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  1. 13 - Kagayaki 14 - Kagayaki (or if gone on 13) Chiyonokuni 15 - Kagayaki (if gone) Chiyonokuni (if gone) Ikioi
  2. Day 11 - Onosho does seem like the obvious pick.... (and I have tried to find an alternative.)
  3. Video Streaming - Aki 17 is kind of working for me....
  4. Happy Birthday, Panda!

  5. Day 5 - Terunofuji (no idea why this has become an early bandwagon!)
  6. day 4 - Tamawashi I have just watched Moti's videos of yesterday's bouts. Based on that, I think I need to change.... How about day 4 - Ura?!? [Just realised I could have put in an if/then thing here, but that does not feel right. I think, therefore that the if/thens for future GKA bashos should not be for the next torikumi (or for the first two days torikumi), but only for days subsequent, if someone is going to be absent for a day-or-so, and is making picks in advance.]
  7. Greetings

    Yes, another UK sumo fan! Where in the UK?