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  1. dingo

    March basho 2021

    Yeah, I'm aware that he got the citizenship which makes me wonder even more why is he dragging this out. I suppose he wants to be on the dohyo one last time, but he could've done that in January.
  2. dingo

    March basho 2021

    I guess in Kakuryus case it's either do or get a cold. Or a back ache. Or a scratched toe. Wonder if he's tried getting covid on purpose? That'd let him skip this basho with no questions asked.
  3. dingo

    Corona and sumo

    I guess the toilets and shower rooms of that particular heya will be occupied for the next two weeks.
  4. dingo

    Preparations of the Y/O- Haru 2021

    So he wants to become Takakeisho? Gotta be careful what you wish for...
  5. dingo

    Preparations of the masses- Haru 2021

    Oh, he was creative! I would've guessed ちゃんと
  6. dingo

    Preparations of the Y/O- Haru 2021

    I'm not sure they even know what a computer is at their age, not mentioning Zoom. I wouldn't be surprised. Remember the 80-something IT minister not so long ago who had never used a computer in his life.
  7. dingo

    Preparations of the Y/O- Haru 2021

    I didn't realize just how much I'm missing the now-cancelled YDC meeting to vaguely threaten the yokozunae to show up or...
  8. dingo

    Preparations of the masses- Haru 2021

    Are we really sure he's going to do everything properly? Maybe someone someone should check with him just to be sure...
  9. dingo

    49th Yokozuna Tochinoumi dies

    May he rest in peace. Looking at the recent photos he seemed to be in quite a good shape, at least not overly obese or anything. I wonder if that contributed to his longetivity.
  10. dingo

    Flat Earth Society and Sumo

    I think I have the answer! On a more serious note though, remember there used to be wooden pillars holding up the roof of the dohyo? Those must've been pretty dangerous as well, and they were eventually removed, but not with the roof itself but rather by hanging the roof in the air from the ceiling of the Kokugikan. So there seems to be a certain amount of flexibility built into the traditions, as long as they are not done away with completely.
  11. dingo

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    In my similarly uneducated guess they might want to see more of Terunofujis ability to sustain ozeki level sumo. Especially considering how badly he was hurt and noone except himself knows exactly how good his health really is. So taking that into account 8 wins wouldn't be the best start for a re-promotion run. If he gets double digit wins 3 basho in a row then the Kyokai won't really be able to argue against it. Unless they do...
  12. dingo

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    I gotta agree, in the slow-mo replay the hairpull is clearly visible and Daieisho absolutely benefited from it. Not sure if it was intentional, but for hansoku that doesn't count anyway. Also, is Takanosho Takarafuji's successor for the no-neck sumo discipline?
  13. dingo

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Shodai got incredibly lucky. Neither bout was convincing from him though, so the yusho race is wide open. Mitakeumi seems to actually do well in the second week for a change. 4 wins in a row is quite good. Another one who's quietly putting together a pretty good basho is Yutakayama. 10 wins is not out of reach for him. And Mainoumis comment on the ashitori in Ryuden vs Terutsuyoshi was pretty funny - "Ryuden has long legs so you kinda want to grab them don't you..."
  14. dingo

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Daieisho was so obviously overextending during the whole bout that the slapdown was waiting to happen. That's the second day in a row he's not at his best. If he wants to have a say in the yusho race he better get his act together. Poor Takakeisho, watching his bout it seemed like he's moving in slow motion. In addition to not getting any power behind his thrusts the speed was gone as well. Not sure what is keeping him in the basho still. Just invent an injury and go kyujo already. And Kagayaki vs Takanosho should've been a mono-ii. Dunno why there's so few this basho. Did they delegate the mono-ii calling to Furiwake-oyakata? Better give him binoculars or something
  15. dingo

    Makuuchi videos- January 2021- All days

    Well done sir, I don't think I've ever laughed at a sumo video that much.