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  1. Atenzan

    Trump coming to the basho

    Everyone has one and mine is demonstrably the superior one**
  2. Atenzan

    Trump coming to the basho

    Well I just told the Syrian refugees living in my neighbourhood in decrepit housing about the hullabaloo this Trump person is causing at the honbasho and they seem a bit miffed about the office of the American president. They said that this goes against the principles of solidarity his country has operated under.
  3. Atenzan

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    Has the fanfiction contingent ruled on whether thigh infections can be sexually transmitted?
  4. Atenzan

    Ikioi’s recovery

    Do you have any kind of source at all?
  5. Atenzan

    News of abdication and new reign

    In the year Reiwa 25, if man is still alive, if woman can survive, they may find...
  6. Atenzan

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    Is he going to do any bouts? The fact that the pec is OK is very encouraging, but I wouldn't sleep on a torn bicep, literally or otherwise.
  7. Atenzan

    New Ozeki Takakeisho

    @Kintamayama Bon appétit, monsieur.
  8. Atenzan

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    Come on now, some of us are semi-pro pool players here. I was at, er, work. Sure. Didn't have time to properly get my shot in. But otherwise very well said. Now to get my shot in: If any of you think that Hakuhou would ever bend so much as to play theatre to some random geriatric YDC guy (who could never tell a sport-related injury if it hit him in the face, presumably) by getting a zensho yusho while bitching about it, we live in a completely different world. Firstly, it's unreasonable of you to assume that the YDC can have any meaningful power over the guy who has now TEN yushos more than Taihou. Especially when the only other yokozuna hadn't completed a basho of his last 5, and said "reprimand" was over Hakuhou pulling out while 10-2 or something. Secondly, if Hakuhou wanted to make a statement about something, he'd actually come out and say it. I have an EXTREMELY hard time believing that he'd act weak on purpose in any circumstances, he more than any other rikishi on the banzuke right now. Finally and most importantly, I fear for the end of Hakuhou. Maybe they'll do the unthinkable and let him heal and come back well-rested in November or January. But knowing the sumo world, I fear for the worst.
  9. Atenzan

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I can feel your pain, I went through the same thing last week. So far the report on me is all tooth and no wisdom.
  10. Congratulations on the great job you did in Toto. 

    1. Atenzan


      Thank you very much! It's only my second or third basho playing it, so it's extremely encouraging. 

  11. re: Hakuhou's arm: Nikkan reports that he said that it hurt to throw Kakuryuu today and that "it hurts a little" - that was at the yusho interview. How that's translated into his actual injury status is unknown, but my wishful thinking says it's nothing as major as Kisenosato's.
  12. Atenzan

    Sansho for Haru 2019

    Ah. I really thought Ichinojou deserved the Gino-sho; he's really imposed his technique on his opponents throughout the basho. Gurowake's statement (or was it yours?) that it's become a Kanto-sho for high-rankers rings true once again.
  13. Atenzan

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Yes, I was implying that at that moment Hakuhou already hesitates or feels. out of sync. They get 4 minutes to prepare; you figure that something might need calibration after 3:55 sometimes.
  14. Atenzan

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    The kosho system, or lack thereof, may explain part of that.
  15. Atenzan

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Here comes the Hakuhou Apologist Press to tell you that you're all wrong again. I think that Hakuhou's "fake mattas" happen when the wrestlers are uncoordinated so that Hakuhou forces the matter so that the tachiai is a synchronised affair. This whole thing started after a bout against Yoshikaze in Kyushu 2017 when Hakuhou was dissatisfied with a tachiai and tried to call a matta on his own bout (and was promptly and rightly denied). It looks like he's trying to avoid a non-matta that leads to such a tachiai. e.: And by the way, I trust Hakuhou's judgement for what an in-sync tachiai is more than either of the two latest Inosuke.