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  1. Games Bugs

    Juryo Game is also based on the Sumo Reference Database, so the game cannot be opened yet. If no solution is found in the next days, alternative entry form will be set up
  2. Juryo Game Rules

    The website is here : The game should be open for entry by the end of the week.
  3. Juryo Game Rules

    Hi everyone, as said during last Aki, here are the rules for the Juryo game, in force from Kyushu 2017 on. If something is not clear to you, please let me know. GENERAL PURPOSE The Juryo Game is a sumo-based game taking place every odd month, when a hon-basho occurs. Its purpose is to play with the underdogs of the second division and put the light on them, by picking juryo division rikishi, as well as wrestlers in the lower makuuchi and upper makushita. The Juryo Game is part of the SUPER BANZUKE. ENTERING THE GAME - You have to check 8 juryo wrestlers: each time these rikishi will win a bout during the tournament, you will score 1 point - You have to choose 1 super juryo wrestler: each time this rikishi will win a bout during the tournament, you will score 2 points. Repeat one of the 8 juryo wrestlers is allowed - You have to check 1 weak maegashira rikishi in a list of 8 selected rikishi amongst the bottom 16 of the top division: each time this wrestler will lose a bout during the tournament, you will score 1 point - You have to check 1 ex-juryo in a list of 8 selected former juryo wrestlers ranked in makushita: each time this wrestler will win a bout during the tournament, you will score 1 point - You have to check 1 juryo hope in a list of 8 selected makushita wrestlers that never made it to the top two divisions: each time this wrestler will win a bout during the tournament, you will score 1 point You can play an unlimited number of times before the beginning of the tournament but only your last selection in memory will be used. The deadline for entering the game is on Sunday, first day of the tournament, at 2PM JST. Multiple entries are not allowed. Should such a case occurs, all entries will be disqualified. SCORING For each player, the points for each of the 12 choices will be summed, and a ranking will be established and players ranked from the highest total of points to the lowest total of points If a rikishi within the weak maegashira selection is declared absent before the tournament (i.e. not present on the day 1 torikumi), he will not be able to score any points for the entirety of the tournament. Except for the weak maegashira selection, if a rikishi is declared absent before the tournament (i.e. not present on the day 1 torikumi), he will be able to score points if he returns to the tournament. Fusen-sho wins are treated as regular wins, fusen-pai loses are treated as regular loses, absences are treated as loses, and will score points for the weak maegashira rikishi selected going kyujo, provided that the rikishi is on day 1 torikumi. In the case that two or more players have the same amount of points, the tie-breakers used are: - Most points for super juryo - Most points for juryo hope - Most points for ex-juryo - Most points for weak maegashira - Highest rank - Earliest entry (if several jonokuchi-ranked players involved) The general ranking is not split into divisions. However, the win-loss record is. The total of points into each division will be converted to classic sumo scores: we will try to split the table in order to obtain a same number of players who will be kachikoshi than those who will be makekoshi. Makuuchi and Juryo players will have a 15-days record, makuchita and jonokuchi players will have a 7-days record. BANZUKE After each tournament, a banzuke is established by the game runner. This banzuke takes the real-world banzuke as a model. The establishment of the banzuke depends on the win-loss records computed after the tournament ends. Banzuke is established in the best fairness possible, however, as in real sumo, banzuke luck does exist. Every new player is ranked in the jonokuchi division for the first basho, then the player is ranked at the bottom of the following banzuke. For the first absence after an active basho, a player is granted kosho status, i.e. the rank does not change for next banzuke. Second, third and fourth basho is-a-row of inactivity means 0-0-15 kyujo. Then, the player will be removed from the banzuke (intai). Ozeki promotion: each player scoring at least 33 wins over the last three active bashos, the last two being ranked in sanyaku, the last basho being ranked sekiwake and with three positive records, will be granted automatic promotion. Each player scoring at least 30 wins over the last three active bashos, the three bashos ranked in sanyaku, the last basho being ranked sekiwake and with three positive records, will be considered for ozeki promotion. Ozeki demotion: each players having two consecutive negative records in active bashos while ranked at ozeki will be demoted to sekiwake. Should this player score at least 10 wins in the first basho following his demotion, he will regain automatic ozeki promotion. Yokozuna promotion: an ozeki player will be granted automatic yokozuna promotion with at least 24 wins over two consecutive active ozeki bashos and at least 1 yusho and 1 jun-yusho ; yokozuna promotion will be considered with at least 23 wins over two consecutive active ozeki bashos and at least 1 yusho or 2 jun-yusho Yokozuna demotion: As digital yokozuna do not suffer from getting old, yokozuna demotion rules have been established. A yokozuna will be demoted with three make-koshi in-a-row in active bashos or with 6 make-koshi in the last 9 active yokozuna bashos.
  4. I did little math to figure it out. I took the 10 last years of hatsu-dohyo data (assuming a 30/15 distribution of the 45 of Natsu 2011), so from Kyusho 2007 to Aki 2017 Hatsu: 123 Haru: 459 Natsu: 127 Nagoya: 51 Aki: 61 Kyushu: 62 Total: 883 The division juryo is the smaller one which has a fixed number of wrestlers, so the probability that all wreslers are not of a given class is (1-(x/883))^28, which is Hatsu: 1.5% Haru: epsilon Natsu: 1.3% Nagoya: 18.9% Aki: 13.5% Kyushu: 13.0% With such a computation, makuuchi (42 wrestlers) would give 8.2% for Nagoya, but in makuuchi some wrestlers are "fixed" so it kinda creates a bias in the study
  5. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Profomisakari asked for clarity and he is right to do so, so here are some clear statements for this 2017 Aki Basho Juryo Game: - Because Sadanofuji was absent on day 1, his basho points are set to 0, for the reasons aforementioned - The results as presented in the Juryo Game results page are final, as well as the win-loss records - Before Kyushu basho, all rules will be clearly written in order to avoid any future ambiguity Congratulations to Pepoetse, please stand for the national anthem of Hungary
  6. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    OK, I see the point. The fact is: I have just taken over the game. I intend to make a clear statement on the rules of the game and the promotion/demotion rules for application in Kyushu basho. However, this basho is still under Randomitsuki's rules, and in a private message he told me that Sadanoumi's points must be set to 0, and I quote: " the fact that Sadanoumi entered at a later stage does not matter; as in other games, Day 1 absence is what counts ". I understand the point you make with respect to the website, and I intend to modify it. However, for this tournament, I am going to follow his instructions as the former game ruler, I am pretty sure he knows the rules he used to apply, and that they must have been written somewhere sometime. Please don't sue me
  7. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    You are right, and I meant what I wrote. I quote Randomitsuki : "Day 1 absence is what counts". In my mind, being absent = not showing up, even if you are on the torikumi. You are not physically present. I remember this Osunaarashi case, and I remembered picking 0-15 in Oracle, but it was counted as a full kyujo. But I agree it is ambiguous wether present/absent refers to the torikumi or physically on the dohyo I shall (re-)write clearly the rules of the game during the month of october. In any case, this debate is not the matter of the ongoing basho.
  8. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    That could be a rule evolution to study for future tournaments, yes. However, as this one is done under rules set by Randomitsuki, he clearly stated to me that any "weak maegashira" rikishi who does not show up on the dohyo on day 1 must be awarded 0 points, regarless of wether or not he later joins the basho.
  9. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Thank you for noticing it, suspicious with two new players. It might be needed to contact them by the end of the tournament. For the Sadanoumi case, his points will be set to 0, so please take into consideration that the standings are not final until Sadanoumi's points are removed.
  10. Games Bugs

    Ok, don't worry it will be counted as such for banzuke making purposes. But I'm not sure it is possible to change it in the automation for this basho... Also I will let Rando know if you score any superbanzuke points.
  11. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)<=&having=0&day=3&m=on&rank1=K-Y&wins1=3 And the first time since Hatsu 2007 that no sanyaku in undefeated after day 3
  12. Meet up in Paris?

    I have a job meeting in Paris on the 22nd, quite unfortunate you leave one day earlier. I hope you will enjoy the city!
  13. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Right... As far as I know, the japanese use seasons names centered on the equinox/solstice. So Summer (Natsu) would be roughly May 5th - August 5th (so Natsu basho is in the range). And Autumn (Aki) would be roughly August 5th - November 5th (so perfect for Aki basho). So yeah, this august jungyo takes place in japanese autumn... Is there any reason I am not aware of?
  14. Intai notice

    Sorry to hear the retirement of such a legendary sumogamer, but I understand that the commitment his huge, particularly since you spend to much time. My daily picks take 20 mins at most, and as for the pre-basho, I'd say 2/3 hours. Perhaps Flohru is right about the ratio time/fun/results. As for the Juryo Game banzuke, I'd like to volunteer if you still want to be freed of it. I never did game banzuke-making before, but I have pretty decent results in GTB...
  15. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Kisenosato can still take advantage of his Hatsu explosion and Haru heroic yusho. Yet he stands one step behind Kakuryu in the danger zone...