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  1. Who is the rikishi?

    Actually this is a sumo related question but I wasn't sure where to ask... Last year I saw this poster during an exhibition of the Broadband World Forum. It's from the German company Langmatz GmbH. Of course, I had to take a picture of it although my colleagues were laughing about me... But I don't know who the guy is, never saw him before. Is he a professional at all?
  2. Metasumo 2018

    Here are the results for Metasumo after Natsu Basho 2018: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Goyp_4H6gJm5Ysm1LJFpy3QmRJ1ypZra/view?usp=sharing - Atenzan regained the lead from Wamahada and is well ahead now with 557,60 points. - Flohru is back at the 2nd place where he already was after the Hatsu SB masters (unfortunately no good choice regarding "group 5"... ). - Also worth mentioning is Jakusotsu who took the biggest step forwards of all players (nine ranks).
  3. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Natsu 2018

    His impressive 5 days winning streak notwithstanding, I doubt there is room for a promotion of Akiseyama. To move him up to Makuuchi, would mean they'll have to clearly overdemote Ishiura, Ryuden or Hokutofuji. Looks more like three exchanges between Makuuchi / Juryo & Akiseyama at J1e in July.
  4. Pick The Yusho Winners Natsu 2018

    HakuhoHokutofujiOnosho Toyonoshima Kiribayama Tetsuyuzan Naya Shuji
  5. Class Dismissed Natsu 2018

    Mitakeumi Takarafuji Yoshikaze Hokutofuji Asanoyama Mitoryu Tokushoryu Chiyonoumi Jokoryu Tomokaze Yamaguchi Fukuyama Tetsuyuzan Terasawa Kawamoto Alternates: Myogiryu, Shunba Tiebreakers: Homarefuji, Aozora
  6. Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2018 (14th Wave)

    Jd42w Hoshoryu
  7. Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2018 (13th Wave)

    Ms31e Kagamio * Ms35w Kiribayama
  8. Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2018 (12th Wave)

    Ms14e Toyonoshima
  9. Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2018 (11th Wave)

    Sd5e Tochimaru
  10. Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Natsu 2018

    1. Abi mk 2. Takanosho mk 3. Ichiyamamoto KK 4. Daishoryu mk 5. Ryuden mk 6. Kamito KK 7. Kaisei mk 8. Daishoho KK 9. Takagenji mk 10. Mitoryu KK 11. Tomokaze KK 12. Goeido 10 13. Ichinojo 8 14. Endo mk 15. Shimanoumi mk TB: 10
  11. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Kaisei) - May 2018

    kosho please.
  12. 21 Natsu 18, The Results

    1. A 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. B 9. B 10. B 11. B 12. B 13. A 14. B 15. B 16. B 17. A 18. B 19. B 20. B 21. B
  13. Metasumo 2018

    The standings for Metasumo 2018 have been updated after the Haru SB Masters. Shikona-changing Atenzan (ex-McBugger) wasn't quite able to defend the first place but he finds himself only 1,33 points behind the new leader. Congratulations to Wamahada! Follow the link below to see the full standings: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zklqusMvZMqNqwMI7EeF_bHYVkhjZEib/view?usp=sharing
  14. Trivia bits

    Speaking of Kaisei: He is the luckiest rikishi in recent history (six fusensho in the last two years). http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query_bout.aspx?show_form=0&group_by=rikishi1&year=2016.05-2018.03&m=on&kimarite=74&onlyw1=on
  15. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2018

    Is it actually guaranteed that those 14 wins are counting at all? I mean usually the wins are expected from sanyaku territory... And in addition to that: Does it play a role that two Yokozuna were absent in January & March? (no "full" joi schedule for Tochinoshin...)