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  1. Gaijingai

    New ozeki Asanoyama
  2. Gaijingai

    John Gunning Bio and Sumo Thoughts
  3. Gaijingai

    Standing Tachiai? Let the debate begin!
  4. Basho review by Hiro Morita
  5. Gaijingai

    JWS Haru 2020

    My koenkai celebrated my victory.
  6. Gaijingai

    JWS Haru 2020

    Wow, omedeto to me! I was too tired and busy this basho to enter any of my usual 21 sumo games...except this one, which I put on autopilot and really never checked but once or twice during the basho! I think I won this also a year ago, when I was trying hard every day! So - playing or sleeping, I guess I know my Juryo rikishi!!
  7. Gaijingai

    Sumo Airbnb
  8. Welcome Ozeki Asanoyama!
  10. Gaijingai

    Casting for Film Hey, some good money here if you are big and can act!
  11. Gaijingai

    Sumo betting

    I don’t really know where to put this article, but we all knew the day would come. You can now legally bet on sumo.
  12. Gaijingai

    Foot Wetting

    Yeah, me, too. Somehow, though, the email came from some Nigerian prince wanting to also share $5 million dollars with me.
  13. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo British sports columnist and sumo fan Colin Murray RE: corona virus.
  14. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo

    Excellent article!