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  1. Let's not forget the possibility of Yoshikaze going 11-4 and opening up a sanyaku spot that way. (He'll lose today obviously because I mentioned it)
  2. So it says 取直し(torinoashi), ok, but what else does it say? I think that's a も and a の with a kanji in between, but I can't make it out, and jisho doesn't give any good results for "mo*no". Maybe that's not a も? All words ending in -no would be far too numerous to look through.
  3. I was just about to quote my last post and add "but then again, maybe not...." What the hell are they doing? Most people in GKA assumed Yoshikaze would skip Ikioi, and it makes far more sense. It's as if they're watching what we post and do what we expect them not to just to show us who's boss.
  4. I understood what you meant. I just meant to say that with Shimoda's lack of promotion, we know there's a line *somewhere* where they will not promote someone at 7-0 who is ranked at ms15. Shimoda's case may be a perfect storm of reasons why not, and no other msTD starter has gone 7-0 in their debut so we don't know if perhaps it's just that msTDs are somewhat disfavored despite your recollection once that the debut choice was "sold" as being one zensho from Juryo. And attitudes may have changed with that decision, and Okinoumi being held back with a 5-2 ms1w may have been a reaction to that, such that it absolutely is a guarantee now. But it's hard to get incontrovertible proof of anything in the banzuke-making world, and regardless minds/people on the banzuke committee change. I don't mean to suggest that a 7-0 won't be good enough, but that it's fairly reasonable to believe that if they'll overdemote someone for a 6-1 Ms2w like last basho, that such a rikishi is really high up on the queue, and we're pretty sure they'll force an overdemotion with a 7-0 if at all possible, and thus it's much more likely we'll see an overdemotion than either of them stuck in Makushita.
  5. While true, that's not of direct implication as to whether a 5-2 Ms1e or 6-1 Ms2e might be seen as better than a 7-0 from the lower third of the zensho promotion zone. Plus, Shimoda was left in Makushita behind a 4-3 Ms1w (although his even lower ranking and debut tournament may have been more of a factor).
  6. MItsuuchi too high ranked to fill that role? Probably higher than normal, but it might make for a good match for once. Of course, they might fully intend to not want to give the 6-0 Jk rikishi a "good match", but rather someone he'll effectively always stomp (a few basho ago not withstanding). edit: the 5-1 that Wakayama lost to in Hatsu at 6-0 was actually a Jk rikishi, but had career proclivities to be just as bad as any random Jonidan 5-1.
  7. He's eligible for promotion certainly, and if it makes sense to promote him they will. If Kizenryu and Kitaharima win their last matches, they might be seen as better promotion candidates, but they'd still try to find someone to demote to promote a 7-0 at his rank much like they did last basho with Asahisho.
  8. Wikipedia says 30 tournaments as a sekitori, but also says that might go lower. Anyone without 25 is probably out of the running, while 25-29 is borderline. You can check to see those who might be eligible. You might also try the Juryo page, but pretty much anyone who is a sekitori for 30 basho is going to make Makuuchi at some point. edit; It looks like the current Otake-oyakata was in Juryo for 25 basho and that's it, and didn't inherit a heya. The former Miyagino-oyakata who was expelled only had 24, but inherited Miyagino-beya directly.
  9. Hakuho's schedule is effectively set in stone now. The only way he would face a maegashira now is if someone he's bound to face withdraws. Onosho may be without MK in Makuuchi, but he's had an MK in Juryo since his return from injury so I don't think they'll pull the same stunt they did for Ichinojo, whose true potential could not realistically be assessed with his start of 6-1, 6-1, 11-4, 13-2, 11-1 through Day 12 when they paired him with Hakuho - and he had already beaten Kisenosato and Goeido. The latter had the open spots to get filled, so that wasn't all that unusual (Kakuryu getting the match in his open spot was slightly more unusual as a Yokozuna), but to cancel Hakuho''s match with Kotoshogiku was rather unexpected I think. Now they could cancel his match with Goeido for Day 14, but that's not likely to happen as Goeido is still fighting for KK regardless of how he does Day 12. Canceling his match against Takayasu (Day 13) makes little sense either since Takayasu has just has much chance at the Yusho even after today's loss. And they definitely are not going to skip the Yokozuna match to finish the tournament. With so few sanyaku left, they don't need to finish the intra-sanyaku schedules of the lower-ranked ones while the top-ranked ones are fighting each other like they normally would with 11 of them. So there are plenty of open maegashira matches for all of the lower sanyaku, and they're finished with the sanyaku v M1 matches which are normally just as required as the intra-sanyaku matches. Tochinoshin and probably Hokutofuji will still face those they haven't yet, but they'll definitely skip the likes of Ikioi, Kagayaki, and Chiyoshoma to get down to high-performing maegashira just outside the joi.
  10. Google says that "winningest" is "North American" and "informal". A stack exchange thread suggests not using it in formal writing, and I'd definitely reword it in such, maybe only using it if I had to repeat the phrase "with the most wins" a bunch of times and couldn't think of other nice ways to phrase it.
  11. I was only like 5% serious, in the sense that I thought that it was maybe possibly a good idea, but knowing that there was no way it was going to happen. And I didn't even think about the fact that the heyas currently have arrangements in all 3 other cities that would somehow need to be duplicated should they move elsewhere.
  12. Maybe they could move the July basho to Sapporo? Nagoya and Osaka are so close together, why do they each need one?