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  1. Nantonoyama

    Makushita March Madness - September 2023

    I guess 3 QF + 1bye 2 SF 1 Final
  2. Given the current situation, for Onosato to overtake a 0-0-15 Hakuoho, with records: 9-6, 10-5 => not enough 11-4 => probably not enough 12-3 => borderline, could be enough 13-2 => probably enough 14-1 => that's for sure
  3. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    That's obviously a copy/paste mistake. Correct version in your mailbox in few minutes. My bad!
  4. Nantonoyama

    Bench Sumo news

    If that is an invitation to apply, I'd like to
  5. Nantonoyama

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023 - any interest?

    Despite my little interest in Women football, I could have participated, but I'll be on vacation for most of the cup duration so I'll wait for the Euro Cup next summer
  6. Nantonoyama

    GTB invite- Natsu (May) 2023 - 159 entries. RESULTS!!!

    I chose a completely different approach by putting Ichinojo and Asanoyama at M8w and M9e. I am perfectly comfortable with the half rank demotion for 6-9 if the situation requires it.
  7. Nantonoyama

    Promotion/Demotion and Yūshō Discussion Haru 2023

    I agree. I believe Chiyonoumi has a stronger promotion case than Shiden. The ms5-ms6 is a clear border, cf Churanoumi vs Akiseyama for Kyushu 2019 banzuke. The one outstanding case is Enho in Haru 2018 that got promoted from ms6 with 4-3, it took a sheer amount of luck and the willingness of the committee not to save a 4-11 J12w.
  8. Nantonoyama

    Trivia bits

    With Ochiai's direct promotion announced, I am wondering... has anyone reached Juryo undefeated before him?
  9. Nantonoyama

    Games Talk, Hatsu 2023

    Here is Juryo Game result, top10 for superbanzuke points @Randomitsuki Full standings will be released soon, once the Tokushoryu day 2 win will be corrected 1. Henkanoumi - 122 (Congrats! Amazing performance for a first basho) 2. Hironoumi - 117 3. pandaazuma - 116 4. chishafuwaku - 116 5. Chelseayama - 115 6. ScreechingOwl - 115 7. Itachi - 114 8. Haroomafuji - 113 9. Saruyama - 113 10. Holleshoryu - 113 All other players have 112 points or less
  10. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    Thanks for noticing, possibly won't be corrected until after senshuraku. But no worries win-loss records will be modified accordingly. @Doitsuyama If needs be, I'll post the top10 after day 15 bouts
  11. Nantonoyama

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    I got it wrong all the way with my M18e. Won't even count my points and just cry until the tournament begins
  12. Nantonoyama

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    I know! But my reasoning was : are they going to open another sanyaku slot when they are not required to.... I don't think so
  13. Nantonoyama

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    My banzuke goes all the way to M18e. Anyone else in this situation?
  14. Nantonoyama

    Bench World Cup 2022

    @Athenayama I just tried, but it says you cannot receive messages. Perhaps your mailbox is full?
  15. Nantonoyama

    Ajigawa beya born

    Good news! It is always nice to see a former rikishi (re)open the stable under which name he started as a deshi. I wish him much success, and for sure I will root for those Ajigawa-beya boys