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  1. It would be interesting to see some tackles do this, or in general football players who have nicknames like "fridge", "tank" or "spare tire". Their bodies are more like that of a sumotori and their role on the field is to push people around.
  2. Yes, he is. I love the commercial, cute kitteh
  3. Rice Rice Baby About 1kg per student and weekday, not bad.
  4. I remembered that sumodb is also available in japanese when i was already done. Next time i will go there or to japanese wikipedia first.
  5. Yep, but if you search for 勢 on wikipedia, you won't find Ikioi, at least not in the german and english versions. The only linkage to Ikioi on google, was a picture. Almost the same for Kagayaki. See my problem?
  6. Still here? Tis but a warmup...
  7. Wow, cool site you found. They did nice work, i hope they add more background later. Kokonoe-beya it is.
  8. Ikioi and Kagayaki were difficult. The used kanji differ from those in the sumodb or wkipedia. Google didn't help. Adding the heya (in brackets) brought results. Why that?
  9. Ahemmm...i won't bench 200kg then, but keep the Nutella deliveries coming and i'll bulk MORE than 50kg in 4 years...
  10. 1. Kisenosato - 7074 2. Ura - 5441 3. Takayasu - 4667 4. Harumafuji - 3654 5. Endo - 2998 6. Terunofuji - 2828 7. Hakuho - 2380 8. Ikioi - 2326 9. Shodai - 2064 10. Goeido - 2028 11. Yoshikaze - 1978 12. Kakuryu - 1853 13. Tamawashi - 1747 14. Mitakeumi - 1609 15. Hokutofuji - 1411 16. Chiyonokuni - 1409 17. Myogiryu - 1368 18. Kagayaki - 1271 19. Ishiura - 1155 20. Takarafuji - 1095 21. Sokokurai - 1021 22. Kotoshogiku - 991 23. Yutakayama - 949 24. Ichinojo - 916 25. Takekaze - 902 26. Takakeisho - 896 27. Tochiozan - 895 28. Onosho - 849 No Aminishiki
  11. Yoda: Do or do not, there is no try.
  12. Thank you for all your answers, especially @Kuroyama and @Asashosakari. I think you both are right. @Kuroyama Does your site still exist, so i can have a look at it? @Asashosakari Your idea with the "how to get the most out of the DB query tool"-thread is very good. If noone other does, i will start such a thread the next time i become exasperated with the tool.
  13. You have to admit, it is a tearjerker.
  14. Answering an other thread this just came to my mind. I know, there already is a lot about sumo in the wikipedia, but a wiki dedicated only to sumo would be even better, i think. I don't want to start it all on my own, because i'm no coder, so i don't have the skills to transpose my ideas. Editing wikipedia can be a pita. For someone who hasn't seen code before, it is almost impossible, especially when it comes to tables, etc.. But what if the main work is done by clever code in the background? A script that parses the sumodb (permission provided) once a day (i.e. 18:15 JST on basho days and on banzuke day) and automatically fills tables with basho results, age, picture, career record, etc.. If that works - and i know it can - the whole wiki could be filled with all rikishi that ever existed in mere minutes. That code could also preset the whole document with paragraphs for background information, etc.. So editing would only require the ability to type plain text, or maybe a setting a hyperlink once in a while. This can not be done with wikipedia, because the coder would have to adapt the code to every single, already existing entry. And i don't think that the terms and conditions would allow the use of such massive scripts. With our own wiki, we would be the ones to write the rules and we could start from scratch. And think about statistics! Loads of articles, filled with tons of beautiful statistics without fighting the sumodb-query...*drool* So...what do you reckon?