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  1. Ganzohnesushi

    Invite for GTB- July (Nagoya) 2022- 155 entries - RESULTS!!

    Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh. Forgetting ichinojo being a COVID case cost me big. Would have put him into M2w instead. The only incorrect placement then would have been Ichiyamamoto/Takarafuji costing me 4 points. Would have set a new record (?) with 80 points as I have all other 40 Rikishi correct. What a tragedy.... Yokozuna E: Terunofuji Y1e (12-3) Yokozuna W: None Yokozuna E2: None Yokozuna W2: None Ozeki E: Takakeisho O2w (8-7) Ozeki W: Mitakeumi O1e (6-9) Ozeki E2: None Ozeki W2: Shodai O1w (5-10) Ozeki E3: None Ozeki W3: None Sekiwake E: Wakatakakage S1e (9-6) Sekiwake W: Daieisho K1w (11-4) Sekiwake E2: None Sekiwake W2: None Komusubi E: Hoshoryu K1e (8-7) Komusubi W: Abi S1w (7-8) Komusubi E2: None Komusubi W2: None Maegashira E: Kiribayama M2e (10-5) Maegashira W: Takanosho M4w (11-4) Maegashira E2: Kotonowaka M2w (9-6) Maegashira W2: Tamawashi M3w (9-6) Maegashira E3: Ura M6e (9-5-1) Maegashira W3: Wakamotoharu M6w (9-6) Maegashira E4: Takayasu M1e (6-9) Maegashira W4: Endo M4e (7-8) Maegashira E5: Sadanoumi M12w (11-4) Maegashira W5: Aoiyama M11e (10-5) Maegashira E6: Tobizaru M5w (7-8) Maegashira W6: Okinoumi M10e (9-6) Maegashira E7: Hokutofuji M3e (5-10) Maegashira W7: Tochinoshin M9w (8-7) Maegashira E8: Nishikigi M10w (8-7) Maegashira W8: Shimanoumi M8e (7-8) Maegashira E9: Kotoeko M7w (6-9) Maegashira W9: Chiyotairyu M13e (8-7) Maegashira E10: Meisei M13w (8-7) Maegashira W10: Kotoshoho M9e (6-9) Maegashira E11: Midorifuji M16w (9-6) Maegashira W11: Ichinojo M1w (0-0-15) Maegashira E12: Terutsuyoshi M8w (5-10) Maegashira W12: Ichiyamamoto M15w (8-7) Maegashira E13: Takarafuji M7e (4-11) Maegashira W13: Chiyoshoma M11w (6-9) Maegashira E14: Myogiryu M12e (6-9) Maegashira W14: Tsurugisho J2w (10-5) Maegashira E15: Onosho M5e (2-4-9) Maegashira W15: Oho M14e (6-9) Maegashira E16: Yutakayama M14w (6-9) Maegashira W16: Daiamami J6e (11-4) Maegashira E17: Nishikifuji J6w (11-4) Maegashira W17: Chiyomaru J1e (8-7) So it is 51 points an a MK, for sure. Ganzohnesushi
  2. Ganzohnesushi

    Invite for GTB- July (Nagoya) 2022- 155 entries - RESULTS!!

    LOL... and then we were three Stupido! Ganzohnesushi
  3. Ganzohnesushi

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Count me in, as long as I don't have to be present in real life in Qatar. Unfortunately limited time does not allow any refioji duties. Ganzohnesushi
  4. Ganzohnesushi

    Happy Birthday Jakusotsu!

    Happy Birthday..... und PROST! Ganzohnesushi
  5. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (16th Wave)

    Kitanowaka kyujo.... Ouch! Ganzohnesushi
  6. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (13th Wave)

    M9e Kotoshoho Ganzohnesushi
  7. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (14th Wave)

    ms24e Fujitoshi Ganzohnesushi
  8. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (15th Wave)

    ms27e Oshoryu Ganzohnesushi
  9. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (16th Wave)

    J5e Kitanowaka Ganzohnesushi
  10. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (17th Wave)

    ms28w Tanabe + Joker ms59e Kanzaki Ganzohnesushi
  11. Ganzohnesushi

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (18th Wave)

    jd21e Kototebakari Ganzohnesushi
  12. Ganzohnesushi

    Preparations of the Y/O-Natsu 2022

    Any news/updates? Would be highly appreciated. Ganzohnesushi
  13. Ganzohnesushi

    Birthday Surfing Natsu 2022 (54th Wave)

    All the Best, J├╝rgen! I guess 54 is a perfect age to start playing Sumo games again... Ganzohnesushi
  14. Ganzohnesushi

    Norizo Cup 2022.3

    Already corrected as I can see. Thanks a lot. Ganzohnesushi
  15. Ganzohnesushi

    Norizo Cup 2022.3

    Mono-ii I guess the final results as currently announced on the web page are not correct. I had Takayasu as most active Rikishi and received like all others who picked him only 210 points. The additional 50 points for his Kanto-sho are missing. Among the active Rikishi my counting is 140 points, not 110 points as announced. 30 points for his Sansho are also missing. Kindly request the Men in Black to review the results. Thanks. Ganzohnesushi