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  1. Ura - Yokozuna Bandwagon

    I hate it, when you post japanese articles and google translate spits out a chunk of gibberish.
  2. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Looks like someone's going to wake up in a bathtub with icewater, missing a kidney...
  3. You ever trusted height and weight indications in WWE?
  4. Rikishi extra activities

    Draw me like one of your french girls...
  5. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Seeing them splashing arounf, i want Orora to do this:
  6. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    One of my life goals is to visit Japan and attend a basho, donning a yukata and wearing a chin-mage
  7. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    Ok, if the unthinkable happens and they give him this special myoseki so he can become a shisho...what happens when he retires? Am i right, that the heya is dissolved then and none of his protégés can take over? Or could one take over under the name of his own kabu?
  8. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    Sorry, sometimes this is very confusing. I hope it was clear whart i ment to say. Hakuho needs a permanent kabu, which he can trade for becoming a shisho (that's why Chiyonofuji didn't want a personal one) and the rule is, that these kabu can only be held by ex-sekitori (like Naruto) who are japanese at least on paper. If they want to give him such a kabu without him becoming japanese, because he is teh GOAT, then be it. Oh how much i hate all this nationality nonsense. If i go to foreign country to work and probably live there for the rest of my life, i obey the local rules/laws/customs. If i don't lke it, i don't go there.
  9. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    Of course you don't defend discrimination and i didn't say that. Yes, with 27 successful changes out of more than 10000 tries, it is very unlikely to get it changed, but it can happen. Hakuho could use the rule to his own advantage. Swallow his pride, publicly announce that he doesn't like the rule, but that he is willing to accept it for becoming a shisho. That would make him more popular with the mongolians for the sacrifice and with the japanese for accepting the rule. I beg to differ, sir. He wore the black supporters, but had white bandages over it. On day 7 the bandage slipped under Kotoshogiku's grip, completely exposing the support.
  10. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    You a absolutely correct, sir. But as it was pointed out in another thread regarding Chiyonofuji, this would bar Hakuho from becoming a shisho. And becoming a shisho is his goal as far as i understood it.
  11. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    Why not? On the one hand you ask if the japanese-only rule is discriminatory, on the other hand you defend a discriminatory paper. Discrimination is discrimination, there are no different stages. The difference here is, that Hakuho - contrary to Arnie - could easily use a loophole. When he is done with sumo he can burn his japanese passport and triumphantly return to Mongolia where they will be delighted to give him a new one. A few months ago i was pissed, because the lizard people hissed at Harumafuji for using a black elbow support (A *insert deity here* DAMNED BLACK ELBOW SUPPORT!). I was reminded that this is sumo and when the lizard people say you have to use a white/flesh-coloured one (or cover it), then you just do what the lizard people say, because this is how sumo works. And i accepted it.
  12. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    Ok, then i was wrong there, mea maxima culpa. But thank you for giving me more ammo. If they ruled the japanese-only kabu unlawful, it would set a precedent. Did Renho go to court to have the japanese-only for political office law changed?
  13. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    Oh we have these laws all around the world, but there are so many exceptions. Can i as german play football for a foreign national team without acquiring the according citizenship? Nope. Are there female catholic priests? Nope. Women on the dohyo? Nope. If it was ruled unlawful, we could also scrap the whole hinkaku-discussion.
  14. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    Then please explain, why an americanised Austrian could get voted Governator, but not POTUS albeit he's the perfect example for living the american dream? Yes, sumo is not above the law, i'd more say the special rules are protected by law, because of culture/religion.
  15. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    Since it is not a "normal" type of sport i don't see why they should rule it unlawful. It is a mixture of sport, tradition, religion and culture. Especially the religion/culture-part should save the NSK from having to change the rules. And again, you are totally eliglible to own a kabu when you acquire citizenship. That is another loophole that should keep the NSK safe. Is it really asked that much to legally become a japanese citizen? Does he lose mongolian citizenship, if he becomes japanese? If yes, maybe Mongolia should change their laws.