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    Day 15. I fasted, I live. Ura, on his way back to sekitorihood? Six wins at Makushita 5: "I'm happy. I went into the bout fully thinking if I win it I may be promoted to Juryo. It was really good. There are many supporting people around me, so I was able to come this far without losing willpower. I would like to get through the 15 days next basho showing healthy and mobile sumo." Tobizaru, missing out on the yusho in his Makushita debut basho: "I wasn't thinking too much about the yusho. First, I just wanted to win that bout. I moved forward but I couldn't get it done. I am very frustrated. No, I wasn't crying, but I guess my frustration showed on my face. I managed to reach my objects of getting a sansho and getting double-digit wins, and I'm happy for that." He faced joi opponents with good results. "I can't win if the sumo becomes my opponents' style. I almost got injured on day 5. I planned on doing forward moving. non-pulling sumo." He will get a healthy boost up the banzuke. "I don't want people to think that it was a fluke, so I will train even harder!" Shoudai, yusho and Ozeki: "I cried. My tsukebito got all watery, and right behind him stood Izutsu oyakata (ex-Toyonoshima). I couldn't stop the flow of tears.. I faced Tobizaru for the first time - I had that on my mind and felt how hard it was. I think I was never this nervous in my whole career. " He went to sleep at midnight the night before but couldn't fall asleep till 5 AM. "Every time I closed my eyes sumo stuff came floating by.. I was nervous till the last shikiri. I could hear my heart thumping. I wasn't sure if I was alive." He was pushed around and seemed to have lost balance at some point. " I didn't give up till the end, and that was good." Last basho he was in the race but fell back on the last days. "I lost to the pressure." Ozeki promotion? "It's a status I have been yearning for. It comes with responsibilities. I still can't believe it. I also want to apologize to Kintamayama-zeki for taking so long and making him look like a fool. I hope he is vindicated now!" He does not intend to change his shikona. "I don't intend to change my shikona." He will be the fifth Ozeki to use his real name. Asanoyama, ending the basho with a loss: "In the end, I was not able to do my own sumo. Even if I did have six consecutive double digit bashos, this record was worse than last basho's so that is bad. Shoudai? A great incentive for me. That's one guy I don't want to lose to .." Takakeishou, beating Asanoyama in the last bout of the basho: "I'm frustrated. I'm still not showing my true strength. When I will, I will get the yusho. When senshuraku came around, I was one step behind the leader. I hate that.. In order to yusho, I should have gotten better results, is what I was thinking. When you're an Ozeki, the only thing that matters is the yusho, so that is regrettable. As for myself, I have been able to give my all this basho." The three rikishi who some thought deserved special prizes as well: Takanoshou, ten wins: "I was able to do my own sumo. I'd like to gambarize in this condition. " Wakatakakage, 11 wins, excellent basho: "This has boosted my confidence. I was able to attack from a low position." Ounoshou, ten wins, turning his nightmare basho in July (2-13) to a better one in Aki : "I'm thankful to be able to mount the dohyo.." Veteran 36 years old Kotoshougiku, sure to fall to Juryo: "I feel like the 15 days are over. I did all I could. I will be seriously thinking how to proceed from here. I 'd like to look to the future and gambarize" Hakkaku rijicho on Shoudai: " This basho he was doing forward-moving sumo from day 1 and the content was good. He must be thrilled, but I think that the people of Kumamoto are thrilled as well."
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    Day 15 will be done only tomorrow, as Yom Kippur starts in an hour and I couldn't do it in time.No TV, no internet, no cars on the streets. It's a day when we ask for forgiveness and apologize. Some of us pray, others just be. So I apologize to anyone I offended on purpose or not. We start a new slate tomorrow. It's also a fast so no food or drink for the next 25 hours. Not even fast food, although it's a fast. Sorry also for the bad jokes. .
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    I always said he will make it. It wasn't guesswork-it was written. I know, I missed by a few years, but it was a long time coming. I never gave up on him- he is the king of keiko and has been consistently training with the toughest opposition for years and was getting his ass kicked all the time-but that has to pay off sometime. Next guy to get much better is Yutakayama - another guy who trains endlessly. Remember this.. More than deserves a thread of his own. Such a nice, humble guy who wears his heart on his sleeve..
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    The Kyokai board unanimously approved Shodai's promotion. The messengers delivering the good news are Kagamiyama-oyakata (former Sekiwake Tagaryu) and Tatekawa-oyakata (former Sekiwake Tosanoumi).
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    I admit - that's a lie. I added the zeki.
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    I wrote this in January 2019. It's closer to correct than a lot of my opinions. Imagine a cultural anthropologist finding the Hatsu 2019 final results and trying to deduce the structure of Ozumo from that one piece of data: "The strongest wrestlers, or rikishi, are the Sekiwake, as shown in the final win/loss table. The Ozeki class contains veteran wrestlers who have passed their prime, but continue to hold rank as long as they maintain an 8-win average. The Yokozuna consists of recently retired rikishi who, as in golf, participate in the first few rounds for the sake of loyal fans, but remove themselves early in order to maintain their health. We admit to having no definitive idea what the Komosubi class does. Although more research is needed, we now believe that this rank contains rikishi who are being punished for some infraction. Perhaps the discovery of more banzuke will clarify some of our assumptions." 
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    Day 15 (results,text-only results ) 13-2 Se Shodai 12-3 Ow Takakeisho Results from day 15 Before the day 15 torikumi was out, I thought that there was a (small) possibility that they wouldn't pair Shodai with Tobizaru since the Maegashira was one win behind. As it turns out it seems that a) Sekiwake don't have the same sort of privilege to avoid a Maegashira competitor and b) Tobizaru was a much more competent opponent than Mitakeumi. Tobizaru nearly had Shodai at the start and later on in the bout too, but the Sekiwake persevered and eventually threw Tobizaru down in what was quite an entertaining match. That was all Shodai needed to do and he walked away with the yusho, the Shukun and Kanto-shos and a recommendation from the judges that he be promoted to Ozeki. Since this recommendation has never been denied we sould be seeing former next-Ozeki Shodai become actual-Ozeki Shodai in November. Tobizaru leaves with the Kanto-sho for an impressive debut as well as a priceless expression immortalised by the photographers. Sanyaku Takakeisho brought the intensity and beat Asanoyama to have the jun-yusho all to himself and therefore has a shot at Yokozuna promotion after November if he wins. For those that are skeptical look at the following list: List One That is a list of all Ozeki that went Jun-Yusho- Yusho - Yokozuna (mentally remove Kakuryu whose promotion was more conventional). So, I wouldn't rule out promotion for Takakeisho if he wins the yusho in November, particularly if it is a strong one. However, every Yokozuna on this list after Wakanohana had a string of Jun-Yusho to fall back on, not just one and generally did it when the yusho were won by Yokozuna and Ozeki. List Two The above list is a list of Ozeki who went jun-yusho-yusho but didn't get promoted to Yokozuna for various reasons. Takanohana for example was very young and eventually had to force the promotion with back-to-back yusho and Chiyotaikai had a 7-8 score before that run for example. The one who probably has the most to complain about on that list is Kaio, who had a decent amount of jun-yushos in the prior bashos. So if Takakeisho wins the yusho in November, List One says we can't rule out a promotion to Yokozuna but List Two says we can't say it'll happen for definite either. What else: Asanoyama will have to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch again. Mitakeumi looked lacklustre again and finishes with a mere kachi-koshi. As @Reonito says, an Ozeki promotion is possible if he pulls out 33 wins, but that means 14-1 to get to that number in November, probably quite difficult for a man who has just three double-digit winning records in 20 basho as a Sanyaku. Daieisho showed his better side as he beat Okinoumi. With a Shodai promotion there will be three slots available for Sanyaku. Mitakeumi should slide over to the East Sekiwake slot. The West side should be taken by Takanosho. Terunofuji should then take the East Komusbi position. The West Komusubi slot should either be Kiribayama or Takayasu. Kiribayama is higher ranked and faced more joi opponents, but Takayasu is only one rank lower with one more win and also faced some joi/sanyaku opponents (thanks to Kiribayama pulling out). I don't know what they will choose to do. Personally, I hope it is Takayasu because then I can finish one of the Banzuke surfing waves 0-0-15 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 0-0-15 10-5 Asanoyama O Takakeisho 12-3 (o) 13-2 Shodai S Mitakeumi 8-7 (x) 5-10 Daieisho S (x) 4-11 Okinoumi K Endo 3-9-3 (x) (o) 8-5-2 Terunofuji M1 Takanosho 10-5 (o) M2 M3 M4 9-4-2 Kiribayama M5 10-5 Takayasu M6 M7 M8 Wakatakakage 11-4 (x) M9 Onosho 10-4 (x) ... (x) 11-4 Tobizaru M14 Makuuchi-Juryo Hoshoryu and Ichinojo both secured last day kachi-koshis and will be staying a Makuuchi. Shimanoumi lost today and now has a demotable record. However given the lack of good promotion candidates in Juryo and the fact that there are five rikishi ahead of him in the demotion queue I'm going to go ahead and say he'll end up being safe. I've marked him with a ~ to indicate that. Kotoyuki failed to pick up win 9 so we still have just two rikishi with promotable records in Juryo - Chiyonokuni and Kotonowaka. With the demotion picture as it is, Kotoyuki should still go up however. In the table below I've placed numbers by each rikishi in order of how demotable or promotable they are. M11 Kotoshogiku 2-10-3 (x3) M12 M13 Ishiura 4-4-7 (x4a) M14 Abi 0-0-14 (x1) (~6) 6-9 Shimanoumi M15 Shohozan 5-10 (x4b) (x2) 2-3-9 Kyokutaisei M16 Hoshoryu 8-7 (o) (o) 8-7 Ichinojo M17 J1 (~3) 8-7 Kotoyuki J2 Kotonowaka 9-6 (o2) J3 (~4) 9-6 Chiyoshoma J4 J5 (~6) 9-6 Chiyonoo J6 Akua 10-5 (~5) J7 J8 J9 (x) 11-4 Akiseyama J10 J11 Chiyonokuni 14-1 (o1) Chiyonokuni and Kotonowaka should replace Abi and Kyokutaisei. We may well have seen the last of Kotoshogiku especially as he's the third most demotable. I expect a retirement, but he ought to be replaced by stablemate Kotoyuki. Beyond that, it's how you feel about overpromotions vs under demotions. I feel like they'd choose Shimanoumi over Chiyonoo, but I'd need to think more about Ishiura/Shohozan vs Chiyoshoma/Akua Juryo - Makushita Ura beat Daishoho in the exchange match so the latter is now demotable. I expect Ura will take his place. In Ura ought to be ahead of Naya in the queue. I think Naya will take the fourth slot after Takagenji, Jokoryu and Ura, but I'm not a 100% sure, so I added a ? to him. The four slots are opened up by Kizakiumi's intai, Oki, Kitaharima and Daishoho. A Kotoshogiku retirement could open up a slot for Chiyonoumi (or Naya, if the Kokonoe man is ahead). If they do decide to demote Fujiazuma and Azumaryu (sidelined because of the Tamanoi-beya COVID quarantine), then we could end up seeing a promotion for Kotodaigo (and Chiyonoumi/Naya depending on any retirements above) or a reprieve for Daishoho. The fate of Tamanoi-beya is the big if at the moment and we'll have to wait and see for any announcements or the Juryo promotion list to find out. J7 Azumaryu 0-0-15 (????) ... intai Kizakiumi J12 Daishoho 6-9 (x) (x) 0-15 Oki J13 (????) 0-0-15 Fujiazuma J14 Kitaharima 5-9 (x) (o) 4-3 Takagenji Ms1 Jokoryu 4-3 (o) 4-3 Chiyonoumi Ms2 Ms3 Ms4 Naya 5-2 (o?) 4-3 Kotodaigo Ms5 Ura 6-1 (o) Explanation of symbols used: ~ = favourable outcome missed "by the numbers", but still achievable through banzuke luck x = favourable outcome definitely missedo = favourable outcome achieved numbers = wins needed until favourable outcome (getting promoted / not getting demoted)
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    Day 14: Wakatakakage, losing to his college senpai Mitakeumi and out of the race, facing his first sanyaku opponent : "I didn't feel any pressure. I wasn't that nervous. I intended to attack with all I have, but it was half-hearted.. All i can do is concentrate on tomorrow's bout." Mitakeumi, beating Wakatakakage and finally getting his kachikoshi: "There are things that are not good enough, but I got my kachikoshi so that'd good. I will be doing my own sumo all the way till the end!" Ounoshou, 4th loss and out of the race, but feeling good: 'I was one step behind. I wasn't aware of the yusho race. There is still one bout left. I want to concentrate on my own sumo till the end." Shimanoumi, makekoshi for the second straight basho: "All I can do is face the last bout doing my own sumo and with no regrets." Kotoshouhou, 9th win and doing better than last basho: "My legs followed well. Double digit wins? I will be concentrating without losing focus.." Meisei, back in Makuuchi and has nine wins: "I was thinking how to attack and that's how I went. I've been facing the bouts with the same feeling I've had since opening day so there is nothing to change about my state of mind.." Takayasu, needs one more win to have two consecutive bashos with double-digit wins: "I was able to push my opponent back at the tachiai. I suffered three straight losses but managed to come back. I'm able to fight with my hips low.." Naya , Taiho's grandson at Makushita 5, getting his 5th win (against a Juryo opponent today) and closer to Juryo: "It was different. I got a bit baffled when I was offered the power water, but after that it was business as usual." He had an oicho topknot today for the very first time. "I'm really happy. I thought it would be heavy but I was surprised it was lighter than what I'm used to.." His promotion depends on others' records. "I know the promotion depends on how others ranked around me do and on a bit of luck so I can't comment on that, but there's a limit to what I can do.. If it were up to me, I can win." Naya's first oicho: Chiyonokuni, third Juryo yusho and a chance for Makuuchi promotion: "I was surprised by my opponent's henka attempt, but it ended well. I was a bit nervous but I was able to concentrate. I'm able to take it slowly and concentrate day by day. My only thought is that there is one more day left.." Shoudai, beating Asanoyama and now the sole leader: "I'm thrilled. I was able to execute my best tachiai. I lost my last two bouts against him so I went out with all I had. I just went forward without stopping. Conscious of a first yusho? Not yet, I guess. I'll probably think about it when I get back to the heya.. I still don't know who I'm facing tomorrow but it's the last bout of the basho, so I hope whatever the result, I won't do sumo I might regret. " Asanoyama, losing to Shoudai and out of the yusho race: "Shoudai-zeki was stronger. He was skillful. Tomorrow (against Takakeishou who still has a chance for the yusho) I want to do my own brand of sumo and end the basho without injury." Takakeishou, beating Tobizaru today: "I went about it as usual without changing anything. I trusted my body's response and did it. " He has not lost to anyone under 1.80 meters for the last two years, and with the win today over Tobizaru he has beaten these opponents 15 straight times. Tomorrow, if he wins and Tobizaru beats Shoudai, he will be a part of a three- man playoff. "I'm just going to use the power that I have and use it to its full extent. "
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    Day 13, part 1 Takayasu, second straight kachikoshi after 4 straight makekoshi: "Compared to the near past, my body and soul are perfect." Wakatakakage, getting his 10th win via a freebie, looking at a yusho or sansho chance: "I heard about the kyujo after asageiko. I did everything as usual. Strange feeling.. Two more bouts to go, all I can do is do sumo, giving it my all! " Takakeishou, losing to Shoudai and getting his third loss, at a loss for words: "I couldn't do my own attack. Tomorrow, I'd like to concentrate and do what I usually do." Kiribayama, returning from kyujo because of a shoulder injury and winning his 7th: "I thought I wanted to gambarize till the end. I want to exert power and get my kachikoshi!" Terasawa, Asanoyama's tsukebito, clinches the Makushita yusho: "I was planning on acquiring a right hand inside grip and pulling him towards me, but he got his first step in. I was over-eager.." He won eventually, turning the tables at the edge. His mawashi was stolen before last basho and it shook him up. "That was before last basho and is over with. I managed to refresh my feelings." Upon entering sumo in May 2018 he injured his lower back and went kyujo, subsequently undergoing surgery for hernia and dropping to banzuke-gai. He rehabilitated seriously."I did a lot of fundamental training and gambarized." He is said to have done more than 500 shikos a day. Asanoyama congratulated him today. "Great - yusho, huh.." "If the ozeki were to yusho as well that would make me very happy.." Ex-Takanoiwa also has a nephew in sumo- Hokutenkai, who is doing well so far. He clinched the Sandanme yusho today. "I went out there promising myself I would not pull at all (he did pull at the end..) I was conscious of the yusho race. I was nervous but I won so that's good. I want to add some weight and need to train well and get stronger for Makushita. I won't get any easy wins there. I need to make my slow and light tachiai stronger.." Ex-Asahouryuu on Asanoyama: "My 40th birthday is on senshuraku! My junior should be winning the yusho!! Kotoshougiku, 8th loss, coupled with the three kyujo losses, 11 losses total, ranked at M11-serious danger of demotion: "The loss has nothing to do with my injury. The reason for my loss is that I was late in attacking." Shoudai, beating Takakeishou and remaining tied for the lead: "I think my tachiai was good. I was aware that I had to hit hard. I think I was able to do the sumo I had imagined. I had time to think about my sumo when the May basho was canceled. I had to improve my first step at the tachiai and strengthen my horsepower. It's showing now. The keiko has come alive.." His tachiai does not come from a low position with his head- he raises his head and hits with his chest. "You can't improve bad habits in a short time. I was thinking if I added physical strength my first step will be stronger as well." He had 13 wins in January and 11 wins last basho and was involved in the yusho race till the end in both. "It's a great mystery to me, but I can't bring myself to be conscious of the yusho. I have prior experience with this, but I have no anxiety or impatience like I had in January. I'm able to go about it as usual at this point." There has never been a yusho winner from Kumamoto . "I want to gambarize for the sake of all the people that enjoy my sumo. I want the next two days to be injury-free. It would be great to return to the heya with a smile.."
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    Day 10 (results,text-only results ) 8-2 Ow, Takakeisho, Se Shodai, M8w Wakatakakage, M9w Onosho, M14e Tobizaru 7-3 Oe Asanoyama, M1e Terunofuji 6-4 Sw Mitakeumi, M1w Takanosho, M5e Kiribayama, M5w Takarafuji, M6e Takayasu, M6w Kagayaki, M7w Aoiyama, M12e Kotoshoho Results from day 10 It's not usual that a bout between a pair of M1s has a big impact on a basho, but that is what may have just have happened. Going into the day, Terunofuji had the inside track to the yusho. He was a co-leader and had fought everyone above him. Every other co-leader still had to face higher ranked opponents (I'm assuming in the case of Maegashira). He was bested by Takanosho however and now the yusho is out of his hands having already fought co-leaders Takakeisho (Takanosho's stablemate - Takakeisho beat Daieisho) and Shodai (who beat Terutsuyoshi). He was the only co-leader to lose. Tobizaru beat MK trending Ryuden wheras Wakatakakage and Onosho beat off former pursuers Kotoshoho and Takayasu respectively. The one-behind group shrank considerably because of that with only Asanoyama `winning' against fellow one-behind member Kiribayama. He got a fusen-sho, his second of the tournament; both times against an opponent who got injured in a bout with Takakeisho. Since the Yokozuna run talk has started - I agree with @Reonito. Takakeisho has the better chance, given that he actually is in the lead. I don't expect either of them to be promoted after this basho. Day 11 match-ups With such a reduced Sanyaku, we've been restricted to one intra-Sanyaku matchup every day. The last such day should be Day 11 with Asanoyama-Okinoumi. That may change if they have to break up the Ozeki-Sekiwake matchups. Takakeisho and Shodai take on two-behind Takarafuji and Takayasu respectively. Wakatakakage has Chiyotairyu and Terunofuji faces Myogiryu. We're guaranteed one 9-win rikishi as Onosho and Tobizaru face off against each other. Sanyaku Shodai has a least secured his Sekiwak slot. Can he go any higher? Mitakeumi picked up win six, but wants at least four more. Daieisho on the other hand is just one loss away from vacating the Sekiwake rank. Okinoumi and Endo also lost and so we could be seeing a lot of turnover unless some five-day winning streaks occur. Terunofuji still is in the best position for an open slot followed by Takanosho and Tamawashi who are making good cases at the moment. 0-0-10 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 0-0-10 7-3 Asanoyama O Takakeisho 8-2 8-2 Shodai S Mitakeumi 6-4 3-7 Daieisho S 3-7 Okinoumi K Endo 3-7 7-3 Terunofuji M1 Takanosho 6-4 3-7 Hokutofuji M2 Tamawashi 6-4 4-6 Myogiryu M3 Terutsuyoshi 3-7 M4 Tochinoshin 4-6 6-4 Kiribayama M5 Takarafuji 6-4 6-4 Takayasu M6 Kagayaki 6-4 M7 Aoiyama 6-4 M8 Wakatakakage 8-2 M9 Onosho 8-2 M10 M11 (x) 6-4 Kotoshoho M12 M13 8-2 Tobizaru M14 Makuuchi-Juryo I misread Yutakayama's rank and had him as a potential demotion danger, whereas he seems to be perfectly safe. Tokushoryu got his one win and ought to be safe barring any M17 disappearance. Elsewhere in the demotion zone, Ishiura beat Kotoshogiku and Shohozan beat Enho in the two battles of the endangered rikishi. Hoshoryu was the only other winner down here. With Kyokutaisei not appearing on the Day 11 torikumi I've marked him down with an (x). Based on form and W-L records it could be a struggle for everyone down there aside from Meisei to get the required wins. This includes Ichinojo who has looked like he wants to return to Juryo these last two days. On the promotion side Kotonowaka now has a KK and given the demotion picture and the lack of good candidates he's probably a safe bet to go up. He only needs one more win for a proper promotion record. Kotoyuki remains the only other decent candidate at the moment, though there were wins for Chiyonokuni, Akiseyama and Wakamotoharu. Given the situation I have a number of rikishi listed as (~) who could end up with some extremely lucky promotions. (o) 2-6-2 Yutakayama M4 ... (~) 3-7 Tokushoryu M8 (2) 2-8 Enho M9 M10 M11 Kotoshogiku 2-5-3 (3) M12 Kaisei 4-6 (2) (1) 5-5 Meisei M13 Ishiura 2-1-7 (4) M14 Abi 0-0-9 (x) (3) 4-6 Shimanoumi M15 Shohozan 2-8 (5) (x) 2-3-5 Kyokutaisei M16 Hoshoryu 5-5 (3) (3) 5-5 Ichinojo M17 (x) 2-8 Ikioi J1 Nishikigi 4-6 (4) (2) 7-3 Kotoyuki J2 Kotonowaka 8-2 (1) (4) 5-5 Wakamotoharu J3 Chiyomaru 4-6 (5) (5) 5-5 Chiyoshoma J4 Daiamami 3-7 (~) (~) 3-7 Daishomaru J5 Kyokushuho 4-6 (~) (~) 5-5 Chiyonoo J6 Akua 6-4 (5) (5) 6-4 Churanoumi J7 J8 J9 (5) 8-2 Akiseyama J10 J11 Chiyonokuni 9-1 (4) Juryo-Makushita Down in the demotion zone Kitaharima had a fortunate hansoku win against fellow demotion contender Tsurugisho. He still needs four more wins though to be safe. Tsurugisho still just needs one and is joined in this situation by Mitoryu and Hakuyozan. shin-Juryo Nishikifuji picked up his 7th win and is now safe. No action on the Makushita side of things, but on Day 11 Takagenji gets pulled up to face Nishikifuji, and we have intra-joi matchups between Jokoryu & Kaisho, Chiyonoumi & Sakigake and Naya & Kotodaigo. Ura faces off against Tochiseiryu. J7 Azumaryu 0-0-10 (????) (1) 4-6 Mitoryu J8 Tsurugisho 4-6 (1) J9 J10 (1) 5-5 Hakuyozan J11 intai Kizakiumi J12 Daishoho 4-6 (3) (x) 0-10 Oki J13 Nishikifuji 7-3 (o) (????) 0-0-9 Fujiazuma J14 Kitaharima 4-6 (4) 2-3 Takagenji Ms1 Jokoryu 2-3 3-2 Chiyonoumi Ms2 2-3 Kaisho Ms3 Sakigake 3-2 Ms4 Naya 3-2 3-2 Kotodaigo Ms5 Ura 5-0 numbers = wins needed until favourable outcome (getting promoted / not getting demoted) Explanation of symbols used: o = favourable outcome achieved x = favourable outcome definitely missed ~ = favourable outcome missed "by the numbers", but still achievable through banzuke luck EDIT: Due to interruptions, this post took me three hours.
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    Well, he's the rare sumo wrestler who likes to punch people ... ooh, sorry, too soon??
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    Well, I got some right. The rest I missed by a hair, except Mitakeumi. Kyujos don't count. This was after day 6 , so give me some credit..
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    The 28 Tamanoi kyujo rikishi all keep their banzuke ranks. Isegahama chief shimpan told it on the phone today. https://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2020093000929&g=spo
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    Drats: I just saw that Ganzohnesushi demanded a re-scoring of Hoshitori Game - while he is out of the Top 10 even with an improved score, the glitch might also affect other players within or near the Top 10. We'll see. And double-drats: After doing the finishes over the Superbanzuke Masters data (which takes about 45 minutes) I remembered that Oshirokita found a bug in the Nation's standings in July. I promised to look into it back then, but obviously didn't. As a correction would take another 45 minutes at least, I have decided to delay this bugfix again. Sorry. That finally leads me to the results of the Aki 2020 Masters Series: The Aki Basho 2020 was won by Kitakachiyama who receives his fourth career Green Mawashi. Though the Polish powerhouse scored in only six different games, he yusho'ed in no less than four of them (Hoshitori Game and Upside Hoshitori Game, Norizo Cup, and Ozumo Bingo Game). Strong scores in Oracle and TTT resulted in a whopping 77.25 Masters points.Until the last game was scored, relative gaming rookie Kaito looked like a strong contender for the Green Mawashi as well. In any case, he receives the shukun-sho for a strong second place overall (backed up by yusho in RotoSumo and Oracle). It is his first career sansho, and probably not his last.Gaming veteran Golynohana achieved his sixth career gino-sho. He showed his prowess in both pre-basho games (jun-yusho in RotoSumo and Salarycap Sumo) as well as daily games (strong performances in Chaingang, TTT, and Quad).The sansho were rounded out with the first career kanto-sho for chishafuwaku who had Top 10 finishes in no less than eleven different games! After winning his first (and so far only) Green Mawashi in 2014, he has now racked up sansho in all three categories within the last year.Congratulations to all the winners! I have also updated the standings for the Sumo Gaming World Championship 2020. Norizo extended his lead over his pursuers and is now poised to win his fourth World Champion title (it would be his first in 10 years). Of course, if he has a really bad November blues and some pursuer simultaneously has a very strong basho (in the case of Kishikaisei and Jejima) or killer basho (in the case of Pandaazuma, Flohru, Andoreasu, Unkonoyama, and Susanoo) the tide may turn.
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    Amidst all the feel good stories, I would like to give a little praise to Enho. He really struggled in the first half of this tournament, but in the second half he registered a 5-3 record, which I like to view as a mini KK, even though in the grand scheme of things, he finished with an MK... For whatever reason, he found his mojo again after day 8, and ended the tournament with two straight wins against significantly-higher-ranked opponents (Terutsuyoshi and Myogiryu, at M3), which demonstrates that he actually does still belong in the Top Division. It's gotta be tough being the lightest Makuuchi guy inside the curtain, and the 4kg he dropped prior to Aki were sorely missed. But the little guy has a work ethic I admire, he doesn't seem to let his setbacks get to him, and he always gives his all. I think it is easy to say that the Top Division guys have figured him out. That might be true in certain cases, but Enho still has the ability to surprise, and when he manages to use his quickness to get inside, he is pretty darn effective. Just ask Myogiryu.
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    I demand Kakuryu and Hakuho call it a career. It's so much more exciting without Mom & Pop always crashing the party.
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    Day 13, part 2 Asanoyama, still with three losses, beating Mitakeumi: "My body responded. My first step was good and I managed to get an outside grip. The rest went as planned. If I do all my moves one by one and with all my might, it will affect my opponent.. The three losses at the beginning woke me up and from day 4 onwards I was feeling at ease, which caused me to be able to do my own sumo." Yusho chances, perhaps? "I am not thinking about anything. I'm concentrating on the bout at hand." Ounoshou, 10th win: ""I'm not especially conscious of double digit wins. I lost a lot last basho (13 losses..)and faced this basho planning on making up for that, but I just did my sumo a bout at a time without thinking too much. The same goes for the yusho race-I'm just going out there day by day.." Hokuseihou, Hakuhou's two meter tall prodigy, winning the Jonidan yusho after winning the Jonokuchi yusho last basho: "I entered sumo feeling I could win the yusho in all the lower divisions." This morning at the keiko-ba, Hakuhou told him to go out there and do his best. "I'm able to slowly meet all my objectives.. I want to gambarize in sandanme as well!" Tobizaru's brother Hidenoumi got his kachikoshi at Juryo 9 today. About his brother's success "He has been seriously preparing himself for this and now I think his flower is blooming. He's facing difficult opponents but he has gained strength. His lower body is stable. He used to be pushed around and he pulled a lot but he has built himself a formidable lower back. I want to gambarize and make it back to Makuuchi quickly!"
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    Day 12: Wakatakakage, losing in the two-loss rikishi confrontation against Tobizaru: " My tachiai was half-hearted. My weak side emerged.." Tobizaru, tied for the lead, asked about the yusho and his nerves: "I'm not nervous and not thinking about it.. I want to win the next three bouts, then I'll think about it.. Today I was able to attack without pulling." Today, he got the Morinaga Seika kensho for the most interesting bout. "I never got that before so I am very happy. I'm not very popular yet.. I really am not nervous. It's much scarier to be nervous." "Hey, there's no yusho parade this time, so why don't you win it??" said his Oitekaze Oyakata. Tobizaru was stuck in Juryo for three years. "Those were difficult times for him. He is a hard trainer. Things have changed these last two years," added his Oyakata. Daieishou, makekoshi as shin-Sekiwake: "I'm still not good enough. No use being sad. I want to gambarize till the end.." Ounoshou, beating Terunofuji in a three-loss rikishi confrontation: "I calmly denied him my mawashi and was able to do sumo, and that was good. I'm not changing anything I'm doing , so if I will be able to face my opponents one by one and go all out it will be good." Mitakeumi, losing to Takayasu for his fifth loss, getting further away from double-digit wins: "I'm still full of willpower. I want to win solidly and get those double digits.." Former Makuuchi and one-time great hope Joukouryuu got his kachikoshi (after losing his first three bouts) at Makushita 1, almost certain to return to Juryo next basho: "I gave up at some point but my shisho told me not to and the people around me were very supportive. After I lost my first three bouts my family bought me a good luck charm. I put it inside my mawashi and won four straight. I usually watch the Makuuchi bouts on TV at home. My 2-year old daughter asks me where I am. It makes me a bit sad, but now I'm feeling like 'just wait and see..' I have been encouraged by many people throughout my injuries and all I can do is thank them.. It's taken me some time, but I want to gambarize and aim upwards!"" Takanoshou kachikoshi, probably in Sanyaku next basho: "I don't know if my sanyaku promotion will happen so all I had in mind was to get that kachikoshi.. Tomorrow it's Tobizaru. As for helping out my heyamate Takakeishou get the yusho, I'm not thinking of that- I would like to think only of my own sumo." Takakeishou, getting a freebie due to Endou's kyujo; " I heard about it this morning after training. I did not change anything in my daily routine. A fusensho doesn't mean it's a day off. I did today what I do every day. Shoudai tomorrow? Every day is important. There is nothing to change ahead of tomorrow.." Shoudai tied for the lead and winning his tenth after beating Takarafuji: "I didn't imagine that I would have double digit wins so quickly. I think the flow is good. We still have three days to go. I'll do everything in order not to lose my concentration. I'm not thinking about the yusho, I'm just feeling great. Since day 1 I have asked not to be told who I'm facing the next day, and it seems to be working well.. I just want to concentrate on doing my own sumo to its fullest." Asanoyama, one win behind the leaders: "I'm not thinking of the past- I will try to exert all my power and give it my all. If I do my own sumo, the results will follow. My body is moving well. I can only face the bouts with my own body!"