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  1. Itai death

    Was he found wearing cement shoes sleeping with the fishes?
  2. Mochi kyuukin standings

    Nothing is so good as the rich getting richer.
  3. Happy Birthday, Jakusotsu

    Hey, that bottle is not a Gracie's Draft!
  4. Foreign Rikishi and Japanese Language Skills

    When I lived in Japan, I was told tongue-in-cheek that all you needed to do to travel anywhere in Japan was to say "Hai domo" and "Hai dozo" every few seconds while people were speaking to you. Oh yeah...nod your head a little each time, too.
  5. Happy Birthday, Gaijingai!

    Where did you come up with that??? It fits me to a T...unfortunately!
  6. Winter Olympics 2018

    Not sure if I can recommend anything here, but I'm not selling anything anyway. I'm simply saying that if you want a VPN that is good yet inexpensive, go here: I have 5 from them. I use Pure VPN. In 20 minutes you can have your Olympics. :)
  7. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2018

    Well, I sent mine in by PM before seeing everyone else's entry, so I may as well post mine here since it is the same as theirs: Goeido Tochinoshin Sokokurai
  8. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2018

    I appreciate you, Sakura, because you make the game to new and better changes...rather than set in stone as most others are.
  9. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2018

    Another thought for a cap on points. This, to me, is like the Turn the Tide Game. He grays out obvious mis-matches and colors the winner or loser on other obvious ones the opposite color to make the selections that much more based on skill.
  10. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2018

    Wel, for my two yen, I think you have made two good suggestions, Sakura, Half points for a fusen win and a cap on number of points.
  11. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2018

    Well I see that one person did not choose Kotoshogiku. But it still shows our comments were based correctly since everyone else did.. IMHO. :)
  12. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2018

    That is something I suggested a few bashos ago. I think it would be more competitive if the points were limited. I haven't seen the entries and points earned, but I would be surprised if not everyone chose going after all those points; thus the day's action would be pretty much a wash for meaningful change in the standings.
  13. after seeing enough 6 nations on TV, I should have!
  14. Happy Birthday Pitinosato!

    Otanjobi omedeto!!!!
  15. Kyushu 2017 Superbanzuke

    Heck, I'm still #23! Go back and look for more errors!