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  1. Asashosakari

    GTB Natsu 2020- 28 entries so far

    And available in record time, not that that's a high bar to clear with my past performances:
  2. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Haru 2020

    Scores for banzuke purposes: Tenshinhan 15 (13+top+tb) Athenayama 11 chishafuwaku 11 Mmikasazuma 11 Rocks 11 Tsuchinoninjin 11 Holleshoryu 10 Jejima 10 Katsunorifuji 10 Pitinosato 10 Sakura 10 wolfgangho 10 Asashosakari 10 (9+tb) Pandaazuma 9 Ryoshishokunin 9 Profomisakari 8 ryafuji 8 WAKATAKE 5 Total: 179 / 18 = 9.94 ---> -2 wins Ugh, that KK/MK split... Since the individual results called for a different solution - minus 3 wins for 6 KK / 12 MK - rather than the 13/5 we have now based on the average score, I tried out both alternatives to create the new banzuke. The one with the MK excess didn't work at all, so minus 2 wins it was (and this went surprisingly well). Very lucky turn of events for all the 10-point players. The new banzuke for Natsu 2020: Asashosakari (Ye 8-7) Y --- Mmikasazuma (Oe 9-6 J) O1 chishafuwaku (Ow 9-6 J) --- O2 Athenayama (S1e 9-6 J) Tenshinhan (Ke 13-2 Y) S Rocks (S2w 9-6 J) Jejima (M2e 8-7) K Sakura (M2w 8-7) Tsuchinoninjin (M5w 9-6 J) M1 Holleshoryu (M3w 8-7) Pandaazuma (Kw 7-8) M2 ryafuji (S1w 6-9) Ryoshishokunin (M1w 7-8) M3 wolfgangho (M6e 8-7) Joaoiyama (M3e kosho) M4 Katsunorifuji (NR 8-7) Pitinosato (NR 8-7) M5 robnplunder (M4e kosho) Profomisakari (M1e 6-9) M6 Achiyama (M5e kosho) WAKATAKE (M4w 3-12) M7 --- What a difference two months make - again 8-7 for the yokozuna, but while the Hatsu result was a near-miss in the yusho race, this one has come about in rather forgettable fashion. Third consecutive jun-yusho for ozeki Mmikasazuma, but for a successful tsunatori it continues to lack the necessary oomph to put her over the top. Another chance beckons in the very next basho, of course. Kadoban chishafuwaku cleared his name but given the sheer distance to the winner it's hard to consider it the start of a renewed tsuna run in his case. Congratulations are in order to still-fresh Athenayama, however, who ascends to the rank of ozeki after just three LKS participations. A run of solo 4th place, yusho-doten and now jun-yusho (9-11-9 in win terms) was sufficiently impressive here. Rocks had the same scores in the most recent two tournaments, but with a makekoshi in Kyushu basho he lacked the support of a third strong result to earn the promotion as well, something he may be able to change next time. Champion Tenshinhan moves up to sekiwake and finds himself in essentially the same position regarding an ozeki promotion, having also been MK back in November.
  3. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Haru 2020

    Okay, I still owe the final results here: Day 15 Maegashira Yutakayama clinched his kachikoshi on senshuraku to remain in the game, something not quite half of us expected. One of them was our already-declared yusho winner, though, and for good measure it also helped him hit the tie-breaker score for an even more emphatic victory: Day 15: 18/18 Decisions, TB 12 Pos Player Pts TB 1 Tenshinhan 13 12 2 Athenayama 11 16 2 chishafuwaku 11 14 2 Mmikasazuma 11 13 2 Rocks 11 14 2 Tsuchinoninjin 11 11 7 Holleshoryu 10 14 7 Jejima 10 20 7 Katsunorifuji 10 15 7 Pitinosato 10 10 7 Sakura 10 13 7 wolfgangho 10 13 13 Asashosakari 9 12 14 Pandaazuma 9 13 14 Ryoshishokunin 9 14 16 Profomisakari 8 14 16 ryafuji 8 15 18 WAKATAKE 5 11 With the assorted W-L bonuses that'll be a 4-win margin for Tenshinhan ahead of the many-ways tie for second place. As far as I can tell that's a first; the most dominant results so far were seven cases of a 3-win margin. Asashosakari is the only other player to pick up the tie-breaker bonus win. The new ballot for Natsu(?) 2020: 1. Kotoshoho 9 2. Kotonowaka 8 Roga 7* 3. Terunofuji 7 4. Amakaze 7 5. Daikisho 7 6. Suzuki 7 Kotosusumu 6 7. Yutakayama 6 Akua 5 8. Tokisakae 6* 9. Kitanowaka 6* Shoji 5 Toma 5* 10. Yoshii 6* Ito 5* Enho 4 Hidenoumi 4 11. Araoyama 5* 12. Mishima 5* --- 13. Asanoyama 4 14. Ikioi 4 15. Kaisei 4 16. Hakuyozan 4 A nice batch of sekitori additions at the bottom, led by our incoming ozeki to provide LKS with a sanyaku presence again.
  4. Asashosakari

    Sumo and the Olympics

    I'll brace myself for numerous complaints from American casual fans if that basho starts on July 4th.
  5. Asashosakari

    Re-introducing myself

    Welcome back. Out with shin-ozeki Hakuho, in with shin-ozeki Asanoyama. You haven't missed much, I reckon.
  6. Asashosakari

    Corona and sumo

    Back in 2010/11 when other basho were staged in non-standard manners, 500 million yen was cited as the per-basho rights fee that NHK is paying to broadcast sumo. At 3 billion yen total for a year that was about 30% of the Kyokai's annual revenues at the time, and would still be around 25% today. (I don't know if the broadcast fees have changed much, but I'm assuming they're not lower now.) That's less than they're taking in from ticket sales, but it's not exactly chump change.
  7. Asashosakari

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Shishi's rank and record for 2020.01 ought to be Mz 0-0-5 as customary for the delayed foreign deshi, not Bg 0-0. And on a more random note: The basho location for 1927.03 currently reads "Tokyo, Osaka Uehon-machi Roku-chome", but the Tokyo part clearly shouldn't be there.
  8. Asashosakari

    Sumo and the Olympics

    And now to see if the NSK moves the honbasho out of the way, as they had done with Nagoya 2020. The 2021 edition is currently scheduled to end on the 25th.
  9. Asashosakari

    User settings change

    Doesn't your old phone's browser have some sort of section in its settings where all stored passwords can be looked up?
  10. Asashosakari

    New ozeki Asanoyama

    Before clicking the link I was all "wait, what?"...
  11. Asashosakari

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    One strange case I just ran into while googling around is that of later ozeki Shimizugawa - Wikipedia says that he got romantically involved with a woman whose brother was a yakuza member, and subsequently got threatened by said brother which resulted in him missing several tournaments in 1927 and eventually getting thrown out by his shisho. The Wiki article doesn't go into further detail about what exactly went on except to say that he ended up travelling all over the country and even to Manchuria, but I'm guessing it means he eloped with the woman to get away from her brother for a while. He was eventually re-admitted into sumo.
  12. Asashosakari

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    Tamanoumi was also the one that came to my mind first, and may well be the most recent one pre-Sokokurai. (Edit: Okay, decidedly not the most recent, see Yubinhaad's post below.) Prior to him: WWII time definitely covers several more, even two later yokozuna (Yoshibayama, Tochinishiki), and then there are also the rikishi who returned from Tenryu's breakaway organization in the early 1930s, many of whom later became oyakata. (Feel free to check those ranked as BS - besseki - in 1933.01, although that covers only most of the returners, not all.) Small nitpick: "Reintegration" doesn't really fit for the Osaka merger guys; while there were some rikishi who had moved from Tokyo to Osaka individually, the organization as a whole wasn't a breakaway, just one that had developed in parallel to Tokyo's. Yup.
  13. Asashosakari

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2020

    Finishing things up here for the ex-sekitori as well... new KK: Kaisho, Kizenryu, Dairaido new MK: Nionoumi, Keitenkai The final results: Record Rank Shikona Heya Age Out HiRk M# J# kyujo (i) Ms1e Sokokurai Arashio 36 1 M2 25 20 3-4 Ms1w Sakigake Shibatayama 33 1 J10 6 2-5 Ms2e Toyonoshima Tokitsukaze 36 1 S 71 11 6-1 Ms3e Asabenkei Takasago 31 11 J7 7 5-2 Ms3w Fujiazuma Tamanoi 32 18 M4 17 18 5-2 Ms4e Chiyonoo Kokonoe 28 8 M15 2 31 1-6 Ms4w Daiseido Kise 27 6 J12 3 kyujo Ms5w Gokushindo Nishikido 23 8 J13 1 3-4 Ms6w Toyohibiki Sakaigawa 35 13 M2 52 14 0-2-5 Ms7w Irodori Shikoroyama 28 1 J11 4 4-3 Ms9e Kaisho Asakayama 25 2 J11 2 4-3 Ms9w Chiyoarashi Kokonoe 28 40 J10 4 3-4 Ms10e Chiyonokuni Kokonoe 29 5 M1 25 16 5-2 Ms11e Jokoryu Kise 31 7 K 15 13 4-3 Ms11w Kizenryu Kise 34 10 J11 9 5-2 Ms13w Ryuko Onoe 21 4 J12 1 kyujo Ms16w Seiro Shikoroyama 31 3 M14 3 31 6-1 Ms19e Kitaharima Yamahibiki 33 15 M15 1 24 3-4 Ms24w Nionoumi Yamahibiki 33 40 M16 1 12 1-6 Ms31e Sagatsukasa Irumagawa 38 36 M9 6 22 4-3 Ms31w Kagamio Kagamiyama 32 23 M9 7 14 4-3 Ms38w Asahisho Tomozuna 30 17 M11 4 30 3-1-3 Ms39w Keitenkai Onomatsu 30 45 J11 1 3-4 Ms42e Takaryu Kise 27 28 J13 1 kyujo Ms44w Gagamaru Kise 33 2 K 36 23 5-2 Ms45w Ichiyamamoto Nishonoseki 26 2 J6 3 4-3 Ms46w Amakaze Oguruma 28 12 M13 1 18 3-4 Ms47e Tokushinho Kise 35 26 J6 27 3-4 Ms48e Higonojo Kise 35 35 J9 4 7-0 Y Sd30w Ura Kise 27 13 M4 5 6 2-5 Sd33e Kaonishiki Azumazeki 41 51 J6 2 5-2 Sd45w Masunoyama Chiganoura 29 30 M4 13 12 3-4 Sd57w Yoshiazuma Tamanoi 42 33 M12 3 18 4-3 Sd96e Dairaido Takadagawa 39 81 J2 6 kyujo Jd28w Hitenryu Tatsunami 35 51 J13 2 Chiyonokuni with his third straight 3-4 since winning the makushita yusho from a low rank last September; not looking that likely now that he'll be returning to sekitoridom. Jokoryu with his third consecutive score of at least 5-2, on the other hand, not sure that was to be expected after his year-long drop from low juryo to low makushita prior to this. Yeah, looks that way, lots of KK from sandanme to accommodate with makushita spots, so his Ms31e 1-6 result is unlikely to hang on. Much the same thing for Tokushinho and Higonojo as well, who spent only the briefest of times in sandanme over a decade ago after they turned professional out of university, and will probably be headed down there now.
  14. Asashosakari

    New ozeki Asanoyama

    Recycling a comment I made on Reddit a couple of days ago when the "it's a questionable promotion" notion came up there as well: There's really nothing left to prove for Asanoyama as far as his ozeki worthiness is concerned. He might still fail as ozeki, as can happen to any promotee to any rank, but what he has demonstrated over the last year makes him no worse a bet to succeed than anybody else that got promoted in recent times.
  15. Asashosakari

    Olympic jungyo 2020

    With the Olympics no longer happening this summer, the special Olympic jungyo two-day event has, naturally, been cancelled. There are no plans to try to stage regular jungyo events in August on short notice instead.