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  2. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Kagayaki Should Get A Name Change To Dabudabumune. Takarafuji To Nashikubi.
  3. Trivia bits

    I didn't find the really efficient shikona in the database, especially: 一 Kazuhajime (1: start of counting) and い Kanagashira (i: top of the old Japanese kana alphabet)
  4. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I am in the camp that looked at the scene frame by frame. It was a ridiculously bad decision. Even in real time it was obvious enough from the TV angle, with such a big time difference that it must have been at least a big question mark from a ringside view.
  5. Hey everyone, and warm greetings from Bergamo, Italy. I've been following Sumo since my month-long visit to Japan back in 2015, and the highlights all over YouTube are now a daily appointment. Since my friends couldn't care less about the sport, I will give up trying to talk some sense into them and mingle here instead. My shikona means Mediterranean, or Mediterranean Sea. Looking forward to posting on this message board for years to come.
  6. ISP and CG

    One thing I've learned from all these years of doing ISP is that nothing is for certain except the obvious. We had a lengthy debate in the past about the "better known guy" factor and the "past meetings" factor. Up until a few years ago, everyone's pick was there for all to see before the bout, so we had the "sheep" factor as well. When it's a lopsided loss like two days ago, the matchmaker loses and feels like a fool... When it's lopsided in his favor like today, it's a bonus for him. I can't for the life of me comprehend the gigantic difference in picks yesterday between the twins. The only reason I can guess is that quite a lot of players intensely dislike Chiyoshouma.

    Day 9 - 9s
  8. Wakaichiro from Texas

    On top of his game, love this kid!
  9. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    What was the name for this Hatsu basho so far? I am in the camp that believes Ishiura was not at least given the benefit of a monoii. It looked to me liked Sokokurai's knee touched first. From the stories I'm hearing about Osuna, it could be a lot worse for him if his wife was driving like she said and she doesn't have a license either. Visa issues will start to abound all around. Tochinoshin on top of his game and still in the running for that yusho. Despite his record Ichinojo is legit, we may be seeing him back in sanyaku next basho. The ozeki both are mediocre and are not yusho contenders this time around. I think it is safe to say that we will be seeing Kakuryu for a little while longer now. He is calm and collected, some bouts he's been challenged but for the most part he is wrestling like a yokozuna. If he takes the yusho the YDC is going to have no complaints.
  10. Today
  11. Well that's one extra sekitori slot guaranteeing to open up.
  12. hooray, a strong early lead. now let's play good ol' Italian catenaccio and BRING IT HOME ;)

    day 9: 5 secs
  14. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Ichinojo) - January 2018

    i see a train... day 10 takakeisho
  15. Trivia bits

    How about a very arrogant Yokozuna that's named I? Tochinowaka the last one was called Ri for awhile. Sometimes I actually do support and learn about rikishi for their names. Most recently Aqkua. Tobizaru the flying monkey was another but his technique is really good aswell. I still supported Aragyoshi when he was no longer U.
  16. Day 8 pics overview Hatsu 2018

  17. What other sports do you watch?

    During the ski season on weekends my TV is set to winter sports by default. Bob, toboggan, skating, ski jumping and especially biathlon, but alpine skiing not so much. When the olympics are on, i don't care what they show, i'll watch it. But besides that only some Bundesliga, Champions League, international matches. When i find something interesting when zapping through the channels, i watch it, regardless what, even golf or bowles. What do you think how i discovered sumo?
  18. I hope they are not, such animal abuse is hard to imagine Carrying men heavier than you? Too much to expect from an animal Indeed, as I suspect that rikishi get a stern talking-to -- besides risking life and limb in keiko and on the dohyo, they should not endanger themselves in any other activity
  19. The Mongolians on a visit home often get shown riding their horses - I hope Ichinojo no longer tries that
  20. Kyujo Updates - 2018 Hatsu

    The half Polish bloke..
  21. I hope they are not, such animal abuse is hard to imagine Carrying men heavier than you? Too much to expect from an animal
  22. Let's not forget that Otake is on the board of trustees, so this is especially awkward as far as the NSK's complex web of responsibilities and supervisory roles goes. Probably a good idea that they're planning to put ex-oyakata on the board after the upcoming elections...
  23. Random Bouts

    I highly doubt anyone cared about that match then. Both of them were random teenagers then. Hakuho a skinny guy who started with a MK and was only in his third basho, and Orora a guy who was pretty big, but not nearly the monstrosity that he is today and wouldn't have seemed so different than other huge guys. His reported weight at the time in kg was actually less than his height in cm. That there exists a video of Hakuho's 7th match from 2002 Aki (4th basho in Sd, at 44W) is quite remarkable - there aren't any more until he was in Makushita by which time he probably was starting to draw some notice at his progress despite his age and size.
  24. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Ichinojo) - January 2018

    Day 10 -- Takakeisho
  25. New kesho mawashi (pics)

    Naya came to the presentation of the new recruits with on old kesho mawashi of grandpa Taiho and Hoshoryu with a new one, of new juryo Akua. It shows a carp rising (thus the koinobori), and it is said that the rising carp makes it into a dragon eventually - the -shoryu in Hoshoryu is a rising dragon (to the sky, where he turns into a tornado) - not the blue dragon of his uncle - so it fits.
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