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  1. Tochinoshin Japanese citizenship?

    Exactly! Their is good and bad in all organizations, governments, businesses, families, etc.
  2. Nikkan Sports popularity poll

    To me at least, this is a surprise. I really like him and I thought his 'sumo style' (IMO, he seems to go all out in every match) would apeal to more people.
  3. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    So.... Endo and Terunofuji both came back during the basho and got a combined zero wins in their return. Was it worth it for Endo to potentially further injure himself? As for Terunofuji I just wish he would sit out several tournaments or retire. He seems to have a myriad of problems that need attention and entering tournaments right now should be the least of his concerns.
  4. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    That is what happens when you only get one layer of the mawashi. You will see a rikishi digging with their hands trying to get a better grip. Kakuryu never gave Tochinoshin a chance to get a better grip.
  5. Favorite J-Pop Bands

    We had GA tickets as well but got the table as a splurge. The wife is really small so I didn't want her to get crushed.
  6. Favorite J-Pop Bands

    Both times we watched One OK Rock we got front row VIP tables. We were farther back than the GA people but we had seats and an unobstructed view over the top of the GA crowd. It was nice being able to watch a concert sitting down and ordering food and drinks whenever we wanted. It was some extra $ but it made the wife happy. At least for a few minutes.
  7. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I am an avid follower of Kyokutaisei but I am glad he lost after attempting a henka in the rematch. Love the Gyoji in the Hakuho vs Tamawashi match gesturing with his hands for them to do something after they stood there looking at each other for a couple of seconds.
  8. Favorite J-Pop Bands

    Baby Metal plays here in Dallas tonight but I won't be attending. The musicians in the group are really good but I know that the show is supposed to focus on the young ladies.
  9. Akebono gravely ill (activities thread)

    From the same article mentioned by Otokonoyama above: When Akebono was in a coma last year, Musashimaru was hospitalized in Tokyo. Musashimaru fell ill during a golf outing in Nara. He then received a kidney transplant from his wife, Masami, a former hula instructor. “I feel good and the doctors say I’m doing well,” said Musashimaru, who turned 47 Wednesday. “Thanks to my wife.” When the May tournament in Tokyo concludes he says he will resume “house shopping for a bigger place.” He currently has a three-story building in the Edogawa section of Tokyo where he, his wife and 3-year-old son Joey live upstairs and a growing stable of apprentice wrestlers live and train on the lower floors. With 19 fledgling sumotori, including nephew Mamo, a makushita-division wrestler who is the ranking sumotori in the stable, “I need a bigger place if I’m going to bring in some more guys.” It is amazing that Musashimaru has been this successful at recruiting. He has surprised me several times since he retired as a rikishi. I hope he keeps on surprising me. Maybe the next surprise will be a sekitori. :)
  10. Favorite J-Pop Bands

    I don't know if they are considered j-pop but One OK Rock has been here in 2016 and 2017. The wife and I went to both shows and did a meet and greet in 2017. They are definitely my wife's favorite band.
  11. Doreen Simmons' Passing

    What terribly sad news. I never had the pleasure of meeting her but I always enjoyed reading her comments. I will miss seeing new comments from Doreen. Bye sweet lady.
  12. TV Japan no longer on Dish Network

    Even if you do get a good bandwidth internet provider their is no real competition. Which means the cost is not cheap. Cheaper than $100.00 a month though.....
  13. TV Japan no longer on Dish Network

    He takes some balls for him to do it as well.
  14. Rock bands...

    Jack, in my opinion, is at his best playing guitar. I have no desire to see him sitting behind a drum kit. To each his or her own.
  15. Rock bands...

    I loved him in The White Stripes but not so much in The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather or solo.