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  1. Sumo Reference Updates

    In his last year he didnt meet the requirement (top 8 in one of the 4 designated tournaments). He did finish top 16 at the All Japan Amateur Championship though, meaning he was just 1 win away (Soichiro Kurokawa beat him in the round of 16).
  2. Recruitment 1. Do the universities approach the rikishi (I'm not sure if this term is supposed to be used for amateurs, but it'll do here) when they're in high school and make offers, or do the rikishi apply to the universities with their sumo credentials and get responses back? Incidentally, I'm also curious about whether rikishi have to apply (again, like offering a resume) to be accepted at the top high schools like Saitama Sakae, or whether they just try out once they're already in the school. 2. What are the type of factors that lead rikishi to one university but not the other? How the programs run 3. How do the sumo programs generally work? Do the athletes tend to live together? Do they fit practices (and how many) between full-times studies, or are they essentially living a life of sumo with some coursework thrown in? I noticed in interviews with the Toyo team from last year that they were all in the law program (Mitakeumi was too), which made me wonder if they all get enrolled in law because it is set up in a way that allows them to practice more.By the way, this site contains a lot of posts and pictures about the Toyo team over the last few years, and includes many off the dohyo pictures of Mitakeumi during his amateur days. Competition 4. What is the significance of each position in team competition? So, for example, in 5 vs 5, is the last position generally assigned to the best rikishi, because that is the one spot where a group win can be on the line for both teams? Any help would be appreciated, and I'm sure there is quite a bit of variance....
  3. Interhigh 2017

    I like what I see from the starting Saitama Sakae guy---I think his name is Saito. Was that Naya who was injured in the qf?
  4. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    J11 Meisei http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=11946
  5. Interhigh 2017

    Powerful yotsu sumo from Amalsanaar, and Byamba showing impressive skill for someone fairly new to the sport. I was particularly impressed with how quickly he was able to react to his opponents' moves...should be interesting to see what he's capable of with another 40kg or so.
  6. Nice picture for some perspective. Part of my interest in the heights comes from thinking many of the rikishi don't look as tall as billed (though I know an ample build can contribute to that).
  7. Ah! Makes sense. Thanks
  8. One thing I've wondered about is how rikishi have their height measured. Is there a convention in sumo and/or Japan to measure above the highest point of the head? When looking at how the new recruits are measured, I regularly see stuff like below. That seems like a good way to get 189 cm (Ishibashi's listed height) for someone who is really only 185/186cm.
  9. New recruits for Aki (?) 2017

    He will be interesting to watch. His amateur results have been impressive considering his light weight and lack of sumo experience.
  10. Interhigh 2017

    Pretty good quality of sumo throughout the tournament. These youngguys have skill!
  11. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    I have chin hair (not quite goatee level) because I like to fondle it while in thought. I didn't realize that people read so much into a little facial hair
  12. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Hmmm, I wonder who is more excited to be shaking hands
  13. Persistence Watch - 2017 edition

    I thought he actually looked a bit better this tournament, though it doesnt show in his record.
  14. How long have you been interested in sumo?

    2 years....saw an article in a local paper about Homarenishiki and wanted to see what sumo was really like beyond the stereotypical media portrayals. I've been hooked ever since and it's supplanted boxing as my favourite sport.