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  1. Latest kabu-babu changes

    Sooo...if Kisenosato wanted to go intai his kabu would wait for him, nice and easy? Did i understand this correct? If yes, coincidence?
  2. Sumo in slow motion

    You are a little late
  3. Should-have-been Y/O

    No, your vote. Someone who you think has a good style and the hinkaku of a yokozuna, but was never hyped and maybe even never reached sanyaku.
  4. Bench World Cup 2018?

    Count me in.
  5. Should-have-been Y/O

    What about rikishi you wanted to see as yokozuna, because you thought they would be perfect to fill the role, but sadly never came near ozeki and who never were expected to become yokozuna by fans/public?
  6. Persistence Watch - 2018 edition

    Where does that 1-7 come from? Did he have that extra bout because another rikishi needed an opponent to get his 7th? Edit: And again something i have not seen before. I love sumo :)
  7. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    Sooo...why not follow that tradition, eh? Did a quick google search and look whom i found happily smiling, sorrounded by female rikishi?
  8. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    What is "gumption"? Is it something like not seeing the forest because of all the trees?
  9. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    Just imagine hordes of rikishi tsuppariing each other through ginza. I want that.
  10. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    German Süddeutsche Zeitung had an interesting article today. This really surprised we all know, the Emperor is going to step down next year. But what i didn't know is, that there are no women allowed during the enthronement ceremony fo Naruhito, not even the princesses. And since this is a state act, the head of state is involved. If Seiko Noda gets elected prime minister, she wouldn't be allowed there, too. Women on the dohyo as rikishi, gyoji, shinpan, etc.? Absolutely no. There's a higher chance for female catholic priests, than for female gyoji. But i would be delighted to see pro-sumo done by women as a normal sport. Heck, why not install another branch of ozumo that still goes the traditional ways, but a bit reformed? You know, like what that Martin Luther guy initiated 500 years ago. Who could stop them if they got enough backers? But since doctors, politicians and mums aren't directly involved in the bouts and rituals, i have absolutely no tolerance for a general no-women-rule.
  11. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo reported yesterday, but i had no time until now. They addressed a thing i wasn't aware of, maybe others know more. Sollte sich ein Ringer verletzen oder seine Nase bluten, wird laut japanischen Medien unmittelbar nach dem Kampf der verschmutzte Sandfleck weggekratzt und mit Salz gereinigt. Analogous english translation: According to japanese media, in the case of a rikishi getting injured or having a nose bleed, the soiled spot of sand gets scraped off and purified with salt immediate after the bout. I can't remember to have seen this. Maybe it was off-camera, maybe it was edited out bei Goldenballs. I'm 100% sure what they say is correct, but how strict are they? After some bouts the whole dohyo would've to be redone, just because tiny, almost invisible sprinkles of blood are all over the place...
  12. Trivia bits

    I'm waiting for the first one to Makushita yusho -> Juryo yusho -> Makuuchi yusho. The closest so far was Kotokaze with Ms8w 7-0Y -> J11w 14-1Y -> M14w 12-3J. On a side-note, only 4 modern-era rikishi yushoed from Ms to M needing only 2 basho. Query results Tochinoshin and Miyabiyama were the only m-e rikishi to score 4 consecutive yusho, without being Yokozuna. Both did Ms Y - Ms Y - J Y - J Y. I'm curious if Miyabiyama had grabbed the chance for Ms Y - Ms Y - J Y - M Y, if he had been promoted to M15e instead of J1w after his first juryo yusho. Query results The only rikishi with 5 consecutive yusho without being Yokozuna is old-timer Haguroyama, who had Jk Y - Jd Y - Sd Y - Ms Y - J Y, but that was 1935. Query results
  13. Haru jungyo 2018

    Now imagine Chiyomaru getting lost on a hiking trip in a remote wilderness. The last deshi mysteriously disappeared *burp* already 30 minutes ago and there's no food for miles and miles. Suddenly he hears something in the dense undergrowth and out of it materializes...a hungry Bear Grylls. Who would survive this epic battle for survival? Yep, gotta call some TV stations ASAP.
  14. Should-have-been Y/O

    Nothing has hanged, i see.
  15. Rijikai elections results on hold

    You mean stories like the one about the jonidan rikishi who quit, because couldn't sustain the atomic mawashiwedgies any more?