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  1. Finngall

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023 - any interest?

    Not confident in my prediction prowess here, but if it happens, I'll give it a go.
  2. Finngall

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Whew...first time not going home economy class in one of these things. Thanks to all of the refojis for their work.
  3. Finngall

    Bench World Cup 2022

    This was my Round 1 lineup. Round 3 lineup is: Spain (R) France Switzerland Ghana Croatia Iran Belgium Australia (C) Poland Wales Qatar
  4. Finngall

    Bench World Cup 2022

    I'll give it another go.
  5. Finngall

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    It's their only chance To get on television; Give them their moment.
  6. Finngall

    Music abroad

    Nothing against Rammstein--I like them. But for a lot of what they've done, Laibach did it first and/or better.
  7. Finngall

    Nagoya 2021 kyujo list

    And not his first knee injury—he blew out a knee in 2012 whilst in Sandamne and missed the next couple of basho.
  8. Finngall

    The Bench Euros 2020 (taking place in 2021)

    Aw, heck, I'll give it another shot.
  9. Finngall

    Favorite Songs

    Was this what you were looking for?
  10. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
  11. Finngall

    Video games

    That was a heroic effort.
  12. Finngall

    Kasutera on The Weakest Link?

    Greetings, The premiere of this year’s (US) revival of The Weakest Link featured as one of its contestants a “former amateur sumo wrestler” named Angel with a familiar’s been a few years since he’s been here, but wasn’t that our @Kasutera?
  13. Finngall

    A Wrestling question for you

    Indeed, I repeatedly point out to my non-wrestling-fan friends that regardless of what they think of it and in spite of its scripted nature, it's still real people doing some pretty crazy s*** in the ring, some of it highly athletic, for the sake of entertaining a crowd.
  14. Greetings. I found myself going down a rabbit hole and am looking for help to satisfy my curiosity. Last night I had NHK World on in the background and what happened to be on was Part Two of a feature on "Future Princes of Dance", spotlighting top members of the most recent graduating class of one of Russia's premier ballet academies. One of these was Aaron Osawa-Horowitz (the only Japan connection among the dancers), who eventually was hired by the prestigious Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg. I did a little bit of Google searching on him, which probably wouldn't have lasted very long except that I stumbled upon a site for his mother Chikako Osawa-Horowitz (大澤史來), who is a photojournalist in London. Here she mentions that both her father and uncle were "professional" rikishi, with her uncle being a "Champion" and her father having received the Order of the Sacred Treasure from Emperor Hirohito. As "Champion" could mean as little as a Jonokuchi yusho, that's not necessarily meaningful, but I assume that getting a medal, however minor, means that the father achieved something of note in the sport. But the queries on sumodb don't appear to allow a search on real names, and my Google searches haven't been fruitful. May I enlist the assistance of the community? Thank you very much.
  15. Finngall

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    You better you bet.