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  1. Katooshu

    Sumo films

    Ishiura and Osunaarashi. Maybe some of the half-Filipino rikishi?
  2. Katooshu

    Natsu Backstory

    I would not say Hoshoryu is doing better than Asa for now, considering Asa earned yokozuna promotion and had 2Y, 2J, and 6 sansho at the same point in his career. Just limiting it to the first 2 sanyaku basho (Asa's 4th and 5th makuuchi basho) ignores that context. That said, Hosh's ranked way higher than anyone else his age, and he has KK'd in both of his sanyaku tournaments, whereas so many rikishi bomb it out in their sanyaku debut. At 23, his results and I'd say the eye test suggest very good potential for going beyond lower sanyaku.
  3. Katooshu

    Retirements after Natsu 2022

    Sumo just got a bit shorter with Oazuma and Hokutoo's departures
  4. Katooshu

    New recruits Natsu 2022

    Kazuto made the best 4 at the biggest high school competition, and in middle school won a national team title alongside Kiryuko - now his ozumo stablemate as well.
  5. Katooshu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Kise could choke, but he also had Hakuho, Harumafuji, and Kakuryu to deal with at the end of most basho... Incidentally, his H2H vs Terunofuji is very good.
  6. Katooshu

    Nishonoseki-beya happenings

    Heck of a commute to the kokugikan from the stable....more like a journey
  7. Katooshu

    Nishonoseki-beya happenings

    That is one nice looking heya. Looks almost like a small resort.
  8. Katooshu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    I agree. I generally care far more about competitiveness than anything else, but this basho seemed especially unimpressive and maybe for the first time a lack of quality dampened the experience for me. The most positive thing for me is that there is a lot of solid talent in lower sanyaku and high maegashira. Several guys with potential to reach ozeki or be sanyaku mainstays, rather than just a bunch of alternating one-time in a career komusubi. Wakatakakage, Hoshoryu, Abi, Daieisho, Kiribiyama, Kotonowaka.
  9. Katooshu

    The Wall

    Thanks for the update as always. Mukainakano has a few too many losses there in his record doesn't he?
  10. Katooshu

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    Do you know of the most recent occasion in which a rikishi ended up above someone who had as many wins at a higher rank?
  11. Katooshu

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    Does that happen these days? Yusho overriding rank? When was the last time someone was promoted over a rikishi who had the same wins at a higher rank?
  12. Katooshu

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    Daiamami finished with the same record as Nishikifuji, at a higher rank. Surely he'd be ahead of him on the next banzuke?
  13. Katooshu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    I don't feel bad for either guy, they were very fortunate to still have the possibility of a playoff despite 4 losses and also got special awards.
  14. Katooshu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Sumiki wins the jonokuchi 4 man playoff, beating Yamato in the final. He was ready for the ashitori this time, especially after Yamato used it in the first playoff match. Kototebakari looked like he was done, but showed impressive balance and survival skill to stay in before Hanafusa touched down. Second yusho for little Tebakari. Nishikifuji helps Daiamami perform a big faceplant, and wins the juryo yusho.
  15. Katooshu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Juryo headed to an 11-4 playoff, as Nishikifuji and Daiamami wait to see if they're joined by Tsurugisho. Could have 4 playoffs this basho!