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  1. Kishinoyama

    Takakeisho engaged

    So this is the reason they got engaged! I am kidding of course....
  2. Kishinoyama

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    From reports in another thread, Ishiura injured his ankle.
  3. Kishinoyama

    Hello (again) from sunny Singapore!

    I believe that this is the first time that a member introduction has went . Anyway, to the forum!
  4. Kishinoyama

    Ridiculous Predictions September Basho

    That is why this is the ridiculous predictions thread. I would not be surprised if Hakuho is kyujo the entire tournament because of the knee problems. Kakuryu also might not come out to play. I like it when we have yokozuna in the tournament but if they are not healthy enough to compete, I would rather they stay home, or retire.
  5. Kishinoyama

    Kimarite Statistics - July 2020

    You are correct.
  6. The color commentators are paid that much?
  7. That is a very good question. Is it to try and stop the spread of the virus?
  8. Kishinoyama

    Gagamaru Status

    Their is always hope as long as he is still on the Banzuke!
  9. Kishinoyama

    Something needs to be done about part-time Yokozuna's

    Your argument is that a Yokozuna should retire when they start missing tournaments. You also know that both Asashoryu and Harumafuji retired because of disciplinary issues. That does not fit your argument. Since you seem to want to continue discussing this issue, then I would suggest that you email or call the NSK every day. I am certain that one foreign sumo fan can sway this corporation into making retirement rules for Yokozuna. I am done discussing this issue with you. Have a nice day.
  10. Kishinoyama

    Something needs to be done about part-time Yokozuna's

    In the last tournament, Hakuho was injured on day four and took pain killers so he could stay in the tournament. He aggravated the injury on day 12 and withdrew. Thankfully, not every injury is a career ender like what happened to Kisenosato. They are Yokozuna and can miss 'tons of matches'. That 'man-made unfairness' comes with the promotion. Almost every Yokozuna in recent memory has taken advantage of that 'man-made unfairness'. I get that you don't think that it is fair but how you feel about it is not going to change it. I would like to know how you think this 'man-made unfairness' can be fixed? Keep in mind though when answering that question, that their is no rule requiring a Yokozuna to retire.
  11. Kishinoyama

    Something needs to be done about part-time Yokozuna's

    Okay... Let me say that Hakuho and Kakuryu should not be lumped together in your argument. Hakuho has 44 titles and 22 runner up tournaments. As ryafuji mentioned above, he also had 46 straight tournaments as a Yokozuna without being absent. Kakuryu is not even close in terms of his career record. In other words Hakuho has more leeway in regards to his future tenure as a Yokozuna. I want all of the Yokozuna to show up on day one every tournament and compete for all 15 days. Is that realistic when they get above the age of 30? You can expect that a Yokozuna will start getting injured more often the older they get. They will either not compete at all or go kyujo. Eventually a Yokozuna will be pressured into announcing their retirement but in the end they have earned the right to retire on their own terms. Let's hope Asanoyama or someone else can come along and get promoted to Yokozuna. Otherwise we may have some tournaments in the future without a Yokozuna on the banzuke. You know that life sometimes is not fair. Some rikishi get injured and never reach their full potential. That is part of sumo/life. I would have loved to have seen Terunofuji get promoted to Yokozuna. Maybe he would have gotten there in 2017 or 2018. Unfortunately, injuries and illness took their toll. I am amazed and happy that he is still in sumo. Think about what happened to Kisenosato. The guy gets injured right after his promotion to Yokozuna. He could have had surgery and taken several tournaments off because he was a Yokozuna. I wish he had taken some time off. Maybe he would still be in sumo. We will never know now.
  12. Kishinoyama

    Videos July 2020- All days

    Just like you, I only see one video available to watch on his youtube page. It is day 15.
  13. Kishinoyama

    Do you eat eggs for breakfast?

    I used to every morning. I started having an allergic reaction to eggs when I was 19 years old so that put an end to me eating eggs.
  14. Kishinoyama

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    I was thinking this as well. Terunofuji kept showing up every tournament even though he was injured. He even returned in one tournament after going kujo with no wins.....
  15. Kishinoyama

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    That would be correct. After seeing how large he is, I will be watching him as well.