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  1. Pitinosato

    GTB invite- Natsu (May) 2023 - 159 entries. RESULTS!!!

    the last few Banzuke were really difficult. But this one is even more difficult, at least for me Pitinosato
  2. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Haru 2023

    I am really sorry because of your hiccup, but I have to ask for a moni-ii for my Day 14 result : I had Sadanoumi as alternate, so I think I should get 9 more points. And take the lead Wakatake, would you please check this ? Thanks, Pitinosato
  3. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Haru 2023

    OK, Day 14: 3 pt Kotonowaka 6 pt Daieisho 9 pt Tobizaru 12 pt Kiribayama 15 pt Hoshoryu Alt Sadanoumi TB Shodai Pitinosato
  4. Pitinosato

    How Do You Track Your Games?

    For the pre Basho Games like SO/Hoshitori/Upside Down Hoshitori/Juryo Game I use an Excel sheet to decide my teams, I use this sheet also to calculate my daily (SO: final) points in this games
  5. Pitinosato

    How Do You Track Your Games?

    Oh my god what you do !!! I think I have to gear up technically Right now I do everything manually for my daily entries For the final results of the games at the end of the Basho I use Excel, but that's more for statistical reasons Pitinosato
  6. Pitinosato

    Sanyaku Carousel Hatsu 2023

    I think Wakatakakage won against Ryuden on Day 9 !?! Pitinosato
  7. Well, I really would like to get some Points for Day 5 But as far as I know Onosho lost on this Day Pitinosato
  8. Pitinosato

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    What about Takayasus Condition ? After that Hit in te Play off ? Does anybody know ?
  9. Pitinosato

    TORCHBEARER 2023: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Chiyotsurugi J3e Pitinosato
  10. Pitinosato

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    ouh, I have been wrong And Rank 5 ? Really ? Best rank ever I never ever expected to achieve such a rank, hooray !
  11. Pitinosato

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    Despite the correct 10 Sanyaku only 52 so no DD Digits To many wrong decisions down the banzuke
  12. Pitinosato

    Yokozuna Terunofuji in 2023

    He will go kyujo in the middle of one basho. He will not participate in one Basho. So 4 Basho with 15 Bouts for him ! Pitinosato
  13. Pitinosato

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2023

    Terunofuji 2 Takakeisho 1 Hoshoryu 1 Takayasu 1 Asanoyama 1 Pitinosato
  14. Pitinosato

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    me too So I expect double Digits: KK or MK
  15. Pitinosato

    Bench World Cup 2022

    I meant this comment fro Jezz