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  1. I am the Yokozuna

    Hakuho retires

    He looks a really different person without the mage, quite relaxed and mature. Hope he would be as successful as he was during his time as a sekitori. I felt that the danpatsushiki was quite subdued, subtle, not befitting his achievements and stature. Probably, that was part of the deal not to be standing out. Once I criticized his suits, recently his suiting has been extremely on the point. All the best as the Miyagano oyakata for the decades to come.
  2. I am the Yokozuna

    New Juryo for Haru

    Pretty happy about Tomokaze. Really love all comeback stories. Hope he could retain his salaried rank for some time.
  3. I am the Yokozuna

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Sabaori? I do not see it as a sabaori
  4. I am the Yokozuna

    Twitter impersonator

    They say the imitation is the greatest form of flattery. For example, Kintayama is yet to be impersonated, so probably you got something extra over him.
  5. I am the Yokozuna

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Very nice ushiromotare I thought it would not be called
  6. I am the Yokozuna

    The Next Yokozuna, 2023

    Hard to look past Takakeisho, based on his rank and recent results. I do not like oshisumo but let's have something different for a change. For anyone else, it is at least a year needed to achieve that feet. I would love to see Hoshuryu and Wakatakage getting to ozeki rank this year, both of them in my mind demonstrated it last year in batches during the tournaments. All in all, post-Hakuho, or since early 2020, I really the sheer unpredictability of the tournaments. As a spectator, this is what sport should be about - the chance for anyone to win. So, hopefully, this would long continue. And if someone emerges as a yokozuna in this turmoil, power to him.
  7. I am the Yokozuna

    The Next Yokozuna, 2023

    I thought that this has been settled if you care to look at my handle.
  8. I am the Yokozuna

    The end?

    Forget about the foreign fans for a moment, NSK does not do anything for local fans too. I really like how this guy over here presents short clips of bouts. This is what I need due to limited time I have most of the days. and if you could see the reactions and comments on his clips the majority comes from Japanese fans/supporters. At this time, if you were working a 9 to 5 job, you cannot watch the broadcast and there is no option to view shorts or digests even if you were based in Japan. J-League (the top Japanese football championship) has a good YouTube channel where they have short videos from each game without commentary and with pure and clear sound as if you were on around the pitch, so it is really cool. Why NSK could not implement such a broadcast and/or digests?
  9. I am the Yokozuna

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

  10. I am the Yokozuna

    Trivia bits

    Apologies if this has been answered, but I need some advice/help how to run a query on two things: 1) Number of yushos per heya 2) Number of yushos per heya since the current stable master has taken charge of it (if that won't be possible then would someone help me on how to narrow the query down to the last five or ten years) Apologies if this is not the right place to ask this. Thanks
  11. I am the Yokozuna

    Chiyotairyu retires, will leave sumo entirely

    Underrated comment
  12. I am the Yokozuna

    Rare kimarite watch

    Wrong call, in my opinion, too
  13. I am the Yokozuna

    Videos-Kyushu Basho 2022 - Days 1-15

    I would have included "a blast from the past" video of that famous "did the heal touch the ground outside bales" from years past right after Tochinoshin's bout on day 1. I am surprised that there is no discussion about it as there was that time. There were articles, frame by frame analysis, evidences presented supporting the anti-foreigner/Mongolian conspiracy etc. Now the things have become much more milder. Probably we have become a bunch of softies.
  14. I am the Yokozuna

    Nagoya 2022

    I personally thought that Inosuke did the right thing albeit a bit clumsy. It was obvious that Terunofuji could not execute any attack using the belt despite it coming undone a bit by bit. Much ado about nothing. I always thought if some shenanigans ala deflategate happen in sumo where if someone knows that his opponent would use uwate technique then he might loosen it a bit before the fight. Great effort by Wakamotoharu though, hope he could finish kachikoshi. I also think that the tournament should be concluded and the championship trophies distributed. 2/3 of it would have been completed and only a small fraction of all sumotoris are infected and gone kyujo. Do not, personally, see any reason why it should be abandoned at this point. For banzuke purposes, I would like to have the record prior going COVID kyujo considered, but knowing the Japanese bureaucratic mind, I am to be surprised once again with some new solution.
  15. I am the Yokozuna

    New kesho mawashi

    Name of the person is 七條 (on which I commented) not 七条 (for which you are giving the example). Even though it (条)is simplified version of the same character(條), sometimes different writing as it is with Watanabe, for example, have different historical backgrounds. In this case, both names read the same, but the sumotori's has a different origin of the name. Moreover, only half of these names with 条 come from Kyoto. The same goes for 小路 - very few of the names stem from Kyoto.