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  1. sahaven111

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Hatsu Basho

    Probably around the time there were 50+ people in makuuchi and 36 people in Juryo
  2. sahaven111

    Sumo Reference Updates

    One of Akiseyama's matches in Kyushu 2020 is shown as a "yasumi" or line on his page.
  3. sahaven111

    Takakeisho fan club

    as long as they put him up against people like tochinoshin he will.
  4. sahaven111

    Takakeisho fan club

    don't we all, here takakeisho fan club
  5. sahaven111

    Rules For Shikona

    If they're not from the past, wouldn't that make it more likely they're in the db? I think this one, 三ッ△ 鶴吉, is the most intriguing given the triangle in the middle, but i'm not an expert in Japanese reading... Although, i'm trying to keep this going as it is a very interesting topic.
  6. sahaven111

    Rules For Shikona

    Huh. The database doesn't have a record for any Hifumiyama, Hero, or Dekoboko...
  7. sahaven111

    Sumo Limericks (in case Haikus are not your thing)

    there is a sumo named tokushory he wins the yusho then cry no one thought he'd do it we all assume he's shit when i look back i think damn was i high?
  8. sahaven111

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    In other Shimanoumi news, a reddit user seems to have erroneously reported Shimanoumi's death... What a strange hoax.
  9. sahaven111

    Takakeisho fan club

    You know, you're right!
  10. sahaven111

    New sumo between the basho game!

    A bastard indeed.
  11. sahaven111

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    No, Asanoyama's here to stay... He's no one timer...
  12. sahaven111

    Will Takakeisho be the next yokozuna?!

  13. sahaven111

    Takakeisho fan club

    no you just have to tell me that you want to join
  14. sahaven111

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    I heard a Jonidan retired because of Covid, who was it?
  15. sahaven111

    Takakeisho fan club

    ok got it