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  1. Goeidou's got this one in the bag. Booyah!
  2. One time, in sumo camp, Kotoyuki's bark startled Takanohana oyakata such that that he leaped from his zabuton and injured an elderly passerby. The resulting lawsuit was settled for 1Y but carried with it two restrictive covenants: the first, that Ura was totally frakkin' awesome and totally deserves his cred, and; in the second, Kotoyuki was to cease and desist barking at strangers.
  3. Hak's got a lead going into the final few days and people think the tournament is still up for grabs.
  4. In the era of Hakuho, a clever rikishi must pick and choose their record-setting aspirations carefully.
  5. Indecision. Or, in Japanese, "INDECISION-DESU"
  6. I heard he's planning to do the Tour de France.
  7. I just wanna say I don't think Rocks' Dr Hook post is getting the respect and attention it deserves.
  8. Hey, I do the bad jokes around here.
  9. I guess my first question is...does his 9-6 last tournament constitute the start of an ozeki run, or simply a failed attempt to return to ozeki? Second part, if 9-6 stands as the start of a run and Giku found some miraculous new gear and went, say, 11-4, 12-3 the next two tournaments, would they be more lenient and grant him ozeki at 32 wins, or would they be more stringent because of his failed ozeki stature and be all, "33 wins or bust!"?
  10. It took me 3 reads to get 'okayish' and not O'Kish, and "break" as "time off" and not "debut" and I was really confused about whether this was a yokozuna soccer thing. But on subsequent review, I agree with everything YBF typed.
  11. A potential 2018 intai gives us a range of "He's done in less than a year!" to "Almost 2 full years of fight left!" Anywhere from 4 to 10 basho...that's a pretty safe guess, I suppose.
  12. I read that last post too quickly and saw "Terunofuji" and my thought was "He's retiring? Surely the henka wasn't THAT bad for his career."
  13. With all due respect to Kyokutenho, this most recent finale was still 1000% more entertaining than the Kyokutenho versus Tochiozan playoff in 2012.
  14. Plus the previous Kimura Shonosuke was totally bad ass. A period of mourning after his retirement was warranted.
  15. I would love to see Ama face off against a boxer. I know there is probably little crossover between the sports, and yes, his harite has been shelved since he made yokozuna, but I've always thought he had the wickedest punch in sumo and he's so damnably fast for a 'heavy weight'.