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  1. I am the Yokozuna

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Aki

    That is not in Japanese. Never seen, heard or used that.
  2. I am the Yokozuna

    strange Rikishi names

    Jumonji is an actual family name, met in Northern Japan, with roots to the emperor Kanmu's grandchildren.
  3. I am the Yokozuna

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Would Abi be able to clinch a juryo yusho with a 15-0 record? Zensho is very rare in juryo, so I hope Abi does it. The last one who has done it was Tochinoshin, I believe.
  4. I am the Yokozuna

    Ikioi retires

    OK, unfortunately, none is factually correct. I do speak the language. Honorifics in Japanese simply explained here. An okami, as a role, is not limited to sumo and I can speculate 9 of 10 Japanese would never associated with sumo. To give you a different example Ikioi's name is not Ikio-zeki, even though he might have been called that.
  5. I am the Yokozuna

    Ikioi retires

    Well, that was quite expected, I reckon. Usually these things as engagements and weddings do not drag for so long in Japan Hope that both of them would find a partner with whom they would have the lifestyle they wish to follow. But Mamiko comes from a family that basically has put her on a pedestal and has taken care of her life. So to go from there to where she needs to take care of other's needs, is not something she accept so easily, in my mind. Anyhow, it is okami, not okami-san. On a different note, I believe, there are current oyakata with 60 bashos in makuuchi under their belt and the JSA might make some exceptions if someone does not meet their requirements. I also am sure that Ikioi is a kabu owner, but whether he would find or establish a new heya, this is something I am so versed into. But, I expect him to stay in sumo.
  6. I am the Yokozuna

    Ikioi retires

    Really really liked Ikioi's sumo. Ever since his horrific it was always was a question of when he would retire not if. Wish him all the best in his next stage in his life. Hope he gets married soon (even though I feel the lady just does not want to be an okami and she might push him in a different career) and get to train sumotori to be as enthusiastic and as respectful as he was on the dohyo.
  7. I am the Yokozuna

    John Gunning taking a 3 year social media break

    Definitely, he would be doing a PhD. Science related - 3 years. Hopefully, the forthcoming book tells behind the scenes stories. That was for me at least unexpected so soon, but I really welcome it. Would try to purchase it.
  8. I am the Yokozuna

    Who Is This Woman?

    Ahh, the charisma man.
  9. I am the Yokozuna

    Courtesy calls by rikishi and oyakata

    Saitama Sakae are quite strong in various sports - besides the sumo team, they used to have a good running team, currently a great badminton team, Daiya Seto, the swimmer, hails from there.............and what else I do not know, but are quite proficient in training high level young athletes.
  10. I am the Yokozuna

    Corona and sumo

    It is interesting and revealing that there has been no in-basho en masse testing of all wrestlers. From what I have read in the European football leagues, the footballers/team personnel get tested twice a week. If you do not test, you do not detect, if you do not plan testing, you are basically saying we do not believe in the severity and urgency of the current situation.
  11. I am the Yokozuna

    Something's wrong

    With me, there is also the issue of reactions clock reset. It used to be 24 hours, now it is 26 hours one day, 40 hours the other day before being allowed to react again.
  12. I am the Yokozuna

    Does anyone recognize this 1920s building?

    It says that is just panoramic view of factory/ies, without specifying the place or the factory/ies itself. It could be anywhere in Taisho Japan. The text below the dohyo just states entertainment and comfort for the workers.
  13. I am the Yokozuna

    Corona and sumo

    Kotokantetsu was forced to retire after he expressed his desire not to do any sumo this basho at the Kokugikan amid the pandemic but was told either to participate or to retire, so he chose latter. Source Japan has not handled this properly. So, JSA does not deviate from the norm - all for the Olympics which would be very hard to happen. Mindo ga takai, ne (Aso, Deputy preme minister, remark that the Japanese are better than other peoples and that was the reason for their lower positive results last spring)
  14. I am the Yokozuna

    Yoshikaze situation

    and what did happen? please enlighten us
  15. I am the Yokozuna

    Rikishi identification

    I reckon this might be your guy http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=1363&l=e