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  1. I see that guy Itai again.....
  2. I was afraid of that..... I hope he doesn't worsen his injury.
  3. And in the next tournament he defeated Kitanoumi on the first day. He defeated all three yokozuna the first time he faced them. Kitanoumi had withdrawn from the previous tournament before they had a chance to meet.
  4. The NSK has waited a long time for a 'home grown' Yokozuna. Kisenosato isn't retiring anytime soon.
  5. It is still early in the Nagoya tournament but he could be ranked at Komusubi in September.... I don't think he will go beyond Sekiwake but I never thought Kisenosato would become a Yokozuna. Who here predicted a zensho for Goeido? If you did then you need to play the lottery.
  6. Maybe it has something to do with the stable that he is in? Wasn't their a post or posts talking about a back injury? Some kind of injury?
  7. He can still mess that up. Anything is possible with Goeido.
  8. Thank you for the information Yubinhaad! I hope he will let it completely heal but I have a feeling he will try and return later in the tournament...
  9. Oh man.... He had done so well in the last two tournaments. If someone can find a reason for the withdrawal will you please post it here?
  10. I couldn't help but laugh when I watched Chiyotairyu vs Ishiura. Once Ishiura got inside, Chiyotairyu's desperate attempts to get any kind of belt hold were comical.
  11. I think our cable company or one of our satellite providers offers TV Japan for $25.00 a month.
  12. What a first day! The next 14 days are going to be interesting....
  13. That is one giant waterpik.
  14. After Goeido's zensho, anything is possible!
  15. Back to start another ozeki run!