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    Rikishi Status Kyushu 2019 - current through Day 7

    The lower division changes for Day 7: Withdrawn: Ms24w Honda (Nishikido, 1-2, fusen Day 5) Jd53w Kaishinmaru (Asakayama, 2-1) Back: Sd86e Yamato (Dewanoumi, 1-1-1, fusen Day 4, absent Day 5/6) In: Sd58e Daiyusho (Oitekaze, 0-1-2 with fusen Day 2)
  2. Fukurou seems to not have been on the forum in a month (hopefully everything is alright and she's just busy), so here goes...the non-starting rikishi for Kyushu basho: Makuuchi M12e Ichinojo (Minato, kyujo Day 5 in Aki) Juryo none Makushita Ms5w Takanofuji (Chiganoura, ?!? - no idea why they haven't marked him retired yet) Ms8e Arawashi (Minezaki, kyujo Day 13 in Aki) Ms18w Nishikifuji (Isegahama, kyujo Day 9 in Aki) Sandanme Sd25w Kirinoryu (Michinoku, kyujo since Aki) Sd47e Komanokuni (Shibatayama) Sd60w Chiyodaigo (Kokonoe, kyujo Day 3 in Aki) Jonidan Jd14w Kyokuyuko (Nakagawa, kyujo since Aki) Jd18w Chiyotaiho (Kokonoe) Jd31e Kakutaiki (Michinoku) Jd52e Kototaiki (Sadogatake, kyujo since Aki) Jd61e Chiyotensho (Kokonoe) Jd72e Raiga (Futagoyama) Jd76e Honma (Naruto) Jd76w Hamasu (Onoe, kyujo Day 13 in Aki) Jd92w Fukunofuji (Isegahama, kyujo since Natsu) Jd100w Hanashi (Musashigawa) Jd102w Ariake (Isenoumi, kyujo since Nagoya) Jd107e Toki (Tatsunami) Jonokuchi Jk10w Toyama (Musashigawa) Jk26e Goketsuyama (Shibatayama, kyujo since Aki) Jk26w Wakaseido (Asahiyama, kyujo since Nagoya) Jk27e Yamamotozakura (Shikihide) Jk27w Kototsukahara (Sadogatake, kyujo since Aki) Jk28e Reon (Shikihide, kyujo since Nagoya)
  3. Asashosakari

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    There's a difference between knowing that somebody has retired, and knowing that somebody has not retired. Leaving aside that I'm pretty sure you're overestimating the average sumo fan's attentiveness. (Just spend some time on a more casual fans' place like Reddit, you may be surprised by the questions that get asked about rikishi who are off the dohyo, whether by injury or by retirement... ) Then there's the issue of financial compensation - as it stands I'm pretty sure the Kyokai's regulations don't allow paying any banzuke-gai rikishi more than the jonokuchi allowance, which would be more harsh than letting injured rikishi drop down the divisions naturally. That could of course be changed, but then we're starting to get away from "only takes a few easy adjustments" pretty quickly. And on a more emotional basis, I'm not quite sure an active rikishi wants to have his names struck off the banzuke in such sudden fashion... As far as I can tell, those inside the sumo world still don't only see the banzuke as a ranking list, but also as a symbol of their membership.
  4. Asashosakari

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    So how do you intend to rank these rikishi while they're out injured? Everybody stuck as extras on Ms1 or Ms15 for basho after basho? Not a look the Kyokai would want, I surmise. Or off the printed banzuke completely (i.e. properly the same as tsukedashi)? That would only lead to fans wondering "where has X gone? Is he intai?" Maybe the Kyokai needs to add a new "disabled list" section to its banzuke design as part of your few adjustments...?
  5. Asashosakari

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    But the whole point of introducing changes in that area is to provide ranking protection to those who need it the most, i.e. after injuries that potentially take a rikishi out of action for a year or longer once surgery, proper rehab plus training back to fighting shape are all taken care of. These are not the rikishi anyone should want to force to rush back into action just because a one-year grace period is expiring. The fact that they wouldn't be earning any money while they're out of action should be sufficient deterrent to any excessively long kyujo period. I'm expressly not suggesting (and never have) that they should be retaining their future re-entry rank while they're out. A rikishi who is absent long enough should still drop off the banzuke after sufficiently many 0-0-15/0-0-7's.
  6. Asashosakari

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    The main issue people frequently don't acknowledge is that sumotori are hitting the ground outside the dohyo in many different ways, which makes it different from any other sport I can think of that uses protective padding. Rikishi falling down flat on their backs, rikishi somersaulting and landing on their head/neck, rikishi jumping down with one or both feet, rikishi running off the dohyo with speed... I'm struggling to think of any specific type of padding that wouldn't merely result in some injuries getting reduced while others become more frequent. The minimum consensus might be those relatively sturdy mats they use for Olympic gymnastics, but I suspect those would do far less than people like to imagine.
  7. Asashosakari

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    To explain why I don't think it's sensible: For one thing, slapping the same label on similar-but-different things within the same realm is just needlessly confusing. Prime example from sumo: Takanohana and Musashimaru both had an "ichidai toshiyori". Without further clarification most people should probably not be expected to realize that one of them was a lifetime deal (until, well...) and the other one limited to 5 years. Plenty of fans have no idea about anything that goes on below makuuchi; expanding the scope of tsukedashi would be a real mess requiring frequent explaining. And for another, I'd also hope any sort of revised treatment of injury absences would cover at minimum all sekitori and not just makuuchi, so that would rule out simply copy-pasting the current MsTd regulations for that purpose. You seem to agree with that by offering a rank (Ms1) that has no actual equivalent in MsTd. I have argued in favour of fixed re-entry points before myself, something along the lines of "injured in sanyaku = J14-equivalent, injured as maegashira = Ms15, injured in juryo = Ms30 or Ms60", but that does have some serious edge case issues (K vs M1, M16 vs J1...), and additionally doesn't handle non-honbasho injuries well. Perhaps a better idea altogether would be something like this: Rikishi injured while sekitori-ranked drop down the banzuke as usual, but get to restart from the rank they held after their second full absence no matter how many more of them followed, with the restrictions that it can't be higher than bottom juryo (or indeed maybe Ms1 for practical reasons) and not lower than bottom makushita. For toriteki the same two-demotions rule could be used without any additional max/min limits. That would retain some semblance of the normal banzuke workings, provide better rank-equivalent protection (should an injured M16 really receive the same ranking benefit as an M1, while an M1 gets treated much worse than a komusubi?), and also help to avoid clogging up certain banzuke areas with multiple returnees at the same time. For somebody like Ura that would have meant Ms10. For Terunofuji it would have been Ms60 - although he almost certainly would have managed his career differently if such a rule was in place, and probably dropped out of competition early enough after his demotion from ozeki that he'd have been able to return at bottom juryo or very high in makushita.
  8. Asashosakari

    Rikishi Status Kyushu 2019 - current through Day 7

    The lower division changes for Day 5: Withdrawn: Sd53e Sakurai (Naruto, 0-2) Sd86e Yamato (Dewanoumi, 1-1, fusen Day 4) Sd90e Kiritsubasa (Michinoku, 0-2, fusen Day 4) In: Jk25w Satozakura (Shikihide, 0-1-1 with Day 1 fusen)
  9. Asashosakari

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Well I'm pretty sure such specific re-entry points have been raised before, too, in various guises (bottom juryo, makushita 15, bottom makushita to name the most popular ones). I don't think the notion of outright treating it as the same thing as "makushita tsukedashi" is all that sensible, though.
  10. Asashosakari

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Pretty sure the general idea of letting absent rikishi fall through the banzuke normally but re-inserting them at a higher rank on return has been discussed a number of times around here. I'm personally of the opinion that, while it has some drawbacks, it would be the only sensible way of instituting a protected rank system that acknowledges the elephant in the room, namely that rank == salary in ozumo. Things like Asojima's reduced demotions on subsequent absences are nice in theory, but run headlong into the problem that such an absent rikishi is effectively taking somebody else's earning opportunities away, without doing anything to deserve it in contrast to a rikishi who scores a "real" 5-10. Giving an injury returnee a boost for his way back up the rankings is one thing, but anything that provides benefits to him while he's not actually competing is just not going to happen again after the way the kosho system played out at the end.
  11. Asashosakari

    Potential inclusion of The Underdog Game (TUG) on the Superbanzuke

    My general misgivings about the state Sumotalk has descended to over the past few years aside, I wouldn't see the point in trying to keep FS alive away from it. A major part of its appeal is that it reaches out to a different crowd than just us usual sumo gaming suspects.
  12. Asashosakari

    Abi and Wakamotoharu - SNS banned

    What better social media platform to accommodate large men than one with that name?
  13. Asashosakari

    Rikishi Status Kyushu 2019 - current through Day 7

    Not really. Either something like 2019.11 M3 2020.01 M15 2020.03 J14 2020.05 Ms15 2020.07 Ms55 2020.09 Sd35 2020.11 Sd95 or 2019.11 M3 2020.01 J1 2020.03 Ms1 2020.05 Ms41 2020.07 Sd21 2020.09 Sd81 2020.11 Jd41
  14. Asashosakari

    Peak ranks and the odds of reaching them

    Maybe you were remembering this:
  15. Asashosakari

    Rikishi Status Kyushu 2019 - current through Day 7

    The lower division withdrawals for Day 3: Ms43e Nogami (Oguruma, 0-1, fusen Day 1) Sd8e Hitenryu (Tatsunami, 0-1, fusen Day 2) Sd58e Daiyusho (Oitekaze, 0-1, fusen Day 2) Jk25w Satozakura (Shikihide, 0-1, fusen Day 1)
  16. Asashosakari

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Can't remember if this was brought up before, but - there are a handful of astonishing 1990s appearances in the data of kimarite that were only introduced in the year 2000, specifically one tsutaezori and four osakate. Are these transcription errors, by chance?
  17. Asashosakari

    Games Bugs

    Yeah, that slipped my mind again, sorry. However, attempting to upload the files just now is throwing errors at me. Not sure if it's because I'm late (it has worked late before, though...), or if there's another issue. @Golynohana Attaching the files here in case it's a more significant problem to restore my upload capabilities and Golynohana needs to insert the ranks directly. 201911 S4 Upload.csv 201911 Oracle Upload.csv
  18. Asashosakari

    Rikishi Status Kyushu 2019 - current through Day 7

    That would be darkly amusing if Okinoumi ends up getting a Day 2 freebie after all...
  19. Asashosakari

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    The revised schedule for Day 2 is out, Okinoumi now faces Goeido instead of Kakuryu (among a whole host of changed matchups, obviously).
  20. Asashosakari

    Bench Sumo - Day 1 emergency picks

    4 Hakuho 3 Shodai 3 Shimanoumi 2 Tochinoshin 2 Aoiyama Bench: Chiyotairyu Endo Tamawashi Goeido Takanosho Did the "enter as the default lineup via Day 6" thing anyway, and interestingly the confirmation screen said I could change that entry until September 13...
  21. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Kyushu 2019

    We're ending the 2010's with the shortest LKS ballot in nearly half a decade. These few KK-streaking rikishi await your predictions: 1. Tanakayama 8* 2. Ichiyamamoto 6 3. Kotoshoho 6 4. Yuma 6** 5. Abi 5 [score?] 6. Kotonowaka 5 7. Roga 5* 8. Hokutoo 5 9. Daitenma 5* TB: [pick?] (* marks rikishi with no makekoshi since debut, ** marks rikishi with no makekoshi since banzuke return) The scoring and thus your game assignment: For sanyaku: Please predict an exact record for each rikishi. The target record will be calculated after the deadline and will be chosen so that it bisects the predictions as evenly as possible. The predictions will then be converted into + and - votes as usual; one point for each correct prediction. For lower-ranked rikishi: Please predict for each rikishi if he will finish KK or MK; one point for each correct prediction. (For clarification: If you're expecting an outright makekoshi for one of the sanyaku high-rankers, just predict MK, exact records are only needed on the kachikoshi side of things.) First tie-breaker: From among those 9 guys up there and the further 14 rikishi (9 'veterans' and 5 newcomers) who are currently just shy of a 5-KK streak, please guess how many KK you expect in total. Your tie-breaker guess may be anything from 0 to 23. Only exactly correct guesses qualify at this tie-breaker stage. Note: Sanyaku count as correct for the tie-breaker if they achieve KK, they do not need to meet their target records. Next 8 tie-breakers if needed: Correctly predicted rikishi, one-by-one in ballot order, i.e. starting at Tanakayama. Extra tie-breakers, should two or more players have entered identical ballots: Proximity of their tie-breaker guesses to the correct number, followed by proximity of their sanyaku rikishi guesses to the correct records (one-by-one in ballot order). Final tie-breaker: earliest entry. Note: Rikishi who show up on the before-shonichi kyujo list will be excluded from scoring (even if they end up joining the basho later), so it is not necessary to re-submit your entry if you picked such a rikishi as a KK; he will not count for points anyhow. You may, however, notify me if you'd like to reduce your tie-breaker guess by one point to compensate for the "missing" rikishi. Your position on the entry list (for final tie-breaker purposes) will be deemed unchanged in this special situation. Any other changes to a ballot will be considered a new entry, with correspondingly lower priority for the final tie-breaker. Deadline: Shonichi noon JST. ----- Simplified entry template: 1. Tanakayama KKMK 2. Ichiyamamoto KKMK 3. Kotoshoho KKMK 4. Yuma KKMK 5. Abi W-L 6. Kotonowaka KKMK 7. Roga KKMK 8. Hokutoo KKMK 9. Daitenma KKMK TB xx
  22. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Kyushu 2019

    + Tanakayama - Ichiyamamoto + Kotoshoho - Yuma 8 Abi + Kotonowaka + Roga - Hokutoo + Daitenma TB 11
  23. Asashosakari

    Games Talk Kyushu 2019

    The Day 2 schedule will likely be changed, same as when Kakuryu did this back in Haru 2015.
  24. (You'd think that not having to handle FS this time would result in these getting posted more timely, but...) Seki-Toto (play): Susanoo (Yw 11-4) Y Norizo (Ye 10-5) Pandaazuma (Oe 12-3 Y) O ScreechingOwl (Ow 9-6) Andoreasu (S2w 11-4) S1 Konosato (S1e 10-5) Fujisan (S1w 10-5) S2 Haidouzo (M2w 12-3 D) Taka (M1e 11-4) K Kuroimori (S2e 7-8) Jakusotsu (M5e 9-6) M1 Mmikasazuma (M3e 8-7) Toonoryu (Ke 7-8) M2 Kotononami (M7w 10-5) Herritarooo (M4w 8-7) M3 Flohru (Kw 6-8-1) Athenayama (M15w 12-3 D) M4 Kitakachiyama (M4e 7-8) Andonishiki (M2e 6-9) M5 Damimonay (M11e 9-5-1) DeRosa (M9e 8-7) M6 Unkonoyama (M9w 8-7) Ketsukai (M3w 6-9) M7 Gurowake (M1w 5-10) Golynohana (M7e kosho) M8 Umigame (M6e 7-8) Tenshinhan (M10w 8-7) M9 Asashosakari (M6w 7-8) Gansekiiwa (M13e 9-6) M10 Achiyama (M8w kosho) Sakura (M5w 6-8-1) M11 Kintamayama (M14w 9-6) Ulishimaru (M12w 8-7) M12 Kobashi (M16e 9-6) Kaiowaka (M10e 7-8) M13 Chankoyama (M8e 6-9) Kishikaisei (M11w 7-8) M14 Andrasoyamawaka (M16w 8-7) Ganzohnesushi (M13w 7-8) M15 Gernobono (J1e 8-7) Choshu-yuki (J4e 9-6) M16 Chishafuwaku (J6e 9-6) GONZABUROW (M15e 6-9) J1 Sebunshu (M12e 4-11) Bill (J1w 7-8) J2 Sukubidubidu (J10e 10-5) Hana-ichi (J3e 7-8) J3 Mariohana (M14e 4-11) Chijanofuji (J2e 6-9) J4 Benihana (J12w 10-5) Frinkanohana (J4w 7-8) J5 Gaijingai (J5w kosho) Anjoboshi (J13e 10-4-1) J6 Kyoju (J10w 8-7) Atenzan (J6w 7-7-1) J7 Profomisakari (J3w 5-10) Sutarokku (J14e 9-6) J8 Nantonoyama (J5e 5-10) Neko (Ms2e 9-2-4) J9 Onakaderu (J8e 6-8-1) Ahokaina (J8w 6-7-2) J10 Fukurou (J2w 3-5-7) Gaanaa (J9e 6-9) J11 Konizan (J7w 5-8-2) Terarno (J12e 7-8) J12 Gawasukotto (J13w 7-8) Rowitoro (Ms1w 7-7-1) J13 Takanorappa (J11e 5-9-1) Getayukata (J11w 5-9-1) J14 Metzinowaka (J14w 6-9) Oskahanada (NR 9-6) Ms1 Tatsuomi (Ms3e 6-6-3) Chelseayama (NR 8-6-1) Ms2 Dan Koloff (Ms2w 5-8-2) Sherlockiama (Ms1e 4-7-4) Ms3 Holleshoryu (J7e 0-0-15) Saruyama (Ms4e 5-8-2) Ms4 Takayumi (Ms4w 5-8-2) Balon (NR 7-8) Ms5 Hakajusakari (J9w 0-0-15) Effinojo (Ms6e 5-6-4) Ms6 Wolfgangho (Ms5w 4-5-6) Luchakuma (Ms7e kosho) Ms7 WAKATAKE (Ms5e 3-11-1) Tsuchinoninjin (Ms3w 1-3-11) Ms8 Oortael (NR 4-9-2) Orangemachismo (NR 4-6-5) Ms9 Jejima (Ms7w 2-13) Azumawashi (Ms10e kosho) Ms10 Ophi (NR 1-0-14) Iepii (Ms8e 0-1-14) Ms11 Takashidodo (Ms8w 0-0-15) Slavikofuji (Ms9e 0-0-15) Ms12 Lionojo (Ms9w 0-0-15)
  25. Asashosakari

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Kyushu 2019

    Seki-Oracle (play): Pandaazuma (Y1e 12-3) Y1 Choshu-yuki (Y2w 11-4) Gurowake (Y2e 7-8) Y2 Norizo (Y1w 6-9) Gansekiiwa (Oe 11-4) O - Jejima (M1w 13-2 Y) S1 Mariohana (S1w 9-6) DeRosa (S2w 9-6) S2 Sakura (K1e 10-5) Golynohana (M1e 10-5) K Asashosakari (K1w 8-7) chishafuwaku (M5e 10-5) M1 GONZABUROW (M8w 11-4) Kitakachiyama (S1e 7-8) M2 Kishikaisei (M3w 8-7) Frinkanohana (M2e 7-8) M3 Ganzohnesushi (M6e 9-6) Andoreasu (M6w 9-6) M4 Flohru (M9e 9-6) Torafujii (M3e 6-9) M5 Bill (M7e 8-7) Tsuchinoninjin (K2e 4-11) M6 Haidouzo (M4w 6-9) Kurofuji (M5w 6-9) M7 Taka (M7w kosho) Sebunshu (M4e 5-10) M8 Wamahada (M2w 4-11) Hakase (M11w 8-7) M9 Athenayama (M13w 8-7) Mmikasazuma (M10e 7-8) M10 Unkonoyama (M10w 7-8) Nantonoyama (M11e 7-8) M11 Asapedroryu (M16e 8-7) Akezuma (M12e kosho) M12 Pitinosato (M12w kosho) Tenshinhan (M13e kosho) M13 Andrasoyamawaka2 (M8e 5-10) Kotononami (J5w 13-2) M14 Susanoo (J3w 12-3) ScreechingOwl (J2e 11-4) M15 Konosato (M9w 5-10) Takanorappa (M15e kosho) M16 - Shatsume (M14w 7-8) J1 Gaijingai (J6e 11-4) Metzinowaka (M15w 7-8) J2 Ryoshishokunin (J5e 10-5) Profomisakari (M14e 6-9) J3 Hironoumi (J1w kosho) Oortael (J7e 9-6) J4 Seki Haruaki (J1e 7-8) Oskahanada (NR 13-2) J5 Azumawashi (J3e kosho) Kobashi (J2w 6-9) J6 Kaiowaka (J9e 7-8) Kasamatsuri (J11e 7-8) J7 Anjoboshi (J6w 5-10) Fujisan (J8w 5-10) J8 Balon (NR 7-8) reeeen (J10w 5-10) J9 Kyoju (J9w kosho) Unagiyutaka (J7w 3-12) J10 Andonishiki (J10e 4-11) Terarno (J12e 3-12) J11 Saruyama (J4e 0-0-15) Ruziklao (J4w 0-15) J12 Sora Urufu (J12w kosho) Adamito (J13e kosho) J13 stepenwolf (J14w kosho) Shiroikishi (Ms1e kosho) J14 -