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  1. Pitinosato

    Bench Sumo news

    If it wasn't myself who was affected this very likely wouldn't have attracted my attention
  2. Pitinosato

    Kotoshogiku *and* Shohozan - the veterans poll

    I was just surprised that he was not in Yusho contention And I did not notice that he didn't comment
  3. Pitinosato

    Will Takakeisho be the next yokozuna?!

    for me it depends to a big part whether Hakuho will take part or not (the whole Basho) Pitinosato
  4. Pitinosato

    Kotoshogiku *and* Shohozan - the veterans poll

    Nantonoyama and Koorifu have exactly the same answers in 1 and 3 !?
  5. Pitinosato

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2022 - Here we go again!

    Takakeisho Y Asanoyama Terunofuji O Shodai
  6. Pitinosato

    Bench Sumo news

    again me But the Banzuke on the BS-Page says different things than Jejima's posting here (Sekiwake W + E): Jezz: I don't want to claim the rank Andoreasu deserves
  7. Pitinosato

    Bench Sumo news

    And a very interesting situation in the Sekiwake ranks. All 3 have a realistic chance to become (again) Ozeki. One with 10 wins, one with 9, and one with 8 wins.
  8. Pitinosato

    Bench Sumo news

    So it's obviously yours to take the Yusho in hatsu
  9. Pitinosato

    Games Bugs

    Yes they are
  10. Pitinosato

    Bench Sumo news

    it was not exactly the same, it was east and west, and only one one place was available.
  11. Pitinosato

    Games Bugs

    Yes, that's exactly what I noticed. Thanks Rando !
  12. Pitinosato

    Games Bugs

    Hi, one question: who is running the Hoshitori Game ? (I think in the results lack the Yusho Bonus Points) Pitinosato
  13. Hi Angel, my Results for Days 1-7 are also wrong. You can see this when you compare the totals of Day 9 with them of 10 and 11) (maybe you sorted your Excel-file one time having not all Data marked ?) Pitinosato
  14. Pitinosato

    Corona virus thread??

    ??? Which thread do you talk about ? This one ? (in Ozumo Discussions) Pitinosato