to thwart your 10-winner? Find out here. Banzuke/Individual Records: You may recall that I released this gem during the basho (this is my favorite page, right now). It details all the final records for each basho, who you can see your record, or make a banzuke. It also has your hoshitori for each record, so you can see details in that, too. New, though, I added in the number of consecutive wins & losses per basho. All of this is searchable, and sortable, so you can find out if you've ever pulled out 8-in-a-row to save a KK or not. I've also added tooltips to many of the pages, so you get a bit more detail as you hover over a column heading. (That is a work in progress, as I add to all pages). Non-stat related, I also went into the wayback machine, and archived the old Bench Sumo Rules site. You can see the rules, as they existed at the end of life of our old production server (2011) by selecting the Bench Sumo Rules in the menu. Note that these rule are just as they were in 2011. Some things don't apply anymore (like the gyoji site). I've updated links to reference Doitsuyama's site, where applicable. Enjoy!
  16. Rikishi or heya support events

    Isegahama-beya on the 15th had the traditional Goshogawara koenkai party with about 200 supporters - the jungyo is in Aomori now (Hachinohe is 2 h away), the home pref. of the oyakata, Aminishiki, Takarafuji, Homarefuji and as many lower rankers. Homarefuji in his last days as sekitori (Monday the new banzuke) still with a happy face - they promised more success now oo
  17. Natsu jungyo 2018

    Training beast yusho holder Sekiwake Mitakeumi had some training bouts with Takayasu, going 1-9. "I only had 10 bouts?? It felt like a lot more.." he said. "Takayasu is heavy and has a long reach.. He has been keeping an eye on me me lately and I'm thankful for that," added Keikoman, the almost soy sauce. "I've been supported a lot more lately by the fans and I'm happy for their attention, but I have to keep going at my own pace and do what I can do to forge my body," he summed.. Video:
  18. Natsu jungyo 2018

    The jungyo came to Aomori today. The local boy of the day was Ounoshou, who received some "loving treatment butsugari" from Takayasu for 7 minutes, as the crowd wildly cheered for him. "In the middle of it I couldn't hear a thing, but I'm grateful.." he said later. "After my injury in January, my power has dropped considerably, but mostly thanks to Takayasu who has been training with me a lot, I feel some of that power has returned. I have also stopped worrying about getting injured again," he said. Another local boy is Aminishiki, who met many relatives today, and lent his chest to yet another local boy Homarefuji. He also visited his parents house last night, a 4 hour drive. "Every year I'm able to visit Aomori in this way and get to meet so many fans, and I'm thankful for that," he said, thanking the 2500 fans in attendance.
  19. Natsu jungyo 2018

    The jungyo was in Aomori today. Kisenosato trained with Yutakayama for 12 bouts and was 11-1. He lost the first bout and won the next 11. "It was a good session. I just went with the feeling that I need to move forward, ever forward.. Yutakayama has become strong and hits well," he said. At some point, Kisenosato head -butted Yutakayama at the tachiai, causing a bump to appear over his right eye. "He has a very quick overarm right hand grip. I knew I had to prevent him from getting it, but I failed. His skill and weight were too much for me. When he gets your mawashi he's strong. Once he gets you close, you can't get away," said Yutakayama.
  20. Oosunaarashi to join Rizin MMA

    It's confirmed now that Osunaarashi will meet Bob Sapp for his RIZIN debut fight on Sep. 30th - hunt down the beast for revenge in the name of Akebono.
  21. Basho attendance

    It’s been like this for the last year or so.
  22. Natsu jungyo 2018

    I believe the sekitori practice mawashi are white, while for the torikumi at the end of the day they use their competition mawashi.
  23. Basho attendance

    Everyone wants to see the last hurrah of Kisenosato. I wonder what day people are preferring for their best chance to see it. 5? 8?
  24. Basho attendance

    Wait, what? They sold over 160,000 tickets with more than a month to go 'till the basho? That's pretty good.
  25. Natsu jungyo 2018

    I had thought that everyone has to wear plain white to a jungyo, but now I see a few rikishi choosing to wear a different color. So, why do so many choose white?
  26. Last week
  27. A national college tournament was held in Towada on August 14th. Both the individual and team competition saw victory for Nippon Sports Science University. In the individual final, Purevsren Dergerbayar beat Chuo's Daisuke Tanaka by uwatenage, claiming his first title to go along with numerous best 4 and best 8 finishes. He has now won individual national titles in sumo and wrestling. In team competition, NSSU downed Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences 3-2 to capture their 2nd Towada title in the last 3 years, and their first title this year. They were runner-up at last month's Kanazawa tournament and have several semifinal finishes this year, so it was about time for a yusho. Although Kyushu couldn't pull off the win, it has to be considered a good showing for them, as despite being the 2nd best team in West Japan they usually don't make it too far in national competition. Powerhouse Toyo breezed through the prelims, which included a 4-1 victory over NSSU (only Dergerbayar won, beating Ryosuke Nakajima), but they lost 3-2 in the first round of knockouts to Takushoku. Shiroyama, Fukai, and Nakajima lost straight off the bat, and then Shiroishi and Nishino won the last two---but moot point by then. Individual Winner: Purevsren Dergerbayar (Nippon Sport Science University; 2nd year) Runner-up: Daisuke Tanaka (Chuo University; 3rd year) 3rd: Hideki Tomiya (Tokyo University of Agriculture; 4th year) 4th: Hitoshi Sawada (Nihon University; 3rd year) Quarterfinals: Yuta Takahashi (Nippon Sports Science University; 1st year), Shota Kato (Nihon University; 3rd year), Tomonori Nishino (Toyo University; 4th year), Masashi Enami (Nihon University; 3rd year) Team Winner: Nippon Sports Science University Runner-up: Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences 3rd: Chuo University 4th: Takushoku University Individual Final: Tanaka (Chuo) vs Dergerbayar (Nippon Sports Science University) Team Final: Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences vs Nippon Sports Science University Team Semifinals: Chuo University vs Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences; Takushoku University vs Nippon Sports Science University
  28. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    Nice to see some good news about Harumafuji. I liked his sumo a lot and was so sad that his career ended the way it did. All the best for his future plans. :)
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