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    Day 1- what did they say? Terunofuji, ex-Ozeki who dropped all the way to Jonidan due to injuries to both knees and more, now at Juryo 3 and at Makuuchi's doorstep, starting with a win: " I was able to come this far thanks to the people who have cheered for me. I'd like them to see me healthy and doing well in Makuuchi!' Nishikigi, back in Makuuchi after two bashos, giving up a morozashi and being overwhelmed: "Man, that was lousy sumo. I wanted to get my hand on his belt but it was bad.." Tokushouryuu coming off the yusho, loses on day 1: " Last basho is over. Everyone ranked around me is strong. I won't be able to win without finding my own strength." Takakeishou, local boy, returning home as an Ozeki for the first time, but the hall is empty: "I have been reminded of the importance of the cheering of the fans. I feel the fans have an important part in the building of sumo as well." Enhou loses, without the backing from the crowd: "I had no fighting spirit.. I couldn't find the reason for battling today.." Ikioi, Osaka native, his local basho is now a non-spectator basho: "After the bout was over, I was thinking how quiet it was. I'll gambarize, hoping those that are watching this on television are rooting for me, as the stands are empty.. I was able to give it all I had. We live in times where the whole world is in the same situation." Kotoshougiku, the active rikishi with the most career appearances, and no one in the stands to appreciate that: "The atmosphere was as if I was in a shrine and it felt holy.. I'd like to face this as if it was a holy basho .." Mitakeumi, beating Enhou, facing him for the first time, tongue in cheek: "No problem whatsoever. It was good. On the contrary, I could concentrate better." Yutakayama, first day of un-audience over: "I can't 'borrow' the fans' power this basho.. I am fighting against myself on the dohyo..' Okinoumi, loses to Asanoyama by yorikiri: "You let him get his favorite grip and it's over.."
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    I worked up a quick translation of the interview highlights: (K = Kitataiiki; I= Iwatomo; N = Nakamura; A = Araiso; G = Goeido) K) Now that you've retired, has your lifestyle changed? N) It sure has. There's nothing to be excited about anymore. K) Does the 15-day basho feel different now that you're an oyakata? N) Completely different. I no longer have a match to think about when I go to bed the night before or wake up each day. I'm now free of the pressure of fighting and way more relaxed. K) Have you lost weight now that you're retired? N) Nope, I'm still maintaining my fighting weight. N) My retirement came about in a completely unexpected fashion due to injury, and similarly, the Hatsu basho yusho by Tokushoryu was completely unexpected. He completely upset the order of winning. A) As a PhD of sumo, didn't you anticipate Tokushoryu winning? N) Not even remotely. A) Me neither--we're disqualified as commentators. A) Since we're commentators now, we should go around to all the heya and try to predict who will win. N) Naw, it's too hard. A) Sorry I suggested it. [At this point, former Goeido enters the room.] I) We're filming for YouTube. G) Is that so? I) But you haven't changed. You said you'd start smiling after you retired. G) I am smiling! G) [Upon it being pointed out that the top button of his dress shirt is unbuttoned] "I just retired and I'm still too fat to button it." A) Give it six months and you'll have 2-3 more cm of room! G) Trying on his official blue oyakata jacket: "It's too small!" Zipping it up, asks: "How does it look?" Everyone) Too Small! [He tries on the next size up and it fits perfectly.] [Back to Nakamura, talking about episodes with Kise during his career] N) During keiko, when called by Kise, I would get fully amped to train with him. A) Most other rikishi wouldn't come at me with full strength, only Yoshikaze. N) That may be true, but if we went 10 times, I was only good for the first 2-3, then I'd be spent, while Kise wouldn't even be breathing hard. A) Even so, my heated training with Nakamura was a big part of the reason I was able to become Ozeki, then Yokozuna. I always used my training with him as a barometer for how I'd do each basho. N) After training with Kise just before the basho, I'd need the remaining time just to recover, so when the basho began, I was always at my peak and ready to take on Joi opponents. A) When I got injured, Nakamura as always the first to call me with helpful advice. A) When I was close to making Yokozuna, Nakamura would always say to me: "Make it happen so I can be your tachimochi." So when I actually made it and he was able to fulfill that role, I felt his words helped me become Yokozuna. N) The sword was so heavy, it left me with sore muscles. A) When the other rikishi gathered to wrap the rope around me for the first time, it was moving that all these guys like Kotoshogiku, Yoshikaze, and Shohozan who were my rivals were there for me. It was the first moment it hit me that I was now a Yokozuna. K) Is there anything you wish you had done while still active? N) No, I did everything I could. But I do wish I could have matched up with Enho. K) Why? N) Because I'm confident I'd win. I liked facing small opponents. For a long time there was no one smaller than me. Then Ishiura and Terutsuyoshi came along and I never lost to them. I figured I'd just do to them what bigger rikishi always did to me and I'd prevail. K) What would be your strategy for facing Enho? N) It wouldn't matter. I'm confident I'd smack him down regardless of what he did! K) If you could be reborn, would you enter sumo again? N) Absolutely! I loved sumo. K) Which rikishi are you focusing on for Osaka? N) I want Tokushoryu to do well and have a performance similar to Hatsu, since all eyes will be on him. A) If he can do that, it would prove he was the real deal. N) I want him to climb up the banzuke. That would light up the sumo world. K) Finally, a message to the viewers. N) Make sure to hit the like button and subscribe!
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    Day 9 rikishi talk: Yutakayama, beating Ozeki Takakeishou : "I was all over the place but I was patient and managed to win so I'm happy. I went out there feeling that I must not lose under any circumstances. My win yesterday changed the flow of things. I will totally gambarize for the remaining days as well and would like to do Yutakayama-like sumo for the many fans who are watching us on TV!" Kotonowaka, winning his seventh and needing another win for a kachikoshi in his Makuuchi debut basho, something his father did not achieve in his debut basho: "The flow was bad but my body was able to move well and I could respond. I'd like to build up my feeling without fail on a daily basis!" Aoiyama, kachikoshi on day 9 by beating Chiyotairyuu, first KK since July: "It's been a while. My opponent has a powerful tachiai as well so I tried not to lose there.. Last basho my wish to win was very strong and I couldn't do my own sumo. From the start of this basho I am able to move forward like I do in training.. I don't know how i will do from here on, but I want to pile up those white stars.." Ounoshou, facing Hakuhou tomorrow, for the first time since January 2018: "Really looking forward to it. I'd like to do all I am capable of." Enhou, losing to Endou, who he beat last basho: "I wanted to do it at my pace, but I got caught up in my opponent's pace. It's not easy to win when you're ranked as a joi..' Shoudai, losing the Sekiwake battle to Asanoyama: "My tachiai was good, but I couldn't go through with it and that is regrettable.." Kakuryuu, calmly absorbing Abi's flailing attack: "I was watching him carefully and remained calm. My ring sense is slowly returning..' Ryuuden, a good bout against Hakuhou: "I planned on moving forward by thrusting. I couldn't get inside, but I was able to thrust more than i expected, so i'd like to hone that skill in practice!" Asanoyama, winning today after losing yesterday: "Yesterday I couldn't do my own sumo and that's too bad.. I went out there determined to restart. I was able to attack calmly. " EDIT: Kotoshougiku, tying Musashimaru's career win record of 706, 8th all-time: "I'm really thankful for that.. I'm gambarizing a bout a day and that is the accumulation.. That was a good tachiai today, huh? Yesterday (against Shimanoumi) it was a bit close, but I managed to open some space and it was a good tachiai. I want Kotoshouhou's (7-3 in Juryo) power, Kotonowaka's softness- I want their youth!!" Mitakeumi, losing to both Yokozunae : "Even if I did lose twice my sumo was not bad. I intend to continue doing my own sumo seriously!" Tokushouryuu, moving forward and beating Ounoshou for his second win: "I've got to be serious till the end. There are many fans who are cheering me on..' Hakuhou, undefeated, followed by two hiramaku rikishi: "I'll be pulling them after me.. I want to face my bouts one by one till the end of the basho.."
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    Day 2- the rikishi talk again: Meisei, gets his first win after his injury last basho, katasukashi: "I'm still all over the place. My sumo sense is rusty but the technique emerged quickly so that was good.." Hokutofuji, beating Kakuryuu with a quick first step, like last basho: "I was telling myself to go about it calmly. My body responded well, as did my legs..' Kotonowaka, first Makuuchi loss: "I was confused a bit and was over-eager when it counted.. But my body was moving. I'm learning new things in Makuuchi every day!" Kotoshougiku, surpasses Takanohana's career Makuuchi wins-702 and is now 9th all-time: " Records are to be talked about after one retires..' Terutsuyoshi, the petite salt throwing rikishi is now sponsored by Hakata salt, the company, with kenshos: " It's finally happening, a year after my promotion to Makuuchi!" Abi, first win of the basho, beats Ryuuden, without any crowd-cheering: "It's lonely but what can I do.. For the sake of those watching this on TV, I have to take this seriously.." Shouhouzan, injuring his brow on day 1 against Tamawashi, going to the medical center after today's bout as well: "It's a graze.. I don't want it to suppurate and cause a fever.." Shoudai, beating Takayasu via sukuinage for his second consecutive win: "I got into a bad position so I threw with all I had. I didn't just stand there awkwardly, I was able to turn things around, and that's good.." Okinoumi, beating the Ozeki for his first win: "I managed to have a good tachi-ai. I know my opponent comes at you with all he has, so I had to counter that with all I had as well.." Daieishou, losing to both Yokozunae: "I'm still totally inexperienced, so I want to do the best I can. I'm able to stand up to them a bit, but I'd like to be able to do that till the end.."
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    Day 8 (results, text-only results) 8-0 Ye Hakuho 7-1 M9e Takanosho, M13w Aoiyama 6-2 Yw Kakuryu, Se Asanoyama, M3w Mitakeumi, M11e Chiyotairyu, M12e Ishiura, M18e Kotonowaka If it wasn't for the unavoidable lack of a crowd and the woeful shortage of ozeki, this basho could almost be mistaken for one of the good old days. Hakuho in the lead, Kakuryu doing decently but unspectacularly, and the rest of the joi a mishmash of good, bad and ugly. Of course, the chasing pair of Takanosho and Aoiyama looks very much like the usual for the last couple of years. In any case, if he can avoid injuring himself during week two, this one certainly is Hakuho's to lose. The shape of Asanoyama's ozeki run depends on what you believe he needs to do to complete it successfully - if it's the by-the-numbers 12-3, then today's loss to Yutakayama was a rather inopportune development, if it's just 11-4 or even 10-5 he still has some room to spare. The non-yokozuna frontrunner was Mitakeumi until two days ago, but back to back decisive losses to the yokozuna duo have already taken the shine off of it. Will he be able to avoid spiralling into a longer losing streak for once? 8-0 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 6-2 5-3 Takakeisho O --- 6-2 Asanoyama S Shodai 4-4 2-6 Hokutofuji K Endo 4-4 5-3 Daieisho M1 Takayasu 0-5-3 (x) 4-4 Okinoumi M2 Tokushoryu 1-7 3-5 Yutakayama M3 Mitakeumi 6-2 3-5 Enho M4 Abi 4-4 4-4 Ryuden M5 Onosho 5-3 M6 Kagayaki 5-3 5-3 Takarafuji M7 M8 Kiribayama 4-4 7-1 Takanosho M9 M10 6-2 Chiyotairyu M11 6-2 Ishiura M12 M13 Aoiyama 7-1 I sure hope that Takayasu is ranked high enough that he won't have to worry about getting demoted to juryo, although that may only be a small consolation with the way his career unfortunately seems to be falling apart on him right now. In actual demotion news we should be able to focus on the very lowest ranks soon; only one rikishi above M14 currently requires more than one additional win to retain his top division slot. The sole exception is winless Tochiozan, having quite a nightmare of a tournament so far and competing far worse than he did two months ago. (Although it has to be said that his performance there was rather surprising given his year-long decline that preceded it.) Tsurugisho started the basho looking much like he used to do for all the years he was mired in mid-juryo, i.e. heavily taped up, and his Day 5 withdrawal has likely all but assured that he's going to be the first demotee. Defending champion Terunofuji is your #1 candidate for promotion from juryo at the moment, although it hasn't escaped notice that he appears to be rather far from top physical condition again. I imagine he'll hold things together enough to clinch the makuuchi return though. Ever streaky Kotoeko is the other main contender for now, riding a 7-day winning run. (1) 1-7 Myogiryu M6 M7 Tamawashi 2-6 (1) (1) 2-6 Shohozan M8 M9 Tochinoshin 3-5 (1) (1) 3-5 Sadanoumi M10 Tochiozan 0-8 (4) M11 Terutsuyoshi 4-4 (1) M12 (1) 4-4 Kotoshogiku M13 (2) 4-4 Kaisei M14 Nishikigi 1-7 (5) (5) 1-4-3 Tsurugisho M15 Chiyomaru 5-3 (2) (3) 4-4 Azumaryu M16 Shimanoumi 4-4 (3) (4) 3-5 Meisei M17 Daiamami 3-5 (5) (2) 6-2 Kotonowaka M18 --- (5) 3-5 Kotoyuki J1 Hidenoumi 3-5 (5) (6) 3-5 Chiyoshoma J2 Wakatakakage 5-3 (4) (3) 6-2 Terunofuji J3 Daishoho 4-4 (5) (5) 5-3 Tobizaru J4 Daishomaru 2-6 (~) (3) 7-1 Kotoeko J5 Kyokushuho 4-4 (6) (5) 6-2 Kotoshoho J6 J7 Churanoumi 4-4 (7) (7) 5-3 Kyokutaisei J8 Ichinojo 4-4 (~) J9 Hoshoryu 5-3 (7) Sidelined Tomokaze will be the first demotion from juryo, and a pair of rikishi at opposite ends of their career appear likely to be joining him: Another demotion probably won't be a surprise for veteran Akiseyama, while Asagyokusei unfortunately just doesn't quite seem to be juryo worthy in his skills (yet), occasional flashes of brilliance like yesterday's win over Chiyootori notwithstanding. Sekitori debutant Midorifuji started off well with two wins, but a four-day losing streak quickly turned that around. He's in some danger at 3-5, as is Yago who looks a bit better than he did in his recent pair of 4-11 records, but perhaps not enough to avoid a trip to the unpaid ranks. Down in makushita the top 6 active rikishi all stand at 2-2 or better, for what holds the promise of a very suspenseful promotion race. There's been a need for a makushita fill-in for the juryo schedule on all 8 days so far, and somewhat unusually the committee has elected to go rather deep in sourcing the rikishi for that, with everybody between Ms1w and Ms5e getting one bout apiece. The unlikely makushita-joi 4-0 starting record has been produced by Asabenkei this basho. There are no outside contenders for a zensho promotion as the next 4-0 isn't found until Ms17, beyond the top 15 promotion zone. J4 Daishomaru 2-6 (1) J5 J6 Akua 2-6 (2) (2) 2-6 Mitoryu J7 J8 Ichinojo 4-4 (1) (2) 3-5 Kizakiumi J9 (3) 3-5 Yago J10 Takagenji 4-4 (2) (2) 4-4 Wakamotoharu J11 Midorifuji 3-5 (3) (2) 5-3 Hakuyozan J12 Asagyokusei 2-6 (5) (2) 5-3 Chiyonoumi J13 Tomokaze kyujo (x) (2) 6-2 Chiyootori J14 Akiseyama 3-5 (5) kyujo Sokokurai Ms1 Sakigake 2-2 2-2 Toyonoshima Ms2 Kotodaigo 2-2 4-0 Asabenkei Ms3 Fujiazuma 3-1 2-2 Chiyonoo Ms4 Daiseido 0-4 (x) (x) 1-4 Kaito Ms5 Gokushindo kyujo Explanation of symbols used: numbers = wins needed until favourable outcome (getting promoted / not getting demoted) o = favourable outcome achieved x = favourable outcome definitely missed ~ = favourable outcome missed "by the numbers", but still achievable through banzuke luck
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    If someone had told me at the start of the basho that Aioyama and Hakuho would be tied on day 12, I would have assumed they meant that Hakuho would have withdrawn from the tournament around day 6.
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    Day 9, special thanks to Asashosakari and Mbovo:
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    Article from Nikkan on Chiyomaru : his temperature was 38,6 yesterday night (14th) and 39,7 this morning. He had medical exams to see if it is regular flu this morning and will have more tests tomorow (16th). According to his brother and stablemate Chiyootori (currently fighting in Juryo) Chiyomaru was 'completely fine yesterday' and told him this morning that he had no physical problems at all except for the fever. Chiyootori thinks his brother will be back after a little rest. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/photonews/photonews_nsInc_202003150000677-1.html
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    One sekitori and several thousand spectators will be absent from the start of this basho: J13w Tomokaze
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    If the tournament is cancelled as a result of Chiyomaru testing positive, there seems to be uncertainty as to whether there will be a championship awarded at all. Hakuho is the sole leader, so it would not be farfetched to grant him the honour. However, would that win go into the history books as a zensho yusho? Questions, questions. You probably already saw this piece, care of Colin Murray at Metro News: "The Yokozuna himself always looks like he is on the verge of knocking out any man weighing over 16 stone within a ten-mile radius, even on his day off, and it might be worth attempting to stem the spread of Covid-19 by politely asking him to stare at it."
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    Day 8 rikishi talk: Yutakayama, beating his rival Asanoyama: " I knew I couldn't let him use his right hand. It was on my mind all the time. ever since his yusho I've been planning this. I was patient today and he pulled, so all I had to do was run with it. I went at it with a good feeling and self confidence. It felt good since he's the man of the hour.." Asanoyama on Yutakayama: "I admit I am conscious of our rivalry.. The guy became sekitori before me, so it's become a stimulus for me.." Aoiyama, one loss only and in the running, beating Daiamami: "I thought my opponent would be coming in and pulling- I was overthinking it and became stiff. Still, I'm happy i managed to win.. I'm not nervous at all this basho. The feeling that I really need to win at all costs is not there.. A win is a win." Kotonowaka, beating Chiyotairyuu and with only two losses: "My sumo had a good flow today. I was able to withstand his pressure. I'm not conscious of my win/loss situation. There is really no use thinking about it. It means nothing if I lose all my remaining bouts, My aim is kachikoshi." He has gained 15 kilos (170) since he was in Juryo. "Yes, I know. Everybody keeps reminding me of this. My mawashi has become too small for me.. No fans in the stands? I'm using this as a good experience. OTOH, I'm not thinking too much about it and able to give it my all." Chiyotairyuu, losing to Kotonowaka: "He's strong. I'm too old to beat him. I went with a kachiage (elblow..) but he was 'soft' and he just absorbed it. It felt like I was facing Hakuhou. It may be rude to Hakuhou-zeki, but Kotonowaka is only second to Hakuhou in his ability to withstand an attack.. I am not getting close to Chiyomaru, for sure, with his fever.." Shouhouzan, 1000th career appearance: "A thousand appearances is pretty, pretty, good..I can't aim for 10,000.. I'm thankful I am able to continue doing sumo and plan to continue for a while yet.." Tochiouzan, no wins yet, the only one in Makuuchi: " I feel I am getting better gradually, but.. I will be aiming to win tomorrow." Takanoshou, beating Myougiryuu and needing one more win for kachikoshi: " It was negative sumo, but I was able to go about it calmly. It's the first time I won 7 of my first 8. I want to keep doing good sumo and piling up those wins!" Takakeishou, winning an oshi battle : "I was able to be aggressive. My opponent (Hokutofuji) also fights from the heart. It's the little things that bring about the wins.." Hokutofuji, pushing Takakeishou to the edge but not finishing him off: "I screwed up. I can't win, my fighting spirit is shot - this basho sucks.." Mitakeumi : Losing to Kakuryuu, second straight loss: "I was thinking of pushing him away but before that, he managed to get inside. I'm still not tired at all so I'm hoping to do well the remaining days." Hakuhou, beating Abi: "His tachiai was quick, and he stretched his arms well. My movement is good this basho. I'm able to respond. I have decided in my heart to face it day by day. One week to go. A day at a time. "
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    Day 3 / Group B This is Goketsuyama's second time returning from banzuke-gai status; he previously rejoined the rankings exactly two years ago. Results: Mz2 Goketsuyama (0-1) Mz3 Shishi (1-0) Mz4 Daishoko (0-1) Mz5 Nakajima (1-0) Mz8 Tsukioka (0-1) Mz14 Shori (1-0) Mz9 Hozan (1-0) Mz17 Aishoryu (0-1) Mz10 Kakeno (1-0) Mz28 Tokai (0-1) Mz11 Kotetsu (1-0) Mz29 Yamaguchi (0-1) Mz20 Ikeda (0-1) Mz30 Yoshino (1-0) Mz27 Nagahara (0-1) Mz32 Fukasawa (1-0) Mz36 Wakaonehara (0-1) Mz35 Tsukubayama (1-0) Mz37 Wakakaneko (0-1) Mz39 Nishida (1-0) Mz38 Wakatanaka (0-1) Mz47 Hagiwara (1-0) Mz2 Goketsuyama (1-1) Mz45 Wakayahara (0-1) Emphatic start for the Ukrainian rookie in the first match of the session, as well as for Shori, Hozan and Hagiwara later on. Nakajima might be one to watch for fans of skinny rikishi, very tenacious sumo for a good win there. Standings: Mz2 Goketsuyama Shibatayama 1-1 E | Mz4 Daishoko Oitekaze 0-1 E Mz3 Shishi Irumagawa 1-0 W | Mz8 Tsukioka Futagoyama 0-1 E Mz5 Nakajima Michinoku 1-0 W | Mz17 Aishoryu Onomatsu 0-1 W Mz9 Hozan Otake 1-0 E | Mz20 Ikeda Kataonami 0-1 E Mz10 Kakeno Otake 1-0 E | Mz27 Nagahara Shibatayama 0-1 E Mz11 Kotetsu Otake 1-0 E | Mz28 Tokai Sakaigawa 0-1 W Mz14 Shori Tatsunami 1-0 W | Mz29 Yamaguchi Sakaigawa 0-1 W Mz30 Yoshino Sakaigawa 1-0 W | Mz36 Wakaonehara Nishiiwa 0-1 E Mz32 Fukasawa Naruto 1-0 W | Mz37 Wakakaneko Nishiiwa 0-1 E Mz35 Tsukubayama Tatsunami 1-0 W | Mz38 Wakatanaka Nishiiwa 0-1 E Mz39 Nishida Oguruma 1-0 W | Mz45 Wakayahara Nishiiwa 0-1 E Mz47 Hagiwara Naruto 1-0 W
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