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  1. Obana

    Sumo monuments and statues

    I think they applied talcum powder (or something similar) to highlight the entry. I don't think there was damage.
  2. Obana

    Sumo monuments and statues

    Whenever I visit Tokyo, I like to visit the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine near Monzen Nakacho Station in Koto-ku. They have frequent Sunday antique fairs on the grounds. There is a cute Fuji-zuka in the North West corner of the shrine precincts (a sort of sacred pet rock). They also host a dozen sumo related monuments, including the yokozuna and ozeki monuments, winning streaks greater than 50 wins, giant wrestler hand/foot prints, etc. Among the monuments is a Powerful Sekiwake Monument 強豪関脇力士碑. When I visited the shrine in 2019, I noticed that someone had policed the area around 力道山 光浩 Rikidozan's name. I was looking at the close up photo of the cleaned entry I had taken and noticed that Rikidozan lacked a birth prefecture. He is sandwiched between 神風正一 Kamikaze Shouichi from 香川 Kagawa Prefecture and 時津山仁一 Tokitsuyama Jin'ichi from Fukushima Prefecture. I looked over the rest of this side of the monument and he is the only stateless rikishi. I wonder why? I also wonder who performed the work on the entry but unless someone here confesses, it will remain a mystery.
  3. Fake news? EVERYONE knows the ten year Japanese yusho drought came about when Hello Kitty was allowed to mount the dohyo for HER 30th anniversary introduction to the US (as a yokozuna, no less) .
  4. The dohyo is sanctified ground and wrestlers bow to the altar of their sport as they approach and depart from stage of Grand Sumo. The power water/paper rituals would be incongruous if the squatting warrior is being serviced by the previous winner towering over him. The gunga dins with their buckets and salt baskets would be much more visible along with the shimpan. During the dohyo iri, rikishi would 'enter the ring' (it is a ring entering ceremony) instead of mounting the dohyo. I have aesthetic objections to a flush to the ground dohyo surface.
  5. I overrode the gyoji call in my notes for this match declaring the kimarite: piledriver.
  6. Obana

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Until today, Midorifuji has been sporting almost cast like wrappings (especially on his right hand/wrist). Today they were suddenly replaced with barely a bracelet of tape. He won today, so a good move.
  7. Obana

    Videos (all days) - Hatsu 2021

    Mongolian bean pole Ms12w Tamashoho has had four shikona and four heya in his career. I caught a late basho win and loss in Nov. I don't know his story but have become a fan.
  8. Obana

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Just one less absence in Juryo than the 2011 May Yaocho Purge Basho. I remember the sparseness of the juryo dohyo-iri (which is already sparse compared to Makuuchi) during that basho. A bit sad.
  9. Obana

    Old kimarite

    I am posting images of six ceramic coasters I have that illustrate old kimarite. One is mitokorozeme which is still on the kimarite list. One is tobichigahi (= tobichigai above?). This specific coaster is my favorite.
  10. Obana

    Corona and sumo

    The Sumo association and community seem to have done very well with health control in a challenging time. To look at the spectators, it seems everyone is behaving responsibly. It is strange, I thought, a couple of times this basho when the cameras, scanning the crowd, zeroed in on folks (men) with their masks pulled down. Whenever we (in the USA) get the pandemic under control enough to be eligible to travel to Japan, I would certainly attend the basho although the alcohol ban is a great sacrifice. Sumo and nihonshu is a lovely pairing. But I digress. While the power water and power paper rituals have been distilled into gestures to avoid contaminating the mouth of the rikishi, many rikishi still take a taste of salt before the bout. While it is undoubtedly a sensory stimulation, it is introducing a substance into the mouth that has been pawed by the preceding rikishi. I would guess that between a quarter and half of the wrestlers engage in this activity. Is it dangerous? Should someone be cautioning the rikishi from engaging in the practice?
  11. Obana

    Sumo goods

    No. 87 of the 100 Facemasks of Bartholomew Cubbins - celebrating the promotion of Shodai to ozeki. Shodai kind of resembles the mascot of the prefecture, Kumamon.
  12. Obana

    Sumo goods

    Bartholomew's Facemask No. 66 Meisei 明生
  13. Obana

    Sumo goods

    A wax resist Tobizaru facemask (No. 64 of the Cubbins' Collection)
  14. Obana

    Sumo goods

    I am currently engaged in an indigo dyeing project I have named "The 100 Facemasks of Bartholomew Cubbins". Mask No. 52 is a fan tribute to current yusho leader, Shodai. Who knew Bartholomew was a fan of Grand Sumo?
  15. I'm going to soldier on for now with some photos from the 2016 Natsu Basho. It was Ura's sekitori debut. (day 3) Juryo West dohyo-iri. Ura with no knee wraps. For comparison, Ura's bout on day 9 of the last basho held before a live crowd (Hatsu 2020). Major knee bandages/supports. Followed by Yobidashi Hiromasa's announcement of the next bout (after consulting notes in his free hand). Day 3 Makunouchi West dohyo-iri. East Makuuchi Day 6 Makuuchi dohyo-iri Egyptian with Kintaro keshomawashi. When I look at Terunofuji's keshomawashi, I am reminded of the Ruler of Ankh-Morpork in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books whose family "coat of arms is a plain, simple sable shield, and therefore does not show up against the black coach in which Lord Vetinari travels – black on black". Day 11 The crowd and red tassle at 11:00 AM. 3 PM 4 PM Juryo dohyo-iri Makuuchi dohyo iri. Ura. I wonder if they all agreed on the color palette?