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  1. Happy Birthday Kuroimori

    Thanks & Cheers! I definitely need a couple of these after a disastrous sumo gaming day...
  2. Happy Birthday Kuroimori

    Thanks, mate! I celebrated vigorously - by losing every single daily sumo game today! Yay!
  3. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    That matchup would then be called "The Klash of the Kotenage Klobbered" or "The One-Armed Bandit Duel"?
  4. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Today's special deal: 3 Kotenage for the price of 2 - the two paying the price could be Takayasu and the Geek, Yoshikaze was also in pain after Ichinojo felled him. Takayasu should try to notch just one more win to shake off kadoban before a potential withdrawal. Let's wait for the Kotenage Kyujo Kommunique for Day 11...
  5. World Cup 18 - comments

    VAR is a good thing - if used properly (like it is done in Rugby for many years). The WC Final was a very good example of what can go wrong with the current rule. 1. The full-blown dive by Griezmann prior to the first goal. No chance to review or intervene by the video referee, also no chance to challenge a review for Croatia. 2. The penalty decision. Reviewed after protests/challenge by several French players. In light of the wrong call just minutes before, it was a harsh if not brutal decision. IMHO, this changed the course of the match significantly. Before France took the totally unexpected lead, Croatia was in charge and they came back once, but it a second time was too much to handle. In the end, the refs were lucky that France scored too more (non controversial) goals, which took the discussion away from that aspect a bit. This is all hypothetical and my personal take, I know, but that is basically why I cannot enjoy football so much any more. All the diving and cheating (and being rewarded for it) and taking time off the clock (and not being punished for that adequately) is killing the game, not some attempt to reduce the amount of wrong decisions or to eradicate unfair conduct. That's my first and last post about WC 2018, another welcome distraction by the way for the local government to significantly raise the VAT as well as the statutory retirement age - a win-win for Gianni & Vlad
  6. Banzuke Surfing Nagoya 2018 (11th Wave)

    Bummer! Thanks, Homakefuji...
  7. The new GKA - Guess Kyujo Announcements D9 - Chiyonokuni
  8. Juryo Winning Streak Nagoya 2018 (NEW GAME)

    D7 - Takanoiwa
  9. D8 - Tochinoshin
  10. Juryo Winning Streak Nagoya 2018 (NEW GAME)

    Yago failed to get a ticket for the Zero-Express.