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  1. Katooshu

    New recruits for 2021 Kyushu

    So should be Suguro vs Ersin in a Sd100TD debut showdown in Kyushu I believe Here is a match between them in college, Suguro in 4th year and Ersin in 3rd year. Saitama Sakae team members looking on...
  2. Katooshu

    Hakuho retires

    How about some traditional Mongolian attire to troll the NSK. At least the hat....
  3. Katooshu

    A belated happy birthday Sumojoann....

    Happy Bday Joann!
  4. Katooshu

    Solo drills for tachi power

    If you have access to a freestanding heavy bag, that might work too. I had one of these and it was quite the workout trying to move it around, more exhausting than punching it. You fill it with sand or water to weigh it down. Nowhere near the cost of the tackling sleds and martial arts/boxing/fitness gyms might have one. What about pushing a car in an empty parking lot
  5. Katooshu

    Solo drills for tachi power

    A tackling or blocking sled seems like it might be helpful for this. I have seen some high schools leave these hanging around on the field.
  6. Katooshu

    Sumo Head In Kashmir Is Killed

    I thought it sounded highly unusual that someone would be killed over amateur sumo politics in Kashmir
  7. Another thing to note is that Doshisha has a fairly handy Mongolian. Kinda looks like Azumaryu. I don't know his name but I believe he went to Tottori Johoku for high school. He is tall, about 191cm. Good on the belt. He was best 4 at the West Japans and from what I've seen can hold his own with anyone outside the top tier of competitors. Better than the previous Doshisha Mongolian, Arauma. Being that he's Mongolian, I assume he might have some interest in the pros. The guy on the far right
  8. Katooshu

    105th High school Kanazawa tournament

    Just as I say Taiki isn't living up to expectations, he wins! Any word on who beat Ochiai in the individuals? Assuming he competed in those... I like the atmosphere of the Kanazawa tournament, they should force a whole bunch of school kids to cheer at every tournament! I liked the Tottori black mawashi, white is boring.
  9. Individual tournament Final 4 Kanzaki (Kindai) oshidashi Kawabuchi (Nihon) Hanada (NSSU) fusen Choi Jilsen (NSSU) - not sure what happened here as I didn't notice that CJ seemed injured after winning his quarterfinal Yusho match Hanada (NSSU) oshidashi Kanzaki (Kindai) Reigning amateur yokozuna Hidetora Hanada wins the 5th title of his collegiate career, after having been runner-up in the past 2 individual tournaments he competed in. He gets revenge too: Kanzaki beat him in the team final to seal the win for Kindai. Kanzaki won the national Kanazawa tournament 2 years ago, but falls short here in going for his 2nd national title. Nakamura lost to Kawabuchi in the prelims, after having beaten him in the team semifinals. Kawabuchi is so consistent in performing well, reaching at least the semifinals of nearly every tournament he's in, but just cannot translate his good showings into a yusho. He seems to freeze up a bit when the tournament gets to the final stages. He is someone I'll be pulling for to win a title. Rookie tournament winner Masao Hanaoaka of Nihon made the best 8, losing to Choi Jilsen. Honourable mention to NSSU's plucky Kayo, who won all 6 of his team matches and then made it to the best 8 of the individual tournament. He is probably about 5'5 but has excellent footwork and gives 100 percent in his matches - I rather like him!
  10. The group portion just ended, with Kindai taking the yusho with a 4-1 win over Nittaidai. Nittaidai had beaten Nihon 5-0 in the semis, Kindai had beaten Takushoku. Also of note, is that Daiki Nakamura's win streak ends at 26, as he got overeager and was sidestepped as he went to push out his much smaller Kindai opponent in the finals. Hanada lost in the finals too - first time him and Nakamura have both lost in the same match. Kindai has a nice team of small but skillful competitors who are good at getting inside and low on their opponents. The current West Japan champion, Yamazaki of Kindai, wasn't even on the team for their victory. Now let's see what the individual tournament brings.
  11. Katooshu

    Interhigh 2021

    By the way, after a strong start and much Chris Gould hype, Ochiari's middle school rival (and Kotoshoho's bro) Taiki Tebakari didn't really live up to expectations in high school - I don't think he ever made it past the best 16 in a national tournament, and no team yusho in national competition, which keeps a 3-year drought running for Saitama Sakae. Ochiai has far surpassed him, as did his Saitama teammate Shoichiro Takeda. COVID certainly didn't help of course, limiting competitions as it did. I wonder if he'll join his brother in the pros soon.
  12. Katooshu

    East Japan University League Championship

    I should add that the day before, Nihon's Masao Hanaoaka won the East Japan Rookie tournament, beating Takushoku's bulldozer Goshima in the final. They rematched in the league tournament the next day and Goshima settled the score - he is already the best on the Takushoku team, which has actually done pretty well this year, finishing 3rd at the East Japan Championship and League tournament - they were even up 4-3 today vs Nihon University, but lost the last 2. Hanaoaka is extremely skillful and I find has one of the nicest styles to watch. He won the 135kg national title earlier this year and will be a major presence throughout his university career - excellent technique and dohyo IQ, a bit like the Furukawa brothers, but with greater use of throws. He had a respectable showing in the league tournament as well - he only went 3-3 but had to face very tough opposition, including the unstoppable Daiki Nakamura. If he had the cakewalk opponents Otani had, I couldn't see him losing more than once. Final: https://youtu.be/sSBqGZUK1nM?t=5471
  13. Katooshu

    East Japan University League Championship

    The 2021 version of this tournament just finished Stream of final: https://youtu.be/QBHQgaEJo2U?t=227 Nihon University prevails, beating Nittaidai 5-4 in the decisive match after both teams had gone undefeated. It breaks Nittaidai's 4 year streak winning this tournament. Usually each team has 7 matches, but it was 6 this year as one of the teams dropped out. In the final Nihon got up 4-1, but Nittaidai clawed back to 4-3 before Kazuma Kawabuchi clinched it, after a bit of a scare vs Nittaidai's Kayo, who'd beaten him previously this year. Earlier in the match there was a very questionable monoii of what I thought should've been a win for Nittaidai, and in the rematch Nihon won, so their tournament victory sits slightly uneasy with me. To be honest, the tournament was a bit disappointing. Nihon and Nittaidai are just so far above the other teams, and for whatever reason Toyo didn't even bother to field it's 2 best competitors, Sho Hatsuyama and Shinnosuke Hoshiba. I would rather just see Nihon and Nittaidai face each other repeatedly. Fighting Spirit Award (won all 6 of their matches): Nakamura (NSSU; 24-0 this year), Imazeki (NSSU), Hanada (NSSU), Otani (Nihon), Kawabuchi (Nihon), Ishioka (Nihon). I should add that during his 24-0 run Nakamura has beaten Hanada, Otani, Kawabuchi, and Ishioka, and for the most part is winning with ease too. L-R: Ishioka, Nakamura, Otani, Imazeki, Kawabuchi, Hanada Dishonorable mention to Otani of Nihon, who twice after winning showed very poor sportsmanship, staring one opponent down and then screaming wildly in the face of another. Two years ago he also gave a very late slap in the face and said something to another opponent he'd beaten in a tough match (see below). His 6-0 showing is very flattering, as he only beat 1 good opponent and is not close to being among the top tier of competitors.
  14. Katooshu

    New recruits for 2021 Kyushu

    The older Suguro is a short, squat, violent thruster. Strikes me as someone who would've been a good boxer. You get into a firefight with him and he's hard to beat, but he's fairly limited overall, and probably the weakest sandamne starter yet. Here he is in white (by the way, the guy standing by the dohyo, with the green stripe on his mawashi, is the best collegiate rikishi and won this tournament) And showing some of his Toyohibiki-ness
  15. Katooshu

    Ichinojo acquires Japanese citizenship

    Yes, soon it will be the 1 Japanese per heya rule