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  1. John Gunning

    Sumo Original Tegata Giveaway

    We're giving away lots of sumo stuff this week on Inside Sport: Japan's Facebook page including many original tegata. Day one and two had Tochiozan and Asanoyama tegata. Today is Harumafuji and Takakeisho. More stuff coming every day until we run out.
  2. Obviously not including anyone that went on to become yokozuna, but yeah, I could have phrased that better.
  3. John Gunning

    French documentary about women in Sumo

    Will have to take you word for it. Can't see it in Japan.
  4. John Gunning

    Re-introducing myself

    Not really (if you only read what's been written about him in the last year)
  5. John Gunning

    French documentary about women in Sumo

    The Circle of Sexism? LOL
  6. John Gunning

    Corona and sumo

    I do.
  7. John Gunning


    Fantastic news
  8. John Gunning

    "Sumo Girl" doc on NHK World

    I'm more or less in agreement there and as someone whose work is 90% sumo based that requires daily stretching of my congnitive bias to ensure it is up to the task.
  9. John Gunning

    "Sumo Girl" doc on NHK World

    In 20 years of watching and participating in sumo I've never once seen anyone headbutt an opponent. Going in head first happens all the time but deliberately drawing the head back and ramming the forehead into the bridge of someone's nose? Never.
  10. I don't but what is wrong with the one they picked?
  11. Just trying to do my own brand of writing.
  12. John Gunning

    "Sumo Girl" doc on NHK World

    Absolutely. If you've ever listened in on our broadcasts you'll probably have heard me raise this issue. The concussion / CTE issue, when awareness seeps through here, is going to be a huge one for sumo. With no equipment or rule changes that can be made all they can really do to lessen the impact (pun intended) in bouts is go back to the 70's style tachiai. These kind of training practices in this day and age (especially with kids) should be made illegal. I'll admit it's something I used to do as well because just 10-15 years ago there wasn't the current level of awareness among the general population about how ANY impact to the head has repercussions. Coaches who have kids ram their heads into a solid wooden pole again and again and then wonder why there are no young recruits are a big reason many parents won't let their children do sumo. They need to be educated and their practices changed.
  13. I don’t write the headlines
  14. John Gunning

    Sumo Reference Updates

    I copied and pasted someone else's search result without noticing that. My bad.
  15. Autocorrect error. Thank for catching it. Fixed now.