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  1. Tsuchinoninjin

    Tokitsukaze under house arrest

    The rise of the Takatoriki-ichimon.
  2. Tsuchinoninjin

    Arawashi intai

  3. Tsuchinoninjin

    Corona and sumo

    Or the whole-beya kyujo is grinding their gears so they don't force those heya to go kyujo anymore, and separate out rikishi with negative PCR.
  4. Tsuchinoninjin

    Ozumo Consecutive Match Tracker

    As far as I can tell, nobody showed up for the May basho last year so maybe everyone starts from the 2020 July basho?
  5. Tsuchinoninjin

    Sumo monuments and statues

    That person should be a bit careful, looks like they left quite a few scrubbing scratches around. Yuck, zooming in it looks like they even painted the characters but in a super sloppy way so its all over the place.
  6. Tsuchinoninjin

    NSK Youtube Basho Archive

    While it wouldn't be a menu of bouts to click and watch ala sumodb, I wonder if they would have more success bundling these types of VOD access with koenkai memberships for various heya. That would make it easier to stomach larger yearly payments. But I guess there might be some sort of tax complication with this approach.
  7. Tsuchinoninjin

    Corona and sumo

    I think its more the surprise how far behind the ball Japan is on vaccinations compared to pretty much every other country, especially considering 1. The Olympics, 2. The population age distribution which has been a known fact for 30 odd years. You'd think at least they'd have a strong drug/vax development program setup by now, but instead they are more likely to ban useful drugs than doing anything proactive. I'm wondering if rikishi will be kept entirely separate as a group for the vaccination plan or if rikishi with underlying disease will be ahead of other rikishi? Corona has been unkind to people who already use CPAP on a daily basis for example.
  8. Tsuchinoninjin

    NSK Youtube Basho Archive

    I doubt the basho available on the youtube archive is going to overlap what's available on the app at any point. It seems to be like a koenkai-lite offering. Besides, the 1964 basho was making them $0 before and now some people will subscribe. For me personally, I have a hard time sitting through lengthy broadcasts of old sporting events - too much new stuff generated constantly these days. In the US we had a TV channel, ESPN classic, to show old tapes but this was converted over to show live sports pretty quickly so I don't think I'm alone here.
  9. Tsuchinoninjin

    NSK Youtube Basho Archive

    They will continue to upload the basho from 1964 and 1981 throughout the year. For a single basho, the upload of 15 days will happen over two months (I guess the netflix style is still too exotic). 1964 - because of Olympics 1981 - Maybe the rise of Chiyonofuji After that, who knows what will happen, maybe depends on subscriber count. The way youtube subscriptions work is that if they make any other video membership only you'll also get that. Not sure if they plan on anything though.
  10. Tsuchinoninjin

    Sumo articles by journalists who are Forum members/or not

    How much salary does the lady who only pops up to translate the result of the monoii receive? How can we apply?
  11. Tsuchinoninjin

    NSK Youtube Basho Archive

    I couldn't find a thread about this (other than a petition in 2014 asking the same) but NSK has opened a basho video archive on their youtube channel. By subscribing to their youtube channel (990yen/mo, $8.99/mo in US) you get access to the archive. Archived basho have all makuuchi torikumi presented in a 'Kintamayama style' digest (someone should start charging a consulting fee...). Each video has timeline bookmarks for each bout. Right now only 1981 Hatsu basho and 1964 Hatsu basho are in the archive. I would guess digging out the tapes, digitizing them, and notating them properly takes some amount of work. Even though this pales in comparison to the sumodb being linked up to individual videos (which has been thrashed with takedowns), and may be the reason why the recent DMCA wave has occurred, I will hold on complaining for a bit.
  12. Tsuchinoninjin

    Ozeki Reranking confusion

    I would assume bridge players are used to weird rules, with the cooperate with your teammate but not too much rules.
  13. Tsuchinoninjin

    Tokitsukaze under house arrest

    My feeling is not that Tokitsukaze is submitting a resignation to save face, but is resigning because he'd rather go play mahjongg and go to massage parlors than deal with the kyokai.
  14. Tsuchinoninjin

    Flat Earth Society and Sumo

    I think those injuries at the edge must be related to the rikishi weights. I don't have much knowledge of how it was when rikishi were more svelte but I'd imagine there was more give and take back then anyway. As for the dohyo edge, what is the floor there like anyway? Is it really super hard or is more of a tradition Japanese floor with some give to it? I'd much rather be body slammed into the floor of the inaka home I stayed at compared to the stone floor at my house.
  15. Tsuchinoninjin

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    This info sheet about previous 9 man makushita playoffs was posted in a facebook group. 4 Showa and 1 heisei era. In all showa matches the 'bye each round to 3 man round' was used and in heisei the pre-elim into a normal tournament was used. The interesting thing is that when byes were used, the ultimate champion never received a bye. I think this was all discussed already but its nice to have in a single chart like this (sorry, I don't feel like rebuilding it in english at google sheets :/)