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  1. I'm with Ryoshishokunin--Next Ozeki promotion will be Goeido.
  2. M11W, 3KK, best record 10-5.
  3. O2E, two basho with double-digit wins, three KK, no yusho.
  4. He'll run up seven in a row next week to push his streak to 13, after which there will be no streaks of note. He'll have his first MK in May, but recover to get as high as an over-ranked M2E.
  5. S1W, wins against all except Kisenosato and Goeido, M9. He'll stumble out of the jo'i-jin at some point, but come back easily enough.
  6. 8-7/3-12, will retire in July after a valiant but failed attempt to remain a sekitori.
  7. Y2E, 3 basho with 12+ wins, 56 wins total, will eke out one yusho but caliculating based on one kyujo.
  8. More elevator action. M7E, 4 KK, 11-4 best record.
  9. 2 yusho, no zensho, 73 wins, longest streak of 11
  10. Hakuho 2, Kakuryu 2, Harumafuji 1. Kisenosato will win one, then choke badly on his tsuna run.
  11. Kakuryu Y1 Hakuho Harumafuji Y2 O1 Kisenosato Goeido O2 Terunofuji With Kotoshogiku intai as soon as this next basho, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's allowed to limp along until Kyushu.
  12. I predict intai for Kotoshogiku, Asasekiryu, and Satoyama.
  13. I just happened to catch the bout where he blew out his knee on the live stream at the time. Been following him and rooting for him ever since.
  14. Goodbye to: Asasekiryu, Kotoshogiku, Oiwato, Takekaze, Tokitenku, Tamaasuka.
  15. No new Yoks, no new Ozeki. Goeido will continue to be propped up to avoid falling out. Terunofuji needs some time for the knee to get better before he gets the tsuna in 2017. And Kotoshogiku will be allowed to limp along until he retires in Kyushu. Hakuho Y1 Kakuryu Harumafuji Y2 Terunofuji O1 Kisenosato O2 Goeido