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  1. How many Oyakata did you get to watch on the dohyo while active ? I watched the bouts of 52 out of the current 105 so far (not counting Nishikijima because it's vacant). I've added Tamarikido to the the tally for he retired a couple of years after I started following sumo but I have no recollection of him, so maybe I should rephrase it to "how many rikishi became oyakata after you started following (and while you were still following) sumo ?". But I think you got the gist of the question.
  2. shumitto

    Retired after Kyushu 2021

    Higonojo is a classical case of someone who joined quite close to his prime. In a little more than a year he was already closing in on Juryo, then improved a little over the next 4 years to barely make it. After an uneventful Juryo stint, he was back in Makushita where wasted spent more than 6 years, including some basho in Sandanme. Kudos to Chiyootori for the fighting spirit. His condition was quite bad in 2018 with bad mobility and tapes everywhere. He dropped as low as Sandanme but fought (bad) back despite already being kabu-safe to manage a comeback to the paid ranks. But his body couldn't take it anymore, I suppose. His coughing and bouncing stance at the tachiai will be missed, as well as his energic sumo when he had it.
  3. shumitto


    There was a lot of hype surrounding his rise as there was with Endo and others. Senior forum members didn't buy into it, because when it comes to college rikishi, the future once in a lifetime Komusubi like Jokoryu and the future Yokozuna will crush lower rankers in a very similar way, so there is no way to tell at this point which is which. What was possible to see, though, is that College sumo had taken its toll on Jokoryu's knees, as he wore braces in both on his debut. With time, his injuries aggravated and have sapped him of both his power and speed. His fighting spirit is still there but there is not much he can do at this point. I believe he will eventually get a kabu, as many College grads do. Once I read that many such rikishi are promised a kabu or a help to get one by some Oyakata before they join. I am not privy to his case, however.
  4. shumitto

    Trivia bits

    He has been very pedestrian of late (since 2017 at least), going too often for the hataki-win to see if is ailing body and lackluster sumo style can bring him another paycheck. That's the impression anyway. But you see, even that might make you stand out for some reason. On a side note, Kotokuzan posted a 4-11 on his Juryo debut and bounced back with a mirror (11-4) record on his return. It is not a first for sure, but I manually checked and it is not very common when it comes to double-figures. (It is actually a first for this combination). It would be more impressive if Oki managed a 15-0, but I wouldn't bank on that.
  5. shumitto

    Promotion & Demotion & Yusho Kyushu 2021

    Nice words, but I believe they will somehow save Yago at the expense of Chiyoarashi. Well, we'll see.
  6. shumitto

    If companies sold ad space on mawashi

    They should be careful with where they place this message. But while we are at it, why get just one sponsor if you can have dozens. The women’s team going viral for the sheer number of sponsor logos on their kit – Thick Accent
  7. shumitto

    Takagenji Caught Smoking Weed

    They said the same thing back in 2008, after the Roho-Hakurozan incident. It is comforting to know that they are so quick to deal with problems.
  8. shumitto

    Is there a sumo game where you are a member of the JSA?

    I am looking for a game where we can play Ryuden or Abi, but I also like your idea.
  9. shumitto

    Juryo Promotions for 2021 Aki

    I kind of like Asasekiryu's boss look. It marks a stark contrast with his sekitori days.
  10. shumitto

    Juryo Promotions for 2021 Aki

    I think the most common word with this kanji must be 英雄 (eiyu, hero), at least it is the one I have read the most. I have also occasionally seen the word 雌雄(shiyu, male and female), which also uses the "yu" reading, so I guess the "o" reading must be secondary, but my level is N2 so don't quote me on that. _____________ And no Chiyoarashi. It would have been nice to see him back in Juryo exactly 10 years after his debut (which I got to see live), but it wasn't meant to be. I wish Hokuseiho could develop something approaching a tachiai, even if I personally don't care much about his career.
  11. shumitto

    Bright colored mawashi, Ura among them...

    I remember when Shohozan doned his gold mawashi and went 1-14. He switched to black and has never looked back.
  12. Kotonishiki used it for a while, before Tenkaiho and then finally Kotoshogiku (who now owns it). But most importantly, one doesn't need this extension to own a kabu post-retirement. Some times the owner is even deceased, but he is listed as the owner because it still belongs to his estate. It happened to late Ushiomaru (Azumazeki) a few years ago. He passed away in December 2019, but was listed as the owner until the takeover by Takamisakari (previously Furiwake), early in the following year.
  13. shumitto

    Toyohibiki intai

    A veteran of 66 basho in the paid ranks having to wait in the wings for 3,5 years to get a kabu is harsh.
  14. shumitto

    Azumazeki beya folding

    Given the circumstances of his promotion, one can't even say that the 'donors' had expected him to have a long sekitori career. Actually it lasted just 22 actual bouts.
  15. shumitto

    Promotions to Juryo Nagoya 2021

    Long career is what I believe is possible (not likely) based on numbers alone, but I have a hunch that he will fare more like Wakanoshima or Asabenkei. But as you say, we shall see.