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  1. rhyen

    Kanjin ozumo for Noto-hanto relief

    Kotonowaka pranking Hoshoryu with chikarashio has to be one of the highlights
  2. rhyen

    Haru jungyo 2024

  3. rhyen

    Haru jungyo 2024

  4. rhyen

    Haru jungyo 2024

  5. rhyen

    Akebono dead at 54

    Jim Henson effect?
  6. rhyen

    Akebono dead at 54

  7. rhyen

    Akebono dead at 54

  8. rhyen

    Akebono dead at 54

  9. After Hakkaku’s generation, the next generation of Y/O were the Waka-Taka era. The only prominent member remaining is Asakayama oyakata and he is ex-Ozeki so he sorta fulfills the minimum popularity requirement. It will be more interesting to see the next generation of riji and rijicho post Asakayama.
  10. NHK world premium only broadcast Makuuchi bouts, you can view their program schedule on https://nhkworldpremium.com/en/genre/11 NHK world is their free English news streaming platform that you can get from any App Store. They only Broadcast live for day 1, 14 and 15 for Makuuchi (same English commentators). The bonuses are the English only grand sumo preview and reformatted grand sumo highlights. all videos are available on demand for up to 1 week after the basho ends. You can also try it to watch it from your internet browser. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/howto/
  11. Obligation as the most senior stablemaster? was Kitanoumi the most senior stablemaster in his ichimon when Kise stable was absorbed? we know that Isegahama absorbed Magaki stable back in 2013 out of obligations to his shared origin with Wakanohana Ii (both of them came from Aomori and reached Yokozuna)
  12. Satonofuji sizing down Enho?