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  1. Tsuchinoninjin

    Typhoon no. 19

    The jungyo travel to sagamihara and kofu are going ahead as planned. Accomodations were secured for everyone on night of the 12th. There are about 250 people traveling to support the jungyo. No news about izu, but probably not gonna happen.
  2. Tsuchinoninjin

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    Simply, the lawyers were telling him what he wanted to hear (that he had a chance) as long as he paid them money. Since he's never been responsible for buying anything his while life he probably didn't understand it's worth and there's very few earning opportunities like sekitori money. Then the money ran out and the lawyers stopped telling him what he wanted to hear. If somebody was funding him through this, then they don't have an excuse of lack of life experience to see how hopeless this was and all i can say is that there's brain damage involved or something.
  3. Tsuchinoninjin

    Typhoon no. 19

    https://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/20191011/sum19101105000001-n1.html Some decision on the jungyo dates for 11th, 12th, and 13th will be decided soon. Those are the ones in Sagamihara, Kofu, and Izu respectively. The big issue is that the rikishi are traveling by bus, so getting to these places might become impossible. In my opinion, the meat of the typhoon won't reach Japan yet for Sagamihara (north of Yokohama), and going to Kofu (north of Mt. Fuji) may be possible. But leaving Kofu is going to be a big problem.
  4. Tsuchinoninjin

    Typhoon no. 19

    Typhoons are pretty common in Japan but this one looks pretty bad, so here's a thread. JR has announced suspension of mass transit in the greater Tokyo area for Oct 12 and 13. It may be extended. Some Rugby World Cup games are delayed to different days. Edit: Sorry, it looks like they've been cancelled, I misread. Since the Jungyo is in Chiba and Izu during that time it will most likely be impacted. The big concern is that most of the damage from the previous typhoon in chiba hasn't been fixed yet. Many roofs are still covered by blue tarps awaiting repair. https://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/20191010/sot19101010020006-n1.html Generally typhoons aren't as bad in Japan compared to the southern US or Philippines due to mountainous terrain and the fact that typhoons get swept northeast very quickly after landing, but be careful if you're in the area.
  5. Tsuchinoninjin

    Aki jungyo 2019

    It looks very likely that typhoon 19 will impact the jungyo activity.
  6. Tsuchinoninjin

    Aki jungyo 2019

    Asanoyama aims for sanyaku... A little GTB hint in there.
  7. Tsuchinoninjin

    Takakeisho injury update

    I'm not sure why you are so sure he'd have surgery if it was bad when Kisenosato didn't...
  8. Tsuchinoninjin

    Takakeisho injury update

    His inner arm is quite bruised. I get what you are saying, the main injury seems to be a muscle body tear, but that doesn't mean other parts haven't been damaged. There even is some brusing on the right side of the sternum. When the muscle goes its going to release a lot of energy and put sudden forces on other parts. Also, it happened on the tachiai-liftoff so he ended up using it some even after the injury (it seems it tore on the rise up action so he impacted mitakeumi already injured). I know he's back training already but these guys have insane pain tolerances - things that make them wince would leave normal people on the floor. I'm not clamoring for surgery or even changes to fighting style - its just what it is and life is unfair sometimes.
  9. Tsuchinoninjin

    Takakeisho injury update

    Yeah you don't bruise like that from a strain. Really sucks.
  10. Yes, tickets sell out very quick for Tokyo, especially if you want weird seats like 2-person masu on the weekend. I had success with 2 people manning 3 computers - you end up getting 404s at every step of the way so its better to have more people to do it until you break through on one. If you want to use the jp version of sumo pia try to go through the purchasing process (but don't buy obviously) with the current basho just to make sure you know what info you need ahead of time. You need a JP address but it doesn't need to be associated with the CC you are using, so any address you can find online (like a hotel) works, and you can choose 7-11 pickup. If you want a weekday ticket for a common seat you get a bit of a leeway (a few hours) instead of a few minutes. If you fail in the rush, then buysumotickets will have some for a small markup on the price. As for the family/senior box seat (its a masu, not a chair), I don't think they are available for Tokyo. The seat types are a little different for the different locations. The Tokyo overview is here, but its not very informative: http://www.sumo.or.jp/Admission/ticket/Sep/seat/602/ I honestly don't know if its easier to wrangle a 2 year in seats or masu. The 2 and 3 person masu are pretty roomy, the kid could lay down or stand or whatever, but the area around your masu will be cramped (no aisle running for sure). The carpet they put in the masu are pretty gnarly too, but I still prefer masu to chair seats.
  11. Tsuchinoninjin

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    Shake the entire thing? I really don't understand how he is going to show the kyokai is acting in bad faith here. The kyokai made a violence committee, took their public stance on that, and this incident became public. It's also the 2nd incident for this particular guy. The kyokai would look way worse if they were defending him and keeping him on despite the reports if violence. I understand kintamayama that there's worse incidents, but to be real, those are not known and this is. That's what matters whether it is fair or not. Maybe Takanofuji s lawyers leak the other incidents if he gets barred but all that's going to happen is those guys get kicked out, not Takanofuji gets to come back. The basho still sell out and there's a lot of kensho despite the Takanohana thing, so I don't think the kyokai is going to blink here. Unless I completely missing some dynamic at play?
  12. Tsuchinoninjin

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    Even if the Shibatayama comment opens a 1% chance of survival, Takanofuji holding an independent press conference with legal spooks completely closed that small hole anyway. I feel really bad for those who had to take responsibility for these morons. It's not even over with Takanofuji, highly likely just to happen again with how unaware these guys seem to be.
  13. Tsuchinoninjin

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    Yes, I agree, especially the way the disclosure is written. He just totally throws them under the bus in every aspect (chores, greeting, forgetful). Actual senpai would never just trash his kohai like that in front of some 3rd party. Just in that sense its clear he doesn't consider the relationship like senpai-kohai, more like slaves.
  14. Tsuchinoninjin

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    He was so pumped up he tore his pec pushing up for tachiai? Jeez.
  15. Tsuchinoninjin

    Former Maegashira Daikiho intai

    Yikes that ligament ossification sounds scary and would totally end any sumo career. Hopefully he can live a good life anyway.