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  1. Harumafuji scandal

    I guess this is a meta-question, so I'll put it here. I'm brand new, so I don't have a good feel for how big this situation is. Veterans of this list: this thread began Monday at 18:45, and we've reached 15 pages. Is this the fastest any thread has reached that point? * I'm not counting "Pics from the xxxx basho". Those threads will fill up with tons of pictures. * And I expect someone will tell me I can find out by using SQL on the Sumo Database!
  2. Harumafuji gallery

    It does look suspicious. I haven't been following very long, Is this what an "intai retrospective" looks like?
  3. Day 6 pics Kyushu Basho 2017

    Yobidashi: "Those would go better with some salt." Ichinojo: "That's OK; there's some at the dohyo."
  4. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-8

    I often get caught by that old trap, e.g. I'm watching some guys in makushita on this thread and telling myself "Now that's sumo! Unleash these guys on those layabouts in juryo." But then I track down a couple of individual bouts for some rikishi and the bouts are plodding and mediocre. Then I remember: this thread has the highlights ...
  5. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-8

    I watch them most of the time (when other matters do not loom up to prevent me ).
  6. Rikishi Status Kyushu 2017 - Day 9 return & w/d

    According to the sumoyokai twitter, 「右足関節捻挫(靭帯損傷)」"right leg joint sprain (ligament injury)". He's out.
  7. Rikishi Status Kyushu 2017 - Day 9 return & w/d

    Watching the replay, I could see the leg above the ankle actually bend; I couldn't watch the second replay
  8. Day 1 pics Kyushu 2017

    It's not hard to tell which one is the "bouncer" and which one is the "cooler".
  9. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    No kidding, really??
  10. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Not that I am surprised even a smidgen, but when Tamawashi got his kinboshi on Kisenosato, I didn't see any flying pillows ...
  11. Hey there, new brazilian fan.

    Welcome new member! The "veterans" in this group are an invaluable source of sumo (and other ) info. And maybe you're joining at the second coming of Kaisei! Yamanashi
  12. Preparations of the masses -Kyushu 2017

    Is there a case of confirmation bias in the way NSK handles injured rishiki? The people who make the rules are former yokozuna, ozeki, maegashira ... many (most) of them faced injuries in their careers, and probably most of them retired because of injuries rather than advancing age. But this group stuck at the top level long enough to get some sumo credibility and save money toward becoming a member of the ruling council. Was it always will or perseverance, or was some luck involved? If Ura (with a blown ACL that's not treated?) sinks out of sight and is intai after three years, who's going to think of him as a potential oyakata? It seems that the inability to overcome major sports injuries by "taping it up" is being treated as a character flaw. Sorry if this seems a bit disjointed. I await the gentle manhandling of the group.
  13. Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    Alas, I cannot tell whether this goes in the "ridiculous" or "impossible" thread. Poor guy.
  14. Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    * Aoiyama vs. Nishigiki: Aoiyama falls on Nishigiki at the edge of the dohyo; Nishigiki's leg falls off. Interviewed afterward, Nishigiki states "I still haven't found my brand of sumo; I shall gambarize!" * Shohozan, hoping to win a Gino-sho on the way to a promotion, decides he'll try to get his first win by utchari. This doesn't go well. * Since his last great performances have come after 8-7 or 7-8 records, Goeido decides to purposely wrestle in a lackadaisical manner, hoping to go Yusho next time. However, after a couple of slippiotoshis and a confused tachiai by Tamawashi, he's at 11-4 and another Jun-Yusho. His oyakata publicly tells him to "stop screwing around!"
  15. Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    OK, more ridiculous predictions: In a bout against Ichinojo that sumo scholars are still puzzling over, Harumafuji receives a kinboshi against himself. In a bold strategic move, Ikioi tries a henka at every bout; after a strong 3-0 start, he finishes with 12 losses. Tochiozan wins a special Fighting Spirit prize for his spot-on Elvis impersonation. When interviewed afterward, he says “Arigatou, arigatou very much.”