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  1. after seeing enough 6 nations on TV, I should have!
  2. Happy Birthday Pitinosato!

    Otanjobi omedeto!!!!
  3. Kyushu 2017 Superbanzuke

    Heck, I'm still #23! Go back and look for more errors!
  4. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Kyushu 2017

    I can buy as many as you like. This being the off season, they are just $5 in the oceanfront souvenir stores.
  5. Kyushu 2017 Superbanzuke

    Yeah, by this time tomorrow I'll be 50,000 yen lighter and a Super Banzuke Yokozuna!
  6. cibersumo

    Well, Fuji-zeki, I'm heading off to bed to watch my alma mater the U take it to Notre Dame on my smartphone.. If you find your correct login info, I won't be available to enter for you.
  7. Kyushu 2017 Superbanzuke

    Aha! An error! Here's my chance to climb!! Oh Uncle Kiyoshi! Come out from the alley behind the pachinko parlor and help Randomitsuki out as he recalculates the scoring.
  8. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Kyushu 2017

    And Sakura - ahem - do you have a Virginia Beach T??? Huh? HuH? Wouldn't you want one - or another one if you have one? Huh? Huh?
  9. Maegashira game Kyushu Basho 2017

    This game is totally evil! Why? Because I stink at it! This and Turn the Tide! ARGH!!!!
  10. cibersumo

    Chaingang is back up and working
  11. cibersumo

    I can't enter chaingang, either. It worked fine yesterday for me to register, so obviously the web page is bad. The ISP has the same website, so the site itself is not down.
  12. cibersumo

    I was able to get onto cibersumo website with no problem.I can log in fine, but when I tried to log in both your names and your password, neither worked. Are you sure about them? It's not the software that is keeping me out from logging you in. If you can give me the correct log in information, I can enter your team for you.
  13. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Kyushu 2017

    I greatly enjoy this nifty little game. I don;'t know why more don't join. Maybe if you offered a babe or stud muffin magnet Virginia Beach T-shirt as an incentive.
  14. Kyushu 2017 Superbanzuke

    Always enjoy seeing my name waaaay down the list on this...NOT! I I was looking at the SB Masters and we are missing a lot of rikishi pictures. Sad that folks are intimidated by my good looks...NOT! :)
  15. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-9

    Aw shucks...just because I saved you from the old newsgroup and led you to the (at that time) promised land of the sumo listserve, you don't have to call me Moses Gaijingai. But Jim Bitgood just told me that you really need a Cleveland Indians T-shirt. I don't know what you will attract with it..definitely not babes...but you may have a dog or cat follow you home.