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  1. That's still ex-Kanechika, isn't it? They may have kicked him out of sumo but he still technically owns the kabu.
  2. How you surpass a yokozuna? Become a dai-yokozuna? That is ambitious.
  3. Yep, that was Yoshibayama. Another went on to zensho yusho as a maegashira.
  4. No, he is Russian. MumboJumbo wasn't saying he was Japanese.
  5. Chiyotaikai was quick to throw in the towel once it was clear he wouldn't get ten. Hopefully Giku would do the same in that situation.
  6. Not sure about that... I think the Kyokai would have liked to preferred to have two strong yokozuna rather than just one, even if they were both Mongolian. Yokozuna rivalries bring media attention and high TV ratings and Asa and Hakuho had some great matches from 2007 to 2010. For me it's a great shame that it was cut short. Asa was still only 29 when he was kicked out - he could have gone on for another couple of years at least.
  7. You're right - three make-koshi in a row needed for an ozeki to get demoted in those days. Forgot that.
  8. Didn't realize how close Orora is to Konishiki. I never thought anyone else could break that particular record...
  9. Came back from being kadoban to win a yusho? The fourth one is Goeido. Kotozakura 1969: 5-10, 13-2Y Konishiki 1989: 5-10, 14-1Y Takanohana 1993-94: 7-8, 14-1Y Goeido 2016: 7-8, 15-0Y
  10. Tochitenko wasn't dismissed; he just happened to retire in the same tournament as all the yaocho guys. And the other three things you mention are not really that uncommon...
  11. Pretty sure that must be a mistake. I believe the real record holder is this guy.
  12. To be precise, consecutive 15-0 zenshos for promotion. Futabayama went from sekiwake to ozeki to yokozuna during his record 69 bout rensho.
  13. There is a reason why yokozuna tend to not do that well in their debut tournament..... although his mentor Takanosato was the first since Futabayama to zensho-yusho in his first, so you never know.
  14. Very sad news. A great shame that he didn't live long enough even to have his danpatsu-shiki. (I wonder if it could have been fast-tracked, as I believe they did with ex-komusubi Daishoho who also died of cancer. Perhaps he was simply too ill to have one.)
  15. Wrong! Takanohana only got 22