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  1. Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    There are many on dailymotion in multiple parts, but here is one in its entirety. I've edited out (most of) the commercials which saves over 20 minutes of time.
  2. All Japan Rikishi Tournament

    news every video summary
  3. Sumo program announcements (pics and vids) Just to add a summary, Story of former Amateur Yokozuna Koichi Kato (44) once battling very closely with Takanohana(II) as a child and in junior high school. Kato defeated then Hanada Kouji (Takanohana II) after a considerable winning streak. He did not continue on to professional sumo. Even with his abilities and scouted by many sumo stables, he instead wanted to be a school teacher. At one point Kato thought, "There is no meaning to my existence." After watching that famous playoff of his childhood rival, Takanohana vs Musashimaru in 2001 he was inspired to go back to practicing sumo once more as an amateur with much success. At age 30, Kato won the amateur yokozuna title in 2003 of the JSF All Japan Sumo Championship Taikai .... a great story. He currently is employed as a staff member for a retirement home. May as well add my rip of just Kato
  4. New Juryo for Kyushu 2017

    Takanosho at the press conference from News Watch 9 (YT video)
  5. Happy birthday, Asashosakari!

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    For those anticipating the macron before the awards ceremony was prematurely cut to news
  7. Day 4 pics Aki 2017

    ***All thanks to Akinomaki for the basho pic overviews and the pic posting team Naganoyama, Benihana, and Rhyen Getting straight to it, M2e Hokutofuji (3-1) yorikiri Y1w Harumafuji (2-2) Second back to back loss yielding kinboshi to a maegashira opponent Bright and happy Hokutofuji Will the kinboshi crisis continue? Focusing before the bout Tomorrow's Day 5 we are to anticipate these two battle it out. Harumafuji vs. yet another makuuchi ranker, Onosho O1w Goeido (3-1) oshidashi M1e Tochinoshin (0-4) M3e Onosho (4-0) hikiotoshi O2e Terunofuji (1-3) M1w Kotoshogiku (4-0) kotenage S1w Yoshikaze (0-4) K1e Tamawashi (2-2) oshidashi S1e Mitakeumi (1-3) M5e Shodai (2-2) yorikiri K1w Tochiozan (0-4) M3w Chiyotairyu (4-0) hatakikomi M4e Shohozan (2-2) M6w Kagayaki (1-3) oshitaoshi M5w Takakeisho (3-1) the result of M6e Ichinojo (2-2) oshidashi M7e Chiyonokuni (2-2) M10e Ishiura (2-2) yorikiri M11w Chiyomaru (1-3) M11e Daieisho (4-0) okuridashi M13w Kaisei (2-2) M14e Endo (3-1) hikiotoshi M15w Yutakayama (1-3) M15e Tokushoryu (1-3) tsukiotoshi M16e Asanoyama (2-2) J4e Kyokutaisei (3-1) oshidashi J2e Aminishiki (3-1) J6w Homarefuji (1-3) hatakikomi J4w Toyohibiki (1-3) J10w Chiyootori (3-1) yorikiri J12w Seiro (1-3) J13w Yago (1-3) yorikiri J11w Abi (2-2) Sd100w Yamanaka (1-1) shitatenage Jd1w Orora (0-2) Jk26e Torakio (1-1) tsuridashi Jk22w Kotoimagawa (0-2) arriving at Kokugikan south enterance, J14e Daiseido (3-1) [oshidashi J12e Kitaharima (0-4)] J8e Tsurugisho (3-1) [tsukiotoshi J6e Kyokushuho (1-3)] Asanoyama Yutakayama [M12e Daishomaru (3-1) tsukiotoshi] M13e Nishikigi (1-3) pictured below Chiyonokuni Newlywed and Dad, Tochiozan the suspended manin onrei banners full house post notification View of the colorful nobori more special guests: 4x100m relay bronze medallists Fujimitsu Kenji and Izuka Shouta With Tomozuna With Hakkaku Makuuchi west dohyoiri start led by gyoji Kimura Shotaro Asasekiryu intai-zumo PR while on mascot photo shoot duty, goods microfiber screen cleaner peel and stick seals wood tiles edible souvenirs food shops in the kokugikan
  8. Day 3 pics Aki 2017

    Much drama unfolds already early into the basho. As expected, Ura and Takayasu are kyujo from a very unfortunate Day 2 among the ongoing list of absentees and their injuries. still sell-out - but at the end the daily tickets may not get sold M1w Kotoshogiku (3-0) yorikiri Y1w Harumafuji (2-1) unusual tachai start Harumafuji repeatedly patting Kotoshogiku's back signaling a matta in vain Waiting on gyoji and shimpan reponse as he looks their way No response for a pair of puppy dog eyes Newly papa'd Kotoshogiku gets the kinboshi win extra pics of him with his first born son Three consecutive wins so far and among that, the first kinboshi of his career List kinboshi by former ozeki (After Showa era) with Kotoshogiku located at the bottom of the list columns: Basho date / Rikishi / Maegashira Rank / Defeated yokozuna / kimarite A frustrating day for Harumafuji O2e Terunofuji (1-2) yorikiri M1e Tochinoshin (0-3) M2e Hokutofuji (2-1) fusen O1e Takayasu (1-2) with a right thigh muscle injury S1e Mitakeumi (1-2) hikiotoshi M4e Shohozan (2-1) M3e Onosho (3-0) okuridashi K1e Tamawashi (1-2) Shimpan from left to right: Asakayama, Kataonami, Yamashina, Kokonoe, Fujishima M6e Ichinojo (1-2) fusen M4w Ura (1-2) who on Day2 aggrivated aright knee ACL injury M5w Takakeisho (3-0) oshidashi M5e Shodai (1-2) M9e Takanoiwa (3-0) tsukiotoshi M10e Ishiura (1-2) Underneath Daishomaru is glimpse of M11w Chiyomaru (1-2) oshidashi M10w Takekaze (0-3) M14e Endo (2-1) yoritaoshi M13w Kaisei (2-1) J2e Aminishiki (3-0) tsukiotoshi M15e Tokushoryu (0-3) M16e Asanoyama (2-1) oshitaoshi M15w Yutakayama (1-2) J14e Daiseido (2-1) tokkurinage J13e Terutsuyoshi (1-2) Rikishi arrive on a rainy Tokyo day with some carrying lovely wagasa umbrella Azumaryu looks comfortable in geta footwear :D Endo too Takekaze with tsukebito Sorakaze and Mutsukaze the NSK umbrella on sale for the fans PR: "Not 3, but 2 oyakata fit under this must-have umbrella" photo shoot oyakata duty for Naruto goods and presents Squishy rikishi doll ball toy Shirts available from size Small to XXXL Accessories more magnets and acrylic straps sumo purikura ex-Kyokutenho (Tomozuna oyakata) celebrates his birthday with the OBs booths outside Old photos "Edo ko-rikishi exhibition" Kokugikan cafe a popluar bento shop The Takayasu bento which contains his favorite dish, miso simmered mackerel chanko for the first half of the basho - in the basement party room Hiyochanyaki
  9. Day 2 pics Aki 2017

    Day 2 "Negative Chain" of injuries that started with three kyujo yokozuna continues dohyo-iri Some Takase clinic kensho were missing. The sponsor, Takasu of Takasu clinic, was furious and publicly tweeted his discontent to JSA. It didn't seem to bother him from enjoying the day's events Y1w Harumafuji (2-0) shitatenage M1e Tochinoshin (0-2) Harumafuji continues to bowl Tochinoshin past the inner dohyo O1w Goeido (1-1) oshidashi M2e Hokutofuji (1-1) Hokutofuji with a glowing kintama exposure below. Too bad it was no help today. Hokutofuji arrival M1w Kotoshogiku (2-0) yorikiri O2e Terunofuji (0-2) Kotoshogiku looking focused K1e Tamawashi (1-1) oshidashi O1e Takayasu (1-1) Both were very unsteady in returning to their respective sides Takayasu at first seeking assistance from his tsukebito, Komanokuni, before opting for the wheelchair The Ozeki able to walk on his own to the vehicle was surrounded by press Upon examination, it was reported as a right thigh muscle injury. Tamawashi also with injury, his right ankle during the bout, said that he was ok. Onosho M3e Onosho (2-0) oshitaoshi S1w Yoshikaze (0-2) M3w Chiyotairyu (2-0) hatakikomi S1e Mitakeumi (0-2) Mitakeumi yet unaware that he is about to get blasted by Chiotairyu's kachiage tachai The result of M4e Shohozan (2-0) yorikiri K1w Tochiozan (0-2) M5w Takakeisho (2-0) tsukitaoshi M4w Ura (1-1) In pain and needing help while stranded outside the dohyo Help from yobidashi, Tsurutaro The wheelchair appears. No one likes to see it during the basho, but much needed. Right knee injured. Ura thinking it was dislocated as he was unable to move at all said that he thought he was "Finished". After being examined, he was later able to walk on his own saying that the pain was "ok" M8w Takarafuji (1-1) oshidashi M7e Chiyonokuni (1-1) M13e Nishikigi (1-1) oshidashi M11w Chiyomaru (0-2) M14e Endo (1-1) hatakikomi M16e Asanoyama (1-1) Asanoyama local fans J2e Aminishiki (2-0) oshidashi J1e Sokokurai (0-2) Tomozuna tweeting his pic at the end of the day J1w Myogiryu (1-1) yorikiri M15w Yutakayama (1-1) J12w Seiro (1-1) yorikiri J13w Yago (0-2) Ms17w Toyonoshima (1-0) oshidashi Ms17e Tokushinho (0-1) A good start for Toyonoshima who is happy to receive his fans support Orora stops to chat with a fan For days 2 and 9, guests wearing traditional Japanese attire during wasou (kimono) day receive a free gift while supplies last kimonos are for rental for this occasion, to be ordered in advance and to change into at the basho photo chance with gyoji in the basement Women's tour pro-golfers and sisters (Hori, Natsuka and Hori, Kotone) meet the NSK top Hakkaku rijicho chanko on sale in the basement is this basho from Takadagawa-beya eda-mame to order at the chaya counters (the sora-mame is even more delicious - not on sale at the bento shops) more from the "Raiden" new goods TBS asachan presents at the basho new goods to come soon... below Mitakeumi Kisenosato souvenir booths outside Off topic unique scarecrow
  10. Sports Navi Live in 7 Steps

    It will be free for only the lower divisions for all 15 days up to the Juryo dohyoiri. Juryo and Makuuchi are for Sponavi Live members only (one month free for first time registration). I just switch over to qq or Sherming for the upper divisions.
  11. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Orora precariously stepping up to the dohyo and he certainly looking fleshy-er with the recent record breaking weight gain. It looked as if he could have finished Takamiryu at tawara edge, but in the predictable outcome, Orora tilts and falls to the side. At 34 years old in his current state, I wonder how much longer he will keep this up.
  12. Sports Navi Live in 7 Steps

    Again free today for Day 2 and streaming live now I just downloaded and installed a free VPN, tunnelbear, and it's working great.
  13. Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    Feature of Onoshou from "Tsuiseki Live! Sports Watcher" (追跡 LIVE! SPORTS ウォッチャー) He's such a likable guy
  14. Sports Navi Live in 7 Steps

    Yes, I recommend that. Actually, while keeping the sportsnavi window open and playing, I just go back to the proxy setting from step 6 and click out the green check mark, 'uncheck' it that is. Sportsnavi will continue to stream while you return back to your own IP address. That way you can watch honbasho and continue to browse other sites online. Your connection should then allow other pages to load faster.
  15. Sports Navi Live in 7 Steps

    This is optional, but at the lower right corner of the viewing screen is where you can change to HD or SD resolution.