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  1. GTB- I Plumb forgot Hatsu 2018..

    Could the entry deadline listed at the top of be updated? Some potential players might not realize the Hatsu entry is active.
  2. Persistence Watch - 2017 edition

    However, both were against guys who looked like they might get into 10-MK territory eventually as well...
  3. Persistence Watch - 2017 edition

    Toyama unfortunately wasn't able to come through for his kachikoshi, so these were the final records for Kyushu: Shikona Heya Debut MK Current Rank Highest Rank Record Win% Last Basho This Basho Hattorizakura Shikihide Aki 2015 13 Jonokuchi 24 West Jonokuchi 18 1-89-1 0.011 0-7 0-7 Sawanofuji Isegahama Haru 2016 10 Jonokuchi 12 West Jonidan 110 13-58 0.183 2-5 2-5 Satsumao Shikihide Nagoya 2016 7 Jonokuchi 7 West Jonidan 109 17-39 0.304 3-4 4-3 Satoiazuma Tamanoi Kyushu 2014 5 Banzuke-gai Jonidan 100 13-24-7 0.351 Bg Mz 1-4 Nakano Miyagino Haru 2017 3 Jonokuchi 8 West Jonokuchi 8 9-12-7 0.429 3-4 0-0-7 Chiyotaiko Kokonoe Haru 2017 4 Jonokuchi 10 West Jonokuchi 10 10-18 0.357 3-4 3-4 Hayasaka Tokitsukaze Haru 2017 4 Jonokuchi 11 West Jonokuchi 11 7-21 0.250 3-4 1-6 Toyama Musashigawa Haru 2017 4 Jonokuchi 13 East Jonokuchi 13 9-19 0.321 2-5 3-4 Bando Izutsu Haru 2017 3 Jonokuchi 13 West Jonokuchi 13 9-19 0.321 2-5 4-3 Kotoimagawa Sadogatake Haru 2017 4 Jonokuchi 14 East Jonokuchi 14 6-22 0.214 2-5 2-5 Sekizukayama Tagonoura Haru 2017 4 Jonokuchi 17 West Jonokuchi 17 8-21 0.276 1-7 3-4 Matsuoka Azumazeki Haru 2017 4 Jonokuchi 23 West Jonokuchi 16 6-10-12 0.375 0-1-6 0-1-6 Pretty decent results in the end, given the less than spectacular first week. Nice to see Satsumao's recent progress pay off, as his fourth straight tournament with KK opportunities finally resulted in the elusive fourth win, while Bando managed to become the first graduate of this year's 8-rikishi intake at the very first time of asking. Nakano will be dropping off the banzuke for the start of 2018, but Matsuoka once again made a last-round appearance to stick around. Satoiazuma meanwhile will (hopefully) be joining official competition for the first time since Aki 2015. Our sole potential applicant has ended up reinforcing the ranks with his third MK, this time despite a 3-1 interim record no less: Shikona Heya Debut MK Current Rank Highest Rank Record Win% 2017.07 2017.09 2017.11 Koreyasu Asakayama Natsu 2017 3 Jonokuchi 11 East Jonokuchi 11 9-12 0.429 3-4 3-4 3-4 With the departures and Koreyasu's entry we're now at 11 members who are all from different stables; the last time that was the case was for Haru 2016 with 9 members.
  4. GTB- I Plumb forgot Hatsu 2018..

    The Google doc helper is now also up to date:
  5. New recruits for Haru 2018

    Yeah, I think that's steak time for me, too...the next Yata?
  6. Hakuho misconduct (split from Basho Talk Kyushu 2017)

    In fairness to Hakuho, the claim by Kanechika was that he bought off opponents without Hakuho's knowledge. (Unless I'm forgetting other details of that sordid story.) That article - if the version I saw on Yahoo Headlines was the full one - had basically no meat to it at all. A far cry from the usual yaocho stories of the past, and I'm not sure it included any claims serious enough to make a lawsuit even worthwhile.
  7. Harumafuji scandal

    Those are becoming the real collectors' items.
  8. Harumafuji scandal

    Do we? It doesn't seem that those doctors (or any others) actually checked up on Takanoiwa again after the "expiration" of the original estimated recovery period. It was a prognosis, not a statement of fact.
  9. Harumafuji scandal

    The whole thing has become pretty ridiculous. I looked at Sports Hochi the other day and they had more than a dozen articles which were nothing more than summaries of what "insiders", random tarento and other minor public figures were saying about the affair on the TV chat shows. Never seen anything like it in sumo coverage. Not sure if there's something peculiar about this scandal, or if clickbait journalism has simply gone beyond the tabloid press in Japan now, too.
  10. Harumafuji scandal

    I don't have a live version handy, actually. My go-to source is still a local copy of this sadly decommissioned website.
  11. Harumafuji scandal

    The allowance numbers are 70 / 80 / 100 / 150 thousand yen from jonokuchi to makushita now, I think it changed very shortly after 2006. The rest looks accurate, although nobody actually seems to know for sure how those win bonuses are calculated...I've seen at least three different methods around the net. Don't know for sure, but I've read before that they're treated identical to jonokuchi rikishi for payment purposes.
  12. Trivia bits

    There have been 8 retirements plus 3 rikishi falling to banzuke-gai after Kyushu 2017, but 13 rikishi are moving up from maezumo, making Hatsu 2018 the first time in 14 years that a Hatsu banzuke will include more rikishi than the preceding one for Kyushu. 2003.11->2004.01 saw 7 intai, 4 to banzuke-gai and 13 maezumo entrants, also for a net change of +2. Closest calls in between: 2014.11->2015.01: 7 intai, 2 Bg, 9 Mz (±0) 2006.11->2007.01: 8 intai, 6 Bg, 13 Mz (-1) 2004.11->2005.01: 10 intai, 1 Bg, 9 Mz (-2) All other November->January passages during these 14 years saw a loss of at least 7 banzuke spots.
  13. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-15

    And at last the Day 15 stuff. Meant to do these yesterday, but Youtube decided that 98 videos in a short amount of time was all they were going to allow, and blocked my ability to upload the rest for 24+ hours. Anyway, no real interesting kimarite stuff at all, so let's go with a not quite successful last-ditch attempt at the edge, a match between two of the skinniest guys in sumo (Urutora-Noborifuji), the Orora bout against aggro Kamito (I try to stay away from Orora matches, but the opponent made this one), and another minor slapstick ending. For the last embedded clip - pretty wacky start and finish, but with quite a bit of bout in between:
  14. Harumafuji scandal

    Although Sponavi was competing against the "free" NHK broadcasts for the sekitori divisions, so that's a different issue than monetarizing potential international interest. The one thing to take away from it is probably: Even in Japan there aren't a whole lot of people who will pay for makushita-and-under coverage. Anyway, the full-day broadcasts have been available in some form on the internet continuously ever since 2011, even if just at extortionate prices for a while, so I figure something new will be in place for Hatsu. Makushita and a little bit of sandanme is of course still available on TV on NHK BS, but it would be a major step back if the rest wasn't viewable anywhere now.
  15. Harumafuji scandal

    I don't see much of a point in comparing athlete salaries across sports. Their compensation is whatever the public interest in each sport can generate, so any comparison between two different sports (or even the same sport in different locations) fails the apples-to-apples test. Anyway, 200 million yen is more than Harumafuji's entire base salary for his 5 years as yokozuna, so it's not exactly small by sumo standards.