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  1. I guess they should have gone with Chiyosakae vs. Tsushimanada, but I can't reconstruct whether there was a good reason they didn't.
  2. Reonito

    Kimarite Statistics - 2023 Kyushu

    Yeah, I am curious if some techniques get used more at the higher levels, but don't want to over-interpret small sample sizes.
  3. Reonito

    Kimarite Statistics - 2023 Kyushu

    Are there any kimarite that stand out for being used more frequently in the top division than overall? It struck me that 10 kotenage in makuuchi is a lot given its overall rate...
  4. So what do we think would have happened if Takakento won on day 15? Would he have stayed at Tochimusashi's expense?
  5. He was also half a rank lower in juryo, FWIW
  6. This is what I ended up with too, except with Takerufuji and Chiyomaru flipped. It's pretty much the only way to squeeze everyone into J11-J14 without promoting MK, giving at least a minimal demotion for <7 wins, and not placing any of the promotees above J12.
  7. Reonito

    Trivia bits

    And the group gets smaller if you ask for only winning records in that span.
  8. How surprised would you be if one or two of them ended up at J1?
  9. Reonito

    New Juryo for Hatsu 2024

    Not a huge fan of Tochimusashi either
  10. Reonito

    New Juryo for Hatsu 2024

    I looked and except for Takerufuji, it would be unprecedented to put any of them above J12, so it's hard to see how we don't see extremely lenient demotions along the lines of @Gurowake's draft
  11. Reonito

    YDC convenes after Kyushu 2023

    The Chris Sumo video on this today is pretty interesting—he's mostly translating reactions from around the sumo world.
  12. Reonito

    Trivia bits

    Sorry, misread the chart! So only the second time that all O/Y on the Kyushu banzuke took all the yusho of the calendar year, with each contributing.
  13. Reonito

    Trivia bits

    So it looks like maybe the rare achievement being matched here is all the Y/O on the last banzuke of the calendar year taking all 6 yusho, with each taking at least one (1969, 1993, 2023).
  14. Reonito

    YDC convenes after Kyushu 2023

    I think one of @Kintamayama recent "blast from the past" clips had a pretty epic Hakuho-Kisenosato stare-down...
  15. Reonito

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Over on the promotion/demotion thread, we consider Ura pretty much a certainty. It definitely won't be Wakamotoharu—they haven't done that since the 1950s and they've promoted records like 8-7 at M5 and 9-6 at M8 to komusubi over a 6-9 S.