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  1. Random Bouts

    I highly doubt anyone cared about that match then. Both of them were random teenagers then. Hakuho a skinny guy who started with a MK and was only in his third basho, and Orora a guy who was pretty big, but not nearly the monstrosity that he is today and wouldn't have seemed so different than other huge guys. His reported weight at the time in kg was actually less than his height in cm. That there exists a video of Hakuho's 7th match from 2002 Aki (4th basho in Sd, at 44W) is quite remarkable - there aren't any more until he was in Makushita by which time he probably was starting to draw some notice at his progress despite his age and size.
  2. What other sports do you watch?

    Do you know they also have the same thing, but head-first? Sound like suicide to me. It's called "skeleton" appropriately enough.
  3. Elections January 2018

    How much pressure might there be on Takekaze, Aminishiki and Toyonoshima (I assume he owns Magaki) to retire to get their votes given how they've done this basho? The other two vacant kabu according to the DB are Kotoshogiku's, and he's doing fine, and Kanechika's, we have any idea what's happened to it? (Waiting for someone else in Miyagino-beya to qualify for it?)
  4. Trivia bits

    Kotohigashiyama is about as long as you can get with 3 kanji. But Kagayaki probably has the highest ratio (8:1).
  5. Trivia bits

    Most of those shikona are the typical 3 kanji ones that just have long readings for each one, but Takachihonomine is 4 kanji + 1 kana. I guess Chiyonofuji was like that too, but he really had 2 different 2-kanji combinations that occur quite a lot and each kanji is only one syllable. I don't see anything common in Takachihonomine, and two of the kanji have 2-syllable readings.
  6. What other sports do you watch?

    I don't really watch other sports, but if I did, I'd watch Curling.
  7. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I personally think Mitakeumi gets promoted with a zensho most of the time, and never with anything less, even a 14-1 with playoff win. He gets the normal promotion requirements (33/3) for next basho assuming he doesn't make it this time. He doesn't nearly have as long of a history as Goeido did of maintaining his rank to slip in with just two double digit tournaments and less than 33 wins. But if he can manage to down all the competition this basho, that should be enough, though I wouldn't say it's a sure thing. Of course, I think it's highly unlikely he will manage any of this right now. He's certainly looking like the next Ozeki, but I still think he has needs more time to develop, and he'll end up finally getting there in a year or so, like Takayasu did long after it seemed clear that he was the next Ozeki.
  8. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I at first thought this said "retire" instead of "return". That shows what I think would be best at least.
  9. Wakaichiro from Texas

    5-2 is plenty to get back to Sandanme.>1990 4-3 would probably put him very close, but is unlikely - none of the promotions are any time recently (given it's restricted to 1990 and later).>1990&sort_basho=2&sort_by=rank
  10. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    The order of the torikumi among the top-ranked rikishi is almost completely decided by rank, and is guessable to a reasonable degree if you pay attention (see the game Guess Kisenosato's Aite). It's designed so that the very top ranked guys face each other last, because on average that will create the most tension. They can't really change the plan based on how well the rikishi are actually doing because there's a lot of tradition behind having the Yokozuna and Ozeki all face each other as late as possible regardless of record.
  11. Well, I had time before the deadline to change my pick after I noticed Hakuho's withdrawal, but not enough time to put in any educated effort. So I'm glad it wasn't needed. 7. Mitakeumi
  12. Bad day for me to forget about entering this game :(