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  1. Games Bugs

    Still isn't working. Picked Ichinojou the first three days. Here are relevant screenshots of the automatic emails: If it still isn't working when I'm about to go to bed, I suppose I'll announce my pick in this thread. edit: Kintamayama tells me he's sorted it- many thanks.
  2. Games Bugs

    My backups were Ichinojou (used thrice already) and Asanoyama (won). However, it seems like I'm out anyway, checking the entry page.
  3. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Kaisei) - May 2018

    8. Endou I'm making all the boring picks this basho.
  4. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Kaisei) - May 2018

    6. Mitakeumi Choo choo!
  5. Natsu 2018 Superbanzuke Ranking

    Pandaazuma, you greedy bugger, leave some points for the rest of us! Meanwhile, after just two and a half years, I finally made it to the Superbanzuke. Now, if I can manage to climb to the top 42 in GTB anytime soon, that would be great.
  6. Games talk Natsu 2018

    In Bench, we have fujiyama at J5e, Fujisan at J6e, and an absent J5w. Let's see which of the special prize/torikumi gyojis gets mixed up first. Hopefully not me!
  7. Bench World Cup 2018

    Here are the updated substitute selection stats. The percentage of Yokozuna subs has risen from 76% to 81% (52/64) following the deletion of the third substitute. Brazil remain the most popular sub pick. All four selections of Belgium have been eradicated. Out of 64 substitutes, the selections are: Brazil 15, Germany 13, France 12, Spain 12, Argentina 3, Uruguay 2, England 2, Iceland 1, Croatia 1, Portugal 1, Colombia 1, Senegal 1.
  8. Bench World Cup 2018

    Surely if we need an eighth-tier tiebreaker FIFA will realise the magnitude of the drama and oblige us with a proper drawing of lots.
  9. Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2018 (14th Wave)

    Jonidans 41e Nakanishi and 42w Houshouryuu, please.
  10. Bench World Cup 2018

    Here are the squad selection stats for this year's Bench Worlds. Pretty even distributions across the board, generally, which I think is what the tournament director would like to see. A few facts: In slots with 4 options, Germany were the most popular (14/32) and Spain and Tunisia were tied for least popular (5/32). The most lopsided three-choice slot was Upper-Mid Makunouchi (Sweden 18, Serbia 10, Senegal 4; Senegal were the least popular pick overall.) The most popular pick out of all the teams were Ozeki Argentina, although that's not too surprising, given that Belgium was the sole alternative, and Argentina seems to have better odds to win the cup. 76% of all substitute teams, regardless of spot, were Yokozunae. That's probably not too surprising either. There were just 4 players who didn't include Brazil in their squad or picks; same goes for Germany. However, Germany were far more popular as a squad pick, whereas Brazil were the most popular substitute. In the actual World Cup, I will be vehemently supporting Costa Rica in all their matches. This has nothing to do with the Bench Worlds, but it is a fact nonetheless. And now, the picks: Yokozuna: Germany 14 (43.75%), Brazil 7 (21.9%), France 6 (18.75%), Spain 5 (15.6%) Ozeki: Argentina 22 (68.75%), Belgium 10 (31.25%) Sekiwake: England 17 (53.1%), Portugal 15 (46.9%) Komusubi: Uruguay 10 (31.25%), Croatia 9 (28.1%), Colombia 13 (40.6%) Upper jo'i-jin: Russia 14 (43.75%), Poland 18 (56.25%) Lower jo'i-jin: Switzerland 16 (50%), Denmark 6 (18.75%), Mexico 10 (31.25%) Upper-mid makunouchi: Sweden 18 (56.25%), Serbia 10 (31.25%), Senegal 4 (12.5%) Mid-mid makunouchi: Egypt 8 (25%), Peru 7 (21.9%), Nigeria 10 (31.25%), Iceland 7 (21.9%) Lower-mid makunouchi: Japan 12 (37.5%), Morocco 8 (25%), eventual champions Costa Rica only 12 (37.5%)- misguided and deplorable. Low makunouchi: South Korea 8 (25%), Australia 9 (28.1%), Iran 10 (31.25%), Tunisia 5 (15.6%) Really low makunouchi: Panama 14 (43.75%), Saudi Arabia 18 (56.25%) Subs (96 total): Brazil 21, Spain 19, France 19, Germany 14, Argentina 4, Belgium 4, England 3, Iceland 3 (hmm), Portugal 2, Uruguay 2, Saudi Arabia 1, Croatia 1, Poland 1, Colombia 1, Senegal 1 e: to anyone quick to accuse me of heresy for not picking Costa Rica myself, I couldn't bare placing them low on my own team order when the matches are played.
  11. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Kaisei) - May 2018

    1. Goueidou 2. Kakuryuu
  12. snooker world championship 2018

    A final for the ages! Really good to see these two sticking around and playing like that.