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  1. John Gunning

    Ireland Rugby Team / Isegahama

    Took the Ireland team (that are here for the World Cup) along to Isegahama Beya this morning.
  2. John Gunning

    Win a Harumafuji tegata

    In the comments section under the post
  3. John Gunning

    2020 Sumo Calendar

    Rugby World Cup starts next week so I'm gonna be insanely busy the next few months. Taking orders for the 2020 official sumo calendar now so if you want one email me at kachikoshi (at) thanks or contact me through social media.
  4. John Gunning

    Win a Harumafuji tegata

    You need to put your guesses on IS:J social media channels (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter) not here thanks
  5. John Gunning

    Me and the boys

  6. John Gunning

    How Asashosakari forced me to become a sumo commentator

    First broadcast I ever did I said Kisenosato would make yokozuna and Takayasu ozeki. Murray Johnson who was the play by play man that day said he'd eat his hat if that happened. Getting those right gave me license to predict whatever I wanted Plus no one remembers if you said Hakuho will get a yusho and are right. If you make a crazy prediction and get it wrong it's soon forgotten too. Get that right though and you can dine out on it for years
  7. John Gunning

    How Asashosakari forced me to become a sumo commentator

    Never made one yet. If such hubris offends anyone here, I recommend keeping a closer eye on me by getting everyone you know to tune in and have all those people contact NHK and say that they are watching when I'm on.
  8. The lengths I go to just to win an online argument.. (Nishinoshima was my old username here)
  9. It's salt not sand and it serves the dual purpose of disinfecting and purifying (in a ritual sense)
  10. I get up no later than 3am any day. I wrote it AFTER waking
  11. Nope. That Sumo 101 was written at 4am Monday morning. Still looking for suggestions for the second half of the tournament if there is anything I haven't covered. September 2018 The Ring The Belt Ring Names The Emperor’s Cup Ringside Judges The Topknot Tegata Sekitori Ryogoku Stables Sumo School Winning Techniques Yokozuna Senshuraku Life Outside Sumo / Hobbies November 2018 Shonichi Chanko Nobori Tokoyama Shitakubeya Kensho The Roof Oyakata & Rikishi Relationship Ozeki Gyoji Keiko Sumo Museum Wrestlers Clothing / Footwear Ring-entering ceremonies Illegal Moves January 2019 Becoming A rikishi Sanyaku (Komusubi and Sekiwake Ranks) Banzuke Heya (Stables Physical Characteristics & Locations) Retirement Ceremonies A Typical Tournament Day For Rikishi Yusho Portraits In The Kokugikan Akeni Pre & Post bout rituals Kesho Mawashi Trading Cards Koenkai (Supporters Groups) Sumo Jinja (相撲発祥の地) Tickets Sansho (special prizes) March 2019 Juryo Division Pusher-Thrusters Sewanin / Wakaimonogashira Sword Bearers & Dew Sweepers Souvenirs Closed Stables Sumo Manga Nicknames College Graduates in Ozumo Brothers in Sumo Bow Twirling Ceremony Could have beens Rikishi with 90% plus losing records Retired Oyakata Instant replay May 2019 Ichimon Amateur Sumo Tourism Americans Injuries Online Games Commercials Tachiai Cancelled tournaments Small Rikishi Large rikishi Yobidashi Mongolians Controversial decisions Sumo and song July 2019 Drawn bouts Rikishi with Character Non-Tokyo Tournaments Kokugikan Chaya Wakanohana Tochinishiki Rivalry Joining sumo Shikiri sen
  12. Still happens though not as much as in the past. This time however an autocorrect I didn't notice was to blame. I'll just gambarize and try and get back on track and do my own brand of sumo writing from tomorrow.
  13. John Gunning

    YDC May soken

    I was at the Sokken. Kitanofuji was just being himself. He wasn't complaining. It was more of an 'ah well it is what it is' tone. He and Hakuho exchanged knowing glances and smiles. Being sharp tongued is his shtick. Reaction online among foreign sumo fans to things the YDC or Kitanofuji say is always overblown and missing the point. That's their job description. Complaining about them complaining just makes a person look clueless about sumo or Japanese culture in general. When a journalist asked Hakuho (after doing zero bouts) if he'd be ready by day one he said 'sure' with a smile and it was clearly tongue in cheek.