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  1. Benihana

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Nailed it.
  2. Benihana

    Aki talkie

    It's suuuuuuuumimaseeeeeeeeeen ^^ By the way, please watch "James May, our man in Japan" on Amazon Prime. Sumimasen in advance.
  3. Benihana

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Anyone in for a Hoshoryusho? Superb debut match.
  4. Benihana

    Tamanoi Beya & COVID-19

    And again, this is comparing apples with pears. And again, this is extremely unfair to the not infected. Please google Sippenhaft, maybe you'll understand why i strongly oppose demotion for the effected rikishi, and why i really have to struggle to hold back my anger at the moment. Empathy seems to be missing in some people's vocabulary.
  5. Benihana

    Tamanoi Beya & COVID-19

    This is a completely different situation. Nothing like that ever happened in the past. There are countless examples of sick rikishi mounting the dohyo. And don't forget the 9 who are not infected, but forced to sit out.
  6. Benihana

    Tamanoi Beya & COVID-19

    The only fair thing would be treating them kosho.
  7. Benihana

    Ridiculous Predictions September Basho

    I should pay more attention to signatures ^^
  8. Benihana

    21 Aki 20, The Results

    X X A A A A A A B B B A B A A A A B A A X
  9. Benihana

    Ridiculous Predictions September Basho

    You in sumo? Really? I could see you in WWE, with your expertise in falling jumping off ladders...
  10. Benihana

    MMA's Alexander " King Kong" Romanov Sumo background?

    Maybe you should ask the Ossetians?
  11. Benihana

    Favorite TV Series

    I just rebinged DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. Right at the moment i'm watching TNG S04E15. Syndicated: There are SO MANY shows i closely followed, i'd type 'til tomorrow. But always rebingeworthy are shows like see above, Boston Legal, The Newsroom, Castle, The Mentalist, Sherlock (Sniddleditch version), Elementary, MASH, BSG, Ghost in the Shell and so on. Still on air: NCIS, NCIS:NOLA, THE MANDALORIAN (OMG, OMG, OMG THE CHILD IS SOOOOO CUTE (even cuter than a napping Chiyomaru)), Rick & Morty, Simpsons, American Dad, The Rookie, Top Gear, The Grand Tour, The Walking Dead (up to S07, then i got frustrated), Brooklyn 99, Young Sheldon, Jack Ryan, Discovery, The Orville, Lucifer, Z Nation, Westworld, Sword Art Online, Final Space, Lost in Space, Picard, Kintamayama's Sumo digest, yadda, yadda, yadda... To my own surprise, there is NO domestic TV show i follow at the moment. There were some shows in the past, but i never was like "can't wait for the next episode". Even the newer ones with some international success like Deutschland 83/86 or DARK...i couldn't care less.
  12. Benihana

    Aki Basho 2020

    Percentages, shmercentages. This is a sumo poll, not science ^^
  13. Benihana

    Ridiculous Predictions September Basho

    After 3 days of surprising kachiage-knockout wins by Kakuryu, it is revealed he had his ulna replaced with a stainless steel implant during his "elbow surgery". A furios (why didn't HE have that idea?) Hakuho immediatelly drops out (official reason sore pinky) to go for a full pimp-my-body at Kawasaki Heavy Industries. There he meets Takanohana who came in even a day earlier. Albeit stating in the past he had no political ambitions, this is the perfect time to take over from his old buddy Shinzo. And this my friends, is how the AGE OF MECHANOHANA begins.
  14. Benihana

    Banzuke for Aki 2020

    Au contraire! It would be a miracle if all 3 had hit the same spot. I bet there is NO promotion situation where all promotees hit the same spot. That's what makes games like GTB so much fun.