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  1. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Aw, man. Mitakeumi Hakuho'd Goeidou.
  2. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Can Goeidou Haramafuji Mitakeumi...?
  3. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Hakuho could easily stretch his remaining career over the time required to reach the olympics. It's 11 tournaments away. The top division is so depleted, the Y/O ranks are going to be filled with guys that Hak can reasonably compete with for the foreseeable future. He just does what he's doing - stick it out to win a tournament or two a year, withdraw from the others early on, he'll be seen as generally competing without actually doing so all year long...
  4. Abema TV sumo 2018 all basho live

    I've had occasional trouble with it, too, though I'm getting a "no internet connection" response. I found after I connect, I have to wait several minutes before attempting to connect to abema. Once or twice I've gotten what appears to be a refusal from Abema - I just switched the server I was connected to. There are lots and lots to choose from.
  5. Very similar. Now that the stream is back consistently, we host a kick-off and a wind-up party on days 1 and 15. Sumo runs ~4:30 pm to 2 am where I live, so our friends come over after work. I usually serve up either chanko or okonomiyaki, and we do a casual sumo pool, drink too much sake and whisky, and the pre-bouts inevitably end up with MST3000 style voice-over tracks. We host a pretty-good-sized crowd; usually about 20 people, not counting kids.
  6. Abema TV sumo 2018 all basho live

    Then I wish Dr. Takasu continued success in his endeavors.
  7. Mochi kyuukin standings

    Wait, what? Did the system change somewhere along the way? Or do Kise and Kakuryu seriously have similar earning power to Taiho and the Wolf?
  8. Abema TV sumo 2018 all basho live

    Abema was doing all 6 basho for free in 2018, right? Then it will presumably switch to a pay service?
  9. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    YokOzeki is the name of my new Bare Naked Ladies cover band. (Thus concludes your mandatory daily Canadian Broadcast Content)
  10. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    That is so sassy.
  11. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    For the past... what, decade or so?...if you wanted to win a tournament in which Hakuho was present, 15-0 was the only guaranteed victory, or 14-1 with lucky help from other people. This is basically what kept Kisenosato from becoming a yokozuna for so long, because even if he managed to beat Hak, he'd drop the odd 'easy' match along the way. The bar has slipped somewhat, but Tochi dropping the match against a rikishi he should honestly have beat may cost him the yusho at this point. Factor in that Tochi has historically had poor banzuke luck...if he's looking secure the rope eventually, he can't be losing crucial matches like this to rank and filers, and looking bewildered in the process.
  12. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Too true. Tochinoshin is going to have to take some lessons if he's going to be a real ozeki.
  13. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Well, yes, but it's a little known fact that sumo wrestlers heal faster than normal people, plus the little acorn bob haircut protects them from all manner of concussions, so the doctor's certificate will say two days and an aspirin.
  14. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Neither were Takanohana's. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!
  15. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    My money is still on Hakuho for the yusho, but I cannot see how Tochinoshin doesn't make ozeki after this tournament. The only credible threats remaining to face are the yokozuna, and surely it's impossible to blow this?