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  1. Yamanashi

    YDC convenes after Kyushu 2021

    Inevitable Mission Creep. It's especially inevitable when there's little to do in the Yokozuna Deciding department. Next step: position paper on Ozeki-Themed Bento.
  2. Yamanashi

    Your creative input required!

    Set 1: (hard to easy) 1 General Relativity 2 Special Relativity 3 Triathlon 4 Auto Repair 5 Play Cello 6 Tax Return 7 Bake Souffle 8 Alphabet Song 9 Make Toast 10 Snap Fingers
  3. Yamanashi

    Outstanding oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    It must be depressing for these fabled rikishi to have to wait and wait for their well-earned honors. To paraphrase C. S. Lewis, "Always Intai, Never Danpatsu-shiki." I hope they finally get closure on their active careers.
  4. Yamanashi

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Now is the winter of our discontent, six weeks with no Ozumo.
  5. Yamanashi


    Chris the conspiracy theorist will be watching Shimanoumi for tell-tale signs -- a new wristwatch, buying the guys dinner, etc.
  6. Yamanashi

    The Wall 2021

    Hagiwara was missing in the Naruto end-of-basho photo; I guess he was sent home to heal.
  7. Yamanashi

    Retired after Kyushu 2021

    I don't know if it's a thing, but some rikishi seem to pack it in while they still have a positive W-L differential. Higonojo ends at 307-295-4, and couldn't take another year of 2-5 basho.
  8. Yamanashi

    Promotion & Demotion & Yusho Kyushu 2021

    Trivia Bit: The fifth use of this phrase by @Asashosakari in a post on the SF. No one else even registers (well, until now). My question: is it possible to have choices that are cromulent but not perfectly cromulent?
  9. Yamanashi

    Trivia bits

    And, under his given name, we have Ono vs Fuse. A difference of 22 romaji letters.
  10. Yamanashi

    Promotion & Demotion & Yusho Kyushu 2021

    How did Farquaad-sama get on the Banzuke Committee?
  11. Yamanashi

    Ridiculous Predictions Kyushu 2021

    Or, as I imagine it, Emperor Palpatine vs. Luke Skywalker.
  12. Yamanashi

    Pokemon collabs with Sumo

    I had forgotten ... the "hand flick" gesture he used to get a couple of fingers down before the tachi-ai.
  13. Yamanashi

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    I won't pretend to understand the subtle meanings associated with these prizes, but if Abi didn't display Fighting Spirit this basho, maybe they should call it something else.
  14. Yamanashi

    Ridiculous Predictions Kyushu 2021

    To analyze this work of art would be like trying to tattoo a butterfly.
  15. Yamanashi

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Nothing to see here, guys, just a Latitudinarian falling for the midwit math foisted on him by the NSK stooges, when the real string-pullers are the Ag Industry barons who control Sumo through the koenkai system and through their gifts of food and rice to the heya; dang it, all that salt throwing should tip off anybody with half a brain. As for the Rise of the Mongolians, just watch those hicks scarf down rice and you can see a whole phalanx of ambassadors for Japanese products into Central Asia. And a certain controversial Youtuber is compensated well for throwing people off the scent with simple 1D Chess conspiracy theories. I could say so much more, but I have relatives in the fish-processing industry who wouldn't last long if I did. /s [Oh, yeah, also "Go Mitakeumi!]