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  1. Nantonoyama

    Ajigawa beya born

    Good news! It is always nice to see a former rikishi (re)open the stable under which name he started as a deshi. I wish him much success, and for sure I will root for those Ajigawa-beya boys
  2. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    Thanks for the speedy repair! I still wonder why it was like this... Could be because he was Ms15TD in Aki...
  3. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    So the list of players that the Juryo Game new bug impacts is: S2W Flohru M1E Oortael J2E Kajiyanosho J4W Netsuzakura J6E WAKATAKE J12E Hidenotora Standings will most probably be corrected at the end of the tournament
  4. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    That's a good point! (If it does remain blank after shonichi, who knows what can happen?) I'll make a list of affected players then, after the deadline
  5. Nantonoyama

    Games Bugs

    For Juryo Game Kawazoe issue I do not know where it comes from. If you want this rikishi, pick any other and let me know by either: - tell me in this thread before deadline - send me a private message It is probable the standings will only be corrected after senshuraku @Randomitsuki @Doitsuyama is there a precedent for such a bug
  6. Nantonoyama

    Bench World Cup 2022

    As much as I enjoy football, this one tastes bitter to me. No Italy, no summer and no football tradition in this country. Not fun. But in case you really need someone to complete the board I can play
  7. Nantonoyama

    Banzuke for Aki 2022

    He didn't know. Now they all know.
  8. Nantonoyama

    Banzuke for Aki 2022

    If they don't make clearer statements for next tournament, any guy with a bad start will be very keen to get covid (or a positive test, no matter if real)
  9. Nantonoyama

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    I went with the approach of considering the fusen losses as actual losses (because they are considered as wins for the other rikishi). In my approach, Daieisho is 6-7 and demoted to komusubi. Wait and see... On Monday we will be all be pleased to see how wrong we went.
  10. Nantonoyama

    Corona and sumo

    There are rules against loud cheering? The whole point of going to the stadium is to cheer as loudly as possible (otherwise I'd just stay home and watch the game on TV), do they really expect people to watch football quietly and sitting down? LOL
  11. Nantonoyama

    Juryo promotions for Aki 2022

    Agree, he looks Central Asian rather than Eastern European, particularly when his shussin is Almaty, which is way closer to the other central Asian republics and 200km away from the Chinese border, in this big central Asian turkic area. This is the area where the Europe/Asia "border" has been put by geographers, and the line linking Ural mountain range and Caspian sea cuts a chuck of Kazakhstan into geographical Europe. Of course, some ethnic Europeans live in Kazakhtan, mainly as a result of being a former Soviet Republic, and he may have some level of European admixture. Best thing is probably to ask him how he feels about his own identity
  12. Nantonoyama

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    For sure one of the most exciting GTBs ever. Good luck everyone!
  13. Nantonoyama

    Nagoya 2022 day After pics overview

    I am pretty sure it would be the exact same facial expression. Even possibly a bit more cheerful!
  14. Nantonoyama

    Games Talk - Nagoya Basho 2022

    I agree with the order, but for point number one, I would say lowest number of ANTE spent, rather that highest. OK, it is true that in case of a tie, if you have spent less, it means that you have won less in absolute value. But it also means that you have obtained the same result with a more frugal approach, which can be rewarded. @Golynohana What do you think? Also, it would only be for yusho purposes? Or for all other positions also?
  15. Nantonoyama

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Nagoya Basho

    He is not responsible for the opponents not to show up. Weak sansho I agree, but the double digit is here to stay in the records