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    English subtitles!! Mukainakano, Kihou, ex- Ishiura, Ooshima beya rikishi and Oyakata, Kaisei, ex- Asahishou. I enjoyed this immensely, because it has a nice vibe.. And a surprise meeting on the street.
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    In preparation for watching Grand Sumo Highlights on NHK World, to celebrate Meisei's first win of the basho, I prepared some (very lightly) seared tuna, accompanied with Kubota sake. Go Meisei!
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    That is the only thing that keeps me hanging on..
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    Nishonoseki getting a faceful of Yoshii's bum. In two different angles. That's my contribution to the internet.
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    Thank you. I’m fine, physically, but I will be away for a while as this has taken its toll on me mentally. Broadcasts will resume in better times. Again, thank you for the thoughts.
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    I've enjoyed putting together this head-to-head visualisation for the Makuuchi division. The pictures are just links to the Sumo DB and they don't always appear as they should. The data is more reliable and comes from Sumo API.
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    Day 1: https://rumble.com/v2yzmfe-july-basho-2023.html
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    His post-bout kinboshi interview was a comedy of interviewer errors. Interviewer: "What has been working well for you so far this basho?" N: "Well I didn't even wrestle yesterday so..." Interviewer: "How do you feel about potentially revisiting Sanyaku?" N: "Actually I've never made it there yet so it would be a first-time promotion."
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    @Kintamayama, any information on this?
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    Mr. Yamauchi YDC head regarding Terunofuji, 13 bashos (and 7 kyujos) after his promotion: " A bad back and diabetes. It's hard for him to do sumo in this condition. Still, we need to see what he contributes to the sumo world as a whole. Joining the jungyo (last Natsu jungyo), mingling with the people- he fulfilled his responsibilities well. We need to praise him for that. I am waiting for his return," he said. On Takakeishou: "11-4 is historically a low-level yusho, but kadoban Takakeishou fulfilled his responsibilities as an Ozeki and attained the yusho. This fact in itself is important. This sends out a great message of hope to all the rikishi who are struggling with injuries or attempting to return from injuries. Wonderful news for them. I value that facet as well and hope for him to recover and be healthy" he added. The internet was buzzing with the henka business. "The truth is, you go for the yusho, and that's what will be remembered. A brilliant result. It's important that he won his regular bout and then the playoff bout. I think we need to take a positive view of his reaching the playoffs. Sumo is about keiko and effort. We should look at that this way as well There are some people who think an 11-4 yusho leaves much to be desired, but what's important is lifting that Cup. It's important that all efforts should go towards that goal. Only one person can win the yusho. That is the important thing. He has overcome his knee and neck injuries and won the yusho and that deeply moved many people. The henka question is a complicated one. There is no one answer to that. I watched it many times on video. Parts of the media have said that he was 'flying..' but I felt he was not. Worst case, it could be called a henka. Big difference there, as he did hit first and then shifted. In any case, he wasn't going to let Atamifuji get that right hand grip so that thought may have resulted in that kind of sumo. The way I saw it may be interpreted that I am biased towards Takakeishou, but it's a viable view and I feel whatever it was, henka or flying, it did not leave any extremely bad feelings," he summed.
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    Day 3: https://rumble.com/v2zdb66-nagoya-july-basho-2023.html
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    I like Takakeisho, but for him it’s more of a stare up.
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    Kaisei had his family danpatsushiki today in the kokugikan (no tickets, no public, no intaizumo) with about 340 cutters, last cut by ex-heya mate Kaio, in whose heya he is coach now oo o oo o Miyagino was there, and Terunofuji o styling o at last a tie fixing pic again by the okamisan - Okinoumi had the pic with wife with already fixed tie oo younger sister, okamisan, Tomozuna, mother, younger brother - the 3 came from Brazil for the event (took 30 hours) ooo
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    I think you are closer to the the truth. After a tough bout against Daieisho, one I'm sure both of them saw as the yusho decider given they had already both beat Atamafuji, Takakeisho had little left in the tank. He had fought Atamifuji 2 days prior and knew what it would take to push him out again and probably figured he would be hard pressed to do it again. This is Takakeisho. If he doesn't think he has what it takes to do his usual thing what is he left with? A pull. He went for a pull at the tachi-ai. He isn't tall like Abi. He can't pull and jump over them as they go down. He has to move to the side to give them room to go down. Is that a henka? Probably. But certainly not a proper one. I doubt he could do a proper one if he tried. Am I okay with it? No, I hate henkas. But we all know about the HNH. Think of this more as the HAH, the Half Ass Henka. Why did it work? Because Atamifuji had no choice but to go all out. He had already lost to Takakeisho and another of the 3 Sanyaku he faced. Only managing to beat Tobizaru If you throw Asanoyama into that mix, who I'm sure everyone expects to be a Sanyaku mainstay, it's 3 out of 4. There's no way Atamifuji was feeling confident. Which leads us to another reason why Takakeisho, and I'm sure the rest of Sanyaku, had no problem with doing it. He had to be thinking " Why in the heck am I, an Ozeki with more Yusho to his name than anybody showing up in shape to win, facing an M15, who I beat like a gong already and didn't face anyone above M10 until Day 10, a second time for the yusho?" Takakeisho did his Ozeki duty and gave Atamifuji his straight up match already. He beat him soundly. I'm sure he didn't feel he owed him anything more and I doubt anyone in Sanyaku felt different. Especially after what Abi pulled on him to take a Yusho. I'm sure Takakeisho must have felt a bit disrespected, I think comments here reflect that sentiment, Mad at him? Blame the rest of the Sanyaku losing 4 our of their first 10 matches and taking themselves out of Yusho contention. Where the heck was everyone's precious Kirishima, Hoshuryu and Deiaisho? Where was 9-1 former Ozeki Takayasu against an M15? Ending up on his ass and costing himself a shot at the yusho in the end. Which gets us to will Takakeisho be promoted to Yokozuna with ANY Yusho in November? You bet he will. Nevermind it's 2 in row. That would be 3 of the Yusho THIS YEAR. Half of them. How many would any other rikishi have won? 1 at most. Takakeisho has been carrying the Yokozuna weight the entire year. Winning except when in injured. A win in November would mean he did it at 3 times the rate of Terunofuji, the Yokozuna. They would promote him because for all intents and purposes, and say what you want about the quality of sumo this year which he doesn't control, he is the Yokozuna. So, congrats to Takakeisho on the yusho. He earned it. He deserves it. If he does it again in November he deserves to be a yokozuna. Hakuho level isn't the bar to meet for Yokozuna.
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    Day 10: https://rumble.com/v3iyrog-aki-basho-2023-day-10.html
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    Day 8: https://rumble.com/v3idw34-day-8-aki-basho-2023.html
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    I have to imagine many are moving to Reddit or Discord, or just the YouTube comments. I can't see either replacing this forum for me, so I hope SF continues to plod along, as the atmosphere and knowledge base here really is irreplaceable.
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    The poster looks a bit like Hoshoryu is seasoning Takakeisho
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    Let's construct the Idealtyp (see: Weber, M.). In my imagination, the aesthetically perfect henka is prepared by at least two intentional matta on the henka-planning side (at best, the opponent is tricked into an additional matta of his own). Then, at tachi-ai, the henkaing party is stepping to the side without ever losing foot contact to the ground (i.e. no silly hopping), while the opponent passes without making any contact whatsoever. The opponent recovers just at the edge, before he is losing balance turning around and falling off the dohyo backwards. This being provoked by the henkaing party's quick feint attack movement. Off the dohyo the heankaist's opponent iedally crashes into the salt bucket or gets henkaed once more by one of the shimpan who might have some history of henka himself. Finally, the henkaist offers the customary helping hand, but retracts it before the customary rejection. The kensho pile should be medium sized and be picked up with the left hand.
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    Day 4: https://rumble.com/v2zkb4m-day-4-july-basho.html
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    A newly grown Hakuho clone emerges from the cryo-growth chamber - Miyagino-beya practice grounds, Nagoya, Japan (2023)
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    No one gets promoted to ozeki without being "up to par". Mitakeumi in particular was an ultra-reliable KK machine until one basho after his promotion. I don't know whether injury or long-covid caused the subsequent six straight MKs, but it definitely wasn't bad judgement on the part of the promotion committee.
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    For me the fact that Takakeisho has even managed to get to a point where he has had two Yokozuna runs is staggering given he is only 5'8" tall in an open weight division, fighting some guys nearly a foot taller than him, and he's exclusively an oshi specialist. He's been Terunofuji's main rival during his second phase (ie return to Ozeki and Yok) despite the fact he's giving up 6 inches and 25 kilos to him. He's done it by piling on way more weight than his frame should carry, and as you say, going beyond what he is physically capable of. I reckon that's why he is never far away from getting injured. It must be hell on his knees. Just watching him climb on and off the dohyo this basho made me wince, and after one bout he looked like he was in so much pain he was about to cry. He is the ultimate overachiever given what nature has given him to work with and I have nothing but admiration for him as a result. I have no doubt all that damage he has done to his body in pursuit of something that should have been beyond a man his size, will make his post-sumo life pretty miserable. Imagine what he could have been if he was only four inches taller?
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    Final Day: https://rumble.com/v2qi0ry-final-day-natsu-basho-2023.html