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  1. Obana

    Sumo goods

    A one off 'sumo goods'; not for sale. A bi-lingual dai-tenugui for Endo in the style of Robert Indiana.
  2. Obana

    Kokugikan specials for the Natsu basho

    Is there also a queue for the tote bags on the waso (Japanese clothing) days?
  3. Obana

    Sumo Art

    I have just updated my Sumo Graphics web page with Haru basho origami menko of the makuuchi rikishi. http://www.tommycrouch.com/sumo.htm
  4. Obana

    From Sumo to Puroresu

    From my father's hometown, St. Louis ... Sentoryu.
  5. Obana

    Rikishi extra activities

    TV Japan will be showing both Thermae Romae I & II at 2:30 PM (EDST) and 8:00 PM on Sat. 25th April. With English subtitles. An earlier post in this series mentioned that Fujiazuma is in the second in the series. The first movie makes me think of a Roman Max Danger caught in a Japanese bath house.
  6. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    Alaktorn > Thank you for the valuable tip. Here is a link to the Yoshitoshi print: http://imgur.com/BR8tUkF And here are three more female sumo pictures (the link is the third set on the page). Different but some of the same women as the postcard I posted. http://lenaambrose.tumblr.com/page/31
  7. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    土俵入 士力總出 渡米歸朝石山女角力 Here is a slightly larger scan http://i.imgur.com/BiG8Ok7.jpg
  8. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    The lantern slide of Umegatani's dohyo iri is the basis for Yoshitoshi's wood block print from the series, Kinsei jinbutsu shi (Lives of Modern People), a supplement of the Yamato shimbun published in 1887.
  9. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    A torikumi. larger image http://i.imgur.com/OQvBPk0.jpg
  10. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    I just purchased a scanner to scan many carousels of slides from my parent's home. The device was also able to scan a couple of sumo lantern slides that I received a number of years ago. The first is Yokozuna Umegatani's dohyo iri. larger image http://i.imgur.com/Ws3mhAN.jpg
  11. Obana

    Takanoyama Retires

    The sunglasses in his lapel pocket do not help the draping of the coat.
  12. Obana

    Masunoyama special

    Regarding the TV Japan broadcast: Is this the 4:15AM EDST/1:15AM PDST broadcast Sunday morning called "Dash! At home."?
  13. Obana

    Bout-length Haru 2014

    Day 1 bout durations 10 Satoyama (1-0) shitatehineri Kyokushuho (0-1) 2.4 Takanoiwa (1-0) oshitaoshi Kagamio (0-1) 8.4 Masunoyama (1-0) oshidashi Tenkaiho (0-1) 29.9 Azumaryu (1-0) kirikaeshi Jokoryu (0-1) 4 Chiyomaru (1-0) oshidashi Sadanofuji (0-1) 7.3 Osunaarashi (1-0) yorikiri Tokushoryu (0-1) 9.6 Terunofuji (1-0) kimedashi Myogiryu (0-1) 9 Kitataiki (1-0) uwatenage Gagamaru (0-1) 8.7 Kyokutenho (1-0) uwatenage Takarafuji (0-1) 4 Chiyotairyu (1-0) tsukidashi Toyohibiki (0-1) 6.2 Takekaze (1-0) okuridashi Aminishiki (0-1) 11 Chiyootori (1-0) hikiotoshi Aoiyama (0-1) 2.5 Ikioi (1-0) oshidashi Yoshikaze (0-1) 4.2 Tochiozan (1-0) yorikiri Takayasu (0-1) 6.2 Kotooshu (1-0) uwatenage Kaisei (0-1) 7.2 Goeido (1-0) uwatenage Tochinowaka (0-1) 18.6 Kisenosato (1-0) uwatenage Okinoumi (0-1) 9.8 Kotoshogiku (1-0) yorikiri Tamawashi (0-1) 4.5 Kakuryu (1-0) hatakikomi Endo (0-1) 5.2 Harumafuji (1-0) kubinage Toyonoshima (0-1) 4.5 Hakuho (1-0) oshidashi Shohozan (0-1)
  14. Obana

    Preparations of the masses Haru 2013

    I hope I don't get into trouble for a frivolous post. Ragarding my snack preparation for the upcoming basho, I found these at my local grocer's. Thanks to Kintaro who gave me the gyoji figurine. Makes them look even tastier!