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  1. John Gunning

    Sekitori brothers

    I know it's an old thread but it's a handy one. Hideonumi and Tobizaru the latest sekitori bother pairing I think
  2. John Gunning

    Heisei strongest yokozuna ranking

    Those were the days
  3. John Gunning

    Heisei strongest yokozuna ranking

    Hakuho Asashoryu Takanohana Wakanoho Akebono
  4. John Gunning

    Soccer kids visit heya
  5. John Gunning

    New recruits for Hatsu 2016

    Koga has joined Fukuoka Suns. They are an American Football team that was formed two years ago and has only lost one game so far out of 19 played.
  6. John Gunning

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    One stable has installed CCTV as well as alarms on all doors and windows so no one can leave or enter the heya without them knowing. That place has a strict curfew too.
  7. John Gunning

    Nyu Maku Who Dis?

    Pretty much assured that Terutsuyoshi is gonna be in the top division in Osaka. Really nice guy. Born on the day of the massive Awaji quake that leveled parts of Kobe. Big soccer fan. Had his first KK as a sekitori when I told him in the hanamichi on shonichi I probably wouldn't win more than half my bouts against him if we did keiko since I was in my 40s and retired several years earlier.
  8. John Gunning

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    I would also add that people should take the public image of certain oyakata with about the same amount of salt Terutsuyoshi goes through in a basho. Not mentioning any names but there are certain individuals that are VERY different when there is a camera on them.
  9. John Gunning

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    Personally I think there is a big difference between doing that in the ring and outside in. Inside you are driving people to their limits and beyond and there is some purpose to it. You can argue it's misguided or too extreme but I know myself having been on the receiving end of similar stuff that it is effective and the results dramatic. Choking someone out or using physical violence when on the street or outside the ring is bullying pure and simple. Any lesson that needs to be beaten into someone either has no intrinsic value or the failure is with the person guiding not the person being taught.
  10. John Gunning

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    Take a look at the scene at 06:52 "These are no street bullies" Yeah right.
  11. John Gunning

    YDC convenes-Hatsu 2019

    Surprised to see you of all people give that guy's views further airing. You know what he is (in)famous for right? He is a noted Holocaust denier / admirer of Nazism.
  12. Always looking for more suggestions so if you have em........
  13. John Gunning

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Some day 12 shots