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  1. Yamanashi

    Corona and sumo

    One thing you can count on: there will never be a decrease in total cases.
  2. IIRC, Narutobeya's Maruyama Tatsuya had to change his name (to Marusho) after Maezumo, because there was a Yokozuna Maruyama ... who died in 1749!
  3. Yamanashi

    New kesho mawashi

    Interestingly, the Wikipedia page for Teshikaga mentions only one Notable Person from the town: Kotogatake Koichi, sumo wrestler. In Taiho's Wiki page, it mentions Teshikaga as his home town (after moving from Sakhalin).
  4. Yamanashi

    Jomboy Covers Sumo!

    This video encapsulates the modern world. Cringe-worthy ignorance of the topic he's covering (or feigned ignorance), and played to other ignorant people as if they're in on the joke, too.
  5. The current Sadanoumi is the son of ex-Komosubi (and former Oyakata) Sadanoumi, right? He switched from his real name to the father's shikona when he reached Jonidan. Of course, the father was obviously OK with the switch, and he wasn't an ex-Ozeki or Yokozuna.
  6. Yamanashi

    Kimarite Statistics - November 2020

    There's a pretty clear video of zubuneri on the NHK Sumopedia page. Look for the "#3 Techniques" video at the 1:20 mark. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/sumo/sumopedia/
  7. Yamanashi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    I 'liked" it, though I disagree. Part of my enjoyment of seeing basho broadcasts is hearing the announcer in his high, clipped voice announcing "ha ta ki ko mi".
  8. Yamanashi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    And with the retirement of Kotoshogiku comes the end of the Yoridashi Era in Sumo.
  9. Yamanashi

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    If Shodai does not clear kadoban, he might be The Next Ozeki!
  10. Yamanashi

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Now is the winter ('til the next Hatsu basho) of our discontent
  11. Yamanashi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Oshikiri was used last in 1953 by Ohikari (future Onomatsu-Oyakata) against Onobori (future Kasugayama). It seemed to be a relatively rare call (481 from 1927 to 1953). There is a thread on "old kimarite" from 2012, with input from some guy named Asasho ... er, never mind.
  12. Yamanashi

    Japanese Yusho Resurgence? (A second drought)

    I was watching a Kintamayama video of 2017 January basho, day 5. He makes the "Shodai, next Ozeki" line; meanwhile, Osunaarashi gets oshidashi'd by some new kid named Takakeisho.
  13. Yamanashi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Agree. As per my post above, he very possibly has never touched the opponent's mawashi on purpose in a winning bout.
  14. Yamanashi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Wikipedia says both yorikiri and yoritaoshi require "maintaining a grip on the opponent's mawashi." But I don't trust them for anything but science and math, so ...
  15. Yamanashi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Yorikiri 1: vs Asanoyama 2018.7.15; there's a video for this; he brushed the mawashi with his hand as he forced Asanoyama out. This is one of your cases. Yorikiri 2: vs Kititaiki 2016.5.12; also video; tried a beltless pivot throw, didn't work but his opponent was in front of him, so pushed out. Also no mawashi. Yorikiri 3: vs Mitakeumi 2019.5.4; this is the one where he injured himself (but didn't touch Mitakeumi's mawashi). Yorikiri 4: vs Okinoumi 2020.1.8; no toucho mawashio. Yoritaoshi 1: vs. Osunaarashi 2016.11.12; no video. So, yeah, Takakeisho acts like the mawashi is made of Kryptonite.