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  1. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

    We did that thing when the then-record of 4 was set three years ago: Link (Conversation starts a few posts earlier than the one linked.)
  2. Asashosakari

    Ichinojo Concerns

    Well, they're in Fukuoka, not in Tokyo. I'm not sure the relevant people on all sides of the issue were necessarily still planning to hang around for a post-basho chat like that.
  3. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

    And the exhaustive version... From makushita to makuuchi with very low juryo W-L records (consecutive tournaments, but not necessarily the rikishi's only juryo tournaments before reaching makuuchi), actual negative differentials but also near-misses (±0, +1, +2) for context. Does not include rikishi who had a 0-0-15 that didn't result in demotion, either old kosho or more recently due to Covid, unless the remaining W-L without the 15 absences still fits the parameters. Other absences are treated as losses, same as they were on the banzuke. 2 juryo basho: Tamaasuka - juryo 2011.05-2011.07, 16-14 (+2) record with 2 KK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 3 juryo basho: Yoshiazuma - juryo 2011.01-2011.07, 23-22 (+1) record with 2 KK and 1 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 4 juryo basho: nobody 31-29 (+2) or lower 5 juryo basho: Tsurugidake - juryo 2010.11-2011.09, 38-37 (+1) record with 2 KK and 3 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 6 juryo basho: Sadanofuji - juryo 2010.09-2011.09, 41-49 (-8) record with 3 KK and 3 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal Hochiyama - juryo 2010.07-2011.07, 43-47 (-4) record with 2 KK and 4 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 7 juryo basho: Akiseyama - juryo 2015.01-2016.01, 53-52 (+1) record with 5 KK and 2 MK 8 juryo basho: nobody 61-59 (+2) or lower 9 juryo basho: nobody 68-67 (+1) or lower 10 juryo basho: Sotairyu - juryo 2011.05-2012.11, 73-70-7 (-4) record with 5 KK and 5 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal (outsized promotion from Ms to J) 11 juryo basho: nobody 83-82 (+1) or lower 12 juryo basho: Seiro - juryo 2013.07-2015.05, 87-93 (-6) record with 7 KK and 5 MK Kitanokuni - juryo 1962.05-1964.03, 90-90 (±0) record with 8 KK and 4 MK 13 juryo basho: nobody 98-97 (+1) or lower 14 juryo basho: Daihi - juryo 1979.07-1981.09, 104-104-2 (-2) record with 8 KK and 6 MK 15 juryo basho: Kyokunankai - juryo 2008.03-2010.07, 111-112-2 (-4) record with 8 KK and 7 MK, beneficiary of gambling scandal (outsized promotion from J to M) 16 juryo basho: Hoshiiwato - juryo 1986.11-1989.05, 119-121 (-2) record with 10 KK and 6 MK 17 juryo basho: nobody 128-127 (+1) or lower 18 juryo basho: Daimonji - juryo 1963.11-1966.09, 135-131-4 (±0) record with 10 KK and 8 MK Harunoyama - juryo 2001.03-2004.01 (one kosho), 128-123-4 (+1) record with 9 KK and 8 MK 19 juryo basho: nobody 143-142 (+1) or lower 20 juryo basho: Chiyoo - juryo 2013.09-2016.11, 147-146-7 (-6) record with 11 KK and 9 MK ... 23 juryo basho: Azumaryu - juryo 2015.11-2019.07, 171-174 (-3) record with 12 KK and 11 MK 27 juryo basho: Mitoryu - juryo 2018.01-2022.07 (one Covid), 196-185-9 (+2) record with 15 KK and 11 MK Should be complete.
  4. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

    Yeah, the relevant stat here is that he would have 7 KK against only 3 MK. Even with overall balanced wins and losses that's going to lead to a sizable rank jump pretty much everywhere on the banzuke except the makuuchi joi-jin and upper makushita. Seiro's run was rather more impressive with 7 KK / 5 MK.
  5. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

    I do believe that list is short of a few names.
  6. Asashosakari

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Kyushu 2022

    The detailed summaries for Quad and Oracle will be added here later today, their banzuke can be viewed on the game site for now (Quad, Oracle)
  7. Seki-Toto (play): Recently underperforming yokozuna Pandaazuma's flirt with disaster found a happy ending in Aki basho after all. Having already survived one do-or-die basho in July, he cleared the second hurdle with ease and not only posted the required kachikoshi, but even finished doten runner-up at 12-3. His previous bad results are now sufficiently far in the past that he's safe for at least the next two tournaments, and I trust that it will stay that way. Fellow yokozuna Norizo missed double digits for the second straight tournament, suffering a hard luck fall from 9-2 to 9-6 in the closing days of the tournament. That was still a lot better than the ozeki trio managed to put up, however. After all of them scored at least 10 wins last time out - including Ganzohnesushi doing enough to be put on tsunatori watch and Joaoiyama earning promotion to ozeki in the first place - Aki basho saw makekoshi all around for an upcoming triple kadoban in Kyushu. We will nevertheless have one ozeki who isn't kadoban thanks to another promotion. This one's of a non-standard kind: 2022.03 M4w 11-4 J 2022.05 K2w kosho 2022.07 M2w 11-4 2022.09 K2w 11-4 I try to not hold kosho tournaments against prospective ozeki runs, and obviously if the Nagoya banzuke hadn't been hurting for space and required that big kosho drop to M2 to make it work, the player's Aki ranking would have been sekiwake rather than komusubi and this would be a no-doubter. Consequently I decided to pull the trigger anyway - we've had ozeki promotions from komusubi before, although I don't remember off-hand if there was a three-basho run in there or just exceptional two-basho performances (e.g. yusho+yusho and the like). Be that as it may, congrats to...Golynohana! The new banzuke is another one where lack of sanyaku space impacted multiple players, and this time even the yusho winner. Kaito finished 12-3 all the way up at M1w, immediately followed by runner-up M2e Athenayama, but both only moved up to komusubi. Things continued in rather ugly fashion despite a decent enough count of 7 makekoshi among the top 20 players (who scored 8.75 wins on average) - it didn't help that three of them were the aforementioned ozeki MK, which didn't clear any space. This session's special apologies go to Andoreasu, who really should have gone to sanyaku but didn't, and Jakusotsu, stuck behind an 8-7 I couldn't find the heart to demote since the other joi 8-7's also didn't have to drop. Pandaazuma (Ye 12-3 D) Y Norizo (Yw 9-6) ScreechingOwl (O1w 7-8) O1 Joaoiyama (O2e 7-8) Ganzohnesushi (O1e 5-10) O2 Golynohana (K2w 11-4) Oskahanada (S1e 9-6) S1 Konosato (S1w 9-6) Kintamayama (S2w 9-6) S2 Unkonoyama (K1e 11-3-1) Kaito (M1w 12-3 Y) K Athenayama (M2e 12-3 D) Andoreasu (M4w 11-4) M1 Toonoryu (M3w 9-6) Metzinowaka (M2w 8-7) M2 Kotononami (M3e 8-7) Susanoo (K1w 7-8) M3 Oortael (S2e 6-9) Kajiyanosho (M6e 9-6) M4 Flohru (M6w 9-6) DeRosa (M5e 8-7) M5 Jakusotsu (M8w 10-5) Asapedroryu (M9e 9-6) M6 Terarno (M1e 6-9) Bill (M11w 10-5) M7 Gaanaa (M4e 7-8) Herritarooo (M11e 9-6) M8 Umigame (M13w 10-5) Chishafuwaku (M5w 7-8) M9 Fujisan (M14e 9-6) Sakura (M12w 8-6-1) M10 Achiyama (M13e 8-7) Taka (M10w kosho) M11 Gawasukotto (M15w 9-6) Hana-ichi (M9w 7-8) M12 Onakaderu (J2e 9-6) Hidenotora (M8e 5-10) M13 Chelseayama (M7e 4-10-1) Chijanofuji (M7w 4-11) M14 Chankoyama (M10e 5-10) Tomisakae (J3w 8-6-1) M15 Kitakachiyama (J6e 9-6) Takanorappa (J1e 7-8) J1 Asashosakari (J1w kosho) Frinkanohana (M15e 6-9) J2 Gernobono (M14w 5-10) Kishikaisei (M12e 3-11-1) J3 Saruyama (J11w 9-6) Gansekiiwa (J4e 7-8) J4 Ahokaina (J4w 7-8) GONZABUROW (J5e 7-8) J5 Kobashi (J5w 7-7-1) Kuroimori (J2w 5-10) J6 Mmikasazuma (J6w kosho) Andonishiki (J3e 5-8-2) J7 Balon (J7w 7-8) Holleshoryu (Ms1e 9-6) J8 Oshirokita (J13w 8-7) Akishiki (J7e 6-9) J9 Mariohana (J9w kosho) Benihana (J8e 6-8-1) J10 Choshu-yuki (J8w 6-9) Chudorj (Ms4e 9-6) J11 Anjoboshi (Ms2e 8-7) Kashunowaka (Ms2w 8-7) J12 Getayukata (J12w kosho) Kyoju (J13e 7-8) J13 Effinojo (J11e 6-5-4) Kaiowaka (J14e 7-8) J14 Ketsukai (J9e 5-9-1) Rowitoro (J12e 6-9) Ms1 Ulishimaru (Ms1w 7-8) Profomisakari (J10e 5-10) Ms2 Netsuzakura (J10w 5-9-1) Neko (J14w 6-5-4) Ms3 Nantonoyama (Ms3w kosho) HaraKiri (NR 8-7) Ms4 Oyama (Ms4w 6-9) Dan Koloff (Ms5e 6-9) Ms5 Unagiyutaka2 (Ms6w 6-5-4) WAKATAKE (Ms7w 5-10) Ms6 Gusoyama (Ms8e 5-10) Aderechelseamaru (Ms7e kosho) Ms7 Koorifuu (NR 5-8-2) BariiHachiBenson (Ms5w 3-5-7) Ms8 Sherlockiama (Ms3e 0-3-12) Iruka (NR 1-1-13) Ms9 Sutarokku (Ms9e 0-0-15)
  8. Asashosakari

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Aki 2022

    Seki-Oracle: As a pre-basho game Oracle was of course significantly more affected by all the Covid shenanigans in July than Toto and Quad were. However, short of throwing out the results altogether I didn't really see how I could reasonably improve upon them to take account of the unique circumstances, so in the end I let them stay as they were. Back in May, yokozuna Pandaazuma posted his first ever result below 7-8 at the rank, and unfortunately Nagoya saw him follow up on it with a second 6-9, which means he entered Aki basho at risk of an involuntary retirement, should he score a third straight MK there. Norizo was already at the precipice in Nagoya after three makekoshi in the preceding five tournaments (four in six = also intai), and he saved himself ever so barely, tied for the last points score that was still above the joi-jin KK/MK line. None of the five ozeki were kadoban so we weren't going to lose any in the downward direction, but the opposite one was of course possible. And the one ozeki who was on tsunatori did it in style, with the yusho. Congrats to Oskahanada for reaching the ultimate rank in Oracle! This did it for him: 2022.03 O2e 15-0 J (sole 2nd place) 2022.05 O1e 9-6 (tied 4th-9th place) 2022.07 O2e 14-1 Y (1st place) Another ozeki in freshly promoted Golynohana also had an excellent result, finishing Nagoya basho in 3rd place. Combined with his previous result, the Natsu yusho, that would be a promotable run, but of course the yusho still happened as sekiwake, and I can't quite give that much credit for it. It's easily enough to be considered for a tsuna run in Aki, of course. The remaining ozeki results saw decent 9-6 scores for Kaito and Gansekiiwa, and a big 5-10 makekoshi for chishafuwaku who thus went on to Aki basho with kadoban status. The sanyaku ranks saw another expansion from 11 to 12 on the heels of last basho's, so we're at the nominal max now. The promotion of Torafujii to komusubi from all the way down at M9 may look weird in light of his 10-5 record, but he was actually the tournament runner-up to Oskahanada. Had Torafujii been ranked in the joi already, his points total would have converted to 13-2 there. Norizo (Ye 8-7) Y1 Pandaazuma (Yw 6-9) Oskahanada (O2e 14-1 Y) Y2 - Golynohana (O3e 13-2) O1 Kaito (O1e 9-6) Gansekiiwa (O1w 9-6) O2 chishafuwaku (O2w 5-10) Frinkanohana (Sw 10-5) S1 Andoreasu (Se 8-7) - S2 Wamahada (M2e 11-4) DeRosa (M5e 10-5) K Torafujii (M9e 10-5) Kishikaisei (Ke 7-8) M1 Susanoo (Kw 7-8) Bill (M4e 8-7) M2 Konosato (M8e 9-6) Asashosakari (M1w 7-8) M3 Oshirokita (M6e 8-7) Ganzohnesushi (M6w 8-7) M4 Kitakachiyama (M3e 7-8) Andrasoyama (M7w 8-7) M5 Flohru (M4w 7-8) Mariohana (M2w 6-9) M6 Balon (M1e 5-10) Choshu-yuki (M12e 9-6) M7 Athenayama (M14w 10-5) Unkonoyama (M10w 8-7) M8 Takanorappa (M11e 8-7) GONZABUROW (M3w 4-11) M9 Taka (M8w 7-8) Kotononami (M15w 9-6) M10 Sakura (M9w 7-8) ScreechingOwl (M10e 7-8) M11 Oortael (M5w 4-11) Hakase (M7e 5-10) M12 Ruziklao (M12w kosho) Mmikasazuma (J2e 11-4) M13 Shatsume (J1e 10-5) Metzinowaka (M13e 6-9) M14 Profomisakari (M13w 6-9) Sukubidubidu (M15e 7-8) M15 Terarno (J4e 10-5) joaoiyama (M16e 7-8) J1 Kobashi (J1w kosho) Saruyama (M11w 4-11) J2 Pitinosato (M14e 4-11) bariihachibenson (J5e 8-7) J3 Kasamatsuri (J9w 10-5) Seki Haruaki (J6e 8-7) J4 Netsuzakura (J3w 7-8) Anjoboshi (J2w 6-9) J5 Doreikishi (J3e 6-9) Gusoyama (J11w 9-6) J6 Holleshoryu (J5w 7-8) TochiYESshin (NR 9-6) J7 Gusokaze (J7w kosho) Kurofuji (J8e kosho) J8 Chartorenji (J8w kosho) Kaiowaka (J9e kosho) J9 Hidenotora (J7e 5-10) reeeen (J12e 7-8) J10 Kajiyanosho (J10w kosho) Fujisan (J11e 6-9) J11 Andonishiki (NR 5-10) WAKATAKE (NR 4-11) J12 Nantonoyama (J4w 0-0-15) Kakushoyama (J6w 0-0-15) J13 -
  9. Asashosakari

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Aki 2022

    Seki-Quadrumvirate: Just like Natsu basho did, Nagoya also came in low enough scoring-wise that all players received an extra win for banzuke purposes. And again an ozeki was among the main beneficiaries with Kaito not becoming kadoban for Kyushu. The other three were all over the place - a decent (adjusted) 9-6 for Norizo, an exceptional yusho-winning performance by Jakusotsu, and an absence by Kobashi, who was at risk of demotion and will continue to be so for November. This banzuke ain't stopping at just four ozeki though. Courtesy of the previous summary before Nagoya: That turned out to be prescient as Andrasoyama added yet another 11-win score at sekiwake for a truly outstanding four-basho run that of course earned him promotion. Luckily three other sekiwake went makekoshi so after the previous banzuke bumped up against the imposed 12-slot limit this one comes in at just 11 even with the added ozeki spot. Overall the banzuke worked out without requiring any special considerations, although most of the top division saw relatively small promotions and large demotions. As always when scores have been adjusted, the following banzuke listing features those adjusted scores with the original results below in spoilers. Jakusotsu (O2e 12-3 Y) O1 Norizo (O1w 9-6) Kaito (O1e 8-7) O2 Kobashi (O2w kosho) Andrasoyama (S3e 11-4) O3 - Oskahanada (S1e 9-6) S1 Susanoo (Ke 11-4) Ganzohnesushi (S2e 8-7) S2 Choshu-yuki (M2e 11-4) Bill (Kw 8-7) K chishafuwaku (M5w 10-5) joaoiyama (M1w 8-7) M1 Pandaazuma (S1w 7-8) Kishikaisei (S2w 7-8) M2 Unkonoyama (M7e 10-5) Golynohana (S3w 7-8) M3 Athenayama (M5e 8-7) Konosato (M1e 7-8) M4 Flohru (M2w kosho) Getayukata (M8e 9-6) M5 Andoreasu (M8w 9-6) Ketsukai (M6w 8-7) M6 Kotononami (M11e 10-5) Oortael (M7w 8-7) M7 Asapedroryu (M3w 7-8) DeRosa (M3e 6-9) M8 ScreechingOwl (M6e 7-8) Kitakachiyama (M4e 6-9) M9 Anjoboshi (J1e 11-4) Andonishiki (M11w 8-7) M10 Nantonoyama (M9e 7-8) Sakura (M10w kosho) M11 Chankoyama (J1w 10-5) Holleshoryu (J2w 10-5) M12 Kuroimori (M14w 8-7) Fujisan (M4w 4-11) M13 Gansekiiwa (M9w 6-9) GONZABUROW (M10e 6-9) M14 Taka (M14e 7-8) Netsuzakura (M12e 6-9) M15 Achiyama (J5w 9-6) Asashosakari (M15w 7-8) M16 - Metzinowaka (M13w 6-9) J1 Gernobono (J8e 10-5) Terarno (J6w 9-6) J2 Frinkanohana (J4w 8-7) Kashunowaka (M12w 5-10) J3 Hironoumi (M15e 6-9) Kaiowaka (J4e kosho) J4 reeeen (J3e 7-8) Kintamayama (J11w 10-5) J5 Chibiyama (J7w 8-7) Ruziklao (J5e kosho) J6 Jejima (M13e 3-12) Oyama (J2e 5-10) J7 Kajiyanosho (J11e 8-7) Kyodaitimu (J3w 5-10) J8 Balon (J6e 6-9) Takanorappa (J9e 7-8) J9 Kyoju (J7e 6-9) Profomisakari (J13w 8-7) J10 Mmikasazuma (Ms2e 8-7) Hidenotora (J10w 6-9) J11 Doreikishi (J8w 4-11) Mariohana (J13e 6-9) J12 Saruyama (J10e 4-11) Hakase (Ms2w 7-8) J13 Sukubidubidu (J12w 5-10) bariihachibenson (Ms1w 6-9) J14 Chocshoporyu (J9w 3-12) Unagiyutaka (Ms4e 7-8) Ms1 Rowitoro (J12e 4-11) Hakushin (J14w 5-10) Ms2 Kasamatsuri (Ms3e 6-9) Gusoyama (Ms5w 7-8) Ms3 Hogashi (Ms3w 5-10) Oshirokita (J14e 3-12) Ms4 Neko (Ms1e 2-13) Furanohana (Ms4w 3-12) Ms5 WAKATAKE (Ms7e 3-12) Kazejihi (Ms5e 0-0-15) Ms6 Chartorenji (Ms6w kosho) kamogawa (Ms6e 0-0-15) Ms7 -
  10. (Filling in what was not posted yet...) Seki-Toto: Following Natsu basho, I had to put yokozuna Pandaazuma on alert due to flagging results: Fortunately he stepped up to the call and delivered at least the first part of it in Nagoya by posting a 10-5 record, leaving only the bare KK requirement for Aki. He even took over the #1 position on the Aki banzuke as fellow yokozuna Norizo struggled to an 8-7 score. The Nagoya highlight result among the top-ranked players was provided by ozeki Ganzohnesushi, doten runner-up with an excellent 13-2 and obviously in line for a tsunatori in Aki basho. The other ozeki ScreechingOwl achieved a very credible 10-win record as well. Another pre-Nagoya comment spotlighted two players on ozeki runs: While things didn't work out so well for Toonoryu with a 6-9 makekoshi and consequently a trip back to the maegashira ranks, Joaoiyama managed to post a third successive 11-4. What's left to say besides, congrats! This was the run in detail: 2022.03 M1w 11-3-1 J 2022.05 S1w 11-4 2022.07 S1e 11-4 As has become sadly customary, the scoring went sky-high in the joi again, even topping 9 wins with an average of 9.2 for players between yokozuna and M5. Fortunately there was just barely enough space to get away without demoting any 8-7's this time, although I've had to slightly disfavour other players relative to my usual approach (in particular 10-5 duo Athenayama and Metzinowaka - sorry about that). Needless to say the handful of actual makekoshi players won't be enjoying their revised ranking too much, either. The crunch went on until M7, after which things immediately started to look a whole lot more like they're supposed to do. Pandaazuma (Yw 10-5) Y Norizo (Ye 8-7) Ganzohnesushi (Ow 13-2 D) O1 ScreechingOwl (Oe 10-5) Joaoiyama (S1e 11-4) O2 - Oskahanada (S1w 11-4) S1 Konosato (K2e 10-5) Oortael (M1e 12-3) S2 Kintamayama (K3w 9-6) Unkonoyama (K1e 8-7) K1 Susanoo (M2e 11-4) - K2 Golynohana (M2w 11-4) Terarno (M3e 9-6) M1 Kaito (M1w 8-7) Athenayama (M5e 10-5) M2 Metzinowaka (M5w 10-5) Kotononami (M7e 10-5) M3 Toonoryu (S2e 6-9) Gaanaa (M4e 8-7) M4 Andoreasu (K1w 6-9) DeRosa (K2w 6-9) M5 Chishafuwaku (M13w 12-2-1) Kajiyanosho (J1e 13-2 Y) M6 Flohru (M4w kosho) Chelseayama (M7w 8-6-1) M7 Chijanofuji (M3w 7-7-1) Hidenotora (M12e 9-6) M8 Jakusotsu (M15w 10-5) Asapedroryu (J2w 11-4) M9 Hana-ichi (M13e 8-7) Chankoyama (M9e 7-8) M10 Taka (M14e 8-7) Herritarooo (M10e 7-8) M11 Bill (M6e 5-10) Kishikaisei (M6w 5-8-2) M12 Sakura (M12w kosho) Achiyama (M9w 6-9) M13 Umigame (J2e 9-6) Fujisan (M8e 5-8-2) M14 Gernobono (M8w 5-10) Frinkanohana (M10w 5-9-1) M15 Gawasukotto (M11e 5-10) Takanorappa (M11w 5-10) J1 Asashosakari (J4e 8-7) Onakaderu (M14w 6-7-2) J2 Kuroimori (J1w 7-8) Andonishiki (J6e 8-7) J3 Tomisakae (J3e 7-8) Gansekiiwa (J7w 8-7) J4 Ahokaina (J12w 10-5) GONZABUROW (J8w 8-7) J5 Kobashi (J5w 7-8) Kitakachiyama (J3w 6-9) J6 Mmikasazuma (J6w 7-4-4) Akishiki (J7e kosho) J7 Balon (J4w 6-9) Benihana (M15e 3-12) J8 Choshu-yuki (Ms2w 9-6) Ketsukai (J10e 7-8) J9 Mariohana (Ms3w 9-6) Profomisakari (J9e 6-9) J10 Netsuzakura (J11w 7-8) Effinojo (Ms3e 8-6-1) J11 Saruyama (J8e 5-10) Rowitoro (J5e 3-12) J12 Getayukata (J13w 7-8) Kyoju (J10w 5-10) J13 Oshirokita (J13e 6-9) Kaiowaka (J14e kosho) J14 Neko (Ms1w 7-7-1) Holleshoryu (Ms2e 7-8) Ms1 Ulishimaru (J9w 4-11) Anjoboshi (J14w 6-8-1) Ms2 Kashunowaka (J12e 4-10-1) Sherlockiama (Ms7e 7-5-3) Ms3 Nantonoyama (Ms5e 6-9) Chudorj (Ms4e 5-10) Ms4 Oyama (Ms4w 5-10) Dan Koloff (Ms1e 3-7-5) Ms5 BariiHachiBenson (Ms6w 5-10) Andrasoyamawaka (J11e 0-0-15) Ms6 Unagiyutaka2 (Ms8w 5-7-3) Aderechelseamaru (Ms7w 4-7-4) Ms7 WAKATAKE (Ms8e 4-8-3) Gusoyama (Ms6e 3-10-2) Ms8 Chartorenji (Ms9e 0-0-15) Sutarokku (Ms9w kosho) Ms9 -
  11. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Kyushu 2022

    - Ryuo 10 Wakatakakage - Chiyosakae - Ryuden + Kinbozan - Chiyotora + Inoue 8 Hoshoryu + Hokuseiho - Asashinjo 12 Takakeisho 9 Kiribayama + Kotonowaka + Roga TB 15
  12. Asashosakari

    Ichinojo Concerns

    I kind of wonder if the reason the Kyokai only felt the need to shut down half the stable's rikishi for Covid back in May is hiding somewhere in this mess, too. That was an odd departure from protocol at the time, especially considering they were back to sidelining all of Tagonoura two months later.
  13. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Kyushu 2022

    And late again, so we'll have the Monday deadline this time as well, just in case. The lineup for Kyushu 2022: 1. Ryuo 9 2. Wakatakakage 7 [score?] 3. Chiyosakae 7 4. Ryuden 6 5. Kinbozan 6* 6. Chiyotora 6 7. Inoue 6 8. Hoshoryu 5 [score?] 9. Hokuseiho 5 10. Asashinjo 5 11. Takakeisho 4 [score?] 12. Kiribayama 4 [score?] 13. Kotonowaka 4 14. Roga 4 TB: [pick?] (* marks rikishi with no makekoshi since debut) The scoring and thus your game assignment: For sanyaku: Please predict an exact record for each rikishi. The target record will be calculated after the deadline and will be chosen so that it bisects the predictions as evenly as possible. The predictions will then be converted into + and - votes as usual; one point for each correct prediction. For lower-ranked rikishi: Please predict for each rikishi if he will finish KK or MK; one point for each correct prediction. (For clarification: If you're expecting an outright makekoshi for one of the sanyaku high-rankers, just predict MK, exact records are only needed on the kachikoshi side of things.) First tie-breaker: From among those 14 guys up there and the further 13 rikishi who are currently just shy of a 5-KK streak (6 'veterans' + Covid-extended Nishikikuni + 4 maezumo newcomers + tsukedashi Kanzaki and Hatsuyama...whew), please guess how many KK you expect in total. Your tie-breaker guess may be anything from 0 to 27. Only exactly correct guesses qualify at this tie-breaker stage. Note: Sanyaku count as correct for the tie-breaker if they achieve KK, they do not need to meet their target records. Next 13 tie-breakers if needed: Correctly predicted rikishi, one-by-one in ballot order, i.e. starting at Ryuo. Extra tie-breakers, should two or more players have entered identical ballots: Proximity of their tie-breaker guesses to the correct number, followed by proximity of their sanyaku rikishi guesses to the correct records (one-by-one in ballot order). Final tie-breaker: earliest entry. Note: Rikishi who show up on the before-shonichi kyujo list will be excluded from scoring (even if they end up joining the basho later), so it is not necessary to re-submit your entry if you picked such a rikishi as a KK; he will not count for points anyhow. You may, however, notify me if you'd like to reduce your tie-breaker guess by one point to compensate for the "missing" rikishi. Your position on the entry list (for final tie-breaker purposes) will be deemed unchanged in this special situation. Any other changes to a ballot will be considered a new entry, with correspondingly lower priority for the final tie-breaker. Deadline: Shonichi noon Monday 9am JST. ----- Simplified entry template: 1. Ryuo KKMK 2. Wakatakakage W-L 3. Chiyosakae KKMK 4. Ryuden KKMK 5. Kinbozan KKMK 6. Chiyotora KKMK 7. Inoue KKMK 8. Hoshoryu W-L 9. Hokuseiho KKMK 10. Asashinjo KKMK 11. Takakeisho W-L 12. Kiribayama W-L 13. Kotonowaka KKMK 14. Roga KKMK TB xx ----- Good luck!
  14. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Aki 2022

    Scores for banzuke purposes: Asashosakari 13 (12+Top) Athenayama 11 ryafuji 11 Koorifuu 9 Rocks 9 Sakura 9 (8+TB) Holleshoryu 8 Jejima 8 Profomisakari 8 WAKATAKE 8 chishafuwaku 8 (7+TB) Yarimotsu 7 Total: 109 / 12 = 9.08 ---> -1 win An obvious KK/MK cut again, even if the mean score doesn't quite agree this time. The new banzuke for Kyushu 2022: Asashosakari (Ye 12-3 Y) Y YO chishafuwaku (Yw 7-8) Athenayama (Oe 10-5 J) O --- Rocks (Se 8-7) S Tsuchinoninjin (Ow 0-0-15*) ryafuji (M4w 10-5 J) K Sakura (M1w 8-7) Mmikasazuma (Kw kosho) M1 Holleshoryu (Sw 7-8) WAKATAKE (Ke 7-8) M2 Koorifuu (NR 8-7) Hakuryuho (M2w kosho) M3 Jejima (M2e 7-8) Tameiki (M3w kosho) M4 Profomisakari (M4e 7-8) Yarimotsu (M3e 6-9) M5 Chartorenji (M1e 0-0-15) Rather different results for the two yokozuna, although chishafuwaku wasn't far from a positive outcome. Sadly we're down to just one ozeki, however, after continued absences by Tsuchinoninjin, and Rocks not really coming close to completing his promotion run. Kadoban Athenayama easily cleared his name and as runner-up he just might bear watching in Kyushu.
  15. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Aki 2022

    Day 15 Senshuraku brought forth two more kachikoshi, firstly for oldie Chiyosakae who continues to astound, and later in the day also for Hoshoryu who therefore remains part of the game after all. The final standings, showing a joint jun-yusho for Athenayama and ryafuji in the end: Day 15: 15/15 Decisions, TB 10 Pos Player Pts TB 1 Asashosakari 12 8 2 Athenayama 11 13 2 ryafuji 11 14 4 Koorifuu 9 9 4 Rocks 9 8 6 Sakura 8 10 7 Holleshoryu 8 13 7 Jejima 8 16 7 Profomisakari 8 13 7 WAKATAKE 8 14 11 chishafuwaku 7 10 12 Yarimotsu 7 11 Sakura and chishafuwaku collect the bonus point for getting the tie-breaker right, although just the former is high enough in the standings for it to matter. The new ballot for Kyushu 2022: 1. Ryuo 9 Kiryuko 7* 2. Wakatakakage 7 Nishikigi 6 3. Chiyosakae 7 Suzuki 6 Mukainakano 6* 4. Ryuden 6 5. Kinbozan 6* 6. Chiyotora 6 7. Inoue 6 8. Hoshoryu 5 Midorifuji 4 9. Hokuseiho 5 Gonoyama 4 10. Asashinjo 5 --- 11. Takakeisho 4 12. Kiribayama 4 13. Kotonowaka 4 14. Roga 4 Plenty of sekitori action next time, including no less than four sanyaku-ranked rikishi.