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  1. Tsuchinoninjin

    Trump coming to the basho

    My humble prediction is there will be a lot of hullabaloo, planning, money spent, gnashing of teeth, then in the end the visit will get cancelled for one reason or another.
  2. Tsuchinoninjin

    New recruits for Natsu 2019

    "Osh"? This April fool's day is really long...
  3. Tsuchinoninjin

    Basho attendance

    That was totally crazy. I was able to load the first time at 10:00:01 and nearly all the categories were still circle. I had to reload at 10:00:05 and nearly half of the categories by day had turned to X. I was able to get a day 9 two person B masu at 10:01:15. Total sellout in an hour but any real choice was gone in 10 minutes.
  4. Tsuchinoninjin

    Ikioi’s recovery

    If he's getting IV everyday then does he have a stent? That sounds like a terrible thing to have in for martial arts.
  5. Tsuchinoninjin

    GTB Natsu May 2019

    It's here, with the updated year http://sumoninjin.droppages.com/sumoHBcustom.html
  6. Tsuchinoninjin

    Akebono mawashi for sale

    I signed up for the site, and it redirected me to a Qing Lord jacket and you could easily swipe right to bid. I almost accidentally dropped $2000 on that bad boy. Be careful!
  7. Tsuchinoninjin

    First shot at a banzuke algorithm

    I think the issue with that is the banzuke gets made differently during different time periods, so training against that will just result in the average action which isn't going to win many GTB especially since there are some people who have figured out the current committees more nebulous preferences. It's really easy to find queries that have contradictory results, like figuring out from how many ranks back a 9-6 will pass a 8-7 or a 6-9 dropping down below a way lower ranked 10-5 for example. These depend on what's going on around other ranks sometimes so a penalty function may be more appropriate.
  8. Tsuchinoninjin

    First shot at a banzuke algorithm

    It's a really good try for a first whack at this kind of thing. It really helps to have an iterative algorithm with some kind of penalty function for really ugly banzuke situations where's there no 'perfect' answer. It's also really difficult to do all of the divisions at once because the rules for promotion over boundaries are a bit different compared to inner division ones
  9. Tsuchinoninjin

    Games Talk Haru 2019

    I like the weird categories otherwise it would be too close to RotoSumo. Its nice to have some diversity in the games. Hoshitori and Paper Oyakata are so similar it might be worth sending in an unpopular team into Paper Oyakata since its so easy to fly up and down the banzuke anyway - conservative play isn't really rewarded.
  10. Tsuchinoninjin

    YDC convenes after Haru 2019-Hakuhou’s handclapping call

    This just in, YDC to be renamed the HAR council - handclap administration and regulation council.
  11. Tsuchinoninjin

    Games Talk Haru 2019

    Just a guess, but picking a yusho winner during the hakuho dominance era probably wasn't really an exciting component to a game.
  12. Tsuchinoninjin

    Games Talk Haru 2019

    8-7 finish in most of the pre-basho games, the dailies really went off the rails this basho. Super bad especially in Toto, where I went 0-9 when using the algo and 5-0 just picking from my phone as fast as I could without thinking...
  13. Tsuchinoninjin

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    And that shot of Ichinojo in the back room after Hakuho won... come on that's mean
  14. Tsuchinoninjin

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    Hakuho holding the same location that kisenosato tore... ugh feels really bad.
  15. Tsuchinoninjin

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2019

    Scheduling Hakuho with Tochiozan instead of Ichinojo just feels so bad now. Any fan would love to see that matchup now on a mythical day 14.5. Well, I guess we'll see.