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  1. Muscles.
  2. This was already the 7th time they met and Ura leads 5-2. Again, the learning curve is working for Ura.
  3. Ura now 10-2...and his fighting style has changed noticeably. The last bashos we often saw a flying Ura, winning just by being the second one to touch the ground. Haven't seen this Ura around a lot lately. Learning curve. Next basho will be very interesting. Mitakeumi back on course to KK, which is nice. Aminishiki 7-5 after 2-4 is even nicer. Ozeki promotion for Takayasu now almost guaranteed. He has to lose his last 3 bouts with weak showings to avoid it.
  4. A zabuton has to fly once in a while, else it slowly dies from depression. Pardon? Ura is quick as f***, not the lightest and weakest to be tossed around, almost perfect ring sense, almost perfect balance. His history pays off now, big time. He has the ability to avoid his opponents to play their own game like nobody else and even if his opponent get's a grip, or forces him onto the bales, he very often is able to just eel out of the situation and win the bout. Maybe he will never be a Yokozuna, but right now his learning curve is not climbing, it is rocketing up into the sky. If he stays without major injury, he will be a joi/sanyaku elevator rikishi at least.
  5. Favorite bout today was Hattorizakura, even beats Hakuho-Takayasu. What an improvement, especially if you compare this to his bout with Kinjo. If this boy fights on like that, he got himself a new fan. Some spirited, superb and spectacular sumo today. Ura can only be described with 'bag of magic'. No special price would be a scandal.
  6. Video link, or it didn't happen!
  7. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? No, it is even better! It is: Nakabi in Tokyo Makuuchi dohyo-iri Yokozuna dohyo-iri Hakuho Harumafuji Kisenosato Lower Divisions Jk27w Minami (2-2) shitatenage Jk29e Hattorizakura (0-4) Jk18e Abezakura (4-0) okuritaoshi Jk22w Taranami (3-1) Jk17e Shimabukuro (3-1) okuritaoshi Jk24e Osuzuki (3-1) Jk9e Enho (4-0) shitatenage Jk12w Tochikodai (3-1) Jd101e Umiwatari (4-0) oshidashi Jd103w Hokutosato (3-1) Jd96e Takanonari (4-0) yoritaoshi Jd89w Yoshimura (3-1) Jd88w Matsuyama (4-0) uwatehineri Jd82w Sakurafuji (3-1) Jd74e Mibu (4-0) oshitaoshi Jd79w Shinyashiki (3-1) Jd67e Mihamaumi (4-0) uwatedashinage Jd69e Higonoryu (3-1) Sd100e Nakashima (4-0) yoritaoshi Sd99e Munakata (3-1) Sd84w Hikarugenji (4-0) tsukidashi Sd81w Daishozen (3-1) Sd77w Kihonoumi (4-0) sukuinage Sd75w Koshinishiki (3-1) Juryo J4e Nishikigi (5-3) yoritaoshi J7e Asanoyama (4-4) J14w Takagenji (3-5) yorikiri J9e Chiyootori (5-3) J12w Kitataiki (4-4) yorikiri J8e Seiro (3-5) J8w Aminishiki (4-4) hatakikomi J11w Satoyama (3-5) J9w Kotoeko (4-4) oshidashi J6e Chiyoo (4-4) J4e Nishikigi (5-3) yoritaoshi J7e Asanoyama (4-4) J3e Gagamaru (5-3) oshidashi J7w Daiamami (4-4) J3w Kyokutaisei (4-4) kirikaeshi J5e Hidenoumi (4-4) J2w Kyokushuho (5-3) uwatenage J5w Azumaryu (5-3) J1e Sadanoumi (4-4) oshidashi J4w Yamaguchi (4-4) J6w Tsurugisho (4-4) yorikiri J1w Osunaarashi (1-7) Makuuchi J2e Chiyomaru (4-4) yorikiri M15e Myogiryu (3-5) M12w Kotoyuki (4-4) katasukashi M16e Yutakayama (1-7) M12w Kotoyuki (4-4) katasukashi M16e Yutakayama (1-7) M13w Daishomaru (6-2) sukuinage M11e Arawashi (1-7) M15w Kaisei (5-3) oshitaoshi M11w Ishiura (4-4) M10e Tochinoshin (6-2) yorikiri M14w Chiyotairyu (5-3) M10w Ura (6-2) oshidashi M14e Onosho (5-3) M9w Kagayaki (6-2) oshidashi M13e Toyohibiki (2-6) M6e Takekaze (2-6) oshidashi M9e Ichinojo (2-6) M12e Tokushoryu (5-3) oshidashi M6w Ikioi (5-3) M5e Takanoiwa (5-3) yorikiri M8w Sokokurai (3-5) M5w Shodai (6-2) kimedashi M8e Shohozan (2-6) M7w Takakeisho (5-3) oshidashi M4e Tochiozan (4-4) M7e Hokutofuji (6-2) yorikiri M4w Takarafuji (3-5) M1e Chiyonokuni (2-6) yorikiri M3e Daieisho (0-8) S1e Tamawashi (6-2) oshidashi M2e Okinoumi (1-7) S1w Takayasu (7-1) hatakikomi K1w Yoshikaze (4-4) O1e Terunofuji (6-2) kimedashi K1e Mitakeumi (3-5) M1w Endo (3-5) yorikiri O1w Goeido (5-3) Y2w Hakuho (8-0) uwatedashinage S2e Kotoshogiku (1-7) Y2e Harumafuji (8-0) oshidashi M2w Chiyoshoma (1-7) Y1e Kisenosato (6-2) yorikiri M3w Aoiyama (2-6) Thanks to @Akinomaki for the pics.
  8. Thank you both. I just tried to fiddle around a bit, nothing important.
  9. Somewhere in the line of Ura's ancestors, there must be a spanish torrero...OLÉ! Mitakeumi got a good clobbering from the upper ranks, but he showed fantastic sumo. Now it's time to cash in on the lower ranks, KK guaranteed. Same for Yoshikaze. Will Hakuho and Harumafuji steam on, or will Takayasu intercept them? Nice basho so far. Edit: I'd like one thing to change. Kise making every bout an hour long drama is a PITA for making the pics posts. Please quick'n'dirty from here on
  10. Hi, i tried html in text and code window, doesn't work. BBCode in text windows doesn't work either. What do i have to choose in code window for BBCode? And if BBCode works, is there any page with an overview of the commands valid for this forum?
  11. apparently this doesn't work...
  12. Another "flippin' good" day in Tokyo! Makuuchi dohyo-iri Yokozuna dohyo iri Hakuho Harumafuji Kisenosato Jonokuchi Jonidan Sandanme Juryo J12e Ryuden (4-3) yorikiri J11w Satoyama (3-4) J8w Aminishiki (3-4) oshidashi J12w Kitataiki (3-4) J7e Asanoyama (4-3) oshidashi J9w Kotoeko (3-4) J5e Hidenoumi (4-3) yorikiri J2w Kyokushuho (4-3) and others J4e Nishikigi (4-3) uwatenage J1e Sadanoumi (3-4) Makuuchi M15w Kaisei (4-3) yorikiri J1w Osunaarashi (1-6) Mother Oyanagi watching M13e Toyohibiki (2-5) oshidashi M16e Yutakayama (1-6) M15e Myogiryu (3-4) oshidashi M12w Kotoyuki (3-4) M14w Chiyotairyu (5-1( hikiotoshi M14e Onosho (5-2) M13e Toyohibiki (2-5) oshidashi M16e Yutakayama (1-6) M10w Ura (5-2) oshidashi M8w Sokokurai (3-4) M12e Tokushoryu (4-3) oshidashi M13w Daishomaru (5-2) M10e Tochinoshin (5-2) shitatenage M11w Ishiura (4-3) M11e Arawashi (1-6) tottari M9e Ichinojo (2-5) M9w Kagayaki (5-2) oshidashi M8e Shohozan (2-5) M5e Takanoiwa (4-3) oshidashi M6e Takekaze (1-6) M5w Shodai (5-2) oshidashi M7w Takakeisho (4-3) M6w Ikioi (5-2) oshidashi M4w Takarafuji (3-4) M3w Aoiyama (2-5) hikiotoshi M1w Endo (2-5) M7e Hokutofuji (5-2) yorikiri M4e Tochiozan (4-3) S1w Takayasu (6-1) tsukiotoshi M2w Chiyoshoma (1-6) S1e Tamawashi (5-2) hatakikomi M1e Chiyonokuni (1-6) O1w Goeido (5-2) tsukiotoshi S2e Kotoshogiku (1-6) O1e Terunofuji (5-2) yorikiri M2e Okinoumi (1-6) Y2e Harumafuji (7-0) oshidashi K1w Yoshikaze (4-3) Y1e Kisenosato (5-2) yorikiri K1e Mitakeumi (3-4) Y2w Hakuho (7-0) yorikiri M3e Daieisho (0-7) Yumitori-shiki by Satonofuji Goodies Ex-Kaio is now a quality tester for shirts, apparently this one failed. They are happy, because now they are allowed to eat the worker who made it. These displays are really nice, but i wouldn't trade my Seven of Nine for it Thanks to @Akinomaki for the pics
  13. Did you know, that although it is a vegetable, in the US it is a fruit by law?
  14. Kisenosato's mother with his favorite food (not the kids) Kisenosato's esults from Haru Basho. Don't know what the lower part means. Merchandising!
  15. New York? Rio? TOKYO! Jonokuchi Makushita Ms15TD Mitoryu (1-1) kotenage Ms12e Tsurubayashi (0-2) Juryo J13e Homarefuji (3-1) oshidashi J14w Takagenji (1-3) J11w Satoyama (3-1) shitatenage J9e Chiyootori (2-2) J5w Azumaryu (3-1) uwatedashinage J7e Asanoyama (1-3) M14e Onosho (3-1) watashikomi M16e Yutakayama (1-3) M11w Ishiura (2-2) shitatehineri M13e Toyohibiki (1-3) M10e Tochinoshin (3-1) kotenage M10w Ura (3-1) M6w Ikioi (3-1) oshitaoshi M4e Tochiozan (3-1) S1w Takayasu (4-0) kubinage K1e Mitakeumi (3-1) S2e Kotoshogiku (1-3) yorikiri S1e Tamawashi (2-2) O1w Goeido (2-2) yorikiri M3e Daieisho (0-4) Y2e Harumafuji (4-0) oshidashi M1e Chiyonokuni (1-3) K1w Yoshikaze (3-1) oshidashi Y1w Kakuryu (1-3) M1w Endo (2-2) oshidashi Y1e Kisenosato (2-2) Y2w Hakuho (4-0) yorikiri M2e Okinoumi (0-4) Thanks to @Akinomaki for the pics.