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  1. D14 - 6 sec.
  2. D13 - 4 sec.
  3. D12 - 6 sec.
  4. My impression was that the coughing commentator character just turns up at the start of the Makuuchi bouts, as I haven't seen any options regarding audio channels. While all the amateurish coughing and impersonating the gyoji's ushering, etc. is extremely annoying, this streaming makes things so much easier, e.g. watching on my smartphone.
  5. D11 - 3 sec.
  6. He just wanted to be wrong alone.
  7. D10 - 8 sec.
  8. D9 - 6 sec.
  9. D10 - Goeido Feels a bit like the engine of my car broke down right in the middle of a railroad crossing while the Kyokai Express is approaching at full speed...
  10. Sherming9 is extremely choppy today, it often stops for several seconds and even the famous lizard people show up at times. I guess the cause for that is my slow Internet connection...
  11. D9 - Goeido (or Goeidon't...)