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  1. Kishinoyama

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Yes it is... Chiyonofuji used it against Terao in Kyushu 1989. At the 38:54 point of this video:
  2. Kishinoyama

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Or the tennis equivalent of John McEnroe?
  3. Kishinoyama

    How many yusho will Terunofuji win in his career?

    Sorry to drag up an old poll but I am glad that the Yokozuna proved me wrong. Now can he get more than 8-9?
  4. Kishinoyama

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Notice the movement of the feet as well. The slide to the left. I call it a henka but I know that opinions vary.
  5. Kishinoyama

    Promotion/Demotion/Yūshō Discussion Natsu 2023

    Since Shimanoumi has such great “banzuke luck”, shouldn’t he be safe with six wins at Juryo 13? Asking for a friend.
  6. Kishinoyama

    Actress Chita Rivera Is a Huge Sumo Fan

    I think she is currently playing under an assumed name.
  7. Kishinoyama

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    I am a supporter of Hokuseiho and that was an impressive throw. I was not impressed with the henka.
  8. Kishinoyama

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    …. And then did another henka in the rematch. Very disappointing to watch.
  9. Kishinoyama

    Lower division celebs results

    I had to laugh at that comment.
  10. Kishinoyama

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    I agree. He struggled to get off the dohyo yesterday after he won.
  11. Kishinoyama

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Also jinxed….
  12. Kishinoyama

    Ichinojo intai

    Maybe their is another reason for his retirement. It is possible that Ichinojo checks out this forum and he really takes an interest in the GTB game. His expectations were heightened when he saw several players had him positioned in the M6-M7 area. When the banzuke was released on Monday his rank was much lower than predicted and that was the last straw.
  13. Kishinoyama

    Ichinojo intai

    This is surprising news to me and I will miss the big guy. I can only hope that he has some kind of plan now that he has retired. I went back to the Ichinojo concerns thread. I wonder if he and the oyakata settled the matter of the monetary disagreement that was reported last year.
  14. Kishinoyama

    Training pics overview April 2023

    I was hoping that he would be promoted to Ozeki before the end of the year. Hopefully the surgery was successful and he can make a full recovery.
  15. Kishinoyama

    The end?

    I knew that by the date it was posted but I didn’t want to say anything to spoil it. I did that once and got chastised for pointing out that it was April 1st.