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  1. Ganzohnesushi

    Improving Strategies for Sumo Game

    That was exactly my rank when I started playing Sumo Game back in November 2005. It took me two years (only 12 Basho) to become a Sekitori. To be honest, I had plenty of bad luck because my daily aites often seem to have their best Day of the Basho when they met me on the virtual Dohyo. But in the long run it all evens out. The strategy was/is quite simple. Pick winners Ganzohnesushi
  2. Ganzohnesushi

    Games talk - Kyushu 23

    Don't worry too much. OBG tells another story, so just celebrate your OBG Yusho Congrats! Ganzohnesushi
  3. Ganzohnesushi

    SalaryCap Sumo Kyushu 2023

    Hakunojo's score for Banzuke making purpose will be adjusted to 3-12. Ganzohnesushi
  4. Ganzohnesushi

    Sekitori Sweepstake - January 2024

    I wanna play. Ganzohnesushi
  5. Ganzohnesushi

    Games talk - Kyushu 23

    That's what it's all about. Ganzohnesushi
  6. Ganzohnesushi

    Games talk - Kyushu 23

    @Pitinosato Are you still working on Day 14 Juryo Torikumi or have you simply forgotten to post it? Can't find it anywhere so far Ganzohnesushi
  7. Ganzohnesushi

    UDH Kyushu Basho 2023

    Especially not on Day 12. Congrats. But just have a look on Yokozuna Gonzaburow. Leading by a margin of 13 points today (yesterday it was even 20 (!!!) points). Once again an excellent performance by Gonzaburow who really dominates this game over years Ganzohnesushi
  8. Ganzohnesushi

    2023 Kyushu Yoso-Kumi

    Kagayaki kachi-koshi YES? He lost 8 already, that must be NO. But the points were distributed correctly Ganzohnesushi
  9. Ganzohnesushi

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Kyushu 2023

    I assume this should read MK. Ganzohnesushi
  10. Ganzohnesushi

    Sumo Gaming World Championship 2023

    Disappointing year, I'm not even close to the graph. Ganzohnesushi
  11. Ganzohnesushi

    Seki-Toto Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    @Asashosakari When can we expect the publishing of the Seki-Toto Banzuke for Kyushu 2023? Good to see the Kyushu rankings for Oracle and Quad on Golynohana's web page but this one is still missing. Ganzohnesushi
  12. Ganzohnesushi

    All new game - Sumo Stakes

    Trusting Google? Run on servers in USA? Safe? You must be kidding. Tomorrow FBI, CIA & others will know more about me than my siblings ever knew. Sorry, I'm out. Ganzohnesushi
  13. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2023 (14th Wave)

    ms17w Mineyaiba Ganzohnesushi
  14. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2023 (15th Wave)

    J5w Shishi Ganzohnesushi
  15. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2023 (16th Wave)

    M12w Tamawashi Ganzohnesushi