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  1. Jejima

    Invitation to play Bench Sumo

    Bumpity- bump! New players, let us know (or rather, let @Jakusotsu know) so that you can be added manually to the game's database.
  2. Jejima

    Sumo db not updated yet?

    I'm starting to get a little worried....
  3. I agree with you regarding using all sekitori (so we should all get the Hokuseiho dead-weight freebie), as it will allow for more variety with the initial picks. But, for the Beta-testing players will get three 'lives' then any mistakes after the third has been taken, and then the player is out (so on the fourth rikishi). As I said above, this may change later on, after the Beta-testing. But, with the Beta-testing, it doesn't matter if we all get to the end. It's a Beta-test. If it turns out (like with TTT) that it is harder to play this game than originally imagined, the extra help, will help. Plus, I want to see what the tactics are for people likely to get to 15 days. For this to be a fun game, I would hope that everybody gets to day 10 at least. Anyways, full rules if/when we have the ten playing. (And I'll play.)
  4. Okay, I did have the idea of a player being out of the game, if the majority of their rikishi remaining in their balloon get losses on that day.... but that would take too long to do the (unautomated) admin, and is not so satisfying - or obvious. So, scrap that idea. The above idea is probably good, except that it is too easy to be knocked out of the game, due to a surprise upset. Also, the whole 'bazooka' idea, made no sense for a game about sumo. Are there any weapons in sumo? Yes, there is. On the final day of Ozumo, the final three bouts, 'Kore yori sanyaku' involve a 'weapon'. The winner of the third to last bout is awarded two arrows, the winner of the penultimate bout is awarded bow-strings and the winner of the final bout used to be awarded the bow (this has been replaced by the bow-twirling ceremony - but the principle remains). So, that makes three lives per player The first of your rikishi chucked out of the balloon, who wins his bout, collects the arrows. The second rikishi chucked out, who wins, gets the bow strings. The third rikishi chucked out, who wins, gets the bow. That player has now run out of lives. If a fourth rikishi chucked out gets a win, he collects the bow, bow strings and arrows from the others and shoots the balloon out of the sky. Game over. (This might be one too many lives, so could be changed after beta testing to the third rikishi winning collecting the strings and arrows, and doing the shooting.) To win the game, you must still have a winner in your balloon for day 15. So, let's say after day 14, player A has not 'lost' any lives, and player B has already lost two lives. Player B can still win the game if their final chuck out loses and their rikishi remaining in the balloon wins, and if Player A's rikishi in the balloon loses. If more than one player survives to day 15, then the player whose surviving rikishi in the basket is the lowest ranked can claim the yusho play-off (NOT who has lost the fewest lives - but it might change to this after discussion of the beta test). If the same rikishi has survived in the basket of more than one player, then the better positioned player is who has the highest ranked rikishi who died (i.e. lost their bout) on day 15. If the rikishi chucked out won their bout on day 15, it is an automatic loss to any player whose day 15 chuck out lost. If still tied (due to surviving rikishi, or having identical dead day 15 rikishi), we go back to day 14, and so on. If this gets all the way back to day 1 and still no overall winner, the player who had the lowest ranked (2nd lowest ranked etc, if still trying to break the tie) in their original balloon, can claim the win. If two players started with identical balloons, then the higher ranked can win - and in the unlikelihood that it happens for the beta test (before ranks), I'll flip a coin. Any questions? Please say below if you intend to take part in the beta test. If ten or more people are interested, I'll set up the Beta test (on a new thread, with rules etc) to play this basho.....
  5. Y1E Terunofuji defeated.... M6W Shonannoumi (77.78%), M12E Takanosho (84.21%), M4W Shodai (76.47%), M15W Onosato (69.57%) and K1E Takayasu (58.33%), before losing to K1W Ura.
  6. Jejima

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    M6W TheGunbaiHolder will go into battle with..... O2W Kotonowaka. Sometimes shin-Ozekis have poor bashos - but it is 9 bashos since Kotonowaka last had an MK - all within joi-jin or sanyaku.
  7. Jejima

    Guess Ura's Aite - March 2024 edition

    Day 1 - Hoshoryu Day 2 - Terunofuji
  8. K1W Ura defeated.... M17E Shimazuumi (73.68%), J5E Chiyoshoma (86.67%%), M11W Oho (78.95%), O1W Hoshoryu (57.89%), O1E Kirishima (55%), M1E Wakamotoharu (54.17%) and Y1E Terunofuji (52.38%).
  9. Jejima

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    I have not done a thorough check, but Getayukata must be a candidate for the most bad luck in the draws?
  10. Why? That is the correct way
  11. Jejima

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    Still waiting to hear from @TheGunbaiHolder, @Holleshoryu, @Terarno, @Rocks and @Henshū-sha. Are any of you ready to do battle on the Sekitori Sweepstake dohyo? Of course, new players are also welcome, to give Taikoubana a bit of competition in Mae-zumo.
  12. Jejima

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    J2W Ack! gets J4E Kagayaki. Kagayaki has been a bit of an elevator rikishi of late.
  13. Jejima

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    That's the draw (for now) finished. Late entries are allowed. Please let me know below if you wish to play.
  14. Jejima

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    M10W Chiyotasuke gets M7E Kinbozan. The Kazakh is surely destined for the sanyaku at some stage? Chiyotasuke will be hoping that he starts making his move this basho!
  15. Jejima

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    M14E Hoshotakamoto takes M6W Gonoyama. Gonoyama has had only 3 MKs in his 18 basho career.