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  1. ryafuji

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Kyushu 2019

    1. Tanakayama MK 2. Ichiyamamoto KK 3. Kotoshoho MK 4. Yuma MK 5. Abi 9-6 6. Kotonowaka MK 7. Roga KK 8. Hokutoo KK 9. Daitenma MK TB: 11
  2. ryafuji

    2019 World Sumo Championships

    There's a new Neflix documentary short, Little Miss Sumo, about Hiyori Kon at this year's championships: https://www.thedailybeast.com/netflixs-little-miss-sumo-meet-the-incredible-20-year-old-woman-tackling-sexism-in-sumo-wrestling
  3. ryafuji

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2019

    Hokutofuji and Asanoyama made it! The fairest decision. Glad they could finally bring themselves to have more than two komusubi.
  4. ryafuji

    New recruits for 2019 Kyushu

    Presumably Konosuke will change his shikona so Kosei can become Naya.
  5. ryafuji

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    He keeps on digging that hole deeper and deeper... and his lawyers are probably laughing all the way to the bank.
  6. ryafuji

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    I think there would be a kind of poetic justice if instead of being kicked out he was banned for a year and then had to start over as a tsukebito.
  7. ryafuji

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2019

    It was a joke. Kotoyuki has been in juryo until recently.
  8. ryafuji

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2019

    How humiliating...
  9. ryafuji

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    That is undoubtedly what he is doing. From the Mainichi, "though Takanofuji admitted to the facts, he said he "did not hit him hard" and "lacked awareness" that hitting him lightly on the head with his fist was a serious form of wrongdoing."
  10. ryafuji

    Kisenosato intai

    Maybe this thread could be moved to the Ozumo Discussions forum, it took me a while to find it.
  11. ryafuji

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    And his stablemaster supported him throughout, unlike here.
  12. ryafuji

    Top 10 Sumo Records Aki 2019 Edition

    Wakahaguro was an ex-ozeki for 20 tournaments from 1/1962 to 3/1965.
  13. ryafuji

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    Yes it's what the match-fixing by text message guys were offered - retire or we'll expel you and you won't get your benefits.
  14. ryafuji

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    Well it's not what Kintamayama reported just after you. The compliance committee wanted to demand he retire "voluntarily" but the rijikai have not done that.
  15. ryafuji

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    They're contesting the decision to... leave it in Takanofuji's hands whether he retires or not? That's a contradiction in terms.