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    Day 4, after all. As we say here : אף על פי כן, נוע תנוע..
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    Two sekitori will start the new year on the sidelines, for very different reasons. Yokozuna Terunofuji M7e Ichinojo (suspended) Lower division kyujo: Ms21e Hikarifuji Ms28w Fujitoshi Ms57w Oshoryu Sd15e Suio Sd22w Obara Sd30w Ishiura Sd66w Nakashima Sd70w Mishima Sd88w Mitozakura Sd90w Suguro Jd3e Hokutoyakumo Jd15w Sakurai Jd25e Minorufuji Jd38w Chiyotsurugi Jd40e Fukuazuma Jd47e Chiyotensho Jd50e Iitsuka Jd54e Kotomyozan Jd55e Sachinofuji Jd59e Zuiko Jd62w Kenho Jd69e Motokiyama Jd98w Nishikio Jd99e Detachi Jd101w Ryubumaru Jk5e Fujinonami Jk5w Kanryu Jk8e Higohikari Jk8w Wakayahara Jk9e Nakaishi Jk9w Hokutoshio Jk10w Mihonoumi (intai) Hikarifuji, Minorufuji and Sachinofuji are from Isegahama-beya, although there is also Hoshinofuji who has been banzuke-gai for most of his career. Speaking of banzuke-gai, it could be time to say arrivederci Roman, as he is no longer on the Tatsunami-beya website.
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    Azumaryu first makuuchi KK in 10 attempts
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    For the first time in the 15-day basho era there are no bouts between sanyaku rikishi on senshuraku, everyone's facing a Maegashira opponent.
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    Takakeisho, while sadly dropping a couple of important matches, did himself a lot of favours in this basho I feel. He got the yusho in regulation. Two of his three losses were against members of sanyaku. All of the rikishi he lost to went on to KK Meaning they're quite likely all going to be sanyaku next tournament One was a sansho winner This is his fourth double-digit tournament in a row 2 Kotenage and 1 Sukuinage! This shows he's working to add more strings to his bow -- AND that work is paying off. Think about it, without this work; he'd likely be 8-7 (like the Takakeisho of 5/6 basho ago). He didn't earn promotion this tournament, but he did himself A LOT of good, IMO.
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    The game is over. The Senshuraku torikumi is published and it doesn't include any game 21 bout. All bouts that did not take place have the result X. Of the 30 participants, 12 players had X tips (a total of 29, of which 23 were correct!). The most X picks had Susanoo (5, of which 4 correct), SumoSpiffy (4, all correct) and Suwihuto (4, only 2 correct) . The points for the 23 correct X tips brought major changes in the ranking: Susanoo jumped to the top. Screeching Owl saved himself in 2nd place, Fujtsan holded the third place and Suwihuto edged out HakuhonoFan in 5th place This is the final result: Rk Player Pts TB 1 Susanoo 11 176 2 ScreechingOwl 10 124 3 Fujisan 9 122 4 Suwihuto 9 112 5 Hakuhonofan 9 105 6 Sumo Spiffy 8 151 7 Asset 8 137 8 SlimDante 8 116 9 Hakuryuho 8 101 10 Yarimotsu 7 122 11 Denjirenji 7 99 12 Profomisakari 7 98 13 Shimodahito 7 87 14 Kujo 7 86 15 Gansekiiwa 7 80 16 Rokudenashi 7 76 17 Tochiyatsu 7 69 18 RaeucherLax 7 67 19 Karasukurai 6 98 20 WAKATAKE 6 84 21 Benihana 6 82 22 Chankomafuji 6 73 23 ChickyStarr 6 69 24 Tochinofuji 6 68 25 Shatsume 6 59 26 Chishafuwaku 6 57 27 Andonishiki 6 57 28 Asapedroryu 5 61 29 Asojima 5 60 30 Athenayama 4 45 Congratulation to the winner and the other best placed players. Thanks to all players for participation. Special thanks to Yarimotsu Thanks for his work with the bout selection, the opening and the organizing of the players pick entry and collection About different opinions on the bout selection we perhaps can discuss in the next few days, either openly or in PM to me and Yarimotsu. The next game 21 will take place in March with Yarimotsu and me. You all and many many new players are invited. Profomisakari
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    He assaulted the bow-twirler??
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    I thought that this has been settled if you care to look at my handle.
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    Day 11, late as promised, I've been to the desert with a horse with no name:
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    All I have to say is that I follow sumo almost exclusively for the stats.
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    Guess who the last rikishi to begin his Makushita debut with a fusensho was...
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    Yeah, it literally looks like it. Usual treatment: 1)immediate ice, 2)eventual relocation but being careful not to tear muscles in doing so, 3) rest and 4) rehab for a couple of weeks. Probable heya treatment: 1) pop that sucker back in, 2) gambarize®.
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    Day 10: Tomorrow will be extremely late . Life.
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    Hi there, after a grace period of three days I've decided to update the Superbanzuke. Some games have a banzuke available (but unpublished): ISP and Sekitori Toto. However, Hoshitori Game is absent (same goes for the daily standings in that game), and so I've decided to use the Kyushu ranking of that game (minus the usual 20% demerit). See how, where, and why you stand at http://99998271.com/sb/current.html or for the fixed link: http://99998271.com/sb/sb202301.html