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  1. GTB -Kyushu 2017

    Dang! Just when I was about to get ready to make my entry.
  2. Aki Masters 2017

    Just a simple equation: Wacky Aki Basho = Gonzaburow Green Mawashi
  3. Pick The Yusho Winners Aki 2017

    Wow! It took a Whacky Aki Basho to claim the Yusho in picking the Yushoees. Quite surprising to me as I thought I'd be dead in the water having picked Shodai (6-9) and Yago - as in "Ya Go straight back to Makushita?" (7-8). A big thank you to Itachi, who keeps providing this treasure among the pre-basho games! I can only recommend those who might just check the scores to join on in! It is the only game where you can pick 15 year old greenhorns in Jonokuchi as well as the GOAT (aka. Dai-Yokozuna Hakuho).
  4. Sandanme Game Aki 2017

    Flohru's skills in this game are simply amazing! Using the force he definitely does!
  5. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    I should tally 24.2 Master points, with an unbelievably narrow yusho in Tippspiel, a shared 3rd place in Sumo Game and a 7th place in Odd Sumo. Not much hope to earn points in the games where the final results are not yet up. This "Whacky Aki Basho" required wily picking.
  6. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    I second Gurowake's approach and would like to suggest that this discussion could have completely avoided if Sadanoumi would simply have benn deactivated from the entry selection page (like kyujo rikishi are marked in Sekitori Oracle). This is a game, it should be fun and extensive study of the rulebook just to participate is definitely not fun. Just my two cents, and by the way, I am also one of those who picked Sadanoumi. I was surprised that he was still available in the entry form but I didn't have the time and musings to check if that pick would be in accordance with the rules.
  7. Happy Birthday, Nekonishiki!

    Happy very belated birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday, Ganzohnesushi!

    Happy belated b-day! (...just before e-day in d-land)
  9. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Major news for you only I guess, he is a regular guest commentator for quite some time.
  10. BOUT TIME AKI 17

    D15 - 7 sec.
  11. Well done! Yusho omedetou!
  12. Games Bugs

    There seems to be a big fat bug in the SG Day 13 scoring. From a first look it seems as if losing rikishi are counted as winners and vice versa
  13. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    and Harumafuji saved me in convincing fashion!
  14. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Wow! Welcome to another edition of "Sumo Gaming Upset Day"! My score today in SG will be 2 or 3 - it all depends on Haraumafuji - and if I get 3 points, I will win my match. Amazing!