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    JWS Aki 2019

    Day 12 results: Kotonowaka - loss (WAKATAKE) Mitoryu - loss (wolfgangho) Kiribayama - win (Akogyokuseki) Kizakiumi - loss (Flohru) Takanosho - win (Gansekiiwa, Tenshinhan, Benihana, Achiyama, Tameiki, Jejima) Kaisho - win (Fujisan) Daiamami - win (chishafuwaku) Kaisei - win (chikoryu) Major winning day for everyone except three players, who are now officially eliminated from the yusho race. Gansekiiwa continues his win streak which is now at six, and has eliminated another five players. The yusho race is now down to @Rocks/Gansekiiwa at 6 wins and @Fujisan who chases him at 5! Leaders: 6 - Gansekiiwa 5 - Fujisan Active streaks: 6 - Gansekiiwa 5 - Fujisan 2 - Tenshinhan, Achiyama, Tameiki, Jejima, chikoryu 1 - Akogyokuseki, Benihana, chishafuwaku

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2019

    Day 14 - Tamawashi

    JWS Aki 2019

    Day 12 submissions: WAKATAKE - Kotonowaka wolfgangho - Mitoryu Akogyokuseki - Kiribayama Flohru - Kizakiumi Gansekiiwa - Takanosho Tenshinhan - Takanosho Benihana - Takanosho Achiyama - Takanosho Fujisan - Kaisho chishafuwaku - Daiamami Tameiki - Takanosho Jejima - Takanosho chikoryu - Kaisei Takanosho the big favorite today with 6 votes.

    JWS Aki 2019

    Day 13 link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X9WLFSW

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Having read the talk about former ozeki competing, there are a couple of things I would like to point out. There have been several ex-ozeki who went to have careers in the mid to lower makuuchi division for a while, and there are actually a few (besides Terunofuji) who did attempt to compete in juryo. Just because an ozeki falls from the rank, there is no standard like yokozuna that they should retire as soon as lose the rank. Below is a list I was able to compile: - Kaiketsu: the only wrestler to have regained his ozeki rank through the standard means held by the NSK - There are actually more ex-ozeki than you would think that actually competed post ozeki in sanyaku and hiramaku. They wrestled until it was imminent that they would fall to juryo. As many as six wrestlers in the 50's and 60's alone did this, so it is hard to say that Konishiki set a standard. Recent examples do include Konishiki, Kirishima, Takanonami, and Dejima - Baruto sat out at M6 in his last basho in the top division, when he was ranked in juryo the next basho, he promptly retired - Miyabiyama was not the first ex-ozeki to actually compete in juryo. That "honor" belongs to Daiju. After an 0-3 start in his attempt to wrestle in juryo, Daiju withdrew and from the tournament and retired. Miyabiyama though is the first ex-ozeki to successfully return from juryo to the top division. His last basho he was ranked in juryo again and attempted to return again, but a poor start convinced him to retire - And as we obviously know, Terunofuji is the first ex-ozeki to fall to the unsalaried ranks, falling so far as jonidan. However his persistence to come back now sees him in the playoff for the makushita yusho, inching closer to sekitorihood You also have to keep in mind that Kotoshogiku is making more money right now as a wrestler, even in the hiramaku than he will as a toshiyori. And he is wanting to milk those kinboshi as long as possible. There will probably come that point when he will not continue in juryo, but he is not showing that yet. That is why I do not comprehend those who would call on him to retire now, let him do what he wants.

    JWS Aki 2019

    Day 11 results: Wakatakakage - win (WAKATAKE, Gansekiiwa, Tameiki) Mitoryu - win (wolfgangho, Achiyama) Irodori - loss (Akogyokuseki) Kizakiumi - win (Flohru) Kiribayama - win (Tenshinhan) Chiyomaru - loss (Benihana) Ikioi - win (Fujisan) Ichiyamamoto - loss (chishafuwaku) Takanosho - win (Jejima) Kaisei - win (chikoryu) @Rocks/Gansekiiwa takes the lead at 5 wins, with WAKATAKE and @Fujisan in hot pursuit. It was a mostly successful day as 10 players total scored wins. We are closing out the basho and with four days left anybody who lost on day 11 is eliminated. Leader: 5 - Gansekiiwa Active streaks: 5 - Gansekiiwa 4 - WAKATAKE, Fujisan 2 - wolfgangho 1 - Flohru, Tenshinhan, Mitoryu, Tameiki, Jejima, chikoryu Eliminated: Akogyokuseki, chishafuwaku, Benihana

    JWS Aki 2019

    Hi! To give you a fighting chance for the basho your default will remain Mitoryu for the rest of the basho. Safe travels!

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    So it looks like the makushita yusho will be Terunofuji vs Chiyonokuni. Who would have thought this type of match would ever happen.

    JWS Aki 2019

    Day 12 link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NGKWVBH

    JWS Aki 2019

    Day 11 submissions: WAKATAKE - Wakatakakage wolfgangho - Mitoryu Akogyokuseki - Irodori Flohru - Kizakiumi Gansekiiwa - Wakatakakage Tenshinhan - Kiribayama Benihana - Chiyomaru Achiyama - Mitoryu Fujisan - Ikioi chishafuwaku - Ichiyamamoto Tameiki - Wakatakakage Jejima - Takanosho chikoryu - Kaisei Wakatakakage has the most votes on day 11 with 3.

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2019

    Since they're going that route... 13. Shodai

    JWS Aki 2019

    11. Wakatakakage

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2019

    Day 12 Tomokaze

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Today's win is one that Kaisho will remember for some time to come, as he defeated Kaisei down in Juryo. Until last basho, Kaisho had served as Kaisei's tsukebito. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201909170000392.html

    JWS Aki 2019

    Day 10 results: Kotonowaka - win (WAKATAKE) Mitoryu - win (wolfgangho) Kiribayama - loss (Akogyokuseki) Kizakiumi - loss (Flohru) Kaisho - win (Gansekiiwa) Chiyoshoma - loss (Tenshinhan, Benihana, chishafuwaku, Tameiki) Takanosho - loss (Achiyama, Jejima) Ikioi - win (Fujisan) Kaisei - loss (chikoryu) @Rocks has managed to pull even with now co-leader Jejima and will be hoping to overtake him on day 11. WAKATAKE and @Fujisan are in the chase as well. Leaders: 4 - Jejima, Rocks/Gansekiiwa Active streaks: 4 - Gansekiiwa 3 - WAKATAKE, Fujisan 1 - wolfgangho