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  1. Rikishi or heya support events

    Enho today had the party to celebrate joint fastest juryo promotion from maezumo (6 basho) with about 200 guests. o Hakuho (white phoenix) talked about how he gave his uchi-deshi this shikona (phoenix in flames) "I thought about it close to 3 hours, so that he won't lose already in spirit to those with huge bodies." o o Shibatayama-oyakata's local support club Tokachi Shibatayama-kai had a special meeting to talk about getting the jungyo in the region, in Obihiro on Aug. 18th http://kachimai.jp/article/index.php?no=419777
  2. NHK Charity ozumo 2018

    hopefully we'll get some more from the broadcast today
  3. Heya moves

    Heya opening today for the new Azumazeki-beya - the old Azumazeki (Takamiyama) took part, and ichimon sekitori - and training was held. It is a 2 storey building on a 150tsubo premises. Everything for the rikishi is on the ground floor, so that "also injured rikishi won't have to climb the stairs". The 2nd floor has one half for oyakata and okamisan and their newborn 1st daughter (on Jan. 31st) - and the other half is a 20jo (tatami) large room and 2 single rooms for (hopefully) future sekitori. oo o o o o
  4. Sumo goods

    The kokugikan attached shop opened for sales of goods only available in the kokugikan o o o especially the famous kokugikan yakitori - stays delicious the whole day of sumo oo the yakitori production in the basement factory of the kokugikan - they are looking for additional staff o o o
  5. Rikishi extra activities

    Kotoshogiku and Yoshikaze had a talk-show at the keirin races (remember them training?) o o o
  6. Another Sekitori Marriage

    And the marriage reception of Chiyonokuni as planned was today, with about 500 guests, Kisenosato and Tochinoshin among them - Kisenosato was asked for a speech: he started his career together with Chiyonokuni's elder brother, ex-Chiyonoshin o o o o o Hokutofuji was there - also Asanoyama and Nishikigi o o o o o heya twitter o o
  7. Yokozuna no-nos-short history summary

    Some details about the gun scandal were posted http://biz-journal.jp/2018/02/post_22353.html other details from http://www.jiji.com/jc/v4?id=sumo-jikenshi201712210002 Nowadays not just Wakahaguro, also Kashiwado and Taiho and also Kitanofuji etc. would likely have been forced to retire. On May 6th 1965, 3 days before the Natsu basho, ex-Wakahaguro was arrested for possession and selling of guns to Yamaguchi family related yakuza - he had already left the NSK in March. The police found 3 guns at Tatsunami-beya, which Wakahaguro had acquired at the Honolulu jungyo in 1962. Because in 1964 there also was a jungyo in Los Angeles, Tokitsukaze-rijicho (Futabayama) suspected that other active rikishi might have guns in their possession as well - on day 3 of the Natsu basho (11th), an urgent riji-kai was held and then all heya received the stern notice: "Should anybody illegally have a gun or had brought one back, deliver them voluntarily!" In the evening of that day, Kokonoe (Chiyonoyama) went to the Metropolitan police and turned over a gun and 5 bullets, saying "I got it from a deshi." On the 13th, the rijicho report to the police named Taiho and Kashiwado, as having brought guns from Hawaii, but already having thrown them into the Sumidagawa river (or also given to yakuza?) - the police searched with magnets etc. but didn't find the guns and the 2 got away with a summary indictment and a fine of 30 000yen. As it came out that the yokozuna had been in possession of guns, it was top of the national news, but later it was only reported in the sports papers, also as some insignificant article. The police delayed the investigation to avoid disturbing the basho, the rikishi all continued to appear on the dohyo, Taiho only on day 15 was kyujo after a bone fracture. The Tenno as planned came to watch on the 13th. Taiho had brought his in pieces, Kashiwado in his rikishi zabuton. Kitanofuji was asked by a friend what souvenir he should bring him back from Hawaii and he joked "a pistol" - and he really got one (from one of the yakuza friends?). It is also said that he did some trial shooting at a river. Kashiwado questioned on the 24th (Taiho with his fracture was later): he bought a pistol and 200 rounds of ammunition at a sports article shop in the suburbs of Honolulu for about 20 000 yen, without a particular reason, just to possess something unusual. He concealed it in the locker of his room, but then got scared and had a tsukebito throw it into the river. Taiho later told about the same story. Kitanofuji got scared and gave it to Kokonoe, then still at Dewanoumi-beya. Both he and Kokonoe and Toyokuni also got away with a summary indictment - like Harumafuji and Osunaarashi received - but then no penalty from the NSK or criticism from the YDC - the NSK had apologized and the 5 had shown deep regret - that was enough in the old days.
  8. Preparations of the Y/O Haru 2018

    Kakuryu has started to train after surgery, but still has no grip: the recovery of the dislocated right ring finger is too slow. His appearance for Haru remains uncertain. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201802170000208.html the dislocation My guess: 1 yokozuna on day 1, none in the 2nd week
  9. Relapse Prevention Committee-training week

    Kyodo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSEZq2NXe24
  10. Preparations of the Y/O Haru 2018

    Kakuryu's left ankle was always at the limit the last year. Later on each basho he used to inject hyaluronic acid to soften the clash impact. This time the pain started during the mid third of the basho, and he rested training and got seitai therapy. He claims he had surgery done early on, with the hope to enter Haru. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/column/sumo/news/201802160000749.html
  11. NSK new corporate status Hyogi-inkai and myoseki

    The 3 candidates are all former oyakata, no reemployed one: the 2 former riji Isenoumi (Fujinokawa, 71) and Dewanoumi (Washuyama, 68), and ex-Asanosho (48), who left the NSK in 2008 and is now coach in amateur sumo. http://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/20180216/sum18021623380006-n1.html Apparently ex-Miyabiyama is seen as fill-in into an ongoing term
  12. Osunaarashi scandal

    The NSK plans to decide on the fate of Osunaarashi at the riji-kai on March, 9th - comment today: "We accept it in its severity. Next we as the NSK will discuss about how to deal with him." http://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2018021601204&g=spo
  13. Sumo for kids

    Not just recent events are in the news Futabayama in 1941 came to Iizuka primary school for the opening of the dohyo http://www.nishinippon.co.jp/sp/nnp/f_chikuhou/article/394311 o he was there with 2 others, one was 213cm tall Fudoiwa The doyho had been dismantled in 1988 and the visit was forgotten. Before last Kyushu basho, Musashigawa-beya rikishi came to the school, and somebody remembered the visit and wanted to show photos, if there were some. In the reference room, also a calligraphy by Futabayama was found, which he had given to the school. It was restored and returned to the school - 剛健 gouken, vigour oo
  14. Relapse Prevention Committee-training week

    Today at the big events, Takanohana did not show up at the lesson for the oyakata the expert 原晋, former marathon athlete and now coach at Aoyama Gakuin university, GMO Athletes advisor ooo talking to the rikishi in the afternoon (in the morning to the oyakata) ooo ooo on their way to the lesson o o
  15. Rikishi extra activities

    The video of Tochinoshin at the Japan national press club has appeared o