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  1. Asashosakari

    New recruits for Natsu 2019

    I've been unable to get an uninterrupted recording out of Abema so far, so just the results for now. I'll try again later. Day 6 Results: Mz3 Chiyotora# (2-2) Mz7 Mishima (3-1) Mz4 Chiyokozan (2-2) Mz8 Iwata (1-3) Mz5 Chiyotensho (2-2) Mz9 Yamane (1-3) Mz11 Araoyama (2-2) Mz12 Shiryu (1-3) Mz3 Chiyotora# (3-2) Mz2 Terunohana (0-4) Mz4 Chiyokozan (2-3) Mz11 Araoyama (3-2) Chiyotora and Terunohana with arguably the best match of the whole maezumo week, perhaps not what one would have expected of a bout involving the sole winless participant. I was a bit puzzled about them doing the Chiyokozan-Araoyama extra matchup, but it turns out they're not bothering to appear on Day 7 this time, so we're already done here. Final standings: 3-win target achieved: #01 Mz6 Maruyama Naruto 3-0 #02 Mz10 Sakurai Naruto 3-0 #03 Mz13 Motobayashi Naruto 3-0 #04 Mz7 Mishima Naruto 3-1 #05 Mz3 Chiyotora# Kokonoe 3-2 #06 Mz11 Araoyama Onomatsu 3-2 Remaining order: #07 Mz4 Chiyokozan Kokonoe 2-3 #08 Mz5 Chiyotensho Kokonoe 2-2 #09 Mz12 Shiryu Minato 1-3 #10 Mz8 Iwata Naruto 1-3 #11 Mz9 Yamane Naruto 1-3 #12 Mz2 Terunohana Isegahama 0-4 #13 Mz1 Kotoyamato Sadogatake 0-2-3 I'm not sure I have the order correct here - Shiryu did get his sole win earlier (Day 3) than the Naruto duo (both Day 5), but they seem to ignore this sometimes and just sort the rikishi by their signup numbers. Similarly, I have Kotoyamato below Terunohana despite their numbering as they typically "demote" partly absent rikishi to the bottom of their record group - but they didn't do it two months ago in Osaka for some reason, so that rule might no longer be followed. We'll see on Sunday, at least if Sanspo's sumo department feels like posting the press release this time (as there's no other source for the exact order of returning rikishi, other than the next banzuke of course).
  2. Asashosakari

    New recruits for Natsu 2019

    Day 5 Results: Mz2 Terunohana (0-3) Mz8 Iwata (1-2) Mz12 Shiryu (1-2) Mz9 Yamane (1-2) Mz4 Chiyokozan (1-2) Mz7 Mishima (2-1) Mz3 Chiyotora# (2-1) Mz6 Maruyama (3-0) Mz11 Araoyama (1-2) Mz10 Sakurai (3-0) Mz5 Chiyotensho (1-2) Mz13 Motobayashi (3-0) Sweep for Naruto-beya - lots to smile about for Osh in the hanamichi, today in civilian clothes rather than the on-duty Kyokai jacket he sported on Day 3. I do believe they endeavoured to avoid repeat torikumi by switching things up in the last two bouts, not always a given. "Should" have been Chiyotensho-Sakurai and Araoyama-Motobayashi by normal match-making order, but both happened already in the first round. Standings: 3-win target achieved: #01 Mz6 Maruyama Naruto 3-0 #02 Mz10 Sakurai Naruto 3-0 #03 Mz13 Motobayashi Naruto 3-0 Still active: Mz3 Chiyotora# Kokonoe 2-1 E | Mz4 Chiyokozan Kokonoe 1-2 E | Mz1 Kotoyamato Sadogatake 0-2-2 E Mz7 Mishima Naruto 2-1 W | Mz5 Chiyotensho Kokonoe 1-2 E | Mz2 Terunohana Isegahama 0-3 E Mz8 Iwata Naruto 1-2 W Mz9 Yamane Naruto 1-2 W Mz11 Araoyama Onomatsu 1-2 E Mz12 Shiryu Minato 1-2 E And just like that the scheduling has become quite a bit more flexible with half the Naruto contingent moving on. With around a dozen shindeshi the maezumo typically lasts through Day 7, so we're probably getting two more days here as well.
  3. Asashosakari

    New recruits for Natsu 2019

    Day 4 Kotoyamato did not appear today, and is presumably done competing in this maezumo session. Results: Mz2 Terunohana (0-2) Mz6 Maruyama (2-0) Mz3 Chiyotora# (2-0) Mz7 Mishima (1-1) Mz4 Chiyokozan (1-1) Mz10 Sakurai (2-0) Mz12 Shiryu (1-1) Mz13 Motobayashi (2-0) Mz5 Chiyotensho (1-1) Mz8 Iwata (0-2) Mz11 Araoyama (1-1) Mz9 Yamane (0-2) Chiyotora is my feeble guess for the one shikona not already identified by Yubinhaad (many thanks as always). Standings: Mz3 Chiyotora# Kokonoe 2-0 E | Mz4 Chiyokozan Kokonoe 1-1 E | Mz1 Kotoyamato Sadogatake 0-2-1 E Mz6 Maruyama Naruto 2-0 W | Mz5 Chiyotensho Kokonoe 1-1 E | Mz2 Terunohana Isegahama 0-2 E Mz10 Sakurai Naruto 2-0 W | Mz7 Mishima Naruto 1-1 W | Mz8 Iwata Naruto 0-2 W Mz13 Motobayashi Naruto 2-0 W | Mz11 Araoyama Onomatsu 1-1 E | Mz9 Yamane Naruto 0-2 W Mz12 Shiryu Minato 1-1 E With Kotoyamato's departure the schedule kind of wrote itself today, and will again tomorrow, what with the Naruto sixpack on the West side and the same number of "all other stables" rikishi opposing them on the East. It does mean we're likely to see a sizable number of matchups between rikishi with differing W-L records this basho, which is usually not the done thing.
  4. Asashosakari

    New recruits for Natsu 2019

    Day 3 Results: Mz1 Kotoyamato (0-1) Mz6 Maruyama (1-0) Mz2 Terunohana (0-1) Mz7 Mishima (1-0) Mz3 Chiyotora# (1-0) Mz8 Iwata (0-1) Mz4 Chiyokozan (1-0) Mz9 Yamane (0-1) Mz5 Chiyotensho (0-1) Mz10 Sakurai (1-0) Mz11 Araoyama (0-1) Mz13 Motobayashi (1-0) Mz1 Kotoyamato (0-2) Mz12 Shiryu (1-0) Standings: Mz3 Chiyotora# Kokonoe 1-0 E | Mz1 Kotoyamato Sadogatake 0-2 E Mz4 Chiyokozan Kokonoe 1-0 E | Mz2 Terunohana Isegahama 0-1 E Mz6 Maruyama Naruto 1-0 W | Mz5 Chiyotensho Kokonoe 0-1 E Mz7 Mishima Naruto 1-0 W | Mz8 Iwata Naruto 0-1 W Mz10 Sakurai Naruto 1-0 W | Mz9 Yamane Naruto 0-1 W Mz12 Shiryu Minato 1-0 E | Mz11 Araoyama Onomatsu 0-1 E Mz13 Motobayashi Naruto 1-0 W
  5. Asashosakari

    Games Bugs

    Yeah, sorry about that. Only just realized my oversight while making my Day 2 picks. They're there now.
  6. Asashosakari

    Rikishi Status Natsu 2019

    Foreign rikishi who aren't Japan-educated Mongolians don't look like they'll be playing much of a role in sumo anymore in the near future...
  7. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Natsu 2019

    + Tomokaze - Hoshoryu 9 Takakeisho - Enho 12 Goeido 8 Takayasu - Chiyosakae - Hokutoshu + Tanakayama - Meisei - Sokokurai TB 11
  8. Asashosakari

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle/Fantasy Sumo banzuke for Natsu 2019

    Fantasy Sumo (play): Pandaazuma (O1e 7-8) O Bill (O1w 5-10) Toratorii (K1w 8-7) S1 Kurofuji (M3e 9-6) Hironoyama (O2e 6-9) S2 - Taka (Se 7-8) K1 Konosato (M2e 8-7) - K2 Choshu-yuki (M12e 12-3 Y) Jejima (K1e 7-8) M1 Flohru (M4e 8-7) Norizo (M1w 7-8) M2 Chisaiyama (Sw 5-10) Mike (M10e 9-6) M3 Danishido (M7e 8-7) Gibuten (M1e 6-9) M4 Metzinowaka (M3w 7-8) Holleshoryu (K2w 5-10) M5 Achiyama (M11w 9-6) Kitakachiyama (M4w 7-8) M6 Natsuki (M5e 7-8) Tenshinhan (M5w 7-8) M7 Anjoboshi (M6e 7-8) Amafan (M6w 7-8) M8 Chocshoporyu (M2w 5-10) Gonzaburow (M14w 9-6) M9 Hironoumi (M7w 7-8) MussenoYama (M12w 8-7) M10 Asashosakari (M13w 8-7) Seki Haruaki (M9w 7-8) M11 Feginowaka (M11e kosho) ScreechingOwl (M14e 8-7) M12 Motohageouryu (M17w 9-6) Frinkanohana (M10w 7-8) M13 Ganzohnesushi (M8w 6-9) Akezuma (M15e 8-7) M14 Ruziklao (M17e 8-7) Andoreasu (M9e 5-10) M15 Iron Chef Kanoya (J5w 9-6) Susanoo (M13e 5-10) M16 Ketsukai (M16w 7-8) KikkoCookie (M16e 6-9) M17 canapayama (J9e 9-6) Chankoyama (J1e 7-8) J1 Ryukyuyama (M15w 4-11) Kotomikey (M8e 0-0-15) J2 chishafuwaku (J2w 7-8) Kotononami (J3e 7-8) J3 Mariohana (J3w kosho) Fujisan (J8e 8-7) J4 Kuroimori (J2e 6-9) Yamashiro (J4w 7-8) J5 Tsuchinoninjin (J5e 7-8) Tochinofuji (J1w 5-10) J6 Dingoyama (J4e 6-9) Haidouzo (Ms3w 11-4 D) J7 Sebunshu (J12w 9-6) kishikaisei (J10w 8-7) J8 Midoriyama (Ms1e 10-5) 21grams (J11e 8-7) J9 Alishimaru (J7e 7-8) Gaijingai (J8w kosho) J10 wuli (J11w 8-7) Sushiyama (J12e 8-7) J11 Reijinguoshan (J14w 9-6) Saruyama (J6w 6-9) J12 Saryn (J13e 8-7) Wamahada (J9w 7-8) J13 Yeznik (Ms4e 10-5) Roundeye (J10e 7-8) J14 Kaiowaka (J6e 5-10) Unkonoyama (J7w 5-10) Ms1 Joshzeki (Ms7w 10-5) Shatsume (J14e 7-8) Ms2 Gurowake (J13w 6-9) Always Exciting Ura (Ms6w 8-7) Ms3 Andonishiki (Ms2e 7-8) Peraz (Ms3e 7-8) Ms4 Mogurayama (Ms8w 8-7) Motörfuji (Ms5e 7-8) Ms5 Washi (Ms1w 5-10) sagi (Ms6e 7-8) Ms6 hunter beagle (Ms4w 6-9) Mmikasazuma (Ms2w 5-10) Ms7 Jro59 (Ms13e 8-7) Sashogatake (Ms8e kosho) Ms8 Thoralee (Ms5w 6-9) Hararudo (Ms15e 8-7) Ms9 Osanshuo (Ms9w 7-8) Sherlockiama (Ms7e 6-9) Ms10 Princess (Ms22w 10-5) Gansekiiwa (Ms16w 8-7) Ms11 SuperSteveZeki (Ms9e 6-9) Furanohana (Ms12e 7-8) Ms12 TruF. (Ms20e 9-6) Seisset (Ms18e 8-7) Ms13 Terarno (Ms10w 6-9) Yamamiaomiao (Ms11e 6-9) Ms14 shimodahito (Ms19e 8-7) Ishigawa (Ms14w 7-8) Ms15 Ichigohime (Ms13w 6-9) Suwihuto (Ms26e 9-6) Ms16 Januck (Ms14e 6-9) Deku (Ms18w 7-8) Ms17 Super Duper Sumo (Ms15w 6-9) Utsukushi (Ms12w 5-10) Ms18 Athenayama (Ms25e 8-7) Megaturonu (Ms16e 6-9) Ms19 Ves-Hana (Ms17w 6-9) hisanohama (Ms23e 7-8) Ms20 Kotoedo (Ms23w 7-8) Rasuto (Ms19w 6-9) Ms21 Sakura (Ms24e 7-8) Chanko (Ms17e 5-10) Ms22 Bimyou (Ms30w 8-7) takoshigava (Sd8w 10-5) Ms23 Arawaka (Ms21e 6-9) Tsunohashi (Sd6e 9-6) Ms24 Alt (Ms27e 7-8) Gaijinkusai (Sd4w 8-7) Ms25 Okami Shu-moto (Ms25w kosho) Takanosushi (Sd8e 9-6) Ms26 Valley Wind (Ms26w kosho) Uiriamu (Ms21w 5-10) Ms27 Brian DC (Ms22e 5-10) Haruto (Ms10e 0-0-15) Ms28 Robiyama (Ms30e 7-8) SumOweN (Ms11w 0-0-15) Ms29 frank-san (Sd11w 9-6) Kobashi (Sd1e 7-8) Ms30 SuntoryTime (Sd9e 8-7) Ooatama (Sd13w 9-6) Sd1 DeathMaster2 (Sd11e 8-7) senban-kou (Sd2e kosho) Sd2 RyuoAndKokkai2 (Sd2w kosho) wolfgangho (Sd3e kosho) Sd3 GrannieSumo (Sd5w 7-8) Fujiwara Hatsuharu (Ms20w 3-12) Sd4 Disnelle (Sd1w 6-9) Kiyomi (Sd6w 7-8) Sd5 SumoSon (Sd7e 7-8) Kyoju (Sd4e 6-9) Sd6 Geishazakura (Ms27w 4-11) Buranka (Sd17w 8-7) Sd7 Bakanonou (Sd19w 8-7) Sumo-tra (Sd22e 8-7) Sd8 Fat Man (Sd15e 7-8) Zhang Fei (Sd26w 9-6) Sd9 mamasan (Sd5e 4-11) TripleAAA (Sd17e 7-8) Sd10 Arinoshin (Sd10w kosho) First Timer (Sd13e 6-9) Sd11 Harukoksan (Sd3w 3-12) Senkoho (Ms24w 0-0-15*) Sd12 Genjitsushin (Sd14w 6-9) Asa (Sd7w 4-11) Sd13 Takakofuji (Sd15w 6-9) Commander Fabulous (Sd12w 5-10) Sd14 Sumotion Wink (Sd9w 4-11) Lisiecky (Ms28e 0-0-15) Sd15 FarewellMoose (Ms28w 0-0-15*) Rick (Ms29e 0-0-15) Sd16 nageru (Ms29w 0-0-15*) fujiyama (Sd21w 7-8) Sd17 Montoyama (Sd30w 8-7) Golynohana (New 11-4) Sd18 Small Frye (Sd18w kosho) Orkbo (Sd32w 8-7) Sd19 Chenko (Sd37w 9-6) Takanorappa (Sd33w 8-7) Sd20 Yaginokaze (Sd20w kosho) Ivan (Sd20e 6-9) Sd21 Gobofuji (Sd25w 7-8) Rocket Man (Sd21e 6-9) Sd22 SumoGuy (Sd38e 8-7) J Lowe (New 10-5) Sd23 Monkey (Sd27e 6-9) Jay12 (Sd27w 6-9) Sd24 Gray Haired Man (Sd24w kosho) SAIMON (Sd24e 5-10) Sd25 Sumo101 (Sd18e 3-12) SumoFan (New 9-6) Sd26 The Beast (Sd37e 7-8) Thurstonogushi (Sd23e 4-11) Sd27 Bayasaa (Sd10e 0-0-15*) dRUNken_MasTeR (Sd29w 5-10) Sd28 Dairou (Sd48e 8-7) Carlos (Sd12e 0-0-15*) Sd29 Eleonora (Sd36e 6-9) tatsukai (Sd14e 0-0-15*) Sd30 furui shibo otoko (Sd43e 7-8) Beast Monarch (Sd31e kosho) Sd31 PhillySumo (Sd43w 7-8) Chiyonomegami (Sd16e 0-0-15) Sd32 Stewby (Sd16w 0-0-15) KittyCat (Sd45e 7-8) Sd33 Adoki (Sd19e 0-0-15) Eigakan (Sd34e kosho) Sd34 Goodie (Sd34w kosho) Hayanami (Sd47w 7-8) Sd35 Bigbody (New 7-8) Unagiyutaka (New 7-8) Sd36 Aeinerul (Sd36w kosho) Shinrei (Sd40e 5-10) Sd37 Jimu (New 6-9) Sumoloko (Sd28w 0-0-15) Sd38 Dr. Robu (Sd38w kosho) Fugu (Sd39e kosho) Sd39 Asanigate (Sd39w kosho) Sanchiyama (New 5-10) Sd40 Hitotsu (Sd35e 0-0-15) Hananiwa (Sd35w 0-0-15) Sd41 Mezurashi Tori (New 3-12) Veganwarrior (New 3-12) Sd42 Wannadosumo (Sd42w kosho) ChefZuki (New 3-12) Sd43 Tsukushinbo (Sd40w 0-0-15) spiderco (Sd44e kosho) Sd44 GmaSumo (Sd44w kosho) Busha (Sd41e 0-0-15) Sd45 100 Hand Slap (Sd41w 0-0-15) Aohm (Sd42e 0-0-15) Sd46 Toshiro Gibson (Sd46w kosho)
  9. Asashosakari

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle/Fantasy Sumo banzuke for Natsu 2019

    Seki-Oracle (play): Norizo (Y2e 9-6) Y1 Pandaazuma (Y1e 8-7) Choshu-yuki (Y1w 7-8) Y2 - Gurowake (Oe 10-5) O DeRosa (Ow 9-6) Gansekiiwa (Kw 11-4) S1 Tsuchinoninjin (S2w 8-7) Ganzohnesushi (Ke 9-6) S2 Mariohana (S1e kosho) Andoreasu (M1e 9-6) K Haidouzo (M6w 11-4) chishafuwaku (S1w 7-8) M1 Sakura (M2w 8-7) Konosato (M3e 8-7) M2 Kitakachiyama (M7e 10-5) Tenshinhan (M7w 10-5) M3 Jejima (M1w 7-8) Frinkanohana (M8e 10-5) M4 Unkonoyama (M8w 10-5) Kishikaisei (M9e 10-5) M5 Wamahada (M6e 8-7) Sebunshu (M4w kosho) M6 Asashosakari (M3w 7-8) Andrasoyamawaka2 (M2e 6-9) M7 Profomisakari (M5e 7-8) ScreechingOwl (M5w 7-8) M8 Mmikasazuma (M10e 8-7) Taka (M4e 5-10) M9 GONZABUROW (J1e 12-3) Pitinosato (M15w 9-6) M10 Suwihuto (M9w 7-8) Torafujii (M10w 7-8) M11 Golynohana (J3w 11-4) Hironoumi (M11w 7-8) M12 Shatsume (M16w 8-7) Ruziklao (J1w 9-6) M13 Kurofuji (M13e 7-8) Hakase (M11e 6-9) M14 Akezuma (M13w 7-8) Susanoo (J2w 9-6) M15 Metzinowaka (M14e 7-8) Bill (M12e 6-9) M16 - Flohru (M14w 7-8) J1 Bakanonou (M16e 7-8) Anjoboshi (J7w 10-5) J2 Gaijingai (J2e kosho) Kuroimori (J9w 10-5) J3 Holleshoryu (J5w 8-7) Kobashi (M12w 4-11) J4 Kaiowaka (J6w 8-7) Nantonoyama (J7e 8-7) J5 Seki Haruaki (J9e 8-7) Fujisan (J5e 7-8) J6 Saruyama (J3e 6-9) Athenayama (J6e 7-8) J7 Asapedroryu (J4e 6-9) Andonishiki (J4w 6-9) J8 Kotononami (M15e 2-13) Takanorappa (J8e 5-10) J9 Unagiyutaka (NR 4-11) Kasamatsuri (J11e 3-12) J10 Terarno (J10e 2-13) reeeen (NR 2-13) J11 Midoriyama (J11w kosho) Kyoju (J10w 0-15) J12 -
  10. Asashosakari

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle/Fantasy Sumo banzuke for Natsu 2019

    Seki-Quadrumvirate (play): Norizo (O1w 9-6) O1 DeRosa (O2w 8-7) Choshu-yuki (O2e 7-8) O2 ScreechingOwl (O1e 6-9) Haidouzo (K1e 11-4 Y) S1 Flohru (S1e 9-6) chishafuwaku (S1w 9-6) S2 Konosato (K2e 9-6) Andoreasu (K2w 9-6) S3 - Kaiowaka (K1w 8-7) K1 Ganzohnesushi (M3w 10-5) - K2 Sebunshu (M1w 9-6) Susanoo (M2e 9-6) M1 GONZABUROW (M2w 9-6) Taka (M1e 8-7) M2 Gurowake (M3e 8-7) Gibuten (M5w 8-7) M3 Pandaazuma (S2e 5-10) Kitakachiyama (M4e 7-8) M4 Andonishiki (M10w 9-6) Kobashi (M13e 10-5) M5 Asashosakari (M12w 9-6) Reijnguoshan (M5e 6-9) M6 Chankoyama (M6w kosho) Achiyama (M11w 8-7) M7 Kishikaisei (M4w 5-10) Profomisakari (M8e 7-8) M8 Andrasoyamawaka2 (J1w 10-5) Kyodaitimu (M9e 7-8) M9 Sakura (M14e 8-7) Bill (M8w 6-9) M10 Fujisan (M9w 6-9) Fujiyama (M10e 6-9) M11 Terarno (M6e 4-11) Gaijingai (M12e kosho) M12 Metzinowaka (M11e 6-9) Tsuchinoninjin (M7e 4-11) M13 Asapedroryu (J5e 10-5) Jejima (M7w 4-11) M14 Jakusotsu (J4e 9-6) Unkonoyama (J2w 8-7) M15 Chocshoporyu (M15e 7-8) Anjoboshi (M16e 7-8) J1 Gansekiiwa (J8e 10-5) Kotononami (J6e 9-6) J2 Gernobono (M14w 6-9) Kyoju (M15w 6-9) J3 Ruziklao (M13w 5-10) Athenayama (J5w 8-7) J4 Hironoumi (J3e 7-8) Kasamatsuri (J1e 6-9) J5 Getayukata (J4w kosho) Rowitoro (J12e 10-5) J6 Frinkanohana (J2e 6-9) kamogawa (J8w 8-7) J7 Tenshinhan (J11e 8-7) Mariohana (J7e 7-8) J8 Kuroimori (J3w 5-10) Nantonoyama (J10e 7-8) J9 Holleshoryu (J14w 8-7) Konizan (J10w 7-8) J10 Hakase (J6w 5-10) Mmikasazuma (J9e 6-9) J11 McBugger (NR 8-7) Saruyama (J7w 4-11) J12 Golynohana (Ms1e 7-8) suwihuto (J11w 5-10) J13 Takanorappa (J9w 4-11) reeeen (NR 7-8) J14 Unagiyutaka (NR 6-9) Neko (J13e 3-12) Ms1 wolfgangho (J14e 2-13) Bakanonou (Ms2e kosho) Ms2 Tainosen (J13w 0-0-15) (This was an utter mess of a makuuchi division, with the players ranked S-M3 averaging 9.7 and the rest of the maegashira 7.6... Apologies to the trio of players who ended up in the first three maegashira slots rather than in sanyaku, especially Taka.)
  11. Seki-Toto (play): Norizo (Ye 9-6) Y Susanoo (Yw 9-6) Pandaazuma (Oe 7-8) O ScreechingOwl (Ow 6-9) Gurowake (S2e 11-4) S1 Konosato (S1e 10-5) Andoreasu (M2w 13-2 Y) S2 Fujisan (M1w 11-4) Taka (K1w 9-6) K1 Unkonoyama (K2w 9-6) Ganzohnesushi (M2e 10-5) K2 - Kuroimori (M6e 10-5) M1 Kitakachiyama (K1e 7-8) Ketsukai (M7e 10-5) M2 Toonoryu (M5e 9-6) Jakusotsu (M3w 8-7) M3 Umigame (M4w 8-7) Asashosakari (S1w 5-10) M4 Damimonay (M11e 11-4) Flohru (S2w 5-10) M5 Chankoyama (M3e kosho) GONZABUROW (M8w 9-6) M6 Sakura (M1e 6-9) Sebunshu (K2e 5-10) M7 Andrasoyamawaka (M7w 8-7) Tenshinhan (M10e 9-5-1) M8 Haidouzo (M12w 10-5) Kintamayama (M5w 6-9) M9 Kaiowaka (M13w 8-7) DeRosa (M4e 4-11) M10 Ahokaina (M6w 5-9-1) Andonishiki (M9w 6-8-1) M11 Gaijingai (M11w kosho) Athenayama (J2w 9-6) M12 Kotononami (M14e 7-8) Fukurou (M9e 4-11) M13 Hana-ichi (M13e 6-9) Mmikasazuma (J3w 8-7) M14 Bill (M12e 5-10) Gernobono (M10w 4-11) M15 Mariohana (M15w kosho) Kishikaisei (J5e 8-4-3) M16 - Frinkanohana (J6e 8-7) J1 Profomisakari (J1w 7-8) Atenzan (Ms3e 13-2 D) J2 Achiyama (J9w 9-3-3) Gaanaa (J7w 8-7) J3 Gansekiiwa (J3e 7-8) Chijanofuji (J10e 9-6) J4 Herritarooo (J4e 7-8) Metzinowaka (J2e 6-9) J5 Holleshoryu (J9e 8-7) Kobashi (J1e 5-10) J6 Golynohana (J13w 10-5) Anjoboshi (J14w 10-3-2) J7 Hakajusakari (J6w 7-7-1) Chisaiyama (M8e 0-0-15) J8 Ulishimaru (Ms3w 11-4) Nantonoyama (Ms4e 11-4) J9 Benihana (J14e 9-6) Gawasukotto (J4w 5-10) J10 Choshu-yuki (M14w 2-13) Terarno (J5w 5-8-2) J11 Rowitoro (Ms1e 8-6-1) Kyoju (Ms1w 8-7) J12 Sherlockiama (J11w 7-8) Onakaderu (J8e 5-10) J13 Tsuchinoninjin (J8w 5-9-1) Sukubidubidu (J7e 4-8-3) J14 Tainosen (M15e 0-0-15) Chishafuwaku (J12w 6-9) Ms1 Neko (Ms6e 8-7) Dan Koloff (J12e 5-10) Ms2 Getayukata (Ms2w kosho) Suwihuto (J13e 5-10) Ms3 Takanorappa (Ms4w 7-7-1) Konizan (Ms5w 7-7-1) Ms4 WAKATAKE (Ms6w 6-6-3) Effinojo (Ms5e 5-8-2) Ms5 Tatsuomi (Ms9w 7-5-3) Saruyama (Ms7w 6-1-8) Ms6 Sutarokku (J11e 0-0-15) Luchakuma (Ms2e 2-2-11) Ms7 Wolfgangho (Ms8e 2-8-5) Iepii (Ms10e 2-0-13) Ms8 Jejima (Ms8w 1-14) Takayumi (Ms7e 0-6-9) Ms9 Takami (Ms9e 0-0-15) Takashidodo (Ms10w kosho) Ms10 -
  12. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

    Kimurayama only got demoted on his 5th MK though.
  13. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Natsu 2019

    From last basho's 18-strong megaballot we're immediately back down to a more manageable length for Natsu basho: 1. Tomokaze 11* 2. Hoshoryu 7 3. Takakeisho 6 [score?] 4. Enho 6 5. Goeido 5 [score?] 6. Takayasu 5 [score?] 7. Chiyosakae 5 8. Hokutoshu 5 9. Tanakayama 5* 10. Meisei 4 11. Sokokurai 4 TB: [pick?] (* marks rikishi with no makekoshi since debut) The scoring and thus your game assignment: For sanyaku: Please predict an exact record for each rikishi. The target record will be calculated after the deadline and will be chosen so that it bisects the predictions as evenly as possible. The predictions will then be converted into + and - votes as usual; one point for each correct prediction. For lower-ranked rikishi: Please predict for each rikishi if he will finish KK or MK; one point for each correct prediction. (For clarification: If you're expecting an outright makekoshi for one of the sanyaku high-rankers, just predict MK, exact records are only needed on the kachikoshi side of things.) First tie-breaker: From among those 11 guys up there and the further 12 rikishi (all 'veterans') who are currently just shy of a 5-KK streak, please guess how many KK you expect in total. Your tie-breaker guess may be anything from 0 to 23. Only exactly correct guesses qualify at this tie-breaker stage. Note: Sanyaku count as correct for the tie-breaker if they achieve KK, they do not need to meet their target records. Next 10 tie-breakers if needed: Correctly predicted rikishi, one-by-one in ballot order, i.e. starting at Tomokaze. Extra tie-breakers, should two or more players have entered identical ballots: Proximity of their tie-breaker guesses to the correct number, followed by proximity of their sanyaku rikishi guesses to the correct records (one-by-one in ballot order). Final tie-breaker: earliest entry. Note: Rikishi who show up on the before-shonichi kyujo list will be excluded from scoring (even if they end up joining the basho later), so it is not necessary to re-submit your entry if you picked such a rikishi as a KK; he will not count for points anyhow. You may, however, notify me if you'd like to reduce your tie-breaker guess by one point to compensate for the "missing" rikishi. Your position on the entry list (for final tie-breaker purposes) will be deemed unchanged in this special situation. Any other changes to a ballot will be considered a new entry, with correspondingly lower priority for the final tie-breaker. Deadline: Shonichi noon JST. ----- Simplified entry template: 1. Tomokaze KKMK 2. Hoshoryu KKMK 3. Takakeisho W-L 4. Enho KKMK 5. Goeido W-L 6. Takayasu W-L 7. Chiyosakae KKMK 8. Hokutoshu KKMK 9. Tanakayama KKMK 10. Meisei KKMK 11. Sokokurai KKMK TB xx
  14. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

    "It was a way" implies that it was intentional, but it was really just a wild coincidence that's very hard to replicate, because there normally just aren't many upper-ranked rikishi who are still in the race for something that matters on Day 15. (And in any case the schedulers would have to guess correctly who it will be several days ahead of time if they wanted to have it affect the match-making in the run-up to the final day.)
  15. Asashosakari

    GTB Natsu May 2019-invitation and final results

    Must admit I was a bit surprised to find out my points were enough for the win, even if 72 is on the high side historically. After seeing where I'd lost points I was pretty sure that somebody else will have avoided enough of those errors to top that score, but I guess not. Though as the results indicate it was in fact a pretty tight race, which is often not the case with a 70+ points yusho. (Compare e.g. last basho where the top four scores were 72, 66, 63 and 60.) On a side note - the GTB archives have already been updated, including the selection stats. 16 players did get M12e Shimanoumi right. More than half the entrants expected a demotion for Chiyoshoma.