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  1. Benevolance

    Kotoshogiku pics overview

    This is clearly a mistake on the part of authorities. If sumotori are not permitted to keep the kindergartner numbers in check, Japan could very well find itself overrun. It's a little known fact that the mawashi was especially developed to allow sumo wrestlers to battle ranks of kindergartners. The thick folds of fabric protect a wrestler from the kindergarteners' most fearsome attack: KAN-CHO! You can see in the photos above how one child has circled around while the pack distracts Kotoshogiku from the front. Only the mawashi has saved Kotoshogiku from horrible embarrassment.
  2. Benevolance

    Kotoshogiku pics overview

    No! Unleash the kindergartners upon the naysayers!
  3. Benevolance

    Kotoshogiku pics overview

    I love that sumo wrestlers actually get to participate in the "How many kindergartners could you fight" challenge. Without legal repercussions.
  4. Benevolance

    YDC convenes after November 2020

    I mean, the YDC obviously issues edicts because that's their mandate. Fine. But, like, if those two retire, it's not magically going to make the current crop of candidates any better. It isn't going to magically make Mitakeumi unterrible, or give Terunofuji real knees. Hak and Kak are sitting out so much, the only thing actually stopping aspirants from getting the rope is that they all pretty much suck and don't yet deserve it.
  5. Benevolance

    Minimum Kachi-Koshi forever

    Holy crap, man. The tournament JUST ENDED. Inter-basho boredom isn't scheduled to begin for...*checks calendar*...another three days.
  6. Benevolance

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Point one: there is no way that banzuke luck will prevail and keep Akiseyama out of Makuuchi, is there? A kachikoshi at Juryo 1 pretty much guarantees that he'll trickle over into the top division like his boobs in a kesho mawashi? Point two: with how many people are going "Terunofuji could win" and outlining elaborate scenarios, I'm placing my bet that it's a short fight and Takakeisho wins easily by a slippiotoshi. Bang! He can tuck that trophy in his mawashi to impress the ladies, and the YDC swoons so hard he gets promoted to yokozuna.
  7. Benevolance

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Too true! I bet if you ask people to name the most admirable rikishi of this era, nine out of ten name Goeidou!
  8. Benevolance

    Kotoshogiku retires

    The yusho was decided on the final day. And he beat Hakuho en route to stay within 1 loss. And, to be fair, nobody who wasn't named Hakuho was ever really in the mix to win during those years. In the year that Kotoshogiku was promoted, Hakuho lost a total of 9 matches out of 90, and two of those losses were to the Geek. Practically god-like*. *For some lesser definitions of godly. Results may vary. Consult your physician if warts develop.
  9. Benevolance

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Naya vs Takagenji was my favorite match of the day.
  10. Benevolance

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    I hope Gagamaru's retirement doesn't negatively impact his chances at a yokozuna promotion.
  11. Benevolance

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    I've got no gripes with Terunofuji. His wrestling isn't as dynamic as it was before, but I can still remember when it was great and he gets a pass. We'll call it the Aminishiki factor.
  12. Benevolance

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    I know that Takakeisho and Mitakeumi and Shodai and Asanoyama are going to be our current crop of ozeki/yokozuna for the foreseeable future but, man, I really can't wait until the next guys get here.
  13. Benevolance

    Nokozuna again?

    The YDC has two buttons: 1) he should retire and 2) he should retire but we're not recommending it yet.
  14. Benevolance

    Nokozuna again?

    I'm still pretty salty about Harumafuji. I have a feeling if he'd dragged his feet juuuuust a bit on retiring, he'd have come out the right side of the controversy. And while I absolutely love Hakuho's skill and precision, Harumafuji's speed and audacity were beautiful to behold. Anyway, not that it needs to be said, but I'm cool with the yokozuna sitting out, and I don't begrudge them a long window of retirement. None of the current crop really wows me as yokozuna material (yet) and I think having the old guard in to play occasional spoiler is great. But not having them there so often is a plus: under Hakuho's dominance, it was pretty much impossible to move up. The current set up lets the kids wrestle and put together ozeki streaks, win some occasional yusho, but perhaps keeps them from getting the rope until they're more seasoned and consistent.
  15. Benevolance

    Nokozuna again?

    So...if Kakuryu marries your uncle, he can get residence applying as a dependent of the dependent of your uncle's wife.