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  1. The three men who accepted ichidai-toshiyori had both success and curses in certain areas of their post-rikishi careers. They all never produced anybody that could replicate their success for one. Taiho did have Ozutsu and Roho who made sekiwake and komusubi respectively, but including those two only 13 of his deshi reached sekitori ranks. He also had a stroke not long after he retired, which hampered his standings in the NSK. Kitanoumi only had five of his deshi reach sekitori, and only one of those got to makuuchi (Ganyu). However he had much more success with being a leader within the NSK, serving twice as rijicho. He died of cancer in 2015 at the relatively young age of 57. Takanohana's post yokozuna life has been nothing but drama. His parents got divorced because his mother decided she was done being an okami, his father died which then made things open wide up for his feud with his brother. He did have four rikishi that he recruited make sekitori, but his trying to take on the NSK in regards to the Harumafuji-Takanoiwa incident made things go even further south. Takanoiwa and Takanofuji both ended up retiring because of hazing, and Takanohana himself is no longer in the NSK. He himself was not able to raise Takakeisho to ozeki-hood. To put even more nails in the coffin, he and his wife divorced, and his son ended up divorcing too.

    East vs West November 2020

    Kekka for November banzuke November 2020 East Rank West WAKATAKE (3-12) S chishafuwaku (7-8) Shinobi Steve (8-6-1, J) K Jejima (8-7, J) Athenayama (5-10) M1 Holleshoryu (8-7, J) wolfgangho (9-6, Y) M2 Yoohoo (8-7, J) Demon Taka (0-0-15) M3 Houmanumi (0-0-15) Tameiki (3-9-3) Mz New banzuke for Hatsu 2021 Hatsu 2021 East Rank West Shinobi Steve (8-6-1, J, K1E) S Jejima (8-7, J, K1W) wolfgangho (9-6, Y, M2E) K chishafuwaku (7-8, S1W) Holleshoryu (8-7, J, M1W) M1 Yoohoo (8-7, J, M2W) Athenayama (5-10, M1E) M2 WAKATAKE (3-12, S1E) Tameiki (3-9-3, Mz) M3 Demon Taka (0-0-15, M3E) Houmanumi (0-0-15, M3W) M4 We had nine players participate this basho, I really do hope we can get more people for January!

    Hakuho - 17th annual poll!

    Two yusho, no zensho, 37-38 wins. 10 win streak, retire Kyushu 2021

    Hatsu Basho 2021 Yusho Winner

    I'm pretty much on the same boat as other people, the GOAT with 14

    Shohozan goes it alone - the veteran poll 2021

    Makushita 2E due to bad banzuke luck
  6. Takakeisho Y1 Terunofuji O1 Shodai Asanoyama O2

    Jomboy Covers Sumo!

    Another sumo video from Jomboy, this time covering the Hakuho vs Enho match

    Mitakeumi in 2021

    Mita will not make ozeki. His time has come and gone. He will still be able to hold his own in the sanyaku ranks. If he gets healthy I could see him winning a third yusho.
  9. 2 yusho next year, including one in Hatsu to make yokozuna, but not have a great start in Haru. Will get one yusho and jun-yusho while yokozuna

    Me and Progress

    I agree with this. It took me five years in full exposure of a Japanese elementary school environment before I was full fluent in the language. And that was when I was 9 years old. For the thread author, at this point in your life you won't have a lot of people to practice Japanese with, and your access to Japanese learning materials is going to be very limited too. If you're not at least going through your hiragana and katakana on a daily basis, and going through some kumon books, you're going to have some trouble putting some sentences together.

    Hatsu Basho 2021 Yusho Winner

    Write in the comments that way it is obvious
  12. Time for everyone's favorite post-basho post of the thread to close out the 2020 sumo year, the top 10 updates November edition: - Takakeisho wins his second yusho and is now officially in the top 10 list for rikishi with most yusho without making yokozuna. He is in a 12 way tie for 6th place, including Mitakeumi, Terunofuji and father-in-law Hokutenyu - Terunofuji participated in his 3rd playoff and has the dubious distinction of being winless so far. He needs to participate in one more playoff to crack the all time top 10 - Kotoshogiku retired this basho and finished with 828 career wins, which was 32 short of tying 10th place Terao - Kotoshogiku retiring this basho places him at 6th place on the all time wins list for makuuchi with 718. This places him behind Taiho and above Kisenosato, Harumafuji, Musashimaru and Takanohana II. He is also the second ozeki to be on this list - Hokuseiho now stands at 21-0 from pro debut, tying heya-mate Enho and Kototenta aka Earthquake. He will now be looking to surpass these two and challenge for the recognized official record of 27 wins by Jokoryu - Kotoshogiku retired this basho and finished with 1496 career matches, which was 79 short of tying 10th place Akinoshima - Kotoshogiku retiring this basho places him at 6th place on the all time makuuchi matches list with 1332. This places him behind Terao and above Akinoshima, Hakuho, Kotonowaka I and Takekaze - Tamawashi now has 1301 consecutive career bouts, having never missed a bout either. He is currently in 8th place and could look to tie 7th place Toyonoumi at 1316 consecutive bouts is he manages to compete in all 15 days of Hatsu 2021 - Hakuho was ranked in makuuchi for the 98th basho. Next basho he will tie 2nd place Kyokutenho with 99 basho - Kakuryu was ranked in makuuchi for the 83rd basho. He needs to survive until Nagoya 2021 in order to tie 10th place Wakanosato - Hakuho extends the yokozuna basho record to 79 - Kakuryu was ranked as yokozuna for the 39th basho. He needs to survive to Natsu 2021 to tie 9th place Asashoryu - Kotoshogiku competed in his 22 basho post-ozeki career. His retirement stops this progress and places him in 5th place on the list, below Konishiki and Takanonami - Terunofuji competed in his 18th basho post-ozeki career. This places him in 8th place on the list. He will tie 6th place Wakahaguro and Kirishima at 20 basho if he is not re-promoted to ozeki for Haru 2021 - Tochinoshin competed in his 6th basho post-ozeki career. He will tie 10th place Kaiketsu (whose record ended with re-promotion) if he is active in Haru 2021 - Takayasu competed in his 5th basho post-ozeki career. Because he is one behind Tochinoshin, he is not in position to get into the top 10 unless Tochinoshin were to retire or be re-promoted first - Mitakeumi competed in his 21st basho in sanyaku. He needs 4 more basho in sanyaku to crack the top 10 (Tochiozan - 25) - Hakuho was ranked as a sekitori for the 100th basho and is ranked in 8th place on the all time list. He is the only yokozuna to do have 100 basho as sekitori. Above him is 7th place Takamiyama at 104 basho - Kotoshogiku retired this basho with 97 basho at sekitori. This was one basho short of cracking the top 10 (Chiyonofuji and Takekaze at 98) - Hanakaze extends the all time basho record to 207 while competing at age 50. No indication he will retire anytime soon - Tenichi and Terunosato competed in their 165th basho together, holding joint 5th place on the all time list - Fujinokaze competed in his 163rd basho, holding 7th place on the all time list - Sawaisamu competed in his 160th basho, holding 8th place on the all time list - Itakozukura and Gorikiyama competed in their 159th basho, jointly holding 9th place on the all time list with Kasachikara and Koriyama - Kotoshogiku retired this basho with 55 kachi-koshi basho in makuuchi. This places him in 10th place on the all time list tied with Konishiki - Kotoshogiku retired this basho with 59 kachi-koshi basho as a sekitori. This left him one short of cracking the top 10 list, with 10th place at 60 basho being Taiho and Kyokutenho - Shoketsu scored his 82nd career kachi-koshi basho and ties him in 10th place with Harumafuji on the all time list - Azumaryu scored his 19th kachi-koshi basho in juryo. He needs 6 more KK basho in the second division to crack the top 10 - Sawaisamu "achieved" his 129th career make-koshi basho, extending the all time record. He will not be on the banzuke for Hatsu 2021 - Hanakaze "achieved" his 115th career make-koshi basho, placing him 3rd place on the all time list. Above him is Kasachikara at 118 make-koshi basho - Moriurara and Terunosato together "achieved" their 92nd career make-koshi basho, which places them in joint 6th place on the all time list - Higohikari "achieved" his 87th career make-koshi basho, which ties him in 9th place with Tenichi - Ikioi "achieved" his 17th make-koshi in the juryo division. 5 more MK basho will land him in the top 10 all time list for juryo make-koshi - Terunofuji doing the seemingly impossible by returning to sanyaku this basho obliterates the previous lowest demotion to return record that was set by Tochinoshin. The Kaiju had fallen all the way to Jonidan 48W, this record will probably not be overtaken for a long time, though at this point not impossible - Chiyonokuni enters the lowest demotion from makuuchi to return list for a second time, having successfully earning promotion back to the division after having fallen to makushita 46W. This puts him at 6th place aside from his 3rd place listing of sandanme 28W. He is the only person to achieve this feat twice - Ura is the second rikishi with makuuchi experience to fall to jonidan and successfully return to juryo after Terunofuji. His fall to jonidan 106W and return to sekitorihood places him 5th place on the list - Shodai is promoted to ozeki at the age of 28 years, 10 month. This places him in 7th place on the oldest promotions list (6BPY) - Kotoyuki earned promotion to makuuchi for the 9th time, placing him in a 3 way tie for 5th place. However the celebration is short lived as he went kyujo for the basho. He will have a chance to earn a 10th promotion to the division next year - Hanakaze now has 758 career losses after finishing 1-6 for November 2020. He is now 32 losses away from breaking into the top 10 all time list for career losses - Takakeisho won the yusho as ozeki, which broke a 22 basho drought between ozeki yusho. The last ozeki to win before him was Kisenosato back in Hatsu 2017. This drought is the second longest for ozeki yusho in the 6BPY era behind the 25 basho drought from Wakanohana II (Natsu 1977) to Chiyonofuji (Nagoya 1981)

    Top 10 Sumo Records November 2020 Edition

    Batch 18 (Yusho Durations) Longest Duration Between Ozeki Yusho (6BPY) 1. 25 (Wakamisugi *1, 5/1977~Chiyonofuji, 7/1981) 2. 22 (Kisenosato, 1/2017~Takakeisho, 11/2020) *3 (NEW ENTRY) 3. 17 (Kitanofuji, 1/1970~Kotozakura, 11/1972) 4. 13 (Sadanoyama, 1/1965~Kitanofuji, 3/1967) 5. 12 (Harumafuji, 5/2009~Harumafuji, 7/2011) *2 6. 11 (Taiho, 9/1961~Kitabayama, 7/1963) 6. 11 (Asahifuji, 1/1988~Konishiki, 11/1989) 6. 11 (Musashimaru, 5/1999~Kaio, 3/2001) 6. 11 (Kakuryu, 3/2014~Kotoshogiku, 1/2016) 10. 10 (Takanohana, 9/1975~Wakamisugi *1, 5/1977) 10. 10 (Hokutenyu, 7/1985~Hokutoumi, 3/1987) *1 = Wakanohana II *2 = Haru 2011 basho was cancelled and not counted towards total *3 = Natsu 2020 basho was cancelled and not counted towards total Yokozuna, sanyaku, hiramaku and individual yusho durations coming soon.