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  1. Your favourite go-to quotes or bits of wisdom.

    Un bon mot ne prouve rien - A witty saying proves nothing
  2. This May sound familiar- GTB

    It looks like I read Arawashi's record as 3-12.
  3. Takanohana Ichimon-the end?

    Kintamayama wins this war of long vowels.阿武松 : (おうのまつ)
  4. Latest kabu-babu changes

    I remember when Tosayutaka jumped from Ajigawa to Sanoyama. It seemed obvious at the time that Chiyootori was much less likely to retire before Aminishiki. Right now though, that's debatable, especially given that he's spooked enough to jump off Sanoyama. Chiyootori retiring soon would definitely feel extremely weird. What's the youngest that a future oyakata has retired at? I also wonder if it's somehow possible that Chiyotaikai retroactively decides that Chiyootori never owned it, but it was given to Chiyotairyu instead.
  5. Trivia bits

    You're not thinking hexadecimally! With 15 days in the Basho to change any one of the numbers, there are 16 possible values for each number considering they start at zero.
  6. Hakuho’s father just passed away.

    It seems unfitting for this to be one's first thought about the situation, but it was my first thought as well.
  7. TV Japan no longer on Dish Network

    There almost certainly isn't, or they'd probably already be using it. Internet in rural areas is getting better, but the US is absolutely huge and there's plenty of places where there aren't any good options.
  8. Education Ministry punishes

    I'm guessing there are significant advantages, financial and otherwise, of being considered part of the Ministry of a Bunch of Things. Additionally, Sumo is more than just a sport in Japan, and the Kyokai more than just a professional sports league.
  9. Ex-Jūryō Oyakata

    I believe Dairyu and Kanechika are the only oyakata to not reach Makuuchi, but that's based on a memory of looking for such people, and I may have missed some.
  10. Sumo Reference Updates

    I would guess that it's kinda ambiguous what the best word to translate 府 is. Yes, it's like a prefecture, but it's a different kind of prefecture than most, associated directly with being an urban area, or a city. But there's a clear distinction between Osaka-fu and Osaka-shi (the former includes many other nearby cities), as can be seen in the name of the actually-Municipal Gymnasium linked, and using Municipal for both could be confusing.
  11. Osunaarashi scandal

    If it's Puroresu or MMA, I don't think that would be much of a surprise. Him deciding to go back to school for accounting like he was before he got into sumo would be much more of one.
  12. Sumo-themed restaurants not in Japan

    There's a place I drive by every day on the way to work called "Sumo Sushi". I've never bothered stopping in, mainly because I have no interest in sushi. I assume it's just a name that invokes Japan.
  13. Bench Sumo news

    I thought you demoted Jakusotsu to Komusubi due to the extra line break there. :O Going to 10 sanyaku really shouldn't be an issue, especially while where we're at 4 Ozeki, which is a little higher than normal in the time I've been playing I'd say. This basho was even worse as none of the Ozeki did really well and all the lower sanyaku had KKs.
  14. Hall names for hon-basho

    It wouldn't surprise me. From what I recall they try not to show the kensho banners too obviously as well. NSK material did have the "Edion Arena" (in Katakana) on its poster, but also had the "Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium" immediately after that (in Kanji).
  15. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2018

    Chiyoshoma, Chiyotairyu, and Chiyomaru all look to be ranked pretty near each other on the next banzuke, which will really mess with scheduling patterns. They'll likely all be just outside the joi and thus have most of their matches against people ranked below them, and with two of their normal opponents being in their heya (and Chiyonokuni probably also within the typical range), they'll probably get some rather low ranked opponents for where they'll be ranked. Maybe they'll be more likely to fill in the schedules when a lower joi rikishi needs a match to not make it ridiculous. Okinoumi and Hokutofuji will probably be close; Tochiozan and Aoiyama too. And Daishomaru and Daiamami. It might be a really weird first few days' schedule.