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  1. John Gunning

    Aki jungyo 2018

    Chris Gould used to be on the sumo forum under the name of Sotonokuni. This as far as I know was his last action apart from announcing he was leaving. When you read it you’ll understand why he doesn’t ‘pop up’ more on the forum.
  2. John Gunning

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    Over time newer guys will come in and he will gradually become more senior but barring a lopsided strength of personality he'll always be junior to those there before him.
  3. John Gunning

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    Geta and stuff like that goes by kyokai rules not heya ones.
  4. John Gunning

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    It varies by heya but shin-deshi are shin-deshi regardless of where they are first ranked on the banzuke. Turbold was the lowest person in the stable when he first joined (despite his high banzuke position) and expected to do the jobs that come with that. Certain stables confer certain privileges like owning a phone when someone reaches sandanme or makushita while other allow all (or no) lower rankers the same perks.
  5. John Gunning

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    Just to pick up on one point. Turbold may have had the highest banzuke rank in the stable but generally that means nothing when everyone is makushita or below. Seniority there goes by time in the stable not rank. He might have been makushita but everyone else there was still his ani-deshi. As pointed out though he came through Nichidai (and Johoku HS before that). Those two places rival anything you'd see physically in a stable and having grown up in the Japanese sumo system he was well able to handle himself.
  6. By the way @Doitsuyama Sumo Reference has Ryuko’s shikona wrong. It’s Ryuko Kawakami not Ryuko Ryuko. He just inverted his real name.
  7. Your link just redirects back to this thread. Here's the correct one
  8. John Gunning

    2018 GRAND SUMO Review

    I'd love to see his reaction to something like that. That kind of thing doesn't happen. In fact in six years of doing NHK shows the only thing I've ever been asked to do is refrain from calling rikishi 'wrestlers'. With Japan Times that's the other way round. They prefer English terms whenever possible to make stories more accesible for newer readers.
  9. John Gunning

    Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    It's Musashigawa
  10. John Gunning

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    Sorry to burst your bubble here but both were done. If they didn’t jump they would 100% have been pushed. That’s not speculation on my part either. It was decided.
  11. John Gunning

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    No he wasn’t. That’s just someone who really really looks like him.
  12. John Gunning


    Joined Reddit. Apparently there are a lot of fake John Gunnings out there and no one believes it’s me. Got the opposite of a warm welcome from some people there. Asked to post here to prove it’s me. Starting to wonder if I really am me now.
  13. John Gunning

    Sumo: Butt or Shoulder?

    First we had what color is the dress?Then we had Yanny or Laurel?Now comes 'Sumo: Butt or Shoulder?"
  14. John Gunning

    2019 official JSA calendar

    Down to the last few calendars now. Won't be getting any more in once they are all gone. So be quick or risk spending 2019 looking at picturesque mountain on your wall rather than burly men.