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  1. rhyen

    Corona and sumo

    so they only thing that will cancel the basho is a declaration of emergency or lockdown by the Tokyo Governor or PM Abe?
  2. rhyen

    New ozeki Asanoyama

    Asasekiryu or Asashoryu?
  3. rhyen

    Asahifuji kanreki dohyo-iri

    Are we starting an office pool on this?
  4. rhyen

    Name it - The Day After...

  5. We all know that Hakuho wants to participate in the 2020 olympics. we also know that he promised to retire this year in a TV interview earlier in the year. so what happens if the Olympics gets delayed for a year to 2021.....
  6. rhyen

    Natsu Basho - Audience?

    They may not even be a basho if an explosion in the number of cases happen.
  7. rhyen

    Haru Predictions

    Tournament to be cancelled by nakabi.
  8. rhyen


    Nope, he already had his danpatsushiki ceremony and has no more connection to the ozumo after that. some former sekitori like Asashoryu will tweet about it, but nothing from the Kyokai.
  9. rhyen


    Ex-Hishofuji is available.
  10. rhyen

    New Juryo for Haru 2020

    Doesn’t stop him from attending the annual gathering of university students who turn pro. maybe they initiated the change after him?
  11. rhyen

    Way in the weigh in- January 2020 basho

    Should be updated on each rikishi profile (but you won’t know about their previous weights, unless you track them closely?)
  12. rhyen

    Strange yearly prizes

    I remember the typhoon that shutdown the metro & JR lines during the Aki honbasho. The Sadotagake deshi arrived around 10.30am after the lines were reopened.
  13. rhyen

    PR for Hatsu 2020

    Buy the Masu C and have a celebratory photo with ex-Asahifuji (coming on 60 years)
  14. rhyen

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Caveat: as a Yokozuna, if it is outright oldest, that honour goes to Kyokutenho at 37 years ++