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  1. rhyen

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

  2. rhyen

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    And he goes kyujo
  3. rhyen

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    And probably 90% of the incoming ticket holders.
  4. rhyen

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    Sundays Sports featuring Araiso-oyakta: http://www.miomio.tv/watch/cc435876/
  5. rhyen

    Ridiculous Predictions for Natsu 2019

    Kisenosato decides to unretire after dominating Takayasu during pre-basho training. The NSK and YDC hold and emergency meeting and decide to reinstate him on the banzuke, condemning Chiyoshoma to the first ever Makuuchi-TD rank. Kisenosato gets a zenpai Yusho and is awarded the emperor cup by President Trump and an automatic slot to perform the dohyo-iri at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (much to Hakuho's disgust)
  6. To those already there, color_sumo has badges for sale and has hidden a limited number of chiyonofuji badges in the exhibition spaces for you to hunt. https://twitter.com/color_sumo/status/1117242379377889280/photo/1
  7. rhyen

    Trump coming to the basho

    not going to happened. I believe that they are very thorough about this.
  8. rhyen

    Trump coming to the basho

    Security, security, security. These are the annoyances of foreign heads, I just wish that they would all sit in the booth like the royal family. Probably impacted your senshuraku ticket options as well, @Akinomaki.
  9. rhyen

    Baruto activities

    But we know that Matsuko DeLuxe favourite sekitori would be her Monday show regular, Chiyomaru.
  10. In addition to the tradition Soken, here is an independent art exhibition featuring many Twitter sumo cartoonists that takes place before the honbasho. https://mobile.twitter.com/color_sumo/status/1117242379377889280
  11. rhyen

    Ikioi’s recovery

    https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2017/11/29/sumo/harumafuji-left-no-choice-retire/ John Gunning's summary of the verdict. I don't know how to read between the lines. Let it lie and don't flog a dead horse. please.
  12. rhyen

    Ikioi’s recovery

    For those who want to follow Ikioi’s progress. Here it is (warning: not for the squeamish)
  13. rhyen

    Kisenosato intai

    Here is the full interview 5 minutes. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/videos/20190329121916265/
  14. rhyen

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

  15. rhyen

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Boil any hat in a pressure cooker for 10 hours.