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  1. Kishinoyama

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    You said mini.... Anyway, now that the two leaders have lost, who is going to win the tournament? Are Kakuryu or Tochinoshin still the favorites? Who is the surprise rikishi that is 'under the radar' that might take the yusho?
  2. Kishinoyama

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    This is what I was thinking he would do if he decided to stay in sumo after he retired.
  3. Yes it does but maybe he has already started the process? Certain things in Japanese society seem to be kept quite secret.
  4. Then it doesn't take much to make the YDC feel uncomfortable. Imagine how uncomfortable they would be if he sat out 7 tournaments....
  5. Kishinoyama

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    I for one get tired of the arguing. Some people just hate the guy. He can't do anything right even when it comes to being injured. He was not born and or raised in Japan so he has that going against him. He will never have the hinkaku of a Japanese person because he was not raised there.
  6. Kishinoyama

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    I agree! He clinched being around for the Olympics with the injury and the 15-0 record. With 42 tournament wins and 15 zensho, Hakuho should be in no hurry to step on the dohyo for a long time.
  7. Kishinoyama

    Ikioi marries pro golfer Mamiko Higa

  8. Kishinoyama

    New kesho mawashi (pics)

    I had to laugh at this - Seachicken Brothers.
  9. Kishinoyama

    The Wall - Never Makekoshi Rikishi

    If you are talking about in sumo history then Akebono had 18 from sumo entry. The previous record holder was Takanohana 1 with 17 if I remember correctly. Takanohana 1's streak ended in Juryo. Akebono's ended at Sekiwake.
  10. Kishinoyama

    YDC convenes-Hatsu 2019

    Yes he gambarized the best he could to try and please the fans and that is why he is no longer on the dohyo.
  11. Kishinoyama

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2019

    Actually, some of them have said they want to become a sekitori. As an example, I have read this on the forum more than once: 'I want to make Juryo in five years.'
  12. Kishinoyama

    Hatsu 2019 Sansho

    I agree with you. I personally don't like Takakeisho's style of sumo but it has worked for him, so far.
  13. Kishinoyama

    Hatsu 2019 Sansho

    Maybe because he does the best butsukari geiko on the dohyo?
  14. Kishinoyama

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    First of all, congratulations to Tamawashi. I never thought the 'oshiwashi' guy would win a yusho. Congratulations also on the birth of his baby boy. As for Takakeisho, even though I don't like his sumo, I think he should have been promoted. As someone else stated, maybe the former heya he was in had something to do with it. When it comes to Hakuho, I am glad he withdrew from the tournament. He had no chance of winning the yusho. I was amazed he made it through 10 days without losing. The 'great yokozuna' Onokuni had the nerve to criticize him for withdrawing. The seven win eight loss yokozuna. Congratulations to Hoshoryu for his 5-2 record. I think he will be in the top 15 Makushita ranks next basho. One more congratulations to Tokuda. He managed a 4-3 in his first tournament in Makushita. He should be the top ranked rikishi in Musashigawa heya next tournament.
  15. Kishinoyama

    Rikishi Status Hatsu 2019 - Final

    I guess the 'toe dipping' didn't help.