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  1. Nantonoyama

    Takakeisho injury update

    He seems to receive proper advice from professionals and have a long-term approach of his career. It is healthier on many grounds, even if it could cost him his rank for Aki.
  2. Nantonoyama

    2019 Natsu - Kimarite Statistics

    Hmm thinking about it, it might be the kimarite era, from the last reformation, so 2001 or so. Am I right?
  3. Nantonoyama

    2019 Natsu - Kimarite Statistics

    Thank you for this kimarite post, always very interesting. But I guess here you meant from the beginning of Heisei, unless you considered another type of era... And I wonder... Since those low yoritaoshi/oshitaoshi rates are linked with a yokiriki/oshidashi high, what could that mean bout-wise... a "cleaner" sumo?
  4. Nantonoyama

    Trivia bits

    Indeed he was
  5. Nantonoyama

    Trivia bits

    This basho, Natsu 2019, was only the second time in the records where 5 sansho were awarded to maegashira rikishi: Gino-sho M5 Ryuden Shukun-sho M8 Asanoyama Kanto-sho M4 Abi, M8 Asanoyama and M12 Shimanoumi The only other time it happened, in Aki 1991, sansho winners were: Gino-sho M3 Wakahanada (Future Yokozuna Wakanohana) and M12 Mainoumi Shukun-sho M3 Wakahanada Kanto-sho M1 Tochinowaka and M5 Kotonishiki However in this Natsu basho 2019, all sansho winners have no sanyaku experience (as well as the yusho winner), I guess this is a particularly rare occurrence to have all price winners without sanyaku experience.
  6. Nantonoyama

    New sumo trophies

    Jacques Chirac established the French President's Cup, not PM. And Sarkozy cancelled it when he arrived into office, brightening the removal with some particularly unpleasant comments on sumo wrestle.
  7. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    Yeah yeah I understand your point. I was just pointing out that the automation did not follow my understanding of the rules. This is quite an unusual case, the game tate-gyoji will have to ensure how is done the computation and align it with the rules (or in the rules)
  8. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    When I read the rules, " If more than one rikishi pulls out, the substitute will count only for the first to exit. " is rather clear to me. The sub enters when the first rikishi goes kyujo, and CANNOT BE USED AGAIN As a consequence, the sub does not fill the higher empty spot but the spot of the first rikishi to withdraw (what if two rikishi withdraw the same day? On which ground would the higher placed take precedence). As another consequence, if the first rikishi to withdraw returns, the sub cannot enter another time. This is my understanding of the rules
  9. Nantonoyama

    Trivia bits

    Out of the yusho without sanyaku experience, Asanoyama is the first to secure the tournament before the final day!
  10. Nantonoyama

    Trivia bits

    Takakeisho had 2 fusen losses as an ozeki this tournament. From the database, it only happened in the Aki 1956 basho with then-ozeki Wakanohana. This case is quite particuliar as he first withdrew on day 13, being 12-0 and on his way to the tsuna, before coming back for day 15, for which he immediately withdrew, most probably because Kagamisato's day 14 win made it impossible for him to grab the yusho and the rope.
  11. Nantonoyama

    Trump coming to the basho

    Having the POTUS (whoever he is) on the dohyo on day 15 of the new era's first basho is a quite clever political move for tightening the links between Japan and the US. The incumbent is quite controversial but it doesn't matter at the end of the day, all advertisement is good advertisement, and I think it should be treated as POTUS visiting the basho as it is not a private trip. Does anyone know when was the last occurrence a foreign head of state stepped on the dohyo? (if it ever happened before). I cannot imagine the state of mind of the security guys if a zabuton rain occurs though
  12. Nantonoyama

    Haru 2019 SB Masters Results

    Whaw, I just saw the results. I thank I did quite well because I was top 10 in seveal games but I did not expected a podium spot. Even with no yusho this is by far my best basho ever with over 60 points. Congratulations to the winner and the tremendous amount of points!
  13. Nantonoyama

    60th Yokozuna Futahaguro passes away

    The wikipedia encyclopedia (both english and japanese) dates the death from February 10th, with a japanese reference. That is quite a long notice time.
  14. Nantonoyama

    60th Yokozuna Futahaguro passes away

    That is really sad, 55 is quite young, and he had not had a long career, being kicked out ozumo at age 24. Kitao will be remembered as the yusho-less yokozuna... although he rushed the ranks all the way to the higher rank
  15. Nantonoyama

    New Ozeki Takakeisho

    If he has a long-standing ozeki career, in 12 years from now, people could refer to him as "the ozeki from another era". That is cool