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  1. shumitto

    Retirees after Haru 2020

    No Toyonoshima ? When he didn't retire after the make-koshi I had a hunch he would go on which, was renewed when nothing came out on senshuraku. But for how long ? Also Sagatsukasa will head back to Sandanme in 15 years.
  2. shumitto

    New Juryo for Natsu 2020

    After defeating Asagyokusei with a less than bright sumo, Kotodaigo breathed a sigh of relief..... Oh Well...
  3. shumitto

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Defeating Akiseyama is not something to write home about, but Chiyootori has looked slightly better than last time. He is a bit too heavy but has shown more agility. I have no idea if Hoshoryu will ever reach great things, but his sumo is a joy to watch. He is supple, but at the same time stable and strong. Tsurugisho's physical condition has improved very little since January, if at all. It is a bit painful to watch . It is also painful to see both Kotoshogiku and Tokushoryu struggling as expected. Unlike other veterans at this stage, Kotoshogiku acted very focused, but it won't be enough. Speaking of veterans, I watched Fujiazuma for the first time in a looong time. It looks rather unlikely, but a comeback to the paid ranks would be nice.
  4. shumitto

    Goeido to Retire

    Still OT, but sometimes there is apparently more than a simple lack of adrenalin or motivation to win.
  5. shumitto

    Toyonoshima Soldiering On

    Toyonoshima is a curious case. Years ago he was listed as having a kabu, since before his major injury this information has vanished without much in the way of an explanation. That might explain why he is still there when anyone else in a similar condition (former sekiwake, age 36, back in makushita after a long second rise...) would have called it quits, but maybe he has found another one.
  6. shumitto

    New Juryo for Haru 2020

    Another rather lucky repromotion for big Akiseyama. Third time on the strenght of a 4-3 from below Ms3, but not as lucky as his sole Makuuchi promotion (8-7, J5w). He has already met the criteria for Kabu eligibity, but getting one is horse of another color. Much more promising though is Hakuyozan, who was getting close to Makuuchi rank and quality-wise. I hope he picks up from where he left off. 6-1 looks solid.
  7. shumitto

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2020

    Maybe Hidenoumi also has a chance as the 4th promotee, but maybe they will spare Meisei because of his 1 win. Anyone, Hidenoumi is coming from two not very impressive 8-7, has been a long time in Juryo and his last Makuuchi outing ended in a disastrous 3-12, which means if he indeed comes, he comes as a Yusho candidate.
  8. shumitto

    Arawashi intai

    Kudos for his persistence. In 2007 he suffered a major injury on his right(?) shoulder, which sidelined him for many months. He came back heavily taped and didn't progress much for a while, but eventually reached sekitorihood. He was a good sekitori, but his power deserted more than a yeard ago or so, so good timing.
  9. shumitto

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Yup. In the west it would probably help boost that mushy, over-honeyed narrative that "you can get it if you truly want it", although I don't what the Japanese media will make out of it other than enjoy this ride for a while. Anyway, for every Tokushoryu out there, there are hundreds of Tokushoryu-like people coming away empty-handed.
  10. shumitto

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Kyokutenho was considerably older but had lots of san'yaku experience on his side. The last one to clinch the Yusho from "Makujiri" (Makuuchi's last rank)before Tokushoryu was Takatoriki, who was 32 at that time, and as a former Sekiwake also had plenty of experience close to the top, but he too bombed after the Yusho.
  11. shumitto

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Content-wise Shodai was probably the best rikishi this basho. With some aggressive sumo for the second basho in a row now, he is finally showing he can deliver. In fact, last basho looked more like the strong showing one has when the opposition is not so stiff, but his January record has put things into another perspective. When Tokushoryu was something like 4-1 I said out loud "Tokushoryu YUSHO". Everybody home laughed. I did the same with Okinoumi a few months ago so that doesn't really count much. Anyway, Tokushoryu somehow found a counter-attacking sumo that worked. He moved forward as he used to when some 20, 30kg lighter, and when it failed - and it didn't against Takakeisho(!) - , he used his foe's momentum to thrust him down. Soon they will get his number, but by then he will already be a Yusho winner. He was not simply an unlikely Yusho winner, he was very unlikely kachikoshi "getter" as his last two kachi-koshi in Juryo were far from convincing. I am still surprised and happy for this guy !
  12. shumitto

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2020

    I am curious to see what kind of solution they have for the Makushita-Juryo exchanges. There are six good demotion candidates but not as many potential promotees. Chiyootori might get lucky.
  13. shumitto

    Trivia bits

    Kotoshogiku has now 700 wins in Makuuchi.
  14. shumitto

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2020

    It is harsh but par for the course. Based on Gagamaru's condition in the past few months, an immediate repromotion is too tall an order.
  15. shumitto

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Kyushu 2019

    Should Sakigake get the nod for promotion, he will surpass Wakatenro's more than 4 years wait between juryo promotions. I don't know if it is an absolute record, but it is worth mentioning. Sakigake's last juryo tournament was in 01.2015.