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  1. Have a break, have a KitKat. The only true meaning of break.
  2. That OKish got me, too. What is soccer? Now i'm confused.
  3. Why did they give him Kagayaki's boobs?
  4. I'd say being an "official" yokozuna ends when the last hair is cut. It's like giving two weeks notice and the leaving the office, because you still have some paid leave. You are out, but you're still under contract until the last day of the month.
  5. If the tanto worn by the gyoji really were used in the ancient past, then you could say that they toned down on the performance part...A LOT :)
  6. Please don't encourage him One thing that's completely forgotten here...AFAIK a rikishi is not allowed to change the heya, except on special circumstances, like his recent heya being dissolved. So even if there was any need/want, he just couldn't. Or do my memories fool me here?
  7. Well, a warm welcome back then. You chose the right, exciting times for a comeback
  8. So him becoming the first european oyakata is just a publicity stunt? Or why else would they give a 34 year old gaijin a heya? Yes, he wasn't the greatest ozeki. But he got there in just 18 basho/3 years with only 1 MK on his way and held the title for almost 8 years (47 basho). And this single MK as komusubi was the only MK, which was not due to going kyujo. From what i've read he wants to do things a little bit different, especially when it comes to training methods. And don't see only the physical aspects of thraining. How many hopefuls have failed, because the problem was in their heads and the rigid, traditional system destroyed them? He still is european, so his approach to coaching WILL be different. You can't completely forget a system that molded you for 19 years. Maybe leading a new path instead of following the beaten path is a way to success. And listening to what other coaches (sports in general) say in front of the camera, i sometimes wonder if they need help tying their own shoes, but nevertheless they are highly successful. He has the hunger for it, he has the support and he has almost 31 years until retirement. His name alone will draw hopefuls, who want to join the new way.
  9. Takekaze? What's with my no.2 favourite grandpa?
  10. It's a big chance, i hope they grab it. Not only for sumo...
  11. For a german Ariboo sounds like Gummibären, Tropifrutti and Colorado *saidthemanmunchingonColoradorightatthismoment*.
  12. Now imagine the basho run parallel to the olympics and it will be held at the olympic centre, with a full house of international fans each day. Won't happen, but that would be damn cool.
  13. I'd say that is just a ltittle swelling, nothing unseen after a basho. Or maybe it's allergic reaction to the tear overflow.
  14. A happy and satisfied Cheshire Cat.
  15. Maybe, it's like "The curse of the Blitz". Now that he has finally overcome the curse and handed it to Terunofuji, he will be a different man