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  1. New Delhi loved the sumo and more!
  2. Mr. Gunning re: The Storm Before the Calm.
  3. blah!
  4. Gaijingai

    Atamifuji - the real deal?

    Atamifuji begin to have less wins when he gets up in the meat grinder positions, but he will still get eight or nine wins easily.
  5. Gaijingai

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2024

    Kirishima 3 (O-1, Y-2) Hoshoryu 2 O Kotonowaka1 S
  6. Kirishima Y Hoshoryu O kotonowaka
  7. Gaijingai

    Kirishima's 2024 - going the next step?

    Exactly 70 wins.
  8. 48-42 for the year.
  9. it’s good for sumo to be shown far and wide. Any idea who these two wrestlers are?
  10. Gaijingai

    He is the Christmas present! (Birthday on 25th Dec)

    He was accused by many of jaking it at his heya. He didn't go all out in the daily workout.
  11. Excellent teaching article re: top gyoji
  12. Mr. Gunning re: Kirishima’s future:
  13. Gaijingai

    Improving Strategies for Sumo Game

    Says the man in the better time zone.
  14. Gaijingai

    Improving Strategies for Sumo Game

    I was a regular in Makuuchi for many years in the sumo game, but was never a real fan of it. Why did I play it? Because it was there! The reason I was not a fan was due to time zones. I live in eastern US. I go to bed 10 or 11 o’clock. You see around midnight to 1 AM, the kyujo’s are announced. My opponents, who were in better time, zones, and awake, therefore, would change their lineups to have the fusensho winner at the top. I lost too many daily matches because of that. I could never think of a way to prohibit that from being done that would be fair for all in all time zones. If I could have, I would’ve suggested it to the game inventor and hopefully it would’ve been instituted.
  15. Kirishima Feels Great!