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  1. Nah, he will go for it since he knows that they NSK & YDC will protect him over the two aging Yokozuna.
  2. rhyen

    Foreign Born Rikishi?

    It used to be 2 per heya.
  3. It also happened in a Hakuho Kisenosato match....
  4. rhyen

    Asashoryu activities

    Maybe because he has less connections with the new PM, Suga; He has more connections with PM Abe.
  5. rhyen

    Sumo’s newest Ozeki — Shodai Naoya

    The outside grip is the dominant hand? Or is it the inside grip?
  6. rhyen

    Haru jungyo 2021

    Time travel sure is interesting; guess the world will end before 2021, hence the reset point goes back to 2012.
  7. rhyen

    Former Takanofuji activities

    At what point will this thread will go so far on his mma career that it will not be relevant to the ozumo discussion?
  8. rhyen

    How many have relatives in sumo?

    Wakanohana I, Takanohana (ozeki) are brothers. Wakanohana III and Takanohana are sons of the ozeki. current 3rd generation would be Kotozakura, Kotonowaka (son-in-law), & Kotonawaka II. Taiho, Tatoriki (son-in-law) & grandson Naya, Mudohou, & Hozan
  9. rhyen

    Tamanoi Beya & COVID-19

    I would start contract tracing those that sat near them during the seminar.
  10. rhyen

    Solfeggio Shikona

    Try Aminishiki & Kisenosato
  11. rhyen

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Obviously you never notice Sadanoumi’s ponytail.
  12. rhyen

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Didn’t Baraki retired?
  13. rhyen

    Sumo goods

    Probably depends on when the pictures were printed on the cookies? Proofing, prebaking, postbaking?
  14. rhyen

    Corona and sumo

    The funny thing is didn’t everyone, including the Tamanoi rikishi attend the talk inside the kokugikan on the 30th? Shouldn’t they all be quarantined?