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  1. NSFW GTB - Kyushu 2017

    It's mesmerizing, isn't it? Nooo...let this be a one-time-fun But what about a guess the kesho-mawashi? @ScreechingOwl there are not so few rikishi i wouldn't recognize seeing their faces, but from the combo of body and mawashi. BTW, no "zensho" so far.
  2. Ura's health/status?

    Hi Josh, have a look here:
  3. NSFW GTB - Kyushu 2017

    I had the idea for this spooking my mind for some time, but i wasn't sure if i should. Then two things happened, first this and then this debacle finally got me triggered So it's time for the first (and only) NSFW GTB "Not Safe For Work Guess The Banzuke" you think? WRONG! It is... . . . . . Rules are simple. I will show you 6 pairs of magnificent makuuchi manboobs plus 1 wildcard. Since the Kyushu banzuke isn't out at this point, i will only include rikishi who will be in makuuchi for sure. The wildcard may be ANY rikishi down to jonokuchi. Open a spoilers tab in you post and place your tips in it. Please do NOT peek! Now bra yourselfes, here they come 1 2 3 4 5 6 Wildcard
  4. Sumo graphs

    It would be interesting to mix active and inactive sumotori.
  5. Kyushu 2017 "Poster" (leaflet)

    If the smooth chest doesn't convince you it is Hakuho...i don't think he lends his kesho mawashi to Harumafuji.
  6. Trivia bits

    I don't know if that's correct, just a guess.
  7. Aki 2017

    Let's analyze this. Part 1 Daiseido clinched KK on day 13 and all voters hit the Daiseido wall. Yago on the other hand was not expected to hit the wall by most of the voters. Only Sakura and shimodahito got it right. Onosho missed the wall and was the third spoiler. Only Asanoyama did what most expected and missed the wall. Part 2 had some surprises, too. Kotoshogiku did way better than expected, opposed to depromoted Terunofuji. Goeido and Aminishiki did as supposed. Wakaichiro's 4-3 should do the job for him, too. Part 3 was a kick in the yamas, nothing more to add. Congratulations to Ryoshishokunin who did it with 6 of 10, closely followed by Sakura, Shatsume, Wakaebala, inhashi and myself with 5 hits.
  8. Makunouchi Yushos in 2017

    Nah, Hakuho will do it. Kisenosato still shaky, Kakuryu demoralized, and Harumafuji will give himself some well deserved rest. It's not even worth to mention the ozeki and below.
  9. Trivia bits

    He needed only 4 consecutive tournaments to defeat all the Y/Os at least once while being maegashira?
  10. Ok, since i don't know where to put it else...i'm on a Star Trek Voyager binge (again), this time on Netflix (curse you, Netflix!) and stumbled across some sumo, again. It appears Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok are sumo fans. Transcript Janeway: Believe me, i was there! Chakotay: So was i. Tuvok: Cmdr. Chakotay is correct. Janeway: Oh, and how would you know?! Tuvok: In my youth i studied many forms of martial art, including the sumo of Earth. I've followed the sport ever since. Janeway: It was the 77th Emperor's Cup. Takashi forced Kar-pek out of the circle in less than 3 seconds. I had a 5th row seat. Chakotay: Then just must have been ordering sake, because Takashi's knee broke the sand, and the referee gave the match to Kar-pek. Tuvok: Exactly. Doctor comes in. Janeway: If this is another house call, it'll have to wait. As you can see, i've got a mutiny on my hands. From 18:45, too bad they show no sumo. Video link
  11. New kesho mawashi (pics)

    Otherwise it would be a little bit gross for the tsuyuharai and the tachimochi.
  12. Sumo ticket scalpers caught

    No voids then, but not transferable. Maybe a small refund-penalty for not using the ticket and a full refund for a return prior to 0800.
  13. Sumo ticket scalpers caught

    I don't like the idea of personalizing tickets (privacy, data security), but the swamp has to be drained. It's not only sumo. If you are not there until a given point of time or if you don't let know you are running late (via app), your ticket is voided. The ticket will then immediately be available at the counter for the queuing people. Return it in advance - full refund. Don't make it in time/autovoid - 50%. Claiming running late, but then not showing up - well, bummer. I really hate that, but linking a ticket to a personal ID like a passport should do it.
  14. Ozeki demotion

    They could change the repromotion requirements for ex-ozeki. Once you have been ozeki for 3 consecutive basho and you lose your rank due to injury, you can force repromotion with a 10-5 as sekiwake, no matter how low you dropped. The "drop-stop" for the rest could look like this: jonidan - bottom jonokuchi sandanme - bottom jonidan makushita - bottom sandanme juryo - bottom makushita maegashira - makushita td san'yaku - bottom juryo If your injury lasts more than a specific number of basho, your decline starts again until you reach the next lower level. There you remain again for a specific number of basho.
  15. Bearded gyoji/wrestlers

    Hattorizakura when he ends his career: