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  1. Gurowake

    New recruits Haru 2021

    I don't know if I've seen 正 in a shikona other than Shodai's before, and for Shodai's it's just his real name. It doesn't really seem to fit with the regular set of kanji that are frequently used. Note: Quoting an embedded quote in another post gives the wrong author in the quote.
  2. Gurowake

    New recruits Haru 2021

    A former sprinter turning into a rikishi? Well, i guess it's more likely than a long-distance runner, but if it were any athletics competitor, I would have assumed shot put or hammer throw, as those guys tend to be bulkier.
  3. Gurowake

    Bench Sumo news

    I forgot I even entered. Maybe next time I'll drone my way out of Juryo finally.
  4. Gurowake

    New game! -What's that Acronym?

    Oh, this thread could use a more descriptive name. I totally ignore almost all "new game!" threads, especially ones that aren't descriptive, but this is actually the kind of thing I enjoy, and it wasn't until I read Jejima's Cryptic thread that I knew what this was about.
  5. Gurowake

    Cryptic Sumo

    If you're wondering where I got my answer from: Possibly = May Join = say "yes" (to a marriage or other proposal for uniting) I couldn't find anything else that worked for 9 letters. Certainly is much easier to do these when you get the number of letters right.
  6. Gurowake

    Cryptic Sumo

    May say yes. (Or Meisei yes.)
  7. Gurowake

    New game! -What's that Acronym?

    Today each risible underhanded notice on future up-ranking just irritates.
  8. Gurowake

    Cryptic Sumo

    Before I delve too hard into looking for answers that require knowledge of Japanese, I should ask: does knowing any Japanese help at all?
  9. Gurowake

    YDC meeting after Haru 2021

    Still seems vaguely plausible to me, even if the YDC may not have actually said anything to that effect.
  10. Gurowake

    Natsu basho 2021

    Seiyashi's brain fart deleted
  11. Well, if I were to pull out my old "49/4" guideline, he should be considered good for promotion with 13 wins next tournament, yusho or not, although that originally required two basho at Ozeki because of everyone else thinking it was needed. One might say that the fact he hasn't been Ozeki for two tournaments after the next basho is a product of him needing to start over from the bottom, and that his time since returning from injury he has competed at Ozeki-level the entire time such that just getting the two yusho-equivalents should be reasonable enough as long as he's Ozeki for the last one. That is, he had already proven himself Ozeki-caliber in the past, so considering his past few tournaments in the joi to be the equivalent as being Ozeki seems perfectly reasonable. He may have needed those 3 full tournaments to prove himself worthy of repromotion, but given all he's been through, that his demotion was more a product of injury which has apparently healed rather than waxing and waning strength, to consider that time to be Ozeki-equivalent for Yokozuna promotion seems perfectly fair. It would have never happened under Uchidate, sure, because they were never presented with this exact situation.
  12. Gurowake

    Retired after March 2021

    Arg. I seem to have jinxed my two picks for sekitori among those not in Makushita yet that I made a few years back. Shonannoumi isn't able to push beyond the top of Makushita, and now Kirinoryu's injuries (I guess) were too much.
  13. Gurowake

    Trivia bits

    I figured that there might be some Jk/Jd lifer that benefitted from the smaller Jonidan size of more recent years to get a career high rank at a rather advanced age, but as I indicated, I didn't have a good way to research it, and you likely have better access to database search tools than those that are public. So I'm not surprised it's not a record, but I did figure it had to be pretty close.
  14. Gurowake

    Rules For Shikona

    One thing to keep in mind about very old shikona, if you're unaware: ones marked with a # after their romanization and kana reading mean that there is no evidence for that actually being the reading, but it's just what's mostly likely and they have to give something as the romanization/reading. I'm not sure if this applies to any of what you're talking about or not.
  15. Gurowake

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2021

    Well, I guess it's because Bushozan was only minimally demotable, a 4-3 at Ms3e isn't all that forcing of a record, and Kotokuzan would be debuting as a sekitori, combined with them not liking the shade on I threw on the fact that his romanized shikona implies he's from Sadogatake when he's not, that all together made them decide to pass on that promotion. I think the last bit sealed the deal.