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  1. Gaijingai

    Living In Japan As a Foreigner

    I meant pig’s knuckles. Better?
  2. Includes the video ad.
  3. Gaijingai

    Living In Japan As a Foreigner

    Well, as someone who has eaten duck brains, picks knuckles, and sea cucumber in China, pigs heart, pigs intestines, and roasted bumblebees in Taiwan, live black ants in Cambodia (I did turn down the dead red ones, though) wild locusts with honey, both from Israel, Horse steak in Mongolia (tough to chew), and reams of other foods I won't list here, I will say that I truly enjoy natto with breakfast when I am in Japan. As for what would I say about the Austrian lady spitting (puking?) her food back into the bowl, it couldn't have been worse that President George H.W. Bush throwing up his sushi meal onto the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister in front of the world's press.
  4. Gaijingai

    New Sumo Slot Game

    Don’t waste your money. Send it to me, instead.
  5. A 25-minute video.
  6. Gaijingai

    The JSA Has A Game!
  7. John at his finest!
  9. Gaijingai

    Basho Review With Hiro Morita
  10. the link says it all.
  12. Gaijingai

    Sumo As a Religious Rite Interesting article. I would have liked to read more.
  13. Gaijingai

    Terunofuji's ozeki promotion formalized.

    NHk video report of the promotion:
  15. Gaijingai

    March basho 2021