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  1. Akinomaki

    Stable? Why?

    You're right there. In English I now always use the term "heya" in this case, and I hardly explain about sumo in English other than here. In German I use both team, club and "Verein" - I meant club in English. Team in German can be used a bit more fuzzy.
  2. o Y1w Hakuho (10-1) yorikiri M5w Ryuden (4-7) o oo oo o oo oo O2e Takakeisho (8-3) oshidashi M5e Aoiyama (5-6) oooo oo o o o K1w Endo (5-6) yorikiri S1e Mitakeumi (5-6) ooo o o o oo M2e Myogiryu (5-6) tsukiotoshi K2e Hokutofuji (4-7) o oo K2w Asanoyama (9-2) yorikiri M3e Takarafuji (4-7) o ooo o oooo o o M1w Okinoumi (5-6) hatakikomi K1e Abi (6-5) o o M6w Enho (6-5) yorikiri M15w Daishoho (2-9) oooo oo M13w Kagayaki (8-3) oshidashi M7e Tsurugisho (5-6) o oo oo kachi-koshi interview o M12w Takanosho (7-4) oshidashi M8e Shohozan (6-5) o o M10w Shodai (8-3) utchari M8w Sadanoumi (6-5) o oo o ooo oo hiramaku dai-ichi-go kachi-koshi interview (first maegashira to reach kk) o M9w Yutakayama (7-4) oshidashi M13e Chiyomaru (7-4) oooo J13w Hoshoryu (6-5) uwatenage J8w Toyonoshima (5-6) oooooo o o oo J13e Kotoshoho (7-4) tsukiotoshi J11w Wakamotoharu (3-8) o Ms1w Chiyootori (4-2) oshidashi Ms4e Tsukahara (3-3) oo oo o Ms10w Terunofuji (6-0) kotenage Ms45e Hiradoumi (5-1) oo oo o o Ms7e Naya (3-3) yorikiri Ms5e Chiyonoo (2-4) o oo o Ms51w Tsushimanada (6-0) hatakikomi Ms12e Midorifuji (5-1) o Jd80e Chiyotora (6-0) hikiotoshi Jd106w Ura (5-1) oo water for the slippery Kyushu dohyo o oyakata on duty o o o o vid
  3. Akinomaki

    Stable? Why?

    I hate to use the term stable for heya itself (to my disgust I found that I had used it on the forum in my first year), or it's German equivalent - just as I wouldn't use any other term for dojo than dojo - except jokingly or in stablemate (but why does it feel OK there?). For people to whom I want to explain it I use team club and the German (etc.) equivalent as in football team club. A Japanese without any knowledge of sumo wouldn't understand what is meant by heya in the sumo context, so why try to translate the word itself? (and I don't translate anyway).
  4. Akinomaki

    Kensho Kyushu 2019

    At last Day 11 157: Hakuho 116: Takakeisho 54: Endo 41: Mitakeumi 33: Abi 30: Myogiryu 28: Shohozan 26: Asanoyama 25: Daieisho 25: Takarafuji
  5. Akinomaki

    Spirited rikishi Kyushu 2019

    Day 11 Makuuchi 1. Endo 2. Asanoyama 3. Takakeisho 3. Enho Juryo 1. Irodori 2. Kotonowaka 3. Kotoshoho
  6. Akinomaki

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Kotoyuki should skip the chiri-chouzu at the start of the shikiri preparations - it is meant to show that you fight with your bare hands
  7. Akinomaki

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Kyushu 2019

    Time for Endo to get a proper shikona ...
  8. Akinomaki

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Kyushu 2019

    5-5 m1e Daieisho has a seemingly easier task to get to 9-6 than Hokutofuji had last basho, who was 4-6 on day 10. Both with a win against Hakuho in there. If we not get 4 komusubi already fix in the end, he should have the same promotion with 9 wins. Endo still to come for Daieisho - a komusubi exchange bout on senshuraku?
  9. oo Y1w Hakuho (9-1) yorikiri M5e Aoiyama (5-5) o ooo o o oo o o oo oo O2e Takakeisho (7-3) tsukidashi M4w Kotoyuki (4-6) oo oooo oo o ooo M5w Ryuden (4-6) yorikiri S1e Mitakeumi (5-5) o o o o o oo o o M2e Myogiryu (4-6) yorikiri K1w Endo (4-6) o o o K1e Abi (6-4) tsukidashi K2e Hokutofuji (4-6) o o o oo oo ooo K2w Asanoyama (8-2) yorikiri M2w Meisei (5-5) o oo o ooo o o o o o oo o oo o the locals watch and built him a monument oo M4e Tamawashi (5-5) oshidashi M1e Daieisho (5-5) o M13e Chiyomaru (7-3) tsukidashi M6w Enho (5-5) oo o o o ooo o M6e Onosho (5-5) yoritaoshi M9e Kotoshogiku (2-8) oo o M10w Shodai (7-3) oshitaoshi M7w Kotoeko (4-6) o oo M12w Takanosho (6-4) yorikiri M8w Sadanoumi (6-4) o M11w Chiyotairyu (6-4) yorikiri M8e Shohozan (6-4) ooo oo M9w Yutakayama (6-4) yorikiri M15e Daishomaru (3-7) o M14e Terutsuyoshi (6-4) oshidashi M13w Kagayaki (7-3) oo o J7w Kotonowaka (8-2) tsukiotoshi J14w Irodori (5-5) o o o J10w Kizakiumi (9-1) hikiotoshi J7e Kyokutaisei (6-4) o o J8e Kyokushuho (4-6) uwatenage J12w Gagamaru (1-9) o J9w Mitoryu (8-2) kotenage J13w Hoshoryu (5-5) o o o J13e Kotoshoho (6-4) yorikiri J9e Sokokurai (4-6) o J11w Wakamotoharu (3-7) yoritaoshi Ms4e Tsukahara (3-2) o o oo Ms9w Oki (3-2) hatakikomi Ms6e Chiyonoumi (2-3) o oyakata in duty ooo o o o o o o o oo o o o
  10. Akinomaki

    Kensho Kyushu 2019

    Asanoyama??? Day 10 142: Hakuho 101: Takakeisho 41: Mitakeumi 39: Endo 33: Abi 28: Shohozan 28: Myogiryu 25: Takarafuji 23: Kagayaki 22: Takayasu 22: Daieisho
  11. Akinomaki

    Spirited rikishi Kyushu 2019

    Day 10 Makuuchi 1. Asanoyama 2. Takakeisho 2. Ryuden Juryo 1. Kotonowaka 2. Kizakiumi 3. Wakamotoharu
  12. Akinomaki

    Rikishi or heya support events

    The Ishikawa pref. Enho koenkai has doubled its members number since the start, 626 now. Members applied from 27 prefectures all over the country, especially women. For 10 000 yen per year, and you get a sumo calendar (like distributed at the basho) and the banzuke for all 6 basho sent home - in Japan. https://www.hokkoku.co.jp/subpage/H20191119101.htm
  13. Akinomaki

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    With Takayasu not on the torikumi of day 11, makekoshi and drop to sekiwake is sealed. Wakatakakage also seems to be sensible, avoiding to aggravate his injury - there's 1 day left though to be tempted.
  14. Akinomaki

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    I think Enho will now be especially fired up to rise above the Konosuke hell