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  1. Jejima

    The Bench Euros 2020 (taking place in 2021)

    Over half-way there! (An excuse to bump this thread up...)
  2. Jejima

    Quality of Sumo 2020

    Back when the system started, Makushitans could score points in Bench Sumo, but we ditched after a few bashos. So, these days you have to be ranked in Juryo or higher to score points.
  3. Hi everyone! Back in 2010, we had the inaugural Bench World Cup. This is a fantasy sports game played during the football (soccer) World Cup. Since then, there has been two further Bench World Cups in 2014 and 2018 and two Bench Euros in 2012 and 2016. Here are the basic rules of the game. (I will at some stage check through carefully, and update where necessary.) From previous experience, the game can be a little rushed to organise immediately after a sumo tournament, and I certainly don't want to organise it during a sumo tournament! So, I am starting this topic now, in order to get people to sign up to play and to volunteer be a 'refioji' (referee/gyoji - term originally coined by Achiyama). No need for prior experience to become a refioji. My plan is that this is all in place before the start of the May basho. Then, soon after the May basho, those signed up can start picking their squads etc. Please 'sign up' on the list below if you would like to play. We need 24 competitors, (plus a few reserves, ideally) Preference is given to: a) sumo game players (even better if you play Bench Sumo!) b) sumo fans c) family (and friends) of the above We also need six 'refiojis' - one person to look after each of the six groups in the group stages (so one refioji in charge of four players). Those refiojis will then be given games in the knock-out stages to look after. Please register your interest to play below, and whether you would be able to kindly help out with the administration. Refiojis 1. Jakusotsu 2. Nekonishiki 3. Achiyama 4. 5. 6. Reserves First reserve: Pitinosato Second reserve: Houmanumi Players 1. Jejima 2. Jakusotsu 3. Pitinosato 4. Ojisan (Lazy Swede) 5. Terarno 6. Houmanumi 7. Nantonoyama 8. Chijanofuji 9. Nekonishiki 10. Furanohana 11. Achiyama 12. chishafuwaku 13. Atenzan 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Reserves - in case any of the above drop out at the last minute or don't make their squad selections in time. First reserve: 2nd reserve: 3rd reserve: 4th reserve:
  4. Jejima

    Metasumo 2021

    If only I had not picked myself this time around, I'd be first
  5. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    All good. I was using the spelling 'shimpan'. Elder to sleep around after boat docked with maiden (7) Elder = definition (shimpan) sleep = nap, around = reversal indicator, so turn nap --> pan after = positional indicator, so pan comes after the next part of the clue boat = ship docked (as in a dog getting its tail docked) = final letter deletion indicator, so shi{p} = shi maiden = m (this is a cricket abbreviation, a 'maiden over' (written down in stats books as 'm' is when a bowler bowls all six of his balls in an 'over' without letting the batsmen score any runs (or points) - you don't need to understand any of that, just that 'maiden' is often an 'M' in cryptic crossword clues.)
  6. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    Family has time in the morning to have a bit of food with a fan (11) Orion shot a mongrel? I want another test! (11) Force topless Irish singer to become the best at what he did, once (7)
  7. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    Show your working
  8. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    The first one is the most difficult, in my opinion. (But fair)
  9. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    Too late, I have already spent some time thinking on it.... Hakuho? - mostly based on letter count, rather than seeing the wordplay
  10. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    I can't see it....
  11. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    This is the answer I think to Kintamayama's clue...
  12. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    Here are a few more that I have just written. Elder to sleep around after boat docked with maiden (7) Rikishi? Tremendous characters! (4) What to eat in Japan? Chinese ham and North Korean oysters for starters! (6)
  13. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    Possibly join future Ozeki (10) Possibly = anagram indicator 'join future' = anagram fodder ('join future' is an anagram of 'Terunofuji') Ozeki = definition So, possibly join future = word play for the clue Ozeki = definition Putting the two together, and having 'future Ozeki' as part of the clue was an intentional red herring.
  14. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    No, but a cryptic crossword clue for Meisei could be.... Can talk on the record with rikishi (6) Can = may talk = say on the record = homophone indicator (i.e. if you are listening on a record, rather than reading it,) 'may say' sounds like 'Meisei' with = harmless link word rikishi = definition So, in the above example, the word play = the first part of the clue and the definition = the last part of the clue.
  15. Jejima

    Cryptic Sumo

    No. I think that you are reading the clue too literally.