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  1. Drrring drrrrring: Takayasu: "Yes?" Goueidou: "It's me. I am organizing an Ozeki-only barbecue this Saturday. I hope you are free.." T: "As a bird. With back and elbow pains, but a bird notwithstanding.. I'll be there." G: "Good, thanks. Bring some beers. 12 noon." T: "I'll shave!" Dring drring.. G: 'Hello?" Tochinoshin : "გამარჯობა?" G: "It's Goueidou. " T: "გსურთ ბრძოლა? ახლა?" G: "Japanese, man. Saturday. I'm having a barbecue for the Ozekis at 12 o'clock. We have to talk. Are you free?" Tochi: "Food? Free? I'll be there!!" G: "Great. Just do me a favor and don't bring Gagamaru. That's way over my budget.. And bring some ketchup " Tochi: "გაგებული" Drrring drrring.. G: "Taka?" Takakeishou: "What? Why? Do I need to slap someone?" G: "No, no, I'm throwing a barbecue on Saturday at noon and inviting all the Ozekis.." Taka: "But I'm not.." G: "Semanthics. Just come over.." Taka: "Can I bring the twins?" G: "No, tell them Gagamaru is having a barbecue as well.. And bring some humus." And for those of you not invited to the barbecue, this is an invitation to play the world famous and cool GTB, the Guess the Banzuke game!! Rules: Guess the Banzuke. Simple. You get two points for a bulls-eye and one point for just getting the rank right. You get no points for overcooking the kebab. Tiebreakers - Most total guesses, then we check the banzuke backwards - getting the lower half right will be important. The most correct guesses in the last ten places will win the tiebreaker. If still tied , we go up a ranking at a time like a penalty shootout. It's up to you to check if you are on the list of entries. It's going to be your fault if you don't notice that your entry went missing in the Internet void. No late entries will be expected or accepted. For rules, standings and charcoals: For the nifty entry form: http://sumodb.sumoga...b/GTBEntry.aspx For the "new" archives: http://sumodb.sumoga...gtbarchive.aspx Free online live sumo for foreign sumo fans as well!! Special helper for your banzuke-making, courtesy of Tsuchinoninjin: Deadline- Monday, August 19th, 2019 at 18:00 GMT ("Goueidou Makes Tamales!!") - PLEASE NOTE-THIS IS ONE WEEK BEFORE THE OFFICIAL BANZUKE ANNOUNCEMENT !! Special thanks to Andoreasu who runs it, Doitsuyama who automates and maintains it and to Barbie Q, the world famous toy. Edited June 25 by Kintamayama
  2. Kintamayama

    Weigh ins Aki 2019

    Ichinojou-224 kilos, 3 kilos down Enhou- 98, 1 kilo down
  3. Mr. Hardy: http://www.yomiuri.c...122TDY24104.htm
  4. Kintamayama

    Takakeisho injury update

    Takakeishou's camp is worried. He will only start training a day after the banzuke is released as the dohyo at the heya will undergo reconstruction from the 21st and will not be ready till the 27th so on keiko there. At present he is working with weights and his Oyakata did say he hoped he would start training this week. So , worries.
  5. Ikioi, Aoiyama, Yoshikaze and Tamawashi:
  6. Kintamayama

    GTB Aki Basho 2019 - 95 entries , 3 hours to go..

    97 and we're done. That's a lot. Thanks for playing.
  7. Kintamayama

    Rikishi extra activities

    On August 24th, the Japanese national basketball team will face Germany in a match in Saitama. Kakuryuu intends to attend. There is a chance he will be called upon to throw a basketball during the opening ceremonies. Kakuryuu used to play basketball. Today, before his bout at the jungyo, he threw a few shots. He practiced for 15 minutes and at some point, sunk 7 consecutive three-pointers. You may read that again. 7 consecutive three-pointers. "I'm happy I got it right in the end," he said. "But if I get to do that, I'll have to wear a kimono, right? It's going to be difficult.. " he said.
  8. Kintamayama

    Bilingual/Trilingual Rikishi?

    I know that Itadaki speaks English, Canadian father.
  9. Johngyo on the Jungyo
  10. Kintamayama

    元Asashoryu activities
  11. Kintamayama

    Natsu jungyo 2019

    "I'm not a rikishi anymore, so.. I would like everyone to be focused on the current rikishi and I don't want to steal their lime-lite.." said Furiwake ex-Takamisakari very seriously, so it didn't happen. "Autographs?? That I can do.."
  12. Kintamayama

    Natsu jungyo 2019

    Today in Aomori, both local boys Aminishiki and Takamisakari are there. The crowd is begging for them to don mawashis and go for it. Will it happen? Stay tuned.
  13. Kintamayama

    Next Yokozuna??????

    Tomokaze. Shiraishi, if his shoulder isn't permanently damaged.
  14. Kintamayama

    Terunofuji's health problems

  15. Kintamayama

    Terunofuji's health problems

  16. Kintamayama

    Natsu jungyo 2019

    Kakuryuu did some sumo training today. He took on Shoudai for 11 bouts and won them all. "I better start training against guys I don't know so well. I want to train with guys I'm likely to face next basho.., " he said later, as he is very familiar with Shoudai and that is kind of a cop out, I guess. Yesterday, the rikishi took a 6 hour bus ride from Yamagata to Aomori, and it was a very exhausting ride. "I can't sleep well. It was a kind of bus that you can't relax in. When I sleep with my head facing downwards I wake up with a headache.." lamented Kakuryuu. As the head of the rikishikai, he was hearing a lot of complaints from the other guys as well. "It's unbearably humid in the shitakubeya!!" , "The air conditioning has no effect!" etc. "Our (Yokozuna/Ozeki) room had great air conditioning but I pity the other guys. I worry that the tsukebito running around performing their various duties might get dehydrated. We have to be more thoughtful towards the rikishi," he added.
  17. Kintamayama

    Takakeisho injury update

    I hear there's a good chance of Takakeishou starting to train next week. He didn't show up for keiko this morning at the heya, but his Oyakata did. "He's getting close to being OK. Hopefully, some time around next week if all goes well he will don a mawashi and may be able to lend his chest.." he said. Takakeishou still hasn't joined the heya lodgings since August 6th so the Oyakata actually hasn't seen him lately ("I saw him three days before we left..") but has heard he is getting better although he still has pains in certain weather conditions . "We won't really know till we actually see him.. I would like him to don that mawashi and train with the young guys a bit. I can't tell how he is just by watching him lift weights. There is the sumo sense as well. He hasn't gained or lost weight, " said his Oyakata, in one of the most incoherent babbling I've heard of late. "I wonder how the first half of the basho will go... As an oshi specialist, he should be able to ride the wave.." he added. The plan is for Takakeishou to start real training after the banzuke is announced on August 26th. Then there's the YDC soken on the 31st and the Nishonoseki rengo keiko in the beginning of September. "Of course he intends to take part, so he needs to prepare himself. Less than 4 weeks left till the basho? The guy is a hard worker. It will be OK," summed the Oyakata.
  18. Kintamayama

    Natsu jungyo 2019

    Meisei has been training his butt off, and it finally caught up with him. He had 5 bouts against Ryuuden and Ounoshou today and lost them all. Then he borrowed Kakuryuu's chest for two minutes. He then went to give some water to Kakuryuu, who saw what was going on. "Man, there's no use in overdoing it," he was told by Kakuryuu. "The fatigue has caught up with me.. I was saying to myself that maybe I should rest a bit, but.. Kakuryuu is the kind of person who sees these kinds of things.." said Meisei. For Meisei, training with rikishi from other stables is important as his stable is a bit far out and he doesn't get a chance to do that. "I always overdo it during jungyo. I can't do any good training with fatigue," he added.
  19. Kotomitsuki at the Azrieli Mall- 2006
  20. Kintamayama

    Natsu jungyo 2019

    And he is back with a bang. He lent his chest to no less than six rikishi, from Sandanme to Makuuchi, and, get this, tsuridashied Mitakeumi in the bout between them. "This is what I'm here for!" he declared later. He is suffering from a left shoulder and a right knee injury that caused him to withdraw from last tournament and was recuperating at a hot spring in Tochigi prefecture. He is kadoban and has a nice incentive to recover. He is building a mansion in Georgia not far from his parents' house which should be ready by spring. The plot can include a gym and can contain 4 basketball courts, I hear. The two -building mansion will include a restaurant, a bar, a training facility, a pool, sauna, all for his personal use and he is considering showcasing all his sumo trophies so the citizens may gaze upon them. He is also installing lighting resembling the kind there is on the dohyo and at the entrance there will be a sign bearing his shikona . So it's a "Tochinoshin Palace". Work on the building started a year ago and its cost is "Well, you know.. I haven't finished paying for it yet.." according to the man himself. "So I've got to gambarize.." he summed. The Palace owner himself:
  21. Kintamayama

    Natsu jungyo 2019

    Tochinoshin joining the jungyo today in Sendai.
  22. Kintamayama

    GTB Aki Basho 2019 - 95 entries , 3 hours to go..

    Ten days to go- don’t wait for the last minute because as some of us know, the entry form has a tendency to occasionally go off-line at the last minute for some reason..
  23. Kintamayama

    Aminishiki injured/ Intai

    A day after his 42nd birthday.