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  1. Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Natsu 2018

    1. MK 2. MK 3. KK 4. MK 5. MK 6. MK 7. MK 8. KK 9. MK 10. KK 11. MK 12. KK 9-6 13. KK 10-5 14. MK 15. MK TB: 8
  2. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    Because the shift in women's place in Japanese society the past few years. They work, they vote, Nakagawa-san can get their vote by doing things like this. Things change, and somebody has to make the first news. It's like Zeno's paradox in reverse. Don't take my word for it though. http://www.gender.go.jp/research/kenkyu/pdf/kenkyu_01.pdf
  3. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    My feeling is, that this was never going to just blow over. Since I started working in a Japanese company and in and out of Japan 10 years ago so much has changed with regards to women. There were basically only secretaries when I started but now women are every where and getting in to executive and political positions. Hell, last nomikai with engineering stopped by a discount makeup barrel between nijikai and sanjikai, just because so many of the engineers are women now. One of the su-jo at work told me, if that's how they're gonna treat women they should've just let him die there, in so many words. If it's true about it being a Western inspired rule then it's as good as gone. Even not, if it's not gone this year it will be gone in the future. There's a lot of women filling the stands, joining koenkai, etc. And one adage older than sumo is "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"
  4. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    Reading a few papers, seems like one of the OG reason is menstruation. Since we have pads and tampons now, and menstruation isn't really considered a monthly injury anymore, should be cool, right?
  5. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    The medical certificate for Takanoiwa s non-participation in the haru jungyo was made public today. He is suffering from PTSD and some joint damage in the left leg. It's not clear when or if things can ever be healed (seems like no "3months of rest" that is usually included was present).
  6. Rijikai elections results on hold

    Takanohana-beya's been renamed Takanohana-gumi
  7. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2018

    Someone was really confused in the sumo discord earlier and thought ichinojo needed 33 for sekiwake, might have been that.
  8. Takayoshitoshi scandal

    I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you for most of this. Bullying is a big problem in Japan of course. Even in the west, hazing is a big problem and kids die every year in the US. It has gotten a bit better after whole teams and organizations were completely disbanded afterwards, but anyway. Maybe I can elucidate on the frustrations that some member's show about Takanohana's actions. Takanohana's perceived storyline is that these violence incidents are not good, it gets swept under the rug, and the current leadership won't reform to solve these issues. I think everyone here can agree that there is a problem and improving the situation is a good thing. Then, in all of Takanohana's possible motivations there are two extremes: 1. Takanohana really cares about rikishi well being and treatment behind closed doors and will do whatever it takes to improve it. 2. Takanohana sees no path to rise within the Kyokai due to poor personal relations with the current leadership, and his storyline is just that: A story to get the public to help unseat these guys so the path opens up. And then actually implement nothing really new to help rikishi. So, everybody analyzes very closely what Takanohana does. One thing that would really reinforce #1 is happening is some sort of roadmap or quantitative steps to work towards better living conditions and lifestyle of rikishi. I think this is where one frustration comes from during the Harumafuji thing, the timing of police reports, shopping around for doctors, etc. There really wasn't a repeatable precedent set here for future cases. It is a bit understandable in the heat of the moment, but there was a chance to make it right: he could have gone on the morning shows and explained a system he'd LIKE to see or make. Instead he made a lot of jokes and seemed to be pure PR. The second time we could try to see some proof of #1 is when he asked the government for an investigation. He could have asked for a thorough investigation of violence within heya or mon with a neutral third party for oversight, or something. Instead, he only asked for investigation about his personal demotion. Finally, the current incident with Takayoshitoshi. So far, just Takanohana saying that Takayoshitoshi apologized to the Tsukebito and that he was so distraught he wanted to quit sumo. Who knows if any of that took place. There's no evidence of applying any new roadmap or system for this 'level' of incident. Just same old same old. I get he is just playing the game. Hate the player not the game. (Though, compared to the Harumafuji incident where I couldn't find ANYONE talking bad about Takanohana on the Japanese net, its totally different now, so I don't think its as rosy as you might for Takanohana) Everyone understands that the current kyokai heads hate him and he's at a total disadvantage. But, why should the people here care? One turd is as good as any other, if it ends up being #2. Nobody would have much of a problem with short term damage to Sumo's image if things actually improved, but if it is just fulfill personal ambition, well... This is just me as forums-poster-devil's advocate.
  9. SalaryCap Sumo Haru 2018

    Its ranked scoring like a lot of the other games. 10x for first slot, 9x for second slot etc. Last day has a bunch of bonuses, getting the yusho winner in the first spot is very good thing. https://web.archive.org/web/20040415162444/http://www.strongoak.net:80/salarysumo/rules.php
  10. Takayoshitoshi scandal

    Top: Wow! Boomerang of regret. Teacher's pet Takayoshitoshis violence towards tsukebito. Boomerang: Violence is unacceptable, without question! Left column: Takayoshitoshis info and relationship Middle: recent Takanohana activity, i.e. not showing to work. Right: what to do now and result from previous situation
  11. Takayoshitoshi scandal

    Takanohana can't have him in the heya anymore, no way. Otherwise, any appeal to the government isn't going to go anywhere for him, and the kyokai will be able to twist him around more. Imagine if he was allowed to stay, and did something again like Asashosakari alludes to... it would be a disaster.
  12. Takayoshitoshi scandal

    If the kyokai makes a judgement before Takanohana boots him out then I can't really believe Takanohanas own storyline anymore.
  13. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    I'm starting to lean into the 'doesn't give a crap' camp now. My feeling is that his gambit didn't get as far as he hoped, and he's finding TV appearances infinitely more enjoyable than dealing with sumo internal politics.
  14. New Superbanzuke Site

    It's great! I like the intro page. I already frankenstein'd all the rules/entry links together on my droppages website, sorry if you didn't know that and hunted them all down again. Though, I think because of the intro page, my workplace already zorched access to the site under 'Gambling', even though panda's base website is still OK
  15. GTB compilation conversation

    My algorithm is pretty bad because I don't have enough rules implemented to penalize bad choices enough, so I don't use it for GTB but its fun to watch the rikishi bounce around the banzuke like crazy then slowly calm down.