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  1. Nice. But of course you are wrong too Editors make up the headlines not the writers of articles so I declared nuttin.
  2. Lastly This one about Kyushu
  3. Next up is an interview with an NHK commentator
  4. Sumo day at JT. Three pieces to go along with all the other stuff in the physical paper. First a general preview:
  5. John Gunning

    Lucky me.....

    Well that’s a different point but yes, I would and have handed in anything I found including cash. Doesn’t make me any different from 99.99% of people in Japan that. It’s extremely rare for anyone to hold on to anything they find here. Also means that’s when I’ve lost (or forgotten to take with me) expensive camera gear, computer equipment, phones or wallets of cash they’ve all inevitably been returned safe and sound. Definitely one of the better points of living here.
  6. John Gunning

    Lucky me.....

    Criminals boasting about their capers online seems to be one way they do.
  7. John Gunning

    Lucky me.....

    Admitting to multiple counts of '‘theft by finding’ online eh? You do realise under English law you are supposed to turn it into the police or make an effort to locate the owner right? In case you think I'm joking go check it out. People have been prosecuted and convicted for keeping of small amounts money they found on the street in England.
  8. John Gunning

    In Memory of Tsubasa (2002 - 2018)

    Thank you for posting this. He was a great kid. 16 years is far too short.
  9. Only ones mentioned are (Yasukuni team) Keith Anderson, Thomas Robbins, Bob Terry, Paul Times (others) Darryl Lishey, Grandison Smith, Rollins Erickson, Donald Debbly Coaches: Yoshimasa Ebina, Kunio Yamazaki, Koichiro Yoshida, Yasuyoshi Umetsu, Akio Keage and Takenori Ogasawara (Amateur Yokozuna 1978) Manager: Rokuzo Sawagashira
  10. There is a bit in that article about the US Navy sumo team at Misasa Air Base in Aomori. They had former collegians as their coaches and Tokitsukaze oyakata (Ozeki Yutakayama) also came up to train them. They built a real dohyo in a hanger and even competed in the East Japan Shakaijin Tournament. 30 years after the end of WW2 an American millitary team doing sumo at Yasukuni Shrine. Incredible stuff.
  11. John Gunning

    2019 official JSA calendar

    Hello All. As always I’ll be sending the sumo calendar overseas to anyone who wishes to purchase one. Just email me at this address ( if you want the 2019 official JSA calendar. Thanks
  12. By the way if anyone is wondering about the football team mentioned in the article that Wakanohana joined (Onward Skylarks), they disbanded but many of the people involved were part of a newly formed side called Sagamihara Rise. That team is seen as the spiritual successor. It has been doing well this season with its new Boise State Broncos connected players. The last few years it was recruiting mostly from Michigan Wolverines. There are many links between sumo and football in Japan. Musashikuni has a cousin (Charles Tuaau) who plays for IBM Big Blue and spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs. Musashikuni himself played the game and his brother is currently doing so in college. Football here has been going since 1934 but probably received more media coverage in May this year than it did in all the previous 84 years combined. That was as a result of vicious targeting of an opponent by a Nihon University player. The scandal led to several resignations and the banning of the college from play this season. Hidetoshi Tanaka, who is also head of the sumo club there, as well as NSR and IFS got sucked into the widening outrage as many blamed him for creating the particular culture that existed there.