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  1. Penitani.
  2. I'm guessing you were looking at an Amercian dictionary....... it's probably the single word most likely to annoy those who dislike Americanisms. Anybody using that term in the UK would be run out of town.
  3. He beat Chiyonofuji and Takanosato with ridiculous ease, too. Really got the traditionalists panicking.
  4. Not as bad as the grass at Wimbledon.
  5. I was amazed to read today that despite all his history of injury problems this is only Terunofuji's second career withdrawal. He really is the type that likes to fight to the end of a tournament no matter how bad his condition. Whether that will have an ultimate effect on the length of his overall career only time will tell, but not to sit out a tournament having just had surgey seems crazy to me.
  6. I thought the joke was that he used yorikiri for the first time in a long time. Guess I was wrong............
  7. Yori-kiri is listed as one of his favourite techniques and he's used it in 57% of his last 30 wins according to his Kyokai profile - am I missing something?
  8. 1. Asanoyama KK 2. Kizaki KK 3. Takemasa MK 4. Tamawashi 8-7 5. Kotokensei MK 6. Hakuyozan KK 7. Tsurubayashi MK 8. Chiyonoumi KK 9. Ikeru MK 10. Tsugaruumi KK 11. Ura KK 12. Abi MK TB: 14
  9. OK, I'll rephrase: "Ura at Maegashira 4! He might possibly face a top ranker if there are injuries!" My excitement is suitably contained.
  10. You may well be right that Endo will face more top rankers than Ura but you are still being too rigid in your definition of "joi-jin" if you are insisting that #18 is "just outside". The whole point of the term is that it is loosely defined - around the top twenty is normal. And I will eat my hat if Ura faces only maegashira in Nagoya.
  11. Oh come on - there is no precise number. At M4 there is a fair chance he will face a yokozuna or ozeki at some point.
  12. Yes. His eldest, Jack, who is 9.
  13. Ura in the joi-jin!
  14. I realize that but the part I was responding to was "single most for a rikishi from university sumo," which Miyabiyama clearly was. It's misleading to suggest otherwise as he was a makushita tsukedashi so met the requirements for amateur achievement at that time even if he didn't graduate. Takekaze will of course have the record to himself very soon but I just wanted to give Miyabiyama a shout-out.
  15. Tanigawa Oyakata is ex-sekiwake Hokutoriki, in case anyone was wondering.