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    Jonidan 82 and 43 year old Satonofuji (24 years in sumo) beat his opponent Miyakojima by the fantastic technique Izori.
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    Some day 6 talk: Ura, 18 straight wins: "I knew my opponent was wily so I watched him closely. I did well. 18 straight wins? I have nothing to say about that. I know I have more power in me. I'm still rehabilitating and getting better. It's still not over yet. I have to gambarize and not get injured!" Terunofuji, doing well in his return to Makuuchi: "It's only the beginning. I can still do better. It's going to be important from here on. If I let every loss bring me down I won't be able to do sumo for 15 days. I have to restart my attitude. " Mitakeumi, six straight wins: "I was late at the tachiai today.. I couldn't get my left hand in and thought to myself that this is not good, but I was patient and able to move forward. I'm not in bad shape and I'd like to continue doing my own sumo like this.." Enhou, winning and losing on alternate days: "If I go head on I am at a disadvantage. I wanted to get low and inside. I'm getting better every day. There are things i still need to overcome, but with patience and feeling I'd like to overcome them.." Hakuhou, six straight wins: "I felt good as I was able to move forward. The flow is good at present. I'd like to keep it that way. Am I getting better daily? You have seen for yourself.." Asanoyama, 6-0: " My opponent today Ounoshou is a powerful pusher so I knew I had to get a good first step in and do forward moving sumo. Mitakeumi won right before me and I wanted to follow closely. I'm facing every basho as a challenger. I'm thinking about each bout each day and not dwelling on the past." Mongolian Kiribayama, beating an Ozeki for the first time: "I thought I had lost but I was able to grab his mawashi at the end. I am thrilled! Everything has changed since Yokozuna Kakuryuu and the Izutsu boys moved to our heya. The training is much more serious and Kakuryuu keeps a close eye on me from the training to what I eat. I used to worship him watching him on TV in Mongolia, and now I am learning from him.." Shoudai, all over the place but winning: "I kind of fell apart but I managed to recover somehow. I was able to move forward and my body was moving well. It felt like I was going to fall on my ass. Luckily, I somehow managed to stay on my feet.." Story about Shoudai- he has his own room at the heya with a TV set. The guys are climbing the walls from boredom because of the lockdown, and asked to borrow the TV and bring it to the large hall where the lower rankers dwell, as he hardly watches TV. "If you're not watching, please lend it to us.." they asked. He gave them the TV as a present and bought a new one for himself..
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    Laconic, since the English commentator says it all.. I had my mask on the whole time and nobody was within 10 feet of me. Somehow, this feels like a jungyo basho because of the very short time between the announcement that the basho is being held and the basho itself.
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    Some jibbering from day 5: Wakatakakage, beating Kotoyuuki, facing Sadogatake rikishi five days running: "It wasn't unpleasant, I was just surprised that it happened again today. It's not easy.." Kotoshouhou, unscathed after the first third of the basho: " I'm able to do sumo with patience. It's still the first half so I want to continue like this and take things seriously a bout at a time ." Shouhouzan, losing today for his fifth straight loss: "I thought Kotoshouhou would put more pressure on me but he didn't. I was done in by his softness in the end.." Kotonowaka, losing to his high school senpai Myougiryuu: "I went with all I had intending to use his chest. It became his pace, but I think I could have attacked more.." Ishiura, lame tachiai and losing to Tamawashi: "I couldn't conjure up a winning image.. Turning my back towards him and running away was what appeared in my sumo .." Hokutofuji, postponing his wedding ceremony due to the Coronavirus: "It's not like I'll get divorced because of the delay. I hope everyone will be able to gather and smile when the time comes.. I'd like to radiate health from the dohyo!" Takayasu, beating Terunofuji in an ex-Ozeki battle: " He has returned from way down and far away.. I decided I will give it my all today. The content was very good and I was able to win!" Shoudai, beating genki sanyaku counterpart Okinoumi: "The content was not good. I lost at the tachiai energy-wise. I managed to get a throw in while falling, and that's what decided the bout." Ounoshou, 0-5, not being able to beat Hakuhou twice in a row, facing Asanoyama tomorrow: "I'm not in bad shape. I'll be going for a win tomorrow as well!" Kotoshougiku, tied for 7th now in overall career wins with Harumafuji: "The record will mean something when I retire.. I'm just going up there day by day thinking I don't want to lose." Mitakeumi, second straight basho starting with a 5-0 record, facing only hiramaku rikishi so far: "My condition is gradually getting better. Winning 5 straight is how it should be, at my rank." Asanoyama, second straight basho with a 5-0 start as well: "I am nervous, but my body is moving well. It took me a while today. The fact that I couldn't generate an attack is something to reflect upon. During the stalemate I kept telling myself that I cannot lose under any circumstances. The fans are coming in even though the virus is scary and i would like to show them my gratitude." Hakuhou, beating Ounoshou and remaining unbeaten. He hasn't been relying on tachiai harites this basho so far : "I told myself these 5 days were important. I'd like to ride the wave of my current condition and continue with this content day by day .."
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    I declare total BS on the shimpan's decisions regarding the Enhou-Takakeishou and Asanoyama-Okinoumi bouts. They got it backwards.. Akinomaki has it right-the Takakeishou scandal was due to broadcast issues. And Asanoyama won the first match clearly, unless they thought the top of his leg touched as well, but it didn't. Otherwise, no excuse. If Enhou was dead body, so was Okinoumi. Total bollocks, if I may use that term unwisely.
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    Some jabbering Day 4: Takanoshou, first musubi no ichiban, against Hakuhou: "I've never felt this kind of tension before. I was able to move forward, so I have no regrets.." Daieishou, getting Asanoyama to the dohyo-edge, but getting twisted around and losing: "The content wasn't bad, but I couldn't finish it off at the dohyo's edge.." Myougiryuu, beating same aged Ikioi (33) and looking good, having a 4-0 start for the first time since March 2016: "I was attacking all the way so that was good. I'd like to continue in this manner." Enhou, moving to the right at the dohyo edge, turning the tables on Aoiyama who is 100 kilos heavier than him. He is 2-2 now, but still not happy with his performance thus far: "I am not doing it right. The fact we skipped one basho may be the cause.." Terunofuji, 4 straight wins after his return to Makuuchi: "All I can do is give it my all. Even if I can't do that, I'm not about to give up!" Kotoshouhou, the rookie with a 4-0 record, facing ex-Ozeki Takayasu, who trained against him a few months ago: "I did my best not to be conscious of it. We are at the same position at present so I told myself I had to go out there feeling I can win and I'm happy I did. I was happy to get my first-ever kensho. I'll think about how to spend the money.." Asanoyama, almost losing today. "It was bad sumo today. I was in too much of a hurry at the end but managed to sidestep with all my might and that was good.. I am nervous when I mount the dohyo. The crowds' applause gives me strength and I want to live up to their expectations!" Hakuhou, facing Takanoshou for the first time and winning: "He felt heavy and strong. The fact that I moved well at the end is due to my experience, I guess. I think so.. I did train against him in the past. He has a hard body- I love facing hard-bodied opponents." Mitakeumi now 4-0, beating Yutakayama: "Today was the best sumo I did since day 1. I'm able to fight calmly-my body is moving well , so I'm taking it one day at a time.."
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    Day 8 nakabi nikibi bikini talk; Kotoekou, beating ex-Ozeki Takayasu for his sixth win: "It was good that i never let up on my offense. My young heyamate rookie Kotoshouhou has been a great stimulus to me!! " (Hey, I suggested that in my video today..) Kotoshouhou, second loss for the rookie: "I used too much power. My feet didn't follow.." Tochinoshin, getting a freebie because of Kotonowaka going kyujo: "I learned about it around 11:30 am. I'm happy to get the win but feeling-wise I wanted to do some sumo..' Chiyotairyuu, overwhelmed by Kotoshougiku's yori: "Maybe I'm wrong, but i thought my opponent did not have his right hand down. The minute we clashed I thought it was a matta but till I realized it wasn't I was out of the dohyo.." Yutakayama, 0-8 and makekoshi: "This is inexcusable towards the people who are cheering me on. Tomorrow i want to win with my willpower.." Daieishou, back in Komusubi and with 5 wins: "I have been able to do my own sumo at sanyaku these eight days. I shall gambarize, knowing that good things come if you go all out!" Hokutofuji, pulling Takakeishou down : "I thought it was frantic sumo and I couldn't use all my power, but I was able to concentrate and get that result. I was able to see my opponent well. In all, I'm able to concentrate and my tachiai is good. I will gambarize and make each day a good day!"" Kotoshougiku, his rival ex-Kisenosato in the NHK commentator booth today, and tying his record of 714 career Makuuchi wins: "I'm happy to have reached a milestone.I'd like to get as many wins as i can for those that support me!" Tamawashi, in a tie for 9th place for all time record of consecutive appearances at 1264: "I really haven't thought about that record, but I've managed to come all this way because I have done the fundamentals.." Ounoshou, endless bouts against the joi rankers continue as he drops to 0-8: "I've been going about it as usual. I shall gambarize, believing that good things come if you go all out! " (Second part - almost word for word what Daieishou said..) Terunofuji, getting his 7th win after returning to Makuuchi this basho: "I need to get my kachikoshi at this rank. I shall gambarize for one more win!" Hakuhou, 50th kachikoshi on day 8: "50? Sounds good.. I was able to overcome Kagayaki's skill with power. Asanoyama is fighting as if he has been Ozeki for 2-3 years. Calling him a new Ozeki seems inappropriate.. Doing my best while being the sole active Yokozuna is part of my job and my responsibility.." Asanoyama, getting his kachikoshi on day 8 of his first basho as an Ozeki, beating Aoiyama: "My opponent uses huge pushes, so I came in from under in order not to lose. I know now that I'm tied for sixth place overall as a new Ozeki who won his first eight matches. If I think about that too much my body goes rigid. I just want to concentrate a day at a time and will think only of doing my own brand of sumo." Shoudai, keeping his one loss record: "I managed to win my last two bouts after getting pushed to the edge of the dohyo, so I told myself to try to avoid that as much as possible.. My hometown Kumamoto has seen devastating floods, after the earthquake we had 4 years ago.. I'd like to do whatever I can to help the people there, take some initiative. At the moment, all I can do is do good sumo and if that delights them, nothing can make me happier. I'll be facing tougher opponents now, but I'm ready for them. I'll do my best and the results will follow. The TV set I gave the guys a few days ago? It was a small set and a good opportunity.." Did I say nice guy?
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    Here is a crazy stat. Today, 42 year old Tenichi beat 50 year old Hanakaze in their second meeting. Their first meeting occurred... 24 years ago! There 26 year old Hanakaze (then Tatsuyamaguchi) defeated 18 year old Tenichi. Who will win the decider in 2044?
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    I was reprimanded today.
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    Day 1 rikishi jabber: Kotoshouhou, day 1, first Makuuchi match, a win: "I'm a bit relieved.The content was good and I hope I can continue like this.." Kotoshougiku, his generation rikishi Toyonoshima and Tochiouzan retiring: "I'm lonely but I'll keep gambarizing. My power is my confidence and I'd like to go with that.." Kotonowaka, beats ex-Ozeki Takayasu with a last-ditch throw: " the content wasn't that good, but I was able to hold my own. I'll do all-out sumo very day!" Takayasu, injuring his left thigh in March and going kyujo: "I'm back where I was before the injury. I'm at the point where my ring sense is coming back gradually." Tokushouryuu, his yusho portrait ceremony postponed due to the virus: "Nothing I can do about it.. I'm just grateful I can do sumo at all.. I'd like to battle for 15 days with gratitude.." Shoudai, heavy rains in his hometown of Kumamoto: "We just got over the earthquake damages, and now another disaster. I feel I need to gambarize more than ever!" Takanoshou, losing to the new Ozeki : "I wanted to get an inside grip.." Okinoumi, attacking Hakuhou and looking in charge, but losing: "I was in a good position and it's not that I screwed it up - I was in too much of a hurry.." Chiyotairyuu, losing after a monoii, but because of the virus limitations, the shimpan were far apart, and their discussion could actually be heard clearly: "The place was empty so I could actually hear them talking. I heard 'Chiyotairyuu was out first ' at least three times.. I knew i had lost and told myself to look forward to tomorrow.." he said later.
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    Day 7- I actually think we had a grand day of sumo today and the video is pretty good.. Pretttty good..:
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    See, Hakuho doesn’t hold ALL the Yokozuna records.
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    What a shame, I always liked his bouts even though he had clearly been on the tail end of his career for some time. I'm gonna miss the way he slowly inches forward using only his feet just before the tachiai: edit: btw Otokonoyama, you typoed his name in OP, "Tochiochan" makes him sound considerably more cute than he is
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    I’ve been patiently waiting for an opportunity to make my “Floats like a butterfly, stings like Abi” pun, but none ever comes up, so I’ll just make it here without any context and know that you will all double up with laughter regardless.
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    Ura (Makushita 19E) is 3-1, losing after an 18 win streak Taihou's grandson Naya (Makushita 5E, third eldest) lost to Sakigake and is 1-3. Mudouhou, Taihou's other grandson (youngest) has kind of slipped our minds.. He is actually doing very well, career record 16-2 and is 4-0 at Sandanme 84W in his third basho. And his third grandson Houzan (second eldest), is 4-0 at Jonokuchi 20W, after going 2-1 in maezumo in March. There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler. Chiyonokuni is 4-0 at Makushita 12 W. Amakaze, former Juryo stalwart and one basho in Makuuchi and seemingly nice guy, was injured in July 2018 and dropped all the way down to Jonidan 50. He is gradually working his way back to you babe, 7 straight kks and is now 3-1 at Makushita 36E. Joukouryuu, Makushita 4W, beat Kyokusouten today and is 3-1. Toyohibiki (Makushita 10E) beat Kizenryuu today and is 3-1 as well. Then we have the two headed monster headed for greatness Dewanoryuu the Mongolian, Sandanme 49E, 16-1 career, 17 win streak at the moment (4-0 this basho) and Nihonyanagi at Sandanme 54W, 15-2 career and 2-1-1 this basho. Edit-has gone kyujo.. Bolivian Kirameki (Daniel VELEZ GARCIA ) is ranked at Jonidan 79E and is 3-1. He was 5-2 in his debut basho. He is regarded as a Japanese citizen from Aichi. Shishi, Ukranian newcomer in his first basho ( Sergey Sokolovski) 3-1 at Jonokuchi 14 W. 2-0 in Maezumo in March. And for the heck of it, there's a new guy at Jonokuchi 13W in his first basho. His full name is Shouri Shori. He is 3-1 at the moment. Shori about that.
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    Mitakeumi has been my favorite since I started watching sumo in 2017 and the one thing it seems to me holding him back from the elite consistency you need to be a Y/O is the lack of yotsu sumo. The commentators seem to think he's come a long way in this department, but I don't see it. While completey different rikishi, this is what makes Asaonyama's run of consistency possible. When he gets in a belt battle with a lesser rikishi, you feel like it's an inevitable win for him. With Mitakeumi, I feel like it's 50-50 with a lesser rikishi and significantly less when you get to the sanyaku opponents. I also think it's a lazy narrative to blame it on training, as I think body type plays a factor with Mitakeumi being on the shorter side and not as long of limbs as his peers at his level, denying him of natural leverage to be an elite belt worker. With any oshi sumo to be a regular yusho contender, you need perfect constant timing, reaction, and balance to go along with pushing strength, which Mitakeumi is in the upper echelon in these areas. The problem is any minimal loss in focus can lead to a mistake that leads to an upset loss, which the margain for error on an ozeki run in razor thin. These mistakes are easily overcome for yotsu workers, as your balance and leverage is preserved and can be counteracted by the strength of your grip. The one area that Mitakeumi really stepped up in his two yusho wins was not yotsu sumo, but reactive sumo Kakuryu style. Where he had in both yusho a couple wins where he was on the brink but had perfect focus, timing, and reaction for a side step manuever to overcome a battle up against the tawara. Just look at his wins in Aki 2019 over Daieisho, Abi, and Tamawashi... all competitors that are lower ranked, but gave him some trouble that he overcame from reactive sumo. This basho's Day 3 win over Onosho was another example of that. If he can do that on a more consistent basis and turn even just 1 or 2 losses per tournament into a win, you will be looking at an Ozeki. Reactive sumo often gets frowned upon because it is not dominant and powerful looking, but even the best excel at it to overcome moments of weakness. All just my opinion of course :)
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    I dont know if this ever happened before but at 2009 haru tournament hakuho had zensho yusho and 13 of the opponents were yusho winners at some point and 2 of them had yusho play off does this kind of thing ever happened before? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFBHqfF9q8I day 1 - goedo yusho winner day 2 - hokutoriku play off day 3 - kakuryu yusho winner day 4 - kotoshogiku yusho winner day 5 - tochiozan play off day 6 - kyokutenho yusho winner day 7 - miyabiama yusho winner day 8 - baruto yusho winner day 9 - kotomitsuki yusho winner day 10 - chiyotaikai yusho winner day 11 - kisenosato yusho winner day 12 - harumafuji yusho winner day 13 - kotooshu yusho winner day 14 - kaio yusho winner day 15 - asashoryu yusho winner
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    And with that, Hakuho just got himself a new record that will stand for a long, long time: The longest run up the hanamichi after jumping off the dohyo before returning.
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    Former sekiwake Tochiochan of Kasugano beya retired today, taking on the sumo elder name Kiyomigata.