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    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries !!

    118 entries, the most since Nagoya 2006 I believe? Here's mine: Hakuho (Ye 1-3-11) Y Kakuryu (Yw 1-4-10) Takakeisho (Oe 11-4) O --- Asanoyama (Se 10-5) S Shodai (M4w 13-2) Hokutofuji (M2e 11-4) K Endo (M1e 9-6) Daieisho (Kw 7-8) M1 Takayasu (Sw 6-9) Okinoumi (M4e 8-7) M2 Yutakayama (M9w 11-4) Mitakeumi (M2w 7-8) M3 Ryuden (M8w 10-5) Abi (Ke 5-10) M4 Enho (M5w 8-7) Onosho (M7w 9-6) M5 Myogiryu (M1w 5-10) Tokushoryu (M17w 14-1 Y) M6 Kagayaki (M11w 10-5) Takarafuji (M6e 7-8) M7 Tamawashi (M3e 5-10) Shohozan (M7e 7-8) M8 Kiribayama (M17e 11-4) Takanosho (M9e 7-8) M9 Tochinoshin (M6w 5-10) Sadanoumi (M10e 7-8) M10 Tochiozan (M16e 9-6) Chiyotairyu (M11e 7-8) M11 Terutsuyoshi (M14e 8-7) Ishiura (M10w 6-9) M12 Ikioi (M15w 8-7) Kotoshogiku (M13e 7-8) M13 Kaisei (M16w 8-7) Tsurugisho (M12e 6-9) M14 Aoiyama (M8e 4-11) Chiyomaru (M12w 6-9) M15 Azumaryu (M15e 7-8) Nishikigi (J4e 11-4) M16 Shimanoumi (M14w 6-9) Meisei (M5e 1-7-7) M17 Kotoyuki (M3w 0-0-15) Daiamami (J6e 11-4) M18 --- I expect high overall scores if it's really just 7 sanyaku, rather not so high if not... Couldn't justify dropping Meisei or Kotoyuki for the two J2's with their not-really-necessary-to-promote 8-7 records.
  2. Asashosakari

    Goeido to Retire

    It's certainly the case that continuing to compete is financially worthwhile as such - for instance, compared to the monthly salary of 1.032 million yen that Goeido will now receive as oyakata*, Kotoshogiku is still making 1.4 million per month as maegashira (plus bonus payments, in his case about 30% on top of that base amount). But yeah, as fwuzzle23's comment stated, the timing of the actual retirement makes no difference as to the benefits that can be obtained from that. IMHO though, the money probably doesn't make that much of a difference either way - some guys have the will and desire to compete to the bitter end, while others just feel they're physically done and are happy to move on to the next phase of their sumo career in coaching. It will often be different for rikishi who already know they're not going to stay in the Kyokai and will try to make the paychecks come in for as long as possible; retirements by them are quite rare while they still have room to spare on the banzuke before the unsalaried ranks beckon. * Which is what the vast majority of oyakata get in salary - guys who didn't make it to ozeki start with lower amounts if they manage to remain in the Association, but they get there within about 5 years as well. On the flipside, oyakata who are elected or selected for executive positions will earn more than that.
  3. Asashosakari

    Retired before Haru 2020

    How would that work? He had another 5-2 from roughly the same rank four months earlier, so surely it's almost impossible to expect something other than the ~30 rank rise he got on that occasion. (Leaving aside that I'm not sure if anybody bothers to tell low-rankers their exact new rank before the banzuke is actually published.) It could have been made official by the stable, same as they did for Musashikuni not so long ago. Whether or not it's acknowledged by the Kyokai already is just a clerical matter. (And the banzuke release really has no relevance here.)
  4. Asashosakari

    Sansho for Hatsu 2020

    Alternative thread title: Sansho for everyone! Shukun-sho: Endo (1st; 5th sansho overall) Shukun-sho: Shodai (conditional on yusho) condition not fulfilled Shukun-sho: Tokushoryu (1st, was conditional on yusho) Kanto-sho: Shodai (4th) Kanto-sho: Kiribayama (1st) Kanto-sho: Tokushoryu (1st) Gino-sho: Hokutofuji (2nd) Gino-sho: Enho (conditional on 9th win) condition not fulfilled First and second sansho ever for Tokushoryu in the same basho.
  5. Asashosakari

    Olympic jungyo 2020

    I don't think that was ever a serious possibility with the IOC's current preferences for how the Olympic programme should be run by the host country.
  6. Asashosakari

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries !!

    Google Docs helper updated now:
  7. (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015) It's that time again for the Fuji TV-sponsored one-day prize money tournament, which will take place at the Kokugikan this Sunday, February 9th. As usual it will feature juryo division rikishi in three sections playing down to a tomoe-sen final, while the makuuchi rikishi are competing in a standard knockout bracket down to the final match. Besides the ever popular shokkiri demonstration, the bonus live programme once again features three "old boys" exhibition matches. This time: Ajigawa (ex-Aminishiki) vs Otowayama (ex-Tenkaiho) Tomozuna (ex-Kyokutenho) vs Kitajin (ex-Shotenro) Naruto (ex-Kotooshu) vs Onomatsu (ex-Daido) The first and third pairing never happened in honbasho competition, while the second stopped getting scheduled after 2011 when Kyokutenho and Shotenro became brothers-in-law. Nakamura (ex-Yoshikaze) will be joining on commentary for these matches. Update, see below. (Is this the first year since they revived the OB matches that ex-Takamisakari isn't part of them? I think it might be. Of course he's probably got bigger things on his plate right now.) In addition to the usual sale of three chanko varieties - this year presented by the Hakkaku, Sakaigawa and Takasago stables - there will also again be a lottery for ticket holders to win photo-ops with either Asanoyama, Shodai or Enho at the arena. The whole thing starts around 11:30 JST, with TV coverage as always for the makuuchi portion of the event. Satellite channel Fuji TV One will be broadcasting from 14:30 for the makuuchi dohyo-iri and the early rounds of the top division tournament, before making way for terrestrial Fuji TV from 16:05 to 17:20 for the tournament conclusion and trophy presentation. A full rebroadcast on Fuji TV One is also scheduled for 21:00 to 23:50. The draws for the two divisional tournaments were released yesterday. Juryo kyujo: Tomokaze, Irodori Preliminary Round Chiyootori - Hoshoryu Terunofuji - Sakigake Last 24 Kizakiumi - Kyokushuho Daiamami - Toyonoshima Sokokurai - Mitoryu Daishomaru - Kotonowaka Nishikigi - Chiyoshoma Kyokutaisei - Takagenji Asagyokusei - Hidenoumi Churanoumi - Akua Yago - Chiyootori/Hoshoryu Daishoho - Kotoshoho Ichinojo - Wakatakakage Terunofuji/Sakigake - Tobizaru Makuuchi intai: Goeido kyujo: Kotoyuki Preliminary Round Sadanoumi - Kotoeko Chiyomaru - Tochiozan Tsurugisho - Kaisei Ikioi - Tokushoryu Kiribayama - Ishiura Chiyotairyu - Kagayaki Terutsuyoshi - Kotoshogiku Azumaryu - Shimanoumi Last 32 (1) Hakuho - Meisei Sadanoumi/Kotoeko - Enho Onosho - Chiyomaru/Tochiozan Okinoumi - (7) Daieisho (6) Abi - Tsurugisho/Kaisei Tochinoshin - Shodai Takarafuji - Ikioi/Tokushoryu Yutakayama - (5) Takayasu (3) Takakeisho - Tamawashi Kiribayama/Ishiura - Hokutofuji Aoiyama - Ryuden Chiyotairyu/Kagayaki - (8) Endo (4) Asanoyama - Takanosho Terutsuyoshi/Kotoshogiku - Mitakeumi Myogiryu - Azumaryu/Shimanoumi Shohozan - (2) Kakuryu (I don't quite get the seeding this year... Maybe only yokozuna and ozeki are intentionally kept apart among the seeded top 8, I dunno. Or have they treated freshly-demoted Takayasu as having higher status than Asanoyama despite what the Hatsu banzuke said?)
  8. Asashosakari

    44th Fuji TV Grand Sumo Tournament

    Although they skipped Myogiryu-Azumaryu and Kakuryu-Shohozan while they switched from Fuji One to Fuji; the Kakuryu match got an ultra-quick showing in a recap later on, the other one wasn't seen at all I believe.
  9. Asashosakari

    44th Fuji TV Grand Sumo Tournament

    Posted about the 2019 edition two weeks ago: Hey, what do I know. First winner to retain the title in 12 years. Congrats!
  10. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Hatsu 2020

    Scores for banzuke purposes: Rocks 13 (12+top) Athenayama 13 (12+top) Profomisakari 11 Tenshinhan 11 Jejima 11 (10+tb) ryafuji 10 Asashosakari 10 Joaoiyama 10 Pandaazuma 10 Holleshoryu 9 Ryoshishokunin 9 Achiyama 8 robnplunder 8 Sakura 8 Tsuchinoninjin 7 WAKATAKE 7 chishafuwaku 6 Total: 161 / 17 = 9.47 ---> -2 wins The kachi/make cut doesn't get much more clean than that. The new banzuke for Haru 2020: Asashosakari (Ye 8-7) Y --- Mmikasazuma (Oe kosho) O chishafuwaku (Ow 4-11) Athenayama (M1e 11-4 D) S1 ryafuji (Se 8-7) --- S2 Rocks (M3e 11-4 Y) Tenshinhan (M2e 9-6) K Pandaazuma (M1w 8-7) Profomisakari (M4w 9-6) M1 Ryoshishokunin (Kw 7-8) Jejima (M6w 9-6) M2 Sakura (Sw 6-9) Joaoiyama (NR 8-7) M3 Holleshoryu (M5w 7-8) robnplunder (M3w 6-9) M4 WAKATAKE (M2w 5-10) Achiyama (M5e 6-9) M5 Tsuchinoninjin (M4e 5-10) wolfgangho (Ke 0-0-15) M6 --- A decent enough start for the newly minted yokozuna, even if the game's unforgiving scoring turned his yusho challenge into a minimum KK with just one unfavourable rikishi result at the end. The co-tsunatori by our two ozeki, who had both been runner-up back-to-back in Aki and Kyushu, has sadly ended in kadoban for chishafuwaku with the basho's red lantern score, while Mmikasazuma will get her opportunity when she's hopefully back in action next time. ryafuji will be sekiwake for the 5th straight basho - I don't have easily accessible stats for that, but that strikes me as very unusual for LKS. Unfortunately he's not particularly close to ozeki promotion as this streak has come about courtesy of three 8-7's and a kosho. The yusho winner and the narrowly defeated doten runner-up are of course up for promotion in March, with Athenayama in the stronger position due to a KK lead-in from Kyushu basho.
  11. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Hatsu 2020

    C'mon, I'm not that late. Here's the ballot for the decade-opening edition of LKS: 1. Kotoshoho 7 2. Abi 6 [score?] 3. Kotonowaka 6 4. Roga 6* 5. Terunofuji 5 6. Yamatoarashi 5 7. Amakaze 5 8. Suzuki 5 9. Daikisho 5 10. Kotosusumu 5 11. Ayakaze 5 12. Yutakayama 4 13. Akua 4 TB: [pick?] (* marks rikishi with no makekoshi since debut) The scoring and thus your game assignment: For sanyaku: Please predict an exact record for each rikishi. The target record will be calculated after the deadline and will be chosen so that it bisects the predictions as evenly as possible. The predictions will then be converted into + and - votes as usual; one point for each correct prediction. For lower-ranked rikishi: Please predict for each rikishi if he will finish KK or MK; one point for each correct prediction. (For clarification: If you're expecting an outright makekoshi for one of the sanyaku high-rankers, just predict MK, exact records are only needed on the kachikoshi side of things.) First tie-breaker: From among those 13 guys up there and the further 12 rikishi (3 'veterans' and 8 regular newcomers + SdTd Shiraishi) who are currently just shy of a 5-KK streak, please guess how many KK you expect in total. Your tie-breaker guess may be anything from 0 to 25. Only exactly correct guesses qualify at this tie-breaker stage. Note: Sanyaku count as correct for the tie-breaker if they achieve KK, they do not need to meet their target records. Next 12 tie-breakers if needed: Correctly predicted rikishi, one-by-one in ballot order, i.e. starting at Kotoshoho. Extra tie-breakers, should two or more players have entered identical ballots: Proximity of their tie-breaker guesses to the correct number, followed by proximity of their sanyaku rikishi guesses to the correct records (one-by-one in ballot order). Final tie-breaker: earliest entry. Note: Rikishi who show up on the before-shonichi kyujo list will be excluded from scoring (even if they end up joining the basho later), so it is not necessary to re-submit your entry if you picked such a rikishi as a KK; he will not count for points anyhow. You may, however, notify me if you'd like to reduce your tie-breaker guess by one point to compensate for the "missing" rikishi. Your position on the entry list (for final tie-breaker purposes) will be deemed unchanged in this special situation. Any other changes to a ballot will be considered a new entry, with correspondingly lower priority for the final tie-breaker. Deadline: Shonichi noon JST. ----- Simplified entry template: 1. Kotoshoho KKMK 2. Abi W-L 3. Kotonowaka KKMK 4. Roga KKMK 5. Terunofuji KKMK 6. Yamatoarashi KKMK 7. Amakaze KKMK 8. Suzuki KKMK 9. Daikisho KKMK 10. Kotosusumu KKMK 11. Ayakaze KKMK 12. Yutakayama KKMK 13. Akua KKMK TB xx --- Note: Kotoyuki was scheduled to be part of this edition, but as he's among on the Day 1 kyujo I've omitted him from the ballot altogether.
  12. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Hatsu 2020

    Time to close this out properly... Day 15 Young Kotonowaka came through for his senshuraku kachikoshi and may or may not have scored his top division debut with that, but most importantly (ahem...) he gets to stick around the LKS ballot for another edition. The final standings: Day 15: 13/13 Decisions, TB 16 Pos Player Pts TB 1 Rocks 12 13 2 Athenayama 12 18 3 Profomisakari 11 13 3 Tenshinhan 11 14 5 Jejima 10 16 6 ryafuji 10 15 6 Asashosakari 10 13 6 Joaoiyama 10 18 6 Pandaazuma 10 12 10 Holleshoryu 9 14 10 Ryoshishokunin 9 14 12 Achiyama 8 13 12 robnplunder 8 17 12 Sakura 8 13 15 Tsuchinoninjin 7 13 15 WAKATAKE 7 11 17 chishafuwaku 6 11 TB bonus for Jejima who thus moved out of that big pack just above the KK line. The new ballot for Haru 2020: 1. Kotoshoho 8 Abi 6 2. Kotonowaka 7 3. Roga 7* 4. Terunofuji 6 Yamatoarashi 5 5. Amakaze 6 6. Suzuki 6 7. Daikisho 6 8. Kotosusumu 6 Ayakaze 5 Kotoyuki 4 9. Yutakayama 5 10. Akua 5 11. Tokisakae 5* 12. Kitanowaka 5* 13. Shoji 5 14. Toma 5* 15. Yoshii 5* 16. Ito 5* --- 17. Enho 4 18. Hidenoumi 4 I think I forgot to mention on Day 14 that Yoshii had become the last successful new addition to the ballot. Anyway, back to a large number of KK-streaking rikishi for us to predict, made rather weird by the complete lack of sanyaku rankers. (Takakeisho and Asanoyama will reappear if Haru basho yields a fourth KK for them.) Will this game be overrun by Enho fans now? Presumably not.
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    Trivia bits

    Hatsu 2020 was the first modern-era basho with 4 single-kanji sekitori shikona: Query
  14. Asashosakari

    44th Fuji TV Grand Sumo Tournament

    Boo. Change of plans apparently (second time already?), the official website now lists the matches as: Kitajin (ex-Shotenro) vs Otowayama (ex-Tenkaiho) Ajigawa (ex-Aminishiki) vs Sanoyama (ex-Satoyama) Naruto (ex-Kotooshu) vs Onomatsu (ex-Daido)
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    44th Fuji TV Grand Sumo Tournament

    I don't really have anything to post about the NHK Welfare Tournament that will take place two days later, so I'm not sure if that should go into this thread like last year or a separate one. Feel free to post here about that or not, and I'll adjust the topic title if needed.
  16. Asashosakari

    Goeido to Retire

    In the yaocho scandal days, what I saw said by Japanese fans included many comments that the shisho of both the old Naruto-beya (i.e. Kisenosato's stable) and Sakaigawa-beya (Goeido's) were known inside the sumo world as hardcore anti-yaocho. (It seemed to get said with an undertone of "they're some of the few who are".) This was of course before either Kisenosato or Goeido were ozeki themselves, so this wasn't some kind of PR effort to protect those guys' reputations. It could simply be that there's been no more OBSC during the current era because there was an insufficient number of willing participants. (Not that that's going to persuade anyone who is unable to watch sumo through anything but the yaocho lens... Or maybe it's just nostalgia for former glory days when that viewpoint hadn't descended into self-parody yet.)
  17. Asashosakari

    New Juryo for Haru 2020

    (as first reported by mt fuji) New: Midorifuji - Ms2e 5-2, Isegahama-beya, Shizuoka, 23 years old Returning: Wakamotoharu - Ms1w 6-1, Arashio-beya, Fukushima, 26 years old, 3rd promotion, back after 1 basho Chiyonoumi - Ms3w 5-2, Kokonoe-beya, Kochi, 27 years old, 2nd promotion, back after 2 basho Akiseyama - Ms4e 4-3, Kise-beya, Aichi, 34 years old, 7th promotion (tied 3rd-most all-time), back after 1 basho former maegashira Hakuyozan - Ms4w 6-1, Takadagawa-beya, Yamagata, 24 years old, 3rd promotion, back after 4 basho Happy days for Kindai University with former sumo club member Midorifuji adding to Tokushoryu's glory. Also the first new sekitori for Shizuoka prefecture since Tochihiryu exactly 7 years ago. I'll be rooting for Wakamotoharu to get his first juryo kachikoshi in his shisho's final tournament. Should mean that both Tomokaze and Chiyootori will be hanging on to their juryo spots. (Barring some craziness where they've demoted Tomokaze and kept Sokokurai, I suppose...)
  18. Asashosakari

    Abi and Wakamotoharu - SNS banned

    I think this would be better served as a continuation of the existing thread.
  19. Asashosakari

    Retirees after Hatsu 2020

    In addition to Arawashi (note for the DB: 0-0-7 record, but yasumi only through Day 13) and of course Goeido, another 9 retirements have been announced: Hamaeiko (Onoe) Narumi (Onomatsu) Takatenshu (Chiganoura) Kotofukujuno (Sadogatake) Kaishu (Musashigawa) - link Rendaiyama (Kise) Fujihisashi (Azumazeki) Wakakoki (Shikoroyama) Hokutoyu (Hakkaku) 34-year-old Hamaeiko was Onoe-oyakata's very first deshi back in 2003, recruited nearly three years before he finally branched off from Mihogaseki-beya. Kotofukujuno made his makushita debut at just 19 years of age in 2011 and found himself up at Ms17 only a year later, but it turned out to be as high as he would ever go, with no kachikoshi above Ms52 since 2013. (Meanwhile, Fujihisashi's intai reminds us that we have yet to find out what's going to happen to Azumazeki-beya...)
  20. Asashosakari

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    Now officially acknowledged, both per February 1: Still kabu on loan for ex-Tenkaiho.
  21. Asashosakari

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2020

    Yes, it used to be quite normal for very high-ranked 6-1's to pass low-ranked 8-7's, e.g. Nishikigi/Asabenkei/Azumaryu after Aki 2015 or Akiseyama/Tokushinho/Azumaryu after Kyushu 2012. Going back further it even used to happen with 5-2's, as with Kyokunankai/Sakaizawa after Natsu 2007 or Masatsukasa/Harunoyama/Kanbayashi after Natsu 2006.
  22. (no time for commentary yesterday, but here are the results tables for completeness; more usual coverage later today) Day 8 (results, text-only results) 7-1 Oe Takakeisho, M4w Shodai, M17w Tokushoryu 6-2 M1e Endo, M9w Yutakayama, M11w Kagayaki, M14e Terutsuyoshi 5-3 Se Asanoyama, M2e Hokutofuji, M4e Okinoumi, M8w Ryuden, M15e Azumaryu, M16e Tochiozan, M16w Kaisei 1-3-4 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 1-4-3 7-1 Takakeisho O Goeido 3-5 5-3 Asanoyama S Takayasu 3-5 4-4 Abi K Daieisho 3-5 6-2 Endo M1 Myogiryu 3-5 5-3 Hokutofuji M2 Mitakeumi 4-4 2-6 Tamawashi M3 5-3 Okinoumi M4 Shodai 7-1 M5 Enho 4-4 3-5 Takarafuji M6 Tochinoshin 3-5 4-4 Shohozan M7 Onosho 4-4 4-4 Aoiyama M8 Ryuden 5-3 4-4 Takanosho M9 Yutakayama 6-2 4-4 Sadanoumi M10 M11 Kagayaki 6-2 ... 6-2 Terutsuyoshi M14 ... M17 Tokushoryu 7-1 _____________________________________________________________ M3 Kotoyuki kyujo (?) M4 (?) 1-7 Meisei M5 ... M10 Ishiura 2-6 (2) (2) 3-5 Chiyotairyu M11 (2) 3-5 Tsurugisho M12 Chiyomaru 4-4 (1) (2) 4-4 Kotoshogiku M13 Kotoeko 2-6 (4) M14 Shimanoumi 3-5 (3) (2) 5-3 Azumaryu M15 Ikioi 2-6 (5) (2) 5-3 Tochiozan M16 Kaisei 5-3 (2) (4) 4-4 Kiribayama M17 Tokushoryu 7-1 (1) J1 Chiyoshoma 3-5 (5) (4) 5-3 Kotonowaka J2 Hidenoumi 4-4 (5) (5) 4-4 Daishomaru J3 Kizakiumi 1-7 (~) (6) 4-4 Nishikigi J4 Mitoryu 3-5 (7) (6) 4-4 Wakatakakage J5 Daishoho 6-2 (4) (5) 6-2 Daiamami J6 Tobizaru 4-4 (7) (7) 4-4 Ichinojo J7 (~) 4-4 Kyokutaisei J8 Kotoshoho 5-3 (7) (7) 5-3 Kyokushuho J9 Akua 4-4 (~) ... J13 Terunofuji 8-0 (6) _____________________________________________________________ (?) kyujo Tomokaze J1 J2 J3 Kizakiumi 1-7 (1) ... J7 Yago 2-6 (2) (1) 4-4 Kyokutaisei J8 J9 Akua 4-4 (1) (3) 3-5 Sokokurai J10 Takagenji 4-4 (2) (3) 3-5 Toyonoshima J11 Irodori 1-6-1 (5) (3) 4-4 Asagyokusei J12 Churanoumi 3-5 (4) (4) 3-5 Chiyootori J13 (3) 5-3 Hoshoryu J14 Sakigake 4-4 (4) (x) 0-4 Kaisho Ms1 Wakamotoharu 5-0 2-2 Midorifuji Ms2 Shiba 1-3 1-3 Oki Ms3 Chiyonoumi 3-1 2-2 Akiseyama Ms4 Hakuyozan 3-1 2-2 Naya Ms5 Ichiyamamoto kyujo (x) ... Ms9 Kotodaigo 4-0
  23. Asashosakari

    Toyonoshima Soldiering On

    You may have been thinking of this thread: But considering the (possible) new comeback now has nothing to do with injury, I think it's fine as a new thread. (Although it might morph into his intai thread in two months...) Yeah, that's getting really quite puzzling. Takekuma - whose last holder was in the same stable! - is the latest share I was absolutely certain would end up in Toyonoshima's hands, but it's now gone to Goeido of course. I've pretty much given up trying to guess what's going on there.
  24. Asashosakari

    Azumazeki-oyakata has died

    I'm guessing "lease" may be a more appropriate word than "rent" for these long-term arrangements: The equivalent German Wikipedia article indicates that it is (or at least was) a relatively common way for municipalities to support local not-for-profit organizations who may be able to afford constructing the buildings they plan to use, but not the land. Something similar may be at play here.
  25. Asashosakari

    Goeido to Retire

    Now confirmed (probably) as ownership by the updated duties list - Goeido's been added to the iin-equivalent section reserved for recently retired yokozuna and ozeki, alongside ex-Kisenosato. IIRC Musashimaru wasn't given that status while he was on borrowed shares.