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  1. Ganzohnesushi

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Day 11 is in the bag and the dailies in Haru'19 still look promising. The duel between Norizo and me in Chain Gang continues. Last three days we had picked the same obvious winner. At least 12 SB Masters points. Lucky win in Toto again to get KK today. With 8-3 I'm sharing ranks #3 - #9 with 6 others (including Haidouzo). Four winners in S4 today to achieve KK here also. I'm one of 6 co-leaders (including Haidouzo) now. Also got my KK today in Bench Sumo. Just one win behind the leader along with two other pursuers (including Haidouzo). One of three co-leaders (yep, Haidouzo is here again) in TTT with a brilliant 9-2. Ranked #5 in DST. Can I really stay in the points until Senshuraku is over? And where is Haidouzo? Losing more and more ground in Odd Sumo, ISP is simply to forget. Additionally there a some chances for a few points in two pre-basho games (Juryo Game and Oracle). Rest of the games suffers big from Ikioi's injury and Onosho's underperforming. Ganzohnesushi
  2. Ganzohnesushi

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Looks like you can easily end up with five Jun-Yusho Great scores almost everywhere... If there is no total collapse for your picks on the remaining days I guess you will finish with approx. 80 SB Points. That should be enough... Ganbarize! Ganzohnesushi
  3. Ganzohnesushi

    Games Talk Haru 2019

    Just checked my score and compared it to Gurowake and Panda. Final projection sees myself 4 points behind Gurowake but 3 points ahead of Simon. This raises some hope for at least a few SB masters points. Calculations were made on a rather negative outcome for me, i.e. I might finish closer to Gurowake than to the Panda. Minimum 2 wins on the remaining 4 days each from Takakeisho, Mitakeumi and Sokokurai would be very nice, 3 or more wins by the two Sanyaku would be great. Ganzohnesushi
  4. Ganzohnesushi

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    I remember that just when I was about to join the games Doitsuyama did it. Being ranked Ozeki he won Nagoya'05 and Aki'05 to get his well deserved promotion to Yokozuna. But he was not the first... Igiski did that before already in Haru and Natsu 2004. Ganzohnesushi
  5. Ganzohnesushi

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    After 9 days Haru'19 is still looking good. At least the dailies... Chain Gang becomes more and more thrilling as Norizo and me had put our money on the same Rikishi today. As I have by far the better Tie Break I wished Ikioi had won vs. Aoiyama but there was no chance, i.e. we move forward to Day 10... At least 12 SB Masters points are already in the bag. Excellent 6-3's in Toto, S4, and Bench Sumo give hope to select a few more points in the one or the other game. 7-2 in TTT looks even better, despite a bloody loss today. Currently ranked #10 in DST and #15 in Odd also looks promising. Only flop in the dailies is ISP where my current 4-5 is far below average. Pre-Basho games suffer big from Ikoi's limping perfomance. Nevertheless I see good chances for a couple of SB Masters points in Juryo Game which is is not affected by Ikioi and I have some hope for a few points in Oracle. Despite predicting 9 wins for Mitakeumi the overall score doesn't look that bad and being ranked #17 after 9 days raises some hopes. Perhaps I can also enter Top 10 in SalaryCap but I don't expect any further points in the pre-basho games. All in all I might well finish with 40+ points but it could also easily melt down to some twentysomething if the last days went South. Ganzohnesushi
  6. Ganzohnesushi

    Chaingang Haru 2019

    That would be my very first Chain Yusho in 13 years of gaming. I know exactly what will happen... Ganzohnesushi
  7. Ganzohnesushi

    Games Talk Haru 2019

    Had checked your predicted numbers vs. mine and I guess (and hope) I will have 3 points more than you in the end if the current trend continues... Ganzohnesushi
  8. Ganzohnesushi

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    After 6 Days Haru'19 looks fine so far. Despite not playing Sumo Game (missed the deadline) I can really say that the dailies so far are successful. 4-2 in Bench is just one win behind the three co-leaders. Within the top 10 in DST, 5-1 in Toto, 4-2 in S4, one of three unbeaten Rikishi in TTT and one of 7 survivors in Chain Gang, i.e. already 4 SB masters points minimum in the bag. Pre-basho results depend on Ikioi. Obviously I'm the only one who thought he would be fit again... Nevertheless chances for SB points in Roto, SalaryCap and Juryo Game. Any Yusho would be very welcome Ganzohnesushi
  9. Ganzohnesushi

    Chaingang Haru 2019

    Funny... I only survived because after the frustrating 1-3 loss of Bayern vs.Liverpool I had at least one beer to much and fell asleep, forgetting to make my Chain pick. I had planned to pick Kyokushoho... Muchas gracias to my default pick Shimanoumi who kept me alive. Ganzohnesushi
  10. Ganzohnesushi

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Back to normality? Or is your immortal status gone? I assume some other players might be a bit relaxed to finally meet a weak Panda Ganzohnesushi
  11. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (10th Wave)

    ms20w Kototebakari Ganzohnesushi
  12. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (11th Wave)

    ms53w Kotoyusho Ganzohnesushi
  13. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (12th Wave)

    J7w Sokokurai Ganzohnesushi
  14. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (13th Wave)

    J1e Shimanoumi Ganzohnesushi
  15. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2019 (14th Wave)

    ms40w Irie Ganzohnesushi