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  1. Almost half of us got it right !
  2. Pitinosato

    Nagoya 2022

    I guess it could be Wakatakakage's shoulder !?
  3. Pitinosato

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    Regarding the expected high-points-results in GTB, I would think tink there were some, or even many. but I expected him in front of Ryuden, I thought they would give him at least half of a rank Pitinosato
  4. Pitinosato

    Invite for GTB- July (Nagoya) 2022- 155 entries - RESULTS!!

    Wouw ! So with 65 Points it's nur sure to get Double Digits KK.... I am looking forward to the results !!
  5. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Natsu 2022

    Thank you Wakatake ! First, congrats to Tameiki winning the Yusho ! It's really sad only so few players take part her. I really like the Game. But of course a Banzuke doesn't make to much of a sense with only 7 players on it And I also hope that we will see a Yokozuna on the last Banzuke of this Game !!! Pitinosato
  6. Pitinosato

    Turn The Tide - Banzuke Natsu 2022

    and I was on 2-6 And could't get the Yusho Congrats to Kaiowaka !!
  7. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Natsu 2022

    In the survey for Day 8 there's an error: in the alternate match it should be Takayasu instead of Takanosho Pitinosato
  8. Pitinosato

    Ridiculous predictions Natsu 2022

    a 14-man-playoff, all standing at 9-6
  9. Pitinosato

    Bench Sumo news

    Yes, now everything works
  10. Pitinosato

    Bench Sumo news

    Really cool ! But the sort doesn't work !? Pitinosato
  11. Pitinosato

    John Gunning taking a 3 year social media break

    Hey John. You really busy yourself with a (very good) german musician !? Have much fun, greets from Germany. Peter
  12. Pitinosato

    New recruits Haru 2022

  13. Pitinosato

    Scott Hall,The bad guy no more.

    Rest in Peace Scott ! He was one of my favourites in these days when I watched the WWF. I knew about his alkcohol/drug Problems. But I didn't notice his death. Thanks for the information Fujisan. Peter
  14. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Haru 2022

    Takakeisho lost on Day 2 against Ichinojo !? So we all should have 4 Points less
  15. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Haru 2022

    mine are OK