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  1. Hey, I did what I could to prevent someone from doing this. How they still managed it, I'm not sure.
  2. Time to break out the darts... 13. Tochiozan
  3. Just to give Achiyama a notification.
  4. Takarafuji-Ikioi is repeated. It's in the same spot that would be occupied by Abi (Shohozan) - the list is always in banzuke order by underdog (not torikumi order, which annoys me to no end, but hey, I'm the one who wrote it, so I can't complain)
  5. I just was about to say the same thing. I hope there's not something seriously wrong with my spreadsheet.
  6. Trivia bits

    The hardest part is becoming a sekitori. It's pretty easy after that.
  7. I think it may be helpful to some people to include who Takakeisho actually fought as well as what the correct guess was. Someone that looks at this list and doesn't see Tamawashi might think Tamawashi is a viable opponent.
  8. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Ichinojo is indeed the first Sekiwake to be scheduled against an Ozeki despite being higher ranked - he'll face Takayasu Day 11. The torikumi committee has seen the light - or at least been forced to by the extreme circumstances.
  9. 12....I think it's time to wait for results. So no more first pick for me.
  10. Kunroku Ōzeki

    Also, they obviously aren't going to change anything now given how long the history of having the ranks as they are now. But if it was back in the day when they were first breaking from the pattern of one each O+S+K, it might have been a better route to go down. Or when they moved to 15 day schedules and/or when they went to 6 basho a year, which are probably the more modernizing factors.
  11. Kunroku Ōzeki

    I mean in comparison to the time that we had Takarafuji, Ikioi, Kaisei, and some others who almost certainly would not make Sekiwake if there were rikishi nearly permanently parked there. Right *now* we have Mitakeumi parked there until he gets promoted, and Ichinojo was there for a bit, Tamawashi is also pretty solid there now too, but that's because there's lots of kyujos among the top 6, and only 6 as opposed to 7. I envision getting to 7 or even 6 Y+O would be rather difficult, making it be odds-on that Sekiwake get their KK and stay on until a new contender pushes their way in and there's no longer enough wins to go around. Anyway, it's just a big of wishful thinking regardless, just like the idea that they have the Makushita-joi fight all 3 last days when there are less lower division bouts each day.
  12. foreigners?

    Sorry...always taking my work home with me...
  13. Kunroku Ōzeki

    I think Sekiwake is the right place for mediocre rikishi able to usually get a KK but rarely get much more. We call them weak Ozeki now instead.
  14. Kunroku Ōzeki

    I would have no problem making both the Ozeki and Yokozuna ranks slightly harder to get to as you suggested. Ozeki need 36/3 or somewhat loosened current Yokozuna requirements for 2 basho runs. Yokozuna need 3 Yusho in a 6(?) basho period, or something equally impressive. Then we'd see Kisenosato and Kakuryu stopped at Ozeki (though Kisenosato's run might still have qualified him since he was born in the right place (depends on if his 13-11-11-13 gets him to Ozeki since as stated it doesn't, so the beginning of the long Yokozuna run merely gets him to Ozeki - but probably the long string of 10s followed by the above 48/4 would be enough), and Kakuryu would be up for promotion for the next 2 basho); Kotoshogiku, Goeido, and (for now) Takayasu don't quite make it to Ozeki. Hakuho, Harumafuji, Terunofuji and Tochinoshin would be the same. I think that's a totally fair way of slicing them given their accomplishments, just as much as what we have now. Still doesn't leave anywhere to promote Hakuho to, and there would only have been like 10 Yokozuna in the modern era (that's just a guess), but it means we leave out the weak Yokozuna who stumble into 2 Yusho as Ozeki and the crap sack Ozeki that last for only a few years and don't make any serious attempt at promotion under the current guidelines. I mainly like it because it would make being Sekiwake mean something a lot more than it does now because we wouldn't have the times like a few years ago when we had 6 new Sekiwake in 3 basho, making it almost a joke as half the division (ok, not quite) was a former Sekiwake, because there were 7 top-rankers that we have to add 4 junior sanyaku to and there's no way to get them to KK particularly often with so many rikishi ranked above them. With Kotoshogiku and Goeido as almost permanent Sekiwake, occasionally rotating out, it would be impossible to luck your way in, and most of them would be forcing their way in with 11 at K or 12 at M1, although maybe they adjust the forced promotion numbers up a bit. We could even implement pseudo- rank protection for them in case of injuries because of the higher difficultly of reaching the rank: the furthest they could be demoted is Komusubi, and a 7-8 while not the last-ranked Sekiwake always has them stay on as a lower-ranked Sekiwake. Then we can do something similar for Komusubi - not drop them out of the joi, keep the highest ranked one if they go 7-8, and be willing to promote a 3rd or more when needed. Not that they're ever going to take my advice, but it seems perfectly reasonable to me, and stops them from putting extremely mediocre rikishi as their promotional faces.