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  1. Remember those dim distant days (i.e. last year) when we used to think Kisenosato was a choker?
  2. No bow whatsoever from Giku afterwards. He was clearly livid.
  3. No, you're not...
  4. Courtesy of WAKATAKE on the Basho Talk thread: In other news, Toyonoshima finally got a win today, and declared that he intends to continue wrestling for the time being. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/1797042.html
  5. Actually, they couldn't. That loophole has been closed. Once a gaijin, always a gaijin in the eyes of the Kyokai...
  6. Looks like Kitakachidoki to me.
  7. I doubt the Japanese public are finding it boring. Plus Kise could become the first shin-yokozuna to go 15-0 since his own mentor Takanosato over thirty years ago - where's your sense of history?
  8. Now that would be quite something. I'm guessing there has never been a playoff between two undefeated rikishi from the same heya in makuuchi (though I'm sure it's happened in lower divisions).
  9. So November 1990 remains the last time four yokozuna completed a tournament...
  10. Isn't it more likely to be his foot problem? That must really affect his defence if he's not able to get his usual traction on it.
  11. It was my understanding that ex-Tamaasuka's late father gave him his shikona, as mentioned in this thread. If you have a source that contradicts this please share it with us.
  12. He has withdrawn This is obviously a big blow to his hopes of ever getting back to juryo as he will fall a long way down makushita now.
  13. 1. 11 2. MK 3. KK 4. MK 5. KK 6. KK 7. KK 8. KK 9. MK 10. MK 11. KK 12. KK 13. KK 14. MK 15. MK 16. KK TB: 14
  14. Somewhat ironic that after Tomozuna said, "It's not as bad as we initially thought" it turned out to be worse than they initially thought. I was somewhat alarmed at his idea that Kaisei could enter the tournament later and possibly aggravate things - at least that's not going to happen now.
  15. I think it will be because of the beer and sake on sale...