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  1. Ura at 10-2? Who would have thought. Looks to me like he did some adjusting this basho after the 8-7 debut and so far it's been paying off, even going so far as to stay in the yusho race so far. Here's to hoping he gets the gino-sho this basho for his troubles. Takakeisho stepping up his game against Tochinoshin, that was impressive. The lower sanyaku continues to be all over the place, there is still a chance that both komusubi could KK, meaning no open slots for anybody. Geek could possibly become the third komusubi if he manages a 7-8, but I think a 6-9 will drop him to M1E. Takayasu has pretty much clinched that ozeki promotion, but one more win in my mind guarantees it. Especially if he can beat one of the Isegahama duo. Shodai put up a good fight against Terunofuji, but it wasn't enough unfortunately. Looks like Goeido's got a good shot at KK now, but he can't mess anything up. And he still has Harumafuji these last three days somewhere. Speaking of Harumafuji, he got pretty lucky against Takanoiwa today, but needs to maintain pace with Hak if he wants that senshuraku showdown to mean anything. Lastly with Hakuho, staying the course obviously.
  2. No standouts for Juryo this basho since the only three loss person lost today, leaving four guys at 7-4. Takagenji got EXTREMELY lucky today and staved off the curtain for one more day as his opponent committed an isamiashi. Gagamaru was pissed off at Aminishiki for the henka. My thought was, what do you expect? Aminishiki is the henka king in the sumo world right now. Kotoyuki will be going back to the juryo it seems, so unfortunate that a guy who had a great run around the same time his heya mate was doing good has fallen so low. All because the NSK killed the bark. Ura vs Shodai, my oh my that Ura spin. Double digits I think will give him the gino-sho. And Geek also saved his rank for another day, just think that three days ago many of us were saying he's done. Even if he were to go MK this basho, at this point I don't think he's done. Takayasu didn't let the loss against Hakuho faze him today, back on track for the run. Finish strong with an 11-4/12-3 and I bet it will be unanimous. Terunofuji staying strong, not letting the injury bother him up to this point. Hakuho taking care of business, but the Isegahama pair are his biggest challenge yet. Goeido playing the edge again, gotta have a .500 in the last four days. Mitakeumi gave it all he got, and it paid off. Now he has a chance to save his sanyaku rank. Harumafuji messed up there, now we won't get a zensho bout on senshuraku. Closing out, unfortunate that Kise had to drop out, but it's all for the better if he wants to have a long Yokozuna career.
  3. Well me and several others were proven wrong in our predictions about Yutakayama this basho, have fun down with the Juryo in Nagoya. Ura keeping it real, always fun to watch him. An exciting match between the komusubi, but experience won out as we saw. Now matter how hard he tried, Chiyonokuni just could not shake Takayasu there. Magic number 2 now! What possessed Geek all of a sudden??? He looked so out of it until yesterday and now the humpty-bumpty worked like magic today! Terunofuji looking in top form and aiming to finish with double digits two basho in a row for the first time since he got promoted to ozeki. At 5-4, the rank is now Goeido's to lose. Still has all three yokozuna left. Big test for Hakuho as he meets the hungry Takayasu gunning for ozeki. Hopefully Harumafuji didn't injure himself too much, but Tamawashi I think shouldn't be ashamed about today. Kise at this point should concentrate on first getting KK, and then hopefully can work to get at least a 10-5 for the basho.
  4. I wouldn't totally trash talk Goeido. Unlike Miyabiyama, he actually got a yusho, and a zensho at that. He's also lasted longer than Miyabiyama, Dejima, and Baruto in terms of Ozeki longevity, and currently tied with Kotomitsuki also. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=842 http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=31 http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=6432 http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=876
  5. First 8-0 start for Hakuho since Natsu 2016, the last time he won the yusho. First 8-0 start for Harumafuji since Haru 2014.
  6. After struggling a bit, a slap from Takekaze was all it took to take down the giant Ichinojo!
  7. A nice sidestep by Ura gives him the win against Onosho today, getting him to 6-2. Get enough wins and he could be looking at a sansho.
  8. Yoshikaze missed out on being the first rikishi since 1984 to defeat three yokozuna in one basho. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/1826803.html
  9. Was kyujo today due to throat issues.
  10. Harumafuji certainly was a Gentlemen's gentleman at the end there.
  11. Gotta wonder man, is this the end of the Geek?
  12. Today must be National Matta Day.
  13. My favorite match of the day was definitely Ura vs Ichinojo. I had to repeat watching it thanks to Kintamayama's video. Many of us disagreed with the banzuke pre-basho, but I guess Tamawashi showed us today to an extent why he's the E1 Sekiwake. Hak and Haru taking care of business, while Kise keeps trudging along. I'm confident though that he'll finish KK, if he works it good enough I think he can even go 10-5.
  14. Also Harumafuji picked up Makuuchi win #684, officially placing himself in at #10 on the all time Makuuchi wins list. The former #10 holder at 683 wins was Jesse Kuhaulua aka Takamiyama.
  15. Honestly I look at that the post-bout dohyo rolling as momentum. If Hakuho had meant to do that, I don't think he would have helped Mitakeumi back onto the dohyo. Takayasu is looking good, the ozeki are not going to be a challenge to him, and if he doesn't do any careless mistakes against any low rankers then the only real challenge to him is Hak and Haru. Will be a real interesting three way race. I felt after watching the Teru-Geek match is that if that had happened last basho, people wouldn't have been as adversarial towards Teru. Be that as it may, glad he got it right this time. Unfortunately for Geek though, perhaps this is the sign. Same thing for Toyonoshima too. The times they are a changin'.