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  1. It took me 3 reads to get 'okayish' and not O'Kish, and "break" as "time off" and not "debut" and I was really confused about whether this was a yokozuna soccer thing. But on subsequent review, I agree with everything YBF typed.
  2. A potential 2018 intai gives us a range of "He's done in less than a year!" to "Almost 2 full years of fight left!" Anywhere from 4 to 10 basho...that's a pretty safe guess, I suppose.
  3. I read that last post too quickly and saw "Terunofuji" and my thought was "He's retiring? Surely the henka wasn't THAT bad for his career."
  4. With all due respect to Kyokutenho, this most recent finale was still 1000% more entertaining than the Kyokutenho versus Tochiozan playoff in 2012.
  5. Plus the previous Kimura Shonosuke was totally bad ass. A period of mourning after his retirement was warranted.
  6. I would love to see Ama face off against a boxer. I know there is probably little crossover between the sports, and yes, his harite has been shelved since he made yokozuna, but I've always thought he had the wickedest punch in sumo and he's so damnably fast for a 'heavy weight'.
  7. You just don't appreciate how deep this conspiracy runs. NO ONE DOES!
  8. There isn't a compelling reason for the committee to hurry his promotion, even if he gets the yusho next tournament. Terunofuji is quite young relative to the current crop of yokozuna. And if he can keep wrestling like this, the eventual attrition by age of the top rank will pave way for a promotion. So I think it more plausible that if he gets the y/d/j-y next tournament, they'll start talking about a yokozuna run for July. Though I find this all a big if, given the results of a single tournament. Even Goeidou shines, once a year.
  9. In order for Kakuryu to have fallen for a Kise henka, Kise would have to assume that Kakuryu would be doing forward moving sumo. And against an obviously injured opponent, that's still no guarantee from Kakuryu.
  10. If the dohyo is unsafe, it's because the yokozunae aren't stamping hard enough to drive the evil spirits out. If you must blame someone, blame Kise for his lackluster dohyo iri!
  11. Takanoiwa vs Takayasu's henka-one-henka-two skit is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. And I've seen Shohozan face palm Goeidou out of the ring.
  12. Kotoshogiku is now just three clerical errors away from a zensho yusho. And, more surprisingly, he might actually pull off a return to yo-yo-kadobanning.
  13. ......yet. Mwa ha ha ha! *begins writing the script for the next basho*
  14. As if there weren't enough white people that movie already...
  15. Based on these first two days of results, I'm declaring this tournament a Kotoshogiku Zensho Yusho*! *actual result may vary. consult your doctor if rash occurs.