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  1. sahaven111

    Kyushu Basho 2021

  2. sahaven111

    sumo jokes/memes

    So Aoiyama has a town named after him And its not in Bulgaria. Pretty funny if I do say so myself.
  3. sahaven111

    Takakeisho fan club

    You are 100% right, but he should not gain weight either and if Takakeisho were to fall I'm not sure if he could pull off a successful comeback pretty sad but that's just the facts.
  4. sahaven111

    Ridiculous Predictions Kyushu 2021

    Aside from the injuries that'd be pretty fun to watch
  5. sahaven111

    Takakeisho in 2022

    Takakeisho is a very important figure of modern sumo he's kind of like Goeido, really good but very unpredictable.
  6. sahaven111

    Takakeisho fan club

    I never thought about Takakeisho losing weight it really is a big gamble for him but its worth it.
  7. sahaven111

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - November 2021 edition

    1. Yutakayama 2. Terutsuyoshi
  8. sahaven111

    Takakeisho fan club

    New poll out to try!
  9. sahaven111

    Takakeisho in 2022

    2022 is not far away! What will Takakeisho's highest and lowest rank be next year?
  10. sahaven111

    sumo jokes/memes

    One should never listen to a rikishi when they say "pass me the salt" because they will always end up throwing it somewhere.
  11. sahaven111

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2021

    Can be any time between right after the banzuke drops and right before the basho starts.
  12. sahaven111

    Help needed...Emails

    easy, send me a private message with the username and password you'd like.
  13. sahaven111

    Help needed...Emails

    Maybe, what kind of help do you need?
  14. sahaven111

    sumo jokes/memes

    Isenoumi oyakata: Mr. Toguchi do you have what it takes to be a rikishi!? Mr. Toguchi/Ikioi: Uhh I can sing. Isenoumi oyakata: Isenoumi oyakata: Well you're fat, I guess that's enough Mr. Toguchi/Ikioi: "Quietly mutters yes" Isenoumi oyakata: This is gonna be a stain on my name. Little did he know he would train a sekiwake.
  15. sahaven111

    Takakeisho fan club

    I'm scared all his tsuna runs will end up like that last one but we have to keep hope.