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  1. Nantonoyama

    The Bench Euros 2020 (taking place in 2021)

    In for player :)
  2. Nantonoyama

    Games Talk Haru 2021

    So there is still room for improvement!
  3. Nantonoyama

    Games Talk Haru 2021

    Does anyone know if a 0-winner line-up ever won (on Doitsuyama rule against another 0-winner line-up) in the history of BS?
  4. Does Kakuryu own Izutsu? I guess it is destined to be bought by him eventually anyway, but I don't remember reading about it yet
  5. Nantonoyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    There are some mistakes on basho locations of the past year: Haru 2020 is shown in Tokyo, it took place in Osaka November 2020 is shown as Kyushu 2020 and that it took place in Fukuoka, although it was in Tokyo Haru 2021 is shown in Osaka, although it is going to take place in Tokyo
  6. Nantonoyama

    Corona virus thread??

    I can share my own experience on that since I got sick in February. Tested positive, then negative after one week. I'm in my 30s and still it was a tough time to live, never felt that exhausted in my life, like my energy level was 0 and persistent muscular discomfort (no sensible pain though) for 3 full days in a row. My partner tested positive as well, but was asymptomatic. Thankfully all our parents and grandparents that we saw in the days preceding my first symptoms tested negative. That was my main concern actually, since they range from age 65 to 95. I wasn't that much worried about myself, my partner clearly was worried for me, and I was worried about infecting others, but I guess it is human nature. I guess it had to happen at some point, I lived in both Italy and France in the last 12 months, and payed a visit to my beloved San Marino last summer, it is the country that has the highest death rate per million inhabitants (for now, Czechia is on its way to overtake it seems)
  7. Nantonoyama

    Banzuke for Haru 2021

    Not sure what is the message from the committee for this non-sekiwake promotion... - Strict enforcement of the 'no rank overtake when no opening' rule - "We kindly let you know that you are not on a ozeki run"
  8. 68, pretty good, but this seems to be a high scoring basho so let's see
  9. Nantonoyama

    Ozumo Consecutive Match Tracker

    Agree. The fact that it is of no choice of their own should not matter, and the streak is broken. Same goes for a rikishi like Abi who gets suspended (guilty of misbehaviour, but in good shape). The fact that the NSK decided that they would retain their rank might be misleading on whether to consider those absences to be streak-breaking or not.
  10. Nantonoyama

    Ozeki Reranking confusion

    The behaviour of the banzuke making committee on those cases is not consistent over time though, with multiple occurrences of both cases (switch and no switch) in the last 30 years. Caution, do not confuse the regulation bout and the playoff bout. In the general case, only the record on the regulation bouts (overall number of wins out of 15) count, and who beats who does not matter. Yusho playoff bouts are "out of the tournament" bouts that do not change the final count of wins and losses of the rikishi, but is only there to crown a tournament winner. In the unlikely case of a multiple rikishi same rank yusho playoff (it happened in the past), the result of the individual playoff bouts do not matter towards the establishment of the new ranking, only the winner of the playoff might (if the committee decides so) get a small bonus on the next ranking.
  11. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    I saw this message, I contacted the Grand Wizard about it. Hopefully things will sort out, there is still plenty of time before Haru starts, keep you updated privately.
  12. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    Juryo Game Results for Hatsu 2021 - Top 10 - Points for superbanzuke @Randomitsuki 1 - Terarno - 101 2 - pandaazuma - 101 3 - Chankoyama - 99 4 - Metzinowaka - 98 5 - Kyoju - 96 6 - Frinkanohana - 96 7 - Domichi - 96 8 - Torafujii - 95 9 - Pitinosato - 95 10 - Neko - 94 11 - Chelseayama - 94 Congratulations to @Terarno for his outstanding performance. May he celebrate with a banquet of pruneaux! @Pandaazuma will have a shot at Yokozuna promotion next tournament with this yusho-equivalent performance All win-loss scores are temporary, they will be modified when the points for kyujo weak maegashiras are removed
  13. Nantonoyama

    Hokuseiho - Shot at a record?

    Given his banzuke position, Hokuseiho could set another record : a direct jonokuchi to juryo trip in 4 basho on his debut. He would obviously be the first to do so in the modern era. Although not the first to do so at all, since Hokutokuni, a former sekitori who fell all the way down to jonokuchi, did it in 2011, although with two massive banzuke luck occurrences (big boost from all the scandal-related intai + promoted with 5-2 at ms9)
  14. Nantonoyama

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2021

    It is consistent with the fact to treat better those who show up, exemplified even in the yokozuna rank when Kisenosato got promoted even though winless. The difference between 0-7 and 0-0-7 is 35/40 ranks in makushita, and something like 50/60 and 60/70 in sandanme and jonidan.. I think it is fair this way, and Fujiazuma gets a chance of direct repromotion if he yushos
  15. Nantonoyama

    Kyokai special training sessions

    Happening right now, live feed of the training session streamed on youtube. It seems to me that it is the official NSK account