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  1. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite May 2019

    Just what was wrong with Daieisho-Myogiryu + Chiyotairyu-Tamawashi? If it's the latter, why not just push them down to Yoshikaze and Takarafuji? The latter two could use more matches against higher ranking opponents. They must just want to score points in this game. 11. Kotoshogiku
  2. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite May 2019

    10. Kotoshogiku
  3. Gurowake

    Games Talk Natsu 2019

    I have to wonder at your understanding of Rocks. It's not like this is the first time he's said something like that.
  4. Gurowake

    Rikishi Status Natsu 2019

    Hyperbaric oxygen at least *sounds* better than cupping. But it defies my sense of how the body works. A higher concentration of oxygen on the outside of the body should do next to nothing. Cells get oxygen from the bloodstream, and it's only absorbed in large quantities in the lungs. What other use a high concentration of oxygen and not, say, nitrogen, could there be? If it's just high pressure that does the trick, they would just use nitrogen. Maybe the quacks figure people are more likely to believe it if it's something people know the body needs, even if it makes no sense to be delivered that way. There are plenty of things that Wikipedia lists that are at least reasonable to have some mechanism to work, like things that are actually exposed to the air and so can absorb oxygen directly, while a ligament/muscle/tendon sports injury that is internal only it makes absolutely no sense for.
  5. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite May 2019

    9. Mitakeumi
  6. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite May 2019

    8. Mitakeumi
  7. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite May 2019

    I'd say what you get if you cross an elephant with a rhino. 7. Ichinojo
  8. Gurowake

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    And now with Takakeisho out he can lose all his sanyaku matches and still get 10 if he can beat all the maegashira.
  9. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite May 2019

    I have no idea what they're doing now. But I can guess. That's the name of the game, right? 6. Ichinojo
  10. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite May 2019

    5. Kotoshogiku
  11. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite May 2019

    4. Takayasu
  12. Gurowake

    Chain Gang Rankings (eventually)

    No, they're not done already, but I spent a few minutes working on a concept for how best to calculate them. I've already fixed one glaring error I made in compiled Haru 2019 results (which was the result of an Excel function not working like I expected it to). Here's something for some folks to check to see if I'm doing something right here. I'd probably use some of my own tools that might be wrong if I tried to check some of these, so it would be nice to get some other people to chime in to see if the calculations are working. Obviously not every number needs to be checked; just a few, preferably your own (unless you scored 0, in which case, pick someone else to check). Achiyama 483 Andonishiki 212 Andoreasu 536 Anjoboshi 106 Ariakenoumi 212 Asapedroryu 573 Asashosakari 0 Atenzan 106 Athenayama 335 Bill 106 Chankoyama 107 Charliki 106 Chelseayama 437 Chenko 487 Chijanofuji2 236 Chisaiyama 212 Chishafuwaku 363 Chocshoporyu 212 Effinojo 429 Flohru 106 Frinkanohana 106 Fujisan 536 Fukurou 310 Furanohana 0 Gansekiiwa 154 Ganzohnesushi 1580 Gawasukotto 0 Gernobono 0 Getayukata 479 Golynohana 485 GONZABUROW 485 Gurowake 212 Hagamachikuni 257 Haidouzo 106 Hakajusakari 367 Hana-ichi 485 Holleshoryu 106 Jakusotsu 1016 Jejima 134 Kaioshoryu 117 Kaiowaka 468 Kamogawa 0 Ketsukai 125 Kintamayama 106 Kishikaisei 212 Kitakachiyama 213 Kobashi 485 Konizan 137 Konosato 536 KĊrinokoishi 119 Kotononami 485 Kuroimori 595 Kutoyama 106 KyleMaru 241 Kyodaitimu 106 Kyoju 817 Manatsumai 236 Mischashimaru 243 Mmikasazuma 573 Mogurayama 106 Mukanibaru 456 Mumaru 213 Nakamayama 151 Nantonoyama 494 Next-ozeki-ura 213 Norizo 1619 Oortael 106 Oshirokita 1141 Pandaazuma 378 RaeucherLax 223 Rowitoro 154 Ruziklao 233 Sagi 107 Sakura 212 Sanjuroku 247 Saruyama 358 ScreechingOwl 107 Sebunshu 106 Sherlockiama 443 Shimodahito 441 Slavkoyama 106 Susanoo 107 Suwihuto 151 Taka 106 Takanorappa 161 Taxinohana 0 Tenshinhan 107 Terarno 511 Tortugamaru 845 Tsuchinoninjin 273 Tsunamiko 632 Unagiyutaka 107 Unkonoyama 0 WakaAkira 377 WAKATAKE 409 Wolfgangho 0 Yamadamado 212 Yassier 823 Zannah 119
  13. Gurowake

    Natsu 2019 Superbanzuke Ranking

    I'll calculate the CG ranking after this basho if it isn't fixed by the end of this basho. If I don't produce it within a few days, please remind me I promised to do it. I have the time, but I can be forgetful about non-routine things. Of course, it likely will become routine....
  14. One guy I'd like to highlight that I've mentioned in the past who has received little fanfare is Inoue. He's on almost all of these up to the point Hoshoryu passed him, and so probably won't be on any more for a while, but he's definitely someone I'd keep in mind. He got his first Makushita KK last basho, and is now ranked right around the middle of the division (and started with a win). I'll also make a shout-out to my man Shonannnnnoumi who is on many of these and is at his highest rank of Ms5 now after a KK at his previous high rank of Ms8. Unfortunately he opened with a loss this tournament. I don't know why Tachiai keeps following guys like Akua who probably won't ever reach Makuuchi instead of this guy. He's also going to be outclassed by Hoshoryu for the forseeable future unless the latter hits the wall, but he's clearly in my mind a top prospect and has been for a while. Another guy to watch that's off of Tachiai's radar for some reason despite a pedigree of being the oyakata's nephew (given the Oyakata maxed out at Komusubi, maybe nobody thinks much of it) and having a good amateur career in Hakuho Cup and Middle School is Ryuko, who has also passed Shonannoumi recently. Hoshoryu may end up firmly ahead of him though so he might not show up on many more of these.
  15. Hatsu 2015 Y1e Hakuho 11.03.1985 Y1w Kakuryu 10.08.1985 O1e Kisenosato 03.07.1986 S1w Ichinojo 07.04.1993 J8w Kagayaki 01.06.1994 J11e Onosho 04.07.1996 Sd6w Takayoshitoshi 13.05.1997 Sd23w Takagenji 13.05.1997 Sd99e Aoto 25.06.1997 Jd5e Daishozen 17.10.1997 Jd12w Shonannoumi 08.04.1998 Jd13e Kitadaichi 08.07.1998 Jd41e Takakurayama 11.08.1998 Jd51w Watanabe 05.02.1999 Jd62w Sadanogo 08.02.1999 Jd91e Otaki 20.03.1999 Haru 2015 Y1e Hakuho 11.03.1985 Y2e Kakuryu 10.08.1985 O1e Kisenosato 03.07.1986 S1e Terunofuji 29.11.1991 M1w Ichinojo 07.04.1993 J2e Kagayaki 01.06.1994 J9e Onosho 04.07.1996 Ms42w Takayoshitoshi 13.05.1997 Ms58w Takagenji 13.05.1997 Sd77w Shonannoumi 08.04.1998 Jd24e Asakanai 22.05.1998 Jd32w Yamazaki 02.07.1998 Jd43w Kitadaichi 08.07.1998 Jd51e Nakatsuji 14.09.1998 Jd57w Otaki 20.03.1999 Natsu 2015 Y1e Hakuho 11.03.1985 Y2e Kakuryu 10.08.1985 O1e Kisenosato 03.07.1986 S1e Terunofuji 29.11.1991 K1w Ichinojo 07.04.1993 J4w Kagayaki 01.06.1994 J10e Onosho 04.07.1996 Ms37e Takayoshitoshi 13.05.1997 Sd11w Takagenji 13.05.1997 Sd51w Daishozen 17.10.1997 Sd62w Takumi 13.11.1997 Sd93e Takei 07.01.1998 Sd95w Onokura 09.06.1998 Jd5w Yokuyusei 10.09.1998 Jd26e Nakatsuji 14.09.1998 Jd46w Watanabe 05.02.1999 Jd81e Otaki 20.03.1999 Jk8w Karakawa 15.07.1999 Jk10w Inoue 17.08.1999 Jk13e Tokiryu 15.10.1999 Jk14e Sasaki 31.01.2000 Jk16w Kototakahashi 07.03.2000 Jk26w Asatatsuke 31.03.2000 Nagoya 2015 Y1e Hakuho 11.03.1985 Y2e Kakuryu 10.08.1985 O1e Kisenosato 03.07.1986 O2w Terunofuji 29.11.1991 S1w Ichinojo 07.04.1993 J1w Daieisho 10.11.1993 J2w Kagayaki 01.06.1994 J8e Onosho 04.07.1996 Ms27w Sato 05.08.1996 Ms35e Takagenji 13.05.1997 Ms57e Takayoshitoshi 13.05.1997 Sd79w Daishozen 17.10.1997 Sd86e Takumi 13.11.1997 Jd18w Watanabe 05.02.1999 Jd64e Inoue 17.08.1999 Jd68w Sasaki 31.01.2000 Jk9e Kototakahashi 07.03.2000 Jk13w Asatatsuke 31.03.2000 Aki 2015 Y1e Hakuho 11.03.1985 Y1w Kakuryu 10.08.1985 O1e Terunofuji 29.11.1991 M2e Osunaarashi 10.02.1992 M4e Ichinojo 07.04.1993 M13e Daieisho 10.11.1993 J5e Kagayaki 01.06.1994 J9e Onosho 04.07.1996 Ms21w Sato 05.08.1996 Ms47w Takayoshitoshi 13.05.1997 Ms50w Takagenji 13.05.1997 Sd60e Daishozen 17.10.1997 Sd85w Takei 07.01.1998 Sd93w Shonannoumi 08.04.1998 Sd99e Yokuyusei 10.09.1998 Jd24w Inoue 17.08.1999 Jd62e Tokiryu 15.10.1999 Jd72w Takada 03.01.2000 Jd75w Kototakahashi 07.03.2000 Jk11w Asatatsuke 31.03.2000 Kyushu 2015 Y1e Kakuryu 10.08.1985 O1e Terunofuji 29.11.1991 M1e Ichinojo 07.04.1993 M14e Daieisho 10.11.1993 J2e Kagayaki 01.06.1994 J6w Onosho 04.07.1996 Ms7w Sato 05.08.1996 Ms28e Takayoshitoshi 13.05.1997 Sd11w Takagenji 13.05.1997 Sd52e Takei 07.01.1998 Sd93e Onokura 09.06.1998 Jd3e Inoue 17.08.1999 Jd20e Mibu 14.09.1999 Jd47e Kototakahashi 07.03.2000 Jd76w Kadokura 17.03.2000 Jk12w Asatatsuke 31.03.2000 Natsu 2015 was the last one that Takakeisho/Sato was not on, which was when Takayoshitoshi (Takanofuji) was last ranked higher than him, and Takakeisho/Sato's 4 basho in Ozumo. This is probably a good place to stop.