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  1. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Mitakeumi tried to use brute strength to force Ichinojo back, which he's done once in the past, but now Ichinojo is back to 215kg so that wasn't happening. After the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd attempt failed it left Mitakeumi pretty tired. His only chance was pulling a throw, which he attempted but Ichinojo was prepared and moved forward immediately and appropriately and that was that. I think the misstep on MItakeumi's part was not using more lateral movement to try getting Ichinojo off balance. That being said, the winner of Mitakeumi vs Tochinoshin tomorrow will still very much be in the yusho race. Mitakeumi has beaten Kakuryu twice out of five attempts and both Takayasu and Goeido have a shot at preventing a zensho. That being said, Kakuryu has not looked this genki in quite a while and it's great to see.
  2. seeing Orora

    Don't get too dejected @since_94. You are going to see the most beautiful of all sports and regardless of what rikishi are out there, you will be sucked into all the amazing culture and tradition as soon as you step into the Kokugikan. As every other sport in the world has evolved in someway, many dramatically over the years; sumo has stayed virtually unchanged. When I was lucky enough to step into the Kokugikan, it was like entering a wonderful time machine. Definitely understand that it's disappointing that you won't see some of your favorites. But I'm sure there were some disappointing fans that attended Hatsu 2002 when both Yokozuna were kyujo. But did they realize then how lucky they were to witness a rising sekiwake at the time in Asashoryu and two much smaller rikishi in Jonidan & Sandanme at that time named Hakuho and Ama (Harumafuji). Keep the banzuke for the days you are going. You are very likely to be seeing future Yokozuna and Ozeki without knowing it!
  3. Spirited rikishi Hatsu 2018

    Wow, no love for Tochinoshin! He was an exhausted sweaty mess after his prolonged bout with Goeido.
  4. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Tochinoshin vs. Goeido match was the best of the basho so far (stating the obvious!) If Tochinoshin can get past Takekeisho and Kakuryu past Kotoshogiku, it would set up a delicious day 7 match between an undefeated Kakuryu and Tochinoshin
  5. Day 5 pics overview Hatsu 2018

    That Aminishki picture is heartbreaking :(
  6. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Hope Kakuryu can stay healthy all 15 days and have a Renaissance in his sumo career. Great to see him competing in top form. Takekaze seems to start every basho slow these days, but manages to rebound in week 2. This time he seems to be in some serious danger starting off 0-4 and at great risk of dropping out of Makuuchi for the first time in 13 years. Hope he can gambarize. Really looking forward to Tochinoshin vs Goeido tomorrow. Hoping we are watching the beginning of an ozeki run unfold for Mitakeumi!
  7. Wakaichiro from Texas

    And now he's moved to 3-0 with a day 5 win! A 5-2 record I would think get him near the top of Jonidan, while 6-1 would get him back to Sandanme. Ganbatte!
  8. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Kakuryu looked keen to go in Kyushu before news of kyujo due to another hampered injury. My gut told me it was a calculated decision since the next basho was fly or intai, that he must be sure to be 100%. Today was incredibly positive and potentially his best match since Kyushu of 2016. Came out aggressive and relentless on Hokutofuji and right when Hok picked the time to fight back with everything Kak pulled the throw down. Brilliant. A lot of positive to take from the Kise fight. He looked stronger. Not quite pre-injury strength, but he absorbed Takekeisho's oshi attacks which are some of the fiercest in sumo. He just got too eager when he saw Takekeisho up against the bales and went in hard at the wrong moment, which allowed Takekeisho to make a very impressive arm bar throw. I do worry that the early loss might get into Kise's head. It would be such a shame that when he finally starts to overcome his past injury, his head gets in the way of returning to Yokozuna sumo. Let's go Mitakeumi! Both Ozeki also looked in good form on Day 1. Could be a very competitive basho if Hakuho's toe is hampering him again. Also I remember we discussed Kotoshogiku not doing his big stretch on senshuraku in November. Didn't do it again on Day 1. I miss it.
  9. Hatsu Day 1 match-ups

    Sanyaku picks for day 1 Tamawashi over Chiyotairyu: I'm not a fan of Tom Mawashi aka Tom Belt, but he's been demonstrating some quality sumo and he's going to come out on fire wanting to show that Kyushu is the start of an Ozeki run Mitakeumi over Kotoshogiku: Mitakeumi has won 6 of his last 7 matchups against Geek, will need to see if some of his nagging injuries from Kyushu have subsided Yoshikaze over Takayasu: Yoshikaze looked banged up by the end of Kyushu, but he's 6-2 in his last 8 matchups against Takayasu who isn't 100% physically or mentally IMO Goeido over Ichinojo: I have a feeling Kyushu will be an aberration for Ichi and that he's due for a big MK now that he's firmly in the JOI. Goeido wins easily. Kakuryu over Hokutofuji: Kak draws the toughest day 1 matchup, but I believe he will handle Hokutofuji who might come out too aggressive with too much forward lean, which sets up well for Kakuryu. Takekeisho over Kisenosato: Hope I'm wrong here, I like both rikishi but Kise is obviously in a more precarious position. From the great preparation threads by @Kintamayama it just doesn't seem like Kise has regained his upper body strength yet. There are few weak areas in the JOI this basho and Kise will struggle to get 10 wins. Hakuho over Onosho: I wouldn't have been surprised if Hak skipped this basho given that he just won and wanted to make a point with all the controversy going on. But now that he's in, he might be a little rusty, but I still see a 14-1 or 13-2 yusho for Hak. Highlight matches of the day: Kakuryu vs Hokutofuji and Tamawashi vs Chiyotairyu. Also looking forward to Terunofuji vs Chiyomaru. SUMO IS BACK! Let's enjoy these next 15 days friends. Cheers!
  10. Makunouchi Yushos in 2018

    Hakuho 4 Kakuryu 1 Mitakeumi 1
  11. Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2019

    Let's see how much I can make a fool of myself one year from now :) Hakuho Y1 Kisenosato Takayasu O1 Mitakeumi Goeido O2
  12. Kakuryu Intai Speculation

    I'll take the unpopular opinion that Kakuryu will do quite well and could be in yusho contention if Hakuho does not participate. He was training very well before Kyushu and it was a bit of a surprise to many when he pulled out due to another injury. I'm wondering if that injury was just significant to not risk participating in November, since he's been told he must perform at Yokozuna level next time her participates or will face intai. The additional two months of healing could get him where he needs to be. If Hakuho were to pull out, no one else has really shown the ability to go better than 12-3. Terunofuji and Takayasu have been too beat up and Goeido too inconsistent though he would be my second pick. Mitakeumi, Onosho, Hokutofuji, and Takekeisho could all potentially take their sumo to the next level in 2018, but who's to say that January is the month to do that. I believe Kisenosato may be over his injuries, it's just now about building all the strength he's lost after not being able to train. It might be best for him to take another basho off and continue rebuilding his strength, but if he participates I could see him making a run at 12 wins.
  13. Happy New Year!

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a happy and healthy 2018! 2017 was my introduction to Sumo. In February, I began following this wonderful sport. In March, I found and joined these forums filled with wonderful people with endless knowledge from years of experience of following the sport. I want to thank everyone for being so welcoming and informative as I began picking up the sport. In these past 9 months, I've been lucky enough to watch the first Japanese born Yokozuna in many years perform and win a yusho in his debut at the Yokozuna rank, travel to Japan and witness sumo at the Kokugikan in Tokyo in May, buy authentic sumo souvenirs during my stay in Tokyo, meet rikishi and take pictures up close of many of my favorites, eat chanko, and much more! I've also now been through the covering of a scandal within the sport for the first time during my following. It's been quite an exciting and fun ride and I find myself more fascinated with this sport each day and look forward to more great discussion with you all in 2018!
  14. GTB- I Plumb forgot Hatsu 2018..and da results!!

    In just before the deadline. Found this one tricky with Terunofuji tumbling down and a lot of the mid to mid-low maegashira really struggling. Good luck everyone - get your entries in before tomorrow's deadline!
  15. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Kotoshogiku's senshuraku match was quite interesting. I've only been watching Sumo since March, but this was the first time I've ever seen Geek not do his patented pump up stretch before the final call to the match. Then a matta and a very slow tachiai for both. The match itself seemed lethargic and Ichinojo seemed to lack the new energy we've seen him fighting with this basho. Does anyone know when rikishi of Kotoshogiku's status announce retirement? Can it be at any time (during tournament, after match, after tournament, etc.)? Any additional information would be greatly helpful! I hope Geek continues as he is one of my favorites, but after a long great career, fighting back to Komusubi and finishing with two wins in front of his hometown fans, this would be a pretty decent ending.