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    JWS Haru 2021 (Back in Tokyo)

    One week to go! Registered so far are the following: WAKATAKE Athenayama Akogyokuseki Waiting on responses from the following who participated in the last basho: @Achiyama @Benihana @chishafuwaku @Flohru @Fujisan @Gaijingai @Rocks/Gansekiiwa @Tameiki @Tenshinhan @wolfgangho @Houmanumi @ScreechingOwl Also a call out to former players that we would love to have participate again: @chikoryu @kuroimori @Jejima Kyoju Masonoyama

    Class Dismissed Haru 2021

    Link for Class Dismissed Haru 2021: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZHYSMCR I'm also doing a call out to all current and former players to see if we can get more than the average we've had for the past year: @Flohru @Tenshinhan @Achiyama @chishafuwaku @Taikoubana @kuroimori @wolfgangho @ChickyStarr @Torideyama/Yoohoo @Athenayama @Shinobi Steve We also welcome new players, so if you are interested please use the link above!

    Class Dismissed Haru 2021

    Welcome back to Class Dismissed, the Haru 2021 edition! This year marks the first time the Haru basho in my lifetime has been held in Tokyo, I did get to see the actual Haru basho in Osaka back in 2017. How will we hold out this basho? Hopefully safety measures are being taken so that we don't have a mass kyujo like Hatsu. Will the ozeki of our game manage to put in some major campaigns for yokozuna? Let's find out! Lastly, we said goodbye to wrestler Kijuin in Hatsu 2021 from this game as he hung up his mawashi. Best of luck to him! The goal of the game is to pick who you think will go kachi-koshi out of the current field of 65 collegiate rikishi in sumo. For each pick that goes KK, you will earn one win. If that pick goes MK, you will receive one loss. A fairly simple game but you got to know what you're looking out for. For rules please see below. Rules 1 - Pick 15 rikishi for your main team, and then pick one sekitori (Makuuchi, Juryo) and one lower division rikishi (Makushita, Sandanme, Jonidan, Jonokuchi) for your alternate team in case somebody from your main team goes kyujo 2 - Alternates will be substituted if there is a kyujo any time during the basho, at both levels if necessary. If both alternates get used, they will be only for their divisions (sekitori for sekitori, lower division for lower division) a. The exception to this will be if the kyujo rikishi is already kachikoshi b. If the kyujo rikishi returns and finishes the basho, the better record achieved by either the kyujo rikishi or the alternate will be used for scoring c. If two or more rikishi go kyujo for a division (sekitori or lower), then the best scores will be used for that division 3 - You must select a minimum of 5 sekitori and a minimum of 5 lower division rikishi for your main team (in case of a tiebreaker) 4 - You will also select a tiebreaker team of one sekitori and lower division rikishi 5 - In total you will select 19 rikishi (15 main team, 2 alternates, 2 for tiebreaker team) 6 - Tsukedashi rikishi will not be eligible for picks as they are not added to the banzuke until the torikumi is posted. They will be added to the roster when they have a proper banzuke ranking in the following basho *Added rule 6 regarding tsukedashi rikishi. The reason for this is because the poll will be created and players will have already submitted their team picks before they can make changes if they were to try and add the tsukedashi rikishi to their teams. This also makes the administrator have to make massive changes to the survey and repost it Tiebreaker criteria 1 - Most Yusho won by team members, if same number the higher the division the higher the criteria 2 - Most Jun-yusho or yusho-doten won by team members, same criteria as yusho 3 - Strength of combined records for top 5 sekitori and top 5 lower division rikishi 4 - Strength of combined records for tiebreaker team 5 - Any wins by makuuchi team members over yokozuna and ozeki (*Any wins by Asanoyama and Shodai over yokozuna and ozeki are excluded) 6 - Results of any potential match ups that happened between different picks on the teams (Rikishi A from team 1 beat Rikishi B from team 2) 7 - Best finishes among least consensus picks (example 9 players pick rikishi A and 1 player picks rikishi B. Both rikishi finish 8-7, rikishi B will have higher criteria) 8 - Strength of combined records of alternates (regardless if they were put into the main line up or not) Sansho is awarded based on the following criteria: Shukun-sho: Highest combined total for tiebreaker 3 (top 5 sekitori and top 5 lower division picks) Kanto-sho: Most lower division kachikoshi picks (minimum 5 correct guesses + kachikoshi required) Gino-sho: Most sekitori kachikoshi (minimum 5 correct guesses + kachikoshi required) Golden/Ougon-sho: Most overall yusho, jun-yusho, doten picks (minimum 2 correct guesses, kachikoshi not required) Below is the list of eligible rikishi for Class Dismissed Haru 2021: Shodai O1E Tokyo University of Agriculture Asanoyama O1W Kinki University Mitakeumi K1W Toyo University Takarafuji M1E Kinki University Hokutofuji M2E Nihon Sports Science University Wakatakakage M2W Toyo University Shimanoumi M3W Kinki University Myogiryu M4W Nihon Sports Science University Endo M5E Nihon University Tobizaru M8W Nihon University Midorifuji M10E Kinki University Chiyotairyu M11E Nihon Sports Science University Akiseyama M12E Nihon University Tsurugisho M14W Nihon University Yutakayama M15E Tokyo University of Agriculture Hidenoumi M15W Nihon University Daiamami M16W Nihon University Tokushoryu J1E Kinki University Ishiura J2E Nihon University Daishomaru J2W Nihon University Enho J4E Kanazawa Gakuin University Churanoumi J5E Nihon University Ura J7E Kwansei Gakuin University Azumaryu J7W Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences Shohozan J8W Komazawa University Mitoryu J9E Nihon University Yago J10W Chuo University Tohakuryu J11E Toyo University Chiyonoumi J12E Nihon Sports Science University Nishikifuji J12W Kinki University Jokoryu J13E Nihon University Ichiyamamoto J14W Chuo University Murata Ms6W Toyo University Shiba Ms11E Nihon University Oshoryu Ms12E Kinki University Asagyokuseki Ms13E Kinki University Genki Ms13W Meiji University Tokisakae Ms15E Tokyo University of Agriculture Kainoshima Ms18E Senshu University Terasawa Ms18W Toyo University Hokutoki Ms19E Kinki University Tsushimanada Ms20W Nihon University Omoto Ms22W Ritsumeikan University Fukai Ms24W Toyo University Mineyaiba Ms28E Tokyo University of Agriculture *=Formerly Ito Ichiki Ms29E Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences Tanabe Ms33E Kanazawa Gakuin University Aozora Ms48W Asahi University Kawamoto Sd3W Takushoku University Higonojo Sd7E Nihon Sports Science University Mitotsukasa Sd9W Senshu University Takaryu Sd12E Takushoku University Hagiwara Sd19E Takushoku University Sakurai Sd33W Nihon Sports Science University Horyuyama Sd39W Toyo University Sagatsukasa Sd50E Toyo University Osuzuki Sd68W Nippon Sports Science University Kaonishiki Sd75E Toyo University Hozan Sd82E Chuo University Hatooka Sd90E Takushoku University Mifuneyama Jd36W Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences Katozakura Jd40W Kokugakuin University Arauma Jd49E Doshisha University Tomokaze Jd55W Nihon Sports Science University Arikawa Jd88E Senshu University Please submit your picks via the Survey Monkey link that will be posted. You may also post your picks here, submit them to me by PM, or email them to me at bloodpact725@gmail.com. I recommend everyone use Survey Monkey to help streamline everyone's picks, and this encourages non-forum players and also forum players to participate in this game more! Please submit your picks by 8am shonichi JST (3/14), or 4PM PST Saturday (3/13). Thanks as always!

    Game 21 Haru Basho 2021

    1. B 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. B 6. A 7. B 8. B 9. A 10. B 11. B 12. A 13. B 14. B 15. A 16. B 17. B 18. A 19. B 20. B 21. A

    JWS Haru 2021 (Back in Tokyo)

    Hello everyone and welcome back to JWS! We've had some interesting things been happening within, above and below Juryo and we should have an interesting field of wrestlers to choose from. The Kokonoe, Miyagino, Tomozuna and Arashio bunches should be back and hopefully having had some time to recover can make them contenders. We also have the surprise Hatsu 2020 yusho winner Tokoshoryu back in the division only 5 basho after his Cinderella story, joined by Sadanoumi and Akua. Ura will be trying to complete the next unlikely comeback after Terunofuji, while we have newcomers Bushozan and Takakento in the mix too. Who will contend for the yusho? Who in our player group get lucky with their picks? 8 players have continuing streaks from last basho, will they be able to challenge for the top 10 win streak list for JWS? Let's find out! The goal of the game is to pick one juryo rikishi that you think will win for the day and try to get the longest streak possible. Rules below! 1. Pick one Juryo rikishi from the 28 ranked on the banzuke that you think will win for the day 2. You can opt to use your main pick from day 1 for the rest of the basho, or you can play daily using the Survey Monkey links 3. All Juryo rikishi are eligible for daily picks, even those in makuuchi or makushita crossover matches. However, you cannot pick their makuuchi or makushita opponents 4. It is requested that you submit your picks via the Survey Monkey link, but you can also submit picks here in this thread, by PM, or by email 5. Deadline for daily picks is 2pm Japan time (9pm Pacific Standard time), late submissions will not be accepted. Senshuraku deadline for picks is 1:30pm Japan time (8:30pm Pacific Standard Time) due to the early start times 6. Matches involving a kyujo rikishi (withdrawal) will not be eligible for submission 7. If you are playing daily and miss the deadline, your main pick from the previous day will be used 7. Please designate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd default picks for the basho a. If your main pick goes kyujo, either through daily play or for the entire basho, your 1st default will be substituted to your main pick b. Your 1st default will be replaced if they go kyujo to the 2nd default and so forth, unless you change your main picks and defaults c. If your main pick is involved in a kyujo match for the day (fusensho or fusenpai), your 1st default will be substituted. If the 1st default is also involved in a kyujo match, the 2nd default will be used (3rd default if 2nd is also kyujo). If all four of your picks are involved in a kyujo match, you will automatically have a loss for the day 7. You may change your default rikishi at anytime during the basho as long as you make your submission before the deadline. Missing the deadline will result in the previous default being used 8. A loss by your pick will wipe out your winning streak and you will have to start over 9. Everybody on the forums are allowed to participate and you may send a submission on any day of the basho 10. The player with the longest streak in the basho will be declared the yusho winner 11. In the case of a tie for longest streak of the basho, a tiebreaker will will be used to determine the winner. Criteria is also taken from results in your streak only 12. Active streaks that do not end on senshuraku (last day) of the basho will continue into the next basho from day 1 Tiebreakers: 1. Picking the same rikishi the most times 2. Second longest streak 3. Most picks with the least consensus among your peers (if you picked someone who was not picked by most other players) 4. Picking rikishi with losing records to win 5. Strength of schedule based on the final records of the opponents beaten during your streak 6. Winning streaks of your 2nd and 3rd defaults. This applies to what your 2nd and 3rd defaults were up to day 8 to prevent cheating. You are still free to change your defaults after that but the 2nd and 3rd defaults up to day 8 will be used for tiebreakers only. Both defaults will be looked at 7. Highest number of wins that you scored that did not apply to your 1st and 2nd streaks 8. Wins by picks against higher ranked rikishi Kekka scoring: Your kekka record/scoring is determined on a curve factor. The longest streaks of all players are added at the end of the basho and the total sum of the streaks is then divided by the number of players in the game to get the average streak up to the second decimal. The score is then rounded up to the next whole number to determine the KK line. To register, complete the simple form in the link below. Check if you will play the game or declare kosho. Day 1 link will be posted after the torikumi has been announced. Looking forward to playing with everyone this basho! Registration link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z3ZZGJR

    New recruits Haru 2021

    Having gone through Japanese middle school and high school myself, I can say that this is not unusual. At least where I went, all the kids wore regular shoes/sneakers to school. The ones who wore the loafers were the more clique types. When you get to high school it's more common for students to wear the loafers. Also, remember that he's in his school uniform too.
  7. I did actually. I also got the Endo/Okinoumi pairing correct too.

    Banzuke for Haru 2021

    Adding on here: - Hakuho ranked for basho number 100 in makuuchi, becoming the second wrestler after Kaio. First wrestler to have 100 consecutive basho in makuuchi from shin-nyumaku - Takakeisho kadoban for the 3rd time - Terunofuji in sanyaku for the 3rd consecutive basho - Takanosho 3rd consecutive basho in sanyaku and at sekiwake - Takayasu 3rd consecutive basho in sanyaku and at komusubi - Mitakeumi 5th consecutive basho in sanyaku and 2nd consecutive at komusubi - Daieisho at komusubi for the first time since July 2020, first return to sanyaku since Aki 2020 - Last basho with 3 or more komusubi was Kyushu 2019 (Abi, Endo, Hokutofuji, Asanoyama) - Tsurugisho returns to makuuchi since Haru 2020 - Takakento first new juryo from Tokiwayama beya since the current stablemaster took over - Bushozan first new juryo from Fujishima beya after Tsurugidake in Kyushu 2011 since the current stablemaster took over - Nishikifuji returns to juryo since November 2020

    Corona and sumo

    My wild guess is Sadogatake, Kise, or Shikihide
  10. So does Tokitsuumi get Magaki for the time being?

    Tokitsukaze under house arrest

    Not that I have any vested interest in this particular choice, but I am wondering how in the world they decided that Tosayutaka would be taking over Aogiyama and Toyonoshima?
  12. Actually, this just posted as well, so there the Izutsu situation may resolve itself faster than we realized.

    Tokitsukaze under house arrest

    They will also be penalizing him 30% of his retirement pay from the NSK https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202102220000304.html

    Ozumo Consecutive Match Tracker

    Yes supposedly Takarafuji will pass Kitaharima if there are no jinxes in place. Also unless Shoketsu decides to go as long as Hanakaze, or somehow makes it to sekitori, I don't think we'll see him make any of the top 10 records ever

    Ozumo Consecutive Match Tracker

    Top 10 Active Streaks Hatsu 2021 Rank Banzuke Shikona Previous Hatsu 2021 Total Perfect? Status 17 Maegashira 4W Tamawashi 1301 15 1316 Yes Active 265 Sandanme 38E Shoketsu 1064 7 1071 Yes Active 71 Makushita 1E Kitaharima 978 7 985 Yes Active 12 Maegashira 2E Takarafuji 963 15 978 Yes Active 24 Maegashira 8E Tokushoryu 907 15 922 Yes Active 56 Juryo 7W Nishikigi 866 15 881 Yes Active 49 Juryo 4E Shohozan 854 15 869 No Active 41 Maegashira 16W Akiseyama 829 15 844 Yes Active 413 Jonidan 12E Daishowaka 826 7 833 No Active 31 Maegashira 11W Kotoeko 784 15 799 Yes Active