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  1. Katooshu

    New recruits Haru 2021

    They did go again, but after a talking to from a shinpan and a mawashi tightening--at least that's what I think it was! Not a bad match either...
  2. Katooshu

    New recruits Haru 2021

    Osanai is a sharp yotsu competitor who likes to have one hand on the belt and the other underneath his opponent's armpit, and he also regularly uses the maemitsu grip (grabbing the front of the mawashi) He was komusubi on the 2019 university banzuke (i.e. 7th among collegiate rikishi in 2019), and once beat the also turning pro Kanno in a match that was so long it needed to be paused for the competitors to get a rest. He was also involved in this tachiai mishap vs Mongolian newcomer Arauma:
  3. Katooshu

    New recruits Natsu 2021

    Small but skillful, and often able to get superior positioning through superior technique. Despite his lack of size he is fairly aggressive and doesn't do a lot of henka-ing or typical small guy stuff. He was not among the elite-tier of collegiate competitors, as you could see the power differential at that level, but he was probably among the next best grouping, and finished 3rd in a couple of national tournaments. He is in the blue He was also involved in this tachiai mishap vs Tohakuryu I am still curious about whether Yersin from Nihon can find an open foreigner spot......
  4. Katooshu

    Trivia bits

    And great info to keep in mind when evaluating the endless stream of supposed ozeki prospects....
  5. Katooshu

    Flat Earth Society and Sumo

    I agree--why not try some padding?
  6. Katooshu

    Flat Earth Society and Sumo

    Yep, just as they've learned that a great way to treat a knee injury is to gain more weight even though you're already majorly obese. And their treatment of head injuries shows their obvious concern for safety too; a rikishi who has just been knocked out should obviously have his skull smashed again immediately after to knock his senses back into him. It's not as if sumo is a sport where tradition often takes precedence over other considerations either. When was the last time, if ever, that a basho was held on a non-raised surface by the way?
  7. Katooshu

    Flat Earth Society and Sumo

    What is the data that John refers to? Has there actually been a study or series of investigations that are conclusive on the issue? I haven't thought deeply about the physics behind it, but a raised dohyo means the potential for a farther fall, and I'd think the dangers you'd encounter on a non-raised surface are already there since the dohyo surface itself is flat. What would a raised surface do to mitigate the existing risks compared to a non-raised dohyo?
  8. Since Yoshii's first 4-3 I thought that his wall would come the next tournament, but he's kept chugging along, and to KK after 0-3 and 0-2 starts shows some determination. Yoshii's rapid progression makes it easy to forget that Otsuji and Kotokume have done quite well to reach makushita at 17 and barely 18, and in Otsuji's case delivering a solid 5-2 this basho. He seemed to compete with more fire and aggression than I recalled seeing him show.... By the way, I am really hoping that Ochiai turns pro; he is a skillful bulldozer and pretty much cakewalked his way to being high school yokozuna. Although I love the amateur scene as well, he is one of those standouts who I want to see straight away in the pros. As a Hakuho Cup winner and Tottori Johoku competitor, Miyagino seems like it would have eyes on him.... Although Kawazoe tops this list, he is notably less of a physical presence vs his opponents than he used to be.
  9. Katooshu

    Amazumo program videos

    Already working on a mustache at 12!
  10. Katooshu

    Trivia bits

    Yep, although I do appreciate the answers to oldest ozeki debut too.
  11. Katooshu

    New recruits Haru 2021

    He's always announced as Kanno
  12. Katooshu

    New recruits Haru 2021

    Both from Chuo University. Nishikawa won a national tournament in 2019 and was the runner-up in the 2020 student championships, losing to Delgerbayar. Kanno was the 2018 student yokozuna, although I think that flatters him a bit. Nishikawa is an all out, knock your head off thruster. Kanno reminds me a bit of Kotonowaka and likes to pivot and grab the mawashi while moving to the side of his opponent. Nishikawa on the far left, Kanno in the middle (the guy on the far right might actually be the best of the 3 but he's not turning pro). Kanno might require some censoring from Kinta if he makes it to makuuchi. Nishikawa in action Kanno becoming student yokozuna in 2018
  13. Katooshu

    New recruits Haru 2021

    It is indeed. There is a lot about him in the amasumo section here--he has been one of the top collegiate competitors for the last few years, winning 5 titles and repeatedly making quarterfinals/semifinals. He was also a national champion in Olympic wrestling in high school (which was in Japan). His style is to bend low and look for pulldowns and to unbalance his opponents rather than to find a good grip. He does a lot of those head to head, grab each other's hands stand offs. I find his sumo rather ugly and unconventional (and not in an entertaining Ura way), but it works well for him. One thing that is noticeable, is that for a rikishi, his stance is often much more turned to the side than is usual, almost like a boxer's at times, which can result in opponents getting behind him. This match below is fairly representative, minus the weird bit at the start. He has amateur wins over Kizakiumi, Oshoryu, Terasawa, Fukai, and Tokisakae, although only 1 of those has reached sekitorihood. I think the college scene over the last few years hasn't been particularly strong, and one can make the case that Delgerbayar achieved what he did in an uninspiring field. By the way, does anyone have an update on Nihon University's Yersin? He has a sandamne qualification but I haven't heard any developments in terms of him finding a heya. Kise has a foreigner spot and loves collegiate rikishi...
  14. Katooshu

    Trivia bits

    Sorry if it's been answered, but does anyone know the oldest sanyaku debut for an eventual ozeki (highest rank) and yokozuna?
  15. Katooshu

    Juryƍ promotions for Haru 2021

    From his amateur days--a couple of recognizable faces on the team Bushozan and Takakento are very similar! Aside from debuting in the same basho and now reaching sekitori in the same basho as noted, they both went to the cream of the crop for high school sumo programs (Saitama Sakae and Tottori Johoku--Takakento was on a very successful team with Kizakiumi), got off to fast starts with 5 straight KK, but then hit a wall in basho 6 and sputtered along for several years. They both love their oshi too. Maybe fate has tied these two together for some purpose that is far deeper than we can imagine Now, one area where they aren't equal is head-to-head: 6-1 for Bushozan