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  1. really very much points on the line ! This indirectly confirms my impression that the NSK changed the way they do the Torikumi !?! Pitinosato
  2. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Kyushu 2022

    really ??? I thought I did But OK, without some sort of Confirmation I cannot be sure about this And well, it would have been only 5 Points (tell me my notes) Pitinosato
  3. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Kyushu 2022

    3 Sadanoumi 6 Takakeisho 9 Kiribayama 12 Wakatakakage 15 Hoshoryu Alternate Endo TB Tobizaru Pitinosato
  4. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Kyushu 2022

    Hi Wakatake, I think either the day 2 submissions or the day 2 results are not correct. Flohru and Fujisan had both Hoshoryu in the 5 point match, like me but only I got the 5 points there. Pitinosato
  5. Pitinosato

    FIFA World Cup 2022 offical fantasy

    I'm in
  6. Pitinosato

    Happy birthday Pitinosato !

    Thanks my friends ! Athena, I will join - if I don't forget it ! und Übersee Rum !?! oih oih oih.... Peter
  7. Shouldn't I not also be on Ozeki Watch ? With: "needs at least 11 kekka points and Yusho or Jun-Yusho during 2022 Nagoya basho to be prometed to OZEKI" Pitinosato
  8. Pitinosato

    Preparations of the masses- Kyushu 2022

    Are there any News on Abi ? Did he have surgery after his kyujo ?
  9. Pitinosato

    GTB invitation- Kyushu 2022- Results!!

    I also made almost the same mistakes like already mentioned. Compared to Gurowake I got Wakamotoharu, Onosho and Kotoeko correct, but lost 2 Points on Tochinoshin, and only one on Takararuji (Yes, they really like him ) I could only blame me on Terutsuyoshi/Tohakuryu. For all other mistakes I would do the same again So 65 if counted correctly. Sounds really good, but I am not sure if this will really be about 13 wins, or just about 10. Pitinosato
  10. Pitinosato

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Poor little Peter I really feel with him ! But what a draw, Peter vs. Peter with Peter rolling the dice, and (surprisingly) Peter winning ! Peter, the older one
  11. Pitinosato

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Refiojiing please not if possible I really don't have much time this year... Pitinosato
  12. Pitinosato

    Bench World Cup 2022

    as always , Pitinosato is in
  13. Pitinosato

    Promotion/Demotion and Yūshō Discussion Aki 2022

    eeehm, one question: Abi has a "real" 0-0-15, no Covid-Kyujo ? Pitinosato
  14. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Aki 2022

    Wouw ! This is the first Sumo Game where I became Yokozuna !!! That's really cool (after this endless Yokozuna run ) Thanks Wakatake ! Fujisan, yes, 2 days maybe could have been even decisive ! Pitinosato
  15. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Aki 2022

    Thanks for explaining the rules - I should read them more carfully ! And sorry for another remark: Bonus on Day 1 should be 5 Points, not 15 !? (even this costs me 10 Points ) Pitinosato