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  1. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Just saw that three players (Ketsukai, Profomisakari and Holleshoryu) in the current Top 10 standings in Juryo Game have used Sadanoumi as their weakest Rikishi. AFAIK this is not allowed as Sadanoumi was not on the Torikumi on Day 1. There might be even more players who selected him. I hope the standings soon will be corrected. Edit: On the Odds page it can be seen that in total 8 players picked Sadanoumi. Ganzohnesushi
  2. Happy Birthday, Nekonishiki!

    Welcome to the Club! Hope you have a good one. Ganzohnesushi
  3. Happy Birthday, Panda!

    All the best! Hope you had a great day (barring your Sumo Game results). Ganzohnesushi
  4. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Major upsets in many games on Shonichi.... Chain Gang sees only 31 survivors. 50 went out on Day 1 (Mitakeumi, Yago and Yoshikaze the main culprits) Only 4 bets won in Odd Sumo. Kudos to Jejima who takes the early lead with an impressive 63 points net win. And only 10 of 64 active players achieved a win in TTT Ganzohnesushi
  5. Banzuke Surfing Aki 2017 (8th Wave)

    ms4w Akiseyama Ganzohnesushi
  6. Banzuke Surfing Aki 2017 (9th Wave)

    M14e Endo + Joker M14w Okinoumi Ganzohnesushi
  7. Banzuke Surfing Aki 2017 (10th Wave)

    ms39e Chiyonoumi Ganzohnesushi
  8. Banzuke Surfing Aki 2017 (11th Wave)

    sd18w Enho Ganzohnesushi
  9. Banzuke Surfing Aki 2017 (12th Wave)

    sd18w Enho Ganzohnesushi
  10. Banzuke Surfing Aki 2017 (13th Wave)

    sd18w Enho Ganzohnesushi
  11. Help me please! Fujisan in hospital

    Kosho granted in the three games where I'm the Banzuke maker: ISP, Odd Sumo, SalaryCap. Get well soon, Paul!
  12. GTB -

    Wow, only beaten in a tie-breaker. Never have been so close to the top. Well, it might need another 69 Basho to finally win a Yusho in GTB. But I'm really happy with my result and 11 SB masters points... I counted 8 new names, Sir! But I'm really curious about these 8 newbies whether we will see any of them in any other game. Somehow I get the sneaking suspicion that some of the recent newbies are just 2nd or 3rd entries by already existing players... But then again the results for most of them are so bad that this is implausible. Ganzohnesushi
  13. GTB -

    Wow, 61 points! Had everyone correct from Y1e - M6e. Here is hope for a few SB Masters points.... Ganzohnesushi
  14. Tipspiel Banzuke Aki 2017

  15. Nagoya Masters 2017

    Thanks again for all your efforts. Can't imagine to see these standings without your name in future. You were one of the few who could have stopped the Panda from getting 500 points next year... Ganzohnesushi