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  1. Tsuchinoninjin

    Aki talkie

    I'm putting this here because people talked about it. A rare thing happen after the Mitakeiumi - Takanosho match, Futagoyama oyakata (moto miyabiyama) stood up and left. "Looks like he had to go to the bathroom" reported the NHK sumo commentator. "He mentioned he had stomach pain. It was difficult to sit there for him. He couldn't endure the pain and went to the toilet." explained head judge Isegahama oyakata. "His face turned a bad color, and started sweating" added Futagoyama's own deshi. Futagoyama Oyakata races from the bathroom.
  2. Tsuchinoninjin

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Aki 2020

    1. Kotoshoho KK 2. Terunofuji KK 3. Suzuki KK 4. Amakaze MK 5. Tokisakae MK 6. Kitanowaka MK 7. Yoshii KK 8. Asanoyama 13-2 9. Murata KK 10. Kaishin MK 11. Shodai 10-5 12. Terutsuyoshi MK 13. Tobizaru KK TB 12
  3. Tsuchinoninjin

    Aki Predictions (Only as ridiculous as you like)

    Asanoyama clearly has ozeki staying power whether or not the current yokozuna attend a basho. He's probably number one on everyone's list of next yokozuna at this point too. I really wonder about Takakeisho. He became Ozeki in a very strange time. It might have been better for his long term career if he hadn't made Ozeki so young. If Shodai's step up from the last two basho is real and mitakeumi continues to gather it together, Takakeisho is in a bind.
  4. Tsuchinoninjin

    Ticket Availability - November Basho

    I don't think the Hawaiian government has any sway over Japan letting in tourists from the US. The Japanese company I work for isn't even planning high level exec travel to Japan from US until 2021. We still have all of our non-Japanese who live and work in Japan but doing short visit to US (Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Americans) still stuck in the US. I guess I don't know what type of passport you hold, but wish you good luck anyway.
  5. Tsuchinoninjin

    GTB Aki 2020- 121 entries - and RESULTS!!

    Helper is updated: http://sumoninjin.droppages.com/sumoHBcustom.html
  6. Tsuchinoninjin

    Trivia bits

    A weird one but: A basho of thirds? The number of maegashira taking a 10-5 or 5-10 record was 2 more than any other basho. Including Juryo rikishi, it is still the leader, having 1 more than any other basho. 2nd place was in the 50s, which had 19 more maegashira+juryo on the banzuke than now.
  7. Tsuchinoninjin

    General Corona Banter

    The 12 person meeting in Japan is now cancelled as 3 have the virus. Since the 3 are in the same bu, if they all stay home no work would get done, so one continues to come in. Also my coworker in NYC has passed. She was super intelligent, a lot of contribution to the literature in her field. Not even 50 yet... Middle school kids...
  8. Tsuchinoninjin

    General Corona Banter

    I mean come on, I just got off a call 3 hours ago and they're still shoulder to shoulder in the meeting room. 12 people, many older men with a history of heavy smoking. They're all wearing masks now but they all pull them down when their glasses steam up. In an office building where two cases were identified Monday. You don't have to 'ramp up' social distancing like testing capability. It can be done overnight.
  9. Tsuchinoninjin

    General Corona Banter

    Yes, blame all on us which tried to get the message out after you wouldn't believe us. And that is a royal 'us'. There were many doctors and health experts warning about this for a very long time. Yes, other countries also failed. I am also unhappy about that. I completely disagree that limited testing isn't an intentional strategy. There is no 'accidental' strategy at a national level. If the government is just winging it then it is unacceptable. You posted this a while ago how we were too alarmist: If Japan had actually restricted movement then, we wouldn't have had the current situation in Japan. Sorry, but if you think the Japanese government is infallible and couldn't have gotten things going and the problem is people worrying too much, that's idiotic. Too many people have this opinion and allows the government to get complacent. The fact is almost every country has more testing capability than Japan other than places with extreme poverty. It is very simple, this is worse than flu because NOBODY has immunity, so it spread really easily. It was very obvious to us who had a window into the early outbreak areas. But instead we got shit on for trying to show how bad it was going to be. You were wrong, so now you just shit on us because we're told we are too stupid to understand anything. We're not experts. We can't understand medical literature. It is even more frustrating because the initial people who tried to get the word out have paid dearly for it. And nobody gave a shit and belittled others. It must feel so care free not to have to worry about this.
  10. Tsuchinoninjin

    General Corona Banter

    As I said before, the one guy in our Japan office had to have a fever for 5 days before they allowed his test... and a lot of people don't have a fever for that long with this virus. The numbers are much larger than they appear. In NYC they are finding the virus in people's lungs who come into the hospital for completely unrelated reasons such as broken ribs etc. Here they have started building field hospitals in all the sports stadiums and convention centers.
  11. Tsuchinoninjin

    Sumo and the Olympics

    Are you kidding? We're gonna shoot off our guns in sync with the tachi-ai
  12. Tsuchinoninjin

    New ozeki Asanoyama

    Mainland tourists are only in the mainland tourist areas though. Really strange.
  13. Tsuchinoninjin

    General Corona Banter

    The people in our office that tested positive had a fever for 5 days before they were allowed to take the test.
  14. Tsuchinoninjin

    General Corona Banter

    It's probably coming. Seems like keeping the Olympics was the roadblock. Heard the markets got ransacked yesterday from colleagues.
  15. Tsuchinoninjin

    General Corona Banter

    The guys at HQ were kicking and screaming when were trying to get approval to shut down the factories here. I could go on about the specifics but its clear they still don't get it or believe it. It is just really disappointing. Two months out from now -- who knows what everything is going to be like. Maybe the sun will come out and destroy it???