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  1. Usagi

    How long have you been interested in sumo?

    Since the Jungyo 1995 in Paris on Eurosport - same as with many others here, I guess.
  2. Usagi

    Kyushu 2016 - Videos- Days 1-15

    Please don't.
  3. Usagi

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    I will miss owls, lousy games with words, the sweeping half time shows that Motemakura mentioned and I will keep fond memories of font day... A musician from Israel was for many years my lifeline to sumo. An incredible story made possible by the internet. Thank you so much for your work. Even if video quality will improve, your comments wil be missed. תודה
  4. Usagi

    Lifes great mysteries.......

    In past days butter wasn't that hard,but nowadays it is harder due to feeding cows soy. If one insists on eating butter judtget it out of the fridge an hour befor breakfast.
  5. Usagi

    21 Hatsu 16, The Results

    A B B A B B A A A B A A A A B A B B B B A
  6. Usagi

    Ichinojo in 2016

    KE 5 KK 9:6
  7. Usagi

    Osunaarashi in 2016

    Hoping he will stay out of injuries and work on his legpower I say Sekiwake 4 KK 10-5
  8. Usagi

    Mitakeumi in 2016

    March 16, ME 2, Sekiwake He is not the next big thing. He will establish in Makuuchi, maybe reach sanyaku once in a while but won't be the big japanese hope to arise.
  9. Usagi

    Harumafuji in 2016

    1 W 3 Bashos 61 wins
  10. Usagi

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2017

    Terunofuji Y Harunafuji Hakuho Y Kakuryu Kisenosato O Kotoshogiku
  11. Usagi

    Most Ethical Stables

    I would oppose. The older I get, the more do I chose my teams rather by mind than by heart. If I'd ever move to Israel I'd sure become fan of Hapoel Tel Aviv - just because of the political views of the fans. I diapprove my soccer team's sponsors over the last years an have lost sympathies for them, though I am hoping for better times. You actually CAN choose.
  12. Usagi

    Most Ethical Stables

    Right. Complaining about spelling mistakes in an international forum isn't helpfull at all. I for example am German, Motis is Israeli and we even have Monglians around here. Concerning the thread-question: I guess it is hard to find real differences without excellent insider knowledge. There sholud be nothing like a progressive left wing fair trade heya around, I am afraid. ;-) And, as mentioned, many heyas don't even have a sekitori. And a heya with 3 or 4 Sektiori (Makuuchi or Juryo ranked rikishi) can be without any sekitori 5 years from now. Much easier to find out about are the individual style and manners of a rikishi: Is he doing henka? Is he giving extra shoves? Does he use grips that can hurt a guys elbow? Though he has an arrogant appeal, Kisenosato i.e. is a very fair acting rikishi. An other example comig to my mind is Aoiyama - though both certainly don't do very exciting sumo. Ichinojo will never do a henka as well - he just isn't fast enough.
  13. Usagi

    Sansho Kyushu 2015

    Good decision by the commitee.
  14. Usagi

    Kyushu 2015 Videos- Promo + Days 1-15

    Outstanding Basho, outstanding half time breaks, great work of Moti and Tenshinhan (though I prefer Kuririn...) Thank you so much guys for the time and work!
  15. Usagi

    Kyushu 2015 Videos- Promo + Days 1-15

    I've had Bruce Willis, Telly Savalas and Meg Ryan, but Kingsley is a first. A mixture of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, I'd say.