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  1. I would be curious to see how many stablemates were in the joi. Sort of a 'relative competition' thing. But I think this might be rather unwieldy and cumbersome to track.
  2. Shikihide beya just added an Instragram page to their social media presence at the beginning of the month. Not really English, per se, but usually text doesn't matter for Instagram. They post a lot of pictures on Twitter, so I'm hoping they build up a decent collection.
  3. I never edit my posts.
  4. Nobody beats Goeidou! He's still the best Sekiwake in sumo.
  5. Those are actually pretty cool. It would incorporate a lot more ancillary muscles to stabilize the water as it moves. Same idea as doing squats on top a bosu or a swiss ball.
  6. May his career be long and constantly filled with opponents he's never faced before! So I say with complete confidence (19 times out of 20) that Ura will rise to at least Maegashira 9E in his career.
  7. I will be very surprised if this is Hakuho's last yusho.
  8. Goeidou's got this one in the bag. Booyah!
  9. One time, in sumo camp, Kotoyuki's bark startled Takanohana oyakata such that that he leaped from his zabuton and injured an elderly passerby. The resulting lawsuit was settled for 1Y but carried with it two restrictive covenants: the first, that Ura was totally frakkin' awesome and totally deserves his cred, and; in the second, Kotoyuki was to cease and desist barking at strangers.
  10. Hak's got a lead going into the final few days and people think the tournament is still up for grabs.
  11. In the era of Hakuho, a clever rikishi must pick and choose their record-setting aspirations carefully.
  12. Indecision. Or, in Japanese, "INDECISION-DESU"
  13. I heard he's planning to do the Tour de France.
  14. I just wanna say I don't think Rocks' Dr Hook post is getting the respect and attention it deserves.
  15. Hey, I do the bad jokes around here.