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  1. Nantonoyama

    GTB March to your room with no dinner, Mr! 2019

    Lone maegashira in last rank is always east. The east-west equilibrium rules are only for sanyaku (I guess because they have their shikona written SUPER BIG in written banzuke and their body in BIG SIZE as well for printed banzuke)
  2. Nantonoyama

    Trump on senshuraku?

    This could be interesting as a matter of advertisement. But I wonder for the security stuff, the US president is heavily protected, and I wonder how it can be done in Kokugikan without disturbing normal operations. Also, the time of american rikishi is long gone, and I don't see the Kyokai organising any king of jungyo in the USA. Also some messages in this thread need moderation.
  3. Nantonoyama

    Heisei strongest yokozuna ranking

    Debatable. Exchange Harumafuji and Asashoryu career timespan, and both would get 15-20 yusho imho. Comparisons are hard for this very reason that adversity varies
  4. Nantonoyama

    Setsubun 2019 Edition

    French-speaking part of Europe (basically France and some parts of Belgium and Switzerland) also celebrate Candelmas on feb 2nd. It is linked to the same mid-season stuff. In Japan the season is centered on the equinox/solstice, so spring (Haru) has begun. It is not straightforward to set a date for an event, given the way time was counted in the past and that time-arranging features (feb 29 in some years) implies that day and hour of astronomical solstices and equinoxes vary over time
  5. Nantonoyama

    Trivia bits

    Kaisei's one last Kyushu being particularly original. Mirroring the mid-basho absences, he went on mid-basho presence (absent days 1, 2, 15, fusen day 14)
  6. Nantonoyama

    YDC convenes-Hatsu 2019

    Whetever the guy thinks about events of the past, the only question linked to sumo is: to what extent can his opinions create a bias on the assessment of Hakuho's injury. I think they do not. Everything else it is off-topic
  7. Nantonoyama

    YDC convenes-Hatsu 2019

    It is like applying latin noun declention rules to romanised japanese names after all
  8. Nantonoyama

    Top 10 Sumo Records Hatsu 2019 Edition

    I think he should (88 makuuchi and 2 juryo)
  9. Nantonoyama

    Turn The Tide - Banzuke Haru 2019

    I cannot believe I forgot to request kosho (in several games, most stupid SB point loss ever)
  10. Nantonoyama

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    On the one hand we have Haru 2017: Se Tamawashi 8-7 vs Sw Takayasu 12-3. No exchange. On the other hand we have Nagoya 2018: Se Ichinojo 8-7 vs Sw Mitakeumi 13-2 Y. Exchange. Since the yusho is involved, despite the smaller 2-win difference, I would say thay will exchange their banzuke positions
  11. Nantonoyama

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    It that even precedented? Isn't that unfair to Takakeisho in case he has to be involved in a kettei-sen (less time to recover, ok, it is only one bout, and Tamawashi is one bout away only, but yet...) In 1972 the musubi-no-ichiban maegashira was a yusho contender, none of them are today, that might have motivated this decision
  12. Nantonoyama

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    No way if he has no good enough records in his two tournaments before yusho
  13. Nantonoyama

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Most probably Ke Myogiryu, the only sanyaku he still did not meet
  14. Nantonoyama

    Greetings from Italy!

    Ciao from Liguria Michele! Do not hesitate to ask questions and the games are a great way to discover the various divisions and the wrestlers. You are most welcome to play the Juryo Game next March tournament
  15. Nantonoyama

    Accumulated wins as an in-basho performance metric

    Given that this topic's title is a great title for a scientific publication, if we formalise the theory enough in-depth, we may consider to write a paper and submit it to the International Journal of Sumo Gaming