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  1. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Takatoriki too.
  2. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I think that was a joke at the expense of some of the conspiracy theorists on the scandal thread.
  3. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Very disappointing performance from Kisenosato today. Is he going to last the 15 days?
  4. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Depends what your timeframe is. He did lose about 15kg between the September 2016 and May 2017 weigh ins - he went down from 212 to 197.
  5. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Someone said a while back (Asashosakari maybe?) that Terunofuji may just have chronically weak knees that aren't going to be improved by sitting out for a basho or two. He'll just have to deal with it for the rest of his career.
  6. Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Kyushu 2017

    1.Asanoyama KK 2.Abi KK 3.Mitakeumi 9-6 4.Yoshikaze 8-7 5.Onosho MK 6.Meisei MK 7.Takanosho KK 8. Hokaho KK 9.Omato KK 10. Harumafuji 11-4 11.Chiyotairyu MK 12.Chiyomaru MK 13.Aminishiki KK 14.Daiseido KK TB: 12
  7. Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    We will see four yokozuna fight on Day 15.
  8. Kisenosato didn't fight 1239 bouts. John is by no means the first to overlook his failure to appear on the final day of the January 2014 tournament. His article makes a lot of sense though. They aren't going to bring kosho back or cut back on tours any time soon but if the oyakata change their training methods behind the scenes it could make a difference.
  9. Banzuke for Kyushu 2017

    "Takayoshitoshi"? Dear oh dear. If ever there was an incentive to go 7-0 and get to change that awful shikona...
  10. Banzuke for Kyushu 2017

    The release of the banzuke and the rikishi's position on it gives no indication as to whether they're entering the tournament or not.
  11. Bearded gyoji/wrestlers

    Maybe he exited, pursued by a bear?
  12. Bearded gyoji/wrestlers

    OK perhaps logic is the wrong word. There is a reason - you don't want to change anything while things are going well, so you decide to stop shaving. A losing streak usually means you try something different, ie. change the colour of your mawashi, even change your shikona if it goes on too long. I don't get why you would carry on doing the same thing.
  13. Bearded gyoji/wrestlers

    Kotonowaka was one I definitely remember doing that while on a winning streak. Shame the spoilsports in suits have stopped it.... I don't see the logic in not shaving while on a losing streak though
  14. New Juryo for Kyushu 2017

    Yeah, I wonder what ex-Masunoyama, who is still there as a consultant, thinks of this Stalinist re-writing of the naming conventions at Chiganoura
  15. Happy birthday, Asashosakari!

    Happy birthday! Have a good one.