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  1. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2017

    One of the highlights of the day after watching the sumo highlights is to come on here and see the promotion/demotion update from @Asashosakari Always appreciate your efforts and analysis. It gives me good context for the next day on key matches and storylines to keep an eye on. Hoping Aminishki can pull off 10 wins to emphatically establish himself in the Makuuchi division again!
  2. Harumafuji Intai Speculation

    He has had a look of dejection that I haven't seen from him during my short time watching sumo. Looking at his recent records however, 13-2: Nagoya 2016 12-3: Aki 2016 11-4: Kyushu 2016 4-3-8: Hatsu 2017 10-5: Haru 2017 11-4: Natsu 2017 11-4: Nagoya 2017 Even 10-5 is respectable in my opinion in an era where we have 4 Y and 3 O. If he were the only Yokozuna consistently and putting up 10 and 11 win records, then sure that is really alarming. But having 4/5 losses among such steep competition is still quality. This basho might be the start of there being serious concern, as he is the only Yokozuna present and was expected to be in the yusho race to the end. I wouldn't call him done yet. There is a small chance he goes intai this basho, but my guess is it happens some time in 2018.
  3. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Shohozan: No one cares less about their face than me, look at my eye! Yoshikaze: Hold my beer.
  4. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Wakaichiro gets his win to move back to an even 2-2. Needs to go 2-1 over his last 3 matches to secure KK and promotion to Sandanme. Ganbatte Wakaichiro!
  5. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Aminishki at 3-0, off to a great start. If he can go 6-6 or better the rest of the way, it would be a likely promotion back to the top division. Long way to go, but how could would that be for the soon to be 39 year old.
  6. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    With Harumafuji out of the way, it's certainly set up for the best case scenario to happen. I think he will cap out at 10-11 wins, but would love if he stays in contention to the end. Ganbatte Geek!
  7. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Definitely pulling for Kotoshogiku to get his KK and perhaps even 10 wins with the light banzuke this time around, but yusho contender seems highly unlikely. He's only had 1 strong win of his first 3 matches and his knees and balance fail him too often to have the consistency to put up a 13-2 or 12-3 that might get into a playoff. Glad to see Mitakeumi bounce back. I thought he was too aggressive on day 2 trying to overcompensate for his day 1 loss. Today he stayed aggressive, but in control. I still think Harumafuji will win this basho at 13-2, but this definitely threw a wrench into those plans. It only gets more interesting from here! Onosho to face Terunofuji who showed great strength today. And Harumafuji looks to bounce back against Hokutofuji, whom he manhandled in Nagoya.
  8. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I wonder how bad Shohozan's eye is going to look tomorrow, I don't think I've ever seen an eye swell up that quickly. Looking forward to the following matches tomorrow: Kotoshogiku vs. Terunofuji Hokutofuji vs. Goeido - Goeido dominated their first meeting in Nagoya, want to see how Hokutofuji adjusts for their 2nd matchup. Tochinoshin vs. Harumafuji - Tochinoshin won 4 of their first 7 matchups against each other. Since then Harumafuji has won 19 of 20. Tochinoshin looked at his strongest in a while in Nagoya, but his knee looked less than 100% on Day 1. Can he rebound on day 2 and get his third gold star? Also looking to see how Mitakeumi and Shodai bounce back from disappointing losses. As well as Ikioi and Endo who both still look hampered by their injuries.
  9. Ura - Yokozuna Bandwagon

    I loved Ura's little dance and saunter after pulling Shodai down. It's amazing how frequently he can grab his opponent's arm with strength and pull them down. Good start for the young man!
  10. Preparations of the Y/O-Aki 2017

    I wonder if part of the reason for Hakuho's kyujo is his eye on the 2020 Olympics. Coming off his back to back yusho performance at Natsu/Nagoya, there's no question he is still the top dog of the sport. Even if he isn't in his 'prime' anymore, near prime is still better than the rest. Certainly, his knee and other parts are ailing him, like any other rikishi who's been competing for over 15 years, but 5 years ago, perhaps even 2-3, he would have pushed himself to compete. After winning two tournaments in a row, there is no pressure on him to perform at his highest ability (like the situation Kakuryu is currently in). So why push himself to compete when he's even 80% if he can take a basho off and heal up for Kyushu. The worst thing he could do is compete when he's not 100%, risk further compounding of his existing injury, which would certainly put 2020 in jeopardy, when it is already a tall task to accomplish.With the all time wins record conquered, Hak now owns nearly all of the most prestigious records, the main focus for him might be 2020 at this point.
  11. Banzuke for Aki 2017

    Can't forget my man Mitakeumi! The man in my profile pic is my favorite rikishi. Hoping he can put together at least a double digit KK with at least two yokozuna out of the running. I could see him even hanging in the yusho race with the injury plagued Y/O
  12. Banzuke for Aki 2017

    I wonder with the uncertainty of the Y/O that we might see a second consecutive basho where a Maegashira is in contention until the end. Shodai or Ikioi given that they will face much easier schedules or Okinoumi if he's healthy. A lot has been made of Hak's knee, but he still looked dominant in Nagoya. I think he stays in it until the end. Would be surprised if Kise and Kakuryu both don't skip Aki. It would make Terunofuji and Goeido's need for 8 wins less difficult, but still no easy task with the upper maegashira including a strong Tochinoshin, Hokutofuji, and a hungy Onosho. I think Kotoshogiku might sneak a small KK in, as one last effort to show he's not quite done yet. Even if it meant a temporary return to sanyaku at Komusubi, it would be a nice victory for him to head to his home town for the Fukuoka basho to potentially round out his career in front of his fans and family.
  13. Sumo goods

    Anyone know where I can get that Mitakeumi tegata? When I visited Tokyo in May for the Natsu basho, they only had the hand-print version without his picture. The new tegata looks great and would really like one!
  14. Banzuke day pics Aki 2017

    Love seeing Banzuke day pics, thanks @Akinomaki. The break between Nagoya and Aki seemed so long, with less news than usual, and now sumo is almost back and oh how I missed it.
  15. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Yay Mitakeumi! He has now beaten all four Yokozuna in his career. With Harumafuji and Tochinoshin on the schedule next for Mitakeumi, and 2 more Maegashira opponents on day 14+15, we could see an 11 win basho. Wonderful shift and spin on the mawashi and it's the development of the belt techniques that will lead him to an Ozeki run. Go Mita!!