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  1. Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    Wait, are we giving up on Gagamaru for Yokozuna? I just got the t-shirts printed and everything...
  2. I think Moti would sport the Tastunami hair style best.
  3. Harumafuji scandal

    These ceremonies are large, involve ticket sales, and typically take place at kyokai venues. They have to allow enough time to sell tickets, and to work around the other events scheduled at the kokugikan.
  4. Harumafuji scandal

    Yes, but if those Mongolian students really understood Japanese culture they would still be in school while school was out.
  5. Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    Not looking so unridiculous now, is it?
  6. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Much like Goeidou, I've got nothing.
  7. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Maybe a scandal? Or even a double scandal? OMG, we could totally set this up! I know a'll recognize him by his scarf. Yeah, but Ikioi is a good counterpoint. He frequently lets up on his opponent at the tawari. It is really considerate of him, but the number of times he gets beat because he doesn't keep shoving his opponent is ridiculous.
  8. Hakuho misconduct (split from Basho Talk Kyushu 2017)

    I think Tanahohana was behind it.
  9. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    And thus the real motive behind elaborately framing Harumafuji by staging a drunken assault becomes evident: to get off record as the unwinningest winner in all of Winsylvania! Tip your tinfoil hats, folks, because we've just cracked the case wide open!
  10. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    But that's not always the case, is it? I seem to recall Orora losing a match in the last few years against a (possibly the smallest?) rikishi where he was lifting the little guy out of the ring, but lost sight of the edge and stepped out and thereby lost. There were lots of editorial cartoons following the event.
  11. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Has he considered hair extensions?
  12. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I find it unlikely Ichinojo lost that much weight. Maybe he grew, instead? :)
  13. Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    Hakuho is my obvious favorite and looks strong, but I'm pulling for a Goeidou yusho on this one. I mean, frankly, it cannot get much worse for him than last basho. (Or for me. Snorting sake is not recommended). I think that Goeidou's sumo was fine, but he lacked the high-stakes performance confidence that Harumafuji has accumulated due to experience. And so I predict this is the final seasoning that Goeidou required to settle himself down, and that he takes the Kyushu yusho and goes on a yokozuna run in January. I think it's his time.
  14. Basho attendance

    I am happy that sumo is popular again. But I'm also sad because the Fukuoka tournament was my favorite tournament to attend because of its modest attendance; it was very nice being able to walk up on the day-of and buy box seats in the morning. The weekends were still impossible to get boxes, but the 10 weekdays were a breeze.
  15. Chanko-1 Grand Prix

    Off topic a bit, but Kotooshu looks good. Would anyone new to sumo ever believe that he was a rikishi, and a good one at that? I mean, he was never a particularly hefty wrestler, but I wonder if he struggled to keep on what meager extra weight he had?