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  2. Kintamayama

    Terunofuji's health problems

    Terunofuji is training again. Yesterday he showed up for training at Isegahama beya. Today he did some light training-shiko mostly. He was conscious of his knees and an "it hurts.." was heard as well.
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  4. Akinomaki

    Harumafuji extra activities

    Today the NonStop wide-show had a (top) report on the new Harumafuji school - looks like he might become a teacher there - art teacher. Harumafuji is now rijicho of the school and apparently is studying business administration at a Japanese university.
  5. Akinomaki

    NSK sues a former advisor

    Kobayashi filed an appeal to the Tokyo High Court That trial had its first day on the 17th, oral proceedings, and the whole trial is already concluded - the verdict will be pronounced on Feb. 6th.
  6. Akinomaki

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    Today a followup was aired - focus again on the okamisan, the son, and also on Roga - videos will surely appear soon videos of the new report on Futagoyama-beya are on MioMio and in HD on Pandora now And the teaser: the next XXL 4h special new year (on the 2nd) edition of the program will have Takanohana talk to Jakucho Setouchi (hopefully not just the 2 the full 4 hours)
  7. Kotononami

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition

    sumodb entry form is down at the moment.
  8. Akinomaki

    Best rikishi awards 2018

    Tochinoshin already got his most wins of the year award on senshuraku of the Kyushu basho Mitakeumi (for the first time) gets the Hochi pro sports award in the sumo category
  9. Eikokurai

    Sumo related goods

    There’s so much potential for sumo-themed perfumes. You’ve got the scent of the shitakubeya, the unwashed mawashi, the morning keigo, the chanko pot ... Most of these are probably better as insect repellents but it’s all in the branding and marketing these days.
  10. Kintamayama

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition

    72 entries with a few hours left. OK, I guess..
  11. Akinomaki

    Rikishi and oyakata CM activities

    That's why I have a have an extra thread for that (actually 2 others)
  12. Otokonoyama

    Sumo related goods

    This Twitter thread is not about a particular rikishi, but...
  13. Otokonoyama

    Winter jungyo 2018

    Yutakayama Asanoyama Takanosho out for a little fun in Kagoshima.
  14. Eikokurai

    Takayoshitoshi scandal

    That would be Takayooshi.
  15. Eikokurai

    Winter jungyo 2018

    If ever you want a picture to encapsulate Ichinojo’s size, that one with him collecting the plate is perfect.
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  17. Pandaazuma

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Oh no, need for that. I was just replying to Jakusotsu. I am really sorry to hear all this awful news. :((
  18. Kaiowaka

    Norizo Cup Banzuke 2019.1

    The same error stay for me ^^ Pre-Register Page [E-mail] mail format error.
  19. RaeucherLax

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition

    Good luck to you as well, I did not promote Kise as to me 0-5-10 is the same as 0-0-15... but as anyone can see from my GTB results: what do I know about Banzuke making
  20. Rocks

    Metasumo 2019

    1-5: Pandaazuma 6-10: ScreechingOwl 11-20: Tsuchinoninjin 21-40: Gansekiiwa 41-80: Jakusotsu 81-120: Itachiyama 121-200: RaeucherLax 201+: Fukurou Good luck team!!!!
  21. Rocks

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition

    Me too. Good luck! We need to step it up this basho after the disaster last one. I went with Kisenosato at Y1e. I figure this is his last chance to hold that rank so they'll use his showing up in November to give it to him. Intai from Y1e is always nice.
  22. ronnie

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Yes, I replied from my email address. This is what I attempted to send; Sorry Simon, life is a fucking nightmare just now. My wife has been seriously ill again and another rel is on deaths door in hospital, as well as all the other usual crap life stuff. I just remembered the basho today. Sorry mate, but other stuff came first.
  23. ryafuji

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    Would love an answer to this.... just saying.
  24. Akinomaki

    Winter jungyo 2018

    Now a 3 day break - Takakeisho used it today for the home parade, and on the 19th the lessons about how to treat the tsukebito. Okinawa day 2 yusho by Ichinojo - final against Ryuden oo digest from local TV NSK vid vid o o o o o o o o
  25. yorikiried by fate

    Hello from Austin, Texas

    Austin has some proper people, I hear. Greetings to Matt Dillahunty, if you ever meet him.
  26. yorikiried by fate

    Harumafuji extra activities

    That reminded me: Ages ago, I made a Asashoryu shirt but unfortunately never came to the point of actually ordering or wearing it. (Off topic in this thread, I agree.)
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