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  1. Kotomisen intai

    Does anyone know if Kotoninsei was a tsukebito of Kotooshu?
  2. Konishiki interview

    Embossed on his ukelele, a great pun: "Fo Sale"
  3. Nikkan Sports popularity poll

    I was also surprised at his low ranking, especially after that docu on him awhile back, featuring his trials and tribulations as well as domestic scenes with his wife. OTOH, Hakuho at #12 ... hmm.
  4. Tochinoshin returns to Georgia, Hakuho to Japan

    Tochinoshin to Ambassador: "Your Georgian is very good."
  5. Tokoyama training

    That one was a surprise to me; but it makes perfect sense. I just wouldn't have assumed they'd pay attention to that detail. [Wait, what am I saying? It's Japan!]
  6. Have a go at a Haiku!

    Nagoya Haiku Three Yokozuna? And Three Healthy Ozeki? We'll See About That ...
  7. Georgian hero returns in his homeland

    First comment from reporter: "You speak Georgian very well." From article: "Levan Gorgadze was met by President of Georgian Sumo Federation Levan Tsaguria (Kokai), who was the first Georgian in professional sumo."
  8. Tochinoshin returns to Georgia, Hakuho to Japan

    Whoo, whoo! (train whistle sound)
  9. New ozeki Tochinoshin pics overview

    Wow, that's a surprise! In the English-speaking world (that is, that part that knows any ancient history), Ionia is the western edge of Turkey. I knew about the Ionian/Dorian issue in Greek history, but have never heard that Ionia is used for the mainland. Another fact I'd never know except for Sumo! [And I plan to spring this on an Ancient History professor friend of mine]
  10. New ozeki Tochinoshin pics overview

    Because of its use in high-Q sushi, it's ~$50-$100 per fish.
  11. Retirees after Natsu 2018

    Frankly, the suit and shirt, too.
  12. 2018 Natsu - Kimarite Statistics

    Hokutoiwami's chongake: his heel down first?
  13. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    My response was to Eikokurai and his series of posts.
  14. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    A: “How do you expect to win against a mawashi-loosening, henka-cheating joke-azuna!” B: “That’s typical coming from a bunch of half-Russian thugs who wouldn’t understand the meaning of a yokozuna’s hinkaku or understand the subtleties of this most Nihong of sports.” C: “Er, Kakuryu’s Mongolian.” A, B: (heads explode)
  15. Sumo Reference Updates

    I don't know if this question has been answered already, but what happened between Haru and Natsu 1967? Apparently, the bottom of Sandanme got demoted to Jonidan, independent of their records! In particular, Onomatsu at Sd79 went 4-3, then was Jd2 in Natsu; Sawada (Washinomine) went 6-1 at Sd105, and went to Jd6. Was it because Makushita contracted?