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Harumafuji in 2016

Hurry up Harry! 2016 edition  

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  1. 1. What will be Harumafuji's rank on the Jan 2017 banzuke?

  2. 2. How many bashos will Harumafuji obtain 12 or more wins (as might be expected of a Yokozuna) in 2016?

  3. 3. How many wins (out of a possible 90) will Harumafuji get in the six basho of 2016? (not including play-offs)

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Here is an 'annual poll' about Harumafuji.


Please put down your prediction in the comments below (including the exact total number of wins for 2016), so we can reflect, and announce a yusho winner at the end of the year....


Please also include your guess at the 'Doitsuyama Bonus question' - namely the most wins-in-a-row that Harumafuji will be able to string together during 2016. He lost his last bout of 2015, so his first possible winning streak will start with win number 1 on Day 1 of the January basho.

This poll was originally started by Kaiguma.

Previous polls:




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Y2e. I'll give him 3 good basho, one kyujo halfway through and 2 mediocre ones. 11 win streak.

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He will have the second best record of the yokozuna in Kyushu 2016.

He will have three basho with at least 12 wins, but he will only get 56-60 wins for the year. On top of that, I would say he only gets 14 consecutive wins for the year.

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Y1W correction -- Y1E

3 x 12 win yushos

between 66-70 wins total

11 win streak

edit: oops, I just realized my nonsensical error and did a quick change from Y1W to Y1E. Still perhaps a nonsensical prediction. I hope that is ok?

Edited by inhashi

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just 1 X 12 win - but no yusho (In July, I think...)

61 total wins

wining streak.... just 10

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5 basho (2 yusho, 1 kyujo)

64 wins (1x15, 1x13, 3x12, 1x0)

25 win streak

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None of us think that Harumafuji will go intai this year. The majority of us think he'll end up as Y1W.

There is a big spread in votes for the number of 12+ bashos - but 3 gets the biggest vote.

Over half of us think that he'll end up with somewhere between 60 and 70 wins out of the 90.....

Time to lock this thread up until the end of the year.

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Harumafuji's record for 2016 was....

Jan: 12-3JY (Y2E)
Mar: 9-6 (Y1E)
May: 10-5 (Y2E)
Jul: 13-2Y (Y2E)
Sep: 12-3 (Y1E)
Nov: 11-4 (Y1E)

Harumafuji will be ranked at Y1W on the January 2017 banzuke.  More than half of us got this right:  I am the Yokozuna, Senkoho, Ryoshishokunin, Taigiin khuu, Kintamayama, WAKATAKE, Ayagawa, sesom, Tsubame, McBugger, hamcornheinz, kuroimori and SumpaX

Harumafuji managed to win at least 12 bouts in three bashos throughout the year.  This was again the most popular vote: senkoho, krindel, WAKATAKE, Tenshinhan, inhashi, McBugger, Finngall, kuroimori and rhyen.

Harumafuji managed a total of 67 wins (Ganzohnesushi was closest with 66 wins) throughout the year. That is the 66-70 bracket.  Just seven of us went for that bracket:- orandashoho, inhashi, Tsubame, Nantonoyama, hamcornheinz, HYI and SumpaX.

The Doitsuyama Bonus Question:  His longest undefeated streak was for ten days, Day 2 - Day 11 in November.  Jejima was the only player (albeit 'wining' streak - which is a little different to a 'winning' streak, I guess!) to get this correct! (Dancingofjoy...)

Looking at the posts above, the yusho (Yushowinner...) goes to inhashi, who should have stuck with his first thoughts to get 3/3 with a very close 2nd place for the bonus question.

(Special mention to Ganzohnesushi, who seems to have neglected voting - but his comment above shows good thinking!) 

Edited by Jejima
including Ganzohnesushi's total wins guess

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