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  1. Yarimotsu

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Haiku reference Hundreds of poems inside Eleven Dollars
  2. 5 or fewer attempts, I think.
  3. Yarimotsu

    Trivia bits

    If you say "9 wins or better" instead of "exactly 9 wins" then he's in good company with names such as Musashimaru, Kotooshu, Goeido, Onosho - 9 in total in the modern era. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&columns=4&n_basho=4&form1_rank=j&form1_year=>1959&form2_rank=m&form2_wins=>8&form3_rank=m&form3_wins=>8&form4_rank=m&form4_wins=>8
  4. Yarimotsu

    Shohozan intai

    So is there any possibility that this is a Japanese politeness thing and he might have actually wanted a kabu? Or is this almost definitely his actual opinion?
  5. Yarimotsu

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    Yeah, I expanded to other notably similar cases due to that lack of relevant precedence and concluded it was basically a coinflip that would probably land in the J3w's favour in a vacuum, but could go either way in reality. My notes are garbage though: "daiamami and nishikifuji over ryuden has old precedent only. same scenario shoved +1 rung shows mixed results for W and clean sheet for E - potential split? +2 rungs: nearly clean E, 2:3 lost W. -2 rungs: 2:1 for W, clean E."
  6. Yarimotsu

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    I checked as much as I could in the database to see if Ryuden's promotion case / future placement was mathematically comparable to Daiamami and Nishikifuji, also checking the same scenario multiple ranks higher or lower to see if the rank differential was consistent. It became apparent that Ryuden's promotion case was slightly weaker than Daiamami's and slightly stronger than Nishikifuji's. Still, I wasn't too surprised when we heard Nishikifuji would go up because that kept him as a pair with Daiamami, something they seem to care about in certain circumstances.
  7. Looks like I can't do math either, 55 was my score, good enough for my first KK. Huge congratulations to @Sumo Spiffy, runner-up in your first attempt!
  8. 53, all of my points of contention except placing tochi-nishiki-shimano were wrong. Well, that's probably because I looked at the previous banzuke to inform some movements despite the obvious fact that the pressure was mostly downward on that banzuke and upward on this one.
  9. So the idea is - oyakata now retire at 70, and if you want the kabu 5 years earlier you have to pay out their remaining salary (and presumably they can still refuse, although I'd imagine the NSK has official veto over that decision I don't see why they'd act outside of the existing oyakata's wishes).
  10. The way I do it works for what I do with the numbers. I put these options and just copy that table directly: http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx?b=202205&heya=-1&shusshin=-1&spr=on&c=on&simple=on
  11. Yarimotsu

    Preparations of the Y/O Nagoya 2022

    一所懸命 - issho kenmei (apparently there are two options for the 'sho' kanji, with this one meaning 'place' and the other meaning 'life' so that would change the timeframe of the sentiment). Something like "with all one's might". I think this is the phrase most commonly used, eg. "issho kenmei ganbarimasu" but that's from my studies, I haven't actually heard a rikishi say it yet. If the actual phrase used is different I'd be interested too. Could also be "doryoku shimasu" 努力します - I'll do my best - somewhat exaggerated for the translation, I've heard this a lot from rikishi.
  12. Yarimotsu

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    If I were building the banzuke myself, there'd probably be 3 maybe 4. But I'm not, so my guess has 2.
  13. New Sorted Rikishi New Rank Terunofuji Y1e Takakeisho O1e Mitakeumi O1w Shodai O2w Wakatakakage S1e Daieisho S1w Hoshoryu K1e Abi K1w Kiribayama M1e Ichinojo M1w Takanosho M2e Kotonowaka M2w Tamawashi M3e Ura M3w Takayasu M4e Wakamotoharu M4w Endo M5e Sadanoumi M5w Aoiyama M6e Tobizaru M6w Okinoumi M7e Hokutofuji M7w Tochinoshin M8e Nishikigi M8w Shimanoumi M9e Kotoeko M9w Kotoshoho M10e Chiyotairyu M10w Meisei M11e Takarafuji M11w Midorifuji M12e Terutsuyoshi M12w Ichiyamamoto M13e Onosho M13w Chiyoshoma M14e Myogiryu M14w Tsurugisho M15e Oho M15w Yutakayama M16e Chiyomaru M16w Daiamami M17e Nishikifuji M17w Looks like I've managed to have the longest and most annoying copy-paste due to putting all my calculations in a line instead of exporting to a E-W table. Sorry! It seems my most contentious move is putting nishikigi back up against tochinoshin and fully demoting shimanoumi. I know it's not ideal with the balancing of banzuke math but I think it's a possibility. Also I've put takarafuji ahead of midorifuji based on last basho's banzuke.
  14. Yarimotsu

    New seating at the KKan

    Having been in a corporate box once or twice, they really are the best way to watch live sports. And at least in my locality they're a really good deal for the venue because some company just reserves the box for the year and that's guaranteed revenue above normal customer rates - corporate boxes are in high demand and almost never sit empty.
  15. Uhhhhh so with Nishikifuji going up, does that mean Yutakayama somehow ran out of space to stay up? So perhaps additions to the sanyaku are in order? Or I'm overthinking it