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  1. Jejima

    Bench Sumo news

    Much earlier than usual, here are the possible 'milestones' for Bench Sumo players for the January basho in 2019. (2019 - can you believe it?) There are four parts.... 1. The players at a new career high rank. 2. The number of active bashos (multiples of 10) - *if* the player turns up in July. 3. Players who have a chance (even if very remote) of going to a new 'multiple of 100' career wins in March. 4. The current #20 leaderboard for the total number of wins. Enjoy! Jejima (BS rijicho) At a career high rank ms6W Nantonoyama ms4W Kofujinokami (the official drone is at a career high! It will also be the anniversary of Kofuji's untimely death from cancer during January.) ms5E Hibarifuji J4W Kyodaitimu M15W Mukanibaru (second repeat on this list, shin-Makunouchi) M14E fujiyama M12E Andoreasu (third repeat on this list) M5W Ihopeso (3rd repeat) M6E toonoryu S1W pandaazuma (shin-Sekiwake) O1W Bill (shin-Ozeki) O1E Flohru Number of active bashos (If they are active in November 2018.) Homuburywa - 10 Hibarifuji - 10 Kofujinokami - 20 .........30 .........40 .........50 Bunijiman - 60 (repeat) Sebunshu - 60 .........70 Tsunamiko - 80 shimodahito - 90 .........100 .........110 Possible career win milestones this basho: (Current career wins in brackets) 100 wins M15W Mukanibaru (91) M12E Andoreasu (93) M8W Kitahotaru (93) - 2nd time on the watch list 200 wins J9W Feginowaka (199) - 2nd time 300 wins Nobody here (4th time) 400 wins S2W Gawasukotto (388) - 2nd time M4E Yassier (395) - 2nd time ms9W Rikishimiezi (397) - 2nd time 500 wins ms9E Maeden (491) - 2nd time S1W pandaazuma (492) M1W tainosen (499) - 2nd time 600 wins O1W Bill (588) M13W Kaiowaka (590) J8E Roundeye (595) - 4th time 700 wins M12W Fujisan (688) J14E Marushiki (697) - 2nd time ms11W Kitakachiyama (697) - 2nd time 800 wins ms8E Takanorappa (792) - 2nd time Top 20 winning players of all-time (change from last basho) 1. (=) K1W Kintamayama (859) 2. (-1) M17E Jejima (857) 3. (-2) J7E Chijanofuji (854) 4. (=) J3E Oshirokita (848) 5. (=) M13E Gaijingai (829) 6. (=) BG Doitsuyama (805)* 7. (=) ms8E Takanorappa (792) 8. (=) J3W Sherlockiama (753) 9. (=) O1E Flohru (750) 10. (+1) J4E Leonishiki (726) 11. (-1) M11W Jakusotsu (725) 12. (=) M1E Pitinosato (711) 13. (=) S1E Norizo (700) =14. (=) ms11W Kitakachiyama (697) =14. (+1) J14E Marushiki (697) 16. (=) M12W Fujisan (688) 17. (=) M7W Metzinowaka (675) 18. (=) M2E Rubensan (667) 19. (+1) M3W Susanoo (658) =20. (=) J13W Frinkanohana (655) *not currently active Get those milestones! Jejima (BS rijicho)
  2. Jejima

    Bench Sumo news

    You need to empty your PM box first - it is full!
  3. Jejima

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite rule discussion

    Well the discussion seems to be in favour of 1 or 3. As 3 is basically an 'abstention', I think we continue to play as we did the past basho....
  4. I think those 'rules' may be changed if there is enough public support.... TUG feels like a Superbanzuke game already, in all but name. For me, the most important thing for a game to be included is if it has stood the test of time, and I think TUG has. Although it may not (quite) have the numbers, I don't think that should be a stumbling block. I wonder if the entry procedure can be considered semi-automated - as pointed out by Jakusotsu, the entry procedure for DTS is less automated than for TUG. Would any other player second TUG's inclusion in the Superbanzuke?
  5. In the top 10 for 2018, there are two players from the UK, two from Japan, two from Germany, two from the USA and two from Portugal. Very nice! May I nominate @Achiyama's The Underdog Game TUG for inclusion to be included for 2019?
  6. Thanks for the catch. I've changed the poll accordingly. I hope that is the only mistake from the polls this year....
  7. Jejima

    Takakeisho in 2019 - the Young 'un

    I think you forgot to vote on the actual questionnaire.
  8. In 2018, Ryuden and Abi both had 45 wins out of a possible 90. How will they do compared to each other in 2019? This is a new poll.
  9. So, how will the top of the banzuke look in a little over a year from now? Please leave your actual prediction for the top two ranks for the January 2020 banzuke in the comments below like this... Mozart Y1 Beethoven Bach Y2 Tschaikovsky Handel O1 Chopin Brahms O2 Liszt etc - then we can see who is closest at the end of the year, to award a yusho for this poll. Previous polls: 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 - not polled 2011 2010 2009 2008
  10. Jejima

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2019

    In 2018, half of the yushos were won by rikishi ranked below Ozeki. That is unusual. Will 2019 also be a weird year, or will it be more 'normal', with Yokozunas and Ozekis dominating? Which ranks do you think will win the Makunouchi yushos in 2019? Please write your predictions in the comments below. Please also mention which rikishi (give names!) you think will actually win the yushos (and how many). Similar polls can be found for previous years below. 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
  11. Jejima

    Mitakeumi in 2019

    Mitakeumi has been in Ozumo for less than four years. In 2018 he won his first Makunouchi yusho! Will he build on this success in 2019? Or will he drop down from the Sanyaku ranks? If yes, how far will he drop? How will he do against the current crop of Yokozunas and Ozekis? Previous polls: 2018 2017 2016
  12. Goeido ended 2018 by going kyujo during the Kyushu (November) basho. But back in 2016, he won a zensho (15-0) yusho. Will 2019 be the year when he makes the step up to Yokozuna? Or will he fall down to Sekiwake - or worse? Please comment below with your predictions - and state your guess for Goeido's actual rank on the January 2020 banzuke. Previous polls... 2018 2017 2016 2015
  13. In Nov/Dec 2014, two-thirds of the people doing this poll thought that Ichinojo would be an Ozeki by January 2016.... Will he do it in 2019? Please include your predictions in the comments below, and state what you think the actual rank of Ichinojo will be on the January 2020 banzuke. Previous polls.... 2018 2017 2016 2015
  14. Jejima

    Takakeisho in 2019 - the Young 'un

    Takakeisho began his Makunouchi career in January 2017. He began his sanyaku career in January 2018. He won his first ever yusho in November 2018. He remains the youngest rikishi currently in Makunouchi - for now (Takagenji ranked near the top of Juryo is younger.) How will this youngster (is 22 considered young?) do in 2019? Please expand on your votes in the comments below. Previous Takakeisho polls: 2018 2017