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  1. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2021

    I'm in awe how Sakura is just on another level at this game. I'm not entirely sure why it didn't happen like I and the other non-Sakura Yokozuna thought it would, and it did happen like Sakura thought it would. I have a theory, and it's going to have to take some research to see if it's right. If it is, then Sakura has managed to see patterns that none of the Yokozuna have seen, and probably wouldn't have seen until someone else picked them up first. I'm highly skeptical it was just a lucky guess. If it was anyone else, then maybe, but not with Sakura.
  2. Gurowake

    Most underrated/overlooked rikishi?

    According to Wikipedia at least, Hakuho had no wrestling training at all, just good genes, along with a desire to become a rikishi. Harumafuji did do Mongolian wrestling, though his father wasn't quite as good as Hakuho's. Kakuryu, yeah, no one saw him coming at all, so I suppose that might be an even bigger blowout of expectations, since at least Hakuho had genes.
  3. Gurowake

    Trivia bits

    A list of all basho, with details, where the Juryo Yusho was won with more wins than the Makuuchi Yusho. One interesting thing that's hard to tell because of the change in tournament timing is that the first six of these were consecutive. This covers the entire Yusho era. There are 31 occurrences of this out of 504 basho. Date Rikishi Rank Record Rikishi Rank Record 1928.10 Miyagiyama Y1e 9-2 Y Wakashima J7e 10-1 Y 1929.01 Tamanishiki S1e 10-1 Y Musashiyama J4w 11-0 Y 1929.03 Toyokuni O1w 9-2 Y Shimizugawa J12e 10-1 Y 1929.05 Tsunenohana Y1e 10-1 Y Shimizugawa J1w 11-0 Y 1929.09 Tsunenohana Y1e 8-3 Y Oshima J5e 10-1 Y 1930.01 Toyokuni O1w 9-2 Y Ayazakura J1w 10-1 Y 1935.01 Tamanishiki Y1e 10-1 Y Kasagiyama J3w 11-0 Y 1942.05 Futabayama Y1e 13-2 Y Surugaumi J1w 14-1 Y 1950.01 Chiyonoyama O1e 12-3 Y Masumiyama J7w 13-2 Y 1950.09 Terukuni Y2eHD 13-2 Y Yonekawa J11e 14-1 Y 1954.03 Mitsuneyama O1e 12-3 Y Aichiyama J20w 13-2 Y 1955.03 Chiyonoyama Y1e 13-2 Y Tochihikari J3w 15-0 Y 1960.07 Wakanohana Y1e 13-2 Y Hanada J5e 14-1 Y 1961.11 Taiho Y1w 13-2 Y Uchida J7w 15-0 Y 1962.11 Taiho Y1e 13-2 Y Okanoyama J5e 14-1 Y 1963.11 Tochinoumi O1w 14-1 Y Kitanofuji J5w 15-0 Y 1968.07 Kotozakura O2wHD 13-2 Y Wakamiyama J1w 14-1 Y 1972.01 Tochiazuma M5w 11-4 Y Masuiyama J8w 12-3 Y 1975.09 Takanohana O1w 12-3 Y Aobayama J4e 13-2 Y 1987.03 Hokutoumi O1w 12-3 Y Takamisugi J7e 13-2 Y 1996.11 Musashimaru O1w 11-4 Y Tochinonada J13w 13-2 Y 1999.01 Chiyotaikai S1e 13-2 Y Miyabiyama J1w 14-1 Y 2003.11 Tochiazuma O1w 13-2 Y Kokkai J2w 14-1 Y 2005.09 Asashoryu Y1e 13-2 Y Toyonoshima J1w 14-1 Y 2006.03 Asashoryu Y1e 13-2 Y Baruto J11e 15-0 Y 2007.11 Hakuho Y1e 12-3 Y Sakaizawa J13e 13-2 Y 2013.07 Hakuho Y1e 13-2 Y Endo J13w 14-1 Y 2014.09 Hakuho Y1e 14-1 Y Tochinoshin J5w 15-0 Y 2015.09 Kakuryu Y1w 12-3 Y Shohozan J6w 13-2 Y 2019.05 Asanoyama M8w 12-3 Y Takagenji J2e 13-2 Y 2020.09 Shodai S1e 13-2 Y Chiyonokuni J11w 14-1 Y
  4. Gurowake

    Most underrated/overlooked rikishi?

    This makes perfect sense. In the context of "underrated/overlooked", you really can't be talking much about now. How would we know now who is overlooked or underrated today? That information won't be available until later. Thus, the context really has to be "at some point in the past, compared to what they accomplished", and you can't get any further underrated than to go from not being able to find a heya to take you until the last minute because you were too skinny, to go on to be the most dominant Yokozuna ever.
  5. Gurowake

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Before the change away from being unable to face members of your ichimon to just not being able to face members of your heya, it's somewhat reasonable to say that the 8-0s were easier. Additionally, back far enough, and they only face people on the other side of the banzuke, which culled their selection of opponents down even more. And if you look at the Makuuchi win/loss matrix for the third tournament on the list, it's clear that they were still doing that then. (Note that both Ozeki were on the same side of the banzuke, which is also the side the person above them on the banzuke was on, so there are three sanyaku in a row on the same side.) So no, an 8-0 is not the same as any other 8-0 when they have to go down further in the ranks to get opponents for you.
  6. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2021

    10. Takarafuji
  7. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2021

    No, that sounds about accurate given most people's recoveries compared to what the doctors recommend.
  8. Gurowake

    Trivia bits

    The following is a list of the length of all the gaps, in number of basho, of at least ten basho between a rikishi winning two Makuuchi Yusho. Only basho from 1957.09 forward were considered, which is right after the last time there was no tournament scheduled for July, so I did not count the number of basho back to the previous Yusho of the winners of the 4 tournaments starting then. Since 1958.05, the winner of the tournament either was a first time winner or had won at some point since 1957.09. The two basho that have been cancelled after being scheduled have not been counted. This was inspired by considering how long the second entry on the list was compared to those in the past. I had known that the first entry was going to beat it, but I was wondering if there were any others that would, and nope, Terunofuji's drought between his first and second Yusho is the second-longest in the time period considered. It took me quite a bit to figure out how to do this in Excel such that I wasn't actually counting but having the computer do the grunt work. I ended up using a feature of VLookup that returns the first match out of those possible even if there are other matches, so it could find the last tournament a rikishi had won fairly simply. Note that this counts consecutive Yusho as a gap of 1, so it isn't really correct to call these "gaps", but "number of tournaments since previous win", which is always one greater, but a longer thing to say. It's what I calculated, and relative size is only what's important, not absolute number, so I'm not that concerned about being off by one. This also allows you to divide by 6 to get the length of time in years, although you need consider the 2 cancelled basho for some of these to get time in years. Basho Rikishi Gap 1998.11 M12w Kotonishiki (2nd) 43 2020.07 M17e Terunofuji (2nd) 30 1979.11 Y1wYO Mienoumi (2nd) 24 1972.11 O2wHD Kotozakura (3rd) 22 2002.07 O1w Chiyotaikai (2nd) 21 2000.07 Y1e Akebono (10th) 19 1965.01 O1e Sadanoyama (3rd) 17 1995.11 O1w Wakanohana (2nd) 16 1969.11 O1w Kitanofuji (2nd) 16 1963.09 Y1w Kashiwado (2nd) 16 1967.11 Y1w Sadanoyama (5th) 15 2001.01 Y2e Takanohana (21st) 14 1996.11 O1w Musashimaru (2nd) 14 1990.05 O2wHD Asahifuji (2nd) 14 1984.05 Y1w Kitanoumi (24th) 14 1961.03 Y1w Asashio (5th) 14 2006.01 O2e Tochiazuma (3rd) 13 1997.05 Y1w Akebono (9th) 13 1985.07 O2eHD Hokutenyu (2nd) 13 2015.11 Y2e Harumafuji (7th) 12 2011.07 O1w Harumafuji (2nd) 12 2003.07 O1e Kaio (4th) 12 1991.11 O1w Konishiki (2nd) 12 1965.09 Y2eHD Kashiwado (3rd) 12 2020.11 O1e Takakeisho (2nd) 11 2003.11 O1w Tochiazuma (2nd) 11 1997.11 O1w Takanonami (2nd) 11 1976.09 M4w Kaiketsu (2nd) 11 1979.07 Y2eHD Wajima (13th) 10
  9. Gurowake

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Ultra-Goeido'd. More Goeido'd than Goeido.
  10. Gurowake

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    If Mitakeumi manages to win 13 matches this tournament, I predict he will be promoted to Ozeki - just not necessarily immediately after this basho. If he manages 13 and it isn't enough, he should be able to manage something that will be enough in the next couple years before he goes into decline. The threshold for promoting him will continually be lowered the longer he stays in sanyaku and puts up Yusho-quality results, even if they aren't close enough together for a traditional Ozeki run.
  11. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2021

    8. Wakatakakage
  12. Aki 2021: Y1e Hakuho 11.03.1985 Y1w Terunofuji 29.11.1991 O1w Takakeisho 05.08.1996 M1e Hoshoryu 22.05.1999 J6e Oho 14.02.2000 J12w Hokuseiho 12.11.2001 Ms14e Otsuji 06.10.2003 Sd46w Daihisho 08.11.2003 Sd64e Nishida 24.10.2004 Sd87e Ieshima 26.01.2005 Jd17e Shunrai 10.04.2005 Jd53w Mizuno 02.12.2005 Jd68e Takashoki 09.12.2005 Jd68w Kyokutaiga 28.02.2006 Kotoshoho drops off as Oho passes him for the first time since Nagoya 2019, when they both had different shikona.
  13. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2021

    With Hoshoryu out as well... 7. Daieisho