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  1. Obana

    Yutakayama Intai

    A portrait of Oyanagi by Daimon Kinoshita.
  2. Special club privileges if the final bout decides a yusho?
  3. Obana

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    I was impressed with Takayasu's quick exit from his dohyo side zabuton as Ichinojo sailed through the air toward him on nakabi. I was amused by the disgust Chiyoshoma displayed at his arm slimmed by the West corner foot dampening area.
  4. Obana

    Rare kimarite watch

    I thought 3 gumbai meant Showa Era, two Heisei 20th Century & one Heisei 21 Century.
  5. Obana

    Gyoji and Yobidashi

    I have a sequel to my hugely successful "The Song of the Yobidashi" (haha) The video includes six yobidashi not featured in the previous feature. "The Song of the Yobidashi, the Bark of the Gyoji" includes some bouts, includes three performances by Shigejiro, "the Pavarotti of the dohyo", includes a two minute segment of a team of yobidashi refreshing the dohyo during a change of judges, a forfeit match (the only time when no yobidashi announcement is made and ends with the transition of the East side dohyo iri and the West when the wooden clappers change. The change in timber always delights me. It also includes random gyoji announcements of both wrestlers after the yobidashi as well as announcing the winner of the bout.
  6. Obana

    Sumo ABC help required

    Ozeki Kyushuzan might be Qshuzan?
  7. Obana

    Gyoji and Yobidashi

    Shigejiro is the Pavarotti of yobidashi. I would only say it here on the Forum where it is unlikely to get to the original individual, but, Takahiro brings the gerund 'caterwailing' to mind. Yuto is the most proficient with subtle vocal flourishes. I love Kohei's crooning of the 'nishi'/'higashi' before going operatic on the shikonas.
  8. Obana

    Gyoji and Yobidashi

    A six minute collection of 15 yobidashi announcements on day 4 of the 2019 January tournament. The different styles/vocal ornamentation is interesting to observe. The crowd noise makes it difficult to hear/appreciate the announcements in Juryo & Makuuchi from the balcony (none in the compilation).
  9. Obana

    Kensho Hatsu 2022

    An exciting basho that was made just a bit more interesting with the bevy of Pokemon Kensho which were heroically represented in Akinomaki's excellent (and time consuming to create) kensho and daily photographs posts. By my count, there were 236 unique Pokemon kensho this basho. Two Pokemon, つっぱりポケモン ハリテヤマ (Tsuppari Pokemon Hariteyama) & ねずみポケモン ピカチュウ (Nezumi Pokemon Pikachū) were featured in the opening and closing bouts of the tournament. Pikachū made a third appearance in the 12th bout of Day 7. I enjoy the graphics of the characters, their colors, background and the names rendered in 髭文字 Higemoji style kanji. I created a web page with the illustrations shared by Akinomaki to engender an appreciation of sumo among my younger family & friends who are more knowledgeable about the Pocket Monster phenomenon. With Akinomaki's kind permission, I am offering the link. Note: It does not include day 15 photos yet. I will try to promptly update the page when the senshuraku kensho pictures arrive. (I believe the day 11 bout between Ishiura & Tobizaru was the only contest without kensho on the daily programs this basho.) http://tommycrouch.com/sumo/kensho.html
  10. Obana

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    It had me wondering if participation in tentacle porn was a permissible COVID activity.
  11. Obana

    Sumo obituaries

    Here are a few scanned close up views.
  12. Obana

    Country Roads

    I lived in Chicago (on the very near North side) from 1980-1982. Walking distance from both my apartments was a punk rock club housed in the gangster O'Banion's flower shop. They served champagne on Tuesday nights and played all the punk hits of that era. In 1981, Anwar Sadat was assassinated on Oct. 6th and Moshe Dayan died of a heart attack ten days later. Obanion's had a concert on the Oct. 29th with this hand bill. The fact that I saved it indicates my questionable taste. I have for many years now, played with an Irish folk group, Clan Cross (three brothers). We started in the early 1970's around the Cleveland, OH area. By the '90's, My youngest brother had moved South and we had various musicians join our music making. In the 1990's, we played once a month or so at the Euclid Tavern (across the street from the Cleveland Food Co-op where my brother Michael was the chef and I handled the Japanese food section). As I have an interest in Japanese art and culture, many of the posters for our happy hour performances had Japanese themes. (A link to a page of poster thumbnails.) http://tommycrouch.com/clancross/posters 2.htm And sumo was not neglected. Oct. 12 is the memorial of John Denver who left on a final jet plane in 1997. The Clan Cross poster for Oct. 24 of that year featured a yokozuna dohyo-iri with a Chief Wahoo yokozuna, a bat bearer and a dew sweeper ...
  13. Obana

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    I see echoes of Hokusai's Great Wave. The rikishi clashing with the corona virus. I think the composition is thought provoking.
  14. Obana

    Old kimarite

    I am posting a photo from Board of the Tourist Industry Japanese Government Railways (No. 34 in the Tourist Library series) titled Sumo – Japanese Wrestling by Kōzō Hikoyama (copyright 1940) that I referenced in my previous two posts. While no exactly kimarite, I was interested in this illustration and the relevant text. I was reminded of a bout in the latter half of the 1990's when Takanonami called a monoii. At the time there was much discussion about the rare event. The text and caption in this book makes it seem less uncommon. I tried but could not identify the rikishi in the photo. I was interested in the suspended basket of salt as well.