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  1. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    As has already been pointed out, they are only bolted down in the Kyūshū basho.
  2. Doreen Simmons' Passing

    Here's a direct link to it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/doreen-simmons-british-born-authority-on-sumo-wrestling-dies-at-85/2018/05/11/de3ad084-5534-11e8-a551-5b648abe29ef_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.2985de8a9e51
  3. Rikishi Status Natsu 2018 - Day 7 LATE

    Also no makuuchi yusho winner has ever dropped to makushita.
  4. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    When did this injury occur? He's never gone kyujo.
  5. Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Natsu 2018

    1. Abi MK 2. Takanosho MK 3. Ichiyamamoto KK 4. Daishoryu MK 5. Ryuden MK 6. Kamito KK 7. Kaisei MK 8. Daishoho KK 9. Takagenji MK 10. Mitoryu MK 11. Tomokaze KK 12. Goeido 9-6 13. Ichinojo 8-7 14. Endo MK 15. Shimanoumi MK TB:12
  6. Preparations of the Y/O- May 2018

    I see the press are noting that Kisenosato missing seven straight tournaments equals the longest ever yokozuna absence, although Kise did at least enter some of them, whereas Takanohana did not step onto the dohyo once during his seven tournament absence in 2001/2.
  7. Future without sumo unthinkable for Hakuho says John
  8. snooker world championship 2018

    So he went for the "come in with a towel and then remove it once sat down" approach. I kind of prefer that to Gary Lineker's boxer shorts on Match of the Day. Anyway...... I haven't watched much snooker over the last decade since moving to the US - amazed to see that Higgins and Williams are still around and competing at the very highest level.
  9. Heya sizes

    He could be referring to Dewanoumi stable of 100 or so years ago under Hitachiyama, which had about 200 wrestlers at its peak I believe. It was basically an ichimon all by itself as it didn't allow ex-rikishi to break off and form new heya.
  10. Sumo Reference Updates

    That possibility did cross my mind so I didn't explicitly call it an error - it's more of a discrepancy. I'm using it as a source for his Wikipedia article so would like to know which is right. Edit: On a related note, what is the meaning of the hashtag after the Hokutozan shikona? I've seen it on a number of other entries in the DB.
  11. Sumo Reference Updates

    Yoshibayama's original shikona is given as Hokutozan but this article by Joe Kuroda says it was Hokutoyama.
  12. Preparations of the Y/O- May 2018

    Yeah I have to say I would be surprised if Hakuho skipped this one. But we shall see soon enough.
  13. Kotoshogiku - Intaishinai

    He’s hardly the first ex-ozeki to keep going as a maegashira. Why is it surprising to you?
  14. Preparations of the Y/O- May 2018

    Sigh. He's never going to get better, is he.
  15. Banzuke for Natsu 2018

    Maybe they are including Hayateumi, who bypassed the komusubi rank. Third to make his sanyaku debut would be correct. And that's not a mistake with Takekaze and Aminishiki. That's how they always describe it -"last in makuuchi two tournaments ago" is what they mean.