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  1. Identity this character

    Looks like an intense oni to me. My guess #1 鬼
  2. Baruto activities

    Just found the manga online
  3. Harumafuji scandal

    I'd guess that the direction of Takanoiwa's own retirement is in motion and most certain without that health certificate. All these sacrifices even at the expense of his own deshi, Takanohana for sure is not playing around. He may be used to scandals, controversy, mass media frenzy ect but at how much of an expense to those around him? He's going to hell for sure.
  4. Harumafuji scandal

    Just a lingering thought since hearing about Takanoiwa being m.i.a. In the news, but has anyone else thought that Takanohana may have cut Takanoiwa’s mage?
  5. Aminishiki in 2018

    Intai, Haru 2018 at rank J4 although after seeing this past basho results I’d be thrilled to see him continue. On the other hand his knees and the Achilles rupture can only worsen if he does.
  6. Day 8 pics Kyushu Basho 2017

    Packed for 8 consecutive days shinjo shusse Shimpan bucho, Isegahama, watching preparations Y1w Hakuho (8-0) yorikiri M3w Hokutofuji (6-2) Hakuho gives Hokutofuji a little extra attention with a crispy-curt dameoshi... almost as if all his power was concentrated in his damaged right arm. Kachikoshi on the 8th day and Hakuho is looking unstoppable In shitakubeya taking his usual jelly supplement Refreshed Yokozuna bundled in two layered yukata Kisenosato's radiant shiomaki M4w Ichinojo (7-1) yorikiri Y2e Kisenosato (4-4) A futile look... and it's over Ichinojo doing very well this basho tells the press, "It was surprising. Today he was not the usual Yokozuna". Kisenosato covers up a contrasting set of expressions Leaves the venue S1w Yoshikaze (4-4) tsukiotoshi O1w Takayasu (5-3) O1e Goeido (6-2) oshidashi M4e Chiyonokuni (1-7) Kokonoe keeps an eye on the feet at the tawara M1w Takakeisho (6-2) oshidashi S1e Mitakeumi (5-3) K1w Onosho (2-6) hatakikomi K1e Kotoshogiku (2-6) M5w Arawashi (7-1) hatakikomi M8w Chiyomaru (3-5) Returning since withdrawing on Day 3, M11e Aoiyama (2-2) hatakikomi M7e Daishomaru (2-6) M9e Endo (5-3) oshidashi M13w Aminishiki (6-2) Not too forceful of a push at Dai-senpai M11w Asanoyama (3-5) yorikiri M13e Takekaze (2-6) M12e Okinoumi (7-1) yorikiri M14w Daiamami (2-6) J3w Yutakayama (6-2) yorikiri M15e Nishikigi (4-4) J4w Azumaryu (4-4) hatakikomi J1e Homarefuji (2-6) J13w Takanosho (6-2) hatakikomi J11w Toyohibiki (5-3) Ms14w Enho (3-1) yorikiri Ms13w Toyonoshima (2-2) new & popular pocket-size vs old & popular pocket-size
  7. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    That and just plain bad manners. Thankfully he was humbled... hmm, isn't that Takanohana's job
  8. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    A nice ipponzeoi koshinage during Terutsuyoshi vs Takagenji... and some nasty looks thrown Takagenji's way. No bow, had to return to do so, and another death stare. Keep in mind Isegahama as shimpan bucho is witnessing all of this.
  9. Day 5 pics Kyushu Basho 2017

    Outside the Fukuoka Kokusai Center Nobori banners Y2e Kisenosato (3-2) tsukiotoshi M3e Shohozan (2-3) Y1w Hakuho (5-0) oshidashi M2w Tochiozan (0-5) O1e Goeido (5-0) hatakikomi K1w Onosho (1-4) M1e Tamawashi (3-2) okuridashi O1w Takayasu (4-1) M1w Takakeisho (3-2) oshidashi S1w Yoshikaze (2-3) S1e Mitakeumi (4-1) fusen S2e Terunofuji (0-5) K1e Kotoshogiku (2-3) oshidashi M2e Chiyotairyu (1-4) M6e Chiyoshoma (3-2) okuridashi M4w Ichinojo (4-1) M9e Endo (3-2) yorikiri M11w Asanoyama (1-4) M13w Aminishiki (5-0) sukuinage M14w Daiamami (1-4) J2w Ryuden (3-2) oshidashi J1e Homarefuji (1-4) J1w Ishiura (2-3) oshidashi J3w Yutakayama (4-1) November 16 Birthdays Toyohibiki is 33 Tamawashi is also 33
  10. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Jikanmae has practically disappeared recently when it was not so unusual during the Showa era. Takanohana and Kitazakura come to mind and if I'm not mistaken, Kotomitsuki as well.
  11. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Haru 2013 and the moment it happened with Tokitenku, rest in peace.
  12. Rikishi Status Kyushu 2017 - Final

    There was news going around during jungyo last month saying that he twisted his right ankle during practice and that he heard a "buchibuchi" sound when it happened. I'm not really up on Japanese onomatopoeia, but a ripping sound?
  13. Preparations of the Y/O-Kyushu 2017

    42 sec clip ripped from SportsNavi
  14. Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    This was blocked on youtube and so here for now: I've been waiting for a better video to pop up to dl with no luck. The above is HD but with audio off sync between around 39 - 46:30 min. Guess I'll throw in Sunday Sports too: Women's Judo Olympic Gold medalist Haruka Tachimoto chats with Kisenosato. edit: I see Akinomaki has already posted the first video link above :) I'm going to try and upload anything that pops up this week. Most of the vids on YT will be unlisted after 24 hours just to avoid video take downs and strikes (I already have one and just being very cautious). Keeping the YT videos unlisted seems to be ok so far. Thanks a bunch, Akinomaki, for posting them.
  15. 21 Kyushu 17 - The Results

    A B A B A B A A B A B B B X A A B A B A B