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  1. Bench World Cup 2018

    Whaw, I won. This is both unexpected and great Thanks and congrats to the French team, which was a perfect R team Many thanks to Jejima for being a tough opponent in the Finals and the runner of this game, and to all the refiojis for the animation of the game See you all for the next (exciting) tournament
  2. Bench World Cup 2018

    From my understanding, in all cases with a draw or a loss of France in 2nd half, I can only win with a loss of France in 2nd half AND a win of France in ET (Jejima's chain break in slot 3). All other possibilities lead to a draw.
  3. Bench World Cup 2018

    But I appreciate the efforts of my opponent to make me win
  4. Bench World Cup 2018

    What a terrible play I did! I deserve to pay my mistrust in France and my trust in England... waiting for the shootout now!!!
  5. Bench World Cup 2018

    Just a question to clarify : If I choose to use my special power of (R) team for [ET] and Extra Time DOES NOT occur, it means that this slot will be like a 0-0 but the special power ARE NOT in use, as my team will be considered as a normal (N) team Am I right?
  6. Bench World Cup 2018

    Thank you! Your Belgium prediction was great! Really... It should have deserved more, but you lacked teams in your squad I'm feeling lucky as if Russia was not your (R) team my chain was broken. Cheers
  7. Games Bugs

    Just saw this! Kudos! Thanks for the mono-ii
  8. World Cup 18 - comments

    Problem is: what if your draw gives Belgium vs Uruguay? 2 day rest against 5 day rest, not fair at all. And what about the stadium to prepare, the fans to move... Problem is time, this is not champions league where they have weeks to prepare the event and arrange the travels. At least, we this system, anyone has 4-5 days between last group stage match and round of 16. And after the path is clear, they know where they will have to move if they proceed, both for teams and fans. But yes, it can lead to idiotic situations....
  9. This May sound familiar- GTB

    Looks like a middle-ish 53 for me this time. Hope to be on the right side of the KK MK line
  10. Doreen Simmons' Passing

    This is a very sad news. She was for sure a very respected lady.
  11. Bench World Cup 2018

    I'd like to play! (but sorry cannot provide help in refiogying)
  12. Games Bugs

    You can send me your entry with 8 juryo 1 super juryo 1 weak maeashira 1 hope and 1 former juryo, with the new e-mail address via private message before deadline as it is urgent matter. We will see later for you to get your information
  13. Hakuhou death THREAT, not thread, THREAT. OK?

    At first I read Hakuho death thread Such thread name is pure emotional abuse
  14. Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    It is difficult to make a comparison between yearly tournament and a 6-tournament year. Your comment implies that Hakuho should have won each one of the 6 tournaments to equal a yearly tournament. But in the period 2007 - 2017, in each year, he is the one who has the most yusho. The only year he is tied for the most yusho is 2012 : 2 with Harumafuji (but Hakuho has more wins in the whole year). That could worth 11 yearly tournaments couln't it?
  15. Trivia bits

    Ok thank you, So: Harumafuji intai on 29th Nov 2017 - Asashoryu intai on 4th Feb 2010 = Gap of 2855 days Wakanohana intai on 16th March 2000 - Hokutoumi intai on 8th May 1992 = Gap of 2869 days