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  1. Would like to see Asashosakari work out the potential matchups in Juryo on Senshuraku.
  2. And we are back to 7 coleaders in Juryo (pending Sadanoumi's match in Makuuchi).
  3. And Toyonoshima just lost to a very spirited Akua. Aminishiki KKs against Takagenji after the whippersnapper committed 2 matta.
  4. Kisenosato with a 6 pack...did they accidentally send the mangaka Chiyonofuji's photograph instead?
  5. Should be Harumafuji giving it to Tochiozan & Goeido giving it to Hakuho?
  6. Morinaga kensho is on Hakuho-Tochiozan. tomorrow, it should be on Harumafuji-Takayasu.
  7. Probably, and with a 4-7 record at this stage, teetering on the brink of MK.
  8. See above.
  9. I want that big fat kensho stack!!!
  10. Harumafuji - Mitakeumi looks like 14+14.
  11. Goiedo-Hakuho looks like 12+11+1.
  12. Takayasu has got some of Kisenosato's kensho, up to 16 from the original 9 on the torikumi sheet.
  13. A lot of the customers filling the masu seats this Basho are probably newer fans drawn by Kisenosato's Yokozuna promotion, and have never participated in zabuton throwing before. The Kyokai has also been broadcasting advisory against throwing zabutons on the dohyo throughout the day between the shimpan changeover breaks. Edit: for direct comparison, how many zabutons were thrown on Day 2 for Kakuryu's musubinoichiban vs Kisenosato on Day1. Next, count the zabutons for Kakuryu other 2 losses that were not musubinoichiban.
  14. Kisenosato jumped the gun.
  15. The fans here at the kokugikan only throw it, if and only if, a yokozuna loses the last bout.