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  1. Any word from the YDC or NSK about Terunofuji having a chance to become a Yokozuna if he wins in Nagoya? He is now 13-2 and 12-3 in his last two tournaments with a playoff loss and a runner-up finish respectively.
  2. I'm amazed that he has two wins this tournament after reading this....
  3. One of those rank and file guys that I started to follow in Sumo World magazine. I became more of fan after looking at his career record. He fell to Juryo due to injury and managed to make Komusubi during the Futagoyama Taka/Waka era. I was also happy to see that he managed to secure a Kabu.
  4. You apparently don't care that Terunofuji was injured before the day 14 henka. His knee was bad enough that he had to go to the hospital. Their is now a thread on the topic of his status for the next tournament. Using your statement, the day 14 henka was the perfect time and place for Terunofuji to use a henka. And once again, I am no fan of the henka. That goes for every henka no matter who uses it.
  5. But it was reported that he suffered a knee injury and it got worse. Kisenosato did a henka in the day 15 match and several people here thought it was okay because of his injury. Using that logic, Terunofuji's henka was justified because he was injured. I would like to point out, I did not like either one of those henkas.
  6. They did not stay married and as far as I know had no children. Others here will know more.
  7. I don't usually say this because I am not a fan of the YDC but they had no choice. Terunofuji barely escaped kadoban with three 8-7 records. As I stated in other posts, I am a supporter but he does not deserve a promotion right now.
  8. I can't see a promotion even with this playoff loss and a tournament win in May. That 4-11 in January should eliminate that, at least to me. My question for you is the other comment about Terunofuji lacking hinkaku. You say this because he is Mongolian? Because of the Kotoshogiku henka? Because he sometimes looks angry after a match? Has he done something that I am not aware of? I am really curious about this.
  9. You know that some of the same people that thought Kakuryu should not be promoted had no problem with Kisenosato getting promoted. The same thing goes for henkas. It is okay when some rikishi do it but not others.
  10. And you were saying? This is sumo, it is never over!
  11. I found something interesting that is similar in some respects to events that happened today. Natsu 2001 Day 15 Takanohana and Musashimaru met on the last day. Takanohana was injured the day before in his match against Musoyama. This happened: And then this: Videos courtesy of SumoParis on youtube.
  12. All of this talk of Terunofuji getting promoted to Yokozuna if he wins the next tournament is hilarious. First, he has not won this one yet. Second, while he looks good in this tournament all it would take would be a twisted knee and he is fighting like the 4-11 Terunofuji. And finally, I am a Terunofuji supporter but I would not promote him with back to back yushos because of the 4-11 record in January. I don't care who you are but two consecutive yushos preceded by a losing record (7-8 record or worse) and in my opinion you still don't get promoted.
  13. I find it interesting that some of the comments here think the henka was planned. I think it was planned but only AFTER the matta. In other words, "You want to play games, I'll show you a game". Baruto did the same think to Kisenosato after a matta and I've seen others do the same thing.
  14. Why Terunofuji? Why!
  15. It looked to me like he had a slight grimace when he was being pushed out, before he fell. Or am I seeing things?